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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 26, 2012

    Reading all these articles about how HFC just ruined all the lives of these people compelled me to write my own personal experience with HFC. My wife and I bought a home 10 years ago. We had a great mortgage company working with us and everything was good. Well, a new home makes you want to do repairs and upgrades as much as possible. My wife and I both had steady jobs so we started talking about loans. HFC just popped up in town during this time so we paid them a visit.

    Sure enough, after talking, we switched over our mortgage to them and also had another loan on the side after I lost my job. I swear, the day we entered that building was the day our lives changed for the worse. We became house poor overnight and all our payments to them monthly weren't even making a dent. But we stuck it out with them for 10 years but keeping up with the payment put us behind in land taxes. A couple of months ago, we started getting behind on payments and we were pretty deep in the hole on taxes by now, so we called to ask if they could put the balance on the back end of our loan. The agent said it wouldn't be a problem and he would contact us in a couple of days after we sent them a bunch of information.

    A couple of days went by and no one called, so we called back. This time it was a different agent we talked to and explained what was going on. This agent told us that we could not get the balance put on the back end of our loan so we were totally confused. Next the phone calls began with people that must read off scripts and are just lifeless, "Can you make a payment today of the past due amount?" I said no and I told them I needed help. A pause and, "Can you make a payment today of the past due amount," and that's when you are red in the face and probably yell some sort of profanity at them and hang up. My wife and I talked to a total of 10 different agents in a month and every time it was always a different answer. Finally they sent it to an expert in their company so we were thinking okay, maybe something would get done finally.

    We would call her and always it went to voice mail and she would never call back and she usually took about 5 days to respond. After the phone tag, we finally talked and we told her what was going on and she requested the same information we sent out already numerous times. We had 2 loans but every time they reviewed, they looked at the small loan and not the mortgage even though we wrote the number down and told them repeatedly what loan to look at. A couple of weeks went by and the expert sent us a letter saying they could not help us because we make too much money. Remember, I went almost 2 years without work so we managed to dig a pretty big hole with them. We couldn't catch up but we fought and fought and stayed afloat somehow.

    As of today, I pay $1,300 a month for a home that is valued at around $110,000 and we are just throwing money away on interest for the back taxes. My wife and I sat down a couple of days ago and said, "That's it, we are done." I am handing the house over to them and we are moving on. A deed in lieu is what we are doing or other term "keys for cash". When we called HFC to tell them about this, the tone totally changed and then they started acting like they cared saying, "we can still help you." BS!

    Now HFC is trying to get us to move before they do a title search and inspection of the home. Also they are telling us they will not come after us for the remaining balance. Word to the wise, get this in writing and do not go anywhere until everything is done. HFC also stated that they will give you money to relocate if you "qualify". So if this is a path you must take, keep the house in good shape; do not trash it and do not strip it down. The day my wife and I stepped foot into the HFC office was by far the worst day of my life, looking back. By the way, HFC can't even give loans out anymore due to their practices. Good luck to everyone who has had their lives ruined by the greed of this company.

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    Original review: Oct. 31, 2012

    My husband and I received a phone call in 1994 from our local Household Finance Co. The manager was so nice and she convinced me to tell my husband about how much we could save if we came into the office and spoke with her. Big mistake! We went and everything sounded so good and the refinance process went so smooth. Then after a year of that, we started having problems with our home needing some repairs that had to be done in order to live in it. And of course, HFC was there to help us! Added some more debt to our loan which then brought our payments up a little higher, but repairs were done.

    After a few more years went by, we started getting statements with different amounts due. When I called to see why the changes they would say things like "taxes went up" or "insurance went up". Well, we don't even have our taxes included in our payments because we were told by HFC, that they don't do escrow accounts. So why would the payment go up I asked. This has gone on for a few years now. We finally got them to approve us for a temporary hardship due to my husband’s health problems. After 6 months of making each payment on time, we then had to apply for a permanent hardship. What a mess to go through! I had to keep faxing papers and info that they requested over and over; finally, got approved for the permanent hardship. The total payment was supposed to be $906.77 per month. Well, statement for May 2012 showed $1,304.77 due.

    I called to ask why it went up so high if we are on a permanent hardship. I was told "We don't do permanent hardships". And we have a paper that was sent to us when we were approved for the permanent hardship and the amount of the payment $906.77 per month. I went ahead and paid for 4 months $1,304.77, starting May 2012 - August 2012. This should have gotten any past amounts due, paid up with extra left over. But not with HFC, they will keep playing games with you and try to ruin your life if they can. They won't accept a payment from us now unless it's $1,172.77. Why this amount? They can't say why. And we have to pay it no later than Nov. 14th or we will need to plan on either a short sale or deed in lieu, whatever that is. I asked the rep if we could pay on November 21st and she said no. If we go ahead and pay this amount on the date she says, then we will get a statement next month showing we didn't pay the correct amount or they will say the payment was late.

    We are trying to refinance with a different company but with HFC showing on our credit reports that we are delinquent, we will not get a refinance easy or if we do, it will probably be at a high interest rate. So we are in a mess thanks to HFC, for calling me one evening, lying to me and making me really think we could trust them. If anyone even thinks of getting any kind of loan with this company, be prepared to go through the worst time of your life! HFC is no good! We are thinking about getting a lawyer to help us out. That will cost money but we need to get some help, and soon.

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    Original review: Aug. 15, 2012

    In August of 2006, I received an offer through the mail from Beneficial as a "pre-selected loan advance" for $4,000.00. I had been considering starting a small business for some time before this arrived in the mail, but didn't have the money. This sounded like an answer to my prayer! So after a few days of mulling it about, I decided to call them up and get the loan. I had the funds wired directly into my checking account a few days later. They did say there was an annual fee of $50.00, which I accepted. The interest rate was much higher than I thought it should be (25 percent). My credit was very good at that time and none of my other credit cards were anywhere near that high, so I was a little put out by that issue.

    The first payment in October and all the rest to follow was for $100.00. Minimum payment required was between $97 and $99. This loan was marketed as "personal credit line account.” I had paid every month on time for 4 years and the principle balance hardly budged (maybe $100.00!). I called several times and asked about this and all they would say is to pay more every month. So, they were not applying any of my payments toward the principle. Being that HSF is more of a mortgage lender, I think they set this up more of a home-equity loan.

    Two years ago, I was forced to move out of my affordable rental due to my landlord selling the house. Now, with higher rent and having to pay for utilities too, I'm now paying close to $300.00 more just to have a roof over my head. So, within a few months of moving here, I had to stop making the monthly payment to HFC. I figured they won't lower the interest rate and/or apply more of my payment to the balance - I'd be paying on this for years for only a $5000 loan!

