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Overall Rating1.6 out of 5
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About D.R. Horton Homes

D.R. Horton is an award-winning, family-owned construction business headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1978 and is now one of the largest homebuilders in the United States. Currently, D.R. Horton builds move-in ready houses in 29 states across the country. The houses are complete or nearly complete and available for immediate purchase.

Pros & Cons


  • Energy-efficient
  • Smart home devices
  • Move-in ready
  • Financing available


  • No customization
  • Limited availability

Bottom Line

D.R. Horton Homes are ideal for buyers who are ready to purchase but don’t want the hassle of customizing features. D.R. Horton offers energy-efficient features and smart home functionality.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Nov. 28, 2011

I bought in Sparks, NV on 3/06. I was forced to go through their mortgage company or wasn't allowed to purchase the house. I wanted to go through Wells Fargo where I have a history and after financing through DHI, it was sold to Wells Fargo within two months. After moving in, I had numerous issues that needed to be addressed. It was nearly impossible to get them to come out to fix things. They would either not get back to me or would schedule appointments and not show up. Needless to say, after a long process, I had them address my main concerns and just let the rest go. I was tired and frustrated. I missed a lot of work due to this, not to mention the amount of stress I went through. Even after all of that, I was in my house for one and a half years and discovered some more issues 8/07 with my "new" home.

The main concern at that time was my Pergo floors in my kitchen were lifting. They scheduled a floor specialist to come and look at it and they took a look at what material was needed and scheduled another time for it to be repaired. The guy that looked at my floor said that it could only be caused by water/moisture. They left and came back a few weeks later to start the work on my floor and the floor guy took the baseboard off from behind my stove at that time to discover black mold. At that time, COIT was called to prepare for cleanup and my kitchen was closed off. After a few determinations, the final outcome was that the Maytag installers that installed my overhead microwave punctured the waste line from the master bath upstairs and that created a leak and brought on the mold issue. It went about 3-4 feet up the wall and floor and behind my cabinets. They did all the cleanup and repaired the walls and flooring and replaced some cabinetry.

Just recently, I had another problem. I was in the process of selling my house and noticed water damage on a baseboard and could hear water dripping. I panicked and immediately hired a plumber to come out within an hour. They cut into the wall and discovered that the water line had been punctured by a nail from the shelf in the pantry. The nail finally rusted after five years, causing the leak. This was an emergency situation being that there was leaking water and that I was in process of selling my house and had to rectify the problem immediately. DR Horton has a poor history of responding in a timely manner in general, let alone this type of situation. I handled it and had the problem rectified within an hour.

I since reached out to DR Horton and explained the situation as well as sent in pictures of the punctured pipe and nails coming through the wall. I asked for their cooperation in reimbursing some out-of-pocket expenses and to take into consideration the mold problem I had in 2007 due to same type of circumstance. I received this reply back: "Thank you for submitting your recent warranty service work order. After reviewing your issue (including the pictures you sent) with my direct management, your request for reimbursement of funds for repairs on your home is denied. D.R. Horton has no obligation to reimburse you for work performed by you, or for amounts paid by you for repair or replacement of any item which has not been pre-approved in writing by D.R. Horton. I am sending this message to formally notify you that warranty service work order no. **, reimbursement for water leak, is closed. Please send me a short reply stating that you agree."

I sent them a reply saying that I do not agree and very disappointed.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Nov. 16, 2011

We were building a new home with DR Horton. We were going along just fine, but we had not been approved for the loan. We visited the sales office and the house every weekend during the 3-month build. The sales people told us not to worry, they were sure we would be approved for the loan. One week before our closing date, we were contacted and told that they would not be able to give us the home loan, and unless we could come up with another loan solution, we would not be able to take the home.

We were unable to come up with another loan and we were asked to come in and sign paperwork releasing the earnest money and upgrade money to be given back to use. We were told it would be a couple weeks before we would receive our $12,000 check. We called at 4 weeks "with no check" and were told that we didn't have our check because they had 6 weeks to send it to us and "not to worry". Now 6 weeks later, they will not give us any information regarding our check and they are blowing us off. They won’t return our phone calls and when we do get them on the phone, they tell us it’s not in their hands. When we asked to speak to a supervisor, they tell us they will call on our behalf and they refuse to give us the supervisor information.

We need the $12,000 because we are now forced to find a rental home to live in, and we need to come up with security deposits for the new house. All of the money we had saved was put into the house.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Nov. 14, 2011

My complaint is the DR Horton development in Denton, TX on Vintage Blvd. We all know how serious the drought situation is in our area and are very much aware of the need for water. This development waters on Vintage Blvd every night at 8:00 pm and waters until the street is running with water. I have seen that sprinkler system running during a down pour of rain. It is not necessary to water every single day. Once or twice a week is quite enough. I have complained before and nothing has become of it. I will be getting in contact with the local news, perhaps that will get your attention. Our water situation can become very serious, especially with irresponsible watering such as this development.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Nov. 1, 2011

We purchased our DR Horton home that was built in 2001 in 2007. The previous owners did quite a few up grades but did get to the walls in several rooms. The knock down job on the structure is very sloppy to say the least. There are several area where nails are now showing through. My wife and I have tried to patch these but they don't want to stick. Also, there seems to be an over all foundation problem with all D.R. Horton homes within our North Fort Worth, Tx neighborhood. What recourse do I have now with the housing market way below what we are in for? I wish we would have looked a little closer at these homes because once you step back and look closer you see how shoddy the work is in many of these houses.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Oct. 22, 2011

My roof has been leaking for years. The last complaint I filed was in 3/11. DR Horton never came back to repair the leak. They would not respond to my complaints. Now I got a letter saying the warranty expired in 6/11. They deliberately stalled until the warranty ran out! I spoke to a manager in the local office. He literally told me he would not help and it was my problem now!

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Oct. 3, 2011

We purchased our D.R. Horton home over a year ago. We really like our home and we have no major issues until now. We had our year inspection and went over all the things that needed to be repaired with Laurie. She was really nice on the day she showed up with two of her workers. They came in and fixed the nail pops and someone was supposed to come back and paint.

Well, that was almost two months ago. They also had to replace some of the siding as it had cracked when they were nailing it on. I tried getting in touch with Laurie on four different occasions and she never returned our calls. We contacted D.R. Horton and they pushed it off on Laurie and said it is her responsibility. We decided to contact our sales person Wendy and she was able to contact Laurie (imagine that).

Well, the next day, someone was out to replace the siding, but that's as far as it goes. We ended up painting the inside with the paint they left; the siding is still not painted. Terrible, terrible customer service, not sure what to do now. Buyers, beware. After you purchase your home, you might not get your warranty work done.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Sept. 27, 2011

I had a roof leak in the upstairs game room the first year I moved into my home. They have "made necessary repairs": replaced a portion of the roof, repainted, etc. three times. And yet with recent rain it has leaked again for the 4th time!

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Sept. 21, 2011

DR Horton does not want to really do repair/warranty work. They do not maintain their property at all. I have addressed correspondence to the CEO Donald Tomnitz on numerous occasions. He does not even have the decency to acknowledge it. The property I reside in Woodbridge, VA is not well-maintained at all. Huge piece of cement missing on top of brick wall, no landscaping at all. Just grass with no sprinkler system so in the summer, it is parched. They hired a property management company, Sequoia Management, out of Chantily, VA who collects the communities' HOA fees and neglects the community.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Sept. 20, 2011

I recently signed a contract with Dr. Horton at Arbolera del Este (Albuquerque). I was told that I would receive $10,000.00 towards upgrades and 3% towards closing cost. Upon reviewing, the contract sales agent names Kelly ** had switched closing cost contribution to 2% and excluded $10,000.00 in upgrades. When brought to their attention, they quickly changed closing cost contribution back to promised 3% but claimed that they had never offered $10,000.00 in upgrades. After speaking with the area sales manager, they claimed that the offer for upgrades had not been offered for nearly a year and told me I should have gotten the offer in writing. It is quite frustrating since this was a major deciding factor on our purchase.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Sept. 14, 2011

On July of 2010, I purchased a home in Quail Creek, Denham Springs, LA. Several months after moving in, I noticed severe erosion behind my fence next to a reservoir that had extended ten feet on my side of the fence. I notified the local Horton office on Vincent road several times regarding this problem. I eventually had to purchase several dozen bags of quick crate to fill in the sinkhole in my yard. The entire area, along the reservoir, has continued to erode and extends into all of my neighbors' backyards along this line. My neighbors on either side of me have small children that have fallen into the snake infested sink holes. We are documenting dates and times of our complaints which leave them at risk for numerous law suits. It would not be a great expense to simply back fill these sink holes and install some sort of ground cover to hold it in place.

Also, the wooden fences behind our homes are substandard in material quality and installation. Large areas of both of my next door neighbors' and my fences have been snapped off and uprooted from the shallow concrete base in 20 mph winds. My neighbor just spent $1,000 and I spent $400 in repairs on this. I just repaired a large section of my other neighbor's fence which was partly down. I don't know what other damage has been incurred in other areas of Quail Creek.

This is unacceptable and the problem has existed since construction. The company that repaired mine informed me that using lawn timbers instead of 4 X 4's for posts is never used by other companies.b These posts should be replaced, at Horton's expense, by proper construction materials.

There are several new homes under construction down the street from me and I will discourage any potential buyers until these problems are addressed.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: Aug. 25, 2011

We bought our home in September 2007 and our kitchen sink has fallen off for five times. The cabinet around the sink and the wood has rotted because of the water leaking. They forgot to put air-conditioning ducts in the bottom bedroom and a vent in the downstairs shower. The kitchen lights has not worked for over one and a half years. There are cracks all over the ceiling from the sheet rocks separating and all ceiling fans stopped working after a year. The dishwasher never worked right and all the electric pops breakers. You cannot have a radio plugged in and then plug something else in; otherwise, it will blow the breaker switches.

8 people found this review helpful
Original review: July 8, 2011

We purchased our DR Horton home in June 2010. The home was inspected a week prior to close by a certified building inspector with experience in over 1400 residential inspections specific to this area. The home failed inspection due to water in the crawl space, and property drainage/grading not being sufficient. We told them we were walking from escrow so they promised, in writing, to fix the failed inspection items on the report. DR Horton installed a trench drain around the property but in March 2011, I brought the inspector out and the house failed inspection again. There is water pushing through our concrete foundation, moving and standing water in the crawl space, and our property is all but impassable without knee-high mud boots.

When DR Horton re-graded the lot, they also created very steep slopes around the property which are 1.5:1 and in some places 1:1 -- slopes are sliding and giving way. Then DR Horton installed a trench drain, which is at a reverse slope and not draining. Through late fall, all of winter and spring, my crawl space is swamped, my backyard a soppy mess, and I was just wondering when the foundation will crack due to water seepage. It's now July of 2011 and they are doing everything in their power to not fix the problem. They are citing that they go by "National Building Standards" and the level of water in our crawl space is acceptable and drainage on the property is "fixed". To the contrary, we have drainage specialists and a housing inspector along with several landscape companies that do not agree. In the meantime, I cannot legally sell my property without disclosing the issues.

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Original review: June 21, 2011

We are in the process of building a home in Las Vegas with D.R. Horton. It has been very stressful to say the least. In my opinion, D.R. Horton's entire home building process is designed to keep the consumer confused on what is standard and what is an option (extra cost). They have homes for you to view, that is a good, but the homes on display are not realistic from a purchasing standpoint. These homes are full of what they call options or upgrades. You don't find this out until after you have decided on a home, and led to believe it is the price of the home you just viewed. I felt like it was a "bait and switch" situation.

And the situation is made worse by the crafty sales folks they have at their sales locations and their WOW center. This is where all the appliances, flooring, paint, light fixtures, and many audio options are selected. They have sales agents that handle some options and agents at the WOW center that handles other options. The customer (me) repeatedly gets caught in the middle, being told, "We don't do that, they do." It has been a real hassle. The latest issue concerning an audio conduct has pushed me to write a note of caution when dealing with D.R. Horton.

Latest issue: We have a fireplace being installed in our den, we asked for an electrical outlet and cable jack to be installed above the fireplace. The sales agent persuaded us that we needed an audio/video conduit so that no wires would be seen. It sounded good and not being savvy on what exactly that entailed and trusting the agent that we would get what we had asked for, we agreed to it. They installed this option yesterday, but there is no electrical outlet (when I asked about it, they told that would be another charge). The audio conduit option cost $420: it consists of two dust covers, a 4-feet PCV pipe and two elbows. I asked about having it removed because that is way too much for a $5 PCV pipe. They said it was already installed and that was that. I asked about adjusting the price for this overcharged option and they said no. That is what the option is. I feel ripped off, with no real recourse. While this one thing seems minor, it just adds to all the other vagueness that has occurred every step during the process. I will never do business with D.R. Horton again.

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Original review: June 10, 2011

I bought a house in 4/2002 and a couple years later, we noticed that the house was starting to shift to the right then cracks started to appear on the ceilings and along the walls. And the molds in between the tile in the dining room has cracks. Also the driveway has a long crack too. I filed a complaint about all of the issues and had no returned calls.

13 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 31, 2011

I purchased a home a yr ago and did all the surveys. I stated to have a problem upstairs

along the outside wall of the 2nd bedroom. I contacted Scott Evans who is the seller for DR Horton in this area after NO response from DR HORTON requesting service in my year end surveys. They referred to a Jessica and she referred me to the on line service request form. It had done me no good because nobody calls and sets up an appointment or calls!!!

11 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 26, 2011

I purchased a $600,000.00 home. A few years later, D.R. Horton is building $250,000.00 homes in the same block, screwing my home value by about $75,000.00. Do not buy their homes, as this company and its CEO, Donald J. Tomnitz, are a bunch of deceivers. If you want to lose your but, buy a home from them.

15 people found this review helpful
Original review: May 6, 2011

I purchased a home in 2004. There were several problems with the home. One of the largest problems was the driveway. The ground under the driveway is completely washed away because of how the water was diverted. The driveway collapsed and much of the front yard was washed away. DR Horton repaired this, but the way the water is diverted is still not correct. There was also water that came down between the roof and the eaves just in front of the front door. I had DR Horton come out to fix numerous problems such as the screens, stair railings and caulking, but they only said they would come back later to fix it. I continued to try to have them come back, but their procedures and people changed and I was unable to get them to come out. I attempted to have them come out in 2010. They now only say that it is out of warranty. I dealt with Carolyn ** in the Westminster, CO office.

14 people found this review helpful
Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 28, 2011

I bought my home in 2004 for $288K in a city where the average home price (even with the housing boom in full gear) was less than $100k. Dr. Horton took advantage of buyers' fears and sold extremely overpriced homes in a location that didn't justify the price. The real injury came though, from the fact that they initially sold bulk amounts of homes to investors/speculators who had no intention of living in these homes. Almost immediately, most of these investors put their houses on the market which caused an immediate drop in our home values, then there were multiple foreclosures, and now the community is glutted with renters. Our home is now valued at approx. $130k due to the fact that the majority are either foreclosed on or for sale at a bottom barrel price; I am unable to get any type of mortgage modification or reduction because I still make enough to pay the original mortgage amount.

11 people found this review helpful
Original review: April 20, 2011

I wrote a contract with them in July for a new construction SFH in Mitchellville, MD. Part of the steps they go over in the pre-buying and pre-construction meeting are that I would receive a Pre-Dry Wall and Pre-Close Walk thru. Long story short, they never gave me the Pre-Dry Wall Walk Through and though they apologized for their mistake, they weren't willing to make amends financially or by allowing me to shift my contract to begin construction at a new Lot. Their reason "the Pre-Dry Wall Walk Through was not written in the contract so they were not required to provide it.

I selected DR Horton because they were less expensive and offered more for their price. However, you get what you pay for. They have a lot of complaints against them online and with the BBB. If you select them, make sure everything is in the contract, get in touch with the local county inspectors, make sure they know you and your Lot # and engage with them periodically (you'll need to call the county inspector office to find out who is assigned as DR Horton will not release this info). Make sure all of your option selections are completed way ahead of time and the pricing for each is completed accurately (they made a ton of mistakes with me and even after several changes still had errors when I walked from the deal). The best advice I can offer is to pay a little more and purchase a home from a builder that's invested in quality and your experience as a buyer. My opinion, DR Horton operates like a minimally funded Mom and Pop builder.

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Original review: March 24, 2011

Our home was installed with cracked shower pan that leaked into the wall for almost 10 years. DR Horton led me to believe that it was my fault and finally fixed it at 10th year. Shortly after the warranty expired, the 2nd bathroom flooded due to bellies in the drain pipe under the foundation because a beam is pressing on it. DR Horton will not repair it nor will homeowners insurance cover it. $400 a foot to fix at 19 to 40 ft. The second bath is unusable.

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Original review: Dec. 27, 2010

We purchased a brand new house in 2005. Since then, we have had numerous issues with the house. Cabinets not installed properly in the kitchen, hand railing for staircase installed into sheet rock instead of studs, water pipes leaking because they were not installed properly but the biggest issues I have right now is that the dryer ventilation was improperly installed. It is heating up the walls in my house. We have had to purchase three dryers because they keep breaking due to the ventilation being improperly installed. They have stated that there is nothing wrong with the dryer ventilation. I have pictures to prove otherwise.

We have had tenants move out because of the issues we have had with the house. We have lost rental income because of this. We have had to spend money out of our pocket to have items fixed that were improperly installed. The representatives that they send out are rude and unprofessional and argue with me and my tenants. We have had to purchase several dryers because of the issue with the ventilation system.

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Original review: Dec. 16, 2010

Like a ton of people, their sales people promise you the stars, but not in writing! I am an amateur radio operator and asked about a small antenna and was told no problem! Came time after moving in I asked and board run by them said, "No!" When the home owners took control of the board at turn over meeting, I handed the new board my request and got the okay!

Windows that Cambridge used are the cheapest money can buy. Tom told me they picked this company because they had "good" windows. What a joke! Company made Chicago Tribune when they went bust! First year, windows iced up in winter and was told after first year, "No problem with ice. Just do not pull your shades. Let the people watch you at night!" Come next years and year after, I am told it is because houses are so air tight! Note: I have been in construction for 41 years! Air tight dam. I wonder how the mice find a crack to get in. Basement you like 55 in the winter? Cambridge figures basement is for storage only!

No heat vent in kitchen or outside walls in bedroom. I guess that is what they make blankets for. People with finished basement still cold! In my project, they failed to change tax rate on lot that was made into common area and we had to pay back taxes on their mistake! Workmanship, best trade was the electrical contractor, the rest so-so! Siding contractor did siding with one man. What a joke! Tub was chipped because dry wallers stood on tub. Air ducts, had to have them cleaned. There's so much dirt in them!

