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Customer Service

Reviewed Dec. 28, 2021

I purchased new appliances as part of a home purchase - all Whirlpool. After a month, the dryer displayed the message "Sensing" but would not actually start. Going through Whirlpool, it took 3 weeks to get a tech to even look at it. He determined the motor shorted out (after a month). Parts had to be ordered and at least one was backordered so it took a month to get the parts. It then took another 2 weeks to get the tech back out to our home. After putting in the new parts, the dyer still has the same issue. I has to call Whirlpool the next day to see what they were going to do. After being on the phone for 1 hour and 20 minutes - they scheduled another visit for a tech to come out and look at it again - in two more weeks. Keep in mind that they will probably need to order more parts. So at a minimum it will be down for 3 months. It's one thing to sell someone a lemon - it's another insult on top of injury to not repair or replace it in a timely manner.

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Customer Service

Reviewed July 30, 2021

We bought a new Whirlpool washer from Lowe's 7 weeks ago and it has failed to spin the clothes - leaving the machine full of water. Spent hours on the phone and on-line trying to get service. None available. Stay away from Whirlpool!

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Reviewed April 19, 2021

Purchase the Washer on 10/1/03 the washer worked great. It never went off balance and with the Extra Spin Cycle the Items washed were almost dry when removed. Recently 4/16/21 the control panel went bad. I hate to replace it but new is less expensive than the repair.

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Reviewed Feb. 3, 2021

I bought this washing machine online from Home Depot. After washing several loads realized I didn't like it. They only allow 48 hours for you to return it and told me I had to deal with Whirlpool after that, they give 30 days to return. I tried to call them multiple times, but could not get a real person to talk to or chat with. I went to their website and emailed my complaint three times before they finally replied. Of course, by this time 30 days was over! I finally kept calling different times of day and spoke with someone.

After arguing with me for several minutes, he finally told me there's no way I can send it back. They would send a repair man under the one year warranty plan, but it they find nothing mechanically wrong with the machine, I would have to pay for the service call. He probably would not find anything "functionally" wrong because it turns on and runs through the cycles, but it does a horrible job cleaning clothes. It leaves residue on the clothes, does not clean the clothes good, labels on the knobs are confusing, even tho the tub is large, you can't put much in there or it bunches them all up in a ball during the wash cycle, doesn't use enough water to properly agitate the clothes, jumps all over the place and knocks very loudly during the spin cycle and of course locks the door so you can't get in there and readjust the clothes. I hate this washing machine and now I'm stuck with it!

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Reviewed Dec. 16, 2020

I had previously owned a Whirlpool washer so when it broke, I decided to buy another based on previous experience. I put on a wash right after it was installed and immediately it went into fault mode and wouldn’t work despite shutting it down and restarting. I called whirlpool who were difficult to contact and were extremely unhelpful to say the least. I would not buy another product from them.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Sept. 27, 2020

BUYERS BEWARE of the company Whirlpool and their Appliances and BEWARE of a company called Goodies Inc. located in Rising Sun Maryland… Our Story…

On April 11, 2020, I bought a brand-new Maytag Dryer (made by Whirlpool) Model number MEDC465HW0 Serial number MX16 12599 at the Home Depot in Newark Delaware. It was delivered to our home on April 22, 2020.

I noticed right away by the second load of clothes I dried, there was a problem. Without jumping to conclusions, I tried different settings, load sizes, and so forth on the dryer to make sure that wasn’t the problem. Within that 2.5 months, and the problem getting worse; we knew there was a problem with the dryer itself. As time progressed within that 2.5-month time frame, we were having to put our clothes in for 2 full cycles time setting to dry one load, and even that was not enough. It became 3 full cycles and still the clothes were not thoroughly dried. We had the settings on extra dry, more jeans and so forth.

July 24, 2020, I called the Whirlpool company and spoke to a Customer Service Rep named Amanda. I explained the problem we were having, and she set up an appointment with a company Whirlpool uses to service appliances in our area. That company name was Goodies Inc. in Rising Sun Maryland. I asked Amanda if the technicians wear shoe covers because we don’t allow shoes worn in our home. Amanda assured me that the company Goodies Inc. was very professional, and they would wear shoe covers.

July 30, 2020 a week later, the technician from Goodies Inc. arrived at 3:00 pm. When I opened the door, I was taken back at his appearance. He was wearing baggy stretch shorts and a shirt that gave an indication he was going to the beach. Not at all a professional appearance. He also had on mismatch socks and a pair of loosely string tied hiking ankle boots. I didn’t have a good feeling about this, but I also didn’t want to judge a book by its cover. However, looking back in hindsight, my feelings and instincts about this want to be technician were spot on. He didn’t say anything to me. He didn’t introduce himself or his company name. He just stood there looking at me.