    So, of course, I got the letters and notices for being behind on payments, but I couldn't do anything about it. It wasn't like I didn't have any other bills to pay (that’s at least part of the payment brought down the principle!), so I was getting somewhere with those payments. A few days ago, I got a letter from Daniel Gordon P.C. from Eugene, OR stating they are considering a lawsuit against me. I am considering going through "pre-paid legal" to see if they can help with this issue.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 10, 2012

    We took out a mortgage several years ago with HFC. We were doing fine until I became unemployed and my wife had multiple doctor/hospital bills. We also had 4 kids to feed. We worked with HFC after our interest rate went sky high to almost 10% while the rest of the country was getting mortgages from 3-5% per the president. We worked with HFC, but got nowhere. We contacted NCAA and proceeded to work with them for help for over 6 months! Still, we got nowhere with HFC. We currently are getting a modification, finally. But it is a joke. Most of the time, money goes to interest and not principal. Our mortgage just gets higher and higher, and we are slowing sinking. Is there some class action lawsuit going on that consumers can partake in to investigate this company without costing money? I know what they are doing is incorrect because you never get the same answer twice nor do you see in the paperwork they send you.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 5, 2012

    My husband had lost his job, and was unemployed for 2 years and we fell behind on our mortgage. We have been faithful in our payments up until that point. We have lived in our home for 12 years and have no place to go if we get foreclosed on. We are currently behind almost 18 months and our mortgage company will not work with us. My husband is back to work, but only making half of the income he used to. I work part time and suffer severe migraines everyday, amongst other health issues due to an auto accident a few years back.

    We had asked HSBC Mortgage Services located in Brandon, FL, to lower the interest and payments and to add the delinquency to the life of the term. They said they couldn't do that. They offer these programs, but who qualifies? I see tons of complaints saying the same thing. The last certified letter said we have until July 9th to pay the delinquency in full or they will proceed.

    We are both looking for other jobs so we can get caught up, but it's not easy. We have tried other programs and do not qualify. We have exhausted all avenues and hope you are able to help us. We are good people and had a rough patch. We need a break and we are pleading for your help so we can get back on the road to recovery. I am praying very hard that we can resolve this in a timely manner, before we lose our home. I appreciate your time and I hope to hear from you soon, Have a blessed day.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 3, 2012

    Mortgage and equity loan with HFC at 7.5% and 10% respectively. I had some difficulties with timely payments. I have much better record for the past 2 years. I pay more than asked. Month of May, I paid $2,000.00, only $183.96 was applied to principal. Something is very wrong here! This is a condex with value less than or equal to balances. The website offers rate reduction. I called and was told "we don't do that anymore". No refinancing either. Loans are not Freddie or Fannie backed. What kind of business practices is this company engaging in? I want to sue them for misrepresentation of services, possible fraud.

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    Original review: April 17, 2012

    My mortgage is with HFC Beneficial. I have made all payments on time for the past 24 months. Today, I got a notice saying, “Your balance does not include accumulated unpaid interest of $1,547.31. This amount has not been transferred to deferred interest.” How did this occur? I agree with all the folks on this site that say you will never pay this loan off and you will owe more than you originally borrowed. You will have this loan until you die.

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    Original review: March 4, 2012

    I used this company to back a mortgage with promises that after the first year, without missing any payments or being late, you would qualify for refinancing automatically with lower interest rates. Being that my credit score was better than it was before at that point than when I originally got the house, I figured it should be no problem. Not to mention, I had not missed a payment nor was I ever late. My husband's work had started to slow down, which I had explained to the office upon processing the paperwork initially. The fact that he did piece work where his pay check would change from week to week was going to be an issue. With that said, I asked that they use an average, which to me would make sense.

    Long story short, I called the very week we made our year anniversary to get the ball rolling. They told me what documents I needed and I took them out to the office. While I was there, I told the guy who processed the original paperwork about the fact that my husband's work was slowing down and this was a good time to do the refinancing. They took the paperwork and I waited for 10 or 12 days or so. Nothing. I called and even went back out there. Nothing. Finally, I called the regional office and asked about the manager who never wanted to return my calls. He gave some sorry excuse about everyone being in meetings. I went back to the office to be told she was not there again, only to see her walk out of the office just before I left. Then I tried to process things through the corporate, you know, the 800 numbers. Every time I called, they rerouted my call back to the office that originally ignored me in the first place.

    So at this point, I have turned in the paperwork twice, faxed it once and made 15 or so calls, drove out about 15 miles 3 times and no one has done anything with my request. Finally, I got a letter back saying I don't qualify for all types of programs because I'm trying to save my home and I'm putting in for anything they have to offer. Keep in mind, these are programs they have and are suggesting. I did manage to get through a few times and got my point across that I would have to leave the house because I could no longer afford it. I signed up for every program they had. Once, they actually called and said "you really got to sign up for this program, can't see any reason for you not to get this one". Flop. Nothing. Another letter. I ended up trying to sell it. I tried to rent it, nothing. I ended up leaving it in excellent condition. No refinance, no long term hardship, no lower interest rates, no nothing.

    So guess what? I lost my home to a short sell/foreclosure. After begging them to lower the payments, telling them my husband's work was less, my son had gotten sick, They didn't care. What happened to the programs they said they would back up? Who does this ? Why are they allowed to do this to people? I did everything I was supposed to do and then some. We had to leave the house and we eventually filed for bankruptcy. This was a huge mess and no company should be allowed to do this to people. Oh yeah, can't imagine what figures were put on the underwriter's paperwork for this loan to get approved to include all credit cards. You see, this was never the original deal. We were only approved for the home itself. Go figure.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 17, 2012

    Household Finance Corporation II sued me and had Duggins Law Firm in New Orleans, LA garnish my wages for 2 years beginning January 2009 until February 7, 2012. I was scheduled to appear in court before the garnishment, and I was sitting outside the courtroom and didn't know my name was called. This was my first time and I thought you had to wait until they come get you to go in. I finally went in to see what was going on and it was too late. The judge told me to contact the law firm. I did, but they would not work with me at that time because they already had the okay to proceed with the garnishment. I have been dealing with a sick husband, and I request that they remove some of the interest but they refused. They garnished over 17,000 from my paycheck. They took $354.75 twice a month for 2 years and 1 month. I am so far behind with everything now. I still would like to get back some of the interest and fees I paid.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 10, 2012

    I have been trying to lower my mortgage rate with HFC from a 9.7% to something more current and have been refused each time. I have even tried a loan modification and was also refused by HFC. I cannot refinance because I owe more than the property value. I am current with my mortgage and have never been late. But HFC will not allow me a lower rate.

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    Original review: Jan. 15, 2012

    Foreclosed on my home illegally. Gave me 6 days to to get out, according to lawyer. Predatory lenders. Lost my home to foreclosure.

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    Original review: Jan. 1, 2012

    My husband and I sold our property over 5 years ago. Our mortgage was paid off entirely at settlement time. Now after all this time, I got a letter dated 10/4/11 that states we were underpaid. Problem #1: I have tried calling for 3 months to get the money. Still, I received no money and get a different excuse every time I call. Problem # 2: After calling for 3 months, they now say they will charge me interest of half owed to me (I reminded them I was not to be charged interest. They owed me. I did not owe them. If anything, they owed me interest. They kept my money over 5 years, and still have it).

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    Original review: Dec. 22, 2011

    This takes the cake. I have had so many problems with this company over the past few years. Again we fell behind because our interest rate is awful and every once in a while I have to pay my other bills. I did have my phone shut off because I was sick of hearing from them. She tells me not to pay any of my other bills, and she included my life saving medication in that. Then she demanded that I give her a phone number. I was like, listen lady, you told me to stop paying my other bills and I did so I have no dang phone number to give you. She wouldn't give up so I gave her the phone number of the pay phone on the corner. I am in shock that this woman told me that I don't need my medicine. There has to be something illegal about that.

    If you get a letter from HFC telling you that you qualify for a modification, it's a lie. They only send that letter to get you to call them.

