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Last updated: Nov. 15, 2017

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Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

I almost never go thru the hassle of setting up an account to write a review, but I just couldn’t let this experience go without telling whomever reads this to stay away from US Bank. The federal government should launch an investigation into this deceptive company. I’ve been a Harley-Davidson Visa account holder since probably 2004, and always paid my statement off generally every month.

I decided a few months ago to use one of their “balance transfer” checks - and wow what a mistake that was. It was a no interest till early 2019 promo (with minimum monthly payment). I paid the transfer fee and expected to make the minimum monthly payment until it became due and then I was going to pay it off. I do this a lot, because sometimes it works for me to use the bank's money. After a couple of billing cycles, I noticed I was incurring interest on my account, which didn’t make sense because I was paying my daily purchases off every month.

So I called customer service and after being routed to 3 different agents, they told me that they changed the terms (the rate went from zero to variable) and the money I was paying toward my monthly purchases was also being used toward paying down my balance transfer (not due till 2019!!). I asked them how much of the $2200 promo balance I had left to pay, and they said appx $650.

So essentially I had no idea based on a regular statement how much of the money I was paying every month was going to the promo or going toward my purchases! It doesn’t break that down, and no agent could really tell me either. You’re looking at your online statement with no clue on how they achieve the numbers that are in front of you.

I couldn’t believe that a multi billion dollar bank was actually doing this to me, honestly. They just straight changed the terms of my offer, and left me to try and sort it out. I’m fortunate - I have the money to pay these thieves off, and did. But what about the folks that trusted that their zero interest balance transfer promo was going to expire in 2019 and budgeted accordingly? The “supervisor” actually apologized and said that yes, there was definitely some “confusion” between the initial offer (which I paid a $64 dollar transfer fee to do) and what was transpiring on my account now.

I said, "No, there wasn’t any confusion - US Bank just changed the rules in the middle of the game." Disgusting and shady tactics to play on a consumer, and after being a HD Visa card holder since basically it's inception, I’m done. I can only hope someone from Harley reads this and looks into the fraudulent activity of US Bank. Avoid this scamming company!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

This is the worst bank ever. I had tried for 2 weeks to add direct deposit, Did not work. So I was overdrawn because of the lousy bank not accepting the direct deposit. So they contacted me several times. Nothing has been completed yet. They still try to charge you by adding fees. What a Crap ** Bank. Stay away.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 12, 2017

On 10/4/17 I noticed on my business account that I was being charged for merchant services that I cancelled on 7/3 with teller C ** in Dunsmuir and a 1.5 hr wait on the phone with Elavon. Only to find out that I was being charged for services not rendered. When Confronted, Dunsmuir mgr S ** said in a week to 10 days 89.00 would be refunded... 10/25 and multiple charges later I received 74. Dollars and multiple service charges later I asked for them to be reversed... S ** said request was Denied by Jill **. The most unethical employee known to US Bank. Even laughed at an employee and her assistant mgr for failing an audit. Can you say low class? Closed all my accounts and warn all involved with this shady outfit to do likewise... Run... Run away from them fast... At least if you are in the Shasta Humboldt dist.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

Never in my life have I choose to use such a terrible bank. They forget to tell you that every time you check your account balance at a non US Bank atm you will be charged three dollars. Just to check your balance then if you deposit any cash into your account at a local branch you will not have access to your funds for at least 24 hours. Then if you use different atms after making a deposit then you get charged every single time. Also make sure you turn your overdraft protection off. If you do not and your account becomes overdrawn. They charge you twenty five dollars every few days till it's back to a positive Balance.

