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Reviewed Feb. 14, 2020

I was a plaintiff witness on JJ in Feb. 2020. We were there for only a few hours, but it was an experience to remember! The staff were friendly and professional, especially Melanie and Makita. They probably had a dozen cases on their mind, but they made us feel like we were the only one. They were positive but realistic, they explained what kind of mindset to have, and they helped us briefly practice potential scenarios. They were very supportive, which was important considering the nature of the case. They also took great pains to keep the plaintiff's side separate from the defendant's until they met in court, and afterward they also did a great job keeping them separate. I can't speak from a defendant's point of view, but I feel JJ is great for a plaintiff, especially if it'll be hard to collect from a traditional judgment in small claims court.

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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2019

I was the plainest and this was one of the worst experiences of my entire life. It's a very public embarrassment. I would never ever ever recommend this show to anybody. Not in a million years. This woman is he messed up since good person on the planet. I would not put my worst enemy through this. Actually I probably would.

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Reviewed Sept. 3, 2019

Being a part of the Judge Judy Show was one of the experiences in life. I say this not because our case won but also the each one of the staff member that related with our case were all kind, friendly, and very informative. Our case were involved with my dog and my dog walker/friend that had attacked by unleashed, no collar Rottweiler running our of the wide open front door. Judge Judy had brought out the clear understanding of what had happened and also her way of addressing the issues were clear and direct. The episode that had aired had shared with great ending with our case. All I have to say is, "Thank you for a great opportunity for us to be a part of this show!"

Kind regards,

May and Hana

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Reviewed March 21, 2019

Judge Judy was an incredible experience for my boyfriend and I as we were handling a very sensitive issue that we wanted to put to rest. I had talked to Makita and Kessley, producers of the show, for months leading up to the taping date and they were nothing short of sweet, kind, understanding, and helpful. There is no one else I would have rather worked with, as they made the entire experience comfortable and easy. They accommodated our needs and concerns with respect and genuinity and that really helped take the nerves and fear of confronting the defendants away.

Being on the show was even more amazing. Arriving at the studio, the staff was wonderful at answering our questions and doing everything in their power to make us feel comfortable and prepared. Presenting our case to Judge Judy was surreal and we felt that she treated our case with respect, and made the best unbiased decisions considering the evidence and statements presented to her. She made sure that we were not taken advantage of by the defendants and that the world got to hear our truths. In the end, we were awarded the judgment we were suing for, and the staff did an amazing job and escorting us to our places and making sure we left their studio satisfied and happy. I would 100% recommend anyone who is presented this opportunity to take it and enjoy it. It’s totally worth it! Thank you Judge Judy!

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Reviewed March 9, 2019

Judge Judy and her staff were professional and very helpful. I got treated very well by the production staff, especially Matt the Jazz. Judge Judy's verdict was fair and spot on. The Defendant was caught lying under oath as Judge Judy quickly addressed that issue. I was a fan before and will continue to be a fan. My advice to anyone that may appear on her court is to keep to the truth. Thanks Judge Judy and all her hardworking staff.

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Reviewed March 7, 2019

Producer contacted us, said we had a great case. We needed to hold this guy accountable. Agreed to go in show. After there, was told Judy (will withhold Judge) has not read Plaintiff's complaint, Defendant's Answer. Was coached on how to excite Judy, 'be forceful', Shake head, interrupt Judy etc. I did not give 'good TV.' Wouldn't play or bite. Seemed to upset Judy. She wouldn't let me present my case, speak, show evidence. When she realized it wasn't going to be a Springer case, she cut me off, awarded the Plaintiff $2500 and dismissed my Counterclaim. BEWARE. She doesn't care about the truth, people... Only ratings. I didn't give her good TV so she punished me.

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Reviewed Feb. 22, 2019

The staff took very good care of me, bent over backwards to make it possible for me to appear. Arranged Super Shuttle to and from my local airport; got me on non stops on Southwest Airlines at my request; cab from airport to studio arrived promptly; cab was waiting for me to take me back to LAX. Judge Judy is a very spunky individual. Technically she ruled against me, the defendant, but I think she saw through the drama my neighbor had created when she sued me. Judgement for her, the plaintiff, was one dollar. So relieved to be finished with the lawsuit, filed by my next door neighbor concerning a tree she had planted illegally in our shared utility corridor. Had she followed the rules of having the area blue staked/811 and requested approval from the HOA, the tree would have never been planted. Oops, turns out the nursery planted it directly on top of our gas line.

Ultimately, because of many hours of research on my part and attempts to make the neighborhood safe again, the gas company ultimately moved the gas line since my neighbor refused to remove the tree; she wanted it for shade so her car in the driveway wouldn't get hot. (She does have a 2 car garage.) Sad situation; we used to be friends. Her tree was apparently more important than relationships and the safety of our community. I don't get it but it is what it is.

