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Only 5 years old and has had multiple leaks. Techs used dies and found and repaired leaks then shortly after new leaks developed and unit would not cool. Now I must pay for labor and cost to find, fix, and re-fill the unit: cheap junky system that is not worth owning.

Oh my God, this is the WORST customer service experience I have ever had and I'm not a young guy. I'm technically competent and I can't imagine anyone placing a product like this in the market. Just a few highlights: Tech Support will only speak to a "Certified" Nordyne dealer tech. Closest one to my house is 50 miles and wants $250 to pull in driveway. His exact words were, "Those things are terrible to work on and we could be there all day at $145/hr (above the original $250) and still not solve the problem". Several competent service organizations close by but can't get info from tech support.

No dealers will take the training to get certified so no dealers can help you if anything goes wrong. System is nowhere NEAR as efficient as they say it is. System is nowhere NEAR as quiet as they say it is. System only works properly on occasion and is incredibly temperamental. System is now not working and support will not speak to my regular heating and air guy. Nordyne will ignore you completely if you inadvertently forgot (3 years ago) to go online and register every component of the system. Poorly designed. Poorly supported. JUNK JUNK JUNK!

I moved into my brand new house just three years ago and a brand new Nordyne unit was installed. The AC quit running a month ago. I called the AC company that put it in and they came out and checked it out and said the compressor was bad and it would be covered under warranty but not the labor. I've called the AC company over and over and they said that Nordyne still has not shipped the part. In the meantime, I called my brother-in-law who is in the AC business and explained to him what was going on and he came out and checked the unit and called Nordyne and he said that they don't replace the part but would replace the unit. However, they are having a hard time getting Nordyne to send a replacement unit. In the meantime, I can't even live in my home because it is too hot as I live in Florida and it started in August. I am a widow and do not have the money to replace the whole thing and feel that I have absolutely no recourse.

Purchase a brand new manufactured home in 2014 that came with a Nordyne AC unit. Unit has been worked on twice this year (2016), with the third service call determining that the coil would have to be replaced. After 30 minutes on hold to speak with Nordyne regarding warranty, we were told that only warranty their product for one year. And that the dealership that is proclaiming five year warranty is lying. When asked if they were going to provide any assistance with a two-year old unit that now has to be replaced, I was simply told no. They said that it was my problem and that they provide one year and one year only. Their customer service is severely lacking and the representatives I spoke to were extremely rude and unprofessional. If anyone is looking to purchase a home or manufactured home that will have a Nordyne (Nortech) AC system, run the other or demand a better system.

I gave this a 1 star rating because there wasn't an option for a negative star rating. My wife and I built a new home and father's day 2013 we finished it and moved in. We installed a 5-Ton Nordyne central air system in the house. The air handler / inside unit has been nothing but problems since it was installed. In three years we have had to replace the Coil assembly, blower motor, motor control board and the circuit board. All of the parts were covered under the warranty. However I have spent over $2000.00 in service calls and labor having parts replaced. Now after all of this the unit has started leaking Freon gas again which means I am about to be spending more on repairs. I will be doing a cheap patch on it and hope it will last until I can have a new system installed to be rid of this piece of junk. All I can tell you is stay away from this company cause the quality of their product isn't worth the money you will pay for it.

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I recently bought a townhouse that is only 12 years old and the Gibson/Nordyne equipment is nothing short of garbage. I had no air conditioning and after

talking to other people in this complex found out that they also had problems, all I can say is stay away buy anything else but this garbage. Take my advice PLEASE!

All I can say about this company is stay away from this equipment. It's a piece of junk and they won't stand behind it. Bought a system 18 months ago. Have spent $1,200 on it in the last three weeks. The blower has to be set on lowest setting or it throws water on the floor. Two different repair companies tell me it's in the construction of the equipment and they have no solution to the problem and Nordyne's no help. I'm looking had having to put in all new system. Please stay away from this product. I'm in process I talking with Ky HVCA inspectors.

The unit that was put in for my heat pump is T5BD-048K series 4 ton heat pump. It was installed as a new unit November 11, 2014. It has not been efficient since installed. The first summer with this unit was 2015 and it could not keep our home cool (74 degrees). Now in our second summer it started freezing up and not functioning at all. So 19 1/2 months is all we got out of this piece of crap.

I am very disappointed in the AC businessman who installed it as he told us it was a unit comparable to Rheem. We got done over and we are very unhappy with Nordyne and Mr. Gary **. The unit is leaking coolant and we have been told it will be a better financial decision to replace it, as the labor charges will be extensive. When I discovered that numerous customers have had the same problem, I am now infuriated that a company is being allowed to rip off people who buy their product. I am looking for some help to cover my financial losses from Nordyne selling inferior products that they know do not last (in my case 19 months).