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    Original review: Dec. 11, 2011

    Since September, we have been trying to get a loan modification. I sent in the information requested, only to learn 3 weeks later that I did not send in the correct information. This began a chain of events which has led me to send in the same information at least 3 times over the last 3 1/2 months. The mortgage representative from the company assures me each time I call that my file is complete, yet I am getting letters indicating that the information is not complete. I am told by the rep to ignore those letters.

    Despite her counsel, I continue to comply with all the requests for duplicate information. It appears that there is no communication within the company. I have been told that the request is "in process" for over 14 weeks. I am being dunned for late mortgage payments even though I started this process over 3 months ago in the hope of avoiding late payments. I feel like I am being "stonewalled" in my attempts to learn the status of my loan modification request. My last letter from HFC dated December 6 indicated that if the missing information was not received by December 21, my application for loan modification would be cancelled.

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    Original review: Oct. 20, 2011

    This is my worst experience ever. When we needed help in lowering our payments, they refused to respond and then applied our payments to someone else.

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    Original review: Oct. 10, 2011

    We are in the process of purchasing a bank owned home. Household Finance is the bank that owns it. We signed papers a week ago and they have $30k of our money as a deposit. We still do not have keys to the house. We are waiting for the Appointment of Successor Trustee that has been sent twice to HFC. The escrow company can release the documents to closing until this form is received. I should be making interest on the money they have from me!

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    Original review: April 28, 2011

    I checked my credit report and found that I was the victim of identity theft. I contacted Household Finance regarding a loan that had been taken out with the company in my name without my knowledge. After more than an hour of being placed on hold and being hung up on by customer service reps (It happened twice.), being transferred around to different reps (more times than I can recall), and being told contradicting statements of how to progress, I finally ended up with a manager who was very courteous and really tried to help me figure things out.

    But I was told he really couldn't do much, because somehow, I'd managed to be transferred to the wrong department. Nonetheless, he listened and transferred me to another customer service rep who was not so helpful. She told me that my debt had been sold to a collection agency, gave me the wrong number for the collection agency, and curtly hung up.

    Altogether, this entire ordeal lasted almost 2 hours and resulted in no answers. The unprofessionalism, curt responses and obvious disbelief of my situation, mixed messaging, and general disinterest in providing any sort of customer service was incredible.

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    Original review: Dec. 31, 2010

    At the beginning of December 2010, I was offered a credit card from HSBC, through the mail. The limit was only $300, and I read the entire policy that was mailed to me with the offer. When I received the card, I discovered there was an annual fee of $74.00, which HSBC deducted automatically. I paid that amount within a couple of days of having the card. On December 23, 2010, my current amount owing was $283.00, which I paid in full. I am presently on vacation, out of the country, and I discovered today, December 30, 2010, that HSBC had not credited my account. I called HSBC this evening, through the number provided, to ask why it is taking so long.

    I went through two customer service reps, and then I asked to speak to a supervisor. The Supervisors name I spoke with was Emmanuel. He gave me three different stories. The first was my bank has not forwarded the money to pay for the bill (my bank did forward the money on December 24, 2010). The second was, I had not established a history with HSBC. The third was they had received my payment, but it is up to the discretion of HSBC as to whether they will credit my account back to the $300 limit, and that it would take 14 days. 14 days!

    First, I have had the card for less than a month. I paid the annual fee of $74.00, to which they received more money from me, than the worth of the card. HSBC would not give me a definitive answer, as to why they hold a consumer's payment for 14 days. I told him the card is useless for anyone, especially at a $300 limit. My conclusion, a consumer uses the card, spends $300, makes a payment, and then has to wait two weeks before they can use it again. I want my $74.00 annual fee back from HSBC.

    They are scamming consumers into signing an agreement with them, but not stating anywhere about a $74.00 annual fee, or that when a consumer makes a payment it will take 14 days to process. I told Emmanuel to cancel the card, as it is useless, and that I will be writing to you, the BBB, and the congress to inform as many consumers as possible, that HSBC is a scam. I am asking for your assistance to look into this credit card company for me.

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    Original review: Nov. 17, 2010

    In 2005, my husband walked out on me (for another woman in the family) and left me with bills and no income. He asked me to refinance our house as part of his by out. He wanted me to use HFC. As I was in shock, undergoing major medical problems, and did not know fully what was going on to ask questions, I did it. Well, it has been a disaster.

    I have been trying to work with HFC over the past several years to get my mortgage to where I can work with it (I have 3 jobs as it is). When I call, I constantly receive different reports on my account, told different stories about what is going on, told different excuses, and told to do different things to work on my account. Apparently they are not part of the government bail out program.

    I have tried many other places for help, and I either do not get a response back, or I do not get much help. I tried CCCS/Money Management and they didn't help much (didn't do anything more that I was doing). Needless to say, this has caused great stress on me. As a result of my ex husband and this company, I have been diagnosed with mental depression and I suffer from mental and emotional abuse from my ex. I am not able to go forward with my life as I never know what HFC will do with my account. They call me about 3 to 4 times a day and never want to look at any notations on my account and/or ignore them.

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    Original review: Aug. 7, 2010

    Before my husband retired, we applied for a modification with HHF. We asked them not to do a modification until my husband retired. We gave them the dates that he would retire, so they could go from those dates to see if we would qualify for one, and to let us know. My husband brings in from retirement $2900 and a house payment of $1775, and that's without taxes and insurance. Take that payment from $2900 and there would be not much left for gas, utilities, food, taxes and insurance. So they went on and did it anyhow. They did the modification without telling us, no calls or even asked us for our decision not even telling us what the payment would be.

    We found out when we got the mortgage payment. They took $200 off the $1775 so now it is $1555. (Big deal.) HHF did not have the guts to call or write first to see if we would accept their deal. If they would’ve called or wrote, I would’ve told them no. That is still a lot to pay on a fixed income. I am not working. I was in the hospital on December 2008. I had a mild heart attack and a stroke while I was still in the hospital. Then in 2009, I lost a sister in January, in February, my daughter-in-law, a brother in May, and my son in September, both my son and his wife are deceased. We are now helping take care of our grandchildren.

    I have been seeing a counselor and a psychiatrist due to all that has happened in 2009, losing my son and his wife and the others, and worrying about bills. I have been diagnosed with chronic depression and more. So I talked to HFC again and told them about this hardship we’re having now. They said they did it once and could not do it again. Everyone I talked to at HFC told me to put the house up for sale, or they would do a short sell for us. Really, I don't know what they consider a hardship. We do not want to lose our house, where would our grandchildren live. They don't care if you have to live on the streets. I think HHF should be investigated. Anyone reading this, please do not go to Household Finance for any thing, please! And if it does come to the point HHF not wanting to help us, I will leave the house set before I would sell it. Let them lose. We have worked all our lives, paid our bills on time, but it seems when you do need help, you’re invisible.

    Well, you know when it involves money you worry. There is tension on everyone, not sleeping, depression, taking it out on everyone else (not fair), and nowhere to turn. We are not making enough money to pay that kind of payment. like they say you take from Peter to pay Paul.) If you get this message more than once, I am sorry. I thought I deleted the other 2. I want this one posted please! Thanks!

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    Original review: Aug. 7, 2010

    Before my husband retired, we applied for a modification knowing it would be a hardship for us, losing half of our income. We gave them the dates of the retirement and ask them not to do a modification if we qualified until my husband retired and to let us know the outcome so we could discussed it with them. My husband only brings in $2900 a month on retirement and a house payment of $1775, and that's without taxes and insurance. Take that payment from $2900, not much left for gas, utilities, food, taxes and insurance.