The only way I knew where he was from was by the van he was driving. He had it parked in another homeowners parking spot, in which I had to ask him to move. He was very unfriendly, and a bit rude. When he came in the door, I asked him to put on his shoe covers, and he said they don’t wear shoe covers. I asked him to remove his shoes and thanked him afterwards.

I thoroughly explained the problem. He had a clipboard and small meter gadget in his hand that didn’t serve much of a purpose. He pulled the dryer a little forward and peeked at the back of it. He then opened the dryer, closed it, and turned it on. He put his hands on the venting pipe of the dryer and a few moments later, he said, the dryer is hot, and the air flow is good. He wanted to see the outside vent and stated the air flow was good there as well. He didn’t do any thorough testing of any kind. He may have used the meter gadget one time to test what I don’t know. As stated, it really served no purpose with him. After feeling and looking to say the air flow was good, and saying the dryer is functioning as it is supposed to, he asked for a piece of clothing to test. I took a black tee-shirt and put it under the kitchen sink water. The shirt was wet but not soaking or dripping wet. He put the shirt in the dryer and turned it on.

While we were waiting for the testing of the shirt, the technician told me he had the same exact dryer, and although it was many years older, he had the same problem with it. He said he has taken it apart many times and put it back together and still couldn’t figure out the problem. I am not sure why he told me that, but it was concrete confirmation on the “Quality” of Whirlpool’s Appliances/Products.

After a little while, he opened the dryer door and the shirt was still wet. He added more time on the dryer. This happened a few more times with him increasing the time. The last time, he added extra heavy time. After a bit, he opened the dryer and took the shirt out. The shirt was still damp in several areas. I replied and told him that was only one shirt and to imagine an entire load of clothes. He said although the dryer was working fine on paper, he knew there was a problem, but he didn’t know how to fix it. He said he was going to call Whirlpool and talk to his supervisor to see if they could fix it. He said if they couldn’t fix it, then the company would probably send us a new dryer.

He said we would be getting a call in the next few days from either Whirlpool or Goodies Inc. He handed me the clipboard and asked me to sign the paper. I asked him what I was signing, and he just looked at me not replying. I once again asked him, and again he just looked at me. I told him I was only signing the paper to say he was there, and it was Not a signing to say he fixed our dryer, because he didn’t. I clarified everything over again, as well as what he told me would be happening, and he confirmed. I signed and handed him back the clipboard.

I waited for the phone call from Whirlpool/Goodies Inc. that NEVER came. August 10, 2020, I called Whirlpool and sat on the phone most of the day waiting to speak with a Customer Service Rep which never happened. The estimated wait time continued to “Increase” instead of decrease making it impossible to speak with CS Rep. I went to Home Depot and spoke with Lloyd in the Appliance department explaining everything to him. He informed me that it was now out of Home Depot’s hands, but he would act as an advocate for me and call Whirlpool to try and get the issue resolved.

When I arrived back at home, there was a voice mail from Lloyd. The first thing he said was, “You were not kidding about the wait time at Whirlpool.” He also stated in the message, that when he was finally able to get through to Whirlpool, the technician from Goodies Inc. reported that the dryer was fine. Lloyd called Goodies Inc. and spoke to the owner John who also said his technician reported everything was fine and nothing wrong with the dryer.

I then called Whirlpool again, and finally after a long wait I was connected to Customer Service Rep at 4:50pm. She introduced herself as Carla. I thoroughly explained everything to her leaving out no details. According to Carla, the only thing in the notes from the technician was that the dryer was fine. I informed Carla that he bluntly lied, and once again, I thoroughly reiterated the entire events that took place on that service call. I was furious at this point, and told Carla that Whirlpool needs to give my money back or give me a new dryer that properly works.

She informed me that I didn’t qualify for an exchange/money back because the technician reported the dryer was working. She informed me that the technician from Goodies Inc. hasn’t sent in all the notes yet about the service call, but he did say, the dryer was good. She said it would take a couple of days to get all the notes from the technician and I could call back then. I requested for Whirlpool to call me back because it was almost impossible to get through, and she said, "No, they can’t call customers." I would have to call back. It was as if she was reading a cue card and didn’t care. She said I could call the company Goodies Inc. and speak with the manager about the technician’s service call that day. She then turned around and asked me what Goodies Inc. hours were? I replied and said to her ‘I don’t know, it’s your company.”