I bought the unit in 2010 and had it installed. The installer did not tell me that I have to register it online and now the unit is leaking Freon. It has a bad coil as do hundred of units they sold. They will not cover under warranty. It is a horrible unit and I would recommend anyone reading these reviews to go elsewhere for equipment. This company does not care about the consumer and obviously only want to line the pockets with money and not stand behind their produce. BAD PRODUCT. BAD COMPANY TO DEAL WITH.

I had a new Nordyne system installed less than 5 years ago. This replaced a system that I put in 30 years ago. I have had to replace the freon now 3 times. Since then I went with a new company which informed me that because of the leaks I needed to replace the entire system. I was told that my warranty had expired and they would not replace the faulty and leaky system.

I purchased a home with a Maytag HVAC system, and my home inspector said that the unit was a newer unit, and it should last for a while. The unit broke down last month and was diagnosed that it has a Freon leak and needed to replace the coil. I called the warranty since it is about 8 years old, but they said there is no warranty left because the previous owner didn't register. I think it is funny. If the unit was purchased and installed by a contractor it should be under warranty. The company knows when the unit was made and purchased. It is like a trick because most of people don't. They should stand behind their products...

I have to pay a lot of money to buy a coil and put it in, and guess what... another leak then another leak... then another leak from different parts. My technician said that it is leaked at the weird places, where there should not be any stress. Everyone came out and had the same conclusion, this company was not good... they won't cover a lot of things and the unit should be replaced. Can you imagine that you have to change a system after 8 years.

We installed a Maytag dual stage heating system with an 18 Seer AC unit in July 2014. The coil has been replaced three times (2 times in 2015 and 1 time in 2016). It works for a few months, but the next year must be replaced because it leaks (thin copper used). We have heard every excuse in the book, but the company refuses to pay for the installs. Yes, they provide another defective coil every year under the "warranty", but we have to pay $550 for new Freon and installation. I don't expect to have to put a new motor in my car every year and I don't expect to put a new coil in my unit every year. The consumer got scammed on this deal, since they were well aware of the problem with the 18 Seer anteater copper coil long before 2014. I understand from others there is a class action lawsuit pending about this issue.

We installed an Intertherm high-efficiency furnace in our Modular home in the Fall of 2014. Before Spring 2015 the aluminum heat exchanger burned out releasing carbon monoxide into the heat ducts and tripping the temperature high limit. The next Fall our plumber was given a new heat exchanger and installed it. He also ascertained that the fan speed was set to maximum and told us to not use any very restrictive filters like 3M microfiber or similar makes. Before the Spring of 2016 the 2nd heat exchanger burned out. We do not want another Intertherm furnace or any other make with an aluminum heat exchanger. We will probably replace with an 85% furnace with a steel heat exchanger.

In another home in about 1988 I installed a Comfort Maker High-efficiency furnace with a steel exchanger and it's still in use today. I recommend avoiding any furnace with an aluminum alloy exchanger. If you have one, a clue to a defective heat exchanger releasing carbon monoxide into your heat ducts is the second time the high limit trips.

No cooling put out Apr. of 16. Found that unit was leaking coolant due to hole in coil at top. Could not have been due to installation only poor quality of manufacture. Will cost as much to ship, replace freon, and for hours worked as paid for unit less than 4 yrs. ago. Will buy other brand and tell everyone I know of this so no one else has to put up with such poor product. All in world need to know.

I have a 4-year old furnace with a defective heat exchanger. Nordyne agreed that they will replace it. First they said in 2 weeks, now in 5 weeks. Going 5 weeks in the winter without heat and not giving accurate information is unacceptable. Who knows when they would really ship the unit. The warranty is worthless. Do not buy this unit.

They are a terrible organization to deal with. They offer a "12-year warranty." However, if the warranty does not follow the equipment, if the house is sold and the first owner does not remember to physically call and transfer the warranty (may even have to be in writing as that was a sketchy explanation at best), the warranty is voided to 5 years. So, we bought a new home two months ago. In the middle of a 35-inch snowstorm, the unit went down. We call a tech to come out who then tells us that our warranty is voided because the original owner didn't re-register the product warranty. We call Nordyne (Maytag) and they refer us to a subsection of the warranty which indicates that the last 7 years no longer count. $2,000 later, we are taken advantage of again. By the way, the unit was less than 6 years old. Poor quality parts supported by poor quality warranties and by poor quality customer service. AWFUL! !

We bought our first heat pump in May 2014. Ten months later it was broke. Nordyne would not give us a new heat pump. They said it would have to tore apart and rebuilt. Also, said we did not fill out warranty, which my husband did online. I believe they deleted it because there were other people with similar complaints about warranty. Also, went through 3 TXV valves and found out the valves are faulty and the company knows that but does nothing to fix them That was reported by one of their HAVC techs.

