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Installation & SetupPrice

Reviewed Sept. 9, 2023

Google Fiber 1 gig isn’t worth your money. 2 gigs is even worse. If you’re a gamer you need to spend $125 plus, just for the mesh extender. When Xfinity you can pay $35 for the router and higher speed. If your house doesn’t have a line to the internet box, I recommend just having the tech install it. No reason to pay high prices for internet without Ethernet. Especially for renters! You’ll need to install a jack into your room. Xfinity you just need the router and a plug.

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Reviewed Sept. 6, 2023

I shut down their service after three months. I see no difference from their internet and Xfinity. I have a credit of 47.60 which these thugs are giving me a hard time of giving me my money back. I change my account dues to their threat about returning their equipment. Which I did returned, but these clown are impatient. Dues to my changing act I'm being told they can't send my money to no other acct but the acct I closed. Stay away from these rip off thugs. 47.60 of my money down the drain.

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Customer Service

Reviewed Aug. 26, 2023

This company does not care at all about the consumers. It's all about making money while destroying neighborhoods, residential property and taking advantage of home owners. They get states that have easements on their property and never give a notice and just come up and tare up your yards and put there cable lines under your property. I have my water meter and main water line with cables going through them. My meters are no longer straight. All crooked. My brand new grass tore up. There excuse I got permission from the city because they own the easement. I don't see any helping pay the property taxes maintaining the yard on the dam easement. Where there is grass because there are cement boxes all over everyone's property. The neighborhood looks like commercial property and not residential anymore. This company needs to seriously leave this city. Customer service is bad.

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2023

Google Fiber lied about when it was gonna be because something happened then the second time they lied and said 24 hours then the 3rd time they said 2 months and never told me!! Going to AT&T. Simple!

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Customer ServiceCoveragePrice

Reviewed July 29, 2023

This is my 3 attempt to try and mail Google Fiber back their Wi-Fi box. Google send me a FedEx label which takes 36 hours to receive by email. They have sent me two email, which did not cover the full cost of sending the box back to them. The FedEx label they keep emailing me does not cover the full cost to send it back to Google. The label they keep sending me, even though they lie and say they are sending you a label that covers the full cost of the return, it never arrives.

I have driven to FedEx on 2 occasion on the word of Google that I will not incur a costs, only to find out when I get to FedEx-there is a costs to myself. I have placed a 3rd call to FedEx for another label to mail this Wi-Fi box back to them and get my refund. I will have to wait another 36 hours. I have now waited 108 hours total to receive a FedEx label sent from Google to my email box. I have asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told I would be placed on a lists for a call back from a supervisor, which takes about 24 hours. The customer service for Google Fiber is the worst I have ever encountered. There’s Wi-Fi is slow and overpriced.

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profile pic of the author

Reviewed July 24, 2023

Horrible service and customer service. I got the box delivered and they told me to set it up. I haven’t had internet for 3 weeks now and they keep saying they have someone scheduled to come and unfortunately they can’t give me an exact date or time. I’m getting Billed for a month of internet I never had and they can only give me a 25 dollar credit. Customer service only repeats the same thing they are training to say and will not provide you with actual information so it’s the same as speaking with a robot. Honestly I always had Verizon and never had an issues. I can’t wait to cancel this and change carriers.

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Installation & SetupStaff

Reviewed July 21, 2023

Google Fiber hired Ervin Cable to install Google Fiber lines in The Nashville Davidson County TN area. I live in Newer Neighborhood, Magnolia Farms in Hermitage TN and “Google Fiber Hired” 3rd party Cable installer left 4 inch in depth holes in my grass 2 ft to 5ft long and 18” inches wide and cut through one of my sprinkler lines.

Though Google Fiber Paid to repair the Communities Several Cut Irrigation Lines, Google Fiber Construction and Ervin Cable Company refused to reimburse me $50 I paid to a Contractor to repair it even going to the extreme to send me a certified letter stating they had someone come out to look at the damaged sprinkler line and denied it was their fault (after I had the line repaired) not to mention my paying another $70 for a landscaper to install top soil and sand to repair the damaged grass areas after countless failed attempts by Ervin Cable to repair the grass only by throwing straw over the holes which in some spots the straw was more than eight inches thick.

