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Whirlpool Water Heaters

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Last updated: Nov. 9, 2017

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Original review: Nov. 10, 2016

I purchased a Whirlpool Flame Lock gas water heater with a 12 year warranty from Lowe's in November 2011. It lasted almost 6 years. Called Whirlpool Support and no one in my area is a certified repair facility. Closest one is 45 miles away, and he won't drive up to check out my water heater because I'm too far away. Called someone in town. He came out, looked at it for 2 minutes, and said he never saw a water heater like this, but Sears may carry parts. Charged me $50 for service call. Sears couldn't find the model number in their parts catalogs. I don't have a manometer (What is it?) so I can't do diagnostic tests on it myself. Can't find out anything about them online except complaints from other steamed customers about this crappy product. Whirlpool Support wouldn't do anything else for me except say they were sorry I got stuck with a bad product of theirs. It was made for Whirlpool by US Craftmaster Water Heaters Co.

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Original review: Oct. 17, 2016

Purchased Whirlpool gas hot water heater from LOWE'S on 9/25/2016. After the installation, tried to light the pilot light for 90 minutes. Followed the recommended instructions, I could not get it to light. Called LOWE'S they told me to call Whirlpool. I did so, and told them I will return the heater to LOWE'S the next day. Whirlpool customer service very bad. Returned the heater to LOWE'S the next morning, went to a local plumbing shop and purchased a Rheem heater. After installation it lit very first attempt. Now three weeks later I get a letter in mail from collection agency that LOWE'S turned me in for stopping payment on the check I wrote them. After reading the many negative reviews and they disregard for my and my family's safety, nobody should purchase a Whirlpool gas heater from LOWE'S.

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Original review: Aug. 19, 2016

Do not buy whirlpool water heater!!! It will only last 3 years.

Original review: Aug. 15, 2016

DO NOT purchase a WHIRLPOOL hot water heater!! The gas valve temperature sensors on these units are faulty. Our technician has replaced several of these defective sensors. Costs $250.00 to install - water tank is only a year old! WHIRLPOOL REFUSES TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS PROBLEM!! We bought this particular unit because of the "reputable" name brand. They don't live up to expectations. Don't waste your money on a Whirlpool - you'll be replacing it soon! Very disappointed in this company!

Original review: Aug. 12, 2016

I was sold a gas water heater that had my water smelly like rotten eggs in less than 6 months. I bought it in January 2016 and by June the anode rod I am told was no good. The only thing Lowe's could do for me was sell me 2 anode rods, one the plumber thought was bad. I also had to hire a plumber. I was eventually told I was out of luck because the area the old anode rod was in was too damaged to come out.

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Original review: Aug. 7, 2016

I bought a whirlpool water heater at Lowes 4 months ago, and it has stopped working. I called the customer service number and was treated so unjust. I told them that I had just had it looked at by a plumber and he said that the water heater needed to be replaced, I told the whirlpool represented if what the plumber had just advise me. So I asked them if they could just replace it, the customer service representative told me I had to call another number to have their service people look at it and that wasn't for another 10 days. At which time I asked the representative what was I to do without hot water for 10 days. She told me that they could only schedule it that way. So I'm here to tell you all please please please don't ever Buy anything from whirlpool because they will not back it up! I on the other hand just lost $500 and went out and bought a Rheem water heater instead.

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Original review: Aug. 5, 2016

I have a 20 month old Whirlpool stainless steel refrigerator of which the ice maker quit working after 6 months. The repair went smooth and I was back up and running. There have been rust spots on the refrigerator from early on. When I called Whirlpool about the rust spots they tried to sell me a service plan which I was told by the tech that the rust would not even be covered by that. They said I would need to have somebody come out to look at the appliance and would go from there. The tech came out and called Whirlpool, told them the exact thing that I had said when I called. They told him that they would not cover the rust and I was charged $79. I called back Whirlpool and requested they refund me the $79 and replace the three doors. They said they were sorry but could not help. I told them I did not accept that. They placed me on hold to get a manager and then I was disconnected.

