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AIG Auto Insurance

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AIG has insurance policies that protect your financial health, including life, travel and auto insurance. AIG isn't an InsuraMatch partner. Call InsuraMatch to get multiple auto insurance quotes and policy advice in just 10 minutes. *ConsumerAffairs insurance program, powered by InsuraMatch.


Customers of AIG like the company’s long history of providing comprehensive coverage for individuals and businesses. Reviewers note agents not only respond to claims quickly but offer a personal touch when dealing with customers’ needs.


  • Large company with a lot of assets and resources
  • Customer service for everyone from those starting out to those with luxury vehicles
  • Connections with multiple companies allows for a wide breadth of coverage
  • Fast claims process
  • Low quotes


  • Some customers report unexpected rate increases
  • Customer service wait times can vary

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101 AIG Auto Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: March 22, 2009

They didn't pay enough hospital bills to get my injury corrected. Also the at fault party was drunk which they ommited.

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Original review: March 17, 2009

I was in tijuana near the the border in Otay haveing lunch in a restaurant on july 26 when my 2002 chevy suburban was stolen. By the way it was stolen across from the PGR which is the Tijuana police, how ironic... Anyhow I called my agent which was west coast insurance and they assured me it was covered up to 25 miles past the border. I was told to call AIG with my policy # which i got from them. That's the reason i called them first. All my information like registration, and policy# was in my glove compartment. So i called in while i was in TIJUANA before crossing over here and made my claim. I was told they were going to try to make an exception, but i told the adjustor that when i first got the policy i was told that it was included in the coverage. I had since renewed my policy and never recived the new one in the mail beacuse i moved, yet i did an address change with them.So they investigated and called me to inform me i wasn't covered therefore i was responsible and i would receive something in the mail which i never did.When i went to the office of my agent i told them to refund me the amount left on my policy and i was told they would not be reimbursing me anything. About 6 months before that i went in to the office of my agent to get another copy of my insurance card and they asked me on which of the 3 vehicles? I had gone into the office a year beofre that in jan 2007 to remove my 96 suburban and to have the 2002 chevy suburban added. I traded my 1996 suburban as a down payment. The change was made but i was paying for 3 automobiles for over a year. They never sent me a new policy. So my payments were being automatically deducted from my bank account. Anyhow i would never would have caught it if i hadn't gone in to ask for another copy of my insurance card. I asked them to refund that $ which they didn't give me an amount as to how much it was. I was told it would be applied towards my policy and i was covered until october of 2008.This was like in february when i went. Anyhow i would not reccommend this company to anyone. They are nothing but liars and cheats. They have no integrity. Needless to say i did not renew with them . I was recently notified that my truck was recovered in ROSARITO and my finance company Wachovia refused to go and recover the truck. o i am left to have to deal with this ordeal on my own.

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Original review: March 16, 2009

I have had insurance through AIG for about 3 yrs.I live on SSI disability and it was difficult to keep making monthly installments that kept going up.Finally I went and got another policy through another company,with no clue to what was going on with AIG.I feel that a refund should be given to me since the policy was not actually in effect.Good thing I didn't get into an accident or get pulled over,I would have been in alot of trouble finically.

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Original review: March 12, 2009

I rear ended a guy and he had no insurance , in California it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle on public highways or public streets without proof of Insurance. I asked the agent not to pay the claim because I told him the car should not have been on the road and if it was parked in his driveway with no insurance I would have not hit him

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Original review: March 6, 2009

As i have already read from many other people on this website that AIG is a horrible company i have a another story to add to this collection of complaints about AIG.

It was about a week ago that i had gotten into a 3 car accident where the person behind me pushed me into the other 2 people and then fled the scene of the accident anyway i called my insurance provider about what had just happened and coming to find out after i spent 25 -35 minutes on the phone with a customer rep they took all my info including damages to all 3 cars mine having the most. I had no insurance coverage and had'nt had any for about 1 year since 3/08 well this of course was upsetting to me and then coming to find out they never sent me anything in the mail or reported it too the proper authorities being the DMV and my bank cause my car is being financed and my mother makes the car payments because i cant afford them. Well when the police officer came to my car and checked on me he asked me for my current insurance and since i didnt have any coverage i had to tell him so well now because all this mess i have a court date and im sure they will punish me severly also my car is being held at a garage until further notice or i can find the money to get it fixed.
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Original review: March 4, 2009

I have (had) an insurance policy with AIG for my motorcycle.