Then had to rebuild the attic air handler and install a new coil and TXV valve, so we could have air conditioning this summer. Turn heat on in October and 6 weeks later the SECOND outdoor heat pump unit in less than 2 years will not defrost. We are running on emergency heat again! Not to mention frustration, loss of wages to take off for tech to fix it and high labor costs over $1000, and high electric bills! Very very frustrating. We want our money back so we can buy a system that works. Every time the temperature changes the heat and cooling system breaks. RF Fager in Camp Hill PA is the distributor of these worthless heating systems.

I have a 5 ton unit that we purchased just 3 years ago, and it has stopped working. We've learned that the coil has to be replaced. Although the materials are apparently covered by warranty (we'll see how the company responds to this), the labor cost of over $1,500 is not! Furthermore, the replacement part is not readily available and has to be ordered from the manufacturer... A 2-3 week wait time while outside temperatures are in the high 80's to 90's! So that means that we also have to pay for a temporary HVAC while we wait... Another cost that is not covered by Nordyne. The HVAC repair persons whom I have consulted about this problem have told me that this manufacturer is considered in the industry as having one of the poorest reputations for quality, and now I believe it. There is no excuse for a unit that cost this much and is only 3 years old, to fail so miserably. I'll never buy another Nordyne product.

Purchased a Gibson heat pump in early 2012 after being sweet talked by the local heating guy in the area. Worked for 3 years and now the line freezes going into my house and will not cool below 72 degrees. The unit will not heat above 68 degrees. We keep it on 70 all year around and turn it off when the temperature is reasonable outside. Had it serviced annually and always cleaned the filters on it. The company who sold me the unit came out for six hours and could not fix the problem, but I was charged a hefty sum for the labor. Now, the local heating company does not return my calls after weeks of promising to "schedule me in".

I work in sales and customer service and understand the importance of treating customers with respect and dignity. I realize they work hard for their money and when a problem arises, I show them appreciation and timely service. Sometimes, our company eats the cost because it is the right thing to do for the consumer. Not Nordyne! Mary in the warranty department pretty much said there was no recourse for me, but I could be transferred to an automated list of independent service providers to look at my system or call the distributor of this unit. Talk about passing the buck! I will be planning a course of action to resolve this issue. If anyone has any suggestions that they got resolution from, please let me know.

Called numerous times, had licensed plumber HVAC out to fix unit several times. Sent copies of receipts with letter and never received an answer. Spent $1450.00 replacing parts in a model that was not even 2 years old. Had an Attorney friend write another letter. Still waiting to hear back.

We purchased a Nordyne unit, model gb5bm-x36k-b in March '11. We paid well over $4000 for it and we were told that this is a good unit and should give us years of trouble-free service. Fast forward to spring of '14, unit stopped working. I called the installer who came to my house, stated that the compressor was shot, but should be under warranty. After 4 more service calls, they (Nordyne?) were satisfied it was the compressor and not my line set leaking and sent a new one to be installed. I was charged over $600 in labor and Freon. I grudgingly paid the bill even though I was pissed that they forced my installer to come out 4 times to troubleshoot.

Fast forward again to August '15, I notice ice on line set coming into house. Call the installer. He comes out and recharged Freon. 2 weeks later, same ice on line set. Installer comes out. Coil inside is leaking. Installer said Nordyne had problems with this and retooled their crimp on the coil. New coil installed. Bill comes for service call, $425. I don't feel I should have to pay either service call due to manufacturer's incompetence. I called Nordyne and they told me, "Too bad, we will not pay for your labor or Freon." They have a VERY nonchalant attitude about everything. When asked for supervisor, rep said she will call you back sometime in the future. This rep was one of the most unprofessional, cocky, non-helpful telephone reps I ever had the displeasure of talking to. He had me so pissed off, I can't wait for the supervisor to call back. I bet my heat pump I won't get that callback, any takers? This fight has only just begun.

Home remodeled Two years ago (2013), moved back in August 2013. Two NORDYNE units were installed, a 5 Ton Unit model (C6BHX60C-C) NOT Cooling!!! That unit per my installer has a leak in the copper coils & he wants $700 to replace the unit!!! Today my Two-year-old 2 Ton Unit is not cooling!!! (Model GB5BM-024-B) and my installer wants another $700 to install coils. I have no air conditioning on NORDYNE units that are 2 yrs Old!!! I have called NORDYNE (no customer service people) with no action or any help with the situation. With all the complaints listed on the internet the units were Defective when they were installed. Somebody needs to Stop this company from selling their units in the U.S.

