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Established in 1934, Fisher & Paykel Appliances designs, manufactures & markets a range of innovative household appliances developed with a commitment to technology, design, user friendliness and environmental awareness. The company has factories in four continents with sales in over 60 countries totaling a turnover of over $1Billion.

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Last updated: Nov. 17, 2017

911 Fisher Paykel Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Nov. 1, 2016

Bought this dishwasher 3 months ago, beautiful sleek design that has brought me so much grief! 1st dishwasher installer found a huge dent on the front upon removing it from box. Received 2nd one. I'm not kidding, huge dent bottom drawer again! I'm on my 3rd, no dent but dishes come out dirty, very noisy and top drawer smells after a day! Come on guys you can do better!

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Original review: Oct. 26, 2016

I bought Fisher Paykel refrigerator in 2014. My refrigerator is not working since 4/10/2016. We ring their technician on 4/10/2016. He came on same day. He check then he told that, one part is not working so he came at night on same day. He tries but didn't succeed. He said that now another part is to replace. He told that he will get parts from Mumbai. After few days he told that now he will go to Mumbai & will bring parts with him. On 22/10/2016, he told that he bring part & will change today. I logged complain in Fisher Paykel on 22/10/2016. Then after nobody has approach us. My refrigerator is still not working.

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Original review: Sept. 10, 2016

My fridge became faulty and I called a Fisher & Paykel (F&P) technician. He recommended that I replace the fridge and gave me a voucher that entitled me to a Loyalty Bonus if I chose the same brand again. I did and submitted my claim for A $50 Gift Card which I was to receive within 48 days. When I did not receive it I contacted F&P who advised that they had already sent it, by ordinary mail. I requested F&P to send me another but they did not accept responsibility for the loss as the Gift Card had been redeemed by somebody. It was their decision (based on their internal policy) to send a Gift Card (which is just as good as Cash) by ordinary mail. Note that postage costs $1 for ordinary and $4.80 for registered mail.

I am amazed that an established organization such as F&P acknowledges that they are aware of some issues in recent times where mail has been stolen out of mailboxes but continues to take risks with Gift Cards. They do so knowing very well that it will not be cost-effective for a customer to make a formal claim in a tribunal or court. So when mail gets stolen or lost F&P does not take any responsibility. I have decided that going forward I will not give F&P a single dollar in business because I do not deal with those who are more focused on playing the blame game. F&P may have saved $3.80 in postage but has lost a customer, bought themselves adverse publicity and jeopardised future sales. Good luck to them!

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Original review: Aug. 29, 2016

My nightmare began when I bought a DCS 48 inch dual fuel range/ovens from Aggressive Appliance, Orlando, FL. I immediately had problems with the light, thermostat knobs and then the problems grew... My ovens would not heat about 300/350 degrees and then would not maintain that temperature. Aggressive Appliances came out over six times to "fix" my problems. Eventually, after replacing the third thermostat (which I was told was the only part that they didn't make... yeah right!) they said that they could not fix it. The Regional Sales Manager Peter **, then came out and he couldn't fix it either. He then said that they would replace it. I asked him at that time what would happen if the second DCS range did not work, would I be able to get my money back and he said yes, that that wasn't going to happen. Well, you guessed it...

Friday they put in the second DCS 48 inch dual fuel range/ovens and the large oven does not even get warm, the light does not go off, the grill had three dents in it. This has been a continuous nightmare which is only going to get worse because I have already sent out over 118 invitations to a huge event at my house which will be catered. They want to try and fix the second range when they should have made sure it worked before shipping it to me. Zero quality control. Save yourself the heartache. Spend a little more money and get something that will work. This product and company are not worth the headaches, tears and frustration. They do not honor their "expressed warranty", nor apologize (until I pointed out that no one had even said sorry), nor offer consequential or incidental damages. What was supposed to be an exciting, joyful purchase has been a living hell. Hopefully, you will be wiser because of my pain.

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Original review: Aug. 29, 2016

I bought a fridge with 2+3 years warranty. After 1 month of warranty expired. Fridge's computer and defrost heater are gone. It cost me almost $500. It was very challenging for Fisher Paykel's customer service to talk with them. They said "we will get back to you" and they never do. I had to call them again and spend so much time on the phone and they don't really care. I never and NEVER buy any Fisher and Paykel product again. My previous fridge was Fujitsu and lasted 20 years without any problem.