When DR Horton took them over, they became a tract builder, not the builder they were! Buy from them again. It would have to be a cold day in hell! Worst of the worst Cambridge! Offered to give my bed after I closed on the house I was living in and moving into theirs the same day! You cannot pull two full size cars in the garage!

6 people found this review helpful
Original review: Dec. 16, 2010

There's ceiling drywall damaged and water leak on living room ceiling. They say it's maintenance, maintenance of ceiling?

6 people found this review helpful
Original review: Dec. 15, 2010

On May 15, 2008, I signed the papers on my first home in the Arlington Farms Subdivision in Fairhope, AL. I was engaged to be married and my fiance and I both were so excited to start a new chapter in our lives. Before closing I had a long list of items that needed to be addressed. Most of those items were taken care of but in a careless and very sloppy manner.

The superintendent was extremely arrogant and acted as if he were better than the client. I reported complaints about him several times and even met with his boss. I have recently been told that this guy has been promoted. Anyway, it has been a little over two years now and we continue to find new issues and have found that we too are victims of substandard work. Remember people, these guys are about quantity and not quality and they could care less about your life and finances. The second night in our home became very un-nerving as we had raw sewage back up throughout the house, anywhere there was a hole, nastiness came out of it. It dumped on our floor in our brand new house!

I called all of the emergency contact numbers, no answer, I called the superintendent, no answer. The emergency contact was for the sales agent. What was she going to do? I had to call and the plumber myself and get it fixed. The only call I received from Horton and the too good superintendent came after my brand new yard was dug up. The plumber was excellent and took care of us but I found it disturbing when he told me that they had done this same repair on several other homes in our subdivision and that Horton knew there was a problem.

Moving back to current issues: We have cracks all the way around the house at foundation level going all the way up to the roof line in some spots. Corner beeds throughout the house are falling off, the master tub has shifted and cracked the walls, floor tile is coming up, grout is cracking, door will not shut. I can see traffic though the crack at the back door, floor trim is separating, counter tops are sagging, cabinets have shifted and are beginning to sag, the house has drafts throughout, we have five different temperatures throughout the house and the master bedroom is almost unlivable during the summer, roof trusses are split in half some not even being nailed in, concreted in garage is dropping, roof decking sags where the workers stepped through it but didn't replace it, the list can go on.

I've spoken with two building officials and engineers that tell me some settling would take place but not to this extent just after two years. They claim I have structural issues. The grade in the rear of the house is crazy. There is only 34.8 feet of yard between the house and the fence and about a 4.5 foot difference in elevation. I live on the Gulf Coast folks, the geography is pretty level. I have read where one of my neighbors with the same floor plan posted similar comments. I too have a shotty A/C system and the fireplace has never been used due to no ventilation. The garage door track is only being held up by six bolts instead of the ten that is required. The end of the trolley is mounted to sheetrock instead of the header that was placed 18 inches off center. I watched the house beside me literally blow down during a tropical storm and by the end of the next day it had a roof using the same trusses and framing that had the nails ripped from it the previous day.

Something has got to be done with these people. My entire life is wrapped up in this house. If I know these folks and what if all you have posted holds true then I have nothing to look forward to than a $180,000 black hole for the remainder of my life. My next step is to have the state building investigator, not inspector, come down and review this substandard and potentially hazardous construction.

10 people found this review helpful
Original review: Sept. 9, 2010

I wish I had found this website before I signed a purchase agreement with DR Horton on a spec townhouse. First, their contract construction company made structural changes to the framing that they refused to provide documentation. Second, the day I went to check on the granite counter tops, they put in regular counter tops. Third strike was this website and all the stories with the same message.

When I told them my decision to withdraw they threatened to sue me for damages, put a $5,000 lien on my credit or keep my earnest money. They kept my money and made me pay for the appraisal fee. I will never buy a new or used DR Horton house ever again.

17 people found this review helpful
Original review: Sept. 3, 2010

Home purchase in 2000. Requested A/C repair year after year. Customer service said there was nothing they can do to fix my A/C. Customer Service never sent an A/C qualified company to assess the issue. My A/C does not cool the home. My electrical bills are near $600 a month. My Children sleep on the floor or couch in the family room that is the cooler part of the home during the summer months for the past 10 years.

10 people found this review helpful
Original review: Aug. 25, 2010

I bought a D.R. Horton home in 2006. They offered me a two-year warranty, but refused to come out to repair things when I would call. Even my management company would call them, and they always found a lame excuse to not come fix things. Well, after the warranty is expired and they refuse to fix anything, my plumbing and electrical is shot. My dryer will short-out my circuit breaker if I do more than two loads consecutively. One of my upstairs toilets cannot have the water on because it will continually run. My daughter recently moved in (she had lived in an Artistic home previously), and she said that she feels like she is living in a dry-walled cardboard box. If someone is walking upstairs, downstairs the ceiling vibrates and it sounds as though they will fall through at any minute. The house is just terrible and we are waiting until we can sell it. I feel like I live in an overpaid cardboard box.

9 people found this review helpful
Original review: Aug. 20, 2010

Our house elevation is off 3+ inches, the siding is cracked and separated, there is plumbing reinforcing bar through the sewage line, sewage line joint separation, moisture up sheet rock, windows have shifted - not closing and warped, doors are not closing, cracks everywhere plus one above garage door you can see daylight through. Home was built in June 2002.

6 people found this review helpful
Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 9, 2010

I live in the B unit, which is directly underneath the balcony of the A unit in the Cambridge section of The International Club. There is signs of water leakage in the ceiling of the garage. This is the same thing that has happened to 4-5 other buildings at Cambridge. Repairs have been done to the other units and 1 unit is now in the process of being repaired.

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Original review: July 30, 2010

D.R. Horton has been on a tear over the last year, buying up vacant residential lots throughout the U.S. and particularly the southeast U.S., and constructing homes to sell despite the historical glut of already available for sale, vacant, and foreclosed homes that have become both an eyesore and burden for many neighborhoods. But before everyone goes and gets all excited about this nationally-recognized builder entering their local market and possibly kick-starting a new building boom, maybe you'd be best served to more closely check out some of the supposed "quality" homes they presently have under construction.

In our Manatee County, Florida locale, I have personally witnessed the current, ongoing construction of several of their homes in a small community, and I can confidently attest that the quality of these homes is shameful, especially at the haste at which these homes are being built. In several homes, they appear to have used low quality wood materials, have stretched their site plans to the limits of the building site, and are constructing these homes in a far more quickened pace than would allow a normal person to properly inspect these homes along the way.

It is certainly a shame that they are allowed to build such homes, especially when most of this poor quality construction will be hidden away behind the ceilings and walls long before a buyer signs the final purchase papers for one of these homes. Before finalizing the purchase of one of these homes, I would certainly encourage one to hire their own personal, independent inspector and have the home inspected thoroughly. And as if these reasons were not enough, then please continue to read this long list of complains dating back to 2006 of other homeowners throughout the continental U.S. that have bought a D.R. Horton home. Otherwise, I guess you only need to be reminded of the saying, Caveat Emptor, i.e., "Let the buyer beware."

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Original review: July 25, 2010

I was in the process of looking for a good home builder in a nice community. I checked out a few builders but was really impressed when I visited a DR Horton community in Grand Prairie, TX. Their price seemed reasonable, the lots were a good size and the sales man pointed out a number of upgrades I could have at no extra charge. I was very excited but it all seemed too good to be true! I decided to do some research and thank God I found this site. The complaints on this site go as far back as 2006 and are from all over the country. According to these customers DR Horton has an ongoing issue with structure and foundation problems. It’s sad that DR Horton would take time to build such a beautiful home but not take any pride in doing it correct. Guess all of the shortcuts they make in building the home make them a lot of money.

I emailed the DR Horton sales person about this website and asked him why DR Horton has so many complaints all over the country. He never responded! I feel sorry for all of you that have had such a horrible experience with DR Horton but I do thank you for telling us your experience so that other people can learn from it.

With all these complaints and the fact that it seems like a systemic problem throughout DR Horton, I feel all these customers should get together and start a class action law suit against them. But it is also very important that everyone contacts the BBB (better business bureau) about their experience with DR Horton, because as of right now DR Horton seems to have a good standing with the BBB. Apparently everyone is complaining on sites like this (which is good) but not to the BBB. I think it is important to do both.

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Original review: July 23, 2010

Had I seen all these comments prior to purchasing a D.R. Horton home, I would have thought that they build so many homes. Surely there would be a few disgruntled buyers. After going through every post, I could find that I see the same theme throughout, water in one form or another. How can this be an accident?

We contracted to have a home built in Far North, Fort Worth in December of 2009. The community is lovely which brought us to the builder. The lots are tiered and we were concerned about drainage from the beginning. Like many others posting, we were told over and over again to wait for the final grade. Two weeks prior to closing, we were told that we had our final grade and upon inspection, it didn't look graded at all to us. When we mentioned this to the construction foreman, we were told that this was it, period. We decided to hire a structural engineer for $400 and get an educated opinion. Just as we thought, 5 to 7 years down the road, we would probably be looking at up to $30,000 worth of foundation damage. After a week of rather abusive calls to and from corporate, we finally told them that we weren't going to close, period.

D.R. Horton has over $2,500 of earnest money from us that I doubt very much if we will ever see but I feel that we got out cheap over the long run. I strongly urge you to hire home inspectors or structural engineers if you have any nagging feelings that things just aren't right prior to closing. Also file a complaint with your local Better Business Bureau.

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Original review: July 9, 2010

Dr Horton builds a [bad] house and their customer service on getting things fixed in your house is deplorable! A house that is a little over a year old shouldn't look like it's 15 years old! So many problems to fix that warranty says 'it does that over time' when it shouldn't happen at all. No screens on the windows, the wall near the fireplace is as cold as the outside in the winter and air comes through the light and plug covers, as well as the gas fireplace. Dr Horton says that the heating system is electric when it's really gas and bills over $300 in the winter, during the coldest months. A/C system not installed properly, no returns in the bedrooms. So if you shut the door, it gets stuffy instead of cool. Therefore, no privacy to whomever is living or visiting us.

The warranty person didn't walk through the entire house with us. Many things were just said, 'it happens over time, nothing we can do about it'. They have bad customer service and they don't want to assume the responsibility of fixing what the problem really is. They just keep putting it off and giving tons of excuses.

Do not purchase a house from these people! Electricity installed improperly, that would eventually cause a fire. Windows and doors not installed properly, thus leaving air gaps where there shouldn't be. I hate this house and these people should not be in business! I could go on and on, but I'll stop now. I want to leave this house! The bills are higher than they should be. Repairs being done on the house are by me, that shouldn't have to be. Extra $ being spent that shouldn't have to be. It caused me emotional problems because I'm [upset]. My fiance was duped into purchasing a 'good' house when it's [bad]. I built buildings for over 15 years in the military and if I even thought of doing this kind of work. I would have gotten [in serious trouble].

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Original review: June 23, 2010

I was very happy with my experience with purchasing a new home from DR Horton. The contact person I spoke with after moving in was great to work with over the minor issues that come up after moving into a new house. However, during the first year they changed people. After I had been in the house just a little over a year, spots started fading on my carpet (nowhere near any windows so it's not from the sun). They showed up in my large spare bedroom, on the stairs and in front of the door leading out to the garage.

They sent someone to come in and look at them right away and I was told by this person that most likely the painters had dripped paint and used some type of solvent to clean it with causing the rug to fade over time. I waited to hear from the DR Horton contact person and when I finally did I was told in an email by him that it would not be repaired because there was no proof that is what happened and that I didn't cause it myself. As a single mom I was so proud I was able to get into a new construction home. So now I have a nice house with carpets that look like **.

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Original review: June 21, 2010

We purchased our home that was build from the ground on up in August 2005. From the beginning we had issues like water leaks, landscaping which D.R. Horton tried to refuse to resolve. They left our backyard unleveled with big metal pieces in the ground. Our top flooring had to be replaced, which now after 5 years is back to the same condition it was when repaired (weak spots). The painters they sent in have colored our ceilings with 2 different shades of white, one end white, one half beige.

We have a water leak in the front bay window that has caused mold looking damage and sheetrock peeling. I was informed by others that D.R. Horton did not install the roofing correct, causing water to leak in my home when it rains. I do not feel the insurance that is supposed to cover the home for 10 years is valid. We have serious cracks in the foundation of our two-story home, doors will not close, cracks all over our walls and D.R. Horton is saying that it is normal.

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Original review: June 18, 2010

I moved into my home on 1/31/2009. Since then, my basement has flooded 2-3 times. It took DR Horton quite some time to fix it. My concrete outside my house is scaling and has cracks along with the touch ups needed to my drywall. I've been in contact with Stan of DR Horton and Sam several times in reference to these issues and as of 6/18/2010, they are still outstanding. Also, a neighbor of mine experienced the same nightmare of cracks in her foundation. She has lived in her house since 2006 I believe, but DR Horton is refusing to fix it. I wish I would have done more homework on this builder to see that they are not that favorable to purchase homes from. I do not recommend them to anyone. They are not standing by their words.

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Original review: June 14, 2010

My house was bought new in 2005. I am still waiting for DR Horton to finish the back pillar on my outside porch. My heating/AC unit is not functioning properly and they have been out twice. One of their fixes was to run the air conditioning run off through the attic to the other side of the house and down my second story house. Now, the unit cannot cool the house because the water cannot move down the run off pipe to get out of the house. Let's not even talk about the sheet rock, what a mess. The company has done nothing to repair these problems except to fire the costumer service rep.

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Original review: April 28, 2010

DR Horton or “Deplorable and Repugnant” for how they conduct business! If you want to live in a neighborhood, such as my DR Horton subdivision, you will be living amongst many renters. You see DR Horton sold off many houses in bulk over here in Rio Rancho, New Mexico to California investors. Some investors bought entire blocks, but now these investors are loosing their shirts so homes by the dozen are going into foreclosure. And then we have the dilemma with all the deadbeat renters who are renting homes from these upstanding investors. For $1000.00/month you can rent 3500 square foot properties in my neighborhood. Cheap, don't you think? Great size for the price, especially when you have more than one family occupying the home.

Many people equals many cars all parked out on the curb, like a shopping mall parking lot. Most of these deadbeats don't understand the concept of being a homeowner, so no one takes care of their yards and their bored children enjoy using spray-paint on people's homes and walls. Sounds like a dream: foreclosures, graffiti, and lots of lousy looking yards.When we bought our house from DR Horton we had to sign lots of disclosures at the closing table. Such clauses as this would be our primary residence and that we had to live here for at least a year before our house could be rented. How ironic that we are surrounded by investment homes, just 50% of our subdivision! And now many of them are going into foreclosure.

Rest assured my property value has only declined by 25% and continues to slide. We can't comp our home out to its original listing price because of all the short sales and foreclosures. So if your idea of great neighborhood is a place where 50% of your neighbors are deadbeat renters, go for it! My quality of life has really improved since I purchased this DR Horton home. Another great perk is that I have negative equity in my home. Now, now, I know what you're thinking, it's the economy. Sure we can consider that, but the bottom line is DR Horton deceived us, leading us to believe we would be living in a residential neighborhood surrounded by homeowners such as ourselves. And yet we wound up in a rental complex. I'll break it to those of you who are considering the allure of a brand new home from DR Horton with the tax incentives, beware here is your alert!

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Original review: April 15, 2010

The top floor of our home has floor joists and boards that have come loose. I have on several attempts tried to make contact with a manager of some kind with DR Horton and have been unsuccessful. Our warranty is about to expire soon. I have boards that flex up to an inch!

I am very unsatisfied with the cheesy construction of the home and would not recommend it to anyone! We have had so many issues and lost time off of work to deal with problems like these. Then they wanted us to sign a waiver that they would no longer be held accountable once this is fixed. We have suffered loss of work hours, sleepless nights, stress related to them not returning calls and the fact that the warranty is almost up

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Original review: April 6, 2010

I moved into a D.R. Horton Home on 13 January 2008 in the Hillside Manor sub-division (Hagerstown, MD). A month later, two of the four shelving/clothing rack assemblies collapsed. The reason was because the sub-contractor attached the unit to the dry wall and not the studs.

I was informed that the warranty didn't cover the sub-standard installation. I then paid $150 to have the two shelves reinstalled. Three months later, the shelve supports collapsed. To summarize, the original installation was inadequate and their materials were shoddy. This will no doubt cost me hundreds of dollars to correct. D.R. Horton is much like a military recruiter. Once they get you to sign on the dotted line, you're on your own. Honor, reputation and integrity are not in their mission statement.

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Original review: March 28, 2010

There is a water leak in the bedroom on the top floor. The leak is where the ceiling meets the wall between the bathroom door and the window. There is a puff buckle on the ceiling and the wall is turning brown and discolor from the leak. No one can sleep upstairs in the bedroom, and I can't see behind the wall and the ceiling but I can guess there is damage in both areas.

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Original review: March 17, 2010

I want to inform you of some problem that we are having with Dr Horton Division. First of all, we want a four-bedroom and a three-car garage, but they built a five-bedroom and a two-car garage. I was very upset, but my husband said we could live with. But then we discovered some cracking in the slab of the home, two of which were major concerns considering how the lot slopes down toward the back. The two cracks of concern would be the outer corner rooms with the weight from the slope.

We confronted DR Horton on May 4, 2009 with our concerns and were told that was normal to have some cracking in the slab. We were also told that the 10-year warranty

I requested this be documented in the files and additionally requested in the warranty for this particular situation. I received a call and was told that DR Horton could not do that. So we told them we could not accept the liability of the problem that could arise in the future. And my decision not to accept the property and request a refund of my deposits, we have not got it. They have sold the house.

I feel sorry for the one who bought it. In a few years, they are going to have problems. They will not call you back.

We are still trying to get our refund of $1,175.00. We are not asking for the money we paid for some upgrades, just our deposit. They do bad work, and they are not honest. They are getting rich and do not care about the people. I have pictures of the cracks. I feel sorry for you if you have had house built my DR Horton.

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Original review: March 13, 2010

I bought a townhome in 2008. Since then I and other home owners in our complex have had constant problems. The workmanship is shoddy. The plumber told me Horton told them to do the job as cheaply as they could. The heat/air guy told me that too. I've had a leak in my heat/air room on the 3rd floor, pocked finish on the rubber roofing materials on my 3rd floor deck, a leak through a ceiling fan, and now my bathroom window has leaked twice, ruining my blind and coloring calking with red, muddy looking water.

When they came out the first time it leaked, the roofers got mud and dirt all over my top deck and my second floor porch. The wall above my bathroom window has cracked and the calking around the window jam is cracking from the moisture. Part of the problem is the gutters which are not completely flush with the roof and leak behind them. This has never been fixed even though the roofers have supposedly been out to fix it.

