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Mepco is a servicer of payment plans related to vehicle service contracts. However, Mepco has no involvement in the development, marketing, sale, claims processing activities, or other administration of these vehicle service contracts, and Mepco does not engage in any form of telemarketing. Mepco's sole role is that of the servicer of the payment plan related to the vehicle service contract, sending bills and collecting payments, and is not the seller or administrator of the vehicle service contract. Customers would need to contact their sales agent, dealership or service contract administrator's offices directly for any information regarding discrepancies with product representation, service reimbursement, cancellations, reinstatement's, refunds, or any other vehicle service contract related issues.

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Reviewed Feb. 24, 2015

I recently refinanced my car, which comes with an extended warranty. My policy was paid in full as of Jan. 16th 2015. I called today 2/24/15, to cancel and to get a pro rated refund, which is guaranteed as a policy holder. I was literally on the phone with this woman who was extremely persistent and patronizing woman for 45 minutes. I became furious due to her lack of interest in what I was asking. She kept saying "I understand your frustration"... She wouldn't let me speak. I said "I just want to cancel MY policy," I know 60 times. I then told her to let someone else help me if she wasn't. Still wouldn't help me. So angry!

I eventually after arguing with this woman 45 min. I hung up the phone. Don't understand what the issue was. It's my policy, it's paid for, and more importantly, It's MY decision!!!!!! I wouldn't recommend this company to any. They don't provide payment for towing or rental if something happens, and you have to wait a grace period before using. There are companies that do offer all of the above, for much less!!! With no grace period. Carmen acted as if she knew what was better for me more so than I. As if I was a child. It's my $ as well as my choice!

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2014

I had an extended warranty on my Chrysler from CarSafe, financed by MEPCO. I just went to use it and found out CarSafe is out of business. MEPCO continued to take the payments out of my checking account! How is it legal to continue taking payments on a contract that represents a company that no longer exists? Looks like many people have the same issue with MEPCO for other warranty companies they financed that also no longer exists. If anyone is doing a class action where they include MEPCO, I am in!

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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2014

I had a claim to have a wheel bearing, they only would pay $105.00 of a $594.00 repair. They stated that I should find a cheaper repair shop to have my vehicle repaired. I only service my vehicle at the dealer, they stated the repair was too high I should get aftermarket parts. My understanding from my Rep was bring it to get it repaired and I would be covered. Not so.

I should have been told bring it to a certain repair shop for the discounted parts and labor in order to enjoy the warranty. Just pay the deductible and then that's it. But I was suckered in to purchase this warranty that is basically of no use to me. I'm actually paying for the repair myself, $494.40, out of a $594.40 repair. What good is this Warranty if I'm paying for the repair myself?? The whole thing is a RIPOFF. DON'T PURCHASE FROM THESE SCAMMERS. Royal Automotive is the company and Mepco is the Finance Company. I want a Refund!!!!

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Reviewed March 25, 2014

I purchased a warranty thru Mepco back in July 2013. I recently got sick back in January and was in the hospital and my policy was cancelled due to non-payment. But remind you a rep called me from Mepco and asked if I wanted to reinstate and I was like yes I do because I need my warranty. I paid for the past due and the current month same day. Now it is March I'm current on my payment but my car transmission is acting up. Well American guardian tells me they can't fix it because it is pre-existing that my account has a hold on it for 30 days due to non-payment. So, I basically pay for a warranty I can't use. If you looked at your customers payment history you could see that payments have been consistent. No one never informed of a 30 day hold. The customer service sucks and they could care less what goes on with your vehicle. I would not recommend this company to anyone, and I will be cancelling my service today.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2013

I purchased an extended warranty for my automobile for over $3,500, from Mepco Finance Corp, after receiving a direct mail piece, and after being contacted by a sales rep multiple times. The very first claim was denied, after my vehicle was at the dealership for 4 days, after an adjuster physically went on-site, surveyed my vehicle, and said the repair should be covered because it was NOT a pre-existing condition, and after the dealership said the repairs should be covered. Not only is Mepco's customer service (or lack of) one of the worst of any company I have dealt with, but their tactics are any worse. Mepco may give the extended warranty industry a bad perception, which is unfortunate to the respectable companies. Take your money elsewhere. Frustrations, loss of money, and everything else that comes from dealing with Mepco are NOT worth it.

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Reviewed April 4, 2013

I paid for a warranty as well from Mepco, monthly drafted from my account until paid. As most, I am a single disabled mother trying to raise my kids. Due to the ailments, proper transportation is needed for my family. Anyhow, every time I called with a problem, it was never covered. The one time something was covered, the total was $300.00+ and $100 even was for the deductible. When I called with an issue, the rep told me to call another number. After days of trying, finally getting through, I was told the account expired. Time was up. I was pissed. I only utilized once and they never covered a darn thing after paying over $2000.00+. I know services were not rendered. Money back please!