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Original review: July 30, 2016

I purchased a "Dish Drawer" dishwasher for a kitchen remodel in 2008. I was lured by the fact there are two (2) independent washer units; one on top of the other which allowed flexibility in cleaning as well as potential addition kitchen utensil storage. Troubles began within the first 90-days. I have summoned kitchen appliance repair companies listed as "authorized" by Fisher Paykel numerous times with the last service attendant indicating "there are serious design flaws with the appliance". At this date the following had been experienced: The "bottom" dishwasher unit is completely non-functional, the "touch" wash controls in the operating unit do not work correctly; and now are "stuck" in one washer cycle. I was informed by one of the techs that came out there is a design flaw that allows water to seep into the controls.

For $1,500 for a dishwasher I would have expected more. What is more alarming is the sales rep when I bought the appliance indicated the manufacturer also made "kidney dialysis machines". If this is the case (and my research indicates this is true) there are numerous fatalities if the quality of the dialysis machines is the same as the "Dish Drawer". Do not under any circumstances purchase anything this Company makes. The quality is terrible!!!

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Original review: July 28, 2016

Our Fisher and Paykel Washsmart top loading clothes washer is still in warranty and the pump failed. After 4 days a Fisher and Paykel service representative arrived, gave the machine a shake and the pump began to work again. Two weeks later, the pump failed again. We now have to wait 6 days to get a service representative for a machine that has been looked after immaculately. Does anyone have had the same experience, and is there a simple remedy?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 10, 2016

I purchased a washer and dryer from Lowe's. Within a year both needed service, under warranty. The following year both again needed service, the motor in the washer and the board on the dryer. $600 in repairs. Neither under warranty. I spoke with F&P and they wouldn't assist on the repair. On year three, the dryer went out again. I spoke to F&P and they told me to get a repair estimate and they would aid in the repair. The repairman, the only F&P rep in town, told me the units were junk even though they were on their high end. I called back to F&P with the estimate, $250 + $80 diagnostics, and was told, "you have lemons. That is the nature of the world we live in. Too bad." I trashed the 3 year old units and replaced with something else. Avoid this company. The units are flimsy to say the least.

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Original review: July 4, 2016

After 2 years of excessive repairs on our original DCS stove that we bought with the home we decided to end the misery and buy a new one. Well 3 months after buying this beautiful new 48 inch gas range it too turns out to be of poor quality. The large oven failed to work. This is the same kind of failure on my old stove. It took 3 weeks later the service tech came out to fix it after many calls and escalations! Well he was to come from 1-3 pm, he came at 8 PM! And was shocked to see the stove, he was unable to move the stove much less fix it! Well after 2 hours of pulling my new stove apart and struggling to put it back he left with a promise to come back. I called the company and sure no one answered. The distributor was even more evasive. The owner of the store I bought the stove, refused to talk to me. Today being July 4th, we still are unable to cook in the oven and I have no clue when the stove will be fixed.

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Original review: June 25, 2016

We as people have grown to trust in name brands, however those days have long gone. I consider myself an economist the type shopper researches not impulses when buying a major purchase however it has come to past unless you have disposable income and don't mind re-buying the same item within 7-10 years if you don't mind then read no further, this article, complaint doesn't apply to you.

2009 purchased a Fisher & Paykel washer from Sears. Bought the extended service contract and within the first year the mainboard, the inner tub were replaced. I placed a complaint on this site several years ago and was notified while on vacation concerning my complaint. At first I was confused, caught off guard and shocked that F&P would intervene and take over the complaint and order the correct UPGRADED parts. Sears Tech had no idea were available and ordered the normal routine parts even when I mention the possibility I was ignored. In the end, Sears took all the credit and basically did nothing.

Most reputable companies don't want complaint especially when they are logged with the BBB or Respectfully The Attorney General although some don't care. Brand name, don't mean a thing. It pays to buy cheap and skip the bells and whistles. It doesn't pay for the short time of enjoyment usually a one year warranty if the extended was not purchased and then hear we don't contact when the warranty about to expire. Sears tell lies I was contacted on items out of warranty and they wanted me to renew. As for Fisher & Paykel I should have requested a return after the initial replacement. I thought this company was quality. I was wrong.

