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We were flooded from Sandy five months ago and still have not been paid for the contents of our home.

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I just got rid of this company after being treated like ** by their flood "adjusters" and having to prove and defend flood damage to my home. Now I am told the company is no longer handling flood claims! That is not justice but serves them right!

Satisfaction Rating

I have a flood insurance policy with them, and it states that I have separate contents and building coverage. The building coverage is supposed to include hot water heater furnace, oil tanks, sump pumps, sheetrock clean up, etc. I haven’t had any of these covered yet. They are trying to deny my claim. I ask what does my building part of the policy cover, and they cannot tell me.

Why do I pay for a flood insurance policy if when there is a flood, we are not covered anyway? I tried to cancel this policy but was talked out of it by an insurance sales rep on a three way call with Bank of America, because they said it would cover all the basement and ground contents i.e., furnace tanks, etc. I do not want nothing more; however, I want nothing less. I want the money that I pay for building coverage in order to replace my utilities. And I would like a refund of the last 7 years of flood insurance that we paid because this company has not been friendly or made it easy to move forward from this tragedy.


Travelers Insurance company straight treated us like some fools who were too stupid to do anything about it! It started when we moved into a home without being told it floods due to a project in which the city tried to build an overpass. And when they built it they changed the land demographics so bad it messed up the water drain that carried the water away in a creek that ran along side the road.

Well, after moving in it took about 6 months and in 2008, we flooded badly. It was about 4-foot high all over the whole house. We were devastated to find out that we just entered into an agreement to buy a home that floods constantly. After the first flood, we were told that we should get insurance and the land owner recommended Travelers because they were his insurance company and they already knew the deal. We called and then after the appointment was set, we went in and met with a policy agent and she proceeded to ask a million questions. I explained the situation of the flooding and we asked to get 40 thousand in coverage .

We left thinking we were covered and that if it were to rain for a long period, we were not going to be alone dealing with a flooded house. It finally happened in May of 2009 the next year and before we could get the claim processed, another flood hit about 3 weeks later, causing us to loose all the furniture we had just bought after the first flooding. We had purchased new beds and tables, a new washer, and a dryer and we thought we would go ahead and get good ones since they were insured. I had to phone Travelers and inform them that we had another flood and at that very moment, the home had 20-inch high water in it. The agent who answered the phone seemed really helpful and spoke soft and polite as well. However, the nightmare began the moment we met Richardson, an adjuster for Travelers. This crook showed up at our home and started trying to pump us for information on Bill **, which is the home owner in whom we was buying the house from. Evidently, Bill ** had been given a $30,000 settlement in which Richardson helped him obtain and for some reason, it had Richardson furious. I do not know if Bill ** owed him money or a favor he never paid or what. All I know is Richardson became very unhelpful and was just scurrying around the house taking meaningless photos.

After a little while, I asked what we could expect next and he said that he was going to go straight back to his office and process the claim and make sure it was right. After waiting for about 3 weeks, we thought our money was going to be there, after all Richardson said it, would be about 2 weeks and we would know something. I called and right away, Richardson's attitude seemed ugly, smug and rude. It seemed that he had done a 360, I never realized how bad it was, however, until I had spoken with a supervisor by the name of Doug **.

This guy was a total insensitive **. He had no compassion at all in his voice for us and our problem. Well I would like to say it ended there with just a bad customer service but it was just beginning. I was asked to provide receipts for all the items I was claiming were damaged by flood waters. Since I had just bought most of my furniture after the last flood a year earlier, I had about all my receipts.

I proceeded to send in when I was called by Doug **, a supervisor for travelers, who informed me that the pictures taken by Richardson of my things to prove total loss were not going to be handed over. I could not believe it, I never even took but about 12 pictures of my own. I had confidence this claims agent would do his job. I really never dreamed he would take pictures and then refuse to give them up. I got in a little scuffle with him the first time I met him because of his telling us all about Bill **. And saying that he helped Bill get $30,000 to raise the house up to 3 feet but as I can see, he never did it. This is what he said to myself and my husband with 3 of our older boys present. I thought at first that he was kidding but as he went on, the insults got worse until he finally came out and said that Bill was a lying crook. I asked him to stop and that is when I think he started not liking me.

After I called Travelers and complained about his attitude, I got the call a little later that he had not lost the pictures but that he was refusing to give them up. I guess they tried to get them out of him but they never did and right after it happened, Chris **, with Travelers, talked to him a lot according to **. As that act of sabotage was not bad enough, they used Doug ** to get Chris ** to get me to accept that we had lost pictures and our receipts were not going to be good enough. We were taken aback and I was ready to go insane. All my stuff was taken and rinsed in sewer water and if that were not bad enough, all the things we submitted were not good enough!

Travelers was so low down that they not only refused to give pictures that would have proved my claim but now, they were making it out to be my fault, saying that I should have took my own pictures. All together, Travelers took and hijacked my pictures refusing to turn them in as evidence while thinking up ways to tell me my receipts were invalid. I had never in my life seen a company or organization went through so much trouble to keep from making things right with a family. I have 6 boys to look after and feed. It takes all my husband and I have to just make ends meet and this insurance giant with all their millions ripped off a low income family on a fixed income. I just can't believe a business would do that to a customer. I have been treated better by a robber who held me up 8 years ago. This insurance company ripped us off badly. They basically took my money and said to get lost.

If anyone is reading, this please do not make my mistake. If you have Travelers take your own pictures and make sure you have everything in triplicates. Travelers took advantage of a poor family whom they knew would have a hard time fighting back. Why? I have no idea other than they are crooks! I am telling you now that Travelers set me up into buying a insurance policy from them and then after letting me think that they were crossing all the T's and dotting all the I's, it turned out that they were doing nothing but setting me up for a rip off. Please someone just look and you will see that all of what I wrote is absolutely true and I hope it saves someone the trouble I had to endure.

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Travelers Companies Inc. is one of the largest personal insurance companies in the United States. It is a publically-traded company with headquarters in New York City. Travelers partners with the NFIP to offer flood insurance to consumers. Flood policies from Travelers are issued through American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, which is a part of Assurant.

  • Related products: Travelers offers several other types of insurance, including homeowners, renters and condo insurance. Customers with these types of policies, or who need to purchase one of them, may find it simpler to purchase flood insurance from the same company.
  • Customer service: Travelers customers can get help from the company through a variety of channels, including online, by phone with the corporate offices and with their local independent agent. Customer service representatives are available 24/7.
  • Financial strength: Travelers has received high ratings the major financial rating services. This indicates their financial stability.
  • Emergency response: Travelers has a team of catastrophe experts who go to the site of major disasters to help policyholders file claims.
  • Best for Travelers is best for those looking for either standard or Preferred Risk NFIP-backed insurance policies.

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