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This is the company that will come over to your neighbors to install internet service and leave an orange cable across your driveway for weeks (a safety hazard for those children in the neighborhood). Then show up on a Friday afternoon to bury such cables weeks afterwards, cut your house internet line, and ruin your front yard while working. Upon calling about their own technicians disabling your internet, they expect for you to wait four days later without any internet service. To top it off, a service supervisor will then tell you that a dispatch ticket was created for someone to come to your house the following day, but it turns out to be the same ticket number for that appt. four days later. Upon calling to explain the situation they keep you on hold for nearly 40 minutes, then the line cuts off. No one calls you back either.

I completely lost count of the amount of lies that I have experienced with Comcast in a course of 2 years. This company should not exist and people deserve better. I just don't understand how the US government allows this type of company to grow/expand, yet offer such horrible service and rip people off who don't know any better. I had so much reading to do over the weekend for school and now I have no internet until Tuesday over something Comcast did themselves.

I've been with Comcast for about a year and a half, I've gone through 2 modems, they just seem to go out, for the past 2 months my Internet has stopped working for about 5 mins a day to a whole day ever day. I have to reset my modem about 3-4 times a day for it to work, I call Comcast they never find anything wrong. If you're interested in having Comcast I'd say don't, it's not worth the headache and the money, if there was any other cable company in my area that offers the same speeds or close, I'd switch faster than Usain Bolt can run.

Comcast debt collectors have contacted me several times over the last 2 1/2 years for an account that was closed out in Jan, 2014 and that has had a zero balance. Each time they claim that I owe a different amount and each time Comcast confirms that nothing is owed. The recent debt collector confirmed that any money paid is forwarded to their offices. They are definitely in contact with Comcast and they use a Comcast internal email: These actions have the appearance of fraudulent efforts to extract money. They waste my time and are very annoying. Think about what your time is worth before selecting a provider.

Honestly, we see thousands of complaints, it's a monopoly here in SWFL with no realistic competition. I imagine that as long as they keep the politicians happy ($$) they will get whatever they want. Like many of us, I have major horror stories. Yes they increase prices every year, unless you join for two years. Yes they continuously lie to you with minimal recourse. Yes their customer service is akin to the third world, and they have us.

I have spent multiple hours for the simplest problems, now all I want is high speed internet, between Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu + a antennae I am perfectly happy. But their ultimate goal is to keep you with multiple shopping channels, infomercials 24 hours per day, and general garbage at expensive monthly rates. All of my dealings with them is via chat, since I can at least document the information, note: you do need to copy and paste the information because unlike most chats you cannot copy your chat. My latest problem is changing monthly from $50 to $75 for internet only, and I wish I could go somewhere else but as long as we have politicians turning a blind eye to this problem, we will never get anywhere.

Constant difficulties with internet service, poor response to telephone support, unbelievable hold times, disconnects. Service always "magically" returns; but the down times last from 5 minutes to several hours. This is not what I pay for and is never addressed nor corrected. Some days it's on and off every 10 minutes. Comcast - when it's good it's good, when it's bad it's awful.

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A year ago, Comcast talked me into a 12 month promotion for Internet-only service. I got higher speeds for less money. Great, except now that the 12 month promotion is over, my bill more than TRIPLED. I called to go back to my previous service at my previous price. Comcast now says my previous service is 'no longer offered', and my new 3X-priced service is my lowest cost option. It's not a technical issue - they offer my former service at my former price to new subscribers, but not to existing customers. What Comcast is doing is surcharging existing customers and using that money to subsidize 'teaser' pricing for new customers. Those 'teaser' plans will be yanked after the promo ends, and those customers will end up being surcharged to subsidize teaser rates for the next round of saps.

I have been with Comcast for 7 years. Got new infinity modem. It never worked maybe 3 months. Had service men out here every other month. One even got caught lying that he fixed something and didn't touch it. They owed me some credit. I also have spent hours on phone getting different stories. Now they want 500 to turn it back on. The supervisor told me I didn't complain enough to get all my credit and couldn't go back to last year and see how many I had to get them to come and fix it. I finally got fed up took modem back in credits, no cable, bad business. Something has to be done about these crooks. Pissed in Alabama.

My complaint is not really with the reps (although maybe). At work we have Comcast for internet and for email. Our internet service was so poor we called them, they confirmed our settings, made changes and then now charge is $20 plus for the change. Trouble is the service is even worse and we pay more for it. To log into email it often takes a good 10 mins. no matter how I attempt it. I absolutely will not allow them in the house. A rep stood on my porch (uninvited) and argued with me about letting them carry my service. Finally I told her to get out and shut the door on her. I, myself, now use Frontier and have no problem at all with my internet service.

