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I've had the JVC LT-40TW51J TV for 2.5 years and it's died. What a pile of rubbish.

I bought this unit about two (2) years ago on our base's Base Exchange (Kirtland Air Force Base). This TV is among the very best I have owned. Only one complaint - I have not been able to get its audio sound through my amplifier. I had had a "Hybrid" television which conked out just before I bought this JVC and it, and previous TVs worked great by hooking them up to the Video 1 ports in back of the Sony Amplifier. But I cannot get the JVC to give me any sound through my speakers (though its speakers have ALWAYS worked extremely well and dependably).

I am posting the review here out of sheer frustration, as I have tried every possible combination of connections in back of the Amplifier and still no results. What am I doing wrong? I have even used the output jacks in back of the Amplifier in addition to the input jacks and still nothing. This also happens with the DVR player. The "Tuner" setting (radio) tells me the speakers are working just fine. The problem(s) seem to be the connection from the JVC TV to the Amplifier and of course, the connection from the DVR (a Samsung Blue-Ray unit that is brand-new) to the TV. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

I can only remember vaguely when my parents bought our JVC since it was a very long time ago, more than 15 years ago but up till now it still gives us great picture quality and crisp sound. I can say it's even better than some of the LED TV and Smart TVs when it comes to the quality of its sound. All the control buttons are still intact. Not once did we need it to be serviced. I can only hope that TVs right now are made with the same quality.

Just less than three months after warranty ran out tv would not turn on. This seems to be a very big issue with JVC. I purchased it at Costco and neither will help me. TV is at a second home and has been on less than 50 times in the last two years.

I have a 32 inch JVC TV/DVD player that within 16 months of purchase it quit working. It will not turn on at all. Once it was turned off in April it never would come back on. I took it to a JVC service repair shop and they told me it was a sensor/module problem. The problem is they don't make the part anymore and the repair shop could not find the part anywhere. Isn't that a bummer!!! This tv was not our main tv so it wasn't on every day. No more JVC TV's in our home. I was told it was a part #B14052130-0A02879.

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Very dissatisfied with the experience. I have JVC 50" LED FHD. Picture poor for a LED FHD. No enough options to choose from (Sound and Picture). No option to update Android OS to upgrade version. The GUI is ugly and so poor in color quality. No sound out to Sound system. I regret.

My TV is only 2 years old and over the past 9 months the volume will go up and down by itself. At first it was only once in a while, now it happens daily. The volume will go all the way to 100 and I can't turn it down, so I have to shut off my TV and turn it back on. Sometimes it takes several times of on/off before I can get the volume lower.

My JVC is a 36, yes it is the first flat screen at the time. It's a 1999 model with the HD capabilities at that time. And I still have not maxed out the controls for the picture control for peak performance. I had a LG and barely lasted two years plus that is what others are saying about the LG TV.

I have a small 27" JVC TV with built-in DVD player. This is my second JVC purchase. I still have my original TV purchased in the mid 1980's, which works just fine. My newer model is sleeker and the picture more refined. It seems to be a quality TV/DVD as I haven't had any problems with it (it is several years old). Would highly recommend this brand to others. I love the simple design of JVC.

My JVC Television is thirteen years old and I have not had any problems. I would purchase another JVC again. The picture is still sharp and colors are very vibrant.

No proper service center and attendance. Power supply units are very weak. Clarity of picture is not satisfied.

I bought this set at discount, a forty-two inch flat screen LCD. I am satisfied with JVC. The sound is better on the LCD than the LED models. I use an accessory amplifier and external speakers in addition to the TV speakers for good sound. I get good reception with an antenna.

This is the first television I have had in my home in over 9 years, so everything about it was novel to me. It came with a ROKU. I can watch standard shows or movies I have on my computer download. The very flat screen minimizes the impact on the room and I am able to lift the set myself at about 17 lbs. The clarity of the picture is phenomenal and it is my first experience with HD; so lifelike!

I have a 55" JVC. We love it. I was able to hook it up myself with its easy instructions and set all the settings as well. The color and HD are amazing. Have had it over a year now and I'm still happy with it every time I turn it on. I have a Toshiba. Never had any issues with 5 years now. I would never purchase a Samsung again.

I think at this point many brands are good, my advice don't pay more than 1000 dollars for a TV set. Most of the brands are very good enough and the best value is don't spend much of your money in TV.

I have a JVC flat screen and I totally love it. It has some smart features to it. I can touch the screen to turn the volume up and down, change the contrast, and make some of my fonts bigger.

It is 50" LED, very user-friendly, great picture. I am 100% solar so I am very energy use conscious, it is very frugal on energy use. My previous flat screen just was a power sucker even when off, we had to put it on a surge strip and turn off the power. This one is great, the only feature we cannot use is the internet option. We are in satellite internet so we have a limited amount of bandwidth compared to cable. Great overall value. Very happy with it.