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Reviewed Feb. 21, 2019

This show is a joke! Nothing but liars and sneaks. After all the hassle of going to the show and all the promises that were made by the producers about my case, I was degraded, humiliated and made to feel like nothing more than a low life after my landlord removed all of my belongings from my home while I was gone instead of taking the proper steps to enter my home. I was told by the Judge Judy show that the defendant admitted to packing all of my stuff and dumping it without any legal rights to do so and that I had a slam dunk case! Boy was I a fool!

When I got there they didn't want to see any of my paperwork, stated it wasn't necessary only to make a fool of me on TV. I couldn't even talk or stand up for myself! It was like they had already made a decision which was not the decision they told me it would be. I think the whole object of this show is to cause drama for ratings. I know one thing. I will never watch this show again and am going to refile my case in an actual court of law.

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Reviewed Feb. 14, 2019

I had a pending small claims case. The TV production company mailed me a letter stating they would like to have the case heard on their show, that it would be considered arbitration, cannot be appealed, the case would be dropped at my local courthouse, I would be paid an appearance fee, expenses paid for, and they would cover the cost of any judgement made. It sounded good to me, other than the fact that it would be aired on TV no matter the outcome. In the week before the trip, the producers were emailing/calling/ texting me asking me to gather evidence, making me believe I have a fair case coming up, my voice would be heard etc.

Come to find out the entire case was scripted out before I even had a chance to submit evidence. The producers determine the outcome, and create a script for the judge. There is no justice here - they want you to believe you have a chance to present your evidence because they want you to be a willing participant for the TV show but in reality it's all fake. They demeaned me, called me names, and smeared my name all for a TV show. When in reality they did not even hear my side of the case or review evidence. They doctored my evidence to make it fit the other litigant's side, so that it would seem like a fair judgement for TV. It's appalling and I really do not understand how these shows are even legal. They are not to be trusted. Don't fall for the trap!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 31, 2019

Do not go on here, it's all a game and lies. It's a set, nothing is real. This is arbitration and you're leaving your court case in someone's hand where she will pick and choose if she wants you to talk or even show evidence. My mother and son were contacted about a court case my mother filed in a county almost 2 hours from her house. Paid the fees to file as well. Judge Judy's team search the web for court cases and contact people. That's how they find you. Don't do it if they contact you, especially if it is a slam dunk case like my mom's. A 20 year old damaged my mom's jet ski. Tons of emails back and forth saying he will pay the ins deductible. He kept asking for extension month after month. Open shut case. Even the producers who contacted my mom said it was a slam dunk.

Well. Judy would hear pretty much anything. Blamed my mother for a 20 year old kid. Wouldn't look at evidence, pics, text messages, she told my son to hurry and tell the story. Very rude. But most importantly. The night before the fake court. Dylan the kid being sued got a script and what he is to say and he is to lie. Saying my son hit him. If he doesn't lie he is going home and has to pay for the trip. Dylan text my son immediately that night. To tell him. It all ended as Judy saying it is my mom's fault, and she got enough money for 2 totaled jet ski that she was not entitled to the deductible. This aired today Jan 30, 2019. DO NOT GO ON HERE. STICK WITH YOUR COURT CASE. WHY SCREW UP THE CHANCE ON LOSING IF SHE IS CRABBY AND DON'T CARE.

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2019

I too was contacted by the Judge Judy producers to be on their television program. My case was about a friend of my son's who had lived with us for a short period of time. When I went to sell my home I offered the older furniture from my basement to my son's friend. A time was set up for his friend to come and get the furniture. The friend got into my house on another day, taking upstairs furniture that I was keeping. He brought back the furniture when he was found out, but while taking the furniture he damage my couch and broke my china. It is true that everything is paid for and that both sides get paid. But the producers decide which way the case should go. Judge Judy was not the Judge. They edit for the show. I was really shocked. The audience is paid extras and the bailiff is just an actor. The fact that she made the case look stupid, along with me and my witnesses is something I will never forget.

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Reviewed Nov. 21, 2018

I was given the opportunity to go on the Judge Judy show and I had an amazing time. Everyone was really nice. They treated us all very very kind and was very pleasant to us. It was definitely something that I will never forget the whole experience and I really appreciated the experience. I'm looking forward to my signed autograph from Judge Judy. It was an amazing time. If given the opportunity definitely go for it.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2018

My wife and I were involved in a tragic accident where our toy Yorkie of 12 years was attacked and killed on Thanksgiving day by a Pitbull. After learning that the state of California does not recognize pets the same way they do as humans, we realized that taking the Pitbull's owner to court was going to be too costly and not worth it in end. The Judge Judy show contacted us to see if we wanted to use their court as a means to settle the lawsuit.