At first I would ask them to repair and/or repaint something, and they would send in workers that tore up something else while they were fixing what you called them for. It has been horrible. Some of my neighbors have had even worse problems than I had. DR Horton dumped this project leaving the developer holding the bag. So far I have not had to spend anything except for time away from work. The leaks I've had are potentially expensive occurrences and I suspect. I feel totally ripped me off.

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Original review: March 12, 2010

DR Horton built my lot and in the process shorted me around 20 square feet of yard. Because of the design of the lot, they cut my yard short and instilled a retaining wall. From the day they broke ground I noticed the grade looked out of whack. When I questioned about it, I was told the fence would be raised and the yard leveled out. I should have noticed the writing on the wall at this point and backed out, but my wife really likes the house.

A few weeks went by and I questioned again that I was not happy and hoped this would be solved. I was again told this is not the final grade. My gut said, “Back out, you're about to get screwed. But once again the house itself was great, the sales staff was great so I plugged on. I did the walkthrough and was very disappointed at the finished yard and again voiced my displeasure and me and the sales rep agreed DR Horton would level and install my backyard. To me, backyard includes all fenced in property behind the house.

They proceed to place a 10” x 20” foot grass strip in the center and mulch everywhere else. I once again voiced my displeasure and was told, “Sorry, nothing we can do.” So now I am stuck with a 4-foot backyard fence and 3/4 of my yard is mulch! I would highly recommend staying away from DR Horton because it is very clear to me that they only care about their bottom line and not the customers. I even have written in my closing documents that the backyard would be installed. So much for contracts.

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Original review: March 10, 2010

This company has nowhere to reach and find other than just a website. All the phone number they published is only a pre-recorded voicemail. They must have so much problems they avoid any real person contact. There are lots of problems and poor quality work with homes they build throughout the entire community. These homes are all within 5 to 7 years old. When we tried to contact them for warranty service, they sent numbers of different contractors and subcontractors to come by and ask to look at problem, but no real work being done and simply dragging time and act as if they are responding. In the meantime, letting the problem to worsen and spread. In some case, they drag until warranty runs out and then say "your work is no longer under warranty".

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Original review: March 9, 2010

In the summer of 2008, we purchased a home from DR Horton. We live across an open space that DR Horton said was going to be landscaped with grass, shrubs, and trees. It is now March of 2010, and the open space is still not landscaped. Despite numerous calls and emails, DR Horton has not fulfilled their promise, and we are stuck looking at an eyesore. I lost $623, which I used to pay for a TV. A fellow neighbor, living two streets down from us, also lives across an open lot, and is frustrated with the same issue. He was told he had a prime location for buying, as the open space would be landscaped, but DR Horton failed him as well, and he is still looking at weeds from his home. In addition, the fence that encloses our backyard, fell over a month after we moved in. It also took them over 6 months to repair a roofing issue, that was within the warranty. I would suggest not buying from this company, as it seems they take no pride in their business, and their integrity is questionable.

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Original review: March 4, 2010

This house is only about 3 1/2 years old and I have a large crack or separation in the ceiling of my bedroom. I have cracks in the mortar of the kitchen countertops... cracks completely across the driveway at garage. There are nails poking through the walls in different areas of the house.

My daughter's home is a few months younger than mine and she is having some of the same problems. I have heard this same story from so many owners of D.R. Horton homes. What can we do outside to fight them on the 10-year warranty or filing a class action lawsuit?

This gave me unnecessary cost to repair ceilings and mortar.

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Original review: Feb. 18, 2010

Power goes out when using leaving area outlets. Back porch light does not work at all. Large hole in garage. I’m embarrassed when business partners and family come over for entertainment and company.

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Original review: Feb. 12, 2010

Buyers beware! Before you buy in Wildwood Estates, Arlington Tx. 76001, you need to know that there 4 large cottonwood trees that trash out the neighborhood. They clog up the air conditioning filters, pool filters, covers the yards and bushes. It causes severe allergy problems for the people in the community. The cotton falls from early spring until late summer. DR Horton should never have left the trees in the neighborhood. The builders and homeowners' association are not willing to work with us to have these 100 ft trees removed, or even replaced.

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Original review: Dec. 9, 2009

The appointment at design center was a rush job. We were not informed of all the changes that we were allowed to make. We thought we were getting slab granite, but found out it was tile. We happened to get to construction site in time to let the construction foreman know they were working on our house and needed to widen the doors. We were supposed to have a construction meeting prior to this but did not. This was not professional. We decided we wanted the granite tile 3 weeks ago, but he only started working on it this week. Now he is saying it is too late to make the change. Nothing has been done professionally. This is not how you work with a customer. I am very disappointed at this point. How do I get my granite?

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Original review: Nov. 28, 2009

House and driveway are badly settling, house is moving toward neighbor house because Horton did not stabilize the land before building. Substandard exterior wood is rotting away. Driveway contains no reinforcing steel and is breaking up. Other concrete in neighborhood has had to be replaced.

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Original review: Nov. 24, 2009

DR Horton builders took over our subdivision in October 2009. Not only did they damage vehicles lining our streets with vans, they came into our yard and illegally stole our water to saturate their lots so they could plow the ground.

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Original review: Oct. 24, 2009

We purchased our home in the latter part of March 2005. Within a couple of months, we began to have problems. One of the problems was our backyard. We live at the bottom of steep incline. Every time it rains, our backyard and the side of our house flood. I reported this to the D.R. Horton, and a couple weeks later, they sent landscapers to proceed with a temporary fix by placing angel hair grass on the hill. Unfortunately, this did not last. Also, a couple of months ago, a not so strong wind blew a shutter off our house. To add to this, the carpet in every room of our house has buckled; the hardwoods in the foyer are separating from the floor; the sheet rock tape near the fireplace (which we rarely use) is separating from the wall; AC on the second floor does not even cool the back bedroom at all. The water pressure in the entire house is very weak.

When we contacted D.R. a couple of months ago via their e-mail complaint line, they sent an e-mail back saying that these were not their problems and that they are not responsible for any of these issues. Furthermore, they told us to that we need to address these with the builder of the home, and that was it. If they put their name on the product, why shouldn't they be the ones dealing with our problem? We don't even know who the builder was at that time. These homes are poorly constructed. If we knew what we know now, we would have never have purchased such a substandard home.

To add insult to injury, after I sent the e-mail to D.R. Horton, our Home Owner's Association sent us a letter of violation for a missing shutter, and they threatened to fine us for the missing shutter. I would never recommend anyone to buy a home from this company. They rush to put up poorly built homes just to make a dollar at the consumer's expense. As a result of this, we still have a flooding backyard that we cannot use, and we have to hire someone to pull the carpet tight in every room (6 rooms total). Also, we have to get a contractor to fix our fireplace, which we can no longer use because of the issue. Furthermore, we have to have a plumber resolve our water pressure issue and someone take a look at our HVAC. Monetarily, these are big-ticket problems that should not be paid by us but by D.R. Horton.

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Original review: Oct. 15, 2009

Hardwood floors were not properly installed & there was loose flooring. Landscaping was not completed. I have a dig in the back yard. Rooms were not painted right (different colors on the walls). Bathroom down stairs was not completed. Front door lock is jamming. My garage doors are two different colors & the warranty dept is giving me the runaround. Hope you can help.

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Original review: Oct. 5, 2009

I purchased a home from DR Horton in Sept. 2005 and expressed to the salesman that I needed a flat lot because my cardiologist in New York said that I should not be mowing a lawn that requires me to exert myself in the summer heat on any type of hilly lot if I have a home built, because I had a heart attack and have one artery shut down and one with two stints in it. I also explained that I was retired and loved golf and wanted a flat lot for these two reasons. I drove down to North Carolina the day before closing to inspect the home and found that the lot I purchased was no longer a slight downgrade but a steep hill and the money I paid to have my lot cleared was no longer needed, because it was no longer possible to practice my chip shots.

Today, my lot, as well as my neighbors, has between 30' to 40' off backyard. The balance is just a weeded area. I was charged $2,000 for a premium lot and $2,000 to clear it and when the sales person read all the extra charges I was paying (such as brick front, $12,500) and read $2,000 premium lot, I replied, "I don't mind paying $2,000 premium since my lot is almost flat (topography map shows a 12' decline over the 190' length). I told the site manager that I would straighten the matter out the next day at closing but didn't know that nobody from DR Horton was present. My real estate agent called the district manager from the closing office on his cell phone and sat waiting for his call. But after an extra half hour which was eating into the person’s lunchtime, I said I will sign the documents but I want my money refunded.

When I commented that I am accepting the $,2000 for premium lot because it is almost flat, was it not the person's responsibility to correct me because he knew the lot would become a steep hill per the topography map showed the word "fill" on all lots on my side of the road? By not saying anything, isn't it a confirmation that my statement was correct? Other than the proof (documentation) of the above being fraudulent, I sued in small claims court for fraud and the attorney for the builder requested the case be dismissed because I signed for arbitration. I told the magistrate that I did sign the document but I have proof that the contract was fraud which would void the contract and the agreement for arbitration should be voided. The magistrate said, "Since you signed for arbitration, bring the fraud matter up then." Conversation continued between the magistrate and me and she dismissed the case with prejudice.

I appealed the case and signed to have a trial by jury but received a notice my case was to be handled by arbitration. I feel that my rights to a fair trial have been violated and can see that the lawyers who are located within 5 minutes from the court have established a relationship with the court personnel and as in two other cases where I was right, I lost. I guess that the court feels that if a fair decision for an individual was common, people would not need a lawyer. The builder knows I have no money to continue this fight otherwise, I would have sued three years ago. I am 74 years old, retired, and only have Social Security as income as my tax the past two years shows that I received all my money I paid in taxes refunded. Thank you.

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Original review: Sept. 29, 2009

We began dealing with the warranty company for D.R. Horton in Rowlett, Texas in 2006 shortly after closing on our new D.R. Horton home in November of 2005. We have not had any peace since we have been living in our home, as we have experienced a major foundation failure. And after installation of 47 piers by Advanced Foundation Repair, the soil continued to expand and push our house back off the piers. That is when we decided to take a stand and request that D.R. Horton take responsibility for their failed product and buy it back from us. Please visit ** and see why we have started this site and how you can become a part of the solution.

Someone said that we need to all band together and publish all of our stories on one website for starters along with pictures and videos of all that we, as new home owners, are forced to endure because substandard builders like D.R. Horton are allowed to go on building with no consequences for their improper building practices. Call Troy at ** and visit us at **. Our Signature Huffines Community of Savannah, Texas has numerous houses with major foundation problems, water intrusion problems, and improper construction problems which are causing many of the issues. Our houses were not designed well enough here to withstand the expansive soil and our streets and sidewalks and steps leading to our homes are live, present proof of this. This is one of those times that government needs to get involved and quit sitting with the backs turned to consumers that are losing their chance of the "American dream" and the investment of a lifetime.

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Original review: Sept. 28, 2009

Well, here's some more negative publicity for the DR Horton home builders. We are already 3 weeks past the promised close date for our new home in Las Vegas. We have sent 4-5 emails and the same number of calls to management and staff in various areas of the country, all with no response at all. We are going into a new lease, because they didn't keep their word, as well as another month of storage fees. Our local sales agent doesn't respond. Her boss promised a call back later that day (no return call), and there's still no word from the regional manager after 3 emails and 2 phone calls. Where's the customer service? All we wanted originally was the progress report of our home once a week. Now we feel like they're saying "They're going to buy their $225K home, no matter what" so on to the next suckers!

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Original review: Sept. 28, 2009

I purchased my home from DR Horton (August 2007). Within 1st year of warranty period, a northeaster storm caused water damage around the front bay window (August 2008). Subsequently, DR Horton attempted to fix seal around the window. In September 2009, a second major northeaster occurred, causing extension water damage at same location (front bay window). I contacted DR Horton again to fix front window leak and perform repair of water damage. I was told house is now outside of warranty period. I attempted to explain to them that the seal was never fixed properly the first time and the only reason no water damage occurred over last year is that most storms come from the west and winds do not hit the front of the house. DR Horton still refuses to perform repair work on water damage and correct leaking seal around bay window.

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Original review: Sept. 18, 2009

I purchased my home back in June of 2006; and in December of 2008, I filed a warranty request with DR Horton and was told that someone would come over to check my leaking roof. It’s now September of 2009 and I’m still waiting for that person to show up. I have submitted several more requests, and no one has even bothered to return my calls or emails. It's funny how when they are trying to sell you a home, they seemed to be hounding you day and night; and now that I need their help, they don’t seem to care anymore about customer service. My front porch is leaking, but there is no sign of damage to the outside of the roof, but you can see there is a dip on the roof. There are no shingles missing; but most likely, the roofer forgot to put the black paper that goes below before putting the shingles on. I don’t think it would be fair to me to fix my own roof already, and it’s only been about two years and having a leaky roof already.

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Original review: Sept. 16, 2009

We have made numerous requests for a few years in regards to the deck on the right side of our house that is located adjacent to the gas meter and pipe. See how it affects our home below. Anyways, DR Horton finally sent someone to inspect our deck in early August but have not yet responded to us nor came up with an acceptable solution for us. This is totally unacceptable. I believe all of the homeowners are very annoyed with their ignorance. It's time for all of us to get together and start a lawsuit against this irresponsible builder.

The deck has been settled more than 6 inches, and it continues to settle since our first request. However, our request for fixing the deck had been ignored by the company and nothing was repaired yet. Since this deck is located adjacent to the gas pipe, the failing of the deck is creating a serious hazard to our life and property since the deck keeps dragging the gas pipe away from our house. In addition, the failing deck also becomes a hazard to the utility company personnel when they come to our house to check the utility meters.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2009

The kitchen floor is unlevel, floor squeaks through out the house, cabinet doors fall apart, windows won't stay on track, gutters are not leaning right for the water to flow, plumbing rattles, vinyl siding falling loose, kitchen floor sags, textured paper on drywall peeling and from under crown molding, and the ceiling is cracking. The house is falling apart. I have contacted the dealer, they have come out to look at the problems and have not fixed anything yet. We've been in the house since 2004 and started having problems right away.

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Original review: July 16, 2009

Our community has been plagued with break-ins because DR Horton HOA Board members refuses to keep our community gated at all times! In addition, we will make complaints and our cries are heard in deaf ears! Replacing landscaping (trees) that has been dug up has not been replaced and Brian refuses to replace the tree that was damaged before I closed. The maintenance crew is always new and not certified! Sloppy patch up work for 11-month warranty. Floor boards creaking sounds and can see tape through paint on sheet rock walls and ceilings! Developer doesn't take care of empty lots and DR Horton doesn't respond in a timely manner to consumer complaints! Inspector has a rude and honary attitude and lack of communication with homeowner! He barely speaks English! I have to have my father who is a certified and skilled builder/landscaper correct the issue that can easily be avoided

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Original review: June 12, 2009

I bought my home, new, in December 2006. Six months after moving in, we had a leak in the wet bar, which had to be removed along with the dry wall, cabinets, flooring and subfloor. In April 2009 we had the toilet in the upstairs bathroom continue to run and overflow, causing damage to the kitchen ceiling.

This toilet has been a problem since we moved in, but was never repaired (until we had it repaired). Yesterday another bathroom upstairs started leaking into the master bath downstairs. Since this has happened after the 2-year warranty period has expired, repairs will be on my dime. It is obvious to me that the plumber that worked on the building of my home had no idea what he was doing, since all of my problems seem to be plumbing related. Of course, that plumber is no longer in business.

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Original review: June 4, 2009

Tiles are coming off the floor in the whole house. I contacted them and they told me to contact the company that installed them, who informed me the warranty is valid for one year only. Now my A/C unit has failed and I can’t get hold of any person to inform me to whom I should contact to remedy these problems. Also, when it rains, water collects near the foundation which may cause damage in the future.

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Original review: June 4, 2009

We purchased a home from DR Horton because we were relocating from San Jose, CA. The realtor representing DR Horton assured us a closing date of 30 to 45 days. To date, the closing date kept delaying and delaying and now it is going to be 63 days and not the 45 days as she indicated. When we asked for the refund, any reputable company would refund the deposit but not DR Horton. We had purchased homes in California prior to coming to this wonderful city of Las Vegas, Nevada and never encountered such unscrupulous tactics to swindle money from ordinary folks. And now we do not have anyone to turn to for help. We hope the general public will be aware of DR Horton because they are exactly like thugs.

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Original review: May 29, 2009

This is our first home. We have had it since late 2007. We had a water leak first off and with a repair that took over month to get done, we had an extreme water bill come with it. The water leak was repaired, but the house water was never turned back on. We arrived at our home at 11PM and discovered we had no water. We tried to find the valve, but it was a street issue. When calling the emergency number, we were told someone would come out the next day. My wife was pregnant at the time and suffered severely due to that problem. Then our heater broke within 2 months of owning our home. It started blowing ice cold air out of the vents with a strong force. We were unable to disconnect the unit because we did not have a ladder tall enough to reach. We called the emergency number again and was told someone would come out in a few hours. That was some of the coldest nights of the year and we needed the heater.

After a few hours, no one showed. No one showed until three days later. In between that time, I called everyone I could. My wife was pregnant and freezing and no one was coming out. Finally, after both JS West and Beulter came out and pointed fingers at each other, the problem was that our heater was converted for gas and not propane as needed. With that knowledge, Beulter came in to fix it 3 more days later. Thanksgiving was destroyed. Then Christmas rolls in and the heater does it again. This time we had a ladder. Several days later again, they came out to repair it. Now giving other excuses as to what has been missed or overlooked by the guy who last touched it. The buck was being passed faster than we could keep track.

Christmas plans cancelled. Our first Thanksgiving and Christmas in our new home - no celebrating, no photos, just crying and fighting. No one apologized to us either. Then New Year's eve big party, 92-year-old Grandpa was here and everything and the heater did it again! It was so cold out that everyone had to leave our house just minutes before midnight. Grandma had to get in a car and take a 2-hour ride home. No one came out to fix the problem for 3 more days. I left nasty messages on every machine I came across thanking everyone involved for ruining our holidays. We had a huge water bill that took 5 months to get reimbursed for and as well as a heater bill. There are propane fireplaces in these crappy homes and we were advised by Don ** to turn them on to keep warm. The heat doesn't leave the unit and doesn't heat anything. The cost is beyond ridiculous.

