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At least two to three times a week, usually late night or early morning Comcast internet service goes out. The latest time it went out at midnight and stayed out till 4:30 in the morning or later. The other complaint I have is that I pay for a minimum of 80 megabytes a second and Comcast rarely delivers this. AT&T is in the process of putting fiber optic directly to my house and my neighborhood. I am definitely going to take advantage of their service. It will cost less and being that it's fiber optic directly to the house will be much more reliable. It will also allow me to completely get rid of Comcast forever.

I requested the $19.99 internet service. However, I was billed $49.99. After speaking with more than seven customer service representative, I was told they couldn't correct the overbilling. Obviously, I'm VERY DISSATISFIED!!!

First off, I've been without internet for a week and on demand for a week as well. So I call the second day after nothing worked the first day to schedule a visit and the automated system kept saying that there was an outage in my area and it'll be resolved by 12:36. So I call later that afternoon and tell them and they try to send signals to the modem or whatever and it wouldn't work. So we scheduled a visit for that Friday between 10-12. Mind you that the first option they gave me was for the following freaking Monday and I said HECK NO that is way too long, I have a business to run.

So the guy came on Friday at 1:30 NOT between 10-12 because I saw him pull up, he sat there for like 20 minutes and when I looked again he was freaking gone! So now I'm a little hot, so I call and ask what the heck is going on and why'd he just leave and the lady said, "Well there's another outage in your area and he wouldn't have been able to do anything but he should have at least came to your door and told you but he didn't". So later we rescheduled another appointment for Sunday between 3-4 and confirmed it.

So I don't go to church. I'm here waiting on them to come and it's 4 and all call like, "Where are you guys?" And this lady on the phone tells me that it has been rescheduled for freaking Tuesday! I'm like WTF! Seriously! How the heck can you just do that?!! She said that after further checking for like 10 mins that the local office called to reschedule but no one picked up so we couldn't confirm. I was like, "But you just said it's scheduled for Tuesday so how the heck did you confirm that if no one picked up?" They didn't call by the way. So you just don't come?? You cancel it on your own and don't freaking show up?!! She said "yes ma'am that's correct..." So I'm pissed by now and then she says that someone will call me back by 6 with a rescheduled... No one has called!!! This isn't the first time something like this has happened... But I can guarantee it'll be the last... I'M GOING WITH DIRECT!!! ✌

I was asking the guy on phone why when I subnet themes router it make Comcast go down. The guy then said "don't hook the cable from the router to a cable box". I had said 6 or 8 times cat 5 or cat 6 wire why would that type be hook to a cable box. I ask what he was talking about he said "rg6 cable jack on modem should not be hook to cable box." WOW he wasn't listening to me. I have video game systems I would rather have use cat 6 wire then WiFi but I also have network printer with only rj45 and 1 out of 4 tv has a dead WiFi chip that 2 port and I plan on network hard drive 3 port and number 4 desktop. He said "Comcast didn't teach them about anything about networking. They learn only about Comcast gear" that when I hung up my network speed is going to be 150mbps. I don't understand why. If it that high you can't subnet theme home internet. I would buy a router/modem but none has phone line for fax.

I started trying to cancel my Xfinity subscription in an online chat with them which they said they would help me and wasted about 20 minutes of my time before they told me I had to call retention at the number they provided me which I did. And then after talking to them for about five to ten minutes they said I would have to call back tomorrow to talk to retention to cancel my service. To which I said "I thought I was talking to someone in the retention department," which she replied she was retention but could not cancel my service today and that I would have to call the same number again tomorrow.

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I live in Treasure Coast FL and have been trying to get the internet working since August 21, 2016 - now 19 Sept. It has been on and off, on and off, on and off. ONLY in their Corp area do they make customer service a priority.

On a Game Day in Knoxville, Tn they know how everyone loves to watch the VOLS. This cable company along with Infinity had the worse reception ever you could not even watch the game. This is the only cable company we can get are the Comcast/Infinity with are the same ones that's why they own us like KUB. We have to have it. This company really sucks. Do not ever get this either place. They say Infinity is another company but why they are in same building and same trucks just different lettering?