I then, asked her how the problem with our dryer would be resolved if the technician lies again, and she said we would have to get another technician to come out. I then asked for the phone number/address of Whirlpool Corporate. She informed me there was no phone number for Whirlpool Corporate. I questioned her about that, and she had no answer. She gave me an address (later that evening, I found out the address she gave me was Whirlpool Customer Service and Not Corporate). I told Carla to notate everything that was said in our conversation and I requested to speak to a manager. Her reply was that she could transfer me to a manager, but I would have to wait for a while because they are backed up in calls. After she transferred me to a “supposed” manager line, I was on hold forever with no success of speaking with a manager.

August 11, 2020 Tuesday 12:28pm, I called Goodies Inc. and spoke to a person named Luann. I explained who I was and everything that had transpired. I asked to speak with a manager or the owner. She said John is in and out all day working on refrigerators and can’t call on the job. She was very cold and not friendly in the least. I explained to her that because of the Goodies Inc. technician not being able to fix my dryer, and then, completely lying about it, was preventing me from getting another dryer or my money back. She told me that John spoke to Whirlpool and she was assuming me as well. I quickly corrected her that it was not me that he spoke to, that it was Lloyd at Home Depot. I stressed how important it was for the owner/manager John? to call me back ASAP to get this situation resolved. I left my name and phone number. She was reluctant and vague and could not tell me “when” and “if” I would get a call back.

August 12, 2020 Wednesday 12:13pm, I called Goodies Inc. Again, speaking to this person Luann with the same cold and unfriendly attitude who knew exactly who I was. I requested to speak with the manager/owner letting her know, that no one returned my call. Once again, she said he was out all day and not in the office. I asked her if my message had been given to him, and she replied, yes. I stressed again the importance of him getting back to me and left my name and phone number. August 13, 2020 Thursday 12:24pm, I called Goodies Inc. There was no answer, and I left a message on the answering machine requesting for a call back. August 14, 2020 approximately 2:00pm, I called Goodies Inc. There was no answer, and I did not leave a message this time. I NEVER did get a call back from the manager/owner of Goodies Inc.

Between August 15-19, 2020, we put a temperature meter gun on the back of the exhaust of the dryer vent. As the dryer heated up and ran to the point to where it starts to cool down, we noticed it was dropping too much before heating back up. The dryer manual says it should only drop to 125-130. We noticed it dropping to 100-105. We did this testing repeatedly with the same results. We also went through the entire venting to make sure nothing was blocked. The entire vent line was clear and the air flow coming out was strong. We were getting an indication that maybe it was the thermostat and upon further research maybe the moisture sensor. When the Goodies Inc. technician was here, he didn’t check anything.

August 20, 2020 Thursday 1:15pm. I was on hold until 1:55pm when I was finally connected to a CS Rep named Ricky. When he pulled up my account, I explained everything to him. He informed me that the technician and Goodies Inc. did not report any notes to them except to say the dryer was fine. I requested to speak with a supervisor and expressed my concern about the wait time. He assured me that I would not have to wait long because he was transferring me straight to the supervisor line.

I was transferred and started hold at 2:09pm. 2:27pm a female by the name of Alley picked up and said she was from the Customer Care Resolution Department. I told her I was supposed to be transferred to a supervisor, and she informed me that Whirlpool does “Not” have managers or supervisors. They only have Customer Care Resolution Departments. She pulled up the account and I explained everything.

After repeating myself for a million times going over the same issues, she said was going to send a technician out again. She said Goodies Inc. was the only company in our area, but she would request a different technician. She said when the technician arrives, she will have him instructed to call the Master Technician at Whirlpool. Although our dryer is new, and we have a 10-year warranty, that only includes parts, not labor because we didn’t buy the extra warranty for labor, Alley said she was extending our warranty on everything (labor and parts) until October 22, 2020 because of all the trouble we have been through.

She continued suggesting that maybe there was a venting problem even after I once again explained that we thoroughly checked the venting, as well as making sure the dryer was not too close to the vent that could cause a blockage of air flow. The air flow is strong and there are no venting blockages. I suggested from the testing we did that maybe it was a thermostat problem. She said she wanted to send us a test kit to check air flow, because she was still on the notion there was a venting problem. I told her we would do the test kit even though we were 100% sure that was not the problem. She scheduled the appointment for September 14, 2020. When the test kit from Whirlpool arrived a few days before the September 14, 2020 appointment, we ran the test 3 times with the card falling off the handle within the first few seconds or first complete turn of the dryer drum. The test was consistent on the timing all three times we tested. The air flow is strong.