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Reviewed Aug. 28, 2012

I paid $2000.00 for a warranty a couple of years back. Now, I need work on my car, but Mepco is giving me the runaround. The phone numbers they give are no good. Something needs to be done about this.

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2011

Due to so much hardship and the costs involved, this information is from memory. Detailed information is available for most parts to verify, like the insurance company to fix the vehicle, include in the lawsuit, or whatever it takes to have the vehicle returned fixed. The vehicle needs to be fixed.

The vehicle has been in and out of shops for told repairs that are covered by extended warranty. Currently, the vehicle is in the repair shop torn apart at the insurance’s directive. The ASE repair shop informed the insurance company of the failed part. The insurance company and repair shop agreed that it is a covered part, however, it may not be covered if it had no oil changes.

I talked to mike ** and he said the vehicle is to be fixed as soon as an adjuster had seen the vehicle to make sure the only repairs are for the ones needed. The adjuster saw the vehicle and said it is slugged and will not pay. The repair shop told them it is not slugged and is in good condition, showing how well someone had taken care of it. The adjustor reversed and disclosed that the vehicle is not slugged then told the auto shop to have me break the vehicle down more to see if anything else is needed. The catch is, if the vehicle is torn down again and they think it is something that is not covered, all of the claim will be denied.

I called the insurance company and told them to fix it at the stage it is in because it is covered and I need the vehicle back. I do not want more discovery on the vehicle that may take more time and hardships. The vehicle is waiting for the insurance to tell the ASE certified auto shop to fix it. The $50 deductible has been paid.

Here is some general information that will make other consumers pay attention: This vehicle was purchased brand new from Daytona Beach Mitsubishi. I cannot spell the vehicle name because it has been gone and in shops too long. When the vehicle was purchased new, it cost about $43,000. With a trade-in, down payment and good credit, today you can purchase the same vehicle for around $17,000. Also, I had a surprise balloon payment at the end that they notified me by mail to pay or return the vehicle.

Oh, yeah, the insurance company said if the vehicle had been serviced by one of their major vendors like Firestone, then they would not have to review or ask questions. Guess what, the vehicle was serviced by Firestone. Firestone is the one that told me to carry it to the engine shop to get fixed since Firestone is also ASE certified. On my way to an engine shop, I stopped by Firestone on Ridgewood Avenue in Daytona, FL to get a good engine shop to go to that takes insurance. Firestone said to take the vehicle to Mitsubishi. I carried the vehicle to Mitsubishi and they did something to the vehicle and said something needs to be done that is covered by insurance. I got a call from the family that said Firestone on International Blvd. in Daytona, FL said I should not be at Mitsubishi but at their shop so I told Mitsubishi that Firestone wanted the vehicle back to them. I returned the vehicle to firestone on International in Daytona, FL.

They fixed the vehicle (charged) but it was not fixed. I returned the vehicle to Firestone International and they fixed again (charged). I had the vehicle parked out front and it would not go 2 feet so they took it back again and fixed it (charged). They said it was fixed and needs to go to the engine shop for covered repairs. I called the Department of Agriculture and they said nothing they could do about it. I called Firestone Company and they said nothing they can do about it, as the vehicle went in to be fixed each time, charged each time, was fixed but is still not fixed.

By the way, Firestone, both Ridgewood and International, referred me to the engine shop. One time Mitsubishi serviced the vehicle for a 21 point check or something. While the vehicle was being serviced, I looked at the other vehicles on their lot and saw my vehicle was just sitting and sitting. Later, they called me to their service desk and showed me bad oil, bad transmission fluid, tires needing to be replaced, brakes bad and needed an alignment, and on and on. I asked them more than once if they were talking about the same vehicle. They described my vehicle and pointed it out. I said the vehicle is serviced regularly with new tires and brakes. They then went into the back and said, “Uh, wrong vehicle”. I asked for a copy of the paper and they said I could not have it. I asked to talk to someone and they said JD **. They gave me information to bring back to be filled out and they would fill it, but I never heard anything.

Also of interest, Mitsubishi is the agency that told me to get the insurance as mine is about out. Mitsubishi of Daytona, FL also would not check the vehicle for brakes one time, saying nothing wrong. I almost got killed due to the brakes. They test drove it and came back sweating and said something was wrong with the brakes and fixed it.

I have been without a vehicle now for months. Paid my savings and went over the limit in charges, I have paid or is paying thousands. The children will soon need to go to school and if this vehicle is not fixed and returned, the children will walk. If something happens to them, I will make this my life’s work to bring all involved to justice in a court of law. I am willing to sell my motorcycle (bike in shop now for 2 months because of hard-to-get parts) and whatever it takes to have the vehicle repaired and returned so that I can take the children to school and keep them safe.

