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I was thinking for the price ($6500) I would receive the best quality digital hearing aids known to man. I also expect the best electronics, which could be configured to take into account almost any noise I came across. I have moderate hearing loss that is associated with age (66). I can hear fine on my own but I found that in a noisy environment, like a restaurant or a bar, I had trouble hearing those around me and I'd wind up doing some lip reading, which I'm not good at.

With the UltraPro hearing aids, even after 6 visits with the audiologist, I simply can't use them in noisy environments. HVAC wind noise in a bar is amplified to the extent I can't hear anything else. Restaurant noise is almost as bad. Any modest environment like company at home, watching TV, talking with my wife, is great. No problems. However, away from home, riding in a truck, shopping in a mall, sometimes in grocery stores depending on how noisy it is or how loud the music is, the sound quality goes to zero. I can't hear myself talking so I don't know how loud I'm talking. I frequently have people ask me to repeat myself because I'm talking too softly. Needless to say, I'm quite disappointed in these hearing aids. I would not recommend them as I'm better off without them.

I am 30 years old, born with moderate to severe hearing loss. When I first wore this [Oticon Dynamo SP4 Super Power BTE] the quality was so poor that I questioned it why my 10 year old phonak sounds better than this even though it not working its full potential. To compare quality of those two hearing aids: My 10 year old phonak would be like listening through a tv with surround sound vs. a $3,500 pair of Oticon listening through speaker phone 5 feet away. THAT is the difference of quality of the sound I am hearing. But I gave the benefit of the doubt because it a different hearing aid. Soon as I drove off I started to dislike it even more. The hearing aids have a program that compress sounds when things gets "too loud" so it starts compressing the volume on and off when there is wind noise while I am trying to enjoy the music off from my car.

I also ordered a streamer to have blue-tooth so I decided to have a go with it. When I stream audio from my phone, it sound quite well, a lot better than I hear around me. So it really needs a better quality microphone to receive the sound better. I had the audiologist tried to mess around with it to reduce the volume compression but the program wont allow it. Would I recommend it? Nope, I was glad the old one was still functioning, wore it until I get ReSound hearing aids, hope it is better than this.

The Alta2 Pro. First the hearing aids are very expensive, over $6000.00. To have the hearing aids adjusted you MUST visit your audiologists, you cannot adjust them. These hearing aids fit in the ear using a flexible dome that comes in different sizes, so you not only need batteries you need the ear wax replacement filter and domes to keep them working. I cannot keep the hearing aid in the correct position to hear using these domes alone, so a stinger was added to try to keep them in place. I am constantly adjusting the position to hear normal conversation. They pick all noise louder than the voice sound. So if a fan is running the car it will drown out people speaking. This is my second pair of Oticon hearing aids. Would I buy another pair? I would have to check out what is available and do a test drive.

Staff was very helpfull and very courteous. The office was clean and cheerful. I would recommend this place to anyone who needed their service. Staff was very patience with me. I couldnt make up my mind on which product I wanted to go with because there were so many, they all seemed to fit my needs. I never thought I was going to find the right one to fit my needs for my daily life. But now I am able to enjoy my grandkids more, I can hear my music at a decent level without drowning everything else out. The hearing aids I finally chose were small enough to fit my ears without me feeling self conscious. I enjoy life more than one can imagine.

They are very helpful. Always open to walk you through things. They are even available almost all the time. I have never had any issue getting the help I need with them. It really helps the hearing out. They never sound fuzzy or distant. It always seems clear and pristine. So I love the way it works for us and helps with my mother’s hearing loss. It seems very decent. It had its downside on price though. Seems a bit more expensive than most do. Otherwise, it has a great value. So I say I'm satisfied. It is well made, sturdy, and works. It has never broken or stopped functioning. So I have to say it has rather wonderful quality. It has my family happy. So that is what matters to me.

