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BOCA vs. Spirit Walk-In Tubs

BOCA Walk-in Tubs

What is the difference between BOCA and Spirit?

Both BOCA and Spirit offer walk-in tubs made in the U.S., but they go about it in different ways. BOCA operates nationwide, while Spirit sells its walk-in tubs in and around St. Louis, Missouri.

  • BOCA is best for people who are looking for a walk-in tub from a more established company. BOCA also offers some relatively unique options and upgrades that may make your decision easier, such as Vibrosonic massage.
  • Spirit is best for people in Missouri and Illinois who want to buy from a local company and support a small business.

Reputation on ConsumerAffairs

boca walk-in tub logospirit walk-in tubs logo
Overall star rating4.95.0
Verified customer reviewsRead reviewsRead reviews
boca walk-in tub logo4.9Read reviews
spirit walk-in tubs logo5.0Read reviews


boca walk-in tub logospirit walk-in tubs logo
Basic tub starting price$6,930Only available with quote
InstallationAvailable for additional cost
Financing offered
Discounts offered
In-home quotes requiredVaries by location
Warranty - LaborOne year when factory-trained installer is usedNot specified
Warranty - PartsLifetime5 years for motor
Warranty - TubLifetimeLifetime
boca walk-in tub logo$6,930Available for additional costVaries by locationOne year when factory-trained installer is usedLifetimeLifetime
spirit walk-in tubs logoOnly available with quoteNot specified5 years for motorLifetime

Available walk-in tub types

boca walk-in tub logospirit walk-in tubs logo
Soaker tub
Wheelchair-accessible tub
Bariatric tub
Tub/shower combo
Two-seat tubs
boca walk-in tub logo
spirit walk-in tubs logo

Tub features

boca walk-in tub logospirit walk-in tubs logo
Step-in height2 inches2.5 inches
Fast drain
Quick filling
Grab bars included
Number of hydro jets10Not specified
Number of air jets18Not specified
Chromotherapy offered
Heated seats option
Heated backrest option
Remote control option
Showerhead options
boca walk-in tub logo2 inches1018
spirit walk-in tubs logo2.5 inchesNot specifiedNot specified

Services included with installation

boca walk-in tub logospirit walk-in tubs logo
Door sizing
Old tub removal
Wall repair and repaint
Electrical wiring
Flooring touch-up
boca walk-in tub logo
spirit walk-in tubs logo

Find a Walk-in Tub partner near you.


    BOCA sells customizable walk-in tubs in multiple sizes and with a long list of optional upgrades. The company also offers a lifetime warranty on all parts and components of its tubs, which is somewhat unusual in the industry.

    BOCA tubs come standard with features for safety, like an ADA-compliant seat and a low 2-inch step height, along with features for comfort and convenience, like a marine-grade gel coating, an automatic purge system and a “Drain Dry” pillow and seat cushion.

    Available upgrades include air jets, water jets, a bidet jet, chromotherapy capabilities, a heated seat and back, an Ozonator cleaning system, a Vibez sound system, an overhead shower and Vibrosonic massage.

    BOCA sells walk-in tubs in the following sizes:

    • Petite Narrow fits narrow hallways and small bathrooms. This size is recommended for people up to 6 feet, 2 inches tall and 210 pounds.
    • Petite Short is designed to replace a 48-inch shower. Recommended maximum height is 6 feet and up to 280 lbs.
    • Standard is the most popular tub size from BOCA. It fits most homes, and its recommended user is up to 6 feet, 2 inches tall and up to 280 pounds.
    • Wide is BOCA’s bariatric option. It can accommodate people weighing up to 450 pounds with a maximum height of 6 feet, 4 inches.
    • Deep Soaker allows the water level to rise over the user’s shoulders. The maximum recommended weight is 320 pounds, and the maximum recommended height is up to 6 feet, 2 inches.
    • Two Seater features two seats facing each other with separate controls. There is no recommended user size for this tub.
    • Wide/Deep is the largest BOCA tub available for single users. It has a wider seat and a larger door to accommodate people weighing up to 450 pounds and up to 6 feet, 6 inches in height.

    What BOCA customers say

    BOCA walk-in tub owners are typically happy customers, especially when it comes to their tubs’ safety, accessibility and pain-relieving features. The company's customer service also receives high marks. A couple of reviewers weren't satisfied with the shape of the seat or the slipperiness of the floor but expressed happiness with other aspects of the tub.

    My husband has neuropathy and couldn't get around that much. ... I realized that there was only a two-inch step-up in a particular ... tub, which would be my husband's better choice compared to other tubs.”

    Juanita of Jacksonville, AL

    Spirit Walk-In Tubs

    Spirit sells and installs walk-in tubs from its base in St. Charles, Missouri. Spirit provides free quotes, and it warrants its walk-in tubs for life. The company also has a patented walk-in tub design with a fairly low step-in threshold of 2.5 inches.

    Each walk-in tub can be customized to match your space and needs. Spirit’s walk-in tubs come in heights of 36 or 40 inches and widths of 26 or 30 inches to fit where your old tub or shower used to be. Water jets, air jets, heaters and more options are available.

    What Spirit customers say

    Every customer who has left a review on our site for Spirit has given the company a 5-star review. Among the many favorable reviews, customers frequently comment on how well the sales reps and technicians explained the process to them and how easy the company was to work with. Though the tub is more expensive than its competitors, customers believe it's worth the price and would recommend it to other people.

    At first, I thought the price Spirit gave me was outrageous and I don't know if I can afford that. I got into it after a guy gave me a price range. The sales rep explained everything about all this and that, so I knew when he explained it that that's what I wanted.”

    Melba of Red Bud, IL

    Bottom line: BOCA or Spirit?

    BOCA offers a wide range of walk-in tub options to people around the country. It advertises more features and sizes than Spirit, but if you’re near the St. Louis, Missouri, area and want to buy from a smaller, local business, then Spirit is a good option for you. If you can’t make up your mind, consider your needs, and get quotes from both companies to make your decision easier.

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