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Last updated: Jan. 15, 2018

52 Assurant Renters Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 27, 2015

When your apartment building catches on fire causing significant damage to your personal belongings the last thing you need is an insurance company that does not deliver what they promise. I signed-up with Assurant through Geico for renters. I'm grateful I had renters in my situation, so far it's been better than nothing, but not by much.

When I signed-up for my policy I included replacing damage items at today's value. It was never disclosed how I would be able to replace my item since the insurance company only ever gives you a depreciated cash value. It requires additional work to save money to purchase and replace and then submit a receipt for a percentage of the amount you lost when they depreciate your item. You also only have a limited amount of time to replace this item to receive this added benefit that you paid for.

I read my policy and they never disclose any information about dealing with claims. Nor do they tell you specific reasons if your claim is denied or anything about this hoop jumping method of receiving the replacement cost of your items. I called their customer center to ask them these questions several times, but no one could provide me with any answers of what happens once you submit a claim. They play the ignorant card very well and because of that they have lost a customer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 26, 2015

I have my auto insurance through Geico. We needed renter's insurance for the apartment we are in so we signed up through Geico. Geico sent me to Assurant. The initial sign up for renter's insurance was simple and they were very efficient charging my credit card. I also signed up for an umbrella policy with Geico. After a couple of weeks, Geico informed me that I needed to increase my liability coverage on my renter's insurance to $300K. I contacted Assurant and was sent a form to fill out and email back. I have spent the last 11 days emailing and telephoning Assurant. They are stuck on the fact that I live in Woolwich Township (the address of the apartment complex) but our mailing address is Swedesboro (post office location). They just sent me an email to tell me that I need to go back to square one and resubmit the paper work. They cannot tell what address to use.

Instead I went to Esurance and bought a policy with the correct coverage. It starts tomorrow. I will cancel the Assurant coverage tomorrow. Trying to communicate with Assurant is impossible. Response time is usually at least 24 hours and they never answer a direct question. This should have been a simple change. I have had homeowners insurance for 25 years and never had a claim.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 13, 2015

The people above me were out of town and their water heater broke. I was also away for a couple days for work so I wound up coming home to a collapsed ceiling and water pouring down throughout my entire apartment. I was recommended this renter's insurance by my apartment complex. (I am sure they receive some sort of kickback for any one who signs up for it). I submitted my claim and they did not sent an adjuster out for three days to survey the damage. (By then, things had been starting to dry up). The adjuster was extremely rude and showed no empathy towards my situation. My brand new Mac, Ipad and TV were soaking wet. Along with my brand new couch, almost all of my clothing and shoes and other things in my apartment. They said that the electronics will not be able to be considered losses if they turned on. But what electronics are able to get wet and still function properly?

Because my Ipad turned on, it is not considered a loss so I will not receive any compensation for it. But who knows what the water damage will do to my stuff in 6 months. Very frustrating!!!!! After the adjuster took a look at everything, he could not let me know when I would hear back from anyone about my claim. He just seemed to toss it into another person's lap who will not return any of my calls either. You would think they would reach out to me first but all of my contact has been me calling them because I have been left in the dark not knowing what is going on.

After reviewing my policy, I realized my coverage was way lower than what I actually needed. (I understand this was my fault for not researching my coverage but after price shopping other insurance companies, I could get four times the coverage for less than what I paid for the crappy coverage I have). The customer service is unbearable. I work in a customer-focused industry and if I treated any of my clients the way this company treats theirs, I would be out of a job. I am still in the midst of working out the final claim but every one I talk to does not seem to know what is going on and just blames it on someone else.

I have learned a great deal from this experience and this has taught me to do your research about the company you will be relying on when you need help the most. I would not recommend Assurant renter's insurance to anyone. I have voiced my opinion to them on how I feel I have been treated but no one cares or seems to want to make it right. They are seriously the worst company I have ever dealt with. Sorry to rant people but this company has seriously made me angry!!!! Good luck if you are stuck with this company and I hope you have a better experience than I do!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 10, 2015

I had Ass-u-rant's terrible renter's insurance. What angered me the most is how they conned me into paying installments at a much higher rate instead of one flat fee, without any indication that these installments over 6 months are significantly more than paying one fee. If I had known, I just would have paid the one fee. Assurant then jacked up the monthly installment fees.

When I emailed them asking if the price went up, they responded by saying that the *premium* was the same. In this email they purposely ignored that they had significantly increased the monthly installment fee charge and tried to make it sound like I was paying the same amount. One would have to do their own comparison looking at past rates to figure out how much the fees went up and not trust their email response. They refused to refund me. Pursuing it anymore wouldn't be worth the time. Due to their deceptiveness and shady practices, I'd recommend going elsewhere.