During all of the drama, my wife had a miscarriage. The water here in Diablo Grande is deadly. Seriously, research the net to read about that issue. We don't know if the water or the stress caused our misfortune. Don ** and I were on the phone talking about receiving the check for the water/heat reimbursement (he was so happy about that by the way). During our conversation, I asked him what DR Horton will be doing for us to make up for what we have been through. He stated he didn't know, but it would be something. 2 weeks later, I have another phone conversation with Don ** as I was walking around Target in Livermore, CA. He asked me how things were and I said not good because we suffered a miscarriage. He said he was sorry and hoped things go well. I said, "I hope you have some good news for me."

He proceeded to say that DR Horton will be willing to do something for us, but they don't know what as it wouldn't be monetary. I said, "Well I'm a new homeowner so any home upgrades would be great." I said I have no landscaping in my backyard and that would be great. He said, "That sounds doable. Let me talk to my boss and get back to you." Several weeks later he was at my home repairing our driveway and I asked him where we stood with the backyard situation. Don ** said, "Yes, we are going to do that for you but nothing too fancy." I was thrilled and my wife smiled for the first time in weeks. Over the course of several more weeks, my wife and I walked through some of the DR Horton homes and checked their landscaping. Just 3 doors down from us was a simple basic backyard. I called Don and told him about the home and he said he knew of it. I said we would take something just like that and that would be great. Don ** said, "I'll call you."

After 2 weeks went by and I had not heard from him, I called him on his promise. Immediately he said, "You are going to need to call my boss Lloyd **." I said OK and called that moment. Within seconds of me saying my name, Lloyd ** said DR Horton is not in the business of making up for problems with homes and that they will be doing nothing for us. This was the beginning of many weeks of phone calls and fights, only to have it end up in the hands of Lloyd **'s boss, whom said Lloyd and Don never said any of the above. However, they will give us a $200 Home Depot card for our troubles. I told him to shove that card where the sun doesn't shine. We made a big mistake buying a DR Horton home. We are trying to get through day by day.

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Original review: May 26, 2009

If you own a DR Horton home and have complaints about shoddy workmanship or repairs, better sell when you can. We have lived in our home for 9 years and have spent the whole time repairing, replacing what crap that we didn't realize when we bought the home. We never signed off on the walk through and they continued doing repair stuff almost 5 years after we bought the home. Now, we are on our own and it would have been much cheaper to buy a more expensive, better quality home. And, they try to stick it to you every step of the way, always the minimum to keep you from seeing an attorney.

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Original review: May 13, 2009

I purchased this house new on 3/19/09. Already have repairs that need done. 2 weeks after move in, the pipe for the irrigation system broke and water went running down the street. I had the company Palo Verde come down. It took 3 days to fix and now plants are starting to die. One month after move in, the sink in the downstairs bathroom broke. It took over 2 weeks to get fixed. Now it's broken again. The handle just comes right off. It wasn't even fixed right. Upstairs toilet keeps getting clogged. I was able to unclog it the first time, but yesterday it did it again and it won't unclog. Warranty won't cover this issue. I will probably need to call a plumber. The screen door keeps coming off its tracking, but we have it working for now.

I'm very frustrated with these problems. This is my first home and did not expect to have these many issues. It seems like they used cheap materials. I'm now worried there will be more problems in the future.

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Original review: April 22, 2009

I am a TX realtor, and I was the procuring cause of 2 sales that DR Horton made. I am owed the associated commissions, yet they continue to refuse to pay me.

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Original review: April 2, 2009

We moved into a DR Horton house about 2 years ago. The house is 4 years old. We are having numerous problems with it. To start with, the garage door large spring snapped when it wasn't even being used, causing a huge noise. That cost us $430 to fix. I also had a bad leak in the sprinkler system pipes which the water company discovered and notified us, because they thought I was using an excessive amount of water and that I probably had a leak somewhere. That cost $200 to repair and I've had to replace many sprinkler heads myself. We have an electrical problem in two upstairs bedrooms - only certain outlets work and a breaker trips sometimes when we have very few items turned on. I'm afraid to get an estimate on that.

The front door handle broke. I fixed it myself for $100. The garbage disposal sounds like it is ready to go any day now. The outside hose spigot does not turn the water on. The handle in the garage to turn the water on is all rusted out - again, I'm afraid to get an estimate on that. I also had to repair a drawer in the kitchen cabinets, because if you pulled it out too far, it would drop and you'd have to catch it. Also, the toilets keep clogging because they're small and cheap. One last thing is, the heat is very uneven in the house; the bedrooms can be very cold and the hallway between them is warm as toast, which is going to need repair. So as you can see, I'm not happy with DR Horton and would be very cautious about buying one of their homes.

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Original review: March 24, 2009

I have lived in my home since August of 2008. I had to move in fast because I am a student so it was easy to overlook many things on the walk through. Overall they fixed the touch ups on the tile and the paint. The one thing that bothered me about the condo was the smell. When we asked Erik (the man that took us on the walk through) he assured us that it would go away. It was an odd earthy smell, kind of like dirt. Another thing we noticed was that there were bleach spots along the wall. Because we didn't have the time to fix it they lowered the price.

I didn't think much of either of these problems until recently. We had friends visit who worked in contrusction and they asked us upon walking in if we have ever checked for mold, because our house smelled like mold. I blew the idea off until I have a mushroom grow out of my bathroom tile. Since then the corporation came out. The man told us that it was just the smell of us, that everybody has a smell. He thought our house smelled like flowers. Also the mushroom was explained as just surface mold from water on the tile. We had a mold company come out, they assured us that we have mold. however, they wanted us to pay a large sum of money to send the mold in to be tested...so we aren't sure that was the best source. The corporation came out again, this time with a camera to measure heat or wetness (I can't remember, but it was to test the walls). They assured us that we didn't have mold. Also they said the bleach stains have nothing to do with it. So now, all I know is that my house smells bad, and the smell is in my belongings when I visit my parents, and in my clothes...the smell hasn't gone away in over 6 months. I honestly don't know what it is.
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Original review: March 24, 2009

I filed a request fot warrenty work on my roof and two electrical outlets my roof is leaking in two places thus causeing my outlets to go out when it rains it leaks nd gets worse they have been contacted three time and they have yet to try and get hold me.

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Original review: March 21, 2009

We were looking for a home around the north oklahoma city metro area. We had seen several other homes and had an idea of the avg square foot price. Most of the houses in the 2400 sq ft homes were 250,000 and up. I just happened to look at a new edition of DR Horton homes called West winds. They had 2400sq feet homes for less than 186,000. I knew something was wrong because of this. And I am so glad I took a look inside.

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2009

I am a Siding and Stone Contractor that was working on a 30 house sub division for DR Horton (Bethany Terrace). My license was temporarily suspended due to unpaid payroll tax so I was released from the project. This money was promised to me when we were released from the project on August 18, 2008 to prevent any liens from the material suppliers, in total $14,335.00 due to my company, Advantage Construction LLC. This money was from 5 projects in total, 2 of which were 1 day away from completion (lot #24 $10,560.00 & lot #9 $2,900.00 - these were pre agreed upon signed and approved by this company before work on the lots began) and the Job Supervisor was in agreement this money was due and should be paid in full.

Several months of attempted contact with the vice president of the project and he kept putting me off saying payment was ready. Now he has ignored me all together for 2 months. I have full documentation of every penny due and now the material contractor is after me for money due, liens have been places and no contact. I have not been able to re-establish my license due to the money due to my company and I owe employees close to $3,000.00. I have lost my home and my vehicle due to these people. Need some type of contact from this scandalous company. Please help!!!!!

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Original review: Jan. 24, 2009

I purchased my DR Horton home in Oct. '08. As my neighbors introduced themselves to me, they all told me of the builder recognized defective coupling in my front yard that connects the main water line to the house. The coupling will burst and the builder has recognized it as being faulty, they all said. My home was never lived in since it was built, I am the first occupant, as this were used for the first time they broke, like the coupling mentioned above. I contacted the builder, DR Horton, and was referred to RSP PLUMBING, the original sub contractor that installed the plumbing and this faulty coupling for DR Horton. They gave me the runaround as well, they wanted me to contact the builder. I explained that I have already done that and they referred me to RSP Plumbing.

After three days of this back and forth, and no water to my home, the builder sent out their director of warranty, Dennis **. This.... gentleman.... proceeded to act as if he has never heard of this problem and it could be anything other than the coupling. He is one of the rudest and most condescending persons I have ever dealt with, with comments such as, "Maybe I'm not speaking clearly enough for you," "Am I not speaking a language you understand?" and basically left me with an "I don't care what your problem is." DR Horton will not investigate it, nor will they take responsibility for its attitude and left, with comments such as, "Good luck with that, have a nice day."

After speaking with RSP Plumbing once again, Bernie of RSP stated, "Don't worry about it. We will take care of it," and was sending a plumber right over. I stated to Bernie that nobody would be home and asked if that was a problem, she said, “No, we will take care of it.” My wife was leaving for work as the plumber showed up, as she was backing out of the garage. The plumber approached her and said that it was going to be $110.00 to fix this. She asked the plumber, “What for?” His reply was, "Labor, we gotta get paid too." She reluctantly wrote the check due to the fact that I had already dug the hole and located the in fact faulty coupling, he never even back filled the hole, and it took all of 10 minutes to replace THEIR FAULTY COUPLING.

I contacted Bernie at RSP and asked her why they charged me for something they are liable for (number one), and (number two), why did she say they would take care of it and wound up charging me? She had no real explanation other than I can contact the owner of RSP Plumbing and take it up with him. She gave me a fictitious owner’s name, but through my own investigation I was able to get the correct name and number for the owner, Jack Sadler Jr. I proceeded to leave several phone messages for him over the next two days but never received a single call back. They did cash my check immediately though. So if you do not care about your hard earned money, want to be bullied by DR Horton, and love to be strong armed by their sub contractors, spoke to like you don't matter or you are a piece of garbage, DR Horton is for you.

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Original review: Jan. 12, 2009

I purchased a Horton mobile home from a dealer in MS - for my daughter who was homeless post Katrina. I had similar credit problems with their financier as the ones reported above and was then very quickly able to get conventional financing through a reputable bank and that was just the beginning of the nightmare - Horton Hatches Horrors!! They never completed the initial punch list of defects and then summer of '07, the bathroom floor started to give way. Eventually after innumerable phone calls, legal and PR threats and having to travel to MS from CT, we were able to find out that the floor beam in the bathroom was missing. This was after having an open hole where the toilet had been for over a month and living with the nightmare of unwanted guests, i.e., cottonmouths.

The floor was never repaired correctly and I paid to tile it after 3 tries on their part with vinyl. They chipped the tub taking it out, etc. Since there were other spongy spots, I requested that they inspect the entire underneath - they refused. There are major code violations for the electric for a house that they can get away with for a mobile home. There is very little of the structure that is level and it was not originally (as they tried to claim the site). The siding was not stapled on properly and buckles in the summer heat. There are definitely anomalies with the roof. The sinks are not set correctly and don't completely drain. I could go on and on.

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Original review: Dec. 11, 2008

On approximately May 22, 2008, Peggy Love, Representative for DR Horton came to my home for the yearly inspection. I purchased my home on May 25, 2007. There were several items repaired. However, there is one major issue that still remains unresolved. I have left several messages for Mike Duffy, Berkshire Homes Representative, that has recently taken Ms. Love's position. He continues to send me an e-mail stating he and his supervisor will come look at the property. Previously, Mr. Duffy has seen the 2x4's coming through my upstairs ceiling in my loft, hallway, and third bedroom. No one wants to tackle this problem. However, I am willing to take this matter to court to resolve this issue. It has been almost six months and no seems to care. Please contact me at 301-875-8730, because I travel frequently. My home tel. no. is 704-455-2053.

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Original review: Nov. 15, 2008

They are ignoring all warranty request from me and my neigbors.

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Original review: Nov. 15, 2008

I bought my D R Horton home in March 2003. DHI Mortgage tried to force me into using their lender by not cooperating with my outside lender to close on the house. Horton even sent me a letter stating that I had forfeited my deposits and contract because I couldnt get my outside lender to perform. After a lot of legal rangling and tendering over $40K to the title company, I made Horton sell me the home.

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Original review: Nov. 14, 2008

This report refers to new home construction in DR Horton's Arlington Farms Subdivision in Fairhope Alabama

I purchased a new home that was built to my order and closed in May of 2008 The heated/cooled area of the house (Annabeth Model) is actually 10% less than advertised in their documentation Poor subcontractors were used for mechanical work, plumbing, roofing, and landscaping. Poor quality workmanship was performed with unsatisfactory supervision. ALL identical plan houses in subdivision have larger central air conditioners than mine using name brand equipment. My unit is smaller with off brand equipment. Distribution ductwork has half the air registers than identical models in subdivision resulting in extreme temperature variation from room to room. HORTON REFUSES TO CORRECT THIS Concrete work cracked, potholes are all over landscaping, roofing shingles are cupped and curling, moisture in wood door frame results in expansion and contraction so great that door varies from stuck shut to not latching depending on what outside humidity is, and a fireplace chimney vent was installed so low to the roof that it may be a fire hazard. Identical models have chimney vents almost twice as high. While this house is a standard plan for Horton, it was built to order. I believe that is why I got all the poor subcontractors, defective work and poor supervision during construction.
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Original review: Nov. 14, 2008

My husband and I submitted an offer for a DR Horton home on a Sunday morning. We got the runaround for five days about the offer, and when I attempted to contact the sale representative, I got no answer at either his office or cell phone. I got no information other than the employees of DR Horton were having Casino Night and our offer was literally just sitting on someone's desk.

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Original review: Oct. 13, 2008

When researching lots and homes within DR HORTON/CAMBRIDGE HOMES (Pingree Grove, IL) we reviewed the contract and asked our sales person John about the fencing issue. The contract stated that we could only get a 4' picket fence, but what we wanted was a 4' aluminum fence like two other homes in the neighborhood. Our property backs up to a wooded area and we were assured by John that we just had to get the approval of our neighbors in our cul-de-sac.

Our neighbors, after getting their approval, were told the same thing. This is 9 households that were told this. We took the proper steps to contact the Association Board (made up of three DR HORTON employees, no resident advocate) about amending our contract so we could get a fence installed, and were ignored, until we contacted our atty who drafted a letter telling them the situation of the salesman, our canvassing of the cul-de-sac, etc. They, in turn, ignored her as well. Our phone calls and emails went unanswered for months. We finally emailed the attorney at DR HORTON in Libertyville, IL (the IL Branch) and he said they would meet on a Wednesday and would have our answer by week's end.

We rec'd the denial the next morning. We feel we were lied to, basically victims of bait and switch. Cambridge's sales person, John, has not owned up to his lie/misrepresentation, and has not shown his face to any of us to apologize. DR HORTON needs to own up to their error; it's not costing them any money and truth be told, no one's going to see the fence but us since we back up to a meadow.

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Original review: Sept. 27, 2008

I was going to buy a land home package the dealer put $100 down to hold the land and I paid him back the contract was between he and the land owner. Our deal fell through and now I'm getting the run around to get my money back. The contract HE signed said non refundable so I sould get my money back. right

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Original review: Sept. 17, 2008

I have many Issues with this builder. I purchased my home 12/2005.


1.Charged for an upgrade that my home does not have.Still cannot get this resolved.

2.uneven floors through out my 2nd level.The builder shaved the floors,(I took photos) this was only after calling the contractors board.The floors are Still uneven.It has caused me extreme back pain to sleep in my uneven bed( due to the floors).

3.The flashing on the out side of my home is chipping away.

4.water heater thermocouple went out 2 times,which is a known defective part.(I paid for two service calls in the last year.

4.Was told they were not selling to investors. Well...gues what. One homeowner in the community owns eihgt homes. They are renatals.

5.Our community streets are not being maintained by the builder.The community is filled with trash, debris and oil stains (which is slippery).The community has been sold out for two years and the builder still has unfinshed street work. I have patches of concrete broken in front of my home.

6.Dish disposal was cracked.( had to be replaced.

Te stress of our purchase is unreal.Every time i see our unfinished and rental community it sickens me.

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Original review: Sept. 9, 2008

well mine was simple I thought, but I guess it wasnt. I have two yard gates on my home, The whole neighborhood only has one. dr horton says I ordered two and the bill shows that.But what I thought I ordered was mesh to be installed on the gate. nope they gave me another gate. well after telling like 4 people now, they wont fix it for me and make it right.All I want is it to be taken down and bricked over. but not one person will listen. real sad they couldnt make the customer happy, wouldnt of took much.

nothing happened, my gate is still there.

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Original review: Sept. 8, 2008

We bought and built a new home with DR Horton on which we closed in May of 2001. In August of 2008 we discovered mold growing above the cabinets in the kitchen. In order for mold to have grown to that extent, the leak had to have existed for some time (years not weeks). The leak was caused from defective/shoddy roof installation. In one of the valleys, the decking did not have a place to be nailed down, but the roofers put a nail in any way. The hole for the nail and the decking lifting up caused the shingles to split and a small leak to develop. Both the home inspector and the roofing company stated it was due to defective installation.

We are just beginning the clean up process and are looking at costs between $3000 and $10,000. We are lucky because we caught this relatively early and have less than 25 square feet effected. DR Horton does not consider this a warranty issue as it was not a load bearing wall. I wish I had known about sites like this before we purchased our home. We would have paid for additional outside inspections to be performed which may have caught this issue. It does make me wonder how many of the other issues we've had with our home should be laid at the builder's feet.

Living in TX, our summers are hot. Our AC unit does not cool the house. Our first summer we discovered that the unit was the minimum required for our square footage, but not sufficient for a home with 11 foot ceilings. We also have had several issues with the grading of the yard. Buyer be warned.

Roof Leak cost - $400 roof repair $3200 remediation (estimated) $2500 remodeling (estimated) Lawn Grading - French Drain $900; landscaping rework $500 Gutters installed - $1000 UV Blocking screens installed - $1000

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Original review: Sept. 4, 2008

I am a senior and handcappied the tile fell off my roof and their telling me the roof is only under warrent for 2 years I want the roof repaired I am the owner and brought the home new the house is 3 years old as of August 5, 2008.

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Original review: Sept. 3, 2008

We bought a home that was 5 years old. 1 1/2 years later we noticed wet stains, damp smell and found that the patio door was rotted, through to the interior of the home. Long story short, we found that the flashing was not done properly. We hired a company to do a moisture test and the readings were off the charts, so they suggested that we should have a forensic engineer cut the exterior of the home around some of the windows to see what was causing the moisture issues. Turns out that the home was built in a reverse manner as to the building code. I went to the city to ask why this was not found in the inspections of the home as it was built and they pulled the inspection record, which showed that DR Horton never got the required inspection. They stated that had they actually had the house inspected, this would not have happened.