    So they went on and did it anyhow, did the modification with out telling us, no calls or even asked us for our decision, not even telling us what the payment would be. We found out when we got the mortgage payment. They took $200 off the $1775. Now it is $1555. Big deal. HFC did not have the guts to call or write first, to see if we would accept their deal. If they had called or wrote, I would have told them no, that is still a lot to pay on a fixed income.

    I was in the hospital Dec. 2008 I had a mild heart attack and a stroke while I was still in the hospital. Then in 2009, I lost a sister in Jan. Feb., my daughter in-law, a brother in May and my son in Sept. Both my son and his wife are deceased. We are now helping take care of our grand children. I have been seeing a counselor and a psychiatrist due to all that has happened in 2009, losing my son and his wife and the others, and worrying about bills. I have been diagnosed with chronic depression and more.

    So I talked to HFC again and told them about this hardship we're having now. They said they did it once and could not do it again. Everyone I talked to at HFC told me to put the house up for sale or they would do a short sell for us. Really, I don't know what they consider a hard ship. We do not want to lose our house. Where would my grand children live? They don't care if you have to live on the streets. I think HFC should be investigated. Anyone reading, this please do not go to Household Finance for any thing please! And if it does come to the point them not wanting to helping us, I will leave the house set before I would sell it. Let them lose. We have worked all our life, paid our bills on time but it seems when you do need help, you're invisible.

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    Original review: Aug. 7, 2010

    Before my husband retired, we applied for a modification, gave them the dates of the retirement and ask them not to do a modification if we qualified until my husband retired. We knew our income would be cut in half. We were both working, bringing in enough money to keep up with our payments which was $1,775 a month that payment is without taxes and insurance.

    So we got our payment and opened it, and it was $1,555. We did not pay that payment. We paid the $1,775. We did not get a call or anything, asking if we agreed to this modification. Only the payment which showed. They did a modification and we still were both working. That is why we ask them not to look into it until after husband retired. Then we had to start paying the $1,555 again without taxes and insurance.

    On Dec. 2008, I was in the hospital. I had a mild heart attack and a mild stroke. I had open heart surgery in 1996. So I no longer work due to several illnesses. So I wrote to Household Finance and ask them why they did the modification then. When we ask HHF to wait, my husband's retirement pay is $2900. A month take $1,555 from that and there's not much left.

    So they ask me for a hardship letter so sent one plus other papers they wanted. It came back denied! Then in 2010 Jan., I lost a sister. On Feb. my daughter in-law, May a brother, my son in Sept. and 4 more after that. My son and his wife are now both deceased, we are helping to raise my grand children. Then I started seeing a counselor and a psychiatrist. I was diagnosed with deep depression bypolar and OCD. I have been depressed most of my life, it is now progressed, due to my son and his wife's deaths. And I can not work.

    So again I ask HHF to help us again or we are going to lose our house. All I heard from any one that I talked to at HHF is sell it or we can do a short sell. I told them I have my grand children to raise. They don't care if you have to live on the streets. They told me we modified it once we can not do it again. I don't know what they think a hardship is. I tried to explain to them the letter asking them not to do anything again till my husband retired. They knew what they were doing to us at that time.

    I am so tired of worrying, we can not even pay for all the pills we both have to take. I take 10 and that adds up, so cut down on some of the one I have to take 3 times a day. I just don't know where to turn anymore. I think Household Finance should be investigated. We have worked hard all our life, paid bills on time, now when you need help, your invisible. Please if you read this, do not go to Household Finance for help, I have struggled with them, and no response.

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    Original review: July 31, 2010

    received a letter from Household Bank Credit Card stating "a change of address was processed on your Household Bank Credit Card Account within the last 60 days". It told me to call 800-. When I called, the operator I talked to let it slip out that there had never been an attempt to change my address, then went into a sales pitch for Identity Protection Plan. Looking back at the letter, the bottom even talks about the Identity Protection Plan. So, the letter is an obvious fraud. There was no attempt to change my address, but it was simply a marketing tool. I believe this is false advertising. It caused just some simple "panic" when they tell you in the letter (which I still have) that there was an attempt on the account. The letter further stated, "A change of address that you did not authorize may be an early sign of identity theft." There is no need to cause people to stress over this.

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    Original review: July 17, 2010

    On July 17th 2010, I made a payment through HFC online payment system. Everything was validated and confirmed. I received a confirmation number stating that my payment was complete then somehow, the payment fell off. Supposedly, my account went over the limit and I was charged a fee.

    It caused a late fee and my account to go over the limit affecting my credit rating and it hindered my credit score possibly causing an overall effect to my ability to attain proper credit.

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    Original review: June 29, 2010

    Here we go again, more harassment calls because they copied the wrong check routing number for the 4th time and told me that I now owe them a double payment. Both my wife and I are on Social Security Disability with heart disease and cancer. We do not need this extra stress.

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    Original review: June 23, 2010

    Back in 2001, my husband and I got a loan in the amount of $5000. I was paying $236 a month. At the end of our last payment, I called to make sure one had just one month payment left. To my surprise, I was told that because I was late in making three payments, I have interest to pay. So I agreed to pay it in three payments and was told they will add the rest of the interest because of the post dated cheque. A year later, I was told I still owe money. My husband talked to them, asking why they are ripping us off. I didn't hear anything from them again.

    In 2009, I applied for a credit card and was told credit is R9 bad credit when I requested a credit report. It showed December 2009, January 2010, February 2010, March 2010, April 2010, May 2010 as missed payments. So somehow they must have opened another load and never called or sent us a letter. Now, I am fighting to get this off my credit report. Never in my life would I every deal with this company. To make things worst, every time I call, they had a different manager and no one knows anything.

    2 people found this review helpful
    Original review: June 18, 2010

    I received a phone call on June 17, 2010 about this bill that I owe. The lady that called told me, "You are going to lose your job if you don't pay your bills." I have spoken with someone there and tried to set up payment arrangements. They would not accept this. I have always paid my bills until my husband, after 22 years of marriage, left. I am 53 years old. I couldn't find a job for 2 years. I have a college degree but little work experience because I was a stay-at-home mom. I am currently working, raising two sons, one is in college, and attending school to further my education to get a better paying job. I am taking legal action against this company, the credit company handling this account and the lady that I spoke with yesterday. She called me 3 times on my job after I requested her not call me at work. She has my home number.

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    Original review: June 15, 2010

    I have had this credit card for 4 years. I’ve never been late, never missed a payment, and was never over the credit limit. I always pay more than required. I got a letter from them recently stating they are raising my credit limit because of my good credit standing, but then they raised my percentage rate from 14.99% - 19.99 % without any notice. When I called to complain, they finally sent me a notice on 6/5/2010.

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    Original review: June 15, 2010

    They have copied the wrong routing number, wrong address and wrong social security number. They took two unauthorized payments from our checking account. Checks bounced. Harassment in their calling. I am recovering from open heart surgery. My wife is recovering from chemo treatments!

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    Original review: June 3, 2010

    Was laid off from work, back in November 2009. Applied 3 times for hardship and was denied due to income too high. That was a joke. The first time Household keyed in my income as $3,600 a month which was incorrect,they doubled the amount. So I refiled again, still denied for income too high. Finally gave up after 3 times. Now they call me almost every other day at various times and always from a different phone#, so you don't realize it is them. Sometimes call as late as 10PM. They were harassing me about doing payments over the phone from my checking account which I was reluctant to do but finally agreed. 3 months ago they took the payment out twice on the same day for over $500.00, which overdrew my checking account and caused me 6 overdraft fees of $36.00 each.