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Original review: Jan. 18, 2015

When I bought this policy I was told by the salesperson that this was a REPLACEMENT value policy. I assumed it meant just that. When I filed my claim for theft it was insane. I sent some receipts and video of the property via email. The adjuster called and said that she could not view video because of her software. I told her that I could ascertain stills from the video and forward those to her.

I ended up taking HOURS to get those images from the video and had to send them over several emails because of attachment size. A few days later we had a call to review the photos. She started asking what device I took photos with, at which time I made the disclaimer, "I took some with my iPad and some with my iPhone and I can not be sure which was from which. They all ended up in my iCloud account on my iPhone so I will say iPhone for brevity's sake. We went through all the photos without incident. The next day I receive a call from "special investigations unit" for a follow up interview. She told me there was an issue with 4 photos but would not tell me what. I wasn't particularly concerned as I knew all pics were taken by me of the original items and they had not been altered, although I did find it strange that they just would not be straightforward with their "valued" customer.

Regardless, the questioning began and she asked repeatedly the following questions, "When did you take this photo, what Device did you use, was it altered and is it a picture of a picture?" Again, I told this woman that I was saying my iPhone because that is the roll where most of the pictures were consolidated and forwarded from. I answered the other questions accurately. At the end of the conversation she states, "These 3 items were photographed after the loss date". I was FLABBERGASTED and vehemently denied, telling them it must be an issue with their software.

When I got off the phone, I immediately went to my photos to figure out what the hell was going on. The issue was that I had pulled stills from the video after being told they were unable to view the video and those pictures were showing a date after the loss. I immediately called back and left a message with both the special investigations lady and my adjuster, NEITHER bothered to return my call for over a week as they had absolutely no interest in resolution. I sent an email explaining in DETAIL what had happened and no response for over a week. The next week I receive a voice mail from my adjuster saying she is forwarding to her manager and director. I write her and ask at this point ALL correspondence be in writing as they had a tendency to piece meal sound bytes to deny you money.

I get a settlement offer. My claim was from 4800.00. They offer 1374.00... They state that the photos were taken after the loss date, COMPLETELY DISREGARDING the fact that they were made aware that video stills would be used and DEPRECIATED everything else.. Now, I am not in insurance, but my understanding was I bought a replacement value policy. And I am not quite sure how 27% of my loss could be utilized to replace my entire loss. I wrote back, refusing the offer and telling them if they stated that I submitted photos taken after the loss date one more time, we could discuss libel with my attorney as they were accusing me of fraud. The adjuster writes back stating that I did not have a "depreciation rider" and AGAIN says that 3 items were not covered for being photographed after loss.

I have now forwarded to my attorney and the insurance commissioner. Shame on these guys, trying to cheat people who are desperate after suffering losses. Reprehensible. If you have a policy with them, I would suggest canceling it. If they have tried to cheat you out of a claim, send it to the insurance commissioner! The more people that speak up, the less latitude they have to pull this shady crap. Also, NO MATTER who your policy is with, something is up if they won't send you the fine print...

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 11, 2014

I get to know Assurant through my auto insurance Geico. I opt for them because Geico recommend them and Geico treat me well. I'll always recommend Geico to anyone. I started my renters policy September of 2013. I renew my policy after a year and in October 3 of 2014 I came home, leaving work early. 2 hours 30 min after leaving home and notice that my apartment was burglarized - all my electronics, jewelries up to my piggy bank and my Mom's medication. Approximately items worth over $5,000. I filed my claim, submitted all documents including receipt I could find and photos and police report. I can't believe that this people just paid me $ 1, 3300 for everything claiming devaluation and refuse to pay me for items that I can't provide receipt for. It was a nightmare for me and my family. I'm finding another insurance company at the end of my policy period. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO EVEN MY ENEMIES.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 14, 2014

Assurant Inc./American Bankers Insurance has the most unethical claims settlement practices I've seen in years. I recently experienced a fire loss in May and the company, through "Bad Faith Claim Handling," has caused direct increase to my loss over ten times the original estimates. In that, Assurant Inc./American Bankers Insurance, deliberately attempted to underpay my claim, offering only one thousand dollars to at the time, to cover a twenty two thousand dollar loss. Having still not settled this claim, my electronics, having been inspected, have now suffered irreparable damage from the continued smoke/soot exposure in which they have been exposed.