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Original review: July 6, 2016

Whirlpool has been an absolute nightmare from day 1. We bought a brand new 50-gallon water heater from Lowe's. It did not work. We went back to Lowe's and were told to contact whirlpool. We contacted Whirlpool and were told to conduct a number of test and all test passed, so they said we needed a plumber to come look at it. Remind you that this water heater is brand new and has not worked since day 1. They said the plumber would cost $130 and they would pay for parts. Why am I having to pay when my water heater has never worked. Paid the money. Had them come. They replaced a part, did not work, replaced another and it did not work, so the plumber requested a new water heater. Whirlpool refused. What is the point of paying and they are not going to fix it.

Whirlpool insisted it was our ventilation even though all test proved that was not the problem. So out of pocket again to fix the ventilation and it did not work. After 2 months of no hot water with a two-year old at home we had someone we know come look at it and fixed the main pipe. Whirlpool took my money and didn't fix my problem. HORRIBLE SERVICE.

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Original review: July 4, 2016

Bought a whirlpool water heater less than two years ago and it has already failed. I could not find parts for it and was told by a lowe's employee that I would have to call whirlpool on the 5th of July (three days away) to order any parts. I tried three plumbers in the Indianapolis area and they all told me that I would be better off replacing it with a different brand. I just put in a new rheem in its place. I will never buy another thing from whirlpool. They are no good.

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Original review: June 17, 2016

I purchased Whirlpool hot water heater from Lowe's in 2008, it's a 40 gallon water heater w/ a 12-year warranty. I called a plumber out because it was making loud booming noise when the burner would go off. The last time flames shot out from underneath. The booms were loud enough to hear if you were outside.

When he came out to service it, he was able to duplicate the noise I had told him about. He said he had only seen this type of situation twice in his 30 years of plumbing. He said the gas was leaking into the water heater and felt it did have the potential to blow up had it gone on.

He called and had to place order for new gas control thermostat. Even though there's a warranty, Whirlpool still charges customer for shipping of either $30, $20 or $10 depending on how fast you want the part. I opted for $20 charge so I could receive part by Sat and rescheduled plumber to come out on Monday. The part did not arrive until Monday afternoon at 3:30 so I had to cancel my appointment with plumber and could not get him out again until Wednesday. I called Whirlpool and told them this and did get compensated back for $20. I also talked to a manager and expressed my concern up the whole situation and asked to be reimbursed for labor charges of plumber.

She (Kim) said I did not have extended warranty so she could not do that. I told her I had already been told that by the techs I had spoken to but felt they were getting off easy due to the severity of the situation. I was told again, sorry that's just their policy and water heater had safety features on it that would not allow it to explode. When the plumber returned, he installed new part and could not get pilot light to ignite. This took 3 hours, $300 labor charge. When he took off old thermostat, it was pretty much caked with mineral/calcium deposits.

Called Whirlpool again and ordered another part for the burner to be replaced, they wanted to charge $30 to have this sent, plumber was able to get them to waive the charge. In the meantime, called Whirlpool again since the whole thing was not sitting well with me. It was late because of the time difference so managers had already gone home. He said he would leave message with them that I felt a new water heater would be the best answer to this whole situation but more than likely I'd have to call back to talk to one.

I haven't called back, out of patience and energy. Tomorrow, it will be 2 weeks since I've had hot water. Due to time part will arrive today, plumber will not be out until first part of next week. At this point, I will not be surprised if this doesn't fix the problem either. I will never purchase another Whirlpool hot water heater or anything made by them again. I find it hard to believe since I live in Denver that the parts would not be available here. I think it's ridiculous that the customer has to pay to have parts sent. I feel their concern for my situation doesn't matter.

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Original review: June 17, 2016

We purchased a water heater at Lowe's. Our old water heater had an issue but we always had good water pressure with the hot water until we made the horrendous mistake to purchase at LOWE'S - the worst possible place to buy a water heater. They sent the water heater and we had to look for someone to connect the WHIRLPOOL WATER HEATER (the runaway water heater). When it was installed the water pressure at my home was so bad that only one shower can be used at a time. This never happened before with the old water heater, there was no pressure at all.