We are now 2.5 years into our battle with DR Horton to honor their construction warranty, have spent over 25,000.00 and they still will not do anything. What good is a home warranty if you have to spend 25,000+ to get the company to honor it? Is this America? What if the auto or other industries decide they too do not want to honor warranty? Worse yet, there are tons of homes in our development and city where families have had to or are going through the same process. All of them have to take between 75,000 and 120,000 out of family savings to pay for atty fees, inspection fees and law suits. No one has come out whole and everyone has lost between 75,000.00 and 100,000.00 out of their savings. Note that this is money they have set aside for childrens college etc. This comes out to a loss of over 500,000.00 for my 3 kids when they go to college 14 years from now. Note that we are with in our 10-year home warranty period. Obviously a home warranty is worthless. There should be laws against this kind of thing. If the average homeowner has to use the kids college fund to repair a home that was built wrong, we are sure to fail as a society.

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Original review: Aug. 27, 2008

I purchased my home in March 2007. When I closed I was told that I had an FHA loan. Also when I closed there were two condo buildings under construction by DR Horton with 10 more scheduled to be built. I later found out that the remaining buildings to be built were "on hold". The sales office was then removed from the site and I was then told that they were no longer selling units either. Construction workers came and went over time until the two buildings were completed. There are 5 homeowners living here and a total of about 45 units.

About a month ago I received a call from my current lender informing me that my loan was never backed by FHA and they would like to refinance me into a FHA loan. I went through all the paperwork to do the refinance and I found out that I can't refinance because there is not 40% occupancy here. In addition, I cannot sell because anybody that would like to get a loan will be unable because there is not 40% occupancy here. I've talked with 2 other home owners here and they are in the same situation.

We had a home owners association meeting yesterday with DR Horton and our HOA. Four of the 5 homeowners were present for the meeting. We were told that DR Horton is trying to sell the subdivision but only as a "bundle deal" with other Trimark serious subdivisions. They also informed us that they currently don't have anybody interested in buying the portfolio. They told us home owners that it is easier for them to sell a property that does not have any home owners. We immediately asked if they would buy us all out. We are all willing to sell our homes back to DR Horton and leave.

What I'd like to know is do we have any legal recourse since we were told that we had FHA loans and now we have found out that we don't? Is there a way legally to force DR Horton to buy us out? I've made calls to them but haven't gotten anywhere. I am seeking legal counsel to get some answers. Any help you can provide would be much appreciate.

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Original review: Aug. 25, 2008

Granite countertop in Kitchen sink area was installed incorrectly and there is now more than a 12-inch crack that keeps expanding. This defective installation was present at the initial walk-thru. When brought to the attention of the Rep, we were told no expansion will occur.

Less than 2 years after the home was built (we took possession in September 2006 as first owner/occupant), the crack is getting worse and Customer Service denied our request for completion of work that was defective. There are also cracks on the garage floor and squeaks on the master bedroom floor when we walk.

We may need to repair cracked granite out of pocket as well as the squeaks on the bedroom. We may also have to repair the cracks in the garage.

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Original review: Aug. 23, 2008

I bought a new townhome from DR Horton in September 2007. There were several things wrong with the home right off the bat. It was made with the cheapest of materials and just thrown together seems like. There were several things to minor to mention even though they weren't up to par, I only want to mention the major stuff on here.

My towel racks were all crooked and I had to have them redone. My showers were cracking in the corners and I found out they had never been caulked.

My a/c unit was installed incorrectly and the air handler had to be redone. Then my thermostat kept going blank and when I complained they said they came out and looked (couldn't have, I wasn't home) and said the outside unit wasn't done the way they do things and I told them if it was wrong then they did it wrong because no one has touched it. The guy at DR Horton finally had to tell me they would pay for it if anything happened because the a/c people weren't going to honor their warranty. I am having some plumbing issues that they need to come check out now.

My walls are cracking in the corners. And now most majorly.... during the rain we got from T.S. Fay, my house is leaking from the foundation as well as many of my neighbors homes too. We had no flooding in our area from the storm yet my living room got soaked! Also some drywall in a closet along an outside wall is wet. Today I found my garage is leaking. And my a/c unit has condensation on it which is not normal. I am hearing that they didn't seal things correctly, if at all.

This was probably the biggest mistake I've ever made, buying a home from DR Horton.

My carpets are wet and stink and probably now have mold and mildew. I am not sure about the drywall in the living room because of the paint. The drywall in a closet is wet and I noticed that because it hasn't been painted yet. I have had to move all my furniture out of the living room and keep towels along the wall because the water keeps coming in and no one can come look until the next business day. This happened Thursday night and I have to wait until Monday just for someone to come look at it. I have had buy a shop vac which didn't even begin to get all the water out. I had to pay a professional to come suck the water out and it keeps coming in.

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Original review: Aug. 22, 2008

We purchased our home in July of 2006. Before we moved in, we had an independent home inspector from AmeriSpec inspect our home. He found that there were holes in the roof located over our bay window in the master bedroom. When we did our walk-through, we were assured that these holes were fixed. We had no problems until Tropical Storm Fay hit, and now the ceiling in our bedroom is leaking so bad, there is a hole in it. Since we are no longer under warranty, we've had to contact our home owner's insurance company. So far, they haven't given us any problems, but I am beyond irate with the shoddy work that D.R. Horton has done. We've had problems with them in the past regarding our home loan. It was so bad, the loan officer and his assistant were fired. Do we have any recourse regarding our ceiling/roof?

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Original review: Aug. 21, 2008

The masterbedrooms' bathroom is leaking from the ceiling. Can someone Please come by a fix it or take a look at it before it does more damage and mold starts to form, the problem started today.

Right now I only have leak marks on the cieling.

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2008

Buying from D.R. Horton has been the worst experiance of our lives. They had to re-do our floors. Annd now they have to do it again we are still waiting for that. Cracks all over our stucco. They have had to rip some of our windows out. A couple times. But every time they fix something they are to cheap, that they create more problems.

The emotional stress this has put on my family. Time and energy. They never show up when they say they are. We have year old twins an it is hard to deal all this I just dont know what to do.

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Original review: Aug. 20, 2008

We put a ernest money deposit of $1000.00 on a condo in vegas. We went to a realtor. We watched the home being built in fact the framing was already there. We went every 3 to 5 days. We noticed shims being used and cracked 2 by 4s also there was a crack in the fountation in the garage. From the beginning to the end of the garage. There was a hole in the roof of the kitchen you could see it. Also the alot of cracked wood. Spaces being used everywhere. We also went and let the sales men no that some one had cut and stole all the wire in the home. He said he did not no but would report it.

Also the new tub was full of debris water and stained. We had a small walk threw and told the man of the problems. No insulation just the framing and electical and tubs etc. We went back several times still the hole in the roof crack in the fountation etc. So we backed out, and requested our money back, they did not fix it when we requested it. We went to th sales man he said we would get it back he wrote to give our money back. To no avail we still have not gotten it. We went to a lender no percent of interest was locked in or anything they refuse to give our money back.

We need our earnest money back we are on a fixed income.

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Original review: Aug. 9, 2008

I too made the mistake of purchasing a DR Horton home three years ago. From the day we moved in there has been troubles. We had our basement flooded twice, both times by neglect. The first time we found cleaning rags stuffed down the drain in the concrete and every time we used our washer the water would back up into the basement. The second time was because the air conditioning unit was not installed properly. At time of delivery of the house the oven would not open. Some electronic failure. DR Horton would not replace the unit even though it was broke before we moved in, they insisted we have it fixed under warranty. Two weeks later it was fixed. Our microwave and refridgerator also failed.

Three times on the hottest days of the summer our air conditioner stopped working. Our one year walk through inspection still isn't complete three years later. Our development of 79 homes has drug out and is not complete. DR Horton hired a manegement company to run the HOA and the only results we have seen is them collecting our money. The common areas remain uncut, vacant houses are overgrown with grass, various houses are in multiple violations of our by laws and DR Hortons undeveloped land looks like a land fill.

We finally had a transistion to take over the HOA and a representative from DR Horton was not available. (imagine that)The town has finally taken them to court and the town has taken over finishing the infrastructure. This still leave approx. 9 lots unfinished with no promise of closure. We are forced to live in a construction/landfill zone. It is obvious DR Horton doesn't care once they receive their money. "America's Builder" I guess anyone can build in volume but it takes a company with integrity to build a house with high quality and care about their consumers. Something DR Horton has not shown.

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Original review: July 29, 2008

I purchased my home in May of 2007 while I was pregnant and my husband was serving in Iraq. He was suppose to come home and we wanted to start living the american dream but that dream has become a nightmare. We could not get our warranty work started until after almost a year of being in our home.

The main problem is the air condition system is not cooling/heating to desired temperatures. I have had the air condition company, contracted by DR Horton, visit my home five times. The problem I am having is that in the summer my AC unit cannot cool to my set temperature of 77. Instead, the thermostat is reading above this, sometimes up to 84 degrees. My unit is not cycling on and off and I know this is wrong. AC company states verbally, There is nothing wrong with your unit. However, many service technitions from this company have stated my unit is undersized for the sqare footage of my house. When calling in however, they are told something else, and by the time I talk to my warranty representative there appears to be nothing wrong.

In the winter, I have my thermostat set at 74-75 becasue it is freezing. Many times I have taken my own temperature readings and it registers 62-68 degrees downstairs. My infant son was repeatedly getting sick and again, the AC company stated their was nothing wrong. They installed dampers on the upstairs vents of my unit and I was even told my one technition I should turn the fan from auto to manual to circulate the air. A very poor diagnosis for a problem that is making my family miserable.

Another visit by the AC company created shock when a beer can was pulled from one of my AC ducts, illustrating the care that was put into building my family's greatest investment.

Each time I called my warranty representative he said he would dispatch the AC company until I finally expressed my concern with continuing to take off of work to be told the same thing over and over. Then the representative stopped/wouldn't return my calls and my warranty expired. My warranty has expired as of May, yet my most recent contact with my warranty representative has led me to believe that since I have never signed off that my AC unit was fixed the AC company would be dispatched again under warranty. However, I waited all afternoon for them not to show and now my warranty representative is not taking/returning my calls again.

I am extremely dissapointed concerning my experience with DR Horton.

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Original review: July 22, 2008

1. I moved in on July 20, 2007, we had a substantial rainstorm which upon further inspection noticed the rock wall footings we not done correctly. This took almost 7 months to rectify, with city involvement. My backyard was not usable to either my family or my pet, we could not let him out back while the walls were being reconstructed.

2. The kitchen island had a gap from the top to the drawers with nails exposed. When the worker batthroom to fix this we could not use the island; we had to remove everything from the drawers while they reset and attached the top. When he returned to finish up, he didn't have enough materials.

3. Our hall bathroom tub's caulking was substandard. The worker came to recaulk, which rendered that batthroom unusable for a period of two days. When I looked at the work it was clearly not done right and he had to return (again) to do it correctly, this of course was another few days of not being able to use my bathroom. After further inspection by my husband it still wasn't done correctly and he ended up redoing the whole thing over.

4. My first leak in the family room caused another upheavel in my home, I had to remove everything in order that they could (a) fix the leak; (b) and then repaint. My family room was out of commission for a few days. Second leak, same spot in the family room. I got an hour of work on Thursday and an hour of work on Friday and then the worker returned and worked a good 2 1/2 hours on my time on Saturday. Not to mention again, but the room was out of commission again.

5. When we converted over to the heat, we were almost killed by the smell of fumes. We woke up everyday with headaches and a rotten smell. The workers were diligent and concerned and found the problem, but not before they had to unseal the attic trap in order to fix the dislocation of a pipe. We all had symptons of carbon monixide poisoning. I had to visist my physician because I had been having dizzy spells for weeks.

6. Stucco was coming off of the side of the house, this one was easy because we didn't have to be home. This doesn't refute the fact that this shouldn't happen in a new home.

7. We hired a home inspector and he found there were problems with the roof. The worker who came to fix it, came to my husband's work and wanted him to sign off on his work, my husband refused and said not until he inspects his work. When my husband went up on the roof, the worker hadn't done a thing. He returned to complete the job.

8. After restuccoing the area that needed repair we noticed it didn't receive enough coats of paint, so now I've sent in a 2nd request (the first request went unanswered) to have them come back and use another one or two coats of paint.

9. After the painter was finished with painting the family room and kitchen area (after the 2nd leak), I noticed he must have laid something down on my coffee table; when I wiped up the spill it removed the finish on my table. Mind you, we had removed all furniture from this room (minus my sectional, which we covered), but the furniture was moved back into this room by the painter?

10. We were never notified when the painter's would be returning to fix the stucco or repainting, nor was my husband ever told to move his vehicle, now he's got paint spots on the hood and side passenger door of the car. We notified DR Horton of this and have not received any response. I did not address all of the cosmetic fixes we needed. Thank you for your time.

We have spent numerous vacation hours on being home to have all of these problems fiexed. We lost use of certain rooms in our home for weeks. We were sick for weeks not knowing the heating system was the culprit and it actually ended up where I sought medical help for the ill effects. I can't even tell you the stress and frustration we have felt in dealing with all of these issues. At one point I thought I would have a nervous breakdown.

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Original review: July 14, 2008

Dr Horton Lemon- I purchased my home in December 2003,and my nightmare started since the day I moved in.I'm a single woman and senior citezen and DR Horton has not treated me fairly. Based on my experience I would NOT recommend this builder to my worst enemy.

After reading all the complaints about this builder everyone is complaining of the same problems that I am: foundation problems,MOLD(black) carpet,whirlpool,cracks inside and outside,and my yard gets flooded. The drainage is horrible.The water from all the yards from other homes around me runs into mine and the house is splitting in two.

I have endured 5 years of continually fighting,they admit the entire problems even the ones on the original punch list,but they have never corrected them. They treat me badly,are impolite and try to intimidate me,if I had to tell what I went through I would need to write at least 5 books about what they put me through.

Now I have 3 medical reports confirming this house is adversely affecting my health and my Doctor wants me to move out. I paid good money for my home and DR Horton cheated me from the beginning. They cheated me at closing by changing my rate.I had a good faith estimate with a 4.018% rate for 30 years,yet when it was time to close the paper said my rate was 9%.I told them that I was not buying the house and they finally permitted me to go to my bank,and borrowed from them at 5.5% for only 3 years. My loan has had to be renewed 2 times now.

I am not giving up until DR Horton does the right thing and buys my house back. They need to buy back these defective huoses. I want everybody to know who they are dealing with when they buy a new house.

They have ruined me financially, emotionally and my health is gone. There is not enogh money to compensate me for what they have done. They need to buy back this HOUSE.

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Original review: July 12, 2008

I purchased my home on 12/03,and since i moved in, my nightmare started. I'm senior and single woman. Foundation ,MOLD (black), drainage, carpet, whirpool, crack, inside and outside, my all yard gets flatted The drainage is horrible, People yards runs all in mine. the house is split in 2, It's about 5 years of continually fight,they admit all the problem even the ones on the punch list,that they never corrected. And they try to intimitaded me ,and the list goes on.

Now i have 3 Medical certificats that my Doctor want me to move out of my house Dr Horton,Cheeted on me from the begin to the end.they cheeted by at closing changing my rate,I hade a goodfaith estimate@4.018% for 30 years, and they promess me the same rate,when was time to close the paper they told me that my rate was 9%, I told them that i was not buyng the house,they finally permitted me to go to my bank, and borrowed from them @5.5% for 3 Years My loan had to be renuwed 2 time already.

I'm not give up until they either fix, or they need to buy back these house.They ruined me Financially, Emotionally, My health is gone, There is not enogh money to compensate me, they need to buy back.

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Original review: June 30, 2008

We closed on our home Feb of 07'from DR Horton. We were the first homes out of maybe five that were first built. One of the incentives if you purchased the home was a $2500 certificate towards nusery at Cherry Creek Tree Farms. In May of 07'we started to use our certificate. The staff at Cherry Creek said the card can be used any time and does not expire. One year later in May we used the card again. Two weeks later we went to get more nursery, and Cherry Creek denied us of the card because they filed bankruptcy.

After about two weeks, DR sends a letter out stating that Cherry Creek went bankrupt and DR cannot do anything.

I made a complaint on DR website. I do not know what section of the web site because DR does not have a complaint section, so I just put it on some section that had a area to write in. Maybe about three weeks later Holly Rathmason calls me and leaves me a message because I was unavailable at the time. I call her back two or three times with no call back. Finally she calls me back about two weeks later.

We discussed about the situation with the nusery, I she said they cannot do anything and that they have paid CCFarms already. I mentioned why they could not get us another nursery to use. From what I could get out of her is that DR built 35 homes(this is a estimate, the developement is not finished)in this development, there are maybe 10 owners that got this incentive and DR payed Cherry Creek, but the remaining owners DR did not pay CCFarm, so DR sent the owners to another nursery.

So the earlier buyers like us the cerificate is not valid. Holly said they could not do anything until this goes thru the court system. By that time we could have sold our home or had to get nursery some where else. DR got us to buy this home because of the incentives, plus we had to use their mortgage company in order to get the incentives. Now DR can't step up and keep the home buyer happy and least offer to give those that lost out on their original nursery incentive a small payback of the original incentive to be used at another nursery. But instead DR just sends out a letter to inform that the nursery has gone bankrupt and end of story.

A $2500 gift certificate, I don't think DR paid the full amount and I think the home owner paid something out of their purchase, which Holly would not answer when I asked her.

I asked if the company likes being on news. In which I meant as advertising, she took it as a threat. She thought I was going to the media, so she said our conversation is over because I threaten DR about being on the news. I asked her if she was given a incentive to buy a new car a then when she recieves the car, the incentive was not there what would she think after seeing this new car on the news. This is what I meant as being on the news.

We live in Kings Ranch Develp., and in one year DR built maybe 35 homes, and than stop building because they could not sell the inventory. DR dropped prices on their remaining inventory by $20,000 - $50,000. We had our house appraised, and it is under from the price we paid just one year back. So our home value is under than what we paid for, and our incentives are no longer valid.

I had this conversation back in the second week of June. Holly said she would talk to the managers and I they or she would get back to me.

I guess we are just another number. We have shared are issue with other people that are wanting to buy a new home, and even though DR maybe lower in price, I did not recommend them to other interested home buyers.

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Original review: June 23, 2008

1. The upstairs in our home is freezing in the winter time especially in my sons room who has asthma. In the summer time it is boiling hot up there. we have had that looked at a few times with no results!!!! 2. It takes forever to heat up our water which is causing us to waste alot!!!

