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Comcast is by far the WORST cable company in America. They have the WORST customer service, the highest rip off fees, horrible customer service and fraudulent termination fees. The service is UNRELIABLE and they enjoy ripping you off. DO not sign up with them unless you want to pay high fees and get stressed out when you have irregular or no service for days, and they could care less. They enjoy tormenting you while you pay these exorbitant fees. I now have FIOS and have no problems. Comcast can go to hell, it sucks!

In June 2016, I went on a cruise to Alaska. I checked to be sure I would have internet access to check on my husband's severe heart condition and to provide support for my daughter who assumed caregiver responsibilities. I understood that weather and geographic location would affect service. Barring these conditions and in circumstances where 2 other carriers were able to connect swiftly and with stability, I was unable to do so.

Returning home, I complained to Comcast and was told by Mr ** of their Executive Team that I should not expect good connections when traveling. He volunteered that he often had difficulties with his own service when he traveled to NY! My request for a credit of $175 (paid to Holland America for a satellite connection that worked for the people traveling with me but not for Comcast) was denied. I am angry b/c I was unable to provide the support I anticipated would be needed (it was) and planned to provide. The Comcast Executive Team has been very cavalier with this emotional end-of-life issue. I will be cancelling my service with them this week.

Comcast notified that they are going to start charging for a cable modem that I own. They are now trying to claim that they own it. They have done this to me off and on for the last 4 years. They make me fight and waste my time. I ask for a credit for the problems and they won't give me anything for the time I waste. How do you fight a company this big that does not care about their customers? I have heard this is a common problem with Comcast to scam their customers.

Comcast is the absolute worst... I make an appt to have cameras put up and upgrade my boxes. The rep made an appt for last Saturday. I got a call Saturday morning saying they couldn't make it because a tech wasn't available. I got a stupid $20 credit (which doesn't pay for the time I sat waiting) and scheduled for the following Saturday which is today. Well guess what? Got another call today after 11am saying that what... They can't make it again. This couldn't possibly mean what the new commercials are saying.

They will work around our schedule not the other way around. Well for the 2nd weekend I have rearranged my schedule to accommodate them and they have for the 2nd weekend failed to meet that standard. I called 1800comcast and argued with them to let me talk to a manager. Manager finally calls me back only to transfer me to the billing dept only for them to have someone call me back again... Ugh. Maybe I should take my service and over payment on my account (they owe me money) and find somewhere that values their customers and holds their part of the bargain. Smh.

Consistently, with the last couple of weeks (at least), I have had slow web page loading, download and upload speed, and poor reliability of packet/datagram transmission. I feel that they intentionally misrepresent their operational products and should be held accountable. Their patronizing customer service is apparently part of their policy to placate to cover for poor performance.

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My Comcast cable box last night went into de-programmed mode by itself and would only receive Spanish language, could not change it back to English, tried many times, reverted on its own with no help from Comcast. I had to take the box into the Comcast center today and get a new box and remote. Both had to be reprogrammed with about two hours to make the basics work. Then an hour or more on the phone with tech support. The channels with the X-1 new box do not match the old cable box channels.

I need a channel guide with the actual channels and what is located on them (for local reception) sent to me in the mail so I can decrypt how things line up in HD. With just getting the box today (X-1), the remote does not operate as did the last one. So we are pressing the remote channel # that are not related to what we were previously watching seeing with the old remote. There is no set of instructions included on how to use the remote other than the basics and not instructions on how to troubleshoot problems. No user guide for the cable box. Just the box and the remote with electric cables.

The person in tech support tried to help and provide but was not always clear on what was going on at my end (confused, possible language issue), and did not have a concept of the previous non-functioning box and this new one and the dissociation between the two, also the difference with the new remote which is not user friendly.

My problem is that we pay near $240.00 a month for service that is poor with a phone system with delays, breaks in service, God help us if the power goes off, we are dead in the water, and an internet that is not as fast as published. The ping test says something else, that what we are seeing on our end with speed and consistency is not what they show in the test. The TV works but there are delays getting to channels and again it is not user friendly without any instructions, and a lack of a good channel guide that can be easily downloaded with the actual channels that are in our area. We think the service is too expensive for what we get and I cannot understand why the government with all the complaints that have been filed has not done something to get us rebates from Comcast since the cost is way more than I think it should be for what services we receive.