We called LOWE'S the WORST PLACE TO BUY A WATER HEATER, they did not accept any responsibility and they sent me to the Technician that Lowe's has in DENVER to fix the problem. This bad company (WHIRLPOOL) sent us a crooked technician who wanted to charge us $600 dollars to repair something other than the water heater. We did not trust this person and we called another technician who told us that the water heater is not working properly. There is no one at LOWE'S and NO ONE at the Whirlpool customer service who can help us with this disgraceful water heater.

DON'T BUY WHIRLPOOL WATER HEATERS. DON'T BUY AT LOWE'S!!! They are crooks! They do not respond for their products. They do not want to exchange the damn water heater as HOME DEPOT would. Buy everything at HOME DEPOT! Run away from Lowe's! They don't stand behind their products, they send you all the work and if you have something wrong with your purchase they will not help you.

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Original review: June 5, 2016

Purchased a new Whirlpool water heater from Lowe's. Two days into the reset switch kept tripping, Whirlpool wanted me to wait for someone to repair it. Lowe's exchanged it for me. When I called Whirlpool service myself, Jessie was in technical support could have careless about my business and was dismissive about any issues or concerns I was having. This will be my last Whirlpool product ever.

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Original review: May 25, 2016

Purchased a Whirlpool Hot Water Heater w/ Honeywell controller 09-30-11, 12 yr. warranty. It kept going out every month to six weeks. Finally it went completely out showing Temp. Exceeded. Whirlpool sent me a new G.C.V./T Honeywell Controller 08-18-15. This stopped it from going out unexpectedly but the Honeywell Controller went out again 05-23-16 same problem Temp. Exceeded. I called Whirlpool and got the runaround about time and my cost. So I told Whirlpool rep. that I was going to junk the whole thing. I removed the G.C.V./T controller. It looked just like the day I installed it and no calcium or mineral deposits in the area. Then I removed the (PLASTIC) drain valve and inspected the area and found no calcium or any other mineral buildup. I stuck my finger in the drain and found a small amount of soft calcium. I regularly flush my Hot Water Heaters every six months for about twenty minutes. I only wish I could give Whirlpool 1/4 or 1/2 of a star.

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Original review: April 18, 2016

I purchased a water heater Model # UG1H50400TBN, Serial # 0913T400920, from Lowe's in Corona, CA. 05/07/2009 for $528 plus tax. I have replaced the following parts: 02/10/2010 Thermostat Valve, 07/23/2010 Thermostat Valve (2nd time), 08/10/2010 Burner assembly, 02/10/2011 Thermocouple, 02/17/2011 Thermostat Valve (3rd time), 12/17/2014 Thermocouple (2nd time) and 03/20/2015 Burner assembly (2nd time).

Today I called WHIRLPOOL Customer service (877) 817-6750 because my water heater water is warm. I told the tech support agent that the pilot light was on so we agreed that it was the thermostat valve AGAIN. He wanted $30 for overnight delivery and I refused to pay. Now I have to go out and buy this part because Whirlpool like the Banks is too big to fail and they have license to RIP-OFF the consumer without penalties. Whirlpool has all of information and they can verify everything I wrote here just by the serial number.

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Original review: April 11, 2016

Absolutely the worst hot water heater I have ever owned. Broke within first year which Whirlpool sent me a replacement valve assy which I had to install myself. That one failed in 3 month and unit was out of warranty so I received no help from Whirlpool. Had a serviceman fix it again and it failed again. So I ended trashing the unit. I would not buy another Whirlpool product as long as I live. The last 5 appliances I purchased from Whirlpool all failed within a few months after warranty expired. This is no joke. Everything they sell is farmed out to other countries than the US and the workmanship and quality is the worst I have ever seen. The service people are nice when they tell you that they can't help you with your problem. Don't waste another dime on Whirlpool! Very bad product.

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Original review: April 2, 2016

Water heater purchased in 2011 and is already broken. Called the hotline and they were rude. Told me I need a $199 part. I read all the reviews and it seems that Whirlpool has made a bad name for themselves with the water heaters. They were not willing to work with me.