I recently bought a new ATV and wanted to add it to my policy (I had another ATV on this policy once before), AIG would not add the new ATV to the policy so I looked for new coverage for it elsewhere. As I was looking I got quotes for both the motorcycle and ATV and found a less expensive company to do both. I bought the new insurance from the new company and asked AIG to cancel my policy with them as I have found new insurance thought the new company. AIG asked me for proof of the new insurance policy to verify the date of cancellation so I sent them a FAX of my Insurance ID card from the new company. This information was not good enough for AIG and they asked me to send them a copy of my new insurances coverages from them. This is in my opinion a violation of my privacy. AIG only needs to know: 1. I no longer need their policy. 2. The date I have bought my new policy. Asking for all of the information my new policy has is none of there business.
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Original review: March 3, 2009

I had AIG insurance for several years and each year it went up more and more. Finally I got fed up and purchased new insurance. When I got the bill from AIG which read if not paid by such and such date your insurance will be canceled, which is what I wanted to do so I didn't pay it. A year later I get a notice from a Collection Agency for 44.97. The lady from the Collection Agency said since I did not cancel my insurance in time they prorated my insurance and I owe the $44.97. She said if I wanted to keep this off my record I had better pay it. So I paid the 44.97 and an extra 10.00 for the collection agency. If anyone ever asks me about Insurance I will tell them definately not to have anything to do with AIG. As far as I am concerned I was cheated out of $44.97 which may not sound like much but with times like we are in, every dollar counts.

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Original review: Feb. 11, 2009

A couple of months ago, (while driving my wife to work) a BFI truck with a empty slide off container that had been hauling concrete hit a bump as I was trying to pass. He showered me with concrete that was left on the top edges of the container and broke my windshield and chipped the paint on my truck. We tried to pull him over but they refused to stop so we called the company on our cell phone and gave them the info on the truck and what had happened. BFI sent a fellow out to my home to take pictures of the damage and to assure me it would be taken care of... Aig ins. claims adjuster called a few weeks later telling my they were not admitting responsibility and would be investigating the claim and needed estimates (about $1000.00 worth). After about a month I called and the adjuster told me he was waiting on the drivers statement which should have been there already. I waited another 2 weeks and called to inquire about the status of my claim for damages and was told by Mr. Smith that AIG was not going to repair my truck because it could not have happened the way you described the incident BULLS....T !! I'm driving down the highway minding my own buisness and recieve property loss and they basically call me a liar!

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Original review: Feb. 10, 2009

Stay away from this company. They are inept. My daughter's car was hit over 2 weeks ago, and it is proving almost impossible for 21st Century to handle the claim. The adjuster is constantly out of the office. We've been waiting to hear back from them to take the car in, and just found out today they are mailing a check and have closed the claim. The check is based on an estimate so there is no way to determine if it will actually cover the claim, and there is supposed to also be rental car coverage which they said to pay for out of the check, but the check is only for the repair. This has taken so much hand-holding and they have done things wrong almost every step of the way. We have now been given the e-mail address to the Insurance Commissioner in our state, and after we verify the names of the 21st Century people we've talked with, will fill a complaint directly with the commissioner.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 8, 2009

Robert l Morgan 31 austin street apt 3b new haven ct 06515 203-668-7601 Company AIG Auto Insurance Policy number 391 88 72 complaint against AIG insurance company i been with them for about 10 years,i received jan 11 2009 bill for the frist payment of$396.68 due jan -11-2009,And second payment of $396.65 due date march 12 2009 i call to day to get the correct western union info.and found the policy was canceled.feb 4 2009 with out my say they sent me a letter saying the policy will be cancel on feb 4 2009 i did not received any letter in the they renenstated the policy with me paying a fee of $116.71 today they say i have to talk to sale man to get a new policy and they quoted me double my policy payment before was $898.58 now they want $1695.00 now which is unfair.what if all their client do not receive this letter in the mail they policy will get cancel and their payment will double this is a shame.and what happen to grace period it only been 27 day.did they get goverment bail out money. your truly
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Original review: Jan. 20, 2009