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Original review: April 12, 2016

I have the dish drawers and both handles have broken. I know how to open the dish drawers as I had dish drawers prior to getting these except that handle was one piece on the door. I was concerned when I got these dish drawers as several of my friends that I had talked into getting Fisher Paykel dish drawers had the same thing happen to them because they are made out of cheap plastic! This was the only reason I did not want another Fisher Paykel. I loved the one I had before because you have enough room to keep your dishes done rather than the one dishwasher that you can never fit all the dishes in a load.

I called Fisher Paykel and they have not been helpful at all, not did they seem interested in doing anything about it. They know how cheap these handles are and when they are broken. You can't open the dish drawer. Both are broken and I do not let anyone load my dishes except me because I knew what happened with my friends' dish drawers.

I loved my first one that lasted 9 years without a problem but when I called the service man out, it ended up after 400 dollars where they were replacing parts and something else was going wrong, I decided enough was enough -- they said they could not fix it so I wanted another set but I will never get anything Fisher Paykel anymore. They used to be good and stand behind their product but now they just build a cheap machine and charge a large price for it. My timer is already not working correctly and it even changes the settings all by itself. I had no clue after only 3 years I would have such a piece of junk!

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Original review: March 31, 2016

We have a FP small dishwasher in a new large RV. The dishwasher is about 5 months old but not used that much. It quit today with a load of dishes in it. I called the customer service. Waited over 25 minutes to get a woman that knew nothing. She kept putting me on hold to ask a tech for answers. The dishwasher will not open and they cannot tell me how to open. They said "call a local repairman and he could call FP." What can FP tell them if they don't know? I called Winnebago and they have had other complaints about FP too. I asked if they could replace this piece of junk with a different brand. To be determined.

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Original review: March 25, 2016

Fisher Paykel washer and dryer. They are from New Zealand I believe. They were fairly low priced for high-efficiency machines and the washer was a top loader AND conserved water (like the front loaders) but for a better cost. The washer drum is floating and is moved with a magnet. No parts rubbing and strap to change. Pretty neat technology. It also has a large capacity allowing bigger loads (and less of them). The dryer is efficient and takes exactly the same amount of time as the washer to wash a load... Perfect timing. The washer has high spin speed which explains why the drying is fairly quick. We have had these machines probably close to 8-10 years now.

Brand reputation is important and we are willing to do some research as we did when we bought the Fisher & Paykel machines. We always look for the best value for our money for products that meet our requirements. We are also willing to wait for the sales. The critiques you read from users are very insightful and we can be turned off if several people have issues with something that we know would bother us too. For example, low quality construction, excessive vibration, too much soap residue, too much time to dry, etc. We are very happy with the Fisher Paykel washer and dryer we purchased 8-10 years ago. They are high efficiency, large capacity, top loader (washing machine); making them very user friendly and efficient. I have no regrets even though they don't look as cool as the front loaders but on the other side, I probably paid half the price of the good looking ones and I have the same value.

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Original review: March 19, 2016

Should have come to this site before purchasing. Our first Smart Touch Dryer stopped heating within two months of purchase. The heat switch had failed and then burnt out!!! Didn't hear from the tech after he left so two weeks called as wondered what was happening. Told it would be up to six weeks before the part was manufactured overseas and shipped to Auckland, NZ. This is a New Zealand owned company but we no longer stock the parts!!! F & P rep could not explain why I hadn't heard from them or the tech until I called them. Man of the house insisted on a new machine. Second brand new machine has stopped heating after six weeks. Four towels in a new large 6kg machine resulted in no heat again and we are now waiting again for a tech to come. Have asked for a loan machine but told that F & P don't do this.

Poor rep started to tell me that if they did, they would never have enough to go around but she quickly stopped as she realized what she was saying. Samsung do a loan machine with all of their repairs. Have asked the tech to bring the heat switch with him this time and a spare so that we can fix it ourselves when it goes again lol. First ever Fisher & Paykel appliance and will be the last. Pricing a Samsung today. FYI - Support Centre response is faster from F & P via Twitter as they would prefer no negative feedback on their site. Phone support was abysmal. Have had a Samsung washing machine for two years and never a problem. Samsung also have a two year warranty instead of F & P's 12 months. Lesson learned in our household.