At first, my wife and I were hesitant because we did not want to turn our tragedy into entertainment. However, after speaking with the show's producer, Kurstin Haynes, those fears quickly dissipated and a sense of security ensued. Throughout the whole onboarding process and day of filming, Kurstin could not have been any more understanding, caring, and attentive to our case. She was simply a joy to work with and we could feel that she was sympathetic the entire time. She followed up with us even after the case over! In addition, her staff was also top-notch in professionalism. The pain and suffering of our tragedy was eased because we got justice for our little doggie. We could not have done this without Kurstin, her staff, and Judge Judy. THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of our hearts.

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Reviewed Nov. 10, 2018

I was in a situation where I was involved in an accident and the girl who hit me scammed me and try to leave me with the damages to pay myself. I should have called the cops but I didn't. I then decided to take her to court, and that was a challenge because she wasn't answering to the courts. Judge Judy picked up the case for me and the girl ended up responding to her show. We both ended up agreeing to go to the show to have our case solved. I was not too worried because I had all of my evidence as it was not my fault. They paid for the flight, the hotel, and the transportation. I luckily got to go on my birthday weekend, and I ended up renting a car so I can go sight seeing and they paid for my parking at the hotel in which I was not expecting at all.

The day of the show, they paid for lunch for us as well as dinner. We went into the court room to get things over with and Judge Judy was fair and quick. She looked at and listened to the both of our sides, I got a little lesson about not calling the police. She took a look at my evidence, listened to her side of the case, and ruled in my favor.

I just want to say thank you to her and the producers for allowing me to come to LA to do the show and get the money to pay back to the insurance company for something that was not my fault. Without them, who knows where I would have ended up being or if I would have even got the money or a trial considering how she didn't respond to the local courts. I was expecting a long fight with the girl and the court system but going to Judge Judy solved everything. I would definitely recommend going there if you have the chance to. They treat you like you're part of the family and make you feel welcomed. If I ever end up in a situation whereas I need to go to court, I would definitely try and reach out to them again. Thank you again to Kurstin and the rest of the producers and the legal team who works for Judge Judy and thank you to Judge Judy herself for taking my case and listening to both sides of the story and solving our issue.

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Reviewed Nov. 2, 2018

I have watched her show forever and was contacted by other judge shows as well. Hands down Judge Judy! Our experience was wonderful. The show is a well-oiled machine. I want to thank everyone behind the scenes for keeping me calm and under control. We were taken good care of from the beginning to the end! Judge Judy only cares about what’s right and who is wrong! Not about it being on TV so much. Just the facts! I would highly recommend being on her show. If you have a loser that you know can never pay you go with her! She will get to the truth. I would do it again if I had the chance.

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Reviewed Oct. 25, 2018

I received a call to appear on Judge Judy. Uuumm... NO WAY! I didn't have to read ANY reviews to say, HECK NO! Here's my beef... I've watched Judy for years! 20 plus. Over the years, I noticed how demeaning she's become. Talking about how much better her children are than the litigants' children, how stupid people are, etc, etc... and the list goes on and on. Including, she didn't go to Law School for a sweeper, baby bottle, (little items), etc.

WELL, MRS. JUDY, NOT ALL PEOPLE MAKE 50 MILLION A YEAR LIKE YOU DO! I value my small items as much as I value my large items, and if stolen, I WANT THEM BACK, NOT DISMISSED because Ms. Thang (Judy) can buy at will/leisure/pleasure and not make a dent in her pocketbook! I live check to check (like MOST Americans), something Judy CANNOT relate to! My parents didn't have the money to put me through Law School like yours did! I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth like you, and MOST Americans are just like me! A struggle day to day, check to check... Thanks, but NO THANKS for the offer! I'll appear before a REAL-FAIR-HONEST JUDGE who will actually LOOK, READ, and weigh ALL evidence in an unbiased manner! The judge I'm appearing before was a hard working farmer, put himself through Law School (not his parents), so my small items WILL matter to him, unlike you! Please retire!

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2018

I was contacted by Judge Judy producers after turning in my case at my local courthouse. Evidently the producers scour courthouse cases and if they find one that seems interesting they contact you to be on the show INSTEAD of going to REAL court. The ONLY reasons I agreed to go on the show were because 1. I was absolutely in the right and guaranteed to win in REAL COURT... and 2. The show promised to pay what you were suing the defendant for in full upon winning your case instead of having to wait for payments from the person you were suing.

I had an open and shut case of theft of over $3000...but because I was in jail when the theft occurred Judge Judy decided before we could even state the facts that I was scum and that the lies told by the defendant were true because I was in jail when she spent ALL my disability money and brought my debit card balance to zero gambling on the Internet and getting cash advances to purchase drugs.