This is the worst company I have EVER dealt with! Their internet and TV are unworkable. Technical support is all in India. They do not understand anything. The phone system hangs up on you after telling you that your zip code has no service even though you are receiving service at that zip code. The most incompetent company on the face of the earth. From products to service, they are an abomination. Stay as far away from this company as you can!

I have been going through this for over 2 years, maybe longer. I even went out and bought my own router to solve the problem, it didn't work. The problem started when I changed from DSL to Wireless Internet. I have been paying for high quality service, but I have suffered countless connection issues. I didn't call years ago, I simply plugged into a Ethernet cable to connect. Their records will show the numerous calls, however it will not show the calls never made, because tried to live with the problems. Meanwhile, as the need for wireless service has increased the problem is more noticeable. I feel I am due monetary compensation at this point, as I continue to pay for a reasonable level of internet service. Though numerous technicians have come to fix the problem, the problem currently exist. Please help!

Warning: Don't take xfinity internet service if you have an alternate option. There was an internet outage on Friday (7/15/2016) in my area. When called the customer service the automated message confirmed the outage and provided option for subscribing for notification when outage is resolved. Received notification by evening but unfortunately till today morning (7/16/2016) internet is not working.

When contacted the customer service today morning (This is the worst part) they were not able to connect to my modem and should schedule an appointment with technician but they can't specify any time so I should wait in home for the entire day cancelling all my plans because they won't provide specific time for an appointment. WHAT THE??? If I can't be in home they will do it on Monday. Already I lost entire Friday without internet and two more days is completely unacceptable especially if your work requires internet. Xfinity has to improve their customer experience. It's way too behind compared to other providers. Unfortunately there is a tie up with the apartment so I can't take EPB. I had EPB in my previous apartment. It was awesome. Just plug and go. I had not faced any issue even once.

Comcast is the WORST company I have EVER dealt with. I have been trying for 3 weeks now to get service with them, because unfortunately they are the ONLY internet providers in our new neighborhood! Unless we want DSL which is impossible since I need the Internet for my work. I keep getting the runaround with this company and no one is properly trained with the correct information. Then their agents you contact who are in other states such as Illinois or Mississippi who tell you they are going to follow up on how service is coming along never do.

Training of staff needs to be updated so that they are all on the same page instead of having techs who come to the house and tell you they cannot install inside because the cable hasn't been buried outside the new home and then contacting an agent on the phone who says "yes they can install inside without the cable being buried", or another agent who says "oh, even if that tech had been on time he couldn't have done the work inside because the cable isn't buried yet". All of this may have been avoided to begin with if the second agent I spoke with on the phone on June 24th had not dismissed my call telling her the house was a new construction to begin with and I was told may need to have line buried outside...

To top it off when a tech came out to bury the line two weeks later we are told that who installed the fire hydrant crushed the cable pipe so now Comcast needs to contact 811 so they can mark where Comcast can bury the line as to not bust any pipes themselves. They tell us it will take 24-48 hours to do so, which would have been July 7th or July 8th and then he (the tech to bury the line) would be back that weekend, July 9th or 10th. Here we are a week from July 6th and 811 STILL had not been contacted to come out. I know this because I called them on July 10th myself as well as just now. Comcast is the WORST company I have dealt with! So if you have any other choice in your area, take it! I know I would.

The company is a nightmare to get something solved. Their Customer practice is unethical. For example, they first offer on the phone an XFinity Home (an alarm service for the house) as a free service included in the service. Then, when the workers come to install/fix the service, they bring an agreement of 2 years to sign. After that, it begins a nightmare of constant phone calls, asking you, "Why do you cancel?".

In the meantime, the worker who came to fix/install your system can't go on working. Today, we spent more than 50 minutes, answering the same questions to 3 different Xfinity clerks trying to sell us more stuff. After that, you just want to get rid of them as quickly as possible: the phone clerks insist that they have to talk with the owner (you, looking your clock to rush somewhere) again, and again. Besides, at the point that you were able to have somebody in your house to just fix the speed of your internet service, you have talked to at least 10 persons, you even walked in their store, you still don't have anything solved, and your account climbs again because nothing that you agreed "is in their system".

Xfinity (Comcast) increased my monthly charge without noticing me, and the internet becomes unusable (several disconnects per night). After I contact the customer service, they are willing to refund me for only less than half of the overcharged part.