Our WiFi had stopped working in our apartment, so we made an appointment for someone to come and fix it. It said they'd be here from 3-5 and they ended up showing up at around 630. He said that the apartment needed to be rewired, and that he'd have to get someone else to come and fix it. So he made an appointment for me right there. The soonest available appointment was about a week later on a Thursday from 1-3. My boyfriend took off work to be home that day to let the guy in. However, no one showed up. He looked on the website and the app, and it said no appointment was scheduled. So he called Comcast and they said the guy came and had to come back the next day to finish. This was kind of odd because no one ever came to our apartment. And they never called us to tell us they were coming either like they're supposed to.

So Friday, the next day, someone was supposed to come back and finish it. Well no one ever showed up. We called Comcast again, which is really annoying because every time you call them you speak to a new person and have to re-explain your whole situation to them and they're not very helpful. The person on the phone said that someone came on Friday, but no one was home and that they left a thing on the door saying they came. Well that's ** because my boyfriend was here the whole time and no one came. There wasn't anything left on the door either. So they basically lied to us. I doubt anyone actually came on that Thursday either. (They said the work would need to be done outside so we might not see them. But you think they would've still had to come inside and let us know they're there right?) So anyway then they said someone would come on Monday.

They finally came on Monday and fixed it. But for about 3 weeks we didn't have internet. We haven't gotten our next bill yet, but they better not charge us for those 3 weeks. It was hard to get in contact with a real person (you have to go through this whole automated phone thing) and then like I said you have to explain your situation over and over again. Why can't they just have the same person or manager talk to you until a situation is resolved? I hate Comcast, but they can do whatever the ** they want and get away with it because there's only like 2 internet providers.

They will change your services without notice and charge you more. Also, they know there are no other providers in my area so they have jacked up prices to a lot more than TWC or FIOS customers pay anywhere for LESS service. I googled and found out that there had been a class action lawsuit 15 years ago exactly for this reason but somehow COMCAST managed to drag it along for 12 years then paying nothing.

I have Xfinity from Comcast. Every few months the price goes up. I've complained to them before about this and they lower the price but try to give a new contract for 2 years, then in a few months the price goes up again. I'm talking about the price going from $119 per month to $145 per month. I'm sure this is illegal and I'm disgusted with this dishonest company. I will also be reporting this to the better business bureau!

After taking an initial $64 they do a credit check... I need my money back. I never finished my application online. This is a ** COMPANY!

Experienced intermittent internet issues. Called and spoke to a very friendly and professional customer service person in their internet area. Spent a good amount of time working through possible causes, gave me a few possible paths to fix with where he would start. End up going with having a tech come out. Tech who came out, THE SAME DAY, was also fantastic. He found one problem area with a line and opted to replace all of the cable lines we had. Connection is fantastic now! Tech was friendly and offered tons of advice about cable lines and keeping dogs away from them.

I have always hated Comcast, but have used their services for years just because they are the most common service provider. I recently moved and tried to set up Internet through them at my new apartment. The confirmation email I received after ordering the service was completely wrong. They had my wrong address and did not even give me an account number for my new service. I contacted a rep online to get it sorted out. He was so unknowledgeable and unhelpful, I told him I just wanted to cancel the service altogether. He assured me my card would not be charged for the service because he cancelled it. I told him "ok so when my card IS charged for it anyway, can I get a reference # for this chat for my personal records?" He blatantly refused to give it to me. I had to ask to speak to a supervisor who finally gave me the code and also 100% assured me my card would not be charged.

This morning I checked my bank account and was not at all surprised to find a withdrawal from Comcast. I immediately called and the rep I spoke to wasted almost 2 hours of my time just to tell me she can't find any account charge so she can't do anything about it. I again had to ask for a manager, who instantly said he found the charge and would refund it. I now have to wait 5-7 business days for a refund check for a charge I was repeatedly promised would not be made. The worst customer service in the nation. Will never be a Comcast customer again. I am willing to pay MORE money at this point for literally any other provider.

I read all about Comcast's customer service reps and was prepared for a nightmare. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the sales rep Sally. She helped me set up my new internet deal Lickity Split. People complain about how things weren't part of their agreement or other things of the sort. My advice if you're preparing to wrestle with Comcast reps go in prepared and be firm on your choice but also be polite and you'll find a much more pleasant experience than that which you read about.

They are extremely disrespectful and would not help me or explain anything. I will never use Xfinity again and I will never recommend that anyone use Xfinity Comcast ever again due to my experience. I wouldn't want anyone to go through that.