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Original review: June 23, 2008

First of all let me start by saying I will NEVER EVER reccomend buying a home from this builder. We have had nothing but problems with them since day one. 1. They got the color of our home wrong of all things to do!!! 2. when we did our walk through we put blue tape on everything that needed to be fixed, its been 3 years and believe it or not we still have the tape up where things never got fixed. 3. We have had so many different csr's I lost track. 4. Our window wells in the basement leaked and leaked finally floded our basement(not completely but enough) and It took them forever to come out and fix the problem, meanwhile we had to use a bucket to get as much water as we could out of the window. When they finally did come out to fix the problem it was nothing but an argument to get it done.

So they finally get it all done, so we thought the very next time it rained guess what, yep window wells filled up again. Three times they had to come fix them. Now the last window that was only leaking a little and only on occasion that they said didnt need to be fixed is starting to leak.

Our drainage is WAY WRONG we get nothing but puddles and standing water everytime it rains. Our backyard is nothing but a big puddle of mud and water, its like a swamp. We have complained about that since our very first summer there and nothing yet has been done about it. All of our neighbors have also complained about the same problem.

5. Our driveway started flaking along with more than half the neighborhood so they decided to do just a temporary quick fix meanwhile my husband who has been in the construction business for 9 years told them that it wasnt a permanent fix it would start to flake again, guess what its flaking. We have called EVERYDAY and left messages for the past 2 months now and have yet to recieve a call back. I am still waiting for a call back from last summer(2007) supposedely the person who knew about the grading was sopposed to come look at it for us, he still hasnt shown up!!!!!Its now 6/2008 Something needs to be done about this company who thinks its ok to walk all over its customers!!!!

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Original review: June 5, 2008

The grading of our yard ( both on the sides of our house and in the backyard)is incorrect. When it rains our backyard floods around the foundation of our home and pools on our back patio. A large puddle forms underneath our side gate also. All of the water drains toward our house rather than away from it. After we complained to the customer service department at DR Horton several times over the course of 11 months, the company that initially did the grading was asked to come make repairs at the request of DR Horton. The DR Horton customer service representative specifically stated that they would repair all of the items that we specified in our request; drainage problems included.

The grading company came out to our house and immediately noticed that there was a serious problem with the grading of the backyard and that most of the yard would need to be dug up and regraded in order to correct it. The grading company left to speak with the customer service representative to see how they wanted to proceed. Several days later I was called by the DR Horton warranty department and informed that landscaping/ grading would not be covered even though we were told in the initial phone conversation that our drainage issue would be corrected. The house that we purchased is a model home and we have recently been informed that warranties do not apply to model homes.

However, when we initially spoke with the DR Horton sales representative we were told that the standard new home warranty would apply to our home as well. The sales representative was NOT knowledgable on the sale of model homes and said so several times throughout the sales process, but the one thing that she assured us was that we WOULD have a warranty just like any other new home. The agent that we worked with no longer works for DR Horton. DR Horton acknowledges that the agent was not correctly educated about model home warranties and because she falsly informed us of the model home warranty our repairs would be made. Once they discovered the extent of the issue, however, they were no longer willing to complete the repairs.

On 6-4-08 at 4:34 pm I called a sales agent for DR Horton by the name of Nancy. I informed her that I was interested in buying a model home and was concerned about what warranties would apply. I was informed by her that all warranties applied regardless if the house was new or a model home. I have had several other minor issues that have been covered by the company, however, this issue still needs to be adressed. I have documentation from DR Horton that they came to our home to inspect the grading with the intent of correcting the problem. They did in fact send the grading company, but did not stand behind their commitment to make the necessary repairs.

When signing the mortgage paperwork with DR Horton, we received a Limited Warranty booklet and were informed that this was our warranty information. We later received a sticker in the mail that we were supposed to affix to the front of this warranty booklet in order to activate the warranty; without the sticker the warranty would not be active. We affixed the sticker to the book so we should have the warranty contained in the booklet. In the warranty book it states that the builder is supposed to fix any issues that cause standing water within 10 feet of our home; which we have. The only time that the grading would not be covered is if we had made changes to the landscaping or added a pool, which we have not done. We have made NO changes to our landscaping whatsoever; everything in our yard was installed by DR Horton and their subcontractors.

My back yard is flooding killing my plants and it appears the concrete slab is now flush with the dirt and wasn't when house was bought. If water continues to flow toward the house and settle around the foundation it can lead to serious structural hazards that will prevent us from reselling our home without very costly repairs.

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Original review: June 1, 2008

After rain the water does not go out from our front yard, because the gutters are higher that the yard lever.We bought this house last Septeber... DR Horton refuses to do anything about it.

Now we are 3 days without air condition working. The Reliance company that should be fixing it sending very young employees to repair, and they do not know what they are doing... It is 82 degree in the house when I type this... so sorry if my writing does not have much sense. We have had lots of problems with hard wood floor, it was splintering, and making echo noises all over the house.

They came out and fixed some of the hardwood spots (they said they could fix only 8 spots, because that was how many spots were approved for fixing by DR Horton.

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Original review: May 29, 2008

I purchased an already built brand new DR Horton home in September of 2005. October of 2007 is when the problems began. 1. Multiple cracks and crumbling foundation in the garage. 2. "Shattered" cement in the kitchen foundation. 3. Garage door not adhering to the wall causing openings on both sides, allowing mice to easily get in. 4. Incomplete cementing in the garage allowing mice to get behind garage wall into the kitchen cabinets and into the house. 5. Torn insulation all over attic above the garage caused by mice. 6. Multiple holes, cracks, openings throughout the home, allowing uncontrollable ants, insects both flying and crawling, and worms to enter the home. 7. Three roof leaks in the attic above the garage. 8. Non-stop leak in the upstairs bathroom next to the bathtub.

I have spoken to a representative in the office of the builder, Gina H., who told me my year warranty was up and that these issues were my problem. Having done some research, I learned of the product REBAR which is to be used in the foundation to preventing multiple cracking. I am looking for someone to come out and assess my foundation for this product, to see if it has been used.

This house is a mess, I cannot control the insects nor the cracks that keep occurring in the garage foundation. This house has been up for sale since October 2007 with no offers. I will do whatever it takes to rectify these issues with DR Horton builders with the knowledge of having up to five years to do so. ANY INFORMATION OR ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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Original review: May 9, 2008

Building with Dr. horton was a nightmare from day 1. They have a process by which they continually lay off and fire people up and down the chain, from the decorators, to sales people, to builders/contractors. That way, when something goes wrong, you have to start all over again, and there is no level of accountability.

At first I just thought they had high turnover, but then I figured out how they operate. I got to the point where I was going to the house almost on a daily basis to make sure they weren't messing things up, and trying to hide their mistakes.

Of course when it came time to actually close on the house, all the figures and terms changed from what they originally told us.

We went from being pre-approved with zero down, to needing over 23,000 to close. Most people don't have that kind of money laying around, especially when they are in the process of selling another house. We've been in our home for 5 months, and we have about a 2page list of warranty issues, as do many of our neighbors. Bottom line, Dr. Horton is shifty and shady, and they hire shifty people.

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Original review: May 6, 2008

I contracted with Dr Horton to build my son and I a new home after my divorce. My friend went on the contract with me so I could better qualify for the loan amount. I was given a good faith estimate for a mortgage payment soon after I signed the contract which I was happy with the monthly amount. Well building started late due to permitting issues about 5 months late. As building continues everythings fine until I get a call from the mortgage guy who I had not heard of. The one I made my loan application with was no longer there and no one notified me.

Three weeks before closing I get a new estimate with the payment 1400.00 more per month. As a single mom there was no way to afford that much more. He was charging me a 10% interest on the first and 13% on the second. This is outragious my credit scores are in the 700's! I said you can not force me to accept these programs, what happend to my 6.75% insterest on the good faith? Needless to say I could not purchase the home with that high amount of added on mortgage. They then stated I have defaulted on my obligations adn kept my 23,000 deposit.

This is where it gets better. I have a notice signed by them that they were unble to find a loan program for me and that is the reason for not moving forward with the purchase of the home. This would allow me to get my deposit back but they stated they would not since they were out the money to build my home. Funny they sold and setteled 45 days later for a profit of 45K more than I was contracted to pay. Interesting! Yes I too went up all the chain of command never to hear back from anyone! I can not afford to hire an attorney to take them on and I now have to live with my mother since that was my life savings. They call themselves America's Builder? There is a special place for Mr. Donald Horton and his CEO Donald Tomnitz right on down to the division presidents like Frank X. Lackman.

I lost my life saving of 23,000. As a single mom I now have to live with my mother and start all over yet again. Please help!

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Original review: April 15, 2008

We purchased our home in May of 2005. This is are first home so we were new to the housing part of it. First of all we had asked our salesman if we could have crown molding installed in our home and add a patio, his responce was we do not do up grades. The when we left the front office we drove around and looked at the other homes in the subdivision and some of them had added patios and crown molding.

On our walk through of our home there was no electricity and Dave (our builder) was more concernd with his trip to Hawaii that he and his wife were leaving on than our walk through. We must have used 6 rolls of blue tape marking mistakes and the sad thing is that when we came back to see if the had fixed the most of the tape was just pulled from the area marked rather than fixing the problem. There was also still blue tape found in missed areas.

We were then introduced to another builder after complainig about the problem with Dave. Gary tried to make things right as much as possible. After our move in all our schubs and one little tree died in our landscaping. We called and asked to have the fixed no one ever showed up and we call several times more and we still got the same line of bull as before. We had to pull the schrubs and the tree and throw them out and replace them our selves.

A large part of our backyard grass died and it took a act of congress to get it replaced. The back door of our home leaked and I called to have them come look at it and I was told that is the responceabilty of the homeowner (just being in our home for 2 months) the island was not bolted down and the board under the kitchen sink (which had been tagged during walk through) was just covered up by another peice of cut board and I found it, so I asked the to take all of it out and replace it. It had mold and mildew and was worped bad.

At this time our back door has continued leaking and has ruined our carpet and we have bad cracks in our ceilings and one door that won't even shut. On the back of the house in between the two bedroom windows there is a huge crack the extends to and from both windows and on the last window the crack extends all the way down the window and has seprarted the window from the brick mold and the crack also goes in to the slab. We are in the process of trying to get this fixed. Is this a LEMON house or what?

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Original review: April 14, 2008

Dr Horton has been a thorn in our side from the beginning. I wanted to afford Kyle our Engineer from DR Horton the opportunity to make good on his promise to bring our home up to standard and our satisfaction. Much to my dismay more issues have risen and we are not only disappointed but perplexed. Please see listed below a list of items Kyle promised to repair and or complete PRIOR to closing and have not yet been done. Please keep in mind we closed on 23 Jan 2007:

* Trim to be redone. All of the trim was done poorly. Several pieces of the wood have defects splits or major lines of demarcation and paint was used to try and cover and or compensate.

* All of the weather striping around the doors is coming off

* Paint Missing paint on several area of home in both the front and back of home I requested a 2nd coat of pain in the garage Missing textures on walls in places Front and back door needs painting Black tape or plastic trim in front porch area

* Lines of demarcation on several walls Loft area and kitchen

* Landing Missing texture and outer corners have lumps and clumps of material on the landing

* Missing cable jack in Master Bedroom

* Blinds broken in Master Bedroom and 3rd Bedroom -this task has been completed after 3 calls

* Countertop had a cut in it -They tried to fill it with putty and I said this wouldn't work.- the counter top was fixed after 2 weeks

* Carpet The carpet up stairs was not tacked down and lifting Carpet cracks as you walk on it ( makes me wonder if I was given the upgraded carpet and padding requested The top of the stairs the carpet was too short so they came after 1.6 weeks to repair and left nails on the floor and the carpet is not attached. We have stepped on tacks and nails left in home where carpet was not tacked down.

* Missing sensor in laundry room for alarm* Paint on shower in Master Bedroom

* Drain in Mater Bedroom tub is scratched* Shower in Master Bedroom is scratched

* The floor squeaks upstairs

* Takes way to long for hot water to get to ALL areas of home we waste too much water

* Shower in Master Bedroom leaks - this was fixed 2 days ago

* Missing glass in chandelier

* Nails left on the roof

* Our Welcome kit was left on our porch with 2 unlabeled cans of paint.

The sides of the yard and back yard are flooded. We got an inspector in November of 2007 and here are a few things that have been noted: The inspection revealed a bulge in the foundation wall on the East side of the home. This is probably due to the form bowing or bending when the slab was poured - this is indicative of poor workmanship and should have been corrected immediately. Large bulge on the East side of the foundation - does not seem to have a purpose (i.e. posttension cable lugs).

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Original review: April 3, 2008

To Some one who cares
Well the back of my home is leaking
they just supposedly fixed the back and the side of my home for the 5th time removing rotted studs mold on drywall and it took 7 months to do it!!!!!!!!!
now the back is still leaking in around the window
More Mold and Rotted wood!!!!!!!!

This can't still be happening!!!!!!!

The the job was never finished my alarm still is not hooked up.
the records for my home in Heritage Landing start with day one it's been 4 years with the same problem water leaks Mold and rotted wood.

We are at the end of this leaking ship

loss time of work, Diminshed value and mold rotted studs

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Original review: March 4, 2008

DR Horton absolutely misled us and our community plus left us high and dry. Last home was built over two years ago and our road has yet to be turned over to the county for services! Promised estate sign/monument was never built, now our community is simply an group of crappy McMansions. We still have several items on our pre-settlement punchlist from November 2005!!!

At least their personnel are consistent as they all promise and deliver nothing. Extend punchlist items to over two years which prevents you from utilizing State's Attorney for complaints. The turnover rate of their personnel is on par with a 7-Eleven. Won't put anything on paper...verbal promises and again with no action. Misrepresented several major items especially finished basement. Honestly their actions were criminal. Spent $860,000+ for the worst built house we ever lived in. Complained through every possible corporate avenue but it starts from the top and is driven down to their used car type sales rep. Keep detailed notes and try to get anything you can on paper (ain't happening).

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Original review: March 1, 2008

We purchased our home on the understanding of a boat ramp to be built. We have been just notified that DR Horton has now decided to build more homes on that land. This now decreases my home value compared to if there was a ramp. They need to offer a refund to the buyers or make good on their promise. Be careful on the promises they make as it could decrease your home valve as much as $30k. Thank you for reading this.

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Original review: Feb. 10, 2008

There are too many things wrong. They have painted my house 4 times and it is still no good. The island in my kitchen is not finished, the underside trim only has primer. Now I received a bill for utility work and other things around this house, but nobody is taking responsibility for the poor job.

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Original review: Feb. 4, 2008

I purchased my home in the summer of 2001. I have had numerous problems since day one. Plumbing leaks, rotted boards, leaky faucets, doors installed incorrectly, locks that didn't work, electrical problems, missing gas pipe line, explosion in the fireplace, etc. I truly could go on and on. But the worse thing happened yesterday. My carbon monoxide dectector went off. After an inspection by the gas company I was told I had two gas leaks behind the stove and a major gas leak in the furnace which could have easily caused an explosion. This was all due to the flexable tubing not being taped at the connectors when it was installed. High levels of carbon monoxide in my home and was lucky I didn't die from exposure.

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2008

We moved into our brand new Dr. Horton home in 2003. Our walk through rose many concerns, such as a hole on the flooring the size of a large hand in our son's bedroom. We moved in to partial request filled, but most of all a dirty house with dead flies on the carpet, and a hole above the closet doors with drywall pieces left on the ground. We've lived at this house for almost five years and at the 4th year we noticed water marks on the 2nd floor ceiling. We called several plumbers to get a diagnosis of it's a roofing problem. 1 month later another leak shows up. Now, 2 months after the first 2 leaks another mark is found in the corner of our kitchen ceiling.
We've not yet received our reimbursement of $450 from the plumber, and are not sure if we will ever see that again.

Dr. Horton has come out to fix the problems. The only thing is they have not reimbursed us yet for the $450.

All the problems for a new house is not suppose to happen this early.

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Original review: Jan. 24, 2008

I am so disappointed with DR Horton and the way in which my home was built. I had my walkthrough in August 2006, no hot water,(hot water heater did not work), facuets were switched to non-American standards(had to be fixed); entire ceramic floor from front door to back had to be redone(cheap and faulty work). I was out of my home for 4 days and no DR Horton did not pay for my hotel or inconvenience. Ceilings cracking, window ceils warping to the point where they were about to come completely out of the wall. Skylight was leaking water when it rained only to find out they never sealed it. The home is heaving at about 6 inches now. I was told the DR Horton did not completely develop the area and I have a tree heaving under my property. I have had countless repairs. Made numerous unanswered phone calls. Wrote letters to the DR Horton board and I am literally watching my biggest investment go up in smokes.

I cannot begin to tell you how devastating and mentally, emotionally and financially draining this has all been. I am a single mom who has been through a lot in my life. I felt that this home was going to be a new start for me and my kids but it has only been a nightmare. I feel I am being taken advantage of and that DR Horton could care less if my house fell through due to the bad foundation. At this point I wish there could be something that all of us can do to be made whole. We all purchased our homes in good faith and it appears that we were just a bunch of suckers waiting to be taken by this builder. I do not know if this will ever be resolved in the meantime I continue to pray that my family will be made whole because we purchased in good faith, therefore, DR Horton should stand by their work and make this thing good not just for me but for all the other homeowners as well.

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2008

When my home was built, the doors between the laundry rooom and garage hit each other and I've tried and tried to get them to fix the problem and they say they will be here but never show up. My doors are very damaged now and they need to be moved further apart. They will not repair them. It is a warrenty issue and I need help please.

Both doors are damaged and we all have caught our fingers between them.

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Original review: Jan. 8, 2008

We bought our home in August 1999. We also had lots of items that should have been fixed under warranty; some were, and some we just had to give up on because our year was up. What has been most disappointing is the use of the CHEAPEST materials, appliances, AND LABOR they could get. In the first year our garage door started binding up (never made it out to fix that one), they had to break out and repair 2 sections of our driveway, some of the the windows leaked buckling the sill (didn't see that until year 2), some of the windows wouldn't close right, some windows had moisture between the panes of glass, and the upstairs air conditioner NEVER worked right. The repairmen came repeatedly but never fixed the problem. We ended up replacing the coil in that unit in year 3. The wall and carpet in my closet had to be torn out because of a leak caused by a water line (to the upstairs bathroom) being hit by a nail gun. Since the first year we've had 2 more leaks in that bathroom, one resulting in a section of my closet ceiling being replaced and a lot of clothes ruined.

The outside trim boards around the windows were ROTTING AWAY in less than 5 years. We've had a roof leak. Now our downstairs A/C isn't working, which will result in the whole system needing to be replaced. My dishwasher is broken, and we had to have 2 holes jackhammered through my kitchen floor a week before Christmas because of a leak in the lines from the water heater. (They didn't protect the lines going through the floor beam, and evidently the shifting concrete broke the line.) Also, the water heater was installed wrong, resulting in loss of hot water pressure because they melted something (back flow valve?) in the top of it during installation. This is just off the top of my head. I could name a lot more if I were to think about it a while.