    I had to close my checking account and open a new one to fix that mess. You think I would have learned but I didn't. Now this week again, they doubled the payment coming out. They thought they were smart by doing one under my name and one under my husband's name. However, my bank was smarter, they called me and said they felt there was something fraudulent done on my account, so I verified that I did not authorize for two payments and they stopped payment on the second one. I also incurred 8 overdraft fees at $36.00 each. How do they expect you to get caught up on payments when you keep getting farther behind due to late fees and overdraft fees. I called and made them aware that I will never again okay an automatic draft from my checking account.

    I will send the payments to them. Some of the customer service people you talk to are very rude and nasty. One girl told me to stop paying all of my other bills, phone, light, taxes,etc. because they are considered a luxury and my primary obligation is to them (Household). I laughed and said I would tell the light company, phone company and tax collector that. I hung up on her. That was at 9:30pm after I was on the phone with her for over 15 minutes explaining I didn't have the money that week. She rudely asked me why? you make xx amount a week, what do you do with your money? I hung up on her. I am working on trying to keep all of my accounts caught up. I have just finally got back to work steady and am willing to work with them if they would. overdraft fees over $500.00 (that is half of a month's mortgage payment) constantly stressed worrying that they will be calling.

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    Original review: May 12, 2010

    I received a collection call about a payment due 4/12/10 on 4/30/10 and advised that I would be making the payment that day for a payment amount over the internet. The person calling wanted to know how I would be making it and I hung up. I made the payment as soon as I got off of the phone which was by 1:00 pm EST that day. The following day Saturday, May 1, 2010 at 9:00 am I received another call from the company about the same payment that was just made. I asked if the agent had checked their system for the payment and all he wanted to say was that he checked and I did not cooperate the day before, so he was calling back and wanted to know when I would be making the payment.

    I asked him several times about checking their system, at which point you would think he would know the payment was made, but all he wanted to say was that I did not cooperate the day before. I know that the payment was updated in their system because when I called the number back to speak with a manager I was given my last payment information through their automation system that stated that a payment was made on 4/30/10 and the next one was due on 5/12/10. To have a harassing call about a payment that was 18 days past due and paid after a payment arrangement was made is not legal. Emotionally, it is stressing me thinking that this will happen again. I am worried about getting the calls at a time when the economy is bad and I am working through a temp agency to make ends meet. I am stressed about trying to get bills moved around in order to keep this from happening again and stressing about how I can pay the account off early.

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    Original review: March 14, 2010

    First off they cancelled my husband’s disability insurance shortly after we obtained our loan without explanation. He has since lost his job and we obtained one 6 months hardship and they never advised us of update or extension request. Now they have dollar amounts listed and no explanation of what it is. They over extended our mortgage to begin with and only one salary coming in. We are months behind and they won't work with us anymore. We are about to lose our home without assistance.

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    Original review: March 11, 2010

    I bought a 1999 Ford Contour from Oasis Auto in Corpus Christi, Texas in the year 2000. It was financed through House Hold Finance. We paid vehicle of and have never received the title. We're trying to sell the car but can't get a hold of House Hold Finance.

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    Original review: March 9, 2010

    On 01/28/07, my daughter passed away of cancer. Her husband asked to make a 2nd on my home where he lived also. When I got there to sign papers, they were already drawn up. All I had to do was sign and this was in 10/07 which means they already checked my credit with out my permission. Now, my ex son-in-law took off. I'm stuck paying and they won't even try and go after him. They said I signed I have to pay even though his name is first on the loan. What am I suppose to do? I have been paying since I'm just one month behind.

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    Original review: March 3, 2010

    I have been a long time customer with Household Bank Credit and I started my account with a 7.9 percent interest rate. They raised the interest rate to 22.24 in July 2009 then six months later on November 2009, raised it to 29.99%. So in a 7-month period, my interest rate went from 7.99% to 29.99%. This is absolutely ridiculous. How can they justify an interest rate increase like that. I have maybe at the lost two late payments and when I say late, I mean like a couple of days and nothing over 30; I have a good payment history with them.

    Now, I have to figure out a way to afford monthly payments without ruining my credit. This should be against the law to increase someone's interest rate from 7.9 to 29.9. This increase is really making it hard for me to pay all my bills every month without ruining my credit.

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    Original review: Feb. 23, 2010

    I send in my monthly payment to them and they put it on my husband's account. When I try to call and fix the problem all I get is an automated system. Now they say that I'm three months behind. When I do get a hold of someone they tell me that they look at the amount not who the check is made out to or who the check is from. We have two separate accounts and my husband's payments are $230 less than mine, so how can they get the account information wrong? This is not the first time this has happened to me. I think they need an office overhaul on account management.

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    Original review: Feb. 18, 2010

    My husband and I had a loan with Household Finance. Due to my husband’s illness and multiple medications, we got behind on payments of one month. When I spoke with them, I offered to pay half the month that we were behind on. They refused. Finally, I spoke with someone that suggested I send information requesting their hardship. I obtained all the information that they required and sent it to them. On Christmas Eve, I received a letter only stating that the hardship was denied, but I had 30 days to appeal the decision. There was nothing in the letter to state why it was denied. That same day of receiving the letter, I wrote a letter of appeal and sent it out.

    This occurred in December, and then January 30, my husband unexpectedly passed away. One week after his funeral, my doorbell rang and it was a sheriff with foreclosure documents on my home. I was already shocked and grief stricken over the loss of my husband of 30 years when this horrible event happened. I had never received anything back from Household regarding the appeal from the hardship. I was beyond devastated. I became very angry and decided I would make sure I sold the house because there was no way they were getting the house that we worked so hard for. I got an offer that would cover what I owed Household and some tax.

    When I called the foreclosure department to get the information, they gave me a hard time. I had to keep calling to get the payoff amount, etc. Before I sold the house, Household called me and offered to just take the house. I refused and brought up what had occurred with the hardship and "appeal" and that was ignored. While getting ready to settle on selling my home, they kept ignoring my questions about what was still owed. I spoke with the head manager of the foreclosure department multiple times and he told me there was an additional $12,000 in fees that occurred because of the foreclosure. I asked what these fees were and was told that he did not have to disclose them to me.

    I asked and called repeatedly to find out what these "fees" were ($12,000) and was not given an answer. This went on up until the day I closed on the sale of the house. Before the settlement, I called the same manager again and we had a verbal battle regarding these "extra" fees. Finally, he stated that household had paid $3500 for taxes; my mortgage did not include taxes. Taxes were paid by my husband and me. So I asked him for the exact amount, the check number for this and when it was cashed. Surprise, he could not give me any of this data. So I contacted my tax office, explained the situation and the woman confirmed that they never received any money from Household Finance for any tax on the property. She was even kind enough to print out all the payment that my husband and I had made on the property.

    When I called the foreclosure manager back and spoke with him regarding this, he got irate and said again they do not have to disclose what this money went to. I continued to stress I need a breakdown of the fees for closing when he said they also paid fees for "Homeland Security" on my property. I jokingly said, did they do drive bys and he said yes. I was beyond speechless when he said this. That same day, when I went to close on the sale of my home, the attorney asked me what this fee was for and I told her exactly what was said to me.