So I tried to hook my printer up to my network through the provided modem through Comcast. I called in last night to get the USB port on the back to have it enabled, which is what the chat rep told me to do. I spoke to 3 different agents, none of which spoke or even understood English. No matter how much I explained it to them they kept asking me if I was trying to hook my internet up through the USB. So at that point I was pretty pissed.

The next day, today, I called in and got an agent who spoke and understood English, thank god. I was told that it would be an "easy fix" and they would transfer me to an Advanced Network Tech. I said OK and waited on hold for about 30 minutes. I got to the new tech and explained my issue and first off he laughed at me. Second he told me the USB ports on the back do not even work. Being mad that no one told me this before, I proceed to ask why they sell/rent them that way. He said it isn't something they care enough to fix and then said have fun and hung up on me.

I have had nothing but problems with Comcast ever since I started using them in 2010. But the only reason I use them is I have to. They strong-arm everyone else that is decent out so they own the area. They outsource to people who do not speak or understand English when there are millions without jobs here in the US who have a firm grasp on the language. They do not care about their customers so much that they lie to them over and over and we have to deal with it because we have no other options because of their corrupt practices of getting others out of the area. This is why people want Google Fiber!

The internet service Comcast provides is a royal pain. Not only do you not get anywhere near (not even half) of the speeds you pay for, it is constantly plagued with drops and DNS issues. Where I live, there are not many alternatives or I would have switched months ago. If you call Comcast they tell you to reboot the modem even if you tell them the history and that you have already tried that numerous times. One would hope in this day and age an ISP would be reliable, reasonably priced and FAST. Comcast done not seem to be any of those - at least in the internet arena.

2 - 3 weeks ago I started having problems with my internet. Sometimes it would work perfect and I would get 70MB+ download speed, other times it would drop to ~2MB… I work from home and I am constantly using Skype to stay in touch with co-workers and clients, you can do this with 2MB d/l. I immediately followed the normal, try to unplug the wireless modem and plug it back in, no change. I called in and used their automated system to reset the modem, no change. I had a modem that was not being rented from Comcast so they were reluctant to send a service tech out to help and pretty much just blamed the problem on the modem. I called the modem provider followed their troubleshooting, no change.. they assured me the problem was with Comcast…

Here comes the fun part. I decide to get a modem from Comcast so I can get a tech out to resolve the problem. I have three options: 1. Get it shipped for $10, 2. Have it delivered and installed by a tech for $50, 3. Pick it up myself for free. Being the kind of person that likes to save money, I go with option 3. The woman at Comcast I spoke to told me I could go to their Leominster MA location (I live in NH). When I get to the Comcast service center I am told that their modems are for MA residents only…. Great. First Big issues.

Finally, I get a Comcast modem back to my house, get it all set up and turn on my wi-fi devices. Not only do I experience the same problem, but now it is much, much worse. I reconnect my personal modem and call to have a tech come out to resolve the problem, this was on a Friday. They explained a tech would be out Monday to fix the problem, but the fun part is they could not give me ANY time frame, just “sometime Monday” and they will call before they show up.

Monday comes around it's noon and still no word. I get on Comcast chat support and they assure me someone will be here as scheduled… 4 o’clock comes around, I get on Comcast chat, they assure me someone will be here as scheduled. No one ever showed. Now I’m mad. First thing Tuesday morning I give Comcast a call. They never rescheduled an appointment after the one missed Monday, and they refuse to set me up a same day appointment. The only time he could offer me was Wednesday between 9am-12am (at least it’s not a 24 hour window). He scheduled it and I told him I needed to talk to his manager, he understood and told me I would receive a call from his manager with 1-2 hours. The manager never called.

On Wednesday morning I receive a voicemail from Comcast confirming my appointment for between 6pm – 7pm… What the actual **. 5:25pm comes around and the tech pulls up in front of my house, sits in his van for 35 minutes until 6pm (my two big dogs were not pleased). He comes in my house for about 10-15 minutes plugs his stuff into my modem, checked to make sure the wire wasn’t loose and says it seems normal, and that they will be back the next day (Thursday) to replace the line from the telephone pole to my house. The guy literally did nothing else.

All day Thursday no one came… surprise, surprise. Here we are today on Friday I get in touch with a person from Comcast, nothing was scheduled for anyone to come out to my location and resolve my issue. They tell me that I should expect a call from a tech to schedule another appointment. I won't hold my breath. Comcast has left a permanent bad taste in my mouth. This is literally the worst customer service I have EVER received. It is amazing your company is still in business.