That cost me $310.00 because it also takes the bank 3-4 days to clear a debit purchase at a Walmart. I do not recommend this bank unless you like to keep a eagle eye on your account. And also they keep shutting my card off because of a fraud alert because I bought a few things at different stores. And they will freeze your account. Until you do the 30 mins it was me using my own card spending my own money. God I hate this bank.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

Call bank to see if I could get a 30 day extension on my loan/CC. My wife had just pass away. Was told, 'No'. But I could let it get in the rears. And then let it go into collections. Or I could contact consumer services and reorganize through them. Both are not a option for me. As I have work hard for my credit. I been with US bank for years. Never miss a payment. Been late once in 8 years by one day. And had my corporation with US bank before that. Why treat your customers like this? I guess I will start looking for a bank that does care.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2017

This has got to be the very worst bank I've ever dealt with... Their hidden fees are outrageous. They don’t post these hidden fees till days later which causes overdrafts. Customer service is impossible to get a hold of. When you do you are told someone will get back to you within two weeks. This is a very dishonest bank whose main objective is to steal as much money from you as they can. Horrible service.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

I have been a very long-standing customer of US Bank. Last week I applied for an auto-loan. I received an email to check the status of my application; which I did religiously. Before a week had passed, I reached out to the Bank just to find out that my loan had been denied. My issue is that instead of calling me to tell me this (which I could have been looking for a loan elsewhere); had I not had the initiative to call to inquire, I would have wasted 2 weeks waiting to get the denial. Further, why have an online system that is not accurately updated thus further deceiving customers -- I could have found out this way. This is, by far, the most disappointing experience. After I get my loan situation squared away, I will no longer bank with US Bank. Over the phone the rep told me tonight; that typically if the loan is approved, a call is made but if not, there's no call - just a letter. Obviously, US Bank can't even distinguish itself from others bank. They just can't.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2017

US Bank has disappointed numerous times. It started with them paying a SECOND homeowner's insurance policy out of my escrow account WITHOUT COMMUNICATING WITH ME AT ALL. I was not aware they had done this until months later, when my escrow account was incredibly short. Then, it was up to ME to battle through red tape with the second company, because I had to do the legwork to get the refund, and then send it to US Bank so that they could deposit it back into my escrow account.

This hassle lasted literally months. Once I was even told by a US Bank "supervisor" (if you can call them that) that she had finally reached the appropriate person by phone, and confirmed my refund was in the mail. But a month later, the refund was nowhere to be seen. I'm SO incredibly tired of their mistakes. But on top of that, I'm completely done with them now because they have no problem putting the weight of correcting their mistakes on their paying customers!

Customer service is a joke... It truly doesn't exist. Then, on top of all of that, their website hasn't been working for a few days, at least not from my iPhone, which is how I pay my mortgage every month. I called for help, and I've been told by numerous employees now that I should try a different computer, because no one else is having issues with their site. I explained other websites and apps are working fine on my phone, and that I've always used this phone, so that really doesn't make sense, nor is it a reason to NOT offer me ANY customer service.

So I hung up and tried the site again later to no avail. So, I called again, and asked for a supervisor who could wave the fee and accept my payment due to the issues I was having online. First Katy told me they couldn't help me, but she was happy to transfer me to technical support. I'm so sick of being shuffled through people who are wasting my time. Then I talked to Sarah I believe? (Honestly, it's been too many to keep track of, and when I've asked them to pull calls in the past when their crap doesn't add up, they can't even let you talk to the department that "pulls calls" nor can you follow up with anyone, nor do they follow up with you... sounds a lot like that department either doesn't exist or they intentionally make it impossible for customers to get to the bottom of any real issue.)

When Katy transferred me to her "supervisor" Sarah, shockingly, she said she was unable to help me as well. I was confused as to why I was transferred to someone who still couldn't help me??? Then I talked to James, who was a DELITE and offered zero help, but with an added bonus - attitude! Don't you love when the very people you pay for the service you are using offer zero customer service AND a little ship on THEIR shoulder??? I would recommend everyone run from this company. I'm now a thoroughly disgruntled customer, who'll be refinancing my house as soon as financially wise and then I'll be rid of them for good.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 28, 2017

If I could give them a lower score than one star I would. The past few months their customer service and the service they provide in their fraud department is crazy. I filed a fraud claim with them for fraudulent charges on my debit card and gave them the charges that I didn't recognize. A few days later I called them back regarding one of the charges and told them I recognized one of the charges. They said they would remove that charge from the claim and not pursue it. I told them ok and that I had resolved the issue with the merchant.