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The customer service was excellent. They didn't make me wait hours in a waiting room, they were very knowledgeable about the product which I loved. It works better than any other I have tried, definitely top of the line product. Do not buy any other brand than this one. It is the best. It works perfect. The price is a little higher than others in my opinion but you get what you pay for. Please, don't pay less and get something with bad quality. I would highly recommend this brand and only this brand. I have used others and none of them compare. It is not fragile or cheap feeling like others and only costs a little bit more.

They listen and was friendly in how they addressed my concerns. I would recommend them to family and all my closest friends. Very attentive too with everything I had to say. They were one of the best I had pleasure dealing with. I give them top recommendations with how they handle themselves with my concerns. They made it more possible to enjoy life much more and I feel more alive with each sound I hear. It is like for the first time I am hearing everything. Their quality was the highest I encountered. I have the most respect for the business and what they in helping other hear better than before.

Representative was very helpful in this new process for me. I was able to find exactly what I needed and learned a lot in the process. Product worked fairly well. I did have some issues but customer service solved the problem very fast. Everything is working wonderfully now. I was very satisfied with the payment process and the value I received. I feel like I got a very good deal. I would recommend the place to a friend because of the deal I got. I feel like I got a high quality product for a good price. I was told it was one of the best brand to try to get and I am very happy with it so far.

Bought it online. This was for my father as a gift, and he likes it, he tried different hearing aids in the past and didn't work well. He's using the pair I got him all the time. One of the cheapest hearing aids, my father spent thousand of dollars in the past but he wasn't satisfied with quality, now he leaves it on the whole time. Better than other hearings aids my father bought, he likes the quality, he doesn't have to turn on the tv all the way up and can hear us clearly.

This is now my 2nd set of Oticon Hearing Aids after wearing Phonak, Siemens and Resound in the past. Oticon has allowed me to hear much better in almost all situations where my other aids didn't. Their hearing aids rarely give me problems, and when it did it was fixed quickly, and returned to me within a few days. As an Audiologist, I appreciate their dedication to providing great products and great customer service for all my patients. I do fit many different brands of hearing aids but seem to get the most satisfied results when I use their products.

The Alta Pro is my third different Oticon hearing aid. My audiologist just can't seem to get them adjusted right for me. Probably have tried 15+ times on these and predecessor Epoq to get them set right for me. The Alta Pro have a few features that make them actually worse than Epoq. My program 1 is my primary hearing setting and anytime there is any background noise they go into an automatic muting or override fashion where hearing appears muted of a fashion. Going to my position 3 for noisy backgrounds doesn't fix things either. Can't get my voice to sound right to me and I often hear as if I am in a tunnel. Fix one problem and we create another. Not happy with $6000 worth of hearing aids that I often have to shut off in noisy environments because I can't hear correctly. Also have problems in setting 1 where volume is fine but comprehension is terrible.

My husband got these approx. 1 month ago and they have been wonderful. He's hearing things that he hasn't heard in years. They work wonderfully as blue tooth for his smart phone and for TV listening.

I wish I had seen these reviews prior to getting my new expensive hearing aids. I'm not new to hearing aids - only new to this brand. These are not very powerful for moderate hearing loss and I ended up with custom molds which are not as comfortable as the dome I was hoping for. They do not sit well in the ear canal even though Oticon has done them twice. I've been told they adjust them at the factory for THEIR idea of a good fit. They have been sent back twice because of mechanical issues - shutting down and restarting for no reason. I've had to have far too many 'TWEAKS'. The quality is not comparable to Resound or Widex which I had very little issues with.

I'm still in the 3-year warranty period. I am satisfied with the hearing quality of the aids, but for the money I paid, I should not have had 3 consecutive failures with the low battery warning system with each replacement. I am wondering if Oticon replaces warranty repairs with refurbished aids. I am not looking forward to what will happen after the warranty is over and I am thinking twice about another Oticon due to questionable quality control.