Friday September 11, 2020 Luann from Goodies Inc. called and left a message confirming the appointment of September 14, 2020 between 8:00am-12:00pm. She also left a message saying they have to send the same technician as before. I called her back and she reiterated everything that was left on my answering machine. She said if I wanted another technician, I would have to reschedule it on another day. This appointment was scheduled on August 20, 2020 giving ample time to send another technician, but Whirlpool already has our money of $570.00, and we desperately need the dryer working. It’s a brand-new dryer!! We should not have to be dealing with this mess.

September 14, 2020 Monday approximately 11:30am, the same technician from Goodies Inc. arrived. We still don’t know his name. He was once again parked in another homeowners parking spot. I walked out to his van, and he looked like he was sleeping. I tapped on the window and he very rudely looked at me and said, what?? After he moved his van, he spent a few minutes sitting on the steps calling the “supposed” master technician from Whirlpool.

When he finally came in, we were taken back by his appearance, which was worse than the first time. He looked disheveled as if he just rolled out of bed. He was wearing swimming trunks, the same loosely stringed untied hiking ankle boots, and mismatched socks. The only difference this time, was one of his socks was turned inside out. He looked out of it. Once again, he had his little hand meter and clipboard.

He was talking to this supposed master technician from Whirlpool. He had this person on speaker phone, and I heard him tell this person on the other end that the dryer was not drying to “my expectation.” The technician asked the Whirlpool technician if he could keep the phone on speaker, and the Whirlpool technician replied by telling him, it was not a good idea.

When we got to the dryer, I asked to talk with this “supposed master technician” at Whirlpool so I could explain the problem and the results of the testing we did with the Temperature Meter gun, and he would not talk to me or listen. The technician from Goodies Inc. completely ignored me as well. My son who was here during the home testing we did was trying to tell him what was going on as well. He told my son the temperature was dropping to 110. I clearly told him it should not drop that low. It should only drop to 125-130 the lowest. He didn’t say anything until my son left the room, and replied to me, it was normal to drop to 100. I told him it wasn’t normal, according to the dryer manual.

He didn’t do any thorough testing on the dryer, such as the thermostat, moisture sensor, or any other testing. He just held the little meter gun on the back of the dryer vent telling the Whirlpool tech that it was running consistent in the numbers. Nothing else was done. He ended the call with both agreeing there was nothing wrong with the dryer.

When we got back upstairs, the Goodies Inc. technician apologized for not knowing how to fix our brand-new dryer. He said “I’m sorry I can’t fix your dryer. I’m just the middleman in all this.” He gave us a case number of ** and said we could use that number when calling in. He was making himself the victim in all this. I professionally and quickly reminded him about his lying the first time he came out. He kept his head hanging low, and said, “I did talk to my supervisor” and said nothing more. I also informed him that it had absolutely nothing to do with the dryer working to my expectation, but it did have everything to do with the dryer working the way it is supposed to work. He knew there was a problem with the dryer but didn’t want to look stupid not knowing how to fix it. It’s easy to carry a title, but if you can’t back it up, then don’t have it.

September 18, 2020 Friday 1:06pm. I called Whirlpool at 1:06pm and was on hold until 1:42pm when I was finally connected to a CS Rep named Rob. When he pulled the account up, I told him everything and that my dryer was still not drying properly. He said he would submit a request to have a new company come and take a look at it. He said Whirlpool would call me back, that it took 3 business days for them to locate a new company. I asked him where the request was going, and he said to the Customer Care Resolution Department. I requested to speak with a supervisor/manager and told him I was informed by other Whirlpool Reps, that they didn’t have supervisors/managers. Rob’s reply to me was “yes, we do have managers and supervisors.” He told me he was transferring me directly and I would not have to wait long to speak with them.

2:18pm I was connected to the Customer Care Resolution Department, not a manager or supervisor. A male answered the phone named Demetris. I asked him if he was a manager or supervisor and he said no. I told him I was supposed to be transferred to a manager/supervisor. He said "I have the authority to make supervisor decisions." I gave him the case number from that Goodies Inc. technician and Demetris said the dryer was fine. We got into a big argument, and I’m telling him over and over again it is not fine.

I told him that no one should have to dry the same load of clothes for 3 full cycle time setting, and still coming out damp. His reply was, "I’m going by the case number you gave me." I told him to pull up the entire account of all my calls and everything that had transpired, not just that case number from the technician. I told him to read the entire account, and he said he had read it. I was furious and the conversation was going nowhere. I told him it was a brand-new dryer and we should not be having any problems with it. I also told him I certainly would not waste my time, his time, or anyone else’s time to call and report problems with my dryer, if there really wasn’t any problem. It was almost as if he was reading from a cue card.