I had an accident in Arkansa while travling home for christmas vacation on the 23rd of Dec.2008. My adjuster that was assigned to me was not very knowledable about how to do his job. He would not return 75% of the messages I left with him and of course he would only answer the phone maybe 25% of the time. I did not know that AIG employees only work between the hours of 9am-5pm. If you have any questions or need to talk to a real person after hours, you are out of luck. They also do not work on weekends, so don't have an accident on weekend or between the hours of 5pm-9am. You won't get anyone on the line.After two weeks of trying to get some information on my truck damage from my adjuster, he could only tell me that it was assigned to an appraiser. After not being able to contact him by phone to talk to him, another adjuster told me that I had to contact the other insurance company of the vehicle that hit me on my own. My personal adjuster never told me that, and as a result I wasted two weeks of trying to get something accoomplished on my accident claim. To make a long story short, I had to call the adjusters manager to get the appraiser's name and phone number to see why he had not appraised my truck damage yet. He tells me that he is the only appraiser in Arkansas, and that he is doing the work of 3 people, so he will get to it when he gets a chance.When I did call him up to check on the status of my truck, which had already been in storage for two weeks, he asked me if I knew where the truck was. My personal adjuster never even told him where the truck was located so that he could go and appraise it. I had to tell him that information. A week later he tells me that it is totalled and that he now turned my claim over to another adjuster, who like the other two employees, does not know how to communicate with the customer. Aig must not have phones, computers to send email, or herd of faxing information to the customer to settle claims faster. It is the 20th of January, and they have still not paid off my truck or contacted my lien holder. They have no motivation or personal skills to deal with the public. I am cancelling my insurance as soon as they settle this claim. I do not recommend AIG or 21st century insurance to anyone. They are cheap and as the old saying goes- you get what you pay for.

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Original review: Jan. 13, 2009

Went to recycle business, insured by AIG Insurance, and damaged my personal vehicle due to managers incompetence. Filed a report and received a claim number. Now I cannot get anyone at AIG to answer my phone calls as to the status of the claim.

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Original review: Nov. 17, 2008

I set up an auto insurance policy with AIG as of August 18th, 2008. When I received my first bill the following month, I noticed a fee of $3 per month for NOT using automatic bank draft to make payments. So, I called in to make payments automatic to avoid the fee. Nearly 2 months later, I receive a letter from AIG stating that my insurance was going to expire due to nonpayment. They said that even though I called in two weeks in advance, the automatic bank draft would not start working until the following billing cycle. So instead of notifying me when the bill was due they waited an entire month afterward and then expected me to pay for 2 months all at once to keep the policy active, simply because their system did not automatically charge my bank account. I told them to let the policy cancel. AIG has a lot of customer service issues and can't seem to get anything right, and they also convieniently forget to tell you a lot of important information. I do not recommend using this company for anything.

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Original review: Nov. 16, 2008

My daughter was involved in a car accident on 10/22. The claim was reported immediately that evening. They took possession of the car on 10/23, as well as informed me of how much the payout amount would be. They sent documents to be signed - first set not received. The second set was received on 10/29, and sent back to them on 10/30. As of 11/8, they claimed they still hadn't received the docs (they are about 50 miles from me, not 1,000.) When tracked, the docs were due in their office that day (11/8). However, they would send me out new ones to sign. I did receive the new set, however did not sign or send back as they had received the first set. I called them back again. They are refusing to send out a check until they receive a SECOND set of signed docs (already have in possession the first set.) In the mean time, they only pay rental car coverage for 2 days past the date of notification of the PAYOUT, not upon receipt of the check. I had to fight with them twice to extend the car rental. Now, I've been paying for a rental car out of my own pocket for a week (however my policy states up to $900), and they are refusing to send a check to my lienholder. In fact, my lienholder spoke with them directly almost two weeks ago looking for payment, and they were told it would be sent immediately upon receipt of my signed docs - which they've had for a week. Now, I cannot buy another car until this other one is paid out, I'm having to rent a car at $30 a day, and there is no resolution. Maybe this is why they are in financial debt and need a bailout. If they'd stop their $500,000 party weeks, our claims would be paid. Oh wait, there's more. They deducted my car insurance out of my bank account on 11/1 for a car they have possession of, sent me a bill for my December payment, for a car they have possession of... Isn't that car theft? They took a car and didn't pay for it? Then, isn't it robbery to take money for an insurance policy on a car they know I don't have - that they do? Oh, wait. The financial end of it doesn't know about the claim until it is paid out, therefore according to THEM, I still have the car....