    Everyone looked so shocked, and her comment was in 20 years of doing this for a living, she had never heard of this. I still had the paper work from the tax office also with me, but she said there was nothing they could do about it. I also just found out that they have a false loan on my credit report, a loan we never had with them. I don't even have a number to talk with anyone. The house loan was paid with the sale of our home. This other loan we never had, but it is on my credit report.

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    Original review: Feb. 17, 2010

    On September 22, 2008, HouseHold Finance called my wife about getting a refinance mortgage to lower our payment from our present one and the salesperson did not sign his name, only used the finance company's name. We were told after a month that they need to get an appraisal of the property.

    After one month, the appraisal was done. In the mean time HouseHold Finance called my wife to discuss how they would let us borrow $15000.00 and that would go back on the mortgage. My wife and I agreed to the term $15000.00, which they fail to tell us that the mortgage loan was not approved. The salesman informed my wife and I about other services that HouseHold Finance offers and we could try for (30) thirty days, which makes our loan over $15000.00 when he added thing such Joint Life Single Disability and single Unemployment.

    Before the thirty days we cancel all the extra services that he offered. After canceling the extra service that would have the loan at $15000.0. Now after a year we have been paying on something that we cancel and HouseHold Finance fails to remove those charges. We have called HouseHold Finance many times to get this matter corrected.

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    Original review: Feb. 16, 2010

    Well HFC, I guess you won. I am now filing bankruptcy. I sent an email to this site about 3 weeks ago. (John from Streamwood, IL)I always made my payments on time so I guess that was a mistake. I let you drain every last dime out of me and I just can't go on. I will miss my home but I won't miss HFC. You are the biggest blood suckers I have ever had the displeasure to work with. I can only hope that you end up selling my home at a loss and that you treat the new buyer (if you get one) the way you treated me and my wife so they file on you again. You had a good thing going with us but, you wouldn't play fair. Good-bye HFC.

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    Original review: Feb. 5, 2010

    Our house was damaged with tornado activity in April 2009. We filed a claim and the insurance. Paid fairly quickly but because of the mtg on the property we had to go through HFC loss draft department. The estimated time for repair was 2-3 months, we still do not have these repairs completed due to the errors and failures on the part of the loss draft department.

    1. First, the initial check for $27,000 was sent to the uninhabitable property address, when trying to find out where the initial check was no one could give us this information (from the loss draft department) and the insurance co. ensured us it had been sent out. Loss draft insisted they had not received it. Well as a result of a theft at the property, the check was found in the house under the front door. It had been sent FedEx without a signature required. The documentation had the loss draft's address. When we called the loss draft they sent, it was the insurance company that had sent the check. They were rather surprised that the letterhead inside the FedEx had their letterhead and the correct mailing address for us. Five months later, we signed the check and sent it back to loss draft as instructed, and 30 days later a check is cut to the contractor and us and construction begins.

    2. Check check no issue 3. Third and next to the final check, the loss draft received all the information they need to issue the check on 12/23/09; however, today 2/5/2010 we still do not have a check due to twice having the payee wrong on the check issued(this was all internally within HFC) and today it is indicated at least another 7 days. We have tried to escalate this but have run out of avenues.

    This process that should have taken 2 to 3 months is going to take close to a year. We have tried to get HFC to work on modifying the loan because of their error and have sent 3 different financial packages to them and we have even tried calling the loss draft department daily. Nothing has worked. Please help us.

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    Original review: Feb. 4, 2010

    We have been with HFC for 14 years and we have fallen on hard times, but have never been late in a mortgage payment no matter what we had to do to make the payment. We refinanced with HFC in 2007 at a 9.83% interest rate because our home was worth more at the time and our mortgage person said we had such a good credit score (783) that HFC gave us more than our home appraised for. We were told that within a year of making payments on time that we can refinance for a lower interest rate. When the time came, we called our mortgage person to refinance at the lower rate and we’re told HFC is not rewriting any loans. When we refinanced, our loan officer coached us on how to get HFC to rewrite our loan. I believe we were misled by this person so he could make his quota for the month.

    As time went by, I lost my job because of cutbacks so I ended up finding another job, but it paid about $25000.00 less per year than what I was making, but we still made our payments on time. I work in the moving industry doing sales and of course homes aren't selling. Thus, no sale, no commission. My wife also works so we can maintain our home. In March of 2009, HFC helped us with a 6-month modification and brought our interest rate down to 5.25%. At the end of 6 months, the interest rate went back up to 9.83% even though our income was less than the year before.

    We applied for another rate modification, which took 4 months to be approved at 9.03% for 6 months, which didn't help our situation. We tried to discuss this matter with HFC and all they could tell us was that we were not part of the bailout that was afforded to Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae so the only thing they could do for us is foreclose on the property. We can't borrow anymore from family or friends to pay the VIG that HFC wants. Both my wife and I are in our late 50's and I even move furniture on weekends to keep my home. (I'm getting a little to old for that, but I’d do whatever it takes).

    All we want is to be treated fairly and like human beings. If you are even thinking about using HFC, please think twice or maybe even 3 times before you let those bloodsuckers get their hands on you. It's a shame that after all these years of dealing with HFC that they won't consider people who pay their bills on time and give them a break by granting a fair interest rate so people can keep their homes. To HFC, I guess you will now be stuck with a home that is not worth what’s owed on it because we are upside down, but are willing to make our mortgage payment on time if you would only be fair. Shame on you!

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    Original review: Jan. 28, 2010

    In 2007, I was given Power of Attorney for my mother-in-law. Then, she was disabled and had to have help with daily activities. She Is 78 years old and has been bedridden for 5 years. She also suffers from dementia. Well, we got a letter in the mail saying she owed this money, $13,000. I called and these people did not have her birthday, or her social security number right. The woman told me it was a misunderstanding and that I would receive a letter to confirm.

    I never heard from them anymore. They have never called even though our number has always been the same.

    Yesterday, January 26th 2010, I received another letter where they have now put it against her credit and are going through a collection agency. They say they have her social security number and that she owes this money in the letter. Well, 1st of all the name on the letter does not match hers. They still have not called here. There is no way in this world she has gotten this money. There is no way they have her signature. I have tried to find this company to show proof but these people I'm talking to say they are just a collection agency. What do we do? We are not able to get a repair loan on the home that we have lived in since 1984 because this is against her credit.

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    Original review: Jan. 25, 2010

    On Friday, January 22, 2010, I received a judgment against me for over $7500.00 supposedly from 2004. I do not remember ever having anything to do with household and have received nothing from them in all these years! Now they want me to pay something I know nothing about? I’m ** off and sick to my stomach this is also putting a strain on my marriage.

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    Original review: Jan. 7, 2010

    I was laid off Dec. 1, 2008. I applied for hardship through HFC and received it for 6 months. When that was over, they never contacted me to see if I was still in the same financial situation, which I was. By the way, I live just outside Cleveland, OH. When I received my first bill at the regular payments, I was shocked. My financial situation had not changed. I was receiving up to 5 calls a day from HFC asking if I could make a payment over the phone for the outstanding amount. I told everyone who called that I was sending as much as I could but these payments were leaving me broke with no money to live on.

    When I finally spoke to someone at the hardship department, they told me that the hardship only lasted for 6 months and I would have to refile. I sent them all the information they requested. While waiting to hear from the hardship department, the phone calls kept on coming. They started calling at 8:10AM and continued all day until 8:55PM. Finally, I received a letter telling me I was denied. Nowhere did the letter tell me why, just I was denied. Finally, one of the people calling me let slip that I was denied because of lack of paperwork, meaning I did not send them everything they needed. I sent what they told me to send. So this person told me to send more paperwork (33 pages of information) to the hardship department.