We installed a new unit for our customer. The coil failed and our distributor gave us a replacement coil. Then the compressor failed. The unit failed and the Quality Pledge Warranty allows for a new unit to be installed. Neither the distributor nor our 22 year experience could predict that Nordyne would not honor the warranty. They state that the replacement coil invalidates the warranty of a new unit. Upon registration of the replacement coil, the acceptance gave no indication of a problem. When we replaced the new unit, Nordyne stated that they did not have a warranty registration system sophisticated enough to warn us that we could be in warranty trouble. We replaced the unit at our expense as one must stand behind their customer. We wrote the President of Nordyne, and have not received a response.

Our 2006 Nordyne AC indoor coil developed a leak in 2009. Replaced under warranty with me paying approx $400 labor. 2011 - coil replaced again. Just under warranty, but still $400 labor, plus refrigerant. 2013 - coil leaked again. Replaced system with Lennox, and July 2013 this coil went out. Replaced under warranty at a cost of $580, after two service calls. I think this problem is huge, because now I find there is a class action suit against Lennox, and I will try to recover from that, but it is very detailed and difficult to get them every item they want. Why is this such a pervasive problem?

I put in a brand new unit 2 years ago and the unit has been leaking and has done an extensive damage to my bedroom ceiling, have had several Ac man to diagnose the problem and all failed and I paid the service fees. Finally I had an Ac man who after 2 attempts could not figure the problem out and called the distributor for advice and was told that they have had several same problems with that unit Model #B6BMM048K-C and they came up with a kit to be installed in the unit to solve the problem. Talking to Nordyne they do not want to pay for it. This is a factory defective unit and Nordyne does not want to take the responsibility. No More Nordyne For Me.

We purchased a new Modular home almost five years ago, it has a Nordyne A/C unit. It has had part failures and leaks almost from day one. We had to have the condenser coil replaced the second year, the blower replaced the next year and the big fan on top replaced last year. Now we are having to have the condenser coil replaced again. If this were a car, the lemon law would have kicked in. I would not recommend a Nordyne unit for anyone. My repairman told me that I had two choices yesterday, either replace the coil, or buy a new unit. If I could afford it, I would purchase a new, different brand of A/C. As it is, I have two months left on my five year warranty, so I will have the coil replaced.

I purchased a remodeled townhome in 2011. The A/C unit by Nordyne was already installed shortly before I purchased the townhome. It worked okay until December 2013/January 2014, when it stopped heating properly in the winter and cooling for the first time. My winter electric bill was well over $200 each month. I contacted a tech to come out and do a diagnostic. He found that the condenser had a leak in an unusual spot. It was still under the 5 year parts warranty and part itself was replaced. Unit worked fine again until end of July 2015 (exactly about one year later).

Now the issue is a leak in the inside unit's coil. Parts are now out of warranty, and the tech said either repair second major issue with the same unit or purchase a whole entire new unit (another brand was recommended) since there is no guarantee that within another few months to a year that another major issue will occur with this same unit. Next time around definitely choosing a more reliable brand like Trane or Carrier. Don't have time to deal with this inconvenience annually in 90+ degree weather.

We bought system 6 years ago and told we had a ten year parts warranty. Had one problem last year, no problem with warranty. This year another part failed. First, they said our system was not registered. our HVAC repairman order part and was told our house was a rental, so we only had 5 yr warranty. Our house has and never will be a rental. It is our main residence. Our repairman ordered the part and has been charged for it. He has never received it. This company replied with an automated response to our warranty claim, which is a joke for customer service. One day we have warranty and the next day we don't. I hope no one makes the mistake we made in purchasing anything from NORDYNE.

First, I have read many reviews from people on this website that are consistent with what we are experiencing. We bought an Intertherm furnace with a Century Heat Controller 10 Seer 2 1/2 ton condenser as a replacement for our Coleman furnace in our 1987 mobile home. This was in Feb.2005. We hired Davison Heating and Cooling to do the work. This was the unit they recommended. This unit has malfunctioned every year since we bought it - leaks and dirt in the new coil. Leaks every year after. The blower is so noisy you can't hear the TV. I tried to get Davison H&C to replace it without success. I get mad just talking about it. We gave up trying to get what we paid for.

We are on the appliance plan with Consumers Energy and they will recharge the system with up to 10 lbs. of freon yearly so we get by with that. I guess we will have to replace the blower out of our own pocket. I was looking for the proper filters for the unit got the Nordyne name on the blower. So I got on the web looking for Nordyne and this site was listed with them. To make a long story short, I have never been so unhappy with anything else like this. We have all our receipts for all the hell we have been through with this junk. I would welcome a class action lawsuit. What I can't understand is how Nordyne can still be in business.

Had 5 ton unit Heat pump - 6 weeks compressor is already shot.

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