I had personally obtain the services of an Industrial Hygienist to get them to even budge. Furthermore, her report indicated that the HVAC System should have ceased use immediately following the fire and that my residence was unsafe to live in. With all of this at their disposal, Assurant continued to expose both my health and property to unsafe conditions for over 60 days. They refused to implement my Loss of Use Coverage allowing me to get a hotel. They have refused to pay within my policy limits to clean and/or replace my contents. They have forced me to now hire an attorney, Industrial Hygienist and an Electronics Remediation Company, all at my expense and close to eight thousand additional dollars out of pocket, just to seek a fair settlement. But enough is enough. We are in process of seeking a Class Action Suit against this insurer for their "Bad Faith Practices," and the gross negligence they demonstrate.

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Original review: Sept. 1, 2014

I signed up With GEICO for identity fraud and called about a month to cancel my policy. The rep on the phone could not find my policy and said I had no policy. Few weeks later I saw a charge on my bank account for it so I called GEICO back and they transferred me over to Assurant. Long story short, Assurant would not refund me the charge they said simply bc I called GEICO to cancel and not them. It was GEICO rep who sold the insurance to me and that is the reason why I called. I finally got a GEICO rep on the phone bc I wanted to see if they would stand behind. They totally transferred me a machine saying that the office is not open.

Original review: Aug. 19, 2014

So I filed a claim with Geico who uses Assurant for their claims on 6/23/2014. I provided the Adjuster Brain with all the documents I could. They want a receipt for every single item that was stolen. Who actually keeps up with all of that, especially for clothes and other small things? And I definitely didn't have receipts for items that were gifts. But the problem comes from the fact that it is currently 8/19/2014 and I still have not received any response on my claim. The adjuster won't return calls or emails. Called to speak to his supervisor and customer service said they would email them. Still no response. Pissed to the max.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2014

Website states renters protected by Windstorms and agreement has many hidden elements that really do not protect you (False advertising). A major windstorm in Chicago forced an opening in my garage on the sides of my wall. An inspector came out to inspect but didn't fully inspect correctly leaving me with loopholes we were not aware of. My policy was left in limbo for over 2 months without any resolvement and then later uncovered two very unprofessional employees with Assurant Renters Insurance that tried not to pay the claim (Mr. Angel ** and Mr. Alex ** vice president).

I asked repeatedly for a re-inspection and both the inspector Mr. Don ** and Mr. ** teamed up against me denying the claim. I remained calm and requested another contact which was Mr. **, vice president of claims and he was very quick and did not want to speak too long on the phone. I tried to explain to him about what is on the website along with my claim which is Valid and requested a re-inspection. He refused as well as refused to give me his superior's name. I asked twice why wouldn't he give me his superior's name and he just refused. Also, advised him that I can prove the inspection was not correctly completed and he did not want to speak and ended the conversation.

My claim was left opened for over 6 months mainly due to the company not wanting to pay any claims and used terminology I am not familiar with which was the deciding factor. I sent over screen shots of their website where they state coverage due to windstorms but they denied this even though proof was sent. I never ever experienced a company to tag team a conversation with loud and condescending remarks even though I remained calm and collected. I truly believe coverage needs to be displayed on their website since it’s really false advertising and with so many loopholes. This company is not very honest.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 10, 2014

Tried to add a new engagement ring to my existing policy and was put through numerous hoops to even submit the information. Once submitted, I received an automated message back telling me it would take 3-5 business days to process. After a week, my fiance called them and they told us we'd be covered "tomorrow".... This went on for another week. Finally, I canceled my policy with them. A few hours after canceling the policy, they emailed me to tell me they wouldn't cover my ring because the picture they required wasn't dated with a newspaper or article behind it, and I'd have to start the process all over again. State Farm had me insured in a matter of hours. No photo necessary, just the dated appraisal from the jeweler.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 7, 2014

I bought two renter's insurance policies from Assurant: one, two years ago, for an apartment I moved out from last year, and another, last year, for the apartment I'm currently living in. Two months ago, I asked them to cancel my second policy. Cancellation turned out to be a difficult process. Honestly, even after contacting them several times I am not sure they cancelled my policy. Anyway, a couple of weeks later, my credit card is charged for the renewal of the first policy, which I had no idea was still active, since I had moved from the apartment which that policy covered.