We are a small business. A customer is trying to get hold of us and they got a recording that our phone number via Comcast has been disconnected!!! Our phone is working just fine. I tested it by using my cell phone with a different area code to call the business number and it works fine. But my customer from Massachusetts was unable to get hold of me. Called Comcast and was put on hold forever. I also got a message that there is an outage in our area that affects our phone service. Comcast phone service and internet is pathetic. Internet is down at least once a week. Some day it will be on and off all day long. Unfortunately I could not switch to another carrier because the other carrier is Verizon and they are just as pathetic. Furthermore there is no Fios in our area from Verizon, a main city in MD, so we have to be stucked with Comcast.

After finding a rental charge on our bill, we looked at history going back at least a year and found that we were being charged for a modem rental fee ($10 per month) for a modem that we never requested or got from them. After requesting that our payment history be looked at by a supervisor (Derik **), I was told that the supervisor would call me back with their findings, (to which I never got a call back from). I am now being told that Comcast will only refund up to 90 days' worth of "FRAUDULENT" charges.

Long story short... If they can RIP YOU OFF for more than 90 days, IT IS YOUR FAULT FOR NOT CATCHING THEM SOONER!! "This is their company policy." Should any rep from Comcast choose to respond or contradict this review, feel free to contact me or respond!! I am certain that they will not respond since they capitalize on you not watching your every bill, which is clear by their own policy!

I was a good customer for years. Recently, I called to move my service, as we were moving to a new house. Much to my dismay, I was told that Comcast doesn't service the area that I moved to, so, I was forced to get a different carrier. I was initially sad to lose the service, but there wasn't another option. I was told at that time that I would be receiving a refund check for 141.00 and some change. Ok. Great! Today, I got a call from their collections department asking for 98.00, due to the charge of an early termination fee in the amount of 210.00. WHAT??? So, I call Comcast (admittedly, I have NEVER liked calling them or dealing with their customer service department) and I waste about 45 minutes of my life on the phone arguing with them about this bogus charge.

After several repeated conversations with their customer service representative, I finally got to a supervisor, "Robert". Robert offered to discount my bogus early cancellation fee by 50%. Now, that would be a great deal if I had actually broken my contract, but since COMCAST doesn't service my area, I don't really see how the break in my contract was on my end. I argued with Robert extensively about this bogus charge.

After several minutes of intense conversation, in which they steadfastly refused to remove the bogus charge, and I assured them that I would spread the word regarding the business piracy tactics that they employ, I agreed to the 50% off of a ridiculous fee and will be getting a check for 7.02 instead of the 141.00 that I was supposed to receive. I would absolutely, under no circumstances, ever for any reason suggest that anyone go with Comcast for their cable or internet services. The service itself is nice, offering a lot of nice technology, but the customer service has been sorely lacking for the duration of my contract.

COMCAST/ Xfinity offers the worst customer service. I was paying $34 for the modem and my internet service. I wouldn't complain about the internet service going in and out because yes, it was inexpensive. Almost 12 months with them, I started receiving calls that my bill will go back to the normal price, $79.99, if I didn't change to another promotional price and added TV. I'm not a big fan of watching TV. Ok so I went ahead and picked a bundle for $49.99 a month. My services went off for 7 days when I saw 2 Xfinity men tampering with the Xfinity box outside of my residence. I called customer service, told them I was not going to pay my bill ahead if my services were not up and running. She said, "I can send a technician to the residence to solve the problem at the cost $50." I told her I'd rather cancel than pay someone to fix something 2 Xfinity employees tampered.

She informed me that she can waive that fee. I said, "ok if you're going to waive that fee then I'll pay my bill whenever I get my service restored." 4 days later, I arrived home my service were restored. I called the next day to check on my bill and see if the service was waived and if I received a credit into my account for being off 7 days. They informed me that my bill was $33 so I went ahead and paid it. Month after that, my bill shows $141. I called and questioned them and they said that "The fee wasn't waived, it's $99. We're sorry for who ever misinformed you but you still have to pay the fees.'' "A sorry doesn't pay the bills,'' I said.

She went ahead and said, "we can credit half." I said, "ok we can do that." I asked, "So how much is my bill now?''. She said, "$116." "That is not half off the service man, that's just 25% off. They told me it was $99 for the service man," and she said, "That service man was $50. Sorry again for being misinformed. I'm just holding on the line." In my mind these people don't know what to say anymore or what to lie about with Xfinity. I've always paid my bill a month ahead.

