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Reviewed Sept. 5, 2012

Foreclosure sign-up scam - I was browsing their website and tried their 7-day trial in which they then automatically sign you up for the monthly membership. $150 later, I find the charges within my bank statement. After calling numerous times and getting a recording, I finally get a hold of a customer operator. And he tells me that since the grace period is over and that I agreed to the membership, he can only refund $49.95. So I'm now out $99.98.

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Reviewed Aug. 9, 2012

First, this company will sign you up as an agent by default which makes it more difficult for you to cancel your account. It will require you provide them thirty days notice and you can only do so through your account manager they assign to you. This is after you spend forever on their website trying to figure out how to cancel your account. You might even find the page to do it but the cancel button is grayed out. Then you'll google search how to do it and find a link to their help forum that says you can send an email to their support. But they will respond saying you have to call. Alright, then you call and wait on hold for 30 minutes, then get transferred to your account manager because the normal reps can't access your "agency" account. And to top it off, you'll finally go to voicemail. After repeating this step, you'll get to your agency account rep and he'll say, "Oh, are you the same person that emailed?" This company should be shut down.

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Reviewed June 21, 2012

My home is listed on RealtyTrac (found through the Trulia website) as in pre-foreclosure status. However, my home is not in pre-foreclosure status and never has been or will be. I contacted the two banks that I have had mortgages with. The first bank has my mortgage as paid off and the notice has been filed with the court. The second mortgage, which is actually a line of credit, is in perfect status and paid timely each month. I do not want to go onto RealyTrac website for a free subscription to find out how they have my home's status as pre-foreclosure due to the other complaints filed about this company.

I am believing that this may be their new scam? Putting people's homes on their site as in pre-foreclosure and then the people have to sign up for their website and get charged out the wazoo? Either way, I can prove my mortgage is in good standing, so I have that recourse, but I am still not sure what to do about their claims it is in foreclosure. How would others react to this news if their records are not kept like mine are? It seems pretty shady to me that you can't even contact them (I haven't found a number on the website) to find out about your own home!

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Reviewed May 28, 2012

I have tried to call multiple times to cancel my 7-day trial and was always put on hold (hold for at least 40 minutes and I have cell phone bills to show). I can never get anyone so I can cancel my account, which I only wanted to do the free trial. My card was just charged and there’s no way to get in contact with anyone to cancel but to call only. They make it very easy to sign up and get credit card information so they get paid, but it’s impossible when it’s time to cancel. I have to dispute the credit card information since it's impossible to get in touch with anyone when it comes to canceling, but they sure do have fast service to take your money!

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Reviewed April 16, 2012

This is a company that cares more about making a dollar today than making a customer happy. I signed up for Realty Trac after the free 7 day offer. I used the service daily for a few weeks, and then grew disinterested. I put my subscription on hiatus and assumed that I had cancelled the auto-renew feature. Recently, I saw a pending charge on my credit card for 6 additional months ($120) so I cancelled a few hours after this was posted. I then contacted the company for a refund but they said, through a terse email, that I was out of luck. I was told to use the toll-free number and tried for two days, but it did not work from my state.

I finally reached them by using another business number. They simply offer no refund unless I could prove that they had acknowledged my cancellation request before it auto-renewed. Because of the subscription hiatus, I was unaware when the subscription expired or was to be renewed. There is no refund/rebate policy with this company, even if you cancel a subscription 1 minute after it has been renewed. Bad, bad, bad, I would suggest you try another company if you are looking for subscription based foreclosure notices.

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Reviewed Feb. 29, 2012

Service Not Good, Customer Service Even Worse: I phoned the number for canceling the free subscription, even though this was the suggested way for canceling a membership, I got charged for the service. I wrote an email to request the charges cancelled, but they didn't cancel them. Other comments indicate fishy business. I would strongly recommend not signing up for this service, and do not sign up for the free trial membership. It’s a scam to charge you $50 bucks for nothing.

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2011

My credit card was charged $39.80 for something that I have no use for at all. I have no idea what they do and had never heard of them until a few months ago. They are fraudulently taking monies from consumer's cards. I have not figured out how they do it but they do.

It's stressful to know that this can happen with people having no knowledge. I'd like for them to stop it and to please refund my monies. I am on a fixed income and would never allow them to take money from my account. Plus, I have no use for their services.

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Reviewed April 1, 2010

I registered on Realty Trac's website to have access for information on foreclosures. This was a 1 week offer and at the end of the week, I got a call from Ansio. I am a licensed real estate agent and he offered a membership. I agreed to a 3-month membership because I knew I wouldn't be actively looking more than 3 months.