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Original review: Nov. 10, 2008

I called AIG to inform them my car was involved in an accident where it wasn't my fault. Provided them with all information necessary. After about a 2 weeks, I was notified that I wasn't covered anymore. Apparently, they had cancelled my policy, to which I was not notified of. I made my insurance payment in full, paid the full premium of $370 in June of 2008. Apparently, it was due in the latter part of May. I never was notified that my policy had been cancelled, nor had I received my money back. I told them I had paid the premium in full back in June. They asked for proof so I had my bank send them a fax showing when my payment was deducted from my bank account. They called me after this and said they still would not cover me and that now they would be sending me a refund. This is unacceptable being they are doing this after I called to get my car fixed. I was under the impression that I had car insurance and had been driving my car with no worries. If I had known that they had cancelled my policy, I wouldn't have been driving my car, nor would I have allowed others to drive my car. They are receiving all this help by the Govt bailing them out, yet they are not being responsible to their customers.

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Original review: Nov. 3, 2008

I was stopped in a middle turn lane to take a left into my driveway. The traffic is always heavy at 3:15 p.m. the road is heavily congested during rush hours and there is a red light at a 4 way intersection behind where I was stopped. The traffic was backing up in front of me down the road and around a sharp corner. A man in a pickup truck stopped to let me through. I got in front of him and slowly edged forward to look for any further oncoming traffic in the second opposing lane. I did not see any and proceeded through to my driveway. I was almost completely in my drive way when a woman in another vehicle hit me at my rear passenger side wheel and bumper. The only thing I can figure is she came flying around the corner and up over a little hump in the road and she was going so fast she did not react at all. The woman never tried to avoid the accident, she stated she started to put on her brakes when she hit me she stated she never saw me until she hit me. She was driving very fast in heavy traffic, is 80 years old and was huntched over. Not from the accident, there were no injuries just due to her age. I called AIG immediately and they said on the phone that I was 100 % liable. I explained that she hit me at and behind the rear tire that she should have seen me and slowed down. She shoved me 15 feet into my yard through 2 mailboxes and 2 street signs. Her car remained on the pavement. The WV drivers manual states that if you are 50% or more into a turn and someone hits you, it is there fault. AIG stated since I went across opposing traffic it was all my fault. They did not even have the police report yet and were assigning blame totally on me 1 hour after the accident. Since they assigned me blame, I was told I cannot use a lawyer on my own to seek payment for the damages because my own insurance company says it is my fault. I only had liability on my car, so all I can figure is since AIG does not have to spend any money to fix my car, they do not care if it was jointly the other persons fault.

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Original review: Oct. 29, 2008

I purchased an auto insurance policy on Sept 19 2008,my total premium was 2,045.30.

They added another driver to my policy, I contacted them to remove this person from my policy because they do not live with me and is not my child. They withdrew money from bank account through the automated system that you must use in order to get the insurance. On Oct 19 2008 they withdrew $742.72 instead of the $385.79 that was agreed upon in my contract. I sent them a letter from myself and the person they added to my policy,I also faxed a copy of the persons driver change of address that they requested.
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Original review: Oct. 6, 2008

I had an auto policy with AIG, which acquired Colonial Penn (a PREFERRED RISK insurance company that only insured drivers over 45 who had no accidents or tickets for 5 years). My policy with AIG carried a very high premium ($1,250 for 6 months) because I added my daughter, who was under 25 at the time. In August 2008 she turned 25, which was prior to the renewal date - September 2, 2008. AIG had this information. Nonetheless, AIG sent a renewal notice with the same premium. When I called to inquire as to why the premium had not been reduced I was told that there was a youthful driver in the household. I advised the agent that this was no longer the case, and, as such, I was entitled to a lower premium. The agent, who refused to address the point, responded that the only way to lower the premium was to reduce coverage and take a defensive driver course. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and after getting the same response, I told her that I was cancelling the policy effective immediately. The supervisor responded, YOUR COVERAGE IS CANCELLED. (I didn't tell them that I had already switched coverage to State Farm at a much lower rate).