Comcast is literally the gold standard for horrific customer service! That is what they are most known for. The term "Comcast bad" is an actual term I have heard used in daily conversation regarding poor customer service. Until recently, I had never actually experienced it. The legend certainly lived up to the hype. It started when I was charged an extra $120 for exceeding my internet data usage cap that I didn't even know existed. Had I have known, I would have certainly curbed my usage or altered my service plan. I have been a Comcast customer for years and never had a data cap. Suddenly, my usage is being restricted to 300 gb a month. Anyone who uses Netflix will exceed that in 1 week. This is where the real issues began. I called to speak with a representative to discuss the new internet data cap which took being transferred to 4 different people (each person requiring me to spell out all of my personal info and give a description of my issue).

The customer rep I finally spoke to was extremely dismissive of my issue and told me I was informed though my Comcast provided email about the new policy. Ultimately, I requested to add unlimited data for an additional $35 a month to avoid any further charges until I could go through all of my mail to see if I had actually been notified. I wasn't. Then my next bill came and I had a $160 internet cap overage fee. I called Comcast yet again. I began my call at 11:30 am and didn't finish until 7 pm. Throughout that time, I was transferred to dozens of reps (again having to spell out all of my personal info and give a description of my issue to each of them). Every time I was making progress, I would be placed on hold and my call would get disconnected. This happened five times!

It is unbelievably frustrating to have to call the basic customer service line and providing every detail about you, your account, and your issue to someone you knew was going to just transfer you to do it all over again with someone else who can't help you. It takes a good 4 or 5 times of getting transferred until you get someone who isn't reading from a script. Throughout that time I did speak with someone who was able to verify that I should have had unlimited service, and also revealed that the Comcast provided email address they sent my notifications to was not even mine. I got 1 of the 2 charges resolved before the fifth time I was disconnected. At that point I literally thought, I would rather pay $120 than have to call Comcast again.

This should have been a 5 minute process. I should have been able to send a simple email to the Comcast customer service group requesting that my service be turned off at the end of this month. But Comcast does not conduct business via email, so I decided to give their poor chat session a try to see if that would fulfill my needs. Needless to say, it did not. The poor girl was so poorly trained, that I thought that she might have a serious problem with the English language or was possibly dyslexic. Every time I would send a question her way, she would either ignore it, or give me a answer that had nothing to do with my question.

Eventually I gave up and when I attempted to print out the entire conversation so I could actually post it here, I could only get the first page of the conversation to print out. Unbelievable. So you will have to trust me when I say that Comcast is quite possibly the worst cable provider on the face of the earth and please do not use them if you can avoid them. I had to use them as they were the only provider in my apartment community in Lynchburg VA.

I would also like for everyone to know that even getting into a chat session on a Sunday morning at approximately 11:00 a.m. also took several attempts on my part. The browser states that your chat will begin shortly but after waiting over 10 minutes watching the stupid little lines spin, and spin, and then spin some more, I jumped out and tried to get back in via a different topic. After about 2 more minutes of spinning lines, I finally got the most incompetent representative ever in my 60 years of life on planet earth. Bottom line. If you can avoid Comcast I would highly recommend it. I will not try to point you in a direction towards any other cable provider, but if I can get at least 1 family/person not to sign up with Comcast I feel that this endeavor was worth my time and effort. Can one voice make a difference? YES IT CAN.

I went in to trade in my old DVR for a newer one. I waited for a whole hour before being called to see a service rep. She asked me what I was there for even though she knew full well what I was there for. I told her I was there to exchange my DVR. I told her I wanted a regular HD DVR not an X1. At this point all I wanted was to get what I came for and go home. I knew the whole point of keeping customers in there was to sell them more products. I cut to the quick and told her exactly what I wanted. She asked 'why, have you tried the X1 before?' Clearly trying to make a sales pitch. When I told her to just give me what I asked for her whole attitude changed and she became rude and sullen.