I told him since he had the authority as a supervisor, give my money back, or give me a new dryer, because you’re not fixing the one I have and it’s a brand new dryer at that. I told Demetris that if he didn’t help me and do the right thing, bad things would come back to him, because none of us can do ugly and get away with it. What we do in life good or bad comes back to us. If you rip people off and don’t do right by them, someday it will happen to you. I told him that he represents Whirlpool and it is up to him to do the right thing for the customers. No one should have to go through this.

The conversation was useless! Demetris said Whirlpool does not give refunds and he was "Not" sending out a new company as Rob stated they could do. He was setting up an appointment with the same company Goodies Inc. and he quickly let me know that if the technician didn’t find anything wrong with the dryer, I was going to be charged $110.00 because of my warranty. Of course, they are not going to find anything wrong with the dryer once again, because Goodies Inc. will make an extra easy $110.00, and Whirlpool will not have to service or replace my BRAND-NEW DRYER. THEY’VE ALREADY GOT MY MONEY!

I asked Demetris for the contact information of Whirlpool’s Corporate Office and he gave me a phone number. I asked him if that phone number was for the Corporate Office or Customer Service. He replied saying Customer Service. I told him I wanted the Corporate Office contact information, and he informed me that the Corporate Office is CLOSED. What kind of company does not have managers or a Corporate Office??

I am setting on a brand-new $570.00 piece of junk Maytag dryer that will not dry my clothes properly. I am having to put tons of Downy Unstoppables in my washer to hopefully get rid of the mildew smell from the dryer not properly drying, as well as, hanging my clothes over stair railings for hours to finish drying. Then the clothes after you’ve worn them a few hours gets that mildew smell from them not being properly dried. And the vicious cycle starts all over again.

Whirlpool doesn’t care about their customers. Their CS Reps are clueless and each one tells you something different. They send a want to be technician who doesn’t even have mediocre skills to service appliances from a little back-alley side-road establishment they call a “Professional Business.” Whirlpool and Goodies Inc. Standard Business Practices are Unprofessional, Unethical, and should be Illegal. They’ve got a nice little hustle going on.

I canceled the October 9, 2020 appointment with Goodies Inc. I am more than likely going to have to scrap this brand-new piece of Maytag Whirlpool junk dryer and buy a new one. I will NEVER buy another Whirlpool product. I will also make sure to spread the word to everyone I know and so on to stay away from Whirlpool products, and.

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2020

Bought a front load washer, paid for extended service that they can’t provide as they do not have one in Whitecourt. Phone in Multiple times to return the washer as it vibrates so badly and shakes our brand new house. Provide everything they’ve ask for so I can return the washer and the customer service that I’ve talked to wants me to waits few days to know when or how I can return the washer and according to her it takes 6 to 8 weeks. Why do you ask consumer for extended warranty that you cannot provide? Why return of damage product is very hard? Your washer is damage you should accept the return as soon as possible without delay.

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Reviewed July 20, 2020

I bought a front load dryer back in May. It got hooked up and got one Load somewhat dried before it started acting up. I flipped the breaker and popped it back on only to have the same thing happen, and then completely die. At that point I called Whirlpool to let them know my issue. Since then I have had two repair service technicians and got nothing accomplished. I called Whirlpool back yet again to explain I want their product, just one in working condition. I asked if they would just be kind to swap it out for another one and I got a HARD “No.” It’s now almost August and have yet to get a full cycle completed out of a $1,300 front load dryer! I make sure I let everyone know at our local Menards and Sears what a hassle it is to go with Whirlpool.

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Reviewed April 16, 2020

I bought a Direct Drive washing machine about 2 years ago, little did I know that I should have asked the salesman if there is a lint catcher! There isn't one and now lint is accumulating around the drum and throwing it off balance. I looked through the manual and it suggests to reduce lint, turn garments inside out. Really!

I purchased all my appliances, all Whirlpool, which now causes me to doubt my initial investment.

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Reviewed March 7, 2020

Ever since I bought my washer it has been the most horrible experience ever. No matter if I have one item in there or twenty items the washer shakes extremely bad ready to take out my hot water heater and wall. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life! I had service techs out and it’s balanced properly but even they say they don’t make them like they used to. It has a water sensor so you can’t get even get enough water to clean the clothes. Every load I do comes out with residue. Not only is this embarrassing but it’s totally frustrating to go through this stuff!!!! Never buy a Whirlpool!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2020

We purchased a Whirpool washer from Lowes 8 months ago, and out of nowhere it stopped even turning on. It took A MONTH for a service tech to even come look at it, we are STILL waiting to hear from whirlpool for them to even schedule an appointment to install this part. 3 YEAR WARRANTY AND I HAVE SPENT SEVERAL HOURS SPREAD THRU 3 DIFFERENT CALLS TO HUNT DOWN MY OWN ANSWERS. Worst customer service/ warranty/ product experience OF MY LIFE. Family of 6 and we are spending 60 dollars a week at laundromats when we have a $800 WARRANTIED washer at home. If I could sue i would!!!