I had purchased a set of Oticon aid about 5 years ago. After 2 years of use the left side totally went dead. I was told it would cost around 250 dollars to repair. I had the device repaired, after 3 months it went out again. Recently the other device went dead. I've spent over 6,000 dollars for devices. Need to know what Oticon can do to repair or replace devices.

I am a health care practitioner and I recently had a horrible experience with Oticon's customer service manager David **. To make a long story short, they negligently took my mom's hearing aids for repair and refuse to return them to her without a $400 fee even though she just wants them back unrepaired. She is a senior with Alzheimer's disease. After numerous conversations with Mr. ** I realized that there are all kinds of cruel people in the world and sadly they too often become representatives of companies. The rude and thoughtless manner of Mr. ** made me call the Alzheimer's society who greatly referred me to a company that thoughtfully helps patients who need a little more compassion from people. The new company that we purchased the hearing aids from did an amazing job in both quality of the product and customer service.

I kept telling my audiologist that listening through these I couldn't enjoy the music as well, or hear my own voice clearly. They are so tiny they are almost impossible to adjust when the need arises, even then it is done with a click of a button instead of a roller that is easier to operate, and the small size makes them almost impractical. What is really aggravating is they do not seem to work independently of each other and the 312 batteries do not last but 4 or 5 days, as compared to almost a month with my old ReSound devices with size 13 batteries. The ReSound hearing aids were superior in every way compared to these.

Have been wearing them for two months, and have never been happier. Been in for several adjustments, but it was for increase in phone volume, and volume when hooked up to my Kindle. The regular volume was fine. Works very well in restaurants, and I have a mode that I can switch to if needed to direct the reception. The phone Bluetooth feature is great, sounds like they are in the room with you. People on the other end said there is no change in the volume or voice using the remote mic.

When I sign in my email address is spelled incorrect thus I am not receiving your weekly email news. I used Oticon for 11 years but needed more powerful ones.

Used 2 other brands but decided to stick with Oticon which worked best for me. Some people complain about them falling out of the ear. Oticon does have a small wire which is attached and placed in the ear to help hold them into the curve of the ear, thus prevent falling out. Ask about it...

Alta 2 - I received a pair of loaners from my audiologist. Not only did they not perform as promised, but the little plastic end came off and got stuck in my ear, necessitating a trip to the emergency room for removal. On June 28, 2015, I wrote to Oticon stating the above and asking for reimbursement of my medical expenses in the amount of $54.90, enclosing copies of bills. To date, I have not even received the courtesy of a reply.

The photos on the front of manual do not give the model number of hearing aids shown. Therefore. I don't know which battery to buy! Drugstore (Walgreens) has no information on batteries that fit different models. I had the aids in my purse -- that didn't help the situation. By the way the white sliding door case I was given is TOO SMALL. I can't even close the sliding drawer with the magnetic wand in it too, and maybe new batteries. It is useless for purse or travel. The aids are very hard to fit in my ear. Once in, they are uncomfortable to wear. I wish I had the opportunity to consider other, more comfortable aids, but this was my only choice thru Medicaid. Consequence? I don't wear them very much. Just plays, or church.

I want to clarify my recent comments regarding the falling off of the upper part of the aid and the inside ear part of the aid. Now using only one aid I find that putting on and off sunglasses or pulling down a hat on one side can make the aid fall off. Being afraid to push the unit further into the ear can also leave the unit too loose and available to the likelihood of falling out. My problems may well be my fault. I asked for comments on better fitting models, but due to new view of problem, good performance, limited time used and cost will stay with OTICON. I am also 90 years old. Thanks.

Original Review

Recently bought the 2 hearing aids. The right one either fell off the ear or out of the ear although pressed in tightly. Fell in the house, in the car which I recovered and out shopping which is a $2,000 loss. Buying another seems like another $2,000. loss. Anyone know of a better fitting model?

These are wonderful! I would recommend them to anyone who needs hearing aids. Sometimes I sleep in them because I forget they're in there! I'm only 57 and none of my friends can even see them! Love!!