The Google Fiber Construction Team could care less and were unapologetic I incurred property damage and only cited they were in their rights to access my property as part of public utility domain. Not even a simple "We’re Sorry for your inconvenience." Google Fiber, I guess doesn’t make enough money as it is from consumers and appears in my case to only care about their Bottom Line. I Had considered the possibility of switching to their line but will stay with XFinity. At least XFinity stands by their Customer inside and outside Customers Homes.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 20, 2023

We had Google Fiber installed. After about 4 months had problems. They came and replaced the router. Another 4 months we had over 200 crashes and they replaced the Router again and when requested a refund for the month we couldn't use it, We never heard ONE response back! They went dark, after multiple times of calling, emailing etc.

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Reviewed July 18, 2023

Surprise surprise. Outage again starting at 0930am and site claims will be restored at 3am but that’s always a lie. This keeps happening too frequently and for too long. 15+ hours at a time!!!! Service reps offers 0 explanation for this in San Antonio.

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Punctuality & Speed

Reviewed July 13, 2023

A breeze - no service. A cloud - no service. Forget about it in the rain. It is slow, it cuts in and out ALL THE TIME!! I only have it because my apt. makes me pay for it regardless. Don't do it, just don't.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 11, 2023

We have had 2 long outages in the last 2 days. I called to get the status because I'm missing work because of this and was told I would be compensated 20 dollars. Are you kidding me? I missed 2 days of work and that's all I get? They told me the same story both days, a main fiber was cut and they are fixing it as fast as they can. I understand things happen, but their outages last quite a long time, longer than I ever had with ATT. Will be switching to another company.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 11, 2023

I was having some landscaping done and the contractor accidentally cut the buried wire. Google Fiber did put flags to indicate where the line is but over time from the city cutting the grass I think they disappeared. I called support and they escalated my case and my internet was back up in 90 minutes!! This has never been my experience with Spectrum with just a non-physical outage. I recommend Google Fiber for Internet service.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 7, 2023

They guarantee 24 help if line goes down. I am on 4th day because there is problem with communication between them and the people they hire to service! Apparently they came by the house one night at 10pm but didn’t want to Disturb me so they just left.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 6, 2023

Tried to call Google Fiber customer service AFTER I CHECKED ONLINE that my address is indeed covered by google fiber. "Success" the online site stated. When called, I was informed that "Not yet, we will be there soon". Phone slammed. In fact, we DO have newly installed google fiber (note that they never came back to reseed the area that they dug out). I do not care to deal with automated answers that clearly are not updated. Goodbye GF even before you started to produce service in my neighborhood. I will certainly inform all my neighbors how useless are your algorithms. Happy to stay with AT&T.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 20, 2023

I had Google Fiber in my existing house and was moving across town to a new house. I called Google Fiber Customer Support to notify them in the change in my service. The Google Fiber Rep informed me that I needed to set up a new account with new email for the new house that I was moving into in the coming month and schedule the installation of Google Fiber into the new house. Once the Google Fiber was installed into the new house I could call and cancel the old house's Google Fiber Services. I asked the Google Fiber Customer Rep if I needed to move any of the old equipment from the existing house to the new house. Google Fiber Rep said no that I would be receiving new Google Fiber equipment at the new house.

I met with the Google Fiber Installer at my new house for the installation of the new Google Fiber equipment. I again asked if I needed any of the old equipment for the new house? The Google Fiber Installer again said no I do not need any new equipment since I was getting new equipment installed. He said that I could discard the old equipment. I notified and canceled the Google Fiber Service at the old house and was not informed that I needed to return the old equipment back to Google, especially since I was told multiple times by different reps at Google Fiber and the fact that I was still a paying customer for my new house.