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Original review: March 18, 2016

If you are buying based on reputation don't bother with Fisher & Paykel! On Jan 18 (2016) I bought a dryer (DE6060G1) and within a week the heat valve had broken. Thankfully 2nds World replaced the machine the next day. 6 weeks later and again, low and behold the same problem occurred. Unfortunately I had to use Fisher & Paykel customer service and what a nightmare! It would have been easier to buy a different brand than put up with the crap they delved out.

According F & P as I use the dryer everyday it's my fault (and no wonder!) the machine broke down! (that was repeated today when I spoke to the company again). Speaking to the lovely technician this problem is happening again and again with this model. But the company will not replace it with more reliable product (the proceeding one DE45F56) but will continue to send out what appears to be a technically faulty machine. What's worse is that it's going to take two weeks to get the machine repaired. WHY? My advice go for older model or even better go for a different brand all together, it's so disappointing!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 8, 2016

I was first introduced to Fisher Paykel dishwasher drawers about 6 years ago. They were two drawers placed separately on either side of the kitchen sink. They were really wonderful and I had no problems with them. I then bought and renovated two new homes and put fisher paykel dishwashing drawers in both homes. They are the stacked drawers. Have not had problem with them except the bottom one started leaking and the top one smells horribly of mold. I feel it in my lungs every time I breathe in the air after opening the top drawer. I called customer service and spoke to someone from New Zealand (very difficult time understanding her) who said that I should use "let it shine" from Home Depot and run it through a cycle. Well this did not help so now I have to endure this terrible mold smell every time I open the top drawer. After this experience I am very doubtful I would ever buy another fisher paykel product.

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Original review: March 5, 2016

DCS 5 burner drop-in cooktop. Most companies' customer service is deficient, Fisher Paykel is on the bad side of most. I do most repairs in the house, cars, electronics. The design of the cooktop is sub-par. The center burner started misbehaving soon after the warranty. Purchased the part, but three of the five bottom nuts spin with the jets so that they cannot be removed, and thus the top cannot be removed.

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Original review: March 1, 2016

Yes, I will be responsible for what I write against a Fisher Paykel Dryer. I purchased a brand new washer & dryer on 4/13/2010 & I also purchased a 10 year warranty & I have nothing but trouble since I bought this brand. I am very disgusted with it. I will never purchase this brand again. I have friends that have had their other brands of washer & dryers for 25 + years, I haven't had these since 2010, & am ready to go out & buy another brand, BUT, Fisher Paykel should pay for another purchase for me. As I said before, I never should have wasted my money, almost $800.00 a piece, wasted. Very Upset Consumer. I bought these from Ralph's appliance, Tiffin, Ohio.

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Original review: Feb. 21, 2016

Bought a Fisher & Paykel washing machine in 2011 from Lowes. In Dec 2015, motor and control panel blew out. $649 to fix and it's that much to buy a new one. FP doesn't stand by its product. We took the hit and bought LG machine. Crossing fingers for a better experience. Appliances should last more than 4 years, don't you think?

Original review: Feb. 1, 2016

The inside of the glass door was broken for no apparent reason, the parts department are now charging £250 for the privilege of getting a new glass that fits. This oven does not get a lot of use. In terms of size it's great but I really resent paying so much for a spare part...15% of the purchase price doesn't seem reasonable to me. The service department are given the horrid job of dealing with these issues with no flexibility in how they handle them. The dishwasher drawer is really not a good idea for anyone who has anything other than mugs and buffet size dinner plates. Be aware that the overall size of this will push your worktop higher that may expect. It has had a rather unfortunate knock on effect for me in terms of the aesthetic, but the main point is it doesn't do the job it's supposed to. Great idea... But the result is not good.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 24, 2016

First let me say if I could rate it lower I would. I purchased the dishwasher a little over a year ago at Lowe's and I did not purchase a warranty (I have never purchased one on any appliance ever) and I should have. The only reason I purchased it was because of the space I had available in my tiny kitchen. This has been the worst appliance I have ever purchased and I have purchased many. It does not clean well at all. I always have food residue on the dishes etc. I tried different dishwasher soaps and it doesn't make a difference. There is always water on the dishes when it is supposedly finished. I always have to dry them when it is done. WORST PURCHASE EVER. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APPLIANCE AT ALL!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2015

Within a year, paint wore off all around door handle with normal use and only mild cleaning. Poor quality. NO support from customer service. Wouldn't even provide touch up paint. No help. I'd never buy another product from this company!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 27, 2015

I bought three new kitchen appliances from Fisher Paykel just 3 years ago -- worst appliances I have ever purchased -- and their customer service is even worse. I've now replaced all three appliances and will never buy from them again!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 26, 2015

I have a Fisher Paykel 12 year dishwasher Model DD603. And when the top drawer stop working I did not wanted to call the factory service because I thought about the high cost of factory service calls. What a mistake that was. After checking with several local appliance companies I finally located one that said that they did work on Fisher Paykel dishwasher. After three visits during one month and after replacing several parts the serviceman finally gave up and said "I cannot fix it, please call the factory service."