Afterwards, I received a payment reminder. I wrote POLICY CANCELLED AND MAILED IT BACK. A few weeks later, I received a bill from AIG for coverage between the renewal date and the date of receipt of my letter. In response, I sent a letter reiterating that I had cancelled the policy prior to the renewal date.

My next step is a formal complaint to the Florida Insurance Commissioner. This is an outrage.

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Original review: Oct. 3, 2008

I received a notice saying that AIG was no longer going to cover single vehicle policy holders. When I called other companies for quotes, they had never heard of this. I tried to contact AIG directly and asked about this. I was told they do cover single vehicles but Kentucky policy holders must apply for a quote online. Seems unfair in both aspects.

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Original review: Oct. 1, 2008

A.I.G. direct said they will not pay the money for the damage an Allied Waste employee did because Allied Waste is not accepting responsibility for what they have done to my car. I have given A.I.G. pictures at the scene, and four witnesses but it still wasn't good enough. A.I.G. did not want to help us from the beginning and they have been twisting the story and saying two different things to my husband and I. I had so much good proof that Allied Waste did this certain damage to my car and A.I.G. only says they will replace the windshield, which isn't even half of the damage. They have lied to us on several occasions and even made us go to other body shops for different estimates because they didn't believe the first.

This incident happened a month ago and A.I.G. kept wanted us to do this and do that. We have done everything they asked just for them to tell us we're lying. I have filed a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance, and will continue to do whatever it takes for A.I.G. and Allied waste to take responsibility. My biggest regret was not filing a complaint with the police with a hit and run since Allied Waste left the scene without even saying anything. I trusted their supervisor, Paula, who said the damage would be taken care of. BIG MISTAKE.

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2008

I got insurance from Insure One with AIG Insurance. I got in a car accident where a vehicle hit my car when I was passing the alley. The accident happened on June 2. 2008. It is already Aug 20, 2008 and my insurance has not yet payed to get my car fixed which is something they said they would do. The Insurance had to investigate on the other party that hit my car because he had no insurance and a suspended license. My insurance keeps making excuses as to why they haven't fixed my car yet. I can't go with my car damaged any longer.

There is no reason for them to take this long it is something that could have been done long ago. Also they don't seem to care that they are wasting my valuable time to nonsense such as this one. When I first called so speak to Mike he would never answer the phone and I would always be put on his voicemail. Since then, I haven't spoken to him once after. If it wasn't for the nice lady at Insure One calling me and letting me know what is going on with the claim I would never know.

The Insurance had notified the lady that by August 20th of 2008 they should have more info on when they are going to fix my car. Today the lady called me telling my mother that Mike said that they will not be fixing the car yet and that he has send a letter to the Secretary of State which is something he said he has done long ago.

The part that is hit is the front bumper. The front bumper is worse that it was before because it is breaking more and more everytime it is left with getting fixed. It has been touching the tire which is causing the tire to scratch against it messing up my tires. It is also a hazard because the part can fall at any moment causing another accident. A piece that has also fallen is the piece that keeps rain from going inside the engine so a big storm can mess up my car at any time. Also I can get a ticket for having my car the way that it is. Winter is also coming and I have to have my car in good condition for the bad weather.

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Original review: Aug. 1, 2008

Fortunately, for me, nothing happened thanks to my father, who raised the red alert flag when he heard about my AIG 6-month quote of $383, with the 'catch' being that the first two months payment must be paid by debit or credit card over the phone. When I told them I didn't have plastic and wanted to mail in my payment they said that option is not available. I called twice, the details above was the second call. On the first call I was told that to get the low rates, I was would have to pay by credit.

When I called back (me simple mind) I asked them what the difference was between the 'discounted,' credit-only rates and the usual rates (assuming they had a mail in option with a different or higher
rate). I was told by the second rep that there was no difference in the rates so their reason for credit card only payments is a mystery to me.

The quote was for $383 for six months, or $63.86 per month. The first two months equals $127.60 although I was told $132 payment would be the amount needed to start the insurance and get a policy mailed to me. It appears that a service charge is being added to bring the $127.70 up to $132 quoted charges, in order to start the policy.

Yesterday, when I asked about reasons for a credit only payment policy, I was told that I would have to speak to the rep's manager. I was transferred to the manager's voice mail who has not contacted me since. I can only surmise that AIG might be a start up company that uses only credit cards to finance their business? In any case, I don't give out social security or credit card numbers over the phone, so that raised a tiny suspicion that this might be a scam, when I first talked with them.