We are making a new home payment which doesn't allow much money for replacing everything in it. I have never been more disappointed in any purchase I've made than this. We live in Texas and I'm really dreading the A/C replacement. We spent what we had saved for that on the water lines under the foundation, but it HAS to be done. What happened to hiring professional carpenters to build houses? I'd rather pay more for a home knowing that the guys who built it had some pride in their work, but Horton will only hire the day-laborer, who worked on lawns yesterday. I've decided that FRIENDS DON'T LET FRIENDS BUY A D.R. HORTON HOME!

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Original review: Jan. 5, 2008

Funny how we accept the way things are. Ive been looking at stove fans for a while cause the one I had seemed so puny. Today, after I had created an ordinate amount of smoke, I started to clean the fan. After rubbing and looking at it a while I couldnt find where the silly thing vented. So investigating a little further I removed it from the wall. Hmmm. Guess what? The sheet metal to the wall vent had never been removed. Please tell me more about D.R. Horton quality.

More smoke deposits in the house and furnishings than would be normal.

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Original review: Jan. 5, 2008

Where do I begin! My DR Horton home is just over one year old. They have only touched on a few things on the very first walked through list. One of their representatives named Eric came to my home just after I moved in and tricked me into signing the list. He assured me that everything on the list would be taking care of by him personally. This of course was not the case. From the first day the block went up on my home I knew something was wrong! they were putting windows where my large sliding glass doors were supposed to be. And to this day still windows!!!.

In my main hallway to the bedrooms the hallway turns in at the end about 3 inches . The paint on the outside of my home is faded so bad it is chalking. And no one at DR Horton even knows what color it is. All the screens in the windows are the wrong screens and are not removeable without breaking the frames.

I also have the wrong color countertops in my kitchen, at the time I bought the home there were two colors counter top (A) and (B) I was told by the salesman that I was getting the upgraded countertop which was counter top (B) and he was very excited about it and so were we, until I ended up with the wrong counter top.

There are so many other things I could go on forever, I went through six different superintendents during the three months it took them to build my home. And now at a little over one year no one at DR Horton will return my phone calls. All I'm asking for is what I paid for in a $450,000 house. It seems like they hired Subcontractors that are used to building $20,000 trailers for a trailer park. I'm very unhappy and would like results. Yes I would like to take legal actions.

The consequences are that I have spent so many days at home waiting for Subcontractors to show up and fix my home that never came. During this last year I have missed out on work and lost revenues to about $5,000. My wife became very ill from worrying all the time about her dream home and how bad it was being built.

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Original review: Dec. 13, 2007

My husband and purchase a home in April 2007, from D.R.Horton. In October 2007, I made my first complaint to d.r horton that the front door was not closing properly, the sun shined through where the frame and door did not close properly. I contacted the project manager, Rickey, he came by and did a little patch work, which did not fix the problem.I continue to contact Rickey, through the month of october on into,November, In November I contacted the warranty department spoke with Joseph Cercone,manager. He advise me that he would get someone out to fixs the problem. someone by the name of Don,showed up around the middle of November and did some patch work, not close properly, the sun continue to shine through the crack through the frame and door. I continue to call Don who stop returning my calls,

I again contacted Joseph C and advised him of the ongoing problem, this was around the 28 of November. As of Dec.13,I still have the problem.

due to the lost of air sipping out from the crack in the door, my utlility bill is higher than it should be. Bugs are also finding there way into my home through this crack in the door.

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Original review: Nov. 29, 2007

August 2007 moved in
My main concern is the artillary fungus that continues to spread
on the outside of our house. I spoke with Scott Card,
the warranty manager, who gave me the
impression he hopes to defer to their contract terms
saying they aren't at all responsible for something
like that (ie, mold, fungus, biological entity). He's
apparently checking with his boss to see what they
will do. My problem is that the fungus was
pre-existing...it covered the house before we agreed
to buy it and cleaning the siding was noted on our initial walk through prior to settlement. When we asked about it, we were told it was
dirt and that they would wash it off before we moved
in. However, it was never cleaned. When they tried to
powerwash the siding after we moved in, they ruined

part of the siding trying to blast it off.

After that,
it took months of phone calls to finally get them to
figure out what it was and find a way to remove it.
When they did remove it, they only cleaned the siding.
Pest control said they weren't contracted to do
anything but the siding. However, the fungus remains
all over the garage floor, on our kids swingset,
inside the window and door frames, on our personal
items (such as baby strollers, golf clubs, outdoor
toys, tools, etc) our car, and the wood steps which

are virtually unfixable.

All of these items we
obviously brought when we moved in, having no idea
this airborne fungus was going to shoot itself all

over our belongings.

Since they cleaned the siding a few weeks ago, the
fungus has already returned appearing all over once
again. It is extremely frustrating and
unsettling...especially with small children and an
infant exposed to whatever it is. We hesitate to put
anything of value in the garage or in the yard for
fear it will be ruined. We would appreciate a
discussion about what our options are in this


In addition, I've heard so many complaints about this
particular neighborhood and the quality of work being
done, or not done. Apparently quite a few people have
retained lawyers. It worries me that we might be
missing something that will effect us down the road.
The drywall is a mess, two managers
have left since we moved in; contractors we've had in

have been quite negative about what's going on here.

I read some of the other complaints on this site and just find myself saying YES! YES! DR Horton is awful. The managers are unresponsive unless up against a wall, they pressure you to sign off on things, they do the bare minimum. Everything in the house is cheap. All of the wood surrounding our doors and windows is cheap particle board that is already full of imperfections that they just painted over. They left a sewer pipe to the kitchen uncapped and it was releasing toxic fumes into the home (we have three young kids including an infant). I agree with another woman that the kitchen cabinet stain will not last, nor will the door handles throughout. They wouldn'd permit personal home inspections, including radon, until after settlement, and even then I was told they wouldn't acknowledge one. Only the county report for occupancy. They left the yard full of weeds, we had to have sod put in just to get a lawn in late October.

We already had two plumbing leaks from the master bath to the garage and the laundry. We are disgusted with the quality of this home and are just trying to make it our own now with paint, grass, landscaping, etc. But it's all superficial. We have tons of mice in our attic too, not sure how long they've been there or how many there are. We know underneath it will be nothing but trouble. If we could return the house we would have and I would hate for anyone else to feel that way. Many of our neighbors express outrage as well.

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Original review: Nov. 29, 2007

I have a D R Horton house 3 months old. I have since found that the $2500 upgraded carpet (shaw) is the lowest density carpet available. You can't buy it this low at home depot. I can see through to the backing. The windows are the cheapest the manufacturer sells, as are the upgraded cabinets. There are severe drainage problems and sinking concrete. The lights flicker when I turn on other lights. There are no return heat return vents in the two spare bedrooms so therefore these stay several degrees cooler than the rest of the house. There are too many problems to list.

The vice president of QUALITY was here yesterday and said all these things are normal in a D R Horton house.

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Original review: Nov. 29, 2007

Put a contract on a home in April of 2007. Was told that house would be complete in usually 5 months and it has been going on 9 months. Original price was 276,000 which I signed on for. With current market house is now at 239990. All of the specs of them home have changed. All cheap materials. All ceramic, no tile standard any more.

My original Sales Rep who quit with DR Horton in July had told me that my price on the home would be adjusted by 15,000 dollars at closing because of the change in price. She had told me that this was discussed with the Supivisor Keith of the project. Now with a new rep they tell me that I will not get a 15,000 discount on my home.

Construction started on the home after a delay because the permits were incorrect. They apparently forgot about my 2 foot garage extension and had to get new permits.

Here is the worst: House had all the drywall installed on the inside before the stuccoed the outside walls. The lot was poorly graded and actually had water draining to the side of the house and holding water about 1.5 feet deep on the master bedroom side of the house. It rained for a week straight and the water soaked right thru the concrete block and into the drywall. Water spots soaked 2 feet high in a few spots.

I called my construction superintendent who was suppose to be giving me updates on the home construction but has not done so at all. He answered and I explained to him what was happening at my home under contract and he said he would get right on it Mr. Chaney. Next day to my disbelief, they painted right over the wet spots on the interior walls. I couldnt believe my eyes. Took pictures of the wettest areas where the paint would not stick. This happened 6 weeks ago.

Now he finally did call me after I complained to my sales rep and sent her pictures. He just made up so many excuses I didnt want to talk to him anymore. He did tell me he would rip all of the drywall out of the wall with me there to witness. A company I called said you can guarentee that there is mold on the paper side of the drywall.

Comparing my home being built to the quality of the model home is no way close. Mine is being poorly contructed. Parts of the concrete base have been cut out with a concrete saw mistakenly. One is at the front door, the step up to get thru the door has a big chunck of concrete slab missing.

Master bathroom shower floor is 2 in tiles where the model is 6in tiled floors. Had told during the decorative session that we wanted the same that was in the model for the bathrooms. It shows that I signed off on it but I know I didnt want this crappy white 2 in tile.

Speaking of showers, the master bedroom shower is huge. My drain is not even close to being centered in the middle of the shower. The model is perfectly centered.

Marble window sills are slammed in and not square. I think from all of the windows in the house only 3 are of good quality. A look at the model and they are all perfect.

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Original review: Nov. 21, 2007

We purchased a Dr. Horton home in 2000. We have found that the paint and finish on all cabinets, walls, exterior trim, doors etc. are cheap. The exterior trim pealed, the cabinets had to be repainted before 5 years. The back door paint pealed the first year. Our driveway cement has huge holes--occurring within a year. Hardware on the doors all need replacing--the imitation brassrubbed off. The faucets needed replacing, a couple fell off. The home is an ongoing repair project. Upon purchase Dr.Horton's project manager kept pushing us to sign off that all was satisfactory. We did so with the promise that the kitchen cabinets would be fixed. It was never completed. The driveway was also never repaired.

We would rather spend an initial $5,000 or more on quality durable hardware, paint and cement than constant repair expense. I would not recommend a Dr. Horton home.

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Original review: Nov. 19, 2007

My husband and I have called Horton Homes more than 5 times and left messages because we were interested in buying a Horton. Each time we were directed to someone else because the person we were speaking to did not deal with people in Tennessee. We were always told to leave a message. We left too many that my husband finally said we would go else where. Now after seeing the complaints on consumeraffairs.com, I want to thank all of you who left comments so we did not fall into this trap. Good luck to all of you trying to get your homes fixed.

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Original review: Nov. 8, 2007

From the time we moved in this newly constructed home, we've had several problems: garage door not working, doorbell not working, master key does not work in the front door, no power on one of the outlets. The company finally sent somebody to fix it after we called them so many times. Now, the laminate flooring in our living room has warped which caused evidently by a leaking plumbing that's inside the wall by the powder room.

It took almost 1 month to get it fixed. Or so they thought they did. Because 3 weeks later, the floor started warping again. I called the building superintendent several times, placed a complaint on the website several times, called the customer service too. Until after 1 1/2 weeks, the Super came and looked at the floor. He said he will send people to strip the floor and fix the leaking pipe again.

Well, it took another week for that. And until now, 1 month and 1 week later, 1/4 of my living room is still bare, the mouldings on the wall are broken, the tiles on the bathroom and entry way are broken. The dry wall was left with a hole for a month and was just patched last Monday (still needs paint). Getting somebody to come in to fix these things is such an ordeal. I'm so upset that I'm even having chest pain just looking at the utter disrepair of my house. This company should be banned from making very poor quality homes and employing lazy and ignorant workers!

Several times I had to skip work so that they can work in the house. And that is a loss of income on my part. Leaving my house in disrepair is also a safety hazard for my 6 yr old and 9 month old children. During the entire time of these repairs, the accumulation of dust and cement dust on the bare floor had caused allergy episodes on my children that they had to be taken to the doctor for treatment.

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Original review: Oct. 30, 2007

Newly built home with constuction defects of the floor, walls, heating/air that needed immediate repair. I contacted D.R.horton several times for the repairs which they did send out sub-contractor to my house for the repairs. However, each contractor that visits promised to come back with a new job order , but never comes back.

This time, a sub-contractor could not fix the floor by just nailing down the squeaking floor. He then opened the floor and noticed that the floors were wrongly done and may need complete stripping and re-done. The floors are still stripped open and no body is doing anything to help us in this hurrible situation. I contacted D.R.HORTON with no response from them at this time.

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Original review: Oct. 16, 2007

Unfortunately, in 2005 I bought a home in Godley Park from DR HORTON HOMES. This June, 2007, the pipes burst in the front yard, and I had to call a plumber. I input a warranty request on the DR Horton website but got no response. I do not think the shallow-buried pipes meet code. Now the air conditioner has burned out. Again, I filed a warranty request on the website--but had to get emergency repairs. Because I did not wait for a response from the website, the repairs on this lemon are not covered. Also, the warranty period on this house is only one year. They will not return phone calls and do not stand by their product. Now the siding is flying off the house. I wish I had never become involved with this unconscionable group.

I have had to pay for a plumber, an air conditioning repair man and for a siding maintenance man.

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Original review: Oct. 9, 2007

We are a few months short of being in our home for a year. I have been really disappointed in the manner of efficiency and quality that our warranty work has been done or lack of being done. I have many drywall cracks on almost every wall in my home. It was not from settling. It is because they were improperly done in the first place. They were to be fixed properly upon our first few walks through, many were painted over. We had some warranty work done about a month ago and it actually looks worse than it did before. We have decided to do the work our selves and have it done right. Also we'd rathr clean our own mess rather than clean up after the sloppy mess that the workers left. For example drywall dust everywhere, paint of furniture and carpet. Not to mention many of the repairs have re-cracked.

We notified our Superintendent that there were walls that were unsure and that needed to be fixed. He said the dry wall needed to be anchored to stabilize the walls. That was over a month ago. We have not heard a word from him. And the drywall cracks have since re appeared. We have been dealing with this process for six months now.

There are other things like the upgraded carpet that was supposed to be in our home. It looks ten years old from minor wear and buckling carpet from being improperly laid. I could go on.

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Original review: Oct. 5, 2007

Well, the builder's employees have enjoyed my unfinished bathrooms for their urinals. Each time I visit the home site, the foul smell gets worst...
Ironically, the port-o- gold is right out side of my house, on the front sidewalk to be exact. This is the second time I complained to the sales people, the builder and the regional manager Charlie C. I guess I got nowhere because they are peeing in there stil, today!

Well, the whole house smells like a cheap, hole in the wall bar's bathroom!

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Original review: Sept. 24, 2007

From the beginning it was a complete mess. Items on inspection not completed (house wasnt at all ready for an inspection). Appliances werent in until day of closing, house was filthy, a/c didnt work (spent 3 days with subs out fixing it on our first weekend there) - did I mention I am pregnant and live in TEXAS???

The sales reps were awful and would threaten that they werent getting commission for our house so it wasnt their problem (our rep left the first day we signed the original paperwork so we had no real contact), supervisor lied continually about items being completed. We,too, took numerous days off of work in order to be with contractors and inspectors, only to be told it hadnt been done and that we needed to reschedule again.

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Original review: Sept. 6, 2007

We bought a DR Horton home in Nov. 2004. It was brand new and had many issue from the beginning. We had a huge list of items needing repair from the walk through and were assured most if not all would be corrected by closing. Not the case.......it literally took months to get all items resolved.

In that time we dealt with rude customer service reps, non responsive employees and by far the worst experience I have ever had with a home builder. We are now going on trying to get our 6th house leak repaired.

2 months ago after having to contact the VP of customer service I finally got someone to come out to our house to check the leak since we were no longer under warranty. I was told that it was due to the angles of the roof and that the wind caused water to get in the crevices and it was not something they could totally prevent but that they would put a 2x4 in that area to prevent water getting in that area. They claimed that this was not a house defect though.

Now we have the same leak and I am dreading the waiting game I will have to go through to see if I can get anyone out here. I honestly would think that if a leak is not related to poor maintanence or shingle issues and is related to how the angles of the house were built - tat the builder should have some responsiblity in fixing the matter. i will not even consider buying another DR Horton home.

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Original review: Sept. 5, 2007

Since moving in my new house in Oct 06, I have experienced several major cracks in the ceiling. DR Horton has sent out repairmen to fix, but I'm don't feel like they have done a good job. In addition, my AC unit which is serviced by Airtron has had several problems and some major repairwork. The last major work was done in Jul 07. The repairman attributed the problems to shoddy work during installation. The warranty expires in Oct 07, but I'm afraid all hell will break loose as soon as the warranty expires.

I have asked Dr Horton to insist that Airtron extend my warrant for 6 months to cover the period of breakdowns. My requests have been ignored. Also, just recently the door handle to my back door broke off. You pay over $150K for a house, and they use cheap parts to build it. I can't seem to understand the logic.

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Original review: Aug. 9, 2007

I just sold my first D.R.Horton home because of the need for additional space. The first home(built in 2001) was well constructed and attention paid to detail. That is why I chose to go with D.R.Horton a second time and convinced my brother in law to purchase a D.R.Horton home as well. Despite hopes of having the same experience with this home as my first, this has been a total let down.

I was told the house would be ready for the closing on July 27, however it wasnt. I was convinced by the DR HORTON agent to proceed with my closing(or else my low interest rate wouldn't be honored therefore I'd have to start from beginning) and I would resume my half completed walk through the following day (Sat); however it did not happen. I was not contacted the entire weekend and saw where very little work was performed the following week. I was assured by the agent and the supervisor that all work would be completed.

It is now August 7th and work has not been completed. After another meeting with supervisors I was told work would commence on Monday (Aug 6) and Tuesday (Aug 7); however, I only saw one of several items addressed and I have very little faith that additional work will be done not only in an efficient manner, but to my expectations as to what I feel is acceptable for a new home.

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Original review: July 28, 2007

Our DR Horton home was built in 2002, we bought it in 2004. In just 5 years since the house was built, the external paint (which is a brown color) looks as if the whole house was sand blasted. According to the woman I contacted at DR Horton ALL brown houses in Colorado crack and fade due to weather. If that were true ALL of the homes painted the same brown as ours (or any dark colored house) in our subdivision would be in the same state as our home, which is not the case. It's apparent the paint that was used on our home was subpar.

DR Horton refuses to come out to review the paint and compare ours to the others in the area. I'd like to know if DR Horton is legally responsible to cover our financial costs to re-paint our house if we can show proof not all brown DR Horton homes are fading.

Due to this terrible fading, we have now received a notice from our HOA stating we have until the end of August to re-paint our home.