    It is now Jan. 7, 2010 and the phone calls have started again. The person who called at 8:10AM this morning said she saw that I had a pending amount on my home loan, but she was calling about an unsecured loan I had and there was an outstanding amount due on that and could I make a payment over the phone this morning. I asked, does your computer show that I have applied for a hardship? Her answer was yes, but could I make the outstanding payment? I told her making the other payment left me with $29.00 until my next unemployment check, which was a week away. Yes, I yelled at her, this is crazy. This constant harassment on the day after the payment is due is driving me nuts. I had never missed a payment on any account I had with them. Even when I was on the hardship, I made all the payments.

    Yes, we now get our food from various food banks and we are down to 1 or sometimes 2 meals a day, but they get their money. The amount I have been sending for the last 6 months was the amount of the hardship payments I had for the previous 6 months. But that was not enough to stop the phone calls.

    Making complaints to the people on the phone does no good and the attorney general seems to do no good either. I have read where HFC has a new CEO. If these are the practices he has implemented in this time of financial ruin for most people, I hope he sleeps well at night. I am a union worker and in Cleveland, Ohio, there is no work in the construction field. I cannot find other work because of my age and what work I can find, I would make less than what I receive in unemployment, which by the way is $308.00 a week.

    By making what payments I could to HFC, I still was unable to pay my property taxes for 2008 and am now looking at having to sign a contract with the county to pay $132.00 a month for 3 years, to save my house I have lived in all my life from the county taking it. So who do I pay, HFC or the county? Who gets my house that I have lived in for all my life, HFC or the county? When will this meat grinder I am living in stop? Where do people like me get any resolution to my problems? I guess my next step is to wait for HFC to review my new hardship. Unfortunately, I was denied once and I feel it will happen again. I have no money to buy anything extra, our Christmas was meager we spent $10.00 on gifts for each other. We can barely afford gas to get to the food pantries.

    I personally feel like crawling in a hole and dying. I feel like a loser that I cannot provide for us. My wife and my relationship is strained because of my frustration. I am always mad at everybody and everything. I cannot watch the news because I hear of all these things the government says they are doing and I do not see it. I am losing weight and I am 6" tall and down to 140lbs, which my doctor informed me is bad for my health. I cannot afford my heart medication which is only $4.00 a month. The stress of all this is keeping me awake at night. I hate the world and everyone in it. I am disgusted with our politicians and president.

    Where is all this help we were supposed to get? I don't see it. I was making enough money when I was working to give my family a decent life. Now, all I do is hate everything and everyone! This economy is not my fault but my family is suffering and so are many like me. What do we do? Who will fix it? I cannot anymore. Maybe I should die, at least my family could get my social security benefits or some other help we cannot get because I am alive. This will probably happen since I cannot afford my heart meds.

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    Original review: Jan. 7, 2010

    Attorney generals in several states sued household finance corp. for predatory lending. My interest rate went from 10.5 to 3.5 fixed for the term of the loan. You should contact Washington D.C. national coalition of reinvestment into the community. The revolving line of credit has been disputed also. Lower interest rate. Some fees dismissed.

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    Original review: Dec. 14, 2009

    They are unwilling to take payments on a debt I owe to Household Finance. I am working with Nationwide Asset Services out of Arizona. They tried to settle the account with Household Finance's attorney, Mr. **. They refused. I called the attorney's office myself and offered 400 dollars a month on the 16 thousand dollars I owe. They refused. The attorney's office wants a down payment of 24 hundred dollars, then they are willing to take payments. I don't have the 24 hundred down they want. So the woman at the attorney's office said, "Unfortunately, we need that down payment." The thing is, I'm willing to make payments every month and they won't take it. They are planning on wage garnishment according to the letter the attorney's office has sent me. I lost my overtime at work. My funds are limited. Help.

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    Original review: Dec. 8, 2009

    I made a loan in '04. I fell on hard times and wasn't able to pay the loan on times. Years went by and I got back on my feet. A judgement was filed against me and I wanted to get my credit back in order. I paid the remaining balance and was told that in a month, it would be removed from my credit. It still hasn't been removed and now I can't get in touch with anyone. I don't even know if they are still in business. I would advise everyone, stay away from Household Finance.

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    Original review: Nov. 9, 2009

    I ahve had several loans with Household= paying each of them off. I had a loan with them that I paid off almost 7 years ago, now they have turned me over for a civil suit. They say I owe them over $8000. I have not received any paper work or bills from them. They were paid off but I cannot find the payoff paper work. I cannot afford this mediation company nor can I afford an attorney.

    When I tried to call their office, their phones had been turned off. I guess they ar looking for a scapegoat and found me.
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    Original review: Oct. 28, 2009

    I had my home refinanced through them in 2000 - I had a first and second mortage at the time and wanted it all rolled into one mortage and wanted a $5,000 pay out from my equity. They did this, charged a ton of "extra fees" and then at the last moment when we were signing the final documents said that I had a first and second mortage still but the second was only for $5,000 and the payments added up to the same amount they had quoted for the "total one mortage" account. They said after 5 years the "2nd" mortage would be paid and my notes would be lower. That was around 2000, in 2004 I fell on hard times and ended up loosing my home due to foreclosure - but the second mortage was not taken off when they took the house. The beginning balance of the 2nd mortage ended up being $8,500 and after 9 years of paying $185 a month it is still at $8,500 and not getting lower. I have tried to talk to them when they foreclosed on the house not understanding why the 2nd mortage didn't get wiped off as well but they wouldn't talk about it. Now all offices are closed and it is like calling a foreign country and not speaking the language when you call the customer service line for help.. They ended up telling me it was on a reloving account just like a credit card and that if I didn't pay more than the payment shown on my account each month that the balance would never go down.. can't just not pay because it would ruin the credit I have been able to build back up since 2005 and can't pay them off because I don't have the money - will have payment of $185 for the rest of my life at this point... Stuck between a rock and the HFC - Help!!!!!

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    Original review: Oct. 26, 2009

    Husband became disabled but we had disability insurance on my credit card We used this for about 8 months with no payment then suddenly it stopped and they requested payments be resumed with continued disability insurance although husband and myself both disabled permantly payments of 59 dollars a month added each month plus high interest and 39 dollar late fees. Husband permanently disabled. High interest, high fees, monthly payment amount WAY out of control and amount kept creeping up. Would not work with me when wrote letters to request lowering monthly payments, IGNORED ME THEN SENT ME TO COLLECTION LAWYER.

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    Original review: Oct. 26, 2009

    complaint for predatory lending, stripped me of my home equity with high originating fees, at the end when I pay off the loan, they hit me with $4000 penalty. They told me originally there is no prepayment penalty.Their offices in orlando, are all doing business like that. They kept calling me again to refi, even though I have no call list.

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    Original review: Sept. 28, 2009

    I purchased the insurance that Household Bank provides that will give you protection if you lose your job. Like a lot of other Americans I got laid off in December of 2008 one week before Christmas. I filled out all their forms and was told that my account would be frozen (no late fees, no payments due, no interest, ect.) When I got another job I started making payments again and have not been late ever. In response to the reform that Congress passes, Household Bank has decided to raise interest rates for according to one representative I spoke with “All of their customers.” The representative I have spoke with told me they required to do this because of the new law that will go into effect next year. I interest rate is going up from 12 to 16 percent! With a variable rate of 12 % plus prime! My rate is 12.9 now!! I am just wondering if I am being “punished” for using their disability insurance.