Another mystery is why their email states they are still 21st Century Insurance when AIG bought them out and is a separate company. Is this misleading information or simply not enough information? My father was a customer of 21st Century Insurance for 30 years, so thought something might be not quite up to snuff when I told him I couldn't mail a check to the Woodland Hills address (21st Century's old address). Also, he told me that insurance companies are under special laws which are overseen by the California Insurance Commissioner's office. He said it is possibly a discrimination practice if an insurance company does not allow some individuals access to auto insurance based on how a payment is made.

When I called back to ask the reasons why the payment method is limited to over the phone credit charges, I mentioned that the California Insurance Commissioner might see this as a discriminatory practice. This is probably the reason why I did not get a call back! If they keep up their practices, the Internet will let everyone know 'Caveat Emptor' rules buying insurance policies,including AIG. I am calling the California Insurance Commissioner today. If you are in California, you can call the Consumer Services Divison of the California Dept. of Insurance (the investigative branch of the CA Insurance Commissioner's office). The prompts will ask you to press a number for coverage or cancellation calls and another for insurance company/agent questions or suspected fraud calls.

ADDENDUM. I called the number above and found out that to date there are no special rules about how insurance payments are made or collected. AIG is the owner of 21st Century (still named as 21st Century, officially) and they own a number of insurance companies. They

are setting themselves up as a hub of insurance companies at the Woodlawn Hills address. He said they are not breaking any rules or discriminating because there are no laws about how payments are collected. Also I was told one woman who called for help told the DMV she had AIG and the DMV couldn't match her claim with AIG as the named insurance company until the commmissioner's office was called. They suspended her license in the mean time while the real name of her insurance handler was located.

Be warned that under AIG there are different companies handling different types of insurance but AIG is probably not the official name of the company handling your insurance. They do handle some claims directly but you'll have to ask them directly what company is handling the policy. Also, these companies operate on a per unit basis, e.g., you buy insurance for a 6 month period and the payment is due before you get the policy. This means that the company takes out a loan with the promise that you'll make monthly payments.

If they are going by credit card payments only, then they have their hands directly on your account and are taking less risk that you will pay/not pay back the entire policy amount. I was told that some companies add on a service charge for each payment, usually $4 dollars but it can go up to $12 dollars per monthly charge so there is a hidden fee you won't hear on the initial policy quote. Result: I have to find another auto insurance company. The insurance commissioner's web site has an insurance comparison link under 'consumers' link.

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Original review: July 29, 2008

I have been with AIG Auto Insurance for 1 year. I was to renew my policy on 9/30/08 and received a non renewal notice in the mail today stating the REASON FOR NON-RENEWAL---NON-RENEWING ALL SINGLE CAR POLICIES. I am 63yrs. old and have been driving since I was 16 and have had only 2 tickets in my entire lifetime. I cannot believe that an insurance company has the right not to renew your policy because you only have one car. I have never heard of such a thing before. To me that is discrimination. What do I have to do get another car to keep my insurance?

I have to call around and try to get a new insurance policy and when I tell the new insurance companies that I am not being renewed because of only having a single car, I am told they have never heard of such a thing either. What an embarassment.

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Original review: July 18, 2008

After being a loyal customer of 21st Century Insurance 14 years, the company was bought out by AIG. Immediately AIG began to change the terms and conditions of the policy. Most noticeably, they got rid of the 30 day grace period. I suspect this is in an effort for them to cancel as many 21st century customers who are paying low payments. In my case, a payment that was mailed on July 1 was not processed by AIG until July 9th The check was mailed from literally 2 miles down the road and it took them 8 days to receive it? Coincidently, my policy expired on the 8th, ONE DAY before my check was posted by AIG.

Sure enough they canceled my policy and charged me $50 cancellation feel. The next day I received an email from them encouraging me to apply for a new policy. I requested a web quote and the rate was 33% higher than my previous rate. After reading all complaints here, my experience is a blessing in disguise. I am glad I did not have to file a claim through AIG and deal with a nightmare. All 21st Century customer beware of AIG's modus operandi. If you want the low rates, ensure that you make your premium payments way ahead of time. However, you may be better off changing carriers and paying a few dollars more.