I have been Comcast customer since 2009. My house was build in 2013. I pay $99.06 for internet extreme 150. According to the customer solution I should be getting 150 mbps but since I move to the extreme 150 I have not been able pass 84-91 mbps. So I call multiple times - Hours and speaking with several 2nd tier tech support and none of them are able to find why I can't get over 100 mbps.

Then two tech came in house and nothing change. They don't know what is the issue. After several days and fees, someone in Comcast was able to tell me the conclusion. CONCLUSION - Comcast does not guarantee 150 mbps - it is up to 150 mbps but the marketing department wrote this FK add and it is all over the internet-TV advertising speed up to 200 mbps.

IT IS A JOKE - I challenged Comcast support tier 3 and customer solution to proof that they test the speed connectivity from their demark to my residence ending point - NOTHING. I ask for another Tech to come in my house and ask him to test speed from my endpoint to their Demark. I saw the tech with a stupid device that they Carry around to check connection. The tech device checked the speed and the result was 21-26 mbps and my computer shows 83 mbps. That rule that my hardware is fine. So then the tech told me it is marketing. I tried AT&T and Verizon but ONLY Comcast is allow in my resident area. JOKE - CONSUMERAFFAIRS - if you read this review, you should investigate this scam from Comcast.

Since I have been with xfinity comcast have had problem with agents and supervisor giving different instructions every time you call them. Some were rude and not willing to help at all. There are a few who goes above and beyond to help. For instance, I spoke with a male manager, who had informed me that I should have not both the modem arris SB6183 (which cost $100) because they are not compatible with them. However, I specifically bought it because the previous agent informed me it was compatible and to make it worst the box for arris states COMPATIBLE WITH COMCAST. How can someone be a manager and doesn't know his equipments and be a good customer service. Very frustrating.

Then I called them today to ask for a password for our internet service. The agent gave me their website knowing that it's my personal equipment so when I called again the next agent was unwilling to help and saying that the other agent should have not done that. I spoke with their manager again; this tiny female, and she said I should call the manufacturer for the modem to get the password. Again another manager who doesn't know what she was talking about. First all modem is not wifi can't do password. It needs to be my wifi router. Unless she thought it is router and modem together but she shouldn't have because they saw in their system - that's it's my personal modem with its model number which is modem only. What kind of people are they are hiring.

They jacked up rates without informing us. Then reaching a live agent was nearly impossible, as the prompts kept guiding us to upgrade our service or add new services.

Just over an hour with 3 different departments and supervisors and multiple holds on a Saturday to find out the movie I BOUGHT on Pay per view is malfunctioning. Have been with comcast for years, spent thousands of dollars and just didn't want to focus on changing services. I have multiple services to choose from and will be spending the time to change after this fiasco. There are so many complaints about Comcast it doesn't seem worthwhile to go into the details here as nothing ever improves so I am out.

So I have had Comcast in the past and my recent experience brought back suppressed memories. The sales representative made a mistake on my install date which I found out on the day of when no one showed up to install my equipment. He never apologized for it. He knew I was busy and was not able to accommodate me when I needed the time rescheduled. I opted for self-install because I was already without Internet and it was unsuccessful. I kept on being transferred to India with no resolution when they attempted to activate the signal. There is no such thing as customer service with Comcast, there is no customer satisfaction. They should be out of business.

I was experiencing some technical difficulties with my on demand service in June. Technical support solution to this problem was to reset my box. After a couple of attempts they seemed to have the system up and running. The support rep asked me if I was able to access any movies. I said yes. He said "you're all set". This problem happened again in July. They redid the whole previous process again. Again telling me it's all set. In August my fiance called regarding an entirely different issue, went to automated system, told him his account balance was almost $500.00. We thought that had to be a mistake. After speaking with the billing dept we found out there was over 100 on-demand movies ordered in 1 month.

I was really confused due to I had a lock on the service & a code would be needed to make any purchase. I did not give anyone this code. Apparently, when tech support reset my boxes it wiped out all of my parental settings. So, my 5 yr old son was able to order anything he wanted to watch. A little over 100 movies and episodes. I made 5 phone calls about this issue in the following 2 days. Comcast/Xfinity refused to remove the charges saying the movies and episodes were watched. The supervisor I requested to speak to never called me back. Finally I spoke to a rep that reviewed the account and got a supposed supervisor to approve a credit to my account due to our history not showing these sort of purchases before or any incidences like this.

