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The guy was one hour late because of the prior installation. Once he did get here though he went right to work and the internet was up and running within 15 minutes. My charter internet was a lot faster but it is pretty quick. No complaints about it this far. I don't know what else to really say outside of that. As reliable as the rest of them. It depends on the day I guess. Normally it slows up around holidays. I’m thinking because more people are home and using at same time.

Everyone was very helpful and friendly whenever I dealt with them. I contacted about billing and service related questions with little wait time and great a service. The window for arrival could have been a little shorts but other than that the technician was efficient, friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. I had used a previous service provider in the past and this was by far a quicker speed and more reliable than my previous provider. I also had better experienced with the employees who I interacted with. During my entire time being a subscriber I never once had an issue with my service being interrupted which makes this very reliable brand in my opinion.

I haven't had a trouble with their customer service yet but there are always those rude people who work for customer service you can't ever avoid. It is nice though, I've only had nice people so far. It was quick and easy and it took no time at all. It was so easy my dog, whom runs into walls, could probably set it up with little trouble. haha. It was easy unlike other companies. It is super fast, almost as fast as sonic the hedgehog but sonic is still faster. It rarely lags and if it does it's usually due to something else affecting it. It is quite reliable but of course there are outside forces that no one can control. Like storms. It sucks when the internet goes out cause it usually means I lost all of my data since my last save point on the game I'm playing.

The customer service is always on point. If I have a problem, they usually solve it right away and they have patience to deal with my problem even if it takes a bit longer than usual. And when they finish fixing my problem they usually make sure I am set up good or ask me if I need anything else. The installation was so easy even a 5th grader could do it. It is so much easy installing you can do it yourself. The installation is much more easier and is quicker than your usual internet providers, plus the installation is free compared to other internet providers who charge you like 40-50 just to install it.

The speed is excellent and incredible. Could be a bit better, but compared to other internet providers, I can't complain because the speed is so good that it's outrageous. I would recommend it and I am happy but I'd be so happy to actually go out my way to recommend it if the service for speed was a bit cheaper. With Google Fiber I don't have to worry about reliability. Their service is so damn good that even during a storm or thunderstorm, it still works fine without crashing or going out on me. Their reliability is more stable than other internet providers so I definitely recommend them.

They are very helpful and kind. They do all they can to help get you great service and at a good price which I really like because I love being on the net and quality service is important to me. They were very fast and reliable to me and my family. They offer great speed and I really like that about them because I want fast coverage so I can get things done in a timely matter and still have time for myself and my family. It's very reliable which I really like because if it wasn't I would go somewhere else. That's probably the most important thing they could do is have that.

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I've never used the customer service support but I do know that this is a great service. Many of my friends have used it so I've decided to go ahead and use it and it's really great. For installation it was very specific but it was a breeze. It did take a while but it was very great once it was installed. The internet service is great and it can be used by many people. The speed is very well. Many people can access the Internet unlike other internet services that is really slow. I love google anyways so to have their internet service was a must. It is very reliable. The speed has been amazing. The speed is beyond my standards. I love it. It also does wonders when trying to get stuff done fast.

They are a great service. Every once in a while I get a representative that is not at all helpful. Most of the time they are very helpful, very kind, sweet. The gentlemen was very respectful. Even asked if he should wear booties on his shoes, made sure everything was working before he left and made it seem more like a friend was at my house than a stranger. It took less than 2 hours. I was very surprised and thrilled that it was so quick. He even called me to let me know when he was on the way. So far, even with the crazy weather, I have never had any outages, shorts or anything go wrong to cause me not to have cable.

The customer service is absolutely outstanding. The competition is no match compared to the customer service provided. The people are always nice, happy to speak with you. They are and intelligent. The installation is fast, simple, it took a lot less than what I expected. The person was very nice and seemed to enjoy his job and to assist me. The speed is what I like most about this. I grew up with AOL and have had slow internet all my life and the difference is just amazing. I absolutely enjoy being on the internet. I can stream easily. This is always reliable. I can't think of anything worse than not having internet. Sorry my old internet service I was always having problem with my connection when it rained. I no longer have to suffer.

Quick and effective. Not a lot of stupid troubleshooting like with other companies and I appreciate that with two small little girls. It really helps to have the timely response and online email/chat as customer service options. The window of time kinda ducked and was inaccurate, but otherwise not too complex. Information provided was helpful, which is more than I can say for other companies! Much faster than FIOS and Verizon services, and noticeable faster than Comcast (XFINITY) was. Even via cable Internet that we had been VERY happy with until recently. Works when it should. Only needed to contact them 2x, one was an easy reset with no down time and the other was fixed within 2 hours. I have been pleasantly surprised.

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