I am a first time hearing aid user and have no previous experience with hearing aids. I was shown two different brands when in the market for hearing assistance. I chose the digital Acto Pro behind the ear aid with a Streamer (version 1) and custom molded ear piece. This set me back $2,700.00 initially at the audiologist's office. I have been wearing this in my right ear only and have experienced problems several times with the unit not powering up and dropping power. The first time this happened was within 9 months of original purchase and it was replaced free.

After one year, the new one continued to not power up and drop power. It has been returned to the manufacturer, but still has this issue. The streamer, the blue tooth companion to the Acto Pro, has a poor battery life and only the manufacturer of the unit has replacement lithium batteries for it for nearly the $275.00 US dollars that it cost me!

I have searched the internet for reviews about the Streamer (version 1) and many people have similarly poor battery life. It charges all night, but after one year the life sharply declines to about 3 hours. After 3 years the battery life is about 1 hour! It has now been almost five years and I need to purchase a new hearing aid. I am not going to purchase another Oticon unit and I will read the reviews before I purchase and will shop around for the best price and after purchase service.

Ear pieces come off in canal, speaker wires break, hard to get properly fit in ear canal all within 6 months of purchase. Creates a feeling of insecurity as to whether or not you will be able to hear. With the cost of approx. $5000 this should not be happening.

I am 65 and I have been wearing digital Oticon Hearing Aids for ten years. I started with one on my right ear and then got one for my left ear two years later. I have just replaced my hearing aids after ten years. The ten year old was losing power. The eight year old was working fine. I just wanted the new technology. I considered a big box store or online prices as being better but after careful consideration I have stayed with Oticon primarily because of the excellent service of my audiologist and the good follow up service of the company. I had both of my original aids reconditioned after about five years and they were just like new. The also cheerfully replaced one of my aids under warranty when I lost one of them. I am impressed with the new technology of my Nera Pro.

I purchased these aids approx 5 years ago. That after using two different Phonak sets for 15 years and miracle ear for about two. The miracle ear was a total waste of money. The first phonak set was not much better. The second Phonak set was much better. But when I got the Oticon wow what a difference. On a scale 1-10 would rate the second phonak at a 4 and the oticon at a 9. The only major problem with the oticon one speaker, or whatever it is called that goes in your ear failed. My tech replaced it with in 15 minutes. The other minor problem the fitting the wax guard goes in come loose. However my friend in Canada has had several problems with reliability the same aids.

My Oticon aids are almost 5 years old & have been worn the moment I awake until bedtime under all types of weather, heat etc as I work outside. They have been almost problem free, only in for repair once each. Each time had a loaner aid (not synced with the other one but newer technology), so now am going to purchase a new set. Will review after purchase.

They work great when they are working. At least once a year one of them goes out. It costs at least $200 each time to fix them, over and above the initial cost.

I am now searching for a more durable brand of model.

Expert Review

Shelley WebbSenior Products Contributing Editor

Shelley Webb is a registered nurse, geriatric care manager and freelance writer who concentrates on the subjects of eldercare and health.    More about Shelley→

Oticon was founded in 1904 by a man who wanted to help his hearing-impaired wife. The company has American headquarters in New Jersey and has long been at the forefront of hearing and auditory research.

  • Reputation: Oticon has been considered one of the leaders in hearing aid technology for more than 100 years.
  • Personable: The company’s slogan is “people first,” and they make clear that patient and customers needs come first. Shoppers can expect friendly customer service.
  • Tinnitus: Their new “Tinnitus Sound Support” is integrated into select models and can provide much needed relief.
  • Cost: Oticon’s products range in price, but some of their hearing aids will cost more than $7,000.
  • Fit: Some people find Oticon’s products hard to fit, requiring multiple visits to their hearing professional before finding a proper fit.
  • Best for Aging listeners, people with progressive hearing loss and children born with hearing difficulties.

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