My being incarcerated had literally NOTHING to do with the case and yet that's all she talked to me about and focused on. I had proof and a witness that the defendant had admitted the theft. She said she thought she could put the money back before I came home and promised to pay me back in front of my witness who wasn't allowed to say a single word during the show. Judge Judy was demeaning and rude and never let me show my proof or let me defend myself against the defendants bold faced lies and direct libel. The show was not only unfair, it was humiliating. I lost my case before I even walked on stage just because Judge Judy is extremely biased and beyond judgmental. I was in jail because I hadn't completed my community service on time. I am not a hardened criminal.

However Judge Judy didn't care to hear that. She shut me down before I could explain myself, not that I should have had to because regardless of where I was or what I was doing the defendant robbed me of all my money and the majority of my belongings. It was an open and shut case that was ruled on unfairly and unjustly. If I had gone to REAL COURT justice would have prevailed and the defendant would have had to pay me back and be held accountable for blatantly breaking the law. Judge Judy is incompetent, rude and very very biased. DO NOT TAKE YOUR CASE TO HER SHOW!!! And by the way the show DID NOT pay for our hotel or gas or food and we were compensated in the amounts of $50 for me and $35 for my witness. It's a huge unfair waste of time and a joke overall.

Unfortunately the joke was harsh, unfair and completely on me. I wish I could sue Judge Judy for negligence...she did not care about truth or justice, she only wanted to be demeaning, get ratings and never even let me present the true facts and all my evidence, but allowed the defendant to speak freely and lie about what happened and who I am as a person. RIDICULOUSLY DISGUSTING DISPLAY OF POWER BEING MISUSED!!! I truly don't know how Judge Judy can look herself in the mirror or sleep at night. She is teaching thieves and liars that they can get away with breaking the law without punishment, and showing victims that there is no justice even when you have all the proof in the world and a credible witness that can back you.

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Reviewed Sept. 24, 2018

Friendly, Kind, Professional and Attentive to The Finest Detail are the individuals involved in the Judge Judy Court Show. Alex ** put me at ease during the initial phone call and the team looked after me until I got into the taxi to depart the studio back to Texas. Erica ** went the extra mile to prepare and encourage me. It can be a little intimidating at first, but the team works together like a well oiled machine and everything goes smoothly. I highly recommend your participation if you are eligible and considering. Judge Judy is a human lie detector! She is intelligent, direct and gets to the important information. It is really interesting to participate in such a successful show and see how it works behind the scenes. The Judge Judy team made this a delightful experience and one that I am grateful to have gotten the opportunity to do. Thank you for all you did for me!

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Reviewed Sept. 13, 2018

I just got home from doing the show and can honestly say I was lied to and betrayed by the producer Luci and had my case thrown out by Judy and she didn't even know what she was talking about and was stating things she said was the law here in CA when it is not. Now I'm not going to go into detail about my case as it may violate the non-disclosure paper I signed but I will say that I was lied to and deceived and betrayed by them. Had verbal and written agreements as far as being paid my appearance fee broken.

A women that posted on here about the other person in her case filed a countersuit because the producers told her to. Well same thing happened in my case and so when I confronted Luci my producer accusing her of being behind this I was told things like, "I want this to be a positive thing for both of you," and, "I'm not like that. You will see when you meet me". Ha. None of that was true. She was behind it and the really sweet person I had talked to before we taped became the biggest well you know the minute it was done taping I was also told I couldn't talk to her after like I was told I could before we went out on set and it goes on and on. All the same as the other cases people posted on here. I am going to seek legal help. This is not over.

Updated on 09/20/2018: I wrote a review last week about the Judge Judy show and I wanted to update it. I still have not been paid like I told I was. I've made many attempts to reach both my producer and Associate producer and even a lawyer for CBS television and called Big Ticket Television who produces the show for CBS. I talked to someone at Big Ticket and was told when I asked to speak to someone in accounting that they have nothing to do with when you get paid which I found funny because Ross the associate producer that was assigned to me told me they were the ones who wouldn't let me get my same day check. But ok so she tells me that she will make a couple calls and took my number and told me she would call me back shortly. Well hours later I called back and was told she couldn't talk to the right people and would have to call me tomorrow.

Here's the deal. I was told by the show not to worry about money. That it would be taken care of. Now I live on a limited income and I paid to drive up and back and food and was counting on that money to get by. I don't know what else to do at this time. I just want them to do one thing they said they would do. I got a text from my producer Lucy where there should be no public embarrassment and we should resolve our case which neither one of them was true.

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Reviewed Aug. 7, 2018

I HATE the Judge Judy TV show. She is so demeaning of people. Today she embarrassed herself when she did not even know what homeland security is and when she realized that she made a huge mistake, she continues to demean the woman instead of admitting she was wrong. On top of everything, Bert is now jumping on the insult wagon and treats people as bad as she does. No longer will allow the show in my home.