She went on to say she would need to split the credit into 2 due it exceeding her credit applying limit. She thanked me for being a loyal customer and we hung up. Well, after making a payment earlier this week I come home to find my service interrupted. It was too late to speak to anyone at 9:30 pm so I called the following afternoon. Only to find out after we hung up after that call in August, there was a so called review which lead to someone determining the credits would not to applied to my account due to the movies and episodes were all watch. Even though their technical support wiped out my parental settings and told me I was all set. I am so dissatisfied with this whole experience I am returning my equipment. I will never be a Comcast/Xfinity customer ever again.

I have been using Comcast internet for 3 years. It was so far so good. I had this promotion last year and I am calling two months ago to the Comcast hotline asking if they are able to extend it for another year. The agents said yes. But today I checked my account and found that the promotion is GONE. I call the customer service and they could not find any record. And they start charging me 90 per month, which double what I had before. This company is unfaithful. Do not use its internet service! As you never know when it will cheat on you!

We have been with Comcast for less than 6 months. 1st of all when setting up our cable & Internet & security system they sent an unprofessional individual who spent over 10 hours setting these services up in our home - very uncomfortable and so glad we had no plans to leave our home that day. Second of all we have had poor connection with the Internet since day 1. We called for a technician to come out and it took 1 week to send someone out... This is not our main complaint. Our main complaint is that the "technician" they sent out was another unprofessional employee who ended up running exposed wires from the middle of our cul de sac through our neighbors yard and our yard in order for us to have "working Internet".

We were a little taken aback by this form of set up and asked when these exposed wires would be buried. The unprofessional "technician" then informed us he would submit for another technician to come out & bury the wires. After 2 business days we had not heard from any "follow up technician" and so on the 3rd business day after our Internet was "fixed" we called in to find out what was going on with burying the exposed wires. We spoke to a Wanda and were told that no one had submitted a "fix it ticket"! After explaining to her everything we had gone through, she then said that a technician would be calling us to come out soon.

After waiting 2 more days from talking to Wanda we decided to call back and find out when this "technician" was scheduled to come out. We ended up speaking with a Mrs. ** who also told us that we still had no "fix it ticket" in the system!! She then heard the WHOLE story and told me that she would call me later that day (yesterday) and let me know who would be coming out but that I should have been told it would take 14 days to fix. I was like - "14 additional days... Cause it's already been 1 full week since these wires have been exposed"...

So I never heard from Mrs. ** as she promised and I called in today and spoke with someone who told me they live in the Philippines and explained EVERYTHING yet AGAIN and long story short... My husband is on the phone STILL trying to get this resolved before September 12th as we were told today is when they are sending a "technician" out to bury our exposed wires. I am writing this because unfortunately Comcast is NOT WORTH USING! They have not apologized or resolved our issues!! We will be getting Apple TV & or Netflix after this! Please be warned... This is an unprofessional company that does not deserve our hard earned money or time!

We paid over $3,000 to have Comcast run internet to our home. Ever since the beginning they have not been able to provide a signal nor have they provided the speed that we have paid for. We have had tech after tech at our home. We had some that said what was wrong only to be contradicted by the next rep. Finally they talked us into going to Business Internet--this too is not working. I have escalated to all levels of management and have had no results. We are now paying over $150.00 per month for internet and this week have dropped over 30 times. Just today 9/1/2016 we lost signal at 9:00 AM, 9:58 AM, 10:46 AM, 12:58 AM and now at 3:45 PM finally no internet came back and I called and they sent a refresh signal. This has been going on way too long to only get a refresh signal. Something is wrong and NO ONE is willing to help!!!

Watching tv and the picture went off with an "error" message and number. I was instructed to call service immediately and give them the number. I did so, and was asked "What does that number mean, as I never heard it before." I hung up and the next morning I went to the store to get a new DVR box returning the old one. I came home, hooked it up, only to find that this box did not work either. Again a trip to the store to get a new box and this one worked. Intermittent phone and internet service caused me to get 5 "NEW" (recycled, I'm sure) modems. Oh goodie, we were just informed we are getting the "new'" XFINITY X1 SYSTEM... CAN'T WAIT!!