I did send an email to Fisher Paykel service department and I received an immediate response confirming my request and 2 days later the service call was confirmed. The friendly service man arrived early (something very unusual for servicemen). It took one look at the dishwasher, did a five-minute software diagnostic, remove the front cover of the top dishwasher and point at the control box and said that is what is wrong. One small plastic tab of the control box was broken and the box was loose.

He explained that because the age of the dishwasher the plastic becomes brittle and started to break. Gave me the price of the new box, very reasonable and mentioned he had one on his truck. He went ahead to get the new box. Close the cover, tested the dishwasher and he was out to the next service call in 20 minutes. It cost me $330 for a job well done. Great service and if you have a Fisher Paykel dishwasher do not call any other than the service department of Fisher Paykel. Great service. Thank you.

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Original review: Dec. 25, 2015

We bought a fridge and a gas stove in October 2015. It is a nightmare. The stove does not have a warm temperature, so even at the lowest, everything burns. No clock on the stove to know if the stove has reached the good temperature, or no button either to program cooking time. Nothing, zero, and everything burns. The fridge? Each time you open the freezer door, it makes an awful noise with the plastic roulettes. The service guy said, "The noise will go away in time..." In time of what??? Very bad service also. PLEASE, DON'T BUY FISHER PAYKEL. Waste of money and quality.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 21, 2015

Now as you are now aware, the initial report was due to the fridge freezer over icing around the fan area on the rear panel. In memory all that was fixed was the rear panel. The fan cover/vent was not even replaced and was left without one. I don't believe anything was done about the over icing of the back fan area. Then in late September 15 my customer reports the freezer is still defrosting intermittently throughout the many months, but only occasionally.

So in September your serviceman visits and says "it's the door hinge/latch not closing properly causing the light to come on and thus defrosting the freezer". So he fixes it, then the problem continues. So then he orders new hinge latch parts and replaces it and the problem continues. Meanwhile the month and another month has gone by where my customer has a freezer which is defrosting all her food. Food is expensive and she has 6 children and is pregnant. So by now I have spoken to management in your service department a several times to discuss a fast solution. To be informed nothing can be done except send another service man out to fix it.

I requested a different serviceman as he has not been able to fix the problem, always stating it is the door hinge/latch. I think he has been there 5 times now. Your management team advises me the serviceman is the person who decides if the fridge can be fixed or not. If he states it can't then the item will be replaced or refunded. (The technician states he is not allowed to report it can't be fixed. He HAS to fix it!!!) So now we are in December the heat is coming in, xmas food needs cooling and the fridge is not keeping the food cold enough either.

The lady is pregnant and concerned she may get sick from food/dairy that is not being cooled effectively. So last week I asked management to send another technician. They said this was not possible but they will instruct the technician to ring the service team to discuss the fridge while he was there, to insure the fridge was assessed correctly. To ensure this was going to happen I, the manager of the appliance rental company, attended todays visit to hopefully finalise this ongoing saga. The technician immediately commented on the hinge/latch again.

I reported to him that the new parts he replaced did not fix the freezer door coming ajar when the fridge door closed, because I myself checked the problem the very evening he fixed it. And the problem was not any better. I advised of him having to ring the service team while we were all present. He said he had no instruction to do so. But he did, which was a waste of time because your phone service consistently takes close to an hour to speak to someone. I know because I have had to ring this department many times now.

So I communicated I don't believe the door is the initial issue. It may be now as it has been tampered with a few times to fix it. Much to his frustration he started to investigate into the freezer. Oh he reports the fan has been intermittently turning off/ not working, therefore this would defrost the fridge slightly and intermittently. I looked in and the fan area, behind the rear panel was solidly blocked with ice, preventing the fan to turn even if it did work intermittently. He says "that's ok we will just order all these parts and replace them in a few weeks".