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2019

I purchased the washing machine in January 2019-BRAND NEW. I started having issues in April…. The machine would shake violently and bang against the wall and dryer. I called to have 3 technicians come in to fix the issue all from April-May. Each technician said something different like the washing machine needed to be raised higher, there was a technical glitch, etc.The shaking went away but came back. I kept calling and complaining about the issue and Whirlpool kept sending their technicians who made up problems. I’ve called about 12 times for the issues since I purchased the machine in January. I’m convinced I was sold a defective washing machine. During the 8th call, a representative told me they do not replace their washers, but instead will just send out technicians to fix whatever issue I’m having. I’ve never heard of policy and think it's BS.

Finally the most recent technician said he would replace the basket in November because that was the issue. The appointment is canceled the day before because the part isn’t in… That’s fine. We reschedule for today.. The basket arrives, technician shows up at my door to let me know the basket has rust in it.. See pics. So now I have a barely used washing machine that I cannot use to wash my clothes. Honestly, you’re better off using your freaking hands than buying these crappy machines. This is the crappy service you will get form Whirlpool -AVOID AVOID AVOID.

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Reviewed Nov. 3, 2019

I purchased my top load washer 4 months ago and has been nothing but trouble since. It runs very little water in and runs it in, stops, runs a little more, stops, etc. Then does the same thing while washing but does not agitate hard enough to get anything clean. It vibrates so loudly like someone beating on the side of the washer toward the end of the spin cycle that I would be ashamed to run it if anyone was visiting. I have has a piece of clothing shredded like it was slashed with a knife. In my old washer I could get 2 loads done in the time I can do 1 now. I have to treat the clothes with more chemicals now to get them halfway clean if they are very dirty, Which raises my costs. The extra electric that I am using to run it so long is terrible. I wrote them, no answer. If I had known all this I would have spent the $200 plus to fix my old one. If I find a good used one, this one will be gone.

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2019

I purchased a brand new washer and dryer 14 months ago. My dryer completely stopped working so I called Whirlpool, not only would they not send a service person but they would not back their product. The control panel died and I had to pay $300 for the part plus $150 for the labor. I asked Whirlpool if they would pay for the part because the panel dying after 14 months is ridiculous. The first 2x they sent me an automated message which was very insulting. The third time they said, "Sorry, warranty was up at 12 months." I will never sink my money into such a lousy company again.

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Reviewed Sept. 16, 2019

We bought a Brand new Whirlpool washer and dryer from Best Buy and after 32 days washer had broke from the Motherboard going out. Two days past the return policy of Best Buy we were told to go through whirlpool. They came out and replaced the motherboard since it was broken.. Fast forward two more months and now we’re having issues with the washer again not working. After the first problem we encountered, I purchased the service plan through Whirlpool frighten that something would happen again and it has.. We are now waiting for them to come and fix it again and another week waiting for them to come out due to the huge window of time that they can come out.

Saturday and Sundays are not a option!! Which is anywhere from 8-5 in the day, if you have no job and are willing to sit around this may be great for you but I work a full time job and have to make arrangements for me to be off work and home. This is the worst washer ever!! And now on top of it the dryer is making rattling noise.. I will never purchase anything from Whirlpool ever again! Had a Maytag for 13 years and never had a problem with their products. The End.. Disappointed Consumer

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Reviewed June 16, 2019

To put it bluntly do not by the Whirlpool top loading washers with no agitator. They look like they will wash very large loads but in actuality won’t clean much of anything. The clothes form a “ball” in the bottom and do not get moved around. To whit: I put in a small load of clothes after working in my yard. There were no stains, simply garden dirt. I used CR top rated detergent and bleach. I also used the “deep water” setting as well as the hottest setting offered. The cycle time was well over an hour. To my amazement and shock, the clothes still had dirt on them and the socks looked dirtier than when I put them in. I could have done much better in my kitchen sink with hot water and detergent. Stay away from these machines. Get a good front loader or top loader with agitator. There are plenty of good ones. Don’t get sucked in by a salesman who has never done wash.