They also told me that they had cancelled my debit card and I requested one to be sent. They never sent it even after I had requested it 2 more times from them. They also pursued the charge they said they wouldn't. I called multiple times asking to speak to a supervisor and was told again and again that a supervisor would contact me and still haven't gotten one call. When I originally filed the claim noticing a pending charge they said they cancelled the transaction and wouldn't allow any more charges to go through. Well after they cancelled it they approved the transaction and the company charged me again and I had another pending transaction pulling more funds from my account.

In total 4 charges were processed almost clearing my debit account from my recently deposited check. I have 3 children that I work hard for and we struggled for the next week till I got paid again. Then I had to wait 10 days to receive a credit back from US Bank with them saying there wasn't anything they could do even from their mistake. So finally today just so upset with their customer service, professionalism, and business practices I am going to be a Chase customer. New checking and savings, and I will be closing my 2 checking accounts, savings account, my wife's checking, and her credit card after it's paid off. Wow after years of being a loyal customer. I have had enough, especially when you can't even get a call back when you call repeatedly.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 20, 2017

US Bank has some internal administrative and supervisory issues that they need to look into. I paid my loan off on 7/25 immediately after speaking with a representative of US Bank, she calculated the payoff and I made the payment. Almost 90 days after the fact I was just billed an additional $260. I spent approximately an hour on the phone with US Bank today (plus the 10 or so minutes on hold) but finally gave up and paid the money so that I could get the lien release. I spoke with 2 individuals but my last conversation was with someone named Nancy, claimed to be a supervisor but I really kind of doubt it. This "supervisor" said that the US Bank Rep could have calculated the figures incorrectly but since she didn't have a recording of the conversation she couldn't do anything about it. The bottom line is US Bank just ripped me off, I guess that I can join the thousands of other dissatisfied customers.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 16, 2017

US Bank advertises Travelex services on their website. Surprised to find no one available for forty minutes while they take lunch. Bank can't help. The order says you can pick up your currency from 10:00 to 6:00. Not true. Poor reflection on US Bank.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

I am an international student from India and a student at Chico State. I have had accounts previously with Wells Fargo, Chase, BOA. My experience with each of them was the best. HERE IS US BANK EXPERIENCE. TERRIBLE! Read below WHY: Account Opened: 29th June 2017. I found online a US Bank promotion for opening a Checking account. Promotion: $200 cash reward towards account for opening a checking account (Silver, Gold or Platinum). Condition: $500 Direct Deposit or $25+ online bill payment. What Happened then? I approached the US Bank branch near me (ADDRESS: 260 E 2nd St, Chico, CA 95928). A banker greeted me to process my request. THIS LADY BANKER WAS NOT AWARE OF ITS OWN BANK'S PROMOTION! She took a moment, searched online, found the information, verified it and said "Let's do it. It needs a code. Do I have it?"

I presented my promotional code, received by sending a text msg to a number given for the promotion. She started filing my account, asking about details my details required to open a checking account. When provided with my SSN number, the lady banker says I am pre-qualified for a credit card of the bank. WOW! I was happy. But, here is what happened, TERRIBLE! I asked "What type of card it is? What are the benefits?" I assumed she will just tell me about what are the card the US BANK offer and tell the benefits they carry. Next minute, I am notified by Credit Karma, "A HARD CREDIT INQUIRY HAS JUST HAPPENED ON YOUR ACCOUNT"... WHAT!!! I stopped the lady banker and asked why are you doing a credit check to just tell me about your Credit Cards? Why do you need to do a credit check?