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Original review: June 11, 2007

I was a single mother with two kids and a friend of mine had a DR Horton home who raved about the houses. Well she isn't raving anymore and I never have. First of all my outlets work when they want to, my plumbing has failed me twice and working on the 3rd time as we speak. I recently looked under my cabinets and found that I have a new plumbing problem thats not under warranty because my year is up so I have to pay out of pocket everytime the plumbers come out.

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Original review: June 9, 2007

D R Horton first tried to defraud me when I wouldnt use their in house lender. They sold me the house after I threatened legal action. The house they sold has a major defect whereby it twists in the wind and produces severe cracking in a wall that has insufficient lateral resistance.

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Original review: June 8, 2007

Since buying my home two years ago I have submitted dozens of requests to get things fixed. I have taken just as many days off work in order to meet the repair persons only to be set up with yet another appointment so someone else can come and finish up the job. It has been very frustrating and time consuming.

Two items I have been dealing with from the beginning are with a cracks at my front porch and a mantel that was never put in on a fireplace I had added to my bedroom. The cracks they said were to small to fix and the fireplace mantel no body seems to know if it came with one, yet I wasn't given any options at the Design Studio. I have another fireplace that is dual and has a mantel on both sides which was not extra. I'm just so tired of getting the run around. I've taken pictures of other homes like mine and their cement has not cracked because they placed several joints to avoid that problem. I've seem them take out entire drive ways because something was wrong with it initally, yet they refuse to correct mine.

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Original review: June 7, 2007

Our experience with Dr Horton at Lavender Trails in Bakersfield has been one of delays, broken promises, high pressure salesmanship and threats. I continue to push them to finish the house but they missed the date and still demand that I sign the documents. They claim I'm to blame for delaying the closing and will have to pay 500/day until closing is done. My main demand is that they finish painting the house's interior prior to closing and some safety items.. wiring, broken roof tiles, garage door safety eye beam, etc and one comfort item: perform maintenance on both AC units.. is that much to ask? Yet according to the salesperson I'm unreasonable!

Economic losses of postponing our move, rescheduling plane trip, rental car and hotel are small but we will have to stay in our current home longer.. probably will spend upwards of 4000 because of their delays.

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Original review: May 24, 2007

I purchased a D.R. Horton home in March 2006. I took what I could get because I needed a home that was almost ready. I had no time to have one built. I knew from the time I walked in that it was very basic. There was really nothing spectacular about it, except it was BIG. I have had to put in NUMEROUS requests for warranty work from the doors & windows to the garage. It has taken FOREVER for them to respond to things and some things take multiple visits to get repaired and it's only mickey moused to look fixed! I have learned my lesson! I recently got out of warranty, Mar 2007 and my A/C just went AGAIN! So now I have to start paying for all these cheap repairs they supposedly made on a brand new house! I wish I had seen all these complaints before I paid CASH for this house!!

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Original review: May 24, 2007

I brought a house in Sep 06, I have not yet move to the house because I was in school. I would go every month to check on the house. Every visit I would stay in a hotel because I did not have furniture. On April 17, 2007 I put furniture in the house and I came with my family to stay for rest of the week. On the third day the toilet downstairs flooded into the hallway, sitting room laundry room, kitchen, and the dinning room.

I had to call DR Horton, because this is my first time staying at the house I should not have this problem. They call a plumber. They told him that if it is my fault I have to pay for the repair, but if it then, they will take care of everything. When he came to the house, he went to the toilet which was dry, because all the water went on the floor, outside and the garage. The plumber told DR Horton that they have to fix the house because the problem is from the outside. The next day a company called sparkle and restoration came to the house. The told me that the entire floor was contaminated and they have to pull all the tiles, and the wood floor.

Sparkle had to put eight big fans in the house to dry it. It took a week to dry the house. The have to redo the whole downstair and the laundry room. The living room was the only area that did not get wet. I had to leave my house keys with them. I was suppose to move some of my furniture third week of may. I could not because they are still working on my house.

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Original review: May 2, 2007

We all have the same experienced dealing with D.R. Horton's defective homes and their lousy customer service employees. We even hire a lawyer just to get their attention. However, since we have a Binding Arbitration with D.R. Horton - we just cant do anything period. The government should not allow builders to require home buyers to sign this stupid binding arbitration because its hurting the consumers and builders are untouchables.

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Original review: April 25, 2007

My family and I are a military family. When moving back stateside we thought buying our first home would be a grand experience. We really should of researched more carefully into who we were going into business with because we believed that once the closing was completed the hardest part was over. We had 4 walkthroughs -- 2 with a professional inspector and 2 with the superintendant onsite. We were promised that our home would be completed and all the inspectors pointed out problems would be completed.

We moved in March 5th 2007 and have been calling ever since to get the numerous problems fixed. We've found that phone calls don't work, no matter who takes them, emails are the best way to deal with the situation because you have proof to cover you and they can't say you caused the damage.

My problems stemmed from foot long gashes in my windows, stained grout, nails not hammered in, chunks of texure in my ceilings, water pouring in my door from the rain because the concrete wasn't installed in needed spaces, baseboards missing 4 inches to 1 foot and a half of wood and just painted over, locks that are hard to turn, holes above my cabinets, chucks pitting out of the walls that was just painted over and not patched, spaces in the under sink boards,straches in my tub,spacing in between my driveway and garage,a dented vent on the outside of the house which had to be cut out and replaced which was installed in a different color than my house, my fence was missing bolts, two tone paints in one room, and my sod which wasn't delivered until a month and a half later when we were told 2 weeks.

I do agree with 1 blog I read about the workers because everyone that came into my home to fix something made a mess and didn't clean up behind themselves they act like I'm their parent. I have workers that just walk into my home without knocking minutes after the first worker shows up which is very rude. My customer service experience hasn't been very good at all, I wish I would have chosen another builder to avoid all the lies of the workers and the headache.

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Original review: April 24, 2007

In December of 2005 I purchased a DR Horton home only to discover that the Homeowners Assn was in the midst of a lawsuit with DR Horton. The flashing and siding was installed in a substandard manner and no water barrier was used under the siding. This is Washington State for petes sake, do they not have a clue! We have settled with them, however due to the fact that several of us in the development are not primary owners the State of Washington limits us as far as damages are concerned. We had to settle for far less than the anticipated damages. All windows and doors need to be re-fit. All siding needs to be replaced and dry rot and water intrusion issues need to be addressed.

We are looking at a a special assessment of about $20,000 per homeowner to supplement the lack of funds needed to repair the damage

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Original review: April 24, 2007

In November 2006 DR Horton contacted homeowners regarding a discovery of sound problem in some of the 285 units that they built in Milpitas. Apparently they had built the units without adhering to the blue prints / plans and omitted something. They discovered it and they now want to fix it on their (builder's) terms.

To conduct the repairs the builder needs the homeowners to vacate their units for one month and are somewhat forcing the homeowners to accept builder's terms.

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Original review: March 27, 2007

Everthing from the start. From changing floorplan twice to dealing with ill-prepared sales rep to an ultimatum take it or leave it by a suppose boss of the sales rep.

Horrible! No wonder their home sales plummeted and have over 16,000 backlog of homes since Feb of 2007!

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Original review: March 17, 2007

I've had problems with my home from the beginning we moved in. list of things wrong. front door binding, windows not caulked, granite countertop crack, windows that would open or stay open, main shower drain pipe rubs against the flooring member, water entering in my dining room when it rains, misrep of lot size. the list goes on. I should of ran from this home. every month I have a different Rep. They change them like underwear. They have made some repairs but, its all half hearted. The contractors they use is whats bad. buyer beware. Your better buying a resale dr horton home after the homeowner makes all the corrections.

the water damage in my dining room has caused water stains to my table and chairs. dr horton refuse to pay. We have gone thru this twice. I hope it won't be a third time. Time lost from my job to be at home to keep an eye on the contractors. If you don't watch them nobody does, and they will skim on the job.

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Original review: March 16, 2007

I recently purchased a DR Horton Home in Townsend Delaware January 2007. I had a punchlist from the walkthrough with no response from the service representative. I purchased a spec home and during the intitial walkthrough there was water damage from a roof leak in the third bedroom. I was assure the problem was corrected and the ceiling was replaced and repaired. I did notice a small spot during a snow storm, but a large spot came after the first significant rain. Immediately calling Mr. Messina and leaving a voice message 2/28/07, I followed with several calls finally reaching Mr. Messina on 3/6/07, who committed to have the roofer fix the problem.

I contact Mr. Messina again 3/8/07 and mentioned that I had a concern that the roof hasn't been repaired and there was rain forcasted for the weekend. Mr. Messina again assured me he would have the roofer come out and repair roof, he knew where the problem was and there was no need for the roof to access the attic to find the leak. In addition DR Horton representtive would contact you on Monday 3/12/07 to coordinate repairing the ceiling. Friday and Monday came and went with no contact from anyone roofer or DR Horton. The rain came causing additional water damage to the ceiling. Again on 3/16/07 I contacted Mr. Messina leaving another voice mail about the leak because it was raining and the roof was leaking. I have made 6 phone calls with no results the small spot has turned into a large spot.

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Original review: March 8, 2007

The biggest problem I have with D R Horton is that they do not respond to their customers in a timely manner. In our community of Horton homes there is one customer service rep., if he is busy or gone for the day you are out of luck, because no one else in entire company will respond to your request. The cooktop in our kitchen was not installed correctly, fine, things like that happen. When we asked for the cooktop to be installed correctly under warranty they sent to individuals out that had absolutely no idea what they were doing.

I called to ask a simple question, "How is the cooktop supposed to be installed?" I left a message on the customer reps voice mail. The next day he was working on a D R Horton spec home (obviously more important then any home owner), he yelled out, "I got your messages, let me finish up here and I'll call you." He left the spec home, but after two hours no call. I called the main office, asked to speak to some one about my problem, but was told that I can only talk to my customer rep. that no one else can help me. I said that was ridiculous and ask to be passed through to the supervisor. They did and of course I got his voice mail. I left a message for him to call me regarding my problem; two hours later no call.

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Original review: March 7, 2007

I was an inspector for DR Horton. I feel sorry for all who have purchased one of their homes,myself included. Please-Please-Please have your home inspected by a quailified Home Inspector before you sign on the dotted line. I left the company after 5 months.

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Original review: Dec. 7, 2006

I bought a brand new DR Horton home in June of 2006. The concrete garage floor had a rather large crack in it, which when I did my walkthrough, I was told 'would have to be replaced, but not until it was 1/2 wide'. Almost immediately after moving in, my front yard sank over 8 inches, to the point of being able to see underneith my front porch, and underneath my driveway. DR Horton's representative came out and said that I had a 'trench failure', and that lots of people in my area had the same thing happening.

They removed my rock, pulled back the freshly laid sod, and backfilled most of the area involved. They didn't comptact the area, nor did the backfull UNDER the driveway; just pushed dirt up to the edge of it. Less than a month later, it happened again. This time they did push dirt under the driveway with 2 x 4's, however in the process, buried two of the sprinklers. Again they didn't compact the surface areas. Now, two months later, it has dropped again.

I followed their 'rule' and complained about it online, and it took someone SIX weeks to get back to me. The driveway now has two large cracks in it, right where they say the 'trench failure' goes diagonally underneith it. I don't park on the driveway; its doing this all on it's own. Several homes in my area have had to have their concrete garage floor re-poured, and one house down the hill from me actually had to be lifted in it's entirety because the WHOLE HOUSE had dropped a couple of inches. So far it feels like they're just waiting until my warranty period is over, and doing nothing in the meantime.

If I had any idea their customer service would be so poor, I definately would have found a different builder, and am recommending to everyone I know NOT to buy from DR Horton. I paid over 350k for this house, and certainly expected the concrete to not crack within just a few months of it being poured.

I don't know yet what the economic consequences will be, however at the rate everything is cracking, I'm guessing my warranty period will be just about over when the cracks reach their '1/2' requirement for warranty replacement. And, I'm worried the whole house is going to start sinking.

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Original review: Nov. 28, 2006

We purchased a home with D.R. Horton in 2001. Within 5 years we have now had 4 issues with plumbing. A leaking pipe on one tub and a defective toilet in the same bathroom. A leaking shut off valve and two defective jets on a wirlpool tub in a different bathroom.

We have damage to 3 levels of the house due to the defective tub and toilet and poor workmanship on the plumbing. We have been in contact with D.R. Horton and have been told they only warranty the plumbing for 1 year. I can see having 1 issue, but 4 in 5 years seems to be excessive. We are now being forced to do many repairs due to the water leaks, with no help from the builder.

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Original review: Oct. 28, 2006

I am a homeowner who has had a bad experience with DR Horton the builder of the home. First let me say I love my new home. It is everything we wanted except for one problem. First when we did our walk through of teh home we found a crack pipe in one of the bathroom drawers. Justin the customer service representative quickly picked it up and apologized. I should have taken pictures of it. After a year of living in our home we had a flood fro the sewage lines. The flood took out the entire downstairs living area and also released large amounts of sewage into the backyard. My insurance (Allstate) quickly had someone out and repaired our downstairs with new paint, carpet and moldings. They did an excellent job. My backyard was not covered however.

The first plumber to come out pulled out large pieces of soggy drywall and other building materials. We had this documented. DR Horton wanted to send their own plumber out who after the first plumber video taped the line and found additional blockage where the line drops to the street. He claimed he broke through it and all would be fine. The very next day my backyard flooded again with sewage. I called DR Horton and they sent out a new plumber. This time he was there with a DR Horton Customer Service representative. Again they found a blockage where the line drops to the street. This time it was completely cleared out and the cause was reported to be a large amount of toliet paper according to the third plumber.

When I asked DR Horton to cover the cost of replacing my pavers in the backyard and also to refund my deductible they claimed they would not because toliet paper caused the backup. WHen I asked why or how toliet paper could cause this I was not given a reason. Just that they are not responsible. I was under the impression that toliet paper was supposed to go down a toliet into the sewage lines.

Inside we lost all our carpet and moldings. Also many walls absorbed water about 10 inches up the sides. On the backyard we lost our paver patio and the sod surrounding it.

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Original review: Oct. 25, 2006

New subdivision slowly turn into slums due to many renters who don't care about their unit. When we bought the house we were told majority of the houses are not for rent i.e sold to local homeowners rather than out of state investots and speculators. Turn out a lot of houses are now being rented to Section 8 occupants. I cannot prove it since these were spoken words rather documented, but we were basically guaranteed about the high percentage of local homeownerships. Now, true homeowners are trying to sell their houses to get out of this subdivision. I'm contemplating to do the same. Be careful when buy a new house in new subdivision in Texas, especially in Austin - it may be turn into Section 8 housing. I think this is true to all new subdivisions in the country.

Break in, kids playing in the street, noise, confrontation between renters' kid (and their parents)and homeowners, nuisance, trespassing and the overall look of the neighborhood is deteriorating. Value of the houses are diminishing. Few owners trying for months to sell their house but so far unsucessful.

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Original review: Oct. 22, 2006

I have owned my home for almost a year and it is a nightmare from day one. cheaply built, no sound proofing, cheap stucco keeps falling off the walls, doors not hung correctly, bad flooring. They refuse to fix anything. They have hundreds of loopholes, nothing but promises and lies, starting with their customer service.

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Original review: Sept. 20, 2006

I purchased this residence in July, 2004. I soon began to notice that the lawn had a sinking patch. The company came to refill it. The following year, I had to have a patch of driveway concrete replaced because it was sinking I was the patch next to the sinking lawn. The company corrected that problem, too. Early the next year, however, I had yet another patch of sinking concrete; the patch adjacent to the replaced patch. I contacted the company to replace it, but they said they weren't going to since it was outside the warranty period of one year for this type of problem. The warranty for my home and that type of problem expired in July of 2005.

I first contacted the company about the second sinking patch in March of this year. I think the winter months had taken a toll onthe patch. When they declined to repair the concrete, I countered with the fact that obviously the ground was not properly compacted before pouring the concrete because I had the same problem in other locations. I have also witnessed several other houses in just a 2-block radius with concrete issues.

I am going to have to replace the concrete myself or get it mudjacked. This seems outrageous for a brand new home. I have one car and never even park it on the driveway, just in the garage, so there is nothing I did to cause this concrete to sink.

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Original review: Sept. 19, 2006

I and several other people i know have bought a home from this place about 3 to 4 yrs ago and now the floors sinking in these homes. These homes were purchased for the people whose homes where damaged where Hurricane Floyd hit in N.C.

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Original review: April 14, 2005

I purchased a home in the Dunes Park subdivision last June form Maggie Romero and Jorge who were sales representatives fro DR Horton. The home is beautiful and I love it. I was told at time of purchase that our community would be adjacent to a recreational lake that would be part of our community. Jorge told me that the lake would have a split rail fence and that the lake would be open to boating, fishing, walking trail etc. I was also told that I would be in a high tax district because of the future lake that would be completed by the end of 2005. I was ok with this because it was worth it to me if I was going to have this great lake a block away. Another selling point was that our home value would surely sky rocket once the lake was completed due to obvious reasons.

We were notified in an HOA letter to the community that the lake is not a recreational lake but a will become a water treatment facility. We are out of luck for all those who thought it was going to be a lake. Contrary to what we thought our home values are going down and we are now going to be smack dabb right next to a water treatment plant. This is the most major complaint I have with this home builder and I am very concered. There are dozens of my neighbors who are complaining as well as we all have been lied to.

My home was much higher priced that what I would have paid for thinking a lake would be coming and now I can not even sell it for what I purchased it for let alone gain any value from it.

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Original review: April 8, 2005

My wife and I built a new home with Emerald (DR Horton) and closed in July of 2004. Prior to closing on the home we hired our own building inspector to inspect the home and create a report of defects and issues. The report generated by the inspector was fourteen pages long and encompassed a whole range of issues. A copy of this report was given to the builder, which in turn completed none of those items on the report. Thus work continued and still continues today to correct these outstanding issues.

The issue that has currently reached an impasse is a leaking shower in the master bathroom. The shower has leaked since August of 2004 and has been torn out and repaired over five times now. In the course of fixing the shower the glass and metal shower enclosure (provide by and installed by Luxury Baths by Arrow of Houston, Texas) has been replaced over eight times due to being damaged during delivery or installation. The latest shower enclosure was delivered and installed on 4/7/04 is also damaged and now both companies DR Horton and Luxury Baths by Arrow are refusing to correct the problem.

The damages that have resulted in this shower being torn out five times have been our ability to use it. The previous time it was torn out the repairs took over two months. The economic damage the cost of the replacing the damaged shower surround, plus the cost of damage to our title floor in the bathroom due to this on going construction.

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