Comcast is by far the WORST cable company in America. They have the WORST customer service, the highest rip off fees, horrible customer service and fraudulent termination fees. The service is UNRELIABLE and they enjoy ripping you off. DO not sign up with them unless you want to pay high fees and get stressed out when you have irregular or no service for days, and they could care less. They enjoy tormenting you while you pay these exorbitant fees. I now have FIOS and have no problems. Comcast can go to hell, it sucks!

In June 2016, I went on a cruise to Alaska. I checked to be sure I would have internet access to check on my husband's severe heart condition and to provide support for my daughter who assumed caregiver responsibilities. I understood that weather and geographic location would affect service. Barring these conditions and in circumstances where 2 other carriers were able to connect swiftly and with stability, I was unable to do so.

Returning home, I complained to Comcast and was told by Mr ** of their Executive Team that I should not expect good connections when traveling. He volunteered that he often had difficulties with his own service when he traveled to NY! My request for a credit of $175 (paid to Holland America for a satellite connection that worked for the people traveling with me but not for Comcast) was denied. I am angry b/c I was unable to provide the support I anticipated would be needed (it was) and planned to provide. The Comcast Executive Team has been very cavalier with this emotional end-of-life issue. I will be cancelling my service with them this week.

Comcast notified that they are going to start charging for a cable modem that I own. They are now trying to claim that they own it. They have done this to me off and on for the last 4 years. They make me fight and waste my time. I ask for a credit for the problems and they won't give me anything for the time I waste. How do you fight a company this big that does not care about their customers? I have heard this is a common problem with Comcast to scam their customers.

Comcast is the absolute worst... I make an appt to have cameras put up and upgrade my boxes. The rep made an appt for last Saturday. I got a call Saturday morning saying they couldn't make it because a tech wasn't available. I got a stupid $20 credit (which doesn't pay for the time I sat waiting) and scheduled for the following Saturday which is today. Well guess what? Got another call today after 11am saying that what... They can't make it again. This couldn't possibly mean what the new commercials are saying.

They will work around our schedule not the other way around. Well for the 2nd weekend I have rearranged my schedule to accommodate them and they have for the 2nd weekend failed to meet that standard. I called 1800comcast and argued with them to let me talk to a manager. Manager finally calls me back only to transfer me to the billing dept only for them to have someone call me back again... Ugh. Maybe I should take my service and over payment on my account (they owe me money) and find somewhere that values their customers and holds their part of the bargain. Smh.

Consistently, with the last couple of weeks (at least), I have had slow web page loading, download and upload speed, and poor reliability of packet/datagram transmission. I feel that they intentionally misrepresent their operational products and should be held accountable. Their patronizing customer service is apparently part of their policy to placate to cover for poor performance.

My Comcast cable box last night went into de-programmed mode by itself and would only receive Spanish language, could not change it back to English, tried many times, reverted on its own with no help from Comcast. I had to take the box into the Comcast center today and get a new box and remote. Both had to be reprogrammed with about two hours to make the basics work. Then an hour or more on the phone with tech support. The channels with the X-1 new box do not match the old cable box channels.

I need a channel guide with the actual channels and what is located on them (for local reception) sent to me in the mail so I can decrypt how things line up in HD. With just getting the box today (X-1), the remote does not operate as did the last one. So we are pressing the remote channel # that are not related to what we were previously watching seeing with the old remote. There is no set of instructions included on how to use the remote other than the basics and not instructions on how to troubleshoot problems. No user guide for the cable box. Just the box and the remote with electric cables.

The person in tech support tried to help and provide but was not always clear on what was going on at my end (confused, possible language issue), and did not have a concept of the previous non-functioning box and this new one and the dissociation between the two, also the difference with the new remote which is not user friendly.

My problem is that we pay near $240.00 a month for service that is poor with a phone system with delays, breaks in service, God help us if the power goes off, we are dead in the water, and an internet that is not as fast as published. The ping test says something else, that what we are seeing on our end with speed and consistency is not what they show in the test. The TV works but there are delays getting to channels and again it is not user friendly without any instructions, and a lack of a good channel guide that can be easily downloaded with the actual channels that are in our area. We think the service is too expensive for what we get and I cannot understand why the government with all the complaints that have been filed has not done something to get us rebates from Comcast since the cost is way more than I think it should be for what services we receive.

This is the worst company I have EVER dealt with! Their internet and TV are unworkable. Technical support is all in India. They do not understand anything. The phone system hangs up on you after telling you that your zip code has no service even though you are receiving service at that zip code. The most incompetent company on the face of the earth. From products to service, they are an abomination. Stay as far away from this company as you can!