Lady banker, "Don't worry it is a soft pull." I asked 3 times if she was sure. She said "Don't worry." I kept away my phone and continued to hear. She gave me a paper that had picture of 3 credit cards and their benefits. I said "Thank You, this is what I wanted." "Why did you did credit check?" The lady banker said "To tell the benefits for you." "Do You want to accept a Credit Card today? You have 10 days from today to accept." I said, "NO, NOT TODAY. I will go over the details and decide. Was this a soft pull sure?" Lady banker, "Yes sir. Let’s, go ahead and complete the account."

[So, I did not applied for any credit card. I did not approved for any credit check. I was not given a signature pad to sign for credit check or credit application. ***IT WAS A HARD CREDIT CHECK ON MY ACCOUNT via TRANS-UNION*** I learned it later.]. So, US BANK Checking account was opened, the LADY BANKER went over the account details page over page. Handed me printed document and gave me a temporary US Bank Visa debit card. I walked away thinking all done but, later I learned that: ***It was a hard credit check*** I approached the bank and spoke to a teller, as the lady banker who opened my account was not present. She went through the system and my account and said: "I do not see any application for any credit card. There is no application for any credit card by you!"

Thus, 1. They did a hard credit check without my consent. 2. The lady banker and now the bank manager deny over this scenario. 3. They send me a debit card that had no chip. I did not receive my promotional $200, because according to them I did not pay using bill pay service. 4. The lady banker did not go over the promotional offer conditions and now I have to let go the promotional benefit for which I opened the account. 5. The lady banker had NO KNOWLEDGE about credit score, banks promotional offers and any bank service. I brought to her notice about a service that was being ad ON HER DESK.

6. The bank signed me a paper for "CREDIT INQUIRY WITHDRAW" but did not processed it, sending a rejection letter. 7. The customer care I spoke to said, the branch can extend my promotion, I asked the Customer Care representative to speak with the banker, THE BANKER REFUSES TO THE REPRESENTATIVE TO DO ANYTHING IN THIS CASE and mentioned a wrong details of "banker provided me a information page of the promotion. Whereas I was not given any of such promotion condition page, nor did the BANKER knew basically about any such promotion in first place. 8. Rude way of talking. 9. No help, even they district manager said to help but did not stand to the word.

I believe the bank have understood that the lady banker had done a mistake and TO HIDE IT, THEY ARE PLAYING GAMES WITH ME, NOT GIVING ME SERVICE.*** I closed my account today Oct 11, 2017. I am badly hurt by their approach. I FEEL CHEATED and TAKEN ADVANTAGE of limitations of being an international student.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

I was sent a credit card promotion in the mail. I followed the directions to apply for the exact card that was listed as having a 200$ cash back promotion if you spent 500$ on the credit card in the first 90 days. I spent over 500$ dollars in the first month and waited for my money and it did not come. I called and they said it would come next month when the statement was reached. I waited till the end of the month and still no money. I called again and they said I was signed up for a different offer. I said I signed up for the offer that I was sent in the mail. They said that they would not give me the offer unless I mailed in a copy of the promotion that they sent me.

If I was looking for a credit card, I would not sign up for this card. They make it extremely hard to get your money back. Even their cash back deals require customers to go online and select their choices that they want money back from. They want to make it as hard as possible for you to get any of the promotions that they lure you in with. There are a lot of other companies that do not try and scam their customers out of the promotions that they send out.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2017

Complete incompetence. Purchased lease out and they continue to bill me and threaten to report me to collections. Multiple phone calls, multiple promises and then re-bill me like no conversation ever happened. And the lease buyout was horrific although I am told that is typical in the industry. Charged me more than original cost of copier after 4 years of payments. Horrible, horrible experience.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

Today we just backed out of our loan to purchase our home. Our closing date was supposed to be today but instead yesterday the underwriters were still asking for more info when they had a month-and-a-half. Had to sign a lease because me and my family would have been homeless because of US Bank. We will try again to buy a home in 6 months and definitely not use them. The whole experience was a nightmare. Thank God our rental was willing to work with us.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2017

As it came to closing on the purchase of a house on the east coast I requested a wire transfer from my account to complete the process. US Bank refused to comply. I explained I was on the east coast and no branch for hundreds or not thousands of miles. They kept repeating I had to be there in person. After hours of explaining I could not get to a branch I got my lawyer involved. Funds clearly there. Attorney clearly verified. Power of attorney issued to a family member within driving distance. US bank STILL denied my wire. Now they wanted me there to show I wanted this family member to wire. Do not bank with US Bank. A customer for 10 years, not one overdraft, 2 lines of credit, always paid with due diligence.