Started slamming things on the counter. She fished out a DVR set behind her and printed out a receipt for me to sign. I signed it and I was set. The whole encounter took less than 5 minutes. Why was I in there for an hour for a transaction that took less than 5 minutes to complete? I HATE COMCAST. Your customer service SUCKS! You pretend to be all about your customers but all you're about is the bottom line. You've closed most your service centers, left only a few open causing massive backlogs. You've outsourced your telephone service reps out to China or wherever the hell those people are. I know they're not in the US. You SUCK Comcast. I will definitely NOT be renewing my contract when it's up next year.

Crap, just plain crap. Their internet suck and I pay too much ** money to get this result. When I'm in the farthest room the internet is really, really pissy and I'm considering a ** switch. Also I've got the UNLIMITED data plan, and at the end of the reset time the speed of the internet gets crappy as hell which it shouldn't but I know that if it's at the beginning of the reset time that the internet is fast but usually it's been really ** pissy and often the service has been going down a lot. Overall don't waste your money on this ** horrible internet.

While my entire relationship with Comcast has been nothing short of a nightmare today absolutely takes the cake and forces me to take pen in hand and vent my frustration with this company. For the last 2 years we have had nothing but trouble with our service but in the last 2 months it has been so bad that we have lost internet service on a regular basis and 2 weeks ago completely, this despite numerous visits from various technicians.

Today due to a problem with our DVR box, it crashes every 5 minutes or so, we scheduled an appointment for a replacement. The tech shows up after getting lost only tell us that he had no DVR box on his truck and in fact had no idea that that was the reason for the visit. My wife told him to go get out and go home. Apparently he contacted his supervisor who told him to use whatever he had in his truck to replace our unit, which he did. That did not work and he told us he had to go get the correct unit and would return shortly, that was over 2 hours ago and no sighting so far. So we called Comcast to find out what the deal was and we're told that they were looking for him but he was MIA, his department was closed and no one was available.

This is a chronic problem in that after calling, waiting, being put on hold, no one ever reads the notes, so when they arrive for the appointment they are clueless why they are even there. Wasting your time is of no consequence to them. Taking pride in their service is not on the radar of this company. "Sign you up move you on" should be their motto.

The wifi signal is really really bad.

Comcast has an extremely poor customer service. Several phone calls to Comcast on 2015 asking for my security deposit. Is July 2016 and I'm still waiting. They said on the last phone call, Rep. 1: "You need two more weeks." Rep. 2: "The money is in your bank account" (Lie). Rep. 3: "We need the account number or the last amount been paid because you have a confirmation number about the issue but I need more info." Why Comcast don't want to resolve this little problem? Comcast just don't want to do the right thing. Comcast has a very poor customer service.

Took 3 times for them to install the system. First week or so was ok after that internet cut out all the time. Every time you call they have your phone number programmed in and it is a machine says they are having difficulties in your area. On Demand hardly ever works. Will start and stop by itself. You try and fast forward through commercials and it will keep going for a couple of minutes before resuming normal. Try and go back is the same thing. It is useless to have a forward or reverse. When you call they say have to speak to a different department.

Where to start... I guess it's due to the monopoly that they have no reason to service customers. I moved into a Xfinity-only area and after 2 days, I could not be more dissatisfied. I've experienced no less than 5 errors, 2 related to channel lineup, 2 related to erroneous overbilling. (It's never underbilling is it?!) The most hilarious tale of incompetence was when they added a $10 charge for a rented modem when I added channels and I called to ask them to remove it as I own my own modem - instead of removing the charge, they added a second charge just for kicks. (As if I had 2 rented modems!!) I called back and the agent this time said he can't authorize it and he's submitted a ticket which will take 7-10 days to correct. He also suggested I call back before 7 days because 'this process isn't perfect!' I wish I had any other option than Comcast but they have a monopoly here. About time that changed.

I don't even know where to start. Well I got Comcast internet hooked up in 2012 and besides little issues I never had a problem UNTIL March of 2015! I have had about 30 modem/routers hooked up in my home always the same continuous problem. Speeds are fine, 0 packet loss, but the one major problem is my ping times are reaching 200-300 ms at random times. It took me 3 calls to corporate office to finally get their asses moving last June and it took them up to the end of October to finally find a massive noise (SNR) issue in the lines. Since Nov 8th of 2015 my cable internet has been garbage. I cannot play any online games on the Xbox one, ports opened, tried DMZ, tried everything you could possibly think of including spending $800 of my own money to buy the best modem router combo, still didn't work.