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Original review: July 7, 2008

AIG obtained my credit card number from US Bank, and offered me accident insurance over the phone. I told them I was not interested. Two months later, I received info by mail, and noticed that they had begun to make monthly charges to my credit card. I called US Bank (circa June 3rd) and told them this was an unauthorized charge. US Bank took no action, but claimed that I had to work this out with AIG. When I contacted AIG, and informed them that this was an unauthorized charge, they first claimed that it was my responsibility to respond within 60 days of their solicitation to cancel the proposed policy.

I informed them that (1) I never provided them with my credit card number, (2) never gave them either written or verbal approval to charge my account, and (3) considered AIG's action to be credit card theft. Although AIG claimed at that time to have removed charges from my account, I have seen no credit to my account.

I will now send a WRITTEN demand to BOTH AIG and US Bank to cease and desist, but I feel that even if they refund the charges to my account, they have nevertheless engaged in a conspiracy to defraud US Bank credit card customers, and will continue with this practice until legal action is taken. I will take my own action. If you have other complaints you may want to add my name to a class action suit.

To date AIG has made two (2) charges to my account in the amounts of $ 24.90 If this were to continue it would amount to almost $ 300 /year.

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Original review: June 26, 2008

I own a Chevrolet Cavalier, was hit by [person] insured by AIG National Insurance Company, Inc.. The adjuster wrote an estimate for $1462.22 and my estimates received for repair of this vehicle are $2322.05. AIG is refusing to readjust and remit another check to take care of the damages caused by their insured.

Physical Damage: Trunk and rear portion of vehicle

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Original review: June 17, 2008

After being insured with AIG for 7 years (3 drivers, 4 vehicles) and having no accidents or citations, I had the misfortune of sliding into a vehicle on icy roads. Our bumpers hit and there appeared to be no damage, however we did exchange information. A month later a got a call from an AIG claims agent stating that the driver had fild a claim and was asking for 1500.00 dollars in repair costs. I explained what happened and that at the time there appeared to no damage to either vehicle.

Three months later I recieved a letter from AIG informing me that I was being cancelled at the end of my policy due to this one accident. I called AIG and their customer representitive said I'm sorry. That is up to our underwriter. I asked to speak to a superviser who said the same thing. Have you ever heard of an insurance company dropping a driver for one accident in 7 years and no other issues? I think this company needs to investigated. Isn't there some watch dog organization that monitors this type of business?

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Original review: June 12, 2008

I was a away on visiting my family and was pulled over at check point at which time I was asked for my license, insurance, and registration. I realized that I did not have my card in the vehicle. I called AIG and asked to have it faxed to my in laws house where we staying and where we stay on 3 weekends a month. After 2 years AIG underwriters want proof of where I live asking for bills, pay stubs, and tax returns.

I provided with a water bill and my tax returns. With no response I get a letter in the mail that my premium has gone up and is due by this date or I am canceled. I received the letter the day after the payment was due which was 2 weeks. After 4 years of insurance with AIG NOT ONE MISSED PAYMENT, THEY CANCELED ME AND WOULD NOT RENEW MY POLICY.

I am now paying much more for insurance which in this day and age every cent counts. I was told from AIG that I will never be allowed coverage from them again. I was driving for a day without any insurance thank GOD nothing happened.

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Original review: June 7, 2008

My car was hit on the rear. I behaved like a good customer by informing AIG about accident & specifically said I don't want to open any claim with AIG as other party took responsibility of the accident. AIG's appraiser Don Hoots also agreed. But they still filed the claim, & put me into high risk category & increased premium by amount more than actual cost of repairs, which was actually paid by the 3rd party.

Economic damage is close to 1.5 times the actual cost of repairs.

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Original review: June 5, 2008

My car got totaled by two trucks rear ending me. I am self employed,they are trying to settle before it has been established which driver was a fault. I wasn't. They are trying to deny me a rental car for the amount I am entitled to which is $900 @$30 a day which is 30 days not 24. I am self employed I need a vehicle. I don't have one right now except rental and they want to reimburse me after i've payed for it,

I have lost work because I'm the one who's had to make all the phone calls and i'm stressed out how i'm going to save my business I am a low income single mom just trying to make it. Lost work, lost clients, lost livelyhood strss factor

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