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Reviewed Feb. 6, 2011

On October 26, 2009, I bought this auto warranty car repair bumper-to-bumper for 5-year warranty for the total amount of $2080.00. I've never used the warranty until the end of December in which every month they automatically take $107.44 out of my business Visa account. I told my wife to get her Land Cruiser tuned up since we've been paying for this account, and so I told her to go to Pep Boys since Mepco told me that if I go to the dealership, I may have to pay a co-pay but in Pep Boys or others, I wouldn't have to. So I went to Pep Boys and was embarrassed since the card they gave me wasn't even on their computer and the 800 number that they have in which I've tried five times repeatedly kept saying call from 8:00am-5:00pm Central Time. I even left messages on their answering machine but they didn't call until I stop payment on the auto pay.

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Reviewed Oct. 2, 2010

I cannot get through to them for a claim. They are taking money from my account but I cannot get any service. No dealer in the area will take business from them.

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Reviewed Sept. 17, 2010

I purchased a car with extended warranty from US Fidelis. The contract was sold to the above named company. I filed a claim against Enterprise Financial Group of Florida (P.O. box 167667, Irving, TX 75016) for an engine repair. The car was a 1996 Cheverlot with 100,041 miles. When my engine went bad, it had 110,200 miles. The claim was disapproved because the engine had 'sludge!' The person "Jay" that I spoke to told me tha tmy records showed that a detergent was added to my oil because of sludge. I asked how any body could tell how much sludge was in the engine, without taking it apart. They could not answer me. Jay made a remark that the sludge could have been built up during the previous owner. I countered that I was the original owner. Again silence. I have gotten no satisfaction from any of the three companies involved.

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Reviewed May 8, 2010

Called our 92 year old mother and sold her an auto warranty. We received a bill today for $1579.00 from Mepco Finance Corp., Carol Stream, Il. Phone # 800-, which we have tried to call and cannot get through to cancel this product. Our mother has dementia and does not remember receiving this phone call or agreeing to this product.

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Reviewed Sept. 16, 2009

Account contract # MS4104158.Claim was submitted on 07/17/2009 due to car breaking down, an inspector was sent out and denied the claim before even opening the engine apart,The mechanic asked the inspector to at least look inside the engine before making a determination, so he was sent out again and denied it stating it was wear and tear.I had an engine shop take a look at it he stated it was Water intrusion that caused by compressed head gasket, which is covered.
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Reviewed Jan. 12, 2009

My 2003 Ford Escape just turned 100k miles and is running great thanks to me doing my own scheduled maintenance like oil/filter changes, ATF changes, belts, plugs, etc. In November 2008, after being relentlessly bombarded by automated telemarketing calls just about everyday from US Auto Warranty, I decided to call them and see what they were about. To make a long story short, they offered a 100k 7-year extended Platinum coverage warranty initially for $3400 which is totally crazy. After a 1/2 hour of the typical sales pitch and bull crap, they offered the same warranty at $1825. It sounded pretty good since my car was over 100k miles so I purchased the plan careful to only pay in monthly installments of $72 plus the initial down payment of $89 with the promise that I could cancel and receive a TOTAL REFUND after I had a chance to review the contract details.

After receiving and reviewing the details in the contract booklet, I just noticed that in their Maintenance Requirements section, where it stated that ALL future engine oil and filter changes must be done by a COMMERCIAL service facility and you must provide the verifiable service receipts and invoices in the event of a claim and HANDWRITTEN receipts WILL NOT be accepted. Maintenance must be continued as outlined in the vehicle owner's manual! Since I would NEVER think of taking my car to some of these repair garages and Jiffy Lube joints whose so-called mechanics are questionable to say the least, I do ALL my own vehicle maintenance as mentioned earlier.

So I contacted US Warranty customer service to check if this would nullify the warranty since I only had product purchase receipts and my own meticulous maintenance records to provide and the peace of mind that I did the work properly! When asked, the representative told me that it would be NO PROBLEM, so I requested that I get the acknowledgement in writing from US Warranty and he said that he would check with them and get back to me shortly! What a joke! I must have called 15 times for the status of my request and the customer service reps DO NOT return your calls, NEVER answer when you call prompting you to always leave a voice message, and they REFUSE to accept and respond via email telling me that they were having technical difficulty responding to my email inquiries which is TOTAL bull crap!!

After waiting almost a 1 1/2 months, I finally got a call from Claudia of customer service who stated that US Warranty WILL NOT allow do-it yourself vehicle maintenance which will VOID any contract repairs. So I requested a FULL REFUND immediately. US WARRANTY is a RIPOFF and a waste of money as they will do their best NOT to pay your auto repair claims using various tricks and play on words through the contract details itself so BEWARE and DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME with this coverage.

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