I have been going through this for over 2 years, maybe longer. I even went out and bought my own router to solve the problem, it didn't work. The problem started when I changed from DSL to Wireless Internet. I have been paying for high quality service, but I have suffered countless connection issues. I didn't call years ago, I simply plugged into a Ethernet cable to connect. Their records will show the numerous calls, however it will not show the calls never made, because tried to live with the problems. Meanwhile, as the need for wireless service has increased the problem is more noticeable. I feel I am due monetary compensation at this point, as I continue to pay for a reasonable level of internet service. Though numerous technicians have come to fix the problem, the problem currently exist. Please help!

Warning: Don't take xfinity internet service if you have an alternate option. There was an internet outage on Friday (7/15/2016) in my area. When called the customer service the automated message confirmed the outage and provided option for subscribing for notification when outage is resolved. Received notification by evening but unfortunately till today morning (7/16/2016) internet is not working.

When contacted the customer service today morning (This is the worst part) they were not able to connect to my modem and should schedule an appointment with technician but they can't specify any time so I should wait in home for the entire day cancelling all my plans because they won't provide specific time for an appointment. WHAT THE??? If I can't be in home they will do it on Monday. Already I lost entire Friday without internet and two more days is completely unacceptable especially if your work requires internet. Xfinity has to improve their customer experience. It's way too behind compared to other providers. Unfortunately there is a tie up with the apartment so I can't take EPB. I had EPB in my previous apartment. It was awesome. Just plug and go. I had not faced any issue even once.

Comcast is the WORST company I have EVER dealt with. I have been trying for 3 weeks now to get service with them, because unfortunately they are the ONLY internet providers in our new neighborhood! Unless we want DSL which is impossible since I need the Internet for my work. I keep getting the runaround with this company and no one is properly trained with the correct information. Then their agents you contact who are in other states such as Illinois or Mississippi who tell you they are going to follow up on how service is coming along never do.

Training of staff needs to be updated so that they are all on the same page instead of having techs who come to the house and tell you they cannot install inside because the cable hasn't been buried outside the new home and then contacting an agent on the phone who says "yes they can install inside without the cable being buried", or another agent who says "oh, even if that tech had been on time he couldn't have done the work inside because the cable isn't buried yet". All of this may have been avoided to begin with if the second agent I spoke with on the phone on June 24th had not dismissed my call telling her the house was a new construction to begin with and I was told may need to have line buried outside...

To top it off when a tech came out to bury the line two weeks later we are told that who installed the fire hydrant crushed the cable pipe so now Comcast needs to contact 811 so they can mark where Comcast can bury the line as to not bust any pipes themselves. They tell us it will take 24-48 hours to do so, which would have been July 7th or July 8th and then he (the tech to bury the line) would be back that weekend, July 9th or 10th. Here we are a week from July 6th and 811 STILL had not been contacted to come out. I know this because I called them on July 10th myself as well as just now. Comcast is the WORST company I have dealt with! So if you have any other choice in your area, take it! I know I would.

The company is a nightmare to get something solved. Their Customer practice is unethical. For example, they first offer on the phone an XFinity Home (an alarm service for the house) as a free service included in the service. Then, when the workers come to install/fix the service, they bring an agreement of 2 years to sign. After that, it begins a nightmare of constant phone calls, asking you, "Why do you cancel?".

In the meantime, the worker who came to fix/install your system can't go on working. Today, we spent more than 50 minutes, answering the same questions to 3 different Xfinity clerks trying to sell us more stuff. After that, you just want to get rid of them as quickly as possible: the phone clerks insist that they have to talk with the owner (you, looking your clock to rush somewhere) again, and again. Besides, at the point that you were able to have somebody in your house to just fix the speed of your internet service, you have talked to at least 10 persons, you even walked in their store, you still don't have anything solved, and your account climbs again because nothing that you agreed "is in their system".

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Comcast is one of the largest Internet providers in the United States. It also offers cable television and phone services, and it has numerous bundling options for customers to choose from.

  • Fast connection speeds: Internet services are offered at speeds of 6 Mbps and higher. The fastest connections may reach 150 Mbps or more.
  • Bundling options: Comcast offers many options for bundling services. Customers can choose an Internet package and add various telephone and cable services.
  • 24/7 customer support: Customers can browse the online help section. If they still have questions, 24/7 phone support or chat support is available.
  • Customer guarantee: Comcast offers a 30-day, money-back guarantee. It also offers bill credits in certain situations, such as a technician arriving late for an appointment.
  • Home and business options: There are numerous packages available for both residential and commercial customers, and business customers can get a free quote online.
  • Best for Business owners, work-at-home employees and students.

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