The New Google Fiber works great at my new house. I received an email from Google Fiber saying that I needed to return my old equipment back to Google Fiber by 60 Days (July 31st 2023) or I would be charged $70 per unit, with a total of $140. This was a shock. I called Google Fiber Customer Support and explained the situation and how I was told by multiple reps at Google Fiber that I didn't have to return the equipment. The Google Fiber Rep put me on hold and later said there was nothing he Google could do for me since the sent me an email saying I needed to return the equipment. It did not matter how many Google Fiber Employees told me I didn't need to return the equipment and that I was still an existing customer. WOW. That is a complete money grab and sneaky revenue model by Google Fiber. That is great customer service and a great way to keep your customers from going to another Fiber Provider in the area. I will be researching new Fiber providers ASAP.

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Customer ServiceStaff

Reviewed June 17, 2023

Being told that I have to wait now multiple weeks to resolve a simple issue is absolutely infuriating. And being lied to by their supposed support reps is even worse. They changed their stories every single time I called or chatted in to get help

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Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPriceReliability

Reviewed June 16, 2023

I used Google Fiber in Durham, NC for ~2 years. Customer support is not great though: I had issues with installation (no fiber jack in the unit, despite the website stating otherwise, and multiple "try to reset the device again" before actually sending a technician to my address - of course, it was impossible to solve the problem on my own), return (cumbersome and illogical), and service termination (the customer service couldn't get the date right from the first attempt, though it was clearly stated in the email). The return is the most annoying part:

(i) Why cannot you send a shipping QR code on the date service termination is requested, not 36h after service is terminated? People move to different states regularly, and taking a clumsy box with you on a plane is a nuisance. Dropping the box off at a FedEx office on the last day of the lease/service makes so much more sense.

(ii) FedEx charges $6 for an extra box when using the QR code. The FAQ page claims "no packaging is needed" (of course, as FedEx will ask the customer to pay for it).

(iii) Charging $70 for an extra month on the last but one day of service to "refund it later if and then the equipment is returned" is abysmal. Whoever created this policy had only the company's interests in mind (an option to keep extra money) and couldn't care less about the customers.

(iv) Spending 20+ min at the FedEx counter, as employees don't really know how to treat a GoogleFiber device after scanning the QR code (does it contain lithium batteries? should it be handled with extra caution? etc.) is not the most productive use of anyone's time.

(v) Overcomplicating the return of a device that must have already been fully depreciated on the books over 2 years in service and will likely be scrapped is not an example of a customer-friendly approach.

Overall, the service was fairly reliable (except for a few days) and the price stayed the same for almost two years. However, issues with installation and equipment return mean I won't recommend GoogleFiber to others. Verizon etc. provides a comparable service and comparable pricing (a slightly lower speed but it's good enough for a couple working from home simultaneously), so it's just not worth going to a smaller provider available only in certain states and not really customer-friendly.

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Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaff

Reviewed May 23, 2023

I signed up for Google Fiber and scheduled an install appt. Got a call a few days before from a tech saying he was running a line from the street to my house and asked where they could install the box on my home. Got that figured out. On day of service activation the tech shows up and quickly says he can't set me up before the box on the house isn't active. He makes some calls and says a different tech has to come back out to set up service from street to house before he can set up service from the box to inside the house. He said I'll need to reschedule my appt.

There isn't an appt for over 1.5 weeks. I called to see if they can make an appt work earlier since I work from home and need wifi. I'm moving to this service location but have to wait to move until I have wifi since I work from home. I can't wait another 1.5 weeks. The customer support agent couldn't get me an earlier appt either. Though helpful she called around a bunch to find help and ultimately told me that google is aware and was surprised that they didn't tell me that they can't service my house since they don't have the needed equipment installed in my area and there's no ETA for them to install the needed equipment. Had they told me this I would not have signed up for service and wasted 3 weeks to before getting internet.