When the fan was reported faulty/broken I believe this was the cause of the very first problem back in October 14 and explains why the freezer has been intermittently defrosting. Your technician said it himself. MEANWHILE the lady is losing all her food (which is expensive), the heat is upon us and christmas is here. AND WE ARE STILL WAITING for a fridge to be working. The lady also wants to be reimbursed for food expenses as her patience has also run out. Initially I wanted the fridge replaced. Now after months of ineffective service, I am expecting a refund as it would be bad business to purchase/rent any of Fisher and Paykel appliances simply due to your warranty service procedures.

So what to do now? As it is now heading into the 4th month and I think the 5th visit to fix this fridge, and it is still not fixed, I have no more patience. I will not be ringing anymore to be told all you can do is send the technician out again, to assess and fix it. This seems to be the solution even when the fridge is not being fixed. Please consider this email as a formal complaint to be forwarded to the relevant department. Please also be informed I will be sending this email to Consumer Affairs and providing feedback on Fisher and Paykel's Facebook on the very poor warranty service provided by your team.

I have been continually bumped to alternative team members whom contradict what can be done about FIXING this fridge. I am an appliance rental company whom purchases a lot of appliances. Under no circumstances will I purchase another appliance manufactured by Fisher & Paykel. I will also be informing the 110 franchisees of the ineffective warranty service your company provides. In our business warranty work costs us time, money and sales!

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Original review: Dec. 18, 2015

To get my dishwasher repaired is a joke, as they say tech will be out between 12 and 5. Hello people work, we'll get a family member or a neighbors to come over. Hello who doesn't work these days. We agree the tech wouldn't be here before two and rocks up just before two, as I am driving home from work. Missed him by two minutes, but can't come back today, so we all have to live with the smell for another four days. So just remember if you are buying Fisher Paykel you can only get it service by Fisher Paykel.

So if it breaks down be ready to have your life put on hold as the world only works around them. As they can't booked times only between half days and be ready for the half hour call before they come out, only if you request a call before they come, otherwise take a sick day as they will just rock up anytime to service it, and if not there too bad. So you can drop what you doing and run out of work at the drop of a hat, half hour before they come. All company really let you do that. So come on Fisher Paykel, get your ** together to help your customers out in a better way. We all have jobs to do, so get your tech to work on a better schedule so they can give us a time and not between five hours. I wouldn't be recommending your products to my friends or family for this reason.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 3, 2015

We decided to purchase a matching washer and dryer about a month ago. Our previous P&K washer lasted for 15 years! Unfortunately after less than 1 month of operation our dryer quit and we called the repairman and he indicated it needed an update mod done on it. It was showing a "151" fault. We waited about 1.5 weeks for the part to arrive and now today he says that it is the motor and don't know how long it will take to get the part. Plus he indicated that the P&K dryers are on backorder! What has happened to the P&K products which I used to know and love??

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 30, 2015

A few short years ago I bought a new F&P fridge. About 12 months outside warranty it stopped working. The technician told me the failure was so serious it would be cheaper for me to buy a new fridge. Which I did. Foolishly I bought another F&P (I was still laboring under the delusion it was a good brand.) That fridge stopped working three months outside the warranty period. The technician (from F&P) tried to fix it once and failed. Tried a second time and failed. By this time I had been without a fridge for days. He then tells me he will have to "send way for parts" and that might take "a few days". In the same breath he tells me he's not quite sure what's wrong with the fridge. "Could be the compressor as well." I told him to forget the whole thing. I bought a new fridge. You can bet it was not a Fisher and Paykel. (Both fridges only ever had light use by the way.) Caveat emptor..

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 17, 2015

We bought a brand new house with brand new appliances. Since move in, our warming drawer and dishwasher have not worked properly. The dishwasher has always leaked and the warming drawer was actually midwifed AT THE FACTORY. It turned on high and wouldn't turn off. It melted its own thermostat and control knob and was a major fire hazard. We had to turn off the breaker. The parts have since been replaced. The dishwasher is a major leak problem. It is ruining our beautiful new floor. We have had 4 services on it and a replaced part and the bottom drawer still leaks. Despite the fact that it is under manufacturer's warranty, the company won't replace it. Save yourself the pain and DO NOT PURCHASE from this company.

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