So, not only did I pay insurance for two apartment (and lived only in one of them), but they charged me to renew the unnecessary policy. I asked them to cancel this policy too... Again, extremely difficult... Two days ago I finally received (a) a cancellation confirmation email, followed by (b) an email informing me the policy has been renewed!!! It seems I will have to cancel these policies until the end of times.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2013

My apartment was broken into on 8/01/13 and today it’s 11/05/13. No call from the insurance company. My claim is not being settled. I keep getting the runaround. I have sent all the required documents. It's insane they have everything they need, documents pictures, police reports. I don't have time to deal with this. I have 3 kids, two of whom have special needs. I am not rich but I make an ok living, no debt, good credit, and a good job. I followed their instructions to the letter and they will not respond, and they won't settle my claim. It's insane how long this is taking.

Original review: Oct. 27, 2013

Long story short, we had a vehicle stolen and burned to the ground over 30 days ago. The insurance representative assigned to our case was extremely difficult to get a hold of during the whole time. She never answered her phone when we called, took over 24-48 hours to return calls, sometimes we would have to call Assurant directly to be transferred to her because she was so hard to get in contact with. We uploaded all required documents and provided everything that was requested to get the ball rolling on our part. After the 30 days had rolled around, our car insurance claim was already processed. We had to have an investigation done, interviews done, paperwork submitted, discussions with the local police departments, etc.

I am beyond words to see Progressive car insurance complete all of that and paid out within 30 days and Assurant renter's insurance has taken over 30 days to even review our claim. They don't even have to perform an investigation or anything. We are very frustrated with their service and when we called last week to see what the hold up was, the lady on our case said she was too busy, that she "has over 40 cases assigned to her alone." It sounds like they need to get some more help in that area or something. I don't know if I will renew my renter's insurance policy next year with this company because the service we have received has been very poor.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2013

My apartment was vandalized over a month ago. I've submitted all the documents they asked for. After calling Samantha 10 times, she finally called back. She said they are swamped with claims and that it may take 30 days before my claim is reviewed. Here’s my problem with that. When it’s time to take my payment out every month I don’t tell them to wait 30 days because I have other bills!!!! I am not very hopeful that Assurant will handle my claim in a timely manner after reading other complaints. I suggest we all get together and sue their behinds asap...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 11, 2013

My home was robbed on Father’s Day Jun 16, 2013. Today is August 11, 2013 and I'm still in line for review. My adjuster Samantha clearly isn't sympathetic to my situation. I turned in police report, receipts and photos a week after the incident happened. Seeing how I had a lot of expensive items like MacBook Pro, iPad, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Giuseppe. She made the comment, "You have a lot of expensive things, what exactly do you do?" I also advised Samantha that I have receipts for 90% of my items. Due to the fact I am a Salon Owner, I keep all my receipts.

I didn't have receipts for my MacBook or iPad because they were gifts to my 12yr old son. Sam acted like if I had photos or serial number and iTunes acct (which I did) she would try to pay them. After I did all that searching for photos etc, she called and said, "I can't pick and choose what I pay for w/o a receipt so I'm not paying for anything w/o receipts.” At that time my claim was 4 wks old, with frustration I said, “Ok don't pay for no receipt items," hoping that would speed up the finalizing. Nope wishful thinking. She pretty much just forced me to say I didn't want my money for my Mac and iPad.

Samantha would not return any of my calls when I was checking on my Plc in line for review. I called corporate in Georgia. One of the reps was able to call Florida and we finally got her on the phone. To my surprise she answered and said "yea." Very nasty attitude. I guess she was mad because I called corporate on her. It's going on 2 months and still no word and my guess is it may be longer since I called corporate.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 10, 2013

I DO NOT recommend getting renters insurance from the company American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida located in Miami, FL. Like many reviews I read online, I did NOT choose this company. I am a member of AAA and AAA recommended the insurance company since they did not service my city for renters insurance. This will not be a brief review:

My apartment was robbed in early October 2012. I called American Bankers Insurance and filed a claim. About two weeks later I received a call from what sounded like a teenage girl hired to make pointless phone calls. She told me that they received my claim, and I said Yes, I know because I filed the claim over the phone and it was have a confirmation number. I asked what my next step was and she told me to fill out a form that I should have received in the mail. I told her that I hadn't received it and she basically argued with me that I should have it by now.

I was getting frustrated and she started getting very snippy with me. I flat out asked, "What is the point of this phone call? All you are telling me is to fill out a form that I will receive in the mail that will come with a letter and directions. She said, "Do you want to know your adjuster's name or not?!" Why didn't she offer this information in the first place? Why did they hire a teenager to make calls regarding important insurance claims?