I gave him my husband's business AMEX card and authorized the amount Ansio and I agreed upon. There was not a discussion on a renewal period that would be automatic, but he did promise to call me when my membership expired. I noticed on caller ID Realty Trac tried to contact me at the end of 3 months, but this is the time I had my baby. I did not return the phone call, because I had no interest in signing up for a membership. This was in March 2009 - June 2009.

My husband asked me in January 2010 if Realty Trac was necessary because each month his card shows a $50.00 charge and a separate $5.00 charge. He didn't mind my charges and he assumed it was fees associated with the real estate industry. I had no idea Realty Trac took the liberty to continue a membership until my husband brought this to my attention. I immediately called Ansion and he said he would put in an order to credit my card. He asked to give it a week, but still he did not tell me the "correct" way to cancel. I scrolled through the website and sent an email to customer support (1/27) to make sure I had proof. In the meantime, my husband was able to get credit for 90 days, but AMEX could not go back further. In my email to Realty Trac, I requested all charges to be credited but they have not done so. I am very upset and find it to be very unethical in how they charged me. What kind of recourse does a person have? $440 loss to my family. We are on a budget and every dollar counts.

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Reviewed March 22, 2010

In July 2008 I contacted Realty Trac to obtain info on foreclosures and home auctions. Jason phoned me and tried to sell me a $7000 course to work in the fore closure market . I told him I was a 70 year old Canadian and was not interested. He called 3 times to try to persuade me and I asked him to take me off their list.I forgot all about it and then started finding charges on my Visa. I was between countries and failed to notice the charge.

I finally asked Visa to investigate and I was asked to prove that I had talked to Jason. I couldn't. Then just this week I got an email from Realty Trac and find I have again been charged for their service. Last year, I had cancelled my Visa to get rid of the charge and now I am being charged on my new Visa. I know I did not give my Visa number. When I talked to Realty Trac today, they said I had put my email on Bargain Networks and they were now charging me for their service.

How can a company get access to my new Visa number? Is there some sort of reverse directory that they could use my original Visa number to find the new one? On talking today to the customer service at Realty Trac, he refused to tell me where he had obtained my Visa number He said, " I have taken you off the account. Thank you and Good bye." He obviously did not want to answer my questions. As others have written this is obviously a scam and they are making big money before we notice the charge. This whole thing has cost me over $700 and now I am worried that my identity is compromised.

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Reviewed Jan. 27, 2006

Realtytrac is supposed to offer properties for sale in my area that are going to auction/foreclosure. I signed up for seven days free. My trial membership would be up 11-7-05. My first attempt to sign up w/ a cc did not work. I tried again w/ my debit card and it took. After looking at the site and seeing that it did not contain correct and up to date information, I cancelled my subscription in the trial period. You see a listing and when you click on it, you see that the property was sold at auction on step of the Linn County Court House in Albany Oregon in August of 2005. I had my membership in November, way after the fact.

This is a scheme, the have information on their site that at one point was probably good information. However, they fail to maintain the site. I noticed a charge on my cc for this company and called them (they processed the payment on 11-5-05 2 days before my trial membership was up). They said I did not cancel on line. Then I found another charge to my bank account. So I called again and told them that obviously there are problems with their system.

First, the system tells me that me I did not sign up with the cc attempt. So I tried again and it took with debit. In addition, they say I did not cancel online when I did. They have charged me twice for the same thing and same time. They said they would email a refund request form, which is subject to review. No form came. I have sent numerous emails about this. I have called 5 times. I called again today 1-27-06 and they say they never received the request. I told them that I never received the form so I called in mid Dec. 2005 and they remitted the request for me. I never received an answer in the 5 days they said I would. Charmain tells me she can put the request in for me again today. Again, I have to wait 5 days. This in my opinion is fraud.

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Reviewed Aug. 27, 2005

I was tricked into joining a website that scams people making them think that there are properties in pre-foreclosure when in reality the costumer will be persuaded into buying market value properties from their agent network.

I signed up as an agent. When I couldn't get in touch with the owners of the properties in pre-foreclosure, I was very upset, so I called Mr Bailey and explained my problem.

He said that I shouldn't worry about those properties that may or may not be in pre-foreclosure, Instead I should worry about selling the costumers from the website properties from the MLS. I tried to do this and the people were very un-cooperative so I called MR. Bailey again and told him that I don't want to be part of this rip-off, again he tried to convince me that this is good way to make money, I said again that I want to stop my membership and I want a refund.

He said that they will not stop it and that they will charge me again on September 1st, even though I don't want to continue and I'm refusing to pay for something I'm not using.

The first call to Mr. Baily was around the 18th of August, the second call was on Tuesday and then again later Tuesday.

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