Now I have to find another company or sit around and wait while google determines if they ever add the needed equipment in my neighborhood. I'm extremely frustrated since I had to take work off for the appt, can't move until I have wifi, and was never told upfront the reality of the situation. Google doesn't care because they'll just keep getting other customers and one missing customer doesn't show up to them making billions of dollars.

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Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & Speed

Reviewed May 20, 2023

When I switched 1GB to 2GB, the new router started losing connectivity to the internet 3-5 times a day, requiring a reboot. This got progressively worse over 6 months to the point I insisted a Google tech come to the house. First tech came out and said that Google had installed system incorrectly - the coupling misaligned and end was dirty. He fixed this issue, replaced router, and replaced fiber optic transceiver. Less than 3 hours later I had the same problem. Google told me they were escalating issue and it would take 2 business days. Didn't hear from. A week later I called Google, and they told me the escalation determined there was no problem. Thanks for the lack of notification and not solving the issue!

Had another technician come out. He said there was a problem with the fiber jack and that the previous fiber optic transceiver was bad. Fixed these. Next day, I have no internet at all and Google says there is an outage until 10 am. After 10am, red alert lights up on my fiber jack. Call Google. They claim that while fixing the internet outage they accidentally broke the connection to my house, but they are sending a tech to my house at 1:00 PM. Wait around for tech. At 12:30 pm, Google sends me an email that they have cancelled the tech.

When I call them and ask why they say it’s because they elevated the problem and it’s an outdoor problem and not an indoor problem. Why didn’t they tell me that instead of making me wait? Internet is finally restored at 5pm, and I start experiencing the same loss of connectivity as before. I call Google and ask them what they are going to compensate me for all this hassle. $20. Less than 25% of a monthly bill. Switched to AT&T the next day.

Google never wants to admit they have a problem. Clearly their Google 2GB Fiber is an issue, even one of the Google repair technicians told me the same thing. But Google won’t admit it. I had my internet go down with 5 google installers actively digging up my front yard, and Google would not even admit that is why my internet was down. They just deny, deny, deny.

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Reviewed May 17, 2023

Prior to switching over to Google Fiber, I had Xfinity wifi…Mind you, I did not change providers due to bad service with Xfinity but due to their pricing…Google Fiber NEVER offer consistent online service and the $70 plan is not worth the headache…One star because of the price.

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Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

Reviewed May 8, 2023

I've tried to get Google Fiber installed multiple times. Every time they cancel last minute. This time I had an appointment at 1pm and they call 6 minutes before to chancel. Why would someone want to keep scheduling just keep getting a cancelation call. I've wasted so much time and gas to get to the house for them to install just to cancel last minute.

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Customer ServicePrice

Reviewed May 5, 2023

If you are considering choosing Google as your ISP…don’t… Due to the guidelines here on this site I can not tell you how I really feel about google internet service… All I will say is… You will regret your decision should you choose google as your isp… It is very bad… It rarely works… It cuts in and out periodically for no reason whatsoever… If it does go down you can not rely on the customer service they offer… Every time I call they tell me there aren’t any problems that they can see or know about…despite my lack of internet service… You can not run more than maybe 2 devices at a time reliably (I'm including phones) and for the price it is just not a good option. I would recommend dial up service before google. I hope that my opinion will help you to make a good decision when it comes to your isp…

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Reviewed May 3, 2023

We've had Google Fiber for 2 years now - worst mistake I ever made. The site crashes constantly like last week when it was down for 3 days. How much credit did I get for downtime - $2.00.. You'll get 400-500 speed - nowhere close to the 1000 they claim.. Stick with AT&T - Google stinks in San Antonio..

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Installation & SetupSales & Marketing

Reviewed April 19, 2023

Their internet is fast but the speed is never as fast as they advertise. Their service area is very limited so if you can get it and you want faster speeds you will pay a premium for it. Also when you cancel service make sure the dude that installs it leaves the boxes that your router and whatnot came in or you will be paying fed-ex for packing and the box. All in all I wouldn’t go this route again because I just didn’t feel like I got what I paid for. Also if you have a router installed for Pete’s sake Don’t touch it cause the service person will make you feel like a complete idiot if you say that you tried restarting it. I’m moving and I will try something else for internet service.