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Original review: April 2, 2016

Installed this gas water heater in my attic and the Honeywell thermostat does not work. After talking to a handful of plumbing companies they said Whirlpool must have put out a bad batch of water heaters because they get three calls a day for Honeywell thermostats that don't work on Whirlpool water heaters. WTF Whirlpool??

Original review: March 23, 2016

In 2013, my husband purchased a Whirlpool Hot Water Heater model #E2F40RD045V 40 gal. from Lowe's in Vancouver, WA. On 12/12/15, had to call a plumber, the hot water heater was intermittent hot/cold. He flushed it, checked all power connections and changed the elements. On 3/18/16, NO hot water. Having a 6 year warranty, I called Whirlpool. They gave all kinds of excuses and told me to try a bunch of tests. By the time I got back to call them they were closed. I called them again on Monday 3/21/16 and said nothing worked and it had popped the breaker. They said change the elements. I told them I had just changed the elements 3 months before. I told them it was faulty wiring. They said the top element must be faulty. I gave up at that point and called the plumber. He came right out the next day.

I had purchased a Rheem hot water heater to install and asked him to check the Whirlpool hot water heater elements he installed before he removed it. That is when it was discovered that under the insulation around the bottom element it was all scorched from FAULTY wiring. I called Whirlpool again and told them I could send them a picture and they said don't bother and immediately gave me an RA to return the hot water heater to Lowe's. I told them I had already purchased another hot water heater and it was not a Whirlpool. I am going to request a refund.

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Original review: March 7, 2016

I bought a Whirlpool water heater from Lowe's in the fall of 2009. For the first 4 years it worked fine. Since the spring of 2015, it started to stop working. I called the company, and they recommend their contractors to fix it. In less than a year, I had it repaired at least ten times. I spent more to repair it than I bought it. This water heater has a 10-year warranty on it. Per the company's recommendation, I replaced the thermocouple, clean it, have it regularly serviced. The technician told us we need to change the gas valve assembly. When I called, they sent a burner assembly.

When I called, they asked me about the exhaust pipe, whether it is go through the roof or go through the side of the house. I took several pictures of the exhaust system and sent to them. I called, one of the people on the company side said my exhaust was wrong, and need to be repaired by a HVAC company. I asked what is wrong? They don't tell me. I sent emails, and called to ask an answer, and got nothing. My impression is that they don't want to deal with the issues and simply want the consumer to get tired and replace the water heater. It really shows the total disregard of the interest of the consumers. This should not be the way people do business in the United States. When a big company has large numbers of lawyers, they can ignore the law. What a corrupt system!

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Original review: Feb. 11, 2016

Do not buy this 50 gallon hot water tank. Mine was guaranteed for 12 years, and barely lasted six. No hot water on and off, on and off. Called Whirlpool, they will send me the three parts that typically go for $30.00 in the mail. Okay, they came and a plumber put them on for me. Then the tank did not work at all. Called Whirlpool back up, "okay, one of the parts must be defective. For another $30.00 we will send you the same parts, try them." Yep, pay the plumber another $90.00 to try the same three parts. Beware, they are the worst company ever. Did not stand behind their product, miserable customer service. And the end folks, ended up having to replace it, the plumber cost me another $900.00. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER WHIRLPOOL PRODUCT AGAIN...

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Original review: Feb. 5, 2016

Having a Whirlpool gas water heater for less than 2 years and having a 6 year warranty one would think you are safe to believe this large company will treat you as well as you treated them when buying their product. Think again. No one is allowed or has the authority to issue credit for failed parts, you can't return the product to place of purchase, you are hung out to dry. Whirlpool, I will never buy nor recommend any product you create or sell. I will make it a point to anyone having a conversation about your products just how you're untrained, read by the manual uninformed technicians really are. I will explain just how over inflated your prices are for such cheap engineered to fail products are. Have a nice day.

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Original review: Jan. 24, 2016

We purchased a Whirlpool Gas Water Heater (Model No. N40T61-343) from Lowe's in the Summer of 2013. 2.5 years later, the water heater goes out as of 01/19/2016. Therefore, I contacted the telephone number on the side of the water heater in order to restart the water heater. We followed the instructions by pushing in the pilot button, as well the ignition button. To no avail, the water heater did not restart. I called customer service on Thursday (01/21/2016) to speak with a representative. She said that we needed another Thermopile and a Gas Valve replacement. So, who is going to put it on? It would cost as much as getting a whole new water heater. Therefore, we are going to Menards to purchase the Richmond Gas Water Heater. We had a Richmond once before; and it lasted from 1999 or 2000, until 2013.