I filed a complaint with the FCC and Comcast said they did everything possible to help me. Everything? Yeah not really. If they did everything I would be able to play with lag-free gaming with 170mbps down and 12 mbps up. The higher-up guy at Comcast sent me a letter stating there's nothing else they can do, so what am I supposed to do now? It is the only ISP in my major area besides Verizon DSL and who wants 2mbps dl that's terrible!

As of today June 30, 2016 I have just hooked up their brand new Arris gateway and running constant tracer routes and ping test and am still seeing ping going as high as 350ms. I contacted corporate office today and they said basically "you pay the money, we do nothing to fix your issue because our techs ran a speed test". LMAO a speed test WOW! These people just ** on you and they don't care! They did offer to send another tech to run a speed test but I would get charged if they didn't find anything. So I'm basically stuck paying for blast internet and can just search the web on my laptop. Awesome, I got Comcast screwed.

I don't wish Comcast on my worst enemy!! I really believe they try to get customers and after 3 months when the contract is "official" this is when all the problem pops up. So I signed up with Comcast for internet and cable. I explained to the representative that I am working with a budget and I will like to hear options and best offer. Fast forward...the package I chose was $113.00 keeping in mind it was almost the end of the month and they charged me for the entire month. A week passed by. I got another bill for the upcoming month. Okay cool. I paid it thinking my cycle be said amount from now on.

After my three months passed I got a letter in the mail stating that I was not charged for one of the boxes, therefore, they will have to add it to my bill. My bill went up to 126.00! I called to express my disappointment and disgust but you know the representative will be reading that script and keep saying, "I am sorry. I understand," to me. No!! You don't understand!! We had a verbal agreement!! Anyway nothing was done on their end to make me happy. I paid my bill.

Next month I got my bill. It was $139.00. I was irate. I called again. Same crap about increase and taxes, and the whole works. Next month was $169.00. Some guy said my service was disconnected and it wasn't. I paid my bill and the customer representative I spoke with said he will waive the charge. He assured me that he just did it and my bill will be $110 next cycle. Well my bill came around and it's $134.00. I called again and another rep is telling me taxes went up and blah, blah...

Well Comcast never disappoint. I went to check my mailbox today. Got a letter stating that I've been provided high definition and was not being charge for it. As a result they will be disconnecting it on the 28th July or I can add it for $9.99. The letter was so unprofessional. No dates. It wasn't signed. It was very vague. As usual their customer rep couldn't help but just poured out a bag of crap and said to me they gave me the wrong box. These people cannot be serious. I wish I read the reviews before I signed up. As a result my advice to people considering going with Comcast: Please reconsider!!

A couple years ago we had a few service issues with Xfinity and as recompense they upgraded our service from basic to HD for free. It went away without any warning and when I called and asked why, was told that we weren't paying for it. Told them why we were getting it and the response was that there wasn't anything noted on the account.

$700 bill. Really! If I could not give any stars I would. Change from AT&T to Comcast, worst decision ever. Only my child of 4 years, my husband and I use it. We barely home. And my husband only use when he has to check his laptop! That is just ridiculous! Please don't trust Comcast that's all I can say.

I have recently dumped Comcast after 20 plus years of having an account with them and watching my bill triple and inch up almost monthly. When I call, they always give me the "I see you are a loyal customer and here's what I'm gonna do for you" spiel. This last time, my bill jumped almost $40 a month. When I called, the gentleman said I needed the new equipment so he would send someone out to replace it free of charge. Then, my bill came and it had done up another $28 with the new equipment.

Telling my story of woe to several people, they all pretty much said the same thing. We could have kept our old equipment so I called to tell them to bring it back. Talking to the operator, she said they could come and get the new equipment but my bill would stay the same as with the new equipment AND, I would be charged $39.99 for the service call. Beyond frustrated as this went on for 3 weeks and the first appt. for a service rep didn't happen. He just did a no show.

Long story short, we cancelled cable and landline and now only have them for Internet and that will change so. As well but first need to acquire a different one and change email address with all who currently have my Comcast one. We are now streaming with Apple TV and feel liberated from "The Man" we are also saving almost $1500 a year.

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Comcast is one of the largest Internet providers in the United States. It also offers cable television and phone services, and it has numerous bundling options for customers to choose from.

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  • Customer guarantee: Comcast offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee. It also offers bill credits in certain situations, such as a technician arriving late for an appointment.
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