Well, I moved to Chattanooga from Atlanta for a new career venture. I haven't purchased cable for at least 4 yrs now because I stream everything and I firmly believe cable tv is a waste of money that will soon be obsolete. Back to topic, I opted for Xfinity/Comcast over Chattanoogas EPB mostly because it was familiar and cheaper. I got a pretty decent deal coming from a previously handsome employee management discount with ATT. Although UVerse was even worse than Xfinity/Comcast, I put up with it because it was so cheap. So, Comcast. Good deal. Great internet speed. No contract.

The first issue arose after a month and a half in. I kept getting a notification that I was about to reach my data limit and would be charged $10 per gig if I went over. I was never informed of data caps when I purchased. If so, I would have opted for EPB because they have none and I stream a lot. I can't have a data cap of 600gigs a month. So I called to complain and cancel. I had already contacted EPB and set up an install date. I'm not sure why but I called Comcast again to inquire more about the data cap and to tell them that I wasn't paying for overages. I was then informed that Comcast had decided to raise the data caps to 1050gigs. I was assured that I would never reach it so I decided to stay with Comcast.

Now that that was resolved it was back to my regular schedule until I noticed that my internet speeds were gradually getting slower. Then over the past 3 weeks, the internet connection started dropping. I called and was told it was my router. That it was damaged and needed to be exchanged for a new one. I never got around to getting a new router but it kept dropping at the same time every day between 7 pm & 9 pm. So I contacted them again and the Rep fixed the issue and told me that the problem wasn't my router but the way it was wired.

So after rewiring it was working fine but now it's not only getting slower every day but the connection drops frequently. Still between certain hours but always after 6 pm. It's so bad now that it's dropping the connection at least every 30 to 45 mins. That's just this evening and even now at 12:55 am EST. I have two choices... Wait between 7-10 mins for the router to reboot and reconnect on its own once the connection returns or I manually unplug and force a reboot which takes a while as well and still does not guarantee a connect even after all the lights are solid and flashing.

Now I have the Xfinity My Account app which NEVER says there is a reported outage but instead just informs me that my router is not connected to the internet. I can also restart via the app but it's useless too. I've finally had enough. I'm leaving Comcast behind. It's become a complete hassle. I'm paying for services that I can only enjoy up until 6 pm daily. I'm at my wits end. Comcast is officially the worst internet service in the nation. I mean Uverse is extremely slow but I could at least depend on that slow connection. It rarely went down... Even in storms but with Comcast I can't even keep a connection. If you have Comcast do yourself a favor and rid yourself of it.

We signed up for Xfinity/Comcast but have been unable to watch 60 Minutes, the Olympics, and frequently other network channels. We get an error message to "try later". We called Xfinity with the error code, and instead of refunding any of our bill, they said the problem was on our end and would send out a technician. The technician came out and found no problems on our end and said this could happen from heavy traffic. We were billed for this call. We talked to Ryan at Xfinity (upper level technician) and he refused to refund tech support call, claiming his technician "had not left notes about what was found". He refused to offer credit for our outages but suggested we pay an additional fee for protection against outages. BBB complaint has been filed.

Xfinity (Comcast)... has a very obvious political agenda. I use Xfinity as my home page. That is about to end. Also am rethinking using Comcast altogether. The Xfinity home page is ALWAYS anti-Trump, anti-Republican party. All of the news for selection is very bias, so it is not "news" it is opinion. I am very disappointed. Is there anywhere I can go for fair reporting?

Every single time I have a service outage I have to call and spend roughly 10 minutes -15 minutes on the phone to get a service credit. They give out credits based on the time the internet was down so it ends up being only like a dollar. The problem is they KNOW my address is under a service outage but they put zero effort into identifying customers effected by the outage and they DO NOT apply credits automatically, rather they WAIT UNTIL A CUSTOMER CALLS, to apply the credit.

The catch 22 is that IS A 15 MINUTE PHONE CALL TALKING TO A WALL WORTH A DOLLAR? They basically steal people's credits by making them waste time calling in so that ultimately it won't be worth it. TERRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICE. Customer service reps, while repetitive, honestly try their best with irate customers such as myself, and their job is highly under appreciated as well as they're not given the tools to solve issues on the front line. Comcast is a semi monopolistic cable provider and their service shows it. Their TRASH company will ultimately fail if other providers break into the market.