After reading all the reviews about this brand water heater (Whirlpool), no wonder people are complaining. Ladies and gentlemen, do yourselves a favor and not buy a Whirlpool Water Heater. The only thing that Whirlpool is good for is only their name. Their Water Heaters in particular are worthless pieces of junk. NEVER BUY A WHIRLPOOL GAS WATER HEATER AGAIN!!!

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Original review: Jan. 14, 2016

11 months after purchasing my Whirlpool 40 Gal Gas Water Heater N40T61-343 I woke to cold water one morning and found the LED flashing 4 times - high temperature shutdown. Unable to find any reset I called Whirlpool and after a couple questions, was sent a replacement control unit. Happily it arrived 2 days later. I was told then that it was because I had residue in the tank. I had no idea how he determined that because none of his questions even touched on that. Anyway, I had hot water.

Nearly a year later now to the day and again I have no hot water. This time the pilot burns very weakly when I try to light it and then goes out. After three attempts I get 7 flashes on the LED - Gas Control Valve Failure, part of the same unit I replaced a year ago. Am calling tomorrow since it's too late to go through any tech support steps over the phone that I'm reading about on this site and seeing on Youtube. Honestly, I didn't replace the last heater because I had nothing better to do than replace parts on this one annually. No, I will not purchase another Whirlpool unit especially after reading all of the similar if not identical issues others are having.

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Original review: Jan. 3, 2016

Purchased a gas hot water heater from Lowe's in October 2015. Installed the hot water tank and two months later started smelling a faint gas smell coming from around the Honeywell box. Called Whirlpool and they thought it was the gas valve and replaced part, but had to pay $30 for overnight shipping. Had plumber install new part and did not fix the issue. Called plumber back out and he found a small pin hole size leak behind pilot light. Patched the leak and still had a gas smell coming from around the Honeywell box.

Called Whirlpool back and after some back and forth was able to get hot water tank replaced, since it was only two months old and should not need any maintenance that soon. Replaced water heater with new tank and this tank has a gas smell coming from around the Honeywell box as well. We replaced all our lines and even had the fire department check out our gas lines. Could not find anything. I am still baffled as to why this tank has a gas smell coming from the Honeywell box. I can't seem to find anyone else having this issue. Whirlpool or Lowe's has not been any help. Ready to unhook it and buy another brand. Anyone have this issue?

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Original review: Dec. 30, 2015

On Dec 18, 2015, my hot water heater located in my garage started spewing water out into my garage, driveway, and into the street. I called Lowe's, whom I purchased the water heater in Jan 2011, in which it was still under warranty. I was told to call (Whirlpool) 877 817 6750, the order was placed for a gas shut out valve after going through a check system. I was then given the names of two local preferred technicians to repair water heater, whom was not available. The representative from Whirlpool (American water heater) told me I can get the plumber of my choice, authorization number was given. I had to call the (Whirlpool) (American Water Heater) back and was told the part was ordered 2 times.

The first part will come on Dec 19, 2015 by UPS, and that the second part will come on Dec 21 by UPS, that a prepackaged label for return will be attached, and to tape the 2 boxes together to send back to the company--one box with the old part, and one box with the new. So, I sent the boxes to an address in Junction City, Tn. But I was not sent prepaid label, so I kept by word and spent $14. I will not be reimbursed according to American Water in which I followed their directions to a tee. So the walk away, the customer is always wrong, staff is not being trained the right way, and as a customer I am out of money and making adjustments to the way of customer service. No service. Just a waste of time, effort, and money.