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Reviewed July 26, 2018

I've always watched the Judge Judy show growing up and I love her since I was 9 years old and back then I sometimes thought she was mean but as I got older I see that she was firm, fair, and about her business not to play games with grown ups. Today on 7/25/2018, I appear on her show and I must say I love her even more. She is amazing woman and she can sense a liar from a mile away? She like a superhuman lie detector. She is smart and funny.

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Reviewed July 18, 2018

I try to change the channel when it comes on, but sometimes I don't get around to it. Judge Judy is insufferable, as a judge and TV personality. She is condescending, rude and unprofessional. A judge worth their salt should be able to behave with a certain level of respect for those appearing before them. Someone in an authority position like her has a great responsibility to the people and in my opinion she abuses it. I sincerely hope these people get paid to go on this show and be publicly demeaned by her. Otherwise I don't know why they would subject themselves to this. I literally created an account just to say this. Appalling the way she treats people. I would consider her behavior bullying. This should not be tolerated, not even for the purpose of entertainment. Not in this social and political climate. Shame. Guess I'll just have to keep changing the channel.

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Reviewed June 28, 2018

We had a wonderful experience with everything from flights to hotel to cabs to the staff at Judge Judy’s court! Everything went off without a hitch - they’ve fine tuned this to an art of making it easy and convenient so that all we had to do was decide where to eat! Sarah and Ross were wonderful! Each kept in contact with us and answered questions within a short time (they have a very busy workload but made us feel like we were the only ones they were dealing with)! We loved the experience from getting on the plane in Tulsa to getting back to our hotel after the taping of the show! Hats off to Judge Judy and her staff! Thank you so much for this experience and we would definitely recommend this experience to anyone!

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Reviewed June 28, 2018

Let me first say that I lost my case on Judge Judy because she is incompetent and unknowledge of the law. She is more concerned with her ego than the truth in her courtroom which makes a mockery of the judicial system. However, I wanted to write a review in regards to the staff of the show, which is a completely different entity than the legally bound "courtroom" of Judge Judy. I was contacted by a producer of the show by the name of Sarah Smith. She informed me about the procedure and assisted me with the process. Despite dealing with multitudes of people for the show, Sarah always made me feel like a priority and like I was really important. She recognized my voice and developed a professional yet personable report with me. She answered my calls or called me back immediately always knowing who I was and the details of my case.

Now, I'm sure she deals with a lot of people all day long, but she always made me feel like I was her only client. She never rushed me off the phone and was very patient and attentive even though I am a talker and can easily ramble on. She was always there to listen to everything I had to say and address all my concerns and questions.

Ross was my travel coordinator, which kept in touch with updates via text the entire time. He was very diligent on making sure I had all my evidence prepared and ready. He was also quite thorough during the travel process maintaining a professional yet personable report in ensuring all aspects of my travel were going smoothly and all amenities were provided. It was a pleasure to finally meet Ross and Sarah when I got to the studio as I spent a lot of time getting to know both of them on the phone.

When arriving at the studio, the flow of personnel in all of the staging areas were all very competent and fluid. From initial arrival to the green room to the legal team to the waiting room to the makeup room to the staging area, every employee of the show was positive, professional, and personable, even down to the guy at the cab stand upon exiting the premise. All of the people I met were authentic and positive and I was well-received by all of them. Despite the judgment not going in my favor, this was in no way a reflection on the incredible people and sincere connections with the amazing crew on this show. I would like to thank them all for making this negative outcome such a positive experience.

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Reviewed June 13, 2018

The show is fake and not honest! I was contacted by Sarah (Judy's legal assistant Sarah but learned later Sarah is an producer). Sarah indicated to me that my local court submitted my case over to Judy for arbitration (I learned later false information). I did have little signs prior to appearing on the show but I ignored the signs because I believed that the show was real. For example 2 days before travel I told Sarah that I was contacting my local court to speak with. Sarah stated "whatever you do never mention Judy's name." I questioned her why when they sent the case to Judy. Sarah states, some people in the court will try to stop Judy cases because they want the case to be heard at the court to claim the case. She indicated especially an district attorney because he has to win so many cases. Ok I fell for it!

I go on to appear on the show. I get a call from Sarah saying she has bad news. My brother arrived with the defendant as her witness. Come to find out Sarah flew my out brother because the defendant was scared to fly. Agreed to cover his travel/hotel expenses to get the defendant on the show. My brother was upset because it was agreed to that he would not be involved in the matter or be apart of the show. Sarah told him to enjoy a free vacation. Which when the show aired it looks as if he was the defendant witness.

I arrive at this green warehouse... yes a warehouse not a courthouse as I was told. The cab driver say, "Ok ladies you have reached your destination." I'm asking the driver where is the courthouse. He responds no courthouse and points to a sign smaller than a stop sign that read Judge Judy. A sign that anyone not familiar with the spot and looking for, would definitely miss. I go inside was placed in a old mildew smelling room, old furniture, there was a flatscreen tv but no remote. Tried to charge my phone unfortunately the sockets did not work.