My lawyer said something to US Bank that really opened my eyes. I'm the customer. It's my money. What is US Bank going to do to rectify the problem created by them? Don't put a dime in this greedy selfish bank. I spent 6 hours on the phone and spoke to over 10 people, even in management. Your earned income is not yours. It's theirs and they will do whatever it takes to keep you hostage, homeless, starving. Never again US Bank. I am more than willing to supply names, numbers, all evidence to support how much we are going through.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 21, 2017

My husband and I had a very poor experience while banking with US Bank for the past year. Our families have banked with many other institutions like Chase, Bank of America, Credit Unions and Ally for the past few decades. Never have we experienced such poor service as we have had with US Bank. Once our money was placed in US Bank it became very hard to transfer it out. Linking our accounts to other banks or even setting up direct deposits proved to be difficult with US Bank. Their accounts charge maintenance fees unless you choose to forego paper statements. This can be a issue if you do no log into your online account on a regular basis. We missed a transfer error on our account and were notified not notified of a low balance until 2 months later. We were charged over 200$ in overdraft fees.

When we called the branch where we opened the account in Long Beach, CA (Pavillions location) we were told that a report would be filed and we would get an email action response. Ten days passed and when we did not receive an email we called back to follow up. The banker Frank told us the we should expect something within a week. Once again 10 days passed. This time we went into the branch who again told us they would follow up. No response again.

When I called to follow up I was told that because 3 months had passed there was nothing that could be done. The branch gave me the runaround for months and then used the 3 month rule as an excuse. The interesting thing is that my linked savings account had more than sufficient funds in it. All of the other banks I work with immediately transfer funds in these situations as well as work with you if an issue like this occurs. When I called customer service about this I was told a supervisor would call me to discuss the situation. Weeks passed and once again no response. Every time I spoke to a representative no attempt to keep my business or apologies were ever given. Very disappointing experience.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

I'm a small beauty business in Los Angeles. I've had Wells Fargo Merchant services for over 10 years. Wells Fargo charge have excessive merchant fees. I wanted to save money for my small business for credit card fees. So I was referred to The Poynt system powered by Elavon Bank. Which you purchase for the best credit card rates at 1.99% on all cards including American Express /Discover.

However, when I first sign up by the rep. Andrew ** Elavon rep he didn't specify all that was needed for me to complete the process of my new credit card machine and paperwork. He failed to tell me that there was paperwork. Which he told me on a recorded call, that he got busy and forgot to tell me. Well, I didn't want to lease this Poynt credit card Poynt machine. I wanted to purchase it with the low rate of $800.

Over the course of 3 months which ** explained to me. It would be $316. Each month starting September 1st. Well as of 8/31/2017 I was charged $1233.90 auto payment out of my business checking account! I called when I saw the amount pending and my bank Wells Fargo said I couldn't do dispute the charge yet until the amount posted. Well I called Elavon Bank and they said after several days of frustration that they will refund my money back which was well over the amount of the machine of $800. That was offered to me.

It's been over almost another month of calling daily and I still haven't received my refund back yet. I then went online and many reviews said that this Elavon Bank consistently auto deducts payments out of customers business accounts. I'm terrified due to this being my livelihood and I have my monthly budgeted businesses expenses that comes out daily and monthly. This $1233.90 was a huge hit to my account when I only budgeted and expected $316. For the month should of only been deducted!!