We got the claim form in the mail about 2 weeks after the robbery. The directions were pretty clear that anything not in our police report would not be covered. Also, we were expected to have receipts and pictures of all the items. I understand this to a point to limit fraud, but it is impossible to find proof of purchase for a lot of things in your house. We submitted the insurance claim packet in late October. The same snippy teenage girl called me to tell me they had received our packet and the claim would be processed within two weeks. Incidentally, this was an outright lie.

Weeks and weeks went by. I called the assigned adjuster Renee ** several times and she never answered her phone. I left two separate voicemail messages with her and she never called me back. I called the 800 number twice to contact her indirectly through a customer service rep. One rep told me he emailed her about my claim and that she would respond within 48 hours. The second rep put me on hold and said that he called her, spoke with her, and that she would call me by the end of the week. The adjuster NEVER called me back. Also, both customer service reps, after looking at my claim info, said "That's weird; you filed your claim a while ago."

Soon after the first of the year I received a check and a letter for my claim. Repeat: IT TOOK 2 MONTHS TO RECEIVE AN INITIAL CHECK. The check was for about $1000 less than the value of the stolen items. First off, the company refused to cover software on my stolen computers. The reason listed was, "Can be transferred to a new laptop." Really??? Explain how I am supposed to contact Microsoft and get another copy when the license was for a one-time installation with a now expired access code. Even if I could get another download for free, I would like the adjuster to explain how to run older software on the new computer. I had about $350 worth of software that I will now have to repurchase.

Now for the worst part of my claim I paid extra each year on my insurance premium so that my policy has replacement coverage instead of market value. The insurance company went ahead and depreciated most of the items. From what I can tell, there is absolutely no consistency with the depreciation rates. It all looks pretty arbitrary. In addition, I don't know why the form required us to value each item because the adjuster simply made up her own replacement costs based on random prices she apparently found on Walmart's website. Really? Walmart is the industry standard for insurance companies?

For one TV the depreciation rate is 20%, for another it is 10%. For a Wii console there was no depreciation but the supposed replacement cost has magically dropped $30. Did the adjuster use a Christmas promotional price? The video games claimed were all given an equal depreciation rate of 50%. Apparently the adjuster has never purchased a used video game. A game made by Nintendo that retails for $50 can sell used for $40-45 years after the release date. That makes for a 10-20% depreciation rate. One laptop has a depreciation rate of 20% and another of 25%. Other electronics we claimed have 0%. Seriously, there was no rhyme or reason to the summary sheet the insurance company sent me.

According to the letter, and this is incredibly vague, if I buy EXACT items I can send in the new receipts and receive another check for the depreciated deductions. But as I mentioned, the letter is not clear about this. In addition, the robbery was 3 months ago. Since I didn't expect to have to provide proof of new purchases I didn't buy an exact replica of the laptop I owned. The price of my previous laptop was about $740, and this is about what I spend on a new one. The adjuster was nice enough (sarcasm intended) to give my laptop a replacement value of $400 and then depreciate it a further 20%. Thanks, I'm sure glad I paid extra each year for replacement coverage.

Now for the worst part of my insurance claim: repeat this was the WORST part. I made many calls to get ahold of the adjuster's boss. The customer service reps attempted to give me the runaround, but I was persistent and final got ahold of him in February. His name is Oraefo **. He was the most manipulative and frustrating person I have ever spoke to. I explained the remaining issue with my claim that fact that it was absolutely ridiculous I was required to purchase identical items and send in the receipts in order to get another check for the depreciated values. This was an amount of about $1,000.

This guy was so welled trained by his company. He was trying really hard to confuse me and make me so angry that I would simply hang up the phone. He kept saying, "Sir, what you're saying doesn't make sense" and "Sir, can you re-explain your issue you're not being clear?" and "Sir, I still don't understand why you are upset." He was like, "Look, all you need to do is repurchase identical items. You send us a receipt and we will send you a check for each item. You have 12 months since you filed the claim to purchase all your items."

Two problems with this: (1) I filed the claim in October and it was currently February and (2) it was absolutely ridiculous to have someone filling out a form and sending in a receipt for each and every new item purchased. Also, WHY do I need to purchase identical item??? Answer: this company is using an unethical procedure to frustrate customers into simply giving up by letting Assurant keep money rightly owed to customers making a claim. I argued with Oraefo ** for about an hour. He abruptly stopped and said, "Okay fine, you will receive a check within the next few business days." He stated this in a tone that made it sound like he was appeasing an unreasonable customer complaint.