People starts running in and out. One man say to me your producer Sarah will be with you shortly. Alert in my head... Producer? Sarah presented herself as Judy legal assistant. A guy comes in with W2 forms. I questioned him why do I have to fill out W2 forms. He replies Judy is paying you to appear on the show. But I thought the pay was Judy's way of thanking me for appearing (another one of Sarah lies).

I refused to fill out W2. Another guy comes in to explain the W2. Finally Sarah the legal assistant oh let me correct Sarah the producer arrive with scripts for me. Paperwork that I brought she stated I will not need. And give me scripts telling me what and what not to say. Claimed if you say this Judy will not believe you. Judy will dig and Judy does not allow a lot of time for this or that. Sarah up the amount I was suing for. Documents I had to prove my case she said I did not need, which I knew I did. Why wouldn't I need court documentation that proved my case.

Gave me a stack of papers to walk out with. Told me to keep the script on top just in case I need to glance over it. Then she takes us to the staged courthouse inside the warehouse. Ok first thing came to mind is a live Tyler Perry show. There was the state seal present. Places a microphone inside my shirt. Told me not to lean down to speak in the microphone on the platform in front of me. The microphone was not real and does not work (basically it's a prop). What really got me is a lady instructing the audience on what to do. Had different signs holding up. One read clap, another read laugh, another ooooo. Told the audience to do whatever was on the sign when it was held up.

My brother was sitting in the audience, until a lady moved him to a seat sitting behind the defendant (another setup by Judy and staff). My brother was upset afterwards because right before taping begin a lady approached him applying makeup on him. So he was questioning if he was on camera and never received clarification. He also stated the lady who moved him stated he could not seat in the audience because those people are paid. He was very upset and told me and the defendant these people are playing you two against one another. He stated that Sarah had the defendant to file the counterclaim against my claim. Which I kind of figured there was something fishy going on. Sarah called and told me the defendant filed a counterclaim 1 day prior to us appearing on the show. Which is the reason I was going to my courthouse but I let Sarah talk me out of that.

The taping starts. Judy comes in with her own case about a Facebook post in 2016. I made several attempts to tell her that is not my lawsuit. Judy refused to hear me out. Talked all over me. Stated she did not want to hear it. Me thinking, why am I here Judy talking about something that has nothing to do with reimbursement for attorney's fees which is my lawsuit filed and what her show contacted me about. Judy did all the talking. Came out talking about 2 ladies with too much time on their hand for Facebook. Judy is fake. Make her own cases on you. Have you thinking her ruling is final but IT IS NOT.

The final interview of me exposing her show was edited out when aired. I requested to speak with Sarah, I was told I could not speak with Sarah. Copies of all documents I signed was never given to me at the end of the taping as I was told. I have emailed numerous times and no one will respond. But emailed daily and called daily lying to get me on the show.

So here is the kicker after exposing Judy at the final interview of the taping. I stated out loud I was contacting the courthouse. Judy did not hear what I filed the lawsuit for which was attorney fees reimbursement. Oh my! The staff came in on me from every direction asking to speak with me in private. Christi (over transportation) asked me to give them time to review the tape and talk to Judy. Someone stated maybe she had the case mixed up with another. But guess who appears after I was told I could not speak with her... SARAH! I completely tuned Sarah and the other staffs out at this point thinking Judy had messed my lawsuit up. I proceeded to call my local courthouse.

I spoke with a lady at the clerks of court first. To find out the court never referred my case to Judy. The court does not submit any cases to Judy. Then I asked about the continued court date Sarah gave me. Sarah informed me that Judy will send paperwork showing the court the matter was resolved and neither party has to appear on the continued date. Clerk of court tells me, "Ms. we do not work with Judy. Your case was dismissed because neither party appeared on the court date. There is no continued court date for you." Now my mouth is literally dropped to the floor. The clerk of court finally transferred the call to her supervisor.

The supervisor stated the same facts. The court never turned my case to Judy. The case was dismissed because of no show. I'm explaining to her I am at Judy show and she dismissed my case based on something that had nothing to do with attorney fees reimbursement which is my lawsuit. The lady indicates again, "Ms. we did not send your case to Judy but you can refile because it was dismissed for no show." Finally the supervisor puts me on hold to speak with the magistrate that dismissed the case. When she returned she stated the call is being transferred call to the magistrate. Again I explain everything to the magistrate. He stops me and states Ms we do not refer cases to Judy. I ask, "Well how did she receive my case?"

