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On Thursday, December 22 I called and made an appointment with ADT security in regards to a piece of equipment that was beeping. The representative who answered the call was absolutely incompetent. When I told her which piece of equipment was making beeping, she informed me that that piece of equipment has no sound capabilities of beeping. I gave her the model number of the product and asked her to look it up. After five minutes of silence I asked her if she found the product. She stated she was waiting for me to see if I solved the beeping. I was infuriated by her incompetency of just being on the phone silence for five minutes while she was expecting me to fix The piece of equipment provided by ADT. I had to call back and speak to a different agent to continue to make an appointment and voice my complaint about the first representative clearly and concisely about how incompetent she was.

The appointment was set for December 27 from eight in the morning to noon. The guy showed up at the job at around 1130. At 12 past noon after he was unable to stop the beeping he made a phone call to a work associate of his to see if she had a monitor to bring him or where he could go get a monitor to see if he could fix or stop the beeping from continuing. He asked if we had a monitor. I went to the office disconnected the monitor from the computer and brought it upstairs for him. He had informed me that all he needed was a USB port. When I got upstairs and I gave them the monitor and the USB port attached to it he then stated that he did not need a USB monitor but a VSG or something that looks like a phone cable to check the system. At this point I asked him if he could give me his supervisor's phone number.

He gave me a number and when I was walking away to make the phone call, he stated "I can't believe you did a 360 on me." I questioned what he asked me. He stated it again "I can't believe you did a 360 on me." I asked him again what does he mean by that. He stated "I can't believe you're going to call my supervisor." As I was attempting to call ADT he said "You were going crazy on me. I'm leaving." I looked at him and I said "What do you mean you're leaving." He stated he was an independent contractor and did not have to stay here and finish any job he didn't want to. I begged him to stay and finish the job. However he grabbed most of his stuff. Forgot his flashlight on the top shelf and left. I had no idea what to do with equipment that was dangling off the shelf. He left with some of his equipment still at the house and didn't pick up a single thing that he can messed up.

When I finally got through to ADT his supervisor stated to me that I went crazy on him and he had to leave. That is completely false. I was completely professional. I couldn't believe that once I explained to his supervisor nobody called back to reschedule an appointment or send somebody to finish a job undone. This goes to show the inadequacy and incompetency as a whole. I cannot only blame one person or two people for the inadequacy that just happened. I have to blame it company as a whole. ADT is completely responsible for having wasted a complete day of mine from eight in the morning to 4:30 PM today I waited for ADT to fix a simple problem.

When the second guy showed up at around 230 within five minutes he stated he needed a new piece of equipment that the VRC for the video recording component was it working properly and he could bring one when it was convenient for us. That meant dealing with ADT one more day. I am not looking forward to the inadequacies that ADT has caused Me to lose a complete day of my life. I hope this finds a trusting person within the company to be able to rectify and resolve and take action against the young man who came to the job and left. In my understanding this person should be fired.

Satisfaction Rating

ADT had serviced the suite before we moved in our office in here. We got a very quick response once we contacted them. They came right away, looked at what we already had and got someone here to hook the system up. The salesman was very knowledgeable. We had most of the basic wiring and things. The installers set everything up very quickly and efficiently. It was painless. We haven't had any problems with the service so far. Billing is easy. Customer service always answered any questions that we had.

Satisfaction Rating

ADT's service has been great. Their sales rep was very nice. I've called him several times with different questions and he's always been there to help us. Their installation team was also very good and very quick.

Satisfaction Rating

I have a very successful experience with ADT in my home in Fayetteville Georgia. I would definitely recommend this security system to friends and family. I have been a customer since June 0f 2015.

Satisfaction Rating

From the time I received the mailer with the ADT Pulse offer for new homeowners to the installation technician showing up on time, courteous and professional in both installing the equipment and taking the time to explain all functionality to me and the family the experience was exactly as promised and expected of a name brand company. Post sale service has been great and the service delivery as expected. Bravo!

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Satisfaction Rating

My husband and I moved. ADT decided to automatically take out $1,014.01, without billing us or letting us know. I called ADT and spoke to billing department and was told as soon as we got it installed again, they would refund our money. So we installed and still paid $286.00. Well it's been 1 month and still no refund so I called again and they tried to say our card would not accept. So now we are waiting another month in hope of getting our refund as a check, while they are still automatically withdrawing for new alarm!

Satisfaction Rating

I paid my bill through the automatic pay option. Unfortunately when it was installed I used a debit card instead of linking payments to my checking account, which I thought I had done. When my card expired, of course I had forgotten that ADT was linked to the card and not my account so I started accruing late fees and penalties. I finally found out about this mishap when I was sent a letter in the mail from a collections agency for non-payment. I called ADT to settle everything and asked why I hadn't received any phone calls in regard to the missed payments. They claimed they had called multiple times, but the number they were dialing hadn't been in service for at least three years.

It was hard for me to believe that I had given them that number as the primary number when they have reached both my sister and I (we're both under this one account) on our cell phone numbers which I always list as the primary number. However, I took this mishap as a fault on my end. I resolved the payment issue and asked for the service to be reinstated. This was the point at which the customer service took a turn for the worse. The operator transferred me to the re-installation department. The man I spoke with had a very rude demeanor and seemed to be in a hurry. When I wasn't entering the code into my home system fast enough, I heard a lot of sighs and groans. This process ended up not working so he scheduled an at home appointment. On the day of the in home installation, I did not receive a call stating they were on their way; nor did we get a ring at the door. I also looked out the window periodically and saw no one!

I called ADT 30 minutes after the time frame at which they were to show up. They claimed I was not home and that they had called multiple times. I confirmed the phone number with them and this time they had the right phone number, yet I hadn't received any calls! The customer service employee stated over and over "well it says here that we tried to contact you." This, I will remind you, was the second instance where they conveniently couldn't reach me. I will no longer use ADT.

Satisfaction Rating

I spoke a couple of times with the ADT sales guy on the phone. We went over the design and hardware requirements for my house. Once we finished this I asked for an email that listed the design and costs we spoke about. He stated that since they deal with such confidential data he did not have this ability. An answer for every question. While this concerned me I agreed to have the installer come out the next day. I did tell him that if there was any change to the cost I would stop the purchase. Well as concerned the installer should up with a much smaller configuration, one that would not come close to securing the house. The required hardware to secure the house was substantially more money. As I thought the sales guy's main job was to get the installer out. I should have gone with my gut and not wasted my time. Needless to say I did not make the purchase. What a waste of time.

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ADT has been in business for over 140 years. The corporate headquarters of ADT is located in Boca Raton, FL.

  • Free installation and activation: ADT offers free installation and activation for their security systems. This leaves customers with $0 in upfront costs.
  • Voice control: ADT offers customers the ability to arm and disarm their home, control the lighting, thermostat and locks (and more) with voice commands via the ADT Pulse smart device app.
  • The largest in the U.S.: ADT is the largest automated security provider in the U.S. with the most geographic locations of monitoring centers, offering convenient access no matter where customers live.
  • Mobile alerts: ADT offers homeowners the option to have mobile alerts go to their smartphone so they are notified anytime somebody opens the door to their home, even when they're on the go.
  • Many customer service options: ADT offers customers a wide range of customer service options, including chat and telephone, which makes it convenient and simple for customers to contact the company whether they're at the office, in a meeting or at home.
  • Best for Owners of both luxury and mid-scale residences, elderly homeowners and homeowners with young children.

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Company Name:
ADT Security Services
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1501 Yamato Road
Boca Raton
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United States