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Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & Speed

Reviewed March 23, 2023

I've had Google Fiber for two weeks now and the speed is at about 700KB. Customer service to resolve the issue has been some of the poorest I've ever received. They give absolutely no information, no ETAs, and can't seem to schedule proper resolutions. I have been told three times that they've identified the issue and fixed it when they have not. They sent out an installation tech to fix the problem and he admitted all he's trained to do is set up the equipment and if there's a problem with speed/connectivity he is not able to help. Why send him out if, when he originally installed the equipment TWO WEEKS PRIOR, he had said the exact same thing to me?

I have a dear friend who works in the industry come out and immediately identified the issue and what needs to be fixed and yet GoogleFiber is going on three weeks of not being able to tell me what's wrong, not being able to figure it out, and not giving me ANY information on when I can actually expect to have the service I'm paying for. I work from home and cannot actually complete an entire day with speeds this low. I am flabbergasted at how unprofessional this entire experience has been.

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Customer ServiceReliability

Reviewed March 6, 2023

Google Fiber is good when it works, but when you have trouble the business and their techs are no help. We have had several techs out, and I have spent hours on the phone trying to get in touch with supervisors. Our service is intermittent, not reliable, and since they don't want to actually monitor and check our fiber line, they have decided to say it's because we "use third-party hardware" that they are not responsible for.

1. We have no third-party hardware, everything in our house has been installed by a Google Fiber technician.
2. No tech on site has ever said anything like this to us, so the notes the last guy left in our file are 100% false.

3. If that's the case, then install the hardware you guarantee! I'll pay for it.

They also say that the tech's notes include that he wanted to relocate our router, but the homeowner refused. Nope. We showed him another hardwire access point he was unaware of, and he said that would also be good. But his notes say we "refused" his advice. I've been begging them to monitor our actual fiber line, since it's clearly not a problem with the hardware inside. They said they would, but when I called to check on the report they backtracked - citing notes from the technician about our hardware being the real issue. So they never even tested.

Further, GF claims that every time a tech arrives at a home, they check where the line enters your house. I have video of the appointments, never once did he go outside to check our line or where it enters the house. The last supervisor told me that GF has closed our case, it's my word against their technicians, and they have determined that we are lying.

So - if it works, great. But if your internet stops working, GF is going to allow their technicians to lie, even when you have recordings and actual video footage proving so. Then they will tell you that perhaps you should consider other providers. Because why keep a paying customer when you can have dishonest technicians?

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Customer Service

Reviewed Feb. 10, 2023

I like Google Fiber but I've been down for 5 days and all I get when I reach out is to be told it's will be fixed by xx:xx time.... and they haven't met one of the times or can give me what really is the issue. If I call CS they have NO INFO and are pleasant enough but appear to be reading from a script. I work from home... This is not ok.

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Reviewed Jan. 27, 2023

I switched to Google fiber in Sept 2022. I’ve had problems since, tech came out. Said I was only hooked up for 1gig but I’ve been paying for 2gig. Instead of making it right with $30 credit per month they gave me $11. Talk about an insult. Be sure to check you're getting what you're paying for!

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Punctuality & SpeedReliability

Reviewed Jan. 25, 2023

Not reliable. When it works it’s good. But it comes and goes. You can be researching something online, then all of a sudden no internet. Go into your settings, it may pop back on. But then a minute or so later it’s gone. Also they were suppose to come out and replace an outside wire over a month ago. Never have come yet. As of this writing, hoping it stays on long enough to finish this review.

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Reviewed Jan. 17, 2023

Been with Google for 3 months. Our Internet went out yesterday at 10:00 AM. 24 hours later we still have no internet and all the company does is say it will be restored in 5 hours. This is the 4th time they pushed the time back. It's a bunch of Hot Garbage. I am cancelling service and going with Xfinity!

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