In short, I'm going to call AAA and complain about American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida located in Miami, FL. I want it to go on record with AAA that the customer service was not only nonexistent, but that the processed claim was arbitrarily completed. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AGAIN.

To summarize, I was robbed in October 2012 and made a claim. Through a lot of hassle and little contact from Assurant I received part of my claim in early January 2013. With much more hassle I finally received the remaining claim in mid-February. Filing an insurance claim should not be one of the worst experiences of someone's life.

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Original review: July 25, 2013

The apartment where I rented in Seattle required renter's insurance and had Assurant as their preferred provider. Since it was a weekend and I couldn't get a hold of my own insurance people I said fine. I moved out 7 months later. The staff at the apartment group said: "Oh your insurance will automatically be canceled as of your move-out date." Now that I look back, I should have just called and canceled myself, but I was moving across the country and had enough on my plate. It's now 4 months later and I received a random email from them about accessing my policy online. I wrote back saying "No. There should be no policy. I was done 4 months ago. Cancel this."

So here is my problem with Assurant. In order to reimburse the erroneous charges, they requested that I provide the following information (and this word for word from their email): (1) Your move out statement showing your move-out date for the address listed on your renter’s Insurance policy; (2) A notarized letter from your landlord confirming your move-out date for the address listed on your Renters Insurance policy; (3) Your new insurance policy covering the address listed on your Renters Insurance policy; and (4) A receipt from a moving company that shows the address listed on your Renters Insurance policy and the date you moved.

I'm sure they are quite confident that no one would ever go to that kind of trouble for $12/month. A former landlord who is going to trot down the street and get something notarized to prove I moved out? Right. And let me get this straight - they would take the word of a moving company that I moved over my OWN word? And what if I packed up my own truck and drove it across country? There was no moving company! What a racket.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 23, 2013

My renters claim has been open for 30 days now & I received a call today from my adjuster telling me that my claim would take an additional 50 days for further investigation, but the claim hasn't even begin being processed!! Temesha ** is the worst adjuster they could've hired. Her attitude stinks, & she's very unprofessional & "**" if you will. She constantly makes excuses for not proceeding with my claim even after I sent her all of my receipts & proof of ownership with our police report weeks ago! My vehicle was broken into & a lot of me & my husband's things were taken, but my biggest let down was believing that Assurant actually cared about our loss.

I spoke to Mr. **, the adjuster's supervisor, but he was no help whatsoever!!! He sound as if he has better things he could be doing whenever he's on the phone addressing a concern. I’m reaching out to his supervisor & everyone above him/her until these people do what they need to do!! Don't waste your time or money with Assurant!!! Even a few of the customer service reps sound ** & unprofessional. It was hell getting the supervisors' extensions. Customer service is disgusting!!! Don't use this company!!! You'd be much better off using Progressive Homesite. My sister uses them. She had a loss last year after a flood, & her claim took only 2 weeks!! Assurant will try to find any reason not to pay you & prolong your claim!!! Don’t do it guys!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 8, 2013

I went with Assurant for a renter's policy because they told me that my ring and diamond would be covered in my engagement ring. Several years later, my diamond fell out and they told me that they did not cover it and have no records of this being told to me. In addition, it took two weeks for the manager to call me back with me calling approximately every other day. Several times I was told she would call me when she got off the phone later that same day, but she did not. So I sent a complaint to another manager for her lack of responses. Finally she called me back. She did not mention anything about how long it took her to contact me and was quite rude to me on the phone. I never did get my diamond replaced. I am leaving Assurant and getting an insurance company that will cover my diamond if it falls out.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2013

My apartment was broken into five weeks ago while I was at work. I came home, called the police, filed a report and filed a claim with Assurant that evening for the stolen items. I received a phone call from my "insurance adjuster" a couple of days later explaining the next step of the process (submitting documentation for review). Once I was able to get a copy of the police report, I emailed that as well as receipts to show proof of ownership for the stolen items (2 items total). It's now been almost a month since emailing those documents.

I have yet to receive even a phone call from Assurant giving me an update on the status of my claim. I called them today to try and get an update and was told that the "examiner" is still reviewing my documents. I asked them if it normally takes 3+ weeks to simply review two receipts and a police report, and the woman said "I don't know. It varies with each claim." I've never seen a company run so inefficiently with such blatant disregard for pleasing customers. Utterly disgusted.

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Original review: April 17, 2013

After trying to cancel the policy for a couple of weeks, without success, I emailed my bank to cancel all future payments. This is the only website that I've seen that has no link to cancel.

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