The magistrate explains Judy and these other shows like her are reality tv arbitrators. The shows have researchers teams that search for court cases (case are public records). If they feel the case is good they contact you to appear. He indicates to me, "You are not the first this has happened to, something needs to be done to stop this. The court system does not work with any of those reality court tv shows or do we honor anything." Me in shock and disbelief I ask about the continued date. The magistrate state to me he never received paperwork from Judy requesting a continuous date. Had he received the paperwork for requesting a continuous date, it would have been denied. He does not work with Judy and does not honor anything from her.

He tells me again, once I return back home refile my lawsuit because he dismissed it on a no show call. I asked the magistrate again, even if Judy is sending paperwork saying she dismissed the case. The magistrate responded, "Ms. I can assure Judy is not sending any paperwork to the court and if she does it will not be honored. Refile when you return home, I will be looking for your claim and I will be the magistrate hearing the case." As of today Judy has not sent any paperwork but my case is back on the court calendar and hearing date is next month!

Thank God I did not listen to Judy & staff saying final ruling that I can't pursue. I'm sure a lot of people has believed Judy and missed out on their case. Judy & staff are misleading and liars. GOOGLE Judy reviews and I also found out the show is not accredited with consumer reports. One person filed a lawsuit against Judy after the appearance on the show and won. Judy is getting paid 47 million a year from people watching a fake show thinking it's real cases. Sorry to say it is fake and so is Judy & staff! I no longer watch any of the reality court TV. Judy and her staff are scammers & liars!

Updated on 07/11/2018: I received a call from Sarah the scam producer for judge Judy fake show. Sarah begs me to remove my review I submitted to Consumer Affairs. No. I will not. Sorry! The defendant informed me you had her to file the counterclaim against me a day before our appearance on the show. And you aired that I was suing for $5000 when my paper filed indicates $3800. My case was about reimbursement for attorney fees for false charges filed on me in 2017. Judy made her own case about a Facebook post from 2016. Informed Sarah you called me with misleading information for my appearance on the show. Which I found out was false while at the production built not a courthouse as I was told I would be appearing at.

Sarah attempting to use her bribery tactics saying so "you're going to remove your review?" I asked her, "What about all of the other reviews people had the same experience as myself." My one review is not getting removed. Repeatedly I told her NO and finally told Sarah to have a good day. MY REVIEW WILL NOT BE REMOVED! The fake scam show needs to be exposed! Disconnected the call. I have been calling, emailing and texting since the day of taping once I talked with my local court system. Could not a return call or response from anyone. Don't call me now because I have exposed the fake court show. Stop scamming people and altering their cases.

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Reviewed May 10, 2018

I've been a fan of Judge Judy for over 20 years! She's always been my most favorite show, and I think I've seen about 99% of all of her shows (only because I was giving birth that I missed a few). I've always considered Judy to be a very reasonable, and especially moral and ethical judge who collects all evidence and facts, and she always follows "the law" in my mind. HOWEVER, for the past few years, she has turned into a this very narcissistic, **, who OBVIOUSLY already made up her mind what her verdict will be WAY before the court case ever begins. It's so different than it used to be. She SEVERELY NEGLECTS gathering ALL of the Evidence that the Litigants have to offer.

I believe that Judy's older ratings (10 years ago) just went to her head, and now she's just out there to fly by her pants to get more money from the networks (she really doesn't care if she is fair or not, just wanting to show up and "give a crotchety show" for RATINGS!) This all really bums me out, because I had always loved and respected her opinions. But now, it's just a crock-O-chit, fake reality show. Sorry Judy, but I haven't been convinced of 90% of your latest verdicts; I think you have been UNFAIR as a Judge, and NO WAY ON EARTH would I ever recommend anybody to go on your show... Plaintiff or Defendant... because you are just NOT FAIR any longer. You need to RETIRE NOW! Before you screw things up The Hot Bench (which you produce).

I sincerely believe that you would agree with my observations and recommendations, Judy, because you know how you used to be so good, so equal to both sides, so receiving ALL evidence, and SO much better in "weighing the facts." It's just time, Judy, to break things off with Bird. Sorry, but he would probably agree (seeing his recent facial expressions). Just say Nigh Nigh, be on your way, take a long vacation, and just kick back and continue to receive your royalties. Wouldn't that be nice? I'll always love you, Judy. And I'd love to join you and kick back with a nice Cabernet some time.

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Reviewed May 8, 2018

I used to watch Judge Judy every day. I never missed it and everyone that knew me knew not to bother me during her show. I always thought she ruled correctly and was tough on the bad guy. Lately, I can hardly stand to watch the show. She never looks at any evidence, never makes a decision on the case because she is always throws out the case. If one of these cases were mine, I would be very upset. I realize the show pays for your transportation and hotel, but that would not matter to me. If I had a legitimate case, and I felt I was innocent, I would not be happy to have my case dismissed without ANY verdict. She is very mean with persons on both sides, she insinuates that people are stupid and beneath her. She is always rude and acts like she is inconvenienced. I'm really tired of seeing her act like this. I think she should be told to act civil or lose her position. NBC would never do that though-too much money to lose or ratings to lose.