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Reviewed March 5, 2019

I called the service & repair for my washer & dryer that I bought May 2018. The woman I spoke to, she said in her record was May 2017. I have my receipt bought in Best Buy Glendora Ca. She said to show to the technician my receipt when he gets to my house. I said, Okay. I told her the problem on my washer, when I try to turn it on the washer and the light will come on but it will go off right away. It doesn’t start. It happens couple times already. I want them to check it - why it’s doing that.

But the lady said if the technician doesn’t find anything wrong with it and it’s not a machine error, I have to pay the guy. I told her, why would I pay the guy because I want them to check it & service it. The lady said, that’s the way their warranty works. I think this is not right! How would I know if it’s machine error or not. My point is a year manufacturer's warranty. I bought Whirlpool because it’s made here in US. But technically there’s a lot of better washer & dryer brand but I stick to the one made it here. But when it comes overall the company is really worst now. Please let me know if this is right on their warranty.

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Reviewed March 1, 2019

I got this washer off of Craigslist from someone original owner sense NEW! The complaint was that it was tripping the breaker. So I took it home and tore it all apart and cleaned it up and tested the pump motor and everything was fine. Put it all back together and it magically worked so I think it was a loose wire or something to do with the grounding. Model GVW9959KQ2.

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2019

I called Whirlpool about a problem I'm having with my dryer. They said they don't cover discoloration inside the dryer. I said, "Okay. If it's only discoloration, and nothing dangerous is going to happen, I'm okay with that." The man (jerk), on the other end then said that they can't guarantee nothing dangerous is going to happen. I said, "well if you can't guarantee the dryer's safety, you should come and look at it, it's still under the one year warranty." Then, the man on the other end of the phone was very rude and horrible. Never again will I buy any Whirlpool Products! They care only about the money, not the customers!

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Reviewed Oct. 26, 2018

I bought my washer new in April of 2017. It stopped working just a couple months after the one year warranty expired. Unbelievable!! I paid too much money for a this washer to completely break down so quickly. Guess this way you can keep selling new appliances every few years huh... Thanks. I will never again trust the Whirlpool brand.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2018

I purchased a Whirlpool top load washer model WTW4900BW from Lowe’s in July 2014. Once the original warranty expired I continued to purchase an extended warranty from Whirlpool. My existing warranty is for two years and was purchased in July of this year. On August 22, 2018 the washer stopped working I called Whirlpool Customer Service. After four service calls by two different companies, replacing five major components and costing me four days of work, the washer is still not working as of September 18, 2018.

After the fourth service call and the washer still not working I ask Whirlpool Customer Service at what point do they replace a washer. I talked to a so-called supervisor in Michigan. She told me that customer service did not make that determination that Whirlpool Tech support did. I ask her for the tech support phone number. She said that they did not have the number and that the customer service people did not talk with tech support people.

Within five minutes of our conversation I found the Whirlpool Technical Support number and called them. I was told that the decision to replace a washer is made by Whirlpool Customer Service. I asked if the tech support people ever talked with the customer service people his reply was all the time, every day. I got back with Whirlpool Customer Service and this time I was told that the decision to replace a washer rested with AIG the warranty underwriter. I ask for AIG’s phone number and was told that there was no way to contact AIG.

Just as before within a few minutes I was on the phone with AIG’s warranty people. I ask them the same question about who determined when to replace a washer and got the same answer Whirlpool Customer Service. A few days ago I sent separate emails to Whirlpool’s Customer Relations Manager and The Director, Customer Experience and Consumer Loyalty, to date I have not been contacted by Whirlpool apparently customer apathy starts at the top. If a company’s character is determined by the way it treats customers after the sale, then in my opinion Whirlpool is lacking.

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2018

We bought a pair of Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer. Dryer is fine. Washer has never worked! Called for support and purchased a new computer board, same result. I called once again and was sent a motor. Neither was any help. I know there's a real history of problems with this model and have never heard from Whirlpool about any solution! That piece of junk is sitting in a garage waiting for Whirlpool to make it right. My guess is it will never see a productive day. I used to think Whirlpool was one of the better brands. I will never think that again, I will do my best to prevent anyone else getting bent over.

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Reviewed June 19, 2018

Had dryer for about 2-1/2 years and it started to just shut-off. Had service person check it out and said it had power error. He suggested we have electrical checked out - they found no problem. Contacted service again and they changed one of the circuit boards - still had same problem. Put board back in and changed other main circuit board - still same problem. Had electrical checked again - no problem found. My wife contacted Whirlpool and was told they would allow us to buy another dryer direct from them at 50% discount. My wife asked if she could discuss various models with me and then call back to order. Rep said that was fine and everything would be noted in our record. My wife called back a few days later and there was no record. They still gave a discount but not the 50% that was promised. Very very disappointed.