I don't know who to turn to. I called both banks to try to rectify this situation. Elavon Bank continues to give me the runaround. You can't get no one on the phone when you're busy business owner. I have a email thread and their wording thru keep using is: we "requested" a refund. When they were fraudulent to auto deduct an unauthorized amount out of my acct. no one wants to be accountable for this. I need my hard working money in my account to run my business.

Please someone help. It's been since August 31 and it's now Sept 18th. I can be contacted via email. Elavon Bank is consistently doing this with small businesses. It's affecting my bottom line for my working capital expenses. I've called them and email every day! They keep stalling and giving me the runaround. If I close my business Account that I had for over 10 years, my expenses will snowball and will be off to pay my expenses. I shouldn't have to do that. I'm afraid they will continue to deduct payments from my Acct. This is wrong and was unauthorized according to the recorded phone calls. No one wants to be accountable for their actions. And Andrew ** dropped his responsibility to help me as the customer!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

I recently decided to finance my basement remodel project and went to Lending Tree. Immediately I received a call from US Bank describing all of the options for a HELOC. I began the application process without any concern as my credit score is 824 and my salary is substantial and I have very little debt. I applied for a HELOC of $25,000. I had just had an appraisal done for a mortgage refinance 1 month prior but they would not accept it. The home was valued at $240,000 and my current loan had a balance of $187,000. I was looking at the HELOC with up to 90% LTV. I received an email with a request for multiple documents and completed the request that same day. The loan officer assigned to me was Jeffrey ** per the name at the bottom of the email.

I called 2 weeks later to see if anything was missing and what the next steps were. I was told that I was going to have a "desktop appraisal" done, and not an actual appraisal where my house is actually visited. Another 2 weeks passed. I called and asked if anything had progressed and the lady on the phone said that my appraisal had just been completed the night before and she was sure Jeffrey ** would be calling me, but she could tell me that my appraisal came in a $225,000 so there was not enough equity to support my request. I was stunned and asked how that possibly could be the value and she said that there weren't enough comparables. My actual appraiser the month prior said he had an abundance of comparables.

I asked when I would be contacted and what I could do about this and she said that she would put in an urgent request for Jeffrey ** to contact me to discuss options for an in home appraisal, especially since I also just put in 2 large egress windows in my basement since that appraisal. Another week went by and I called again, needing to leave a message for Jeffrey ** to call me back. Again no callback. Today I received a letter stating I have been denied credit as I do not have enough equity. It is not signed by anyone, just Consumer Lending Division. I have never dealt with a more unprofessional and incompetent company before. They lost a very good customer (potential) and I am now so far behind in the project planning that I will need to switch contractors in order to get this done before the end of the year. I wonder if Jeffrey ** is a real person.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 2, 2017

Today, I made a car purchase and I needed to use this bank in order to do a cash advance. Mind you, I have an account with US Bank but I never use it. I only opened it because of the area I previously resided in at the time and the discount I would get for opening an account as a veteran. The teller was very nice, and welcoming. But the issue more so lies with the manager who was present during the ordeal. The manager wasn't friendly, and didn't speak. I thought it was very rude that he also kept watching my account on the teller's computer. He would continuously glare and watch me but wouldn't speak or be courteous.

The teller was very friendly. The manager whose name is David ** was just not professional at all. I realized that the bank area that I was in mostly catered to more upper-class individuals but that doesn't give people a reason to feel more superior as opposed to that particular individual. Never have I felt so small, hopefully someone else won't feel the same way I did. This all occurred in the Sartell, MN US Bank.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

Working with U.S. Bank has been a nightmare. My wife and I have been working with a local mortgage company to buy a home and we were supposed to close back on July 6th. However, we have not been able to close because we are waiting on U.S. Bank to clear the title from the sellers. The local title company we are working with, and the agents associated to them, have not been able to do anything since U.S. Bank have begun to refuse phone calls from them! My wife is one week from our baby's due date and working with our current landlord is hard as he is trying to get someone to take occupancy when we leave, but U.S. Bank doesn't care about those things. To them, we are just another case number on their desk. They don't care about the stress this has put on my pregnant wife or the fact that we are almost 2 months late on closing because the U.S. Bank and their attorneys won't get the documents pushed to clear.