Maybe too many years on the bench has done this to her. She has lost her human side. It is time to shape up or ship out. It really bothers me to see her behavior lately. She sometimes does not even give the person a chance to tell their side of the story before her decision is made. All the preparation and flying there just to be thrown out within minutes! I sure hope NBC re-evaluates her behavior and has a talk with her. NO ONE is indispensable-including her!

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Reviewed May 3, 2018

Judge Judy is arrogant, egotistical, doesn't follow the law, needlessly mean. It's a sad day in this world when the meaner you are, the better paid you are. I would be embarrassed to be one of her kids. Now if you want to watch a good judge show, watch Judge Marilyn Milian of People's Court. She's no nonsense, while treating people with respect. And she is actually funny, unlike Judy, who only thinks she is.

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Reviewed May 2, 2018

Don't you think it's about time we put old Judge Judy out to pasture for her own good. It was a great run! I used to really enjoy watching the show but lately she has become somewhat ridiculous with her narrow mindedness. She acts like she knows everything but I assure you she does not! She always says "put your listening ears on", well she needs to practice what she preaches. She immediately almost always picks her favorite litigant and then after that occurs spends the rest of the session belittling, bullying and insulting the other party. Recently I watched a case where a women was suing for damages to her side mirror caused by a little girl running right into it at a school. Judge Judy acted as if she knew exactly what had happened (even though she was not there) but indeed she did not know! I substituted in Indian River County, Florida at numerous (more than six) elementary schools.

Judge Judy after asking the plaintiff how many students were in the school and being told "around 500" then say kept saying and I'm paraphrasing - you have to be extra careful when driving around 500 students running out of school. First of all the schools don't dismiss all the students at once, they dismiss K/G and 1st then 2nd and 3rd then 4th and 5th. Students break up into several groups ie: car riders, bus riders, walkers, after school programs etc. The students with teacher supervision are escorted by grade to benches both for car riders and bus riders. Once on the benches there are multiple teachers supervising for behaviors and proper transportation pick up. The teachers proceed to call the students by name to the pick up area when their ride arrives. Again you don't have 500 students running amuck outside of school!

Which brings me to the little girl who disobeyed rules and procedures (and should be punished) and ran out into the road on her own (not in the pick up area) into the side view mirror of the plaintiff. Furthermore Judge Judy chastised the plaintiff for not driving carefully enough in proximity of a school, REALLY are you serious? That's just ludicrous thinking. The plaintiff appeared to be a responsible driver. She even had her own two young students whom she was picking up. Judge Judy boosts and brags about how smart she is suppose to be but yet she constantly contradicts her own assumptions and previous rulings. She may know the law when she is not to busy being blinded by her litigant favoritism. Once she locks in on "loving" one of the parties it's impossible for the other party to win regardless of evidence.

The plaintiff in question in this case even brought an unbiased crossing guard to court that witnessed the incident and she just flat out didn't listen to him (blew him off) because her fading mind was set on ruling in favor of the defendant. Then Judge Judy took another one her cheap shots asking the plaintiff how would she had felt if she killed the little girl? That was just wrong and inappropriate. The plaintiff was in no means driving recklessly. Just possibly Judge Judy may still retain some semblance of law but she certainly must have NEVER passed any Physics class! The plaintiff had ABSOLUTELY no chance to avoid that little girl from running INTO her car from the side. It didn't matter if she was going 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 MPH etc... If the little girl (which she did) darted out and ran into the SIDE of her car it's all on the parent of the little girl to assume responsibility.

It is literally impossible for any driver (even Judge Judy) to avoid that type of collision, again speed is not the factor here. Maybe if you could put your car into a time warp or another dimension you might be able to avoid the collision or better yet see if you can bring Rod Serling back from the dead and send you and your car to the Twilight Zone!!! Worse yet is the AUDACITY of that defendant to try to countersue--unbelievable!!! She should worry more about teaching her little angel to follow the rules, unfortunately the next time the little angel darts out into a road it might be a semi at 60 MPH heading her way! Parents "teach your children well". Thank You for letting me rant.

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Reviewed May 2, 2018

I have never been on the show but I do watch quite often. I used to think Judy was a shrewd and fair Judge. Over time my opinion of her has changed drastically. She comes across as prejudice against two or three distinct social classes. 1. Poor People 2. People of ** especially ** and Hispanics 3. Education Level. She judged people based of their income race and educational level. If it does not meet her standards she talks down to and degrades these people. She is also mean spirited and I actually think she her age is causing her exhibit poor behavior added to her bias mentality. She does not fail to highlight how superior her economic and educational status toward those she considers socially bankrupt. This type of behavior speaks to her lack of humility, compassion and integrity exposing her as a seriously flawed individual.

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