I have Comcast only because in my area there is only the choice of the "two evil giants", AT&T and Comcast which results in a stranglehold, illegal trust-like (monopoly) grip on consumers. Everything was working as well as could be expected (for Comcast) up until 2AM last Friday when my Internet suddenly went dead. My computer was receiving the router and modem just fine, all lights on as normal, but I could not open any web pages. Just an error message page from Xfinity.

I called and I was told that my modem was "end-of-life" (Motorola Surfboard SB 6121, DOCSIS 2.0) and was no longer being supported, so it was REMOVED FROM MY ACCOUNT! THEY CUT ME OFF! I only bought it ONE YEAR ago. Hell, my cell phone is SEVEN years old and still works fine! I was told my options would be to rent a newer one from them or go buy a new one. UNACCEPTABLE for Comcast to dictate to me how I spend my money. Mind you, I am still paying for my Internet service, which I am not getting. A new modem costs $125. To rent from Comcast is $10/month. So If I buy one, it won't pay for itself for 12.5 months. By then, are they going to cut me off again and force me to buy yet another newer modem???

First they told me they could not put the modem ID numbers back in my account by phone, that I had to drive across town to a Comcast store with my own modem and have it done there. After my threats of leaving Comcast for AT&T, they agreed to put my modem ID numbers back in my account and tried unsuccessfully to get a signal to the modem.

After many aggravating hours over four days (I'm talking like full-time job hours!) I managed to get on the phone with a reasonable Level III Technician who told me he agreed that it should be up to the consumer when to replace their own equipment, especially if it was still working. He got the ID number replaced again, but still wasn't able to get it connected. Finally, I was scheduled to wait two days for 2 service techs to come out to the house to investigate my lines. But my lines were all BRAND NEW from the utility pole all the way to the modem, as I had replaced the roof on my house three weeks earlier and all the lines had to be cut and replaced (by Comcast).

SO... AND HERE'S WHAT YOU ALL SHOULD DO. I filed a complaint with my State Attorney General Consumer Protection Division AND the same with the FCC!! I said it was fraudulent business practices to cut off paying customers from services in order to coerce them into renting or buying new equipment at Comcast's discretion. In addition, that since there are only two providers in my area, it is still not unlike an illegal trust situation. Apparently, the FCC agrees that I have a case. They immediately forwarded my complaint to Comcast.

Within hours, I had the "Indian call center" contact me to offer me a credit to my account and to attempt to restore my service at once. It so happened that the service techs showed up just at the same time. They found filters were installed on my lines and removed them, then they found that the ID number the phone techs put in was one digit wrong!!! I only repeated the correct numbers about 8 times! End of story, they got everything running. Speed test shows I'm getting 57 mbps while I'm paying for 75 mbps, but all you "techies" know that's to be expected. I may go out and buy the SB 6190 (DOCSIS 3.0) when I can afford the $125 - BUT THAT'S UP TO ME!

I was mislead to what the billing would be and was not given the correct information, I believe, due to the fact I am Italian, speak broken english and told the sales guy, that I could not read a lot english. My bill keeps going up and I keep getting different reasons. I got charged for service for a box that was setup by the cable guy, when I explained this, I was told to get service protection. I got that, and 2 months later, I have a problem, and once again I am charged for the service. They take advantage of elderly people, as well as those that cannot speak or understand english.

This is the company that will come over to your neighbors to install internet service and leave an orange cable across your driveway for weeks (a safety hazard for those children in the neighborhood). Then show up on a Friday afternoon to bury such cables weeks afterwards, cut your house internet line, and ruin your front yard while working. Upon calling about their own technicians disabling your internet, they expect for you to wait four days later without any internet service. To top it off, a service supervisor will then tell you that a dispatch ticket was created for someone to come to your house the following day, but it turns out to be the same ticket number for that appt. four days later. Upon calling to explain the situation they keep you on hold for nearly 40 minutes, then the line cuts off. No one calls you back either.