The TV was too big for the room, the bulbs needed to be replaced periodically, and I was the one who had to order and install the new bulbs. Please consider the maintenance required (if any now) on a TV, the SIZE of TV and where to put it before you bring it home.

Our JVC TV was probably the best television we've ever purchased. It lasted many, many years and we'd not hesitate to purchase another.

We replaced a broken Magnavox with a new JVC television of the same 42" size for economic reasons (it was on sale). The JVC has as good a picture but the sound quality has us trying different equalizer settings constantly. To be fair, it can be difficult to tell whether the audio engineer on a movie or TV program should not be in the business at all or that the TV just has 1) bad speakers, 2) bad audio card in general, or 3) both of the former. And the combination of bad unenforced FCC guidelines for TV sound and commercials that can blow one out of the room without muting them entirely having the audio "headroom" or amount of good, listenable audio smashed up against a tech ceiling that distorts the sound badly further clouds this issue.

After some serious note-taking, it became obvious that most audio engineering in the business both television and cinematic has been relegated to a cheap, idiot brother-in-law rather than someone that has actually passed a hearing test and can at least read a spectrum analyzer. The television itself is also not without some of the blame. When watching a music program, we find it prudent to mute the third-rate audio provisions in the TV and run the audio through the Cerwin Vega stereo house system. Television manufactures in general do not give due consideration to the sound, just the picture. But the truly terrible deaf-eggs that make up the bulk of those in the industry doing most of the audio mixes need to go away.

Our JVC is over 10 years old and works great. It has a 35" screen. It is heavy so we don't move it much. When it no longer works, we will replace it with a flat screen HDTV.

JVC used to be a good brand in analog TVs. We have one almost 20 yrs old still working. This LCD TV just stopped working. This is a bedroom TV 32-inch which probably has less than a month's actual viewing time on it. We just do not use it that often. These TV are not worth fixing unless under warranty even if you could get someone to work on them. I think we will stick to Samsung from now on.

We have had our smart tv for a year and we have had this issue since the beginning. Regardless of what we are watching we encounter the same issue. The speaking volume will be fine then when any other sound comes on it gets extremely loud. It is very frustrating having to hold the remote in our hands and adjust the volume every few seconds.

In August 2014, I purchased a 42 inch JVC television and it went blank in February 2015. I was advised to Innovation Group as it was under warranty, they sent their technicians to pick the TV in March and was sent to Ital Video cc for repairs. After 6 weeks, I was told that there is no spare in the country for this Tv and they are waiting for the power supply from overseas. I call Innovation Group end of May, I was told the Tv is lying at one of their centers as it is not repairable. It was only send back to me on 29 May with instruction that I must take back the TV to the store for replacement. Public, beware! There is serious problem with this product. Once broken, no one wants to carry responsibility. There is no support services, no spares for it. My repair job no. **.

Remote control/TV does what it wants. Everything about the functions is designed to cause the utmost annoyance. I will never purchase such a ill conceived appliance again.

I purchased the tv last week and a week later I'm still staring at pink dashes on the bottom half of my screen. The retail store I bought it from says I have to go through the warranty. It's 10 days later and I'm still waiting for a tech to fix it.

I purchased a JVC 37 inch TV from HSN in April 2012 for my husband. We had no problem with it until we was watching it in February of 2014 and the screen went blank but the sound was still working. We thought it was a bulb so we contacted HSN and was referred to JVC. They were not helpful at all and could not find the product in their system. We took it to a local shop and was informed that it was the main board. We purchased that part and then was told that is not the problem. We were told that the display panel in is not working and it will cost $1200 to repair. That is double what I paid for it. I have never had a TV that stopped working after such a short period of time. I have emailed JVC and I am waiting to hear from them. I believe that the TV is defective.

I have had this 2005 jvc hd projector screen for a while. Recently it broke and I'm stumped. I have taken out the lamp ballast and it's brand new. I have no idea where the fuses are. I'd hate to get rid of this tv but I still can't get it to work. Anyone know of the locations of the fuses, lemme know. Thanks.

For starters, I purchased this set in 2005... It is now nearly 2014. I have been totally happy with MY set... I have replaced the lamp 3 times at no more than $50 a pop, online... It has always had the most beautiful color.... 6 mos. ago my sound went out so I got a sound system... I feel so sorry for those who had such problems. Just saying not all JVC's are bad... PS... I use this set nearly 12 hrs a day... every day, so I don't think 3 lamps in 9 yrs is all that bad!!!

We got our tv and ever since from beginning, if the power goes out, the tv won't turn back on until the next day. I tried unplugging and waiting and using the tv power button but nothing. I will never get another JVC tv again.

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