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Original review: Dec. 29, 2015

Purchased at Lowe's and within days of installation the water would heat up so hot that it would spit and spew out of kitchen sink (10' away) and be so hot you couldn't hold your hand under it. Returned to Lowes and they reluctantly replaced it. I should have bought a different brand but I felt confident that it was just a faulty thermostat. Second one did the same. Tested different settings and it seemed to work ok but a few days later it was scalding hot again. Tech support kept telling me that "water heaters are intended to be used or they are like a kettle of water sitting on a flame". I told them they were crazy to think a small pilot light could heat 40 gallons to scalding temp.

Guess what? I left the heater on the pilot setting and with 40 fresh cold gallons in it. I returned 24 hours later to find it scalding hot again. I got down and looked through the view window and I couldn't believe the size of the pilot light. It is the biggest pilot light I have ever seen. It blows like a mini blow torch! And there is no adjustment. This is a serious engineering flaw and extremely dangerous. This heater is at my father-in-law's house and he probably doesn't use 5 or 10 gallons a day but still, NO WATER HEATER SHOULD EVER HEAT WATER TO A SCALDING TEMPERATURE WITH ONLY A PILOT LIGHT!!!

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Original review: Dec. 27, 2015

We purchased a Whirlpool water heater from Lowes in 2011. Everything was fine up until June 2015. We got the dreaded 4 flashes. We called for service to come out, that costed us around $300. December 23rd of 15 it goes out again. We called Whirlpool instead of a service company and the part was under warranty. We paid for overnight shipping but because of the holiday it was not guaranteed. We told them we are fine with Sat. delivery. In the meantime we had to cancel a holiday party scheduled at our house the 24th. We waited around all day Sat. for the part to show and nothing. We called Whirlpool to get the tracking number and we find out that the other service rep didn't mark our package for Sat. delivery. I am very close to just buying a new heater. I am trying to tell everyone I can about how horrible Whirlpool is. I feel sorry for any suckers that buy based on the name and don't do their research.

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2015

On 12/27/2013 I bought a Whirlpool hot water heater from Lowe's Model NU50T122-403. On 12-13-2015 the pilot went out. When I called tech support on 12-14-2015 they gave number what were call centers or person who returned the calls. So I called a local plumber that I used before. He came out and told me that had to replace the pilot. On the 16th 2015 of Dec. that did not work and told us the heater needed to be replaced. The replacement will happen today I hope with little to no help from Whirlpool. I would advise you to do your homework before you buy a Whirlpool hot water heater.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 17, 2015

I bought a Whirlpool gas hot water heater in 2005. In the first 12 months I replaced either 4 or 5 thermocouples and a total of between 15 and 20 from the time I bought it in 2006 and 2012. Only 1 time did the company replace one of them. When I would call them the rep would say things like, "There may not be enough ventilation" or "Was it installed by a licensed technician?" The 1 time they did take care of a problem the technician they sent out said NOTHING was wrong with the ventilation or the way it was installed. Oh yea, Customer Service told me that they did me a FAVOR (exact word) when they did that.

In 2012 the hot water heater went out for good. The company would NOT do anything about it. I took it back to Lowe's where I got it and they replaced it for me since the manufacturer wouldn't. The new hot water heater went out after only 3 years. I turned the hot water on and it was not getting hot so I checked the hot water heater to see what was going in. I found the pilot was burning, but the burner was not burning. I turned the water heater off and and checked everything out. When I tried to relight the water heater, guess what? It will not light. I am now being told that this heater has NO warranty, this 3 year old heater. There is MORE but I won't go into that now. Just know this has been the WORST product and the WORST company I have ever had any dealings with, PERIOD!!!

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Original review: Dec. 4, 2015

We purchased a Whirlpool elec. water heater Ee3z50rd055v for our home in 2003. About 2 years ago it began to not heat properly, it randomly coded upper/lower elements. I replaced them both and it continued to code. It would make clicking and popping sounds from control board. The control board was removed and we discovered some relay switches had come loose from board and soldered them back on. It continued to work fine for 2 years. This week it started over. This time I called whirlpool and spoke with a very polite and professional young man by the name of Michael. He asked me a handful of questions and promptly took care of my problem. Shipping new control board and covered shipping. We don't live in a perfect world, things happen. Whirlpool has provided the means to correct the problem. What is there to complain about.. Thank you whirlpool.

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