I completely lost count of the amount of lies that I have experienced with Comcast in a course of 2 years. This company should not exist and people deserve better. I just don't understand how the US government allows this type of company to grow/expand, yet offer such horrible service and rip people off who don't know any better. I had so much reading to do over the weekend for school and now I have no internet until Tuesday over something Comcast did themselves.

I've been with Comcast for about a year and a half, I've gone through 2 modems, they just seem to go out, for the past 2 months my Internet has stopped working for about 5 mins a day to a whole day ever day. I have to reset my modem about 3-4 times a day for it to work, I call Comcast they never find anything wrong. If you're interested in having Comcast I'd say don't, it's not worth the headache and the money, if there was any other cable company in my area that offers the same speeds or close, I'd switch faster than Usain Bolt can run.

Comcast debt collectors have contacted me several times over the last 2 1/2 years for an account that was closed out in Jan, 2014 and that has had a zero balance. Each time they claim that I owe a different amount and each time Comcast confirms that nothing is owed. The recent debt collector confirmed that any money paid is forwarded to their offices. They are definitely in contact with Comcast and they use a Comcast internal email: These actions have the appearance of fraudulent efforts to extract money. They waste my time and are very annoying. Think about what your time is worth before selecting a provider.

Honestly, we see thousands of complaints, it's a monopoly here in SWFL with no realistic competition. I imagine that as long as they keep the politicians happy ($$) they will get whatever they want. Like many of us, I have major horror stories. Yes they increase prices every year, unless you join for two years. Yes they continuously lie to you with minimal recourse. Yes their customer service is akin to the third world, and they have us.

I have spent multiple hours for the simplest problems, now all I want is high speed internet, between Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu + a antennae I am perfectly happy. But their ultimate goal is to keep you with multiple shopping channels, infomercials 24 hours per day, and general garbage at expensive monthly rates. All of my dealings with them is via chat, since I can at least document the information, note: you do need to copy and paste the information because unlike most chats you cannot copy your chat. My latest problem is changing monthly from $50 to $75 for internet only, and I wish I could go somewhere else but as long as we have politicians turning a blind eye to this problem, we will never get anywhere.

Constant difficulties with internet service, poor response to telephone support, unbelievable hold times, disconnects. Service always "magically" returns; but the down times last from 5 minutes to several hours. This is not what I pay for and is never addressed nor corrected. Some days it's on and off every 10 minutes. Comcast - when it's good it's good, when it's bad it's awful.

A year ago, Comcast talked me into a 12 month promotion for Internet-only service. I got higher speeds for less money. Great, except now that the 12 month promotion is over, my bill more than TRIPLED. I called to go back to my previous service at my previous price. Comcast now says my previous service is 'no longer offered', and my new 3X-priced service is my lowest cost option. It's not a technical issue - they offer my former service at my former price to new subscribers, but not to existing customers. What Comcast is doing is surcharging existing customers and using that money to subsidize 'teaser' pricing for new customers. Those 'teaser' plans will be yanked after the promo ends, and those customers will end up being surcharged to subsidize teaser rates for the next round of saps.

I have been with Comcast for 7 years. Got new infinity modem. It never worked maybe 3 months. Had service men out here every other month. One even got caught lying that he fixed something and didn't touch it. They owed me some credit. I also have spent hours on phone getting different stories. Now they want 500 to turn it back on. The supervisor told me I didn't complain enough to get all my credit and couldn't go back to last year and see how many I had to get them to come and fix it. I finally got fed up took modem back in credits, no cable, bad business. Something has to be done about these crooks. Pissed in Alabama.

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Comcast is one of the largest Internet providers in the United States. It also offers cable television and phone services, and it has numerous bundling options for customers to choose from.

  • Fast connection speeds: Internet services are offered at speeds of 6 Mbps and higher. The fastest connections may reach 150 Mbps or more.
  • Bundling options: Comcast offers many options for bundling services. Customers can choose an Internet package and add various telephone and cable services.
  • 24/7 customer support: Customers can browse the online help section. If they still have questions, 24/7 phone support or chat support is available.
  • Customer guarantee: Comcast offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee. It also offers bill credits in certain situations, such as a technician arriving late for an appointment.
  • Home and business options: There are numerous packages available for both residential and commercial customers, and business customers can get a free quote online.
  • Best for Business owners, work-at-home employees and students.

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