Because they refuse to talk to us or our agents about getting the documents completed and pushed through the necessary departments, we have to voice our concerns publicly. Unfortunately, that may be the only way to get the attention we need to get these documents completed for us to close on our house. I understand there are many departments within this large conglomerate, but the way we have been treated in this process has been miserable. I sincerely hope that no one has experiences like this with U.S. Bank.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

U.S. Bank is awful. They could care less about their customers, unless you are a Huge depositor. We have been with them for about 25 years, and are still treated like crap. They could care less about your problems or issues that come up, unless you have lots of money, or are a local celeb. Then it's a different story. I have several issues with that bank. First, we have been trying for over 3 years to get a lower interest rate on our homeowner's loan, & we've had 2 different branch managers TELL US that we are paying U.S. Bank WAY TOO MUCH interest, but before either of them could help us, they would either quit or be transferred to a different branch.

I've tried to find out where either one went, but no one seems to want to tell us. Although I just spoke to a branch manager (David) at Western Hills who seemed to show a little more compassion, to try and help, so he'll probably be gone as soon as corporate finds out that he's actually trying to be helpful to regular customers. Plus if God forbid you have an overdraft, you had better make a deposit THAT day, or YOU WILL get slapped with a $35.00 overdraft fee.

Other banks (PNC, Huntington...) AT LEAST give you 24 hours to make your account right, but not good old U.S. Bank. Nope. You have to make a deposit that day! Example. My husband's check is direct deposited, and has been for years, on June 29 we had something go through, and of course we got charged with an overdraft fee, even though my husband's check showed up in our account THAT SAME DAY AFTER MIDNIGHT, and they could see that it was going to be there. It didn't matter to them. We got hit with that fee. It's worse than dealing with loan sharks. At least with loan sharks you know going in what to expect! U.S Banks are just bloodsuckers. My advice is to bank ANYWHERE ELSE!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 20, 2017

We opened a small business with credit. Were told we could get an FFE Loan and then we used some credit and they said no dude loan as we used some credit and our small business is on the edge of BK because they charge us 30% interest and bank fees. Their practices should be illegal.

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Original review: Aug. 19, 2017

I've banked at US Bank or its predecessors for nearly 40 years. They have convenient locations around Omaha as well as plenty of ATMs. Also, they have ATM locations where I usually travel. They offer a great no-foreign transaction fee credit card. The people are always friendly and helpful.

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Original review: Aug. 18, 2017

I use US BANK BECAUSE WITH MY DIRECT DEPOSIT THERE IS NO MONTH CHARGE LIKE OTHER BANKS. Easy to use online banking. I pay all my bills online and being able to deposit checks via my cell phone with out traveling to the bank.

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Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

We love the personal service that we get from the Idaho branch that we use. The LA branch is not so good. The manager seems to be the problem and makes us go through hoops every time we have to do something. It is a branch in LA but it is in an area where it is like a small town where everyone knows one another. We keep the account because of the Idaho branch and excellent online service.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

They have long hours, including weekends. Their ATMs accept stacks of checks for deposit and they have online bill pay. Of course, like all banks today they give very low interest on your money.

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Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

I've never been happier with a bank. Every single individual I've had the pleasure to deal with, for whatever reason, whether in person, over the phone, or online has been extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, and more than willing, when needed, to go out of their way. I have a checking account which charges absolutely nothing as a "maintenance fee" each month, and, even though I had zero credit, I was given a credit card with a healthy charge limit, thereby then being able to establish a stellar credit rating.

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Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

The staff is always positive and are more than willing to make you feel appreciated for doing business with them. They go the extra mile to notify you of services that are no charge making it more convenient to do your banking.

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Original review: Aug. 13, 2017

I have banked at US Bank for over 20 years. The interest rates are the best and the apps they have are state of the art. They have been great and customer service is the best!

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