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Reviewed June 15, 2017

Whirlpool Vantage (Cabrio with Touch Screen Controls). Washer Model: WTW7990XG0 Washer Serial: C03770030. Dryer Model: WED7790XG0 Dryer Serial: M03101325. My Vantage washer/dryer was purchased in 2011. Before the year was out I noticed that the washer would turn on for no reason. Then I had trouble with the dryer needing calibration every time I used it.

Not long after the washer touch screen would not respond AT ALL. I tried the USB device that came with the pair because I was told by the salesman that it contained the firmware in case it ever needed re-installing That was when I knew that MY NEW (nearly) $4000 "HIGH END LAUNDRY SYSTEM" WAS JUST THE SAME MACHINES Whirlpool sells FOR LESS THAN $600! Only controlled by a cheap 7" tablet for a touch screen instead of a knob!

The repair: Just the part was over $500 each before tax, service and shipping for each machine (x2) so I decided to take a look for myself. When I took the control panel off, the printed circuit board had separated completely from the touch screen! It was just stuck on with double sided tape! And instead of being wired together, the two parts depended on conductive printed ink and compression contacts to register a touch signal (in order to operate)! Even more incriminating, Whirlpool changed the design correcting this very issue before discontinuing this line altogether. Showing they knew it was a serious design flaw. Their support department offered to "extend" my warranty for (I think) $280.00 per unit for 6 months HA! Finally after years of complaints they offered 50% off a new Whirlpool Washer/Dryer set (Fool me once...).

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Reviewed June 3, 2017

Dryer performance - I purchased this dryer in mid February 2017. My old dryer which with the Kenmore bought on Craigslist for about $125 lasted approximately 12/2 years. During the first week of June 2017 my dryer is blowing cold air. I have two warranties on this product. I was told I need to wait at least a week before they can come out. I am a widow and I work long hours to support myself. I cannot guarantee I will be home during these times they are coming out. I talked to a supervisor at Whirlpool and she got snippy with me. I will never buy another Whirlpool product again. Your customer service is horrible. Also a product that stops working efficiently during the first few months is shoddy at best. My advice is stay away from Whirlpool. Their customer service is a joke. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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Reviewed Feb. 11, 2017

Cabrio washer starts sporadically. At times will just spin and turn off. Restart machine, will add water, turn off, then drain. Did not agitate. Maybe on 4th try will run thru complete cycle. When does run doesn't seem to clean clothes. Can't count times I would start, walk away and come back an hour later to find machine cut off and did nothing. This machine is junk.

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Reviewed Oct. 21, 2016

WHIRLPOOL CABRIO WASHER: This washer is horrible. It will not wash anything. It completely stops for no reason with about 8 minutes left. You have to unplug it to get it to continue and waste more water on the 13-minute setting just to get it to spin the water out. Then during that last few minutes it makes a screeching sound as loud as a train.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2016

Anyone have a Calypso washing machine that drains vs filling both wash and rinse cycles. I purchased 2nd hand Calypso wash/dryer set 6 years ago at an auction for cheap. It worked ok, but never got the clothes clean enough. We limped along. Now, for both wash and rinse, when tub is filling, all water is simultaneously draining out. Cycles are super short followed by spin. If it's just a screw loose, etc, maybe we'll repair while we hunt down replacement.

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Reviewed June 2, 2016

Bought this washer because its large tub size - even purchased extended warranty. Within 1 month my problems started, called for repair, repairman basically told me that more than likely it wasn't going to be covered & I would be responsible for paying him. I told him "Don't come." Ended up being a tiny screw had stopped pump from turning & the pump for this gigantic washer is about size of my fist. Now my clothes are not being cleaned & after seeing so many other people with same problem I can't believe it. We always buy Whirlpool but never the extended warranty & never have had problems until now.

Every appliance in our home is Whirlpool & the stove & dishwasher not even 2 years old but I am considering replacing everything with another brand. I can't afford to put my trust in a company that will not stand behind their products. I also usually buy everything at Lowe's but even they aren't what they used to be. I would've done better by going to a second-hand appliance store & that is sad, at least most of them do offer a free 30 guarantee & my brand new washer didn't make it 30 days.

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Reviewed Jan. 26, 2016

I called 1 866 6982538 about problem. He said to try different speed levels. Washers washed for one hour and still too wet for dryer so I took out one sheet and tried again. This is a waste of energy and water. There were only top flannel and fitted sheet and 4 pillowcases in the washer. This was bought on 12-28-15. What next?

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