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    Original review: Sept. 23, 2009

    My wife and I received a load, I got injured on Aug 3rd, 2009. I called for the Disability Ins. we were paying for, after 2 months of run around, they informed me that my wife was the only one covered for disability, but we were both covered for life and unemployment. I've tried calling the 800 numbers given, I get a personal line in India, if I get someone, they transfer me to Panama. No one knows what is going on, but let a payment get missed.

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    Original review: Sept. 18, 2009

    Having to re-negotiate payments with my credit card companys. All so far have been reasonable. They require me to pay them 27.00 dollars to fill out a harship application to see if I qualify for any alternate payment structures rate, timing etc.

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    Original review: Aug. 25, 2009

    The individual called my job over 10 times and talked about my heritage and my residence. If I said I could not pay, it was up to him to just say it was going on my credit and not continue to aggravate me on my job. He did not give any ID while asking for a credit card or check. The ** was rude, offensive and just stupid. I would call the BBB if I had the name of the company and make sure they were dealt with for calling my job on a business phone over ten times. If HHF want me, they could call me. I had written them in the past. But no, I cannot pay them at this time and I would sue them if I had the information of the collection company they had to call and threaten me. Consequences: reduced income for my HH.

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    Original review: Aug. 18, 2009

    I paid my bill one month a few days early. I was told it was in the same billing cycle as last month’s bill so the payment was applied to the same month twice. Then, the fees started adding on. I spoke to reps twice, then a manager who waived late fees, but told me there was nothing else they could do for me unless I paid for the extra month. I think this is unfair to customers that are never late. If I don't pay, the late fees will be applied. My credit rating is damaged, and I’m paying extra money that I can't afford.

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    Original review: Aug. 10, 2009

    I haven' t received a bill in months from them. Even when you call the 800 number, no one seems to know what's going on. There are no local offices any longer to go into and to talk to someone. How can I find out what's going on? This is my second mortgage, and I don't want to lose my home. My second mortgage is in limbo, as I do not know what is going on and how to contact someone about how much I owe.

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    Original review: May 30, 2009

    Household bank located in Memphis, TN is no longer in business. I am making morgage payments to this company and no one has contacted me to inform me what mortgage company has taken over my mortgage loan. I never received notification that the company was closing. I need to know what to do. Do I continue making payments or should I wait for someone to contact me.

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    Original review: May 23, 2009

    I asked for a loan modification on my house mortgage, and they had me apply for one through their "hardship" department, and in spite of the fact that I asked these people if I would owe them anything at the end of this "temporary" help of six months, where they lowered my interest rate, they reported to Equifax that they had modified my loan and were "accepting partial payments from me" And they included another account in this hardship assistance, which I had not asked for any help on.. and reported to the credit bureau that i was $5499.00 past due when i have been current on this account for years.

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    Original review: May 21, 2009

    Changed mortgage company in 1999 after the original holder was going out of business. Vince Walker stated he could assist me with the transition to Household. I applied for a $75000 loan only to find out a second loan for $10000 was taken out. I was told I signed for this loan four days after I signed for the first loan in my dining room. I never went to the office and no one was present but me and Vince who turns out to be a crook. I never received $10000. I was working a job making $6.50 hour and he altered the papers to show I was making $16.50 per hour. When I attempted to contact Vince to get to the bottom of this issue, he was always busy, unavailable, not in and finally, no longer with the company. I found out he had set this mortgage on an adjustable rate and the company would not change it. I have acknowledged more than one time I did not sign up for a second loan or adjustable rate but the company states they have me on video signing the papers and I have never set foot in this office. My communication with Mr. Walker was by fax and phone. The Notary notarized the paper stating I signed in her presence when I did not. The higher amount of the loan has not been explained and HFC wants to fore close on my home. Yes they tell me I can send them the money and do whatever to support my family. The last person I spoke with Beverly who stated I pay what she said or they will foreclose. I have no papers and they are not talking to me. I have been waiting on the mortgage papers since day one but if they have someone on tape signing, I guess this is where my copies are.

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    Original review: April 14, 2009

    Having health issues, monetary problems and a high mortgage payment, I contacted HFC and asked for them to lower my payment; I was starting to pay back taxes on my property so that I would not lose my home. Government says to contact who you owe and they would work with you. That was a lie! HFC refused to work with me. Also, they lied by saying they called me on certain dates when I have a phone printout showing I made the calls. After everything, they have given my account to Oviatt Law Office; I spoke to Mr. **, what a rude individual. So now they are putting a judgment against me. He even told me that he didn't care if I lost my house. I have a special-needs child.

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    Original review: March 23, 2009

    Bought a car at Hendricks Motors and it was financed by household finance. We had 3 payments left and were behind to the point that they notified us that the car would be repoed. So after a conversation about the exact balance need to pay off the car, I (Jeff Dooley went to the bank, got the cash needed to pay off the car, sent the money western union and was contacted a few weeks later that we owed almost $200 more. We paid the car in full and we want the title now...

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    Original review: March 16, 2009

    apparently there is contract between TLG and Household. They sent me a check for 8.60 saying this was for special customers. After depositing the check i noticed a few months later i started seeing unfamiliar charges to my acct. 79.99 over and over. After getting in a verbal confrontation with the cust service dept. i asked to speak with a supervisor. She then removed all charges and told me she would make a notation on my acct for TLG not to assess any future charges. it has happened several more times. Not only is this causing my daily balance to be higher, but also i will never be able to pay down the balance when then continually keep adding charges to the account. i am being penalized and my payment is not getting applied to its fullest potential by them doing this to me. i have copies of each bill that had these charges and the confirmation numbers to reflect them. i want restitution for the money they have charged my account, because without these charges and interest accrued, my balance should be substantially less.

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    Original review: March 15, 2009


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    Original review: March 12, 2009

    Someone from an unknown name called my home from 1-716-995-3460 and left a message that if i didn't contact them from in 48 hrs, they would file civil charges against me in court for a credit card account. I filed bankruptcy and this company was one that was included back in 2000. In the meantime in 2004 I filed Debtors Court and paid all that i owed. This person would not give a name or anything but threatened me he would see me in court for something that was put in bankruptcy. I was furious because I have not received any paperwork or anything and if you can find a phone number then you can also find an address to send the proper paperwork so I can comply and turn it over to my bankruptcy lawyer. I will be calling my Lawyer this morning. This is outragous for someone to harrass and threaten someone and I am off work from having surgery. Someone needs to know what these people are trying to do. (Scare tactic).

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    Original review: March 3, 2009

    I called regarding the company coming to pick up the car I had in my chapter 13. Car broke down with a bad transmission for 3rd one. I am not putting any more money into it, so its sitting in my garage for about a year now. I was told by Amy with my chapter 13 she has spoken with the folks with Household, and they were to contact me. This was before December 2008. I recently called myself on 2/12/2009. I was told we will call you when we're ready to pick up the car. I rent my home and I have to many cars on the premises and would greatly appreciate this company come and pick the car up. If I would not have volunteered for them to get it and they were repo them selves I'm sure the car would have been gone by now. Such rude customer service. I need help getting this car out of my garage, and if they are not wanting it back then I can sell to someone who will fix and keep. I know if that was to happen then that would be another issue. What rights do I have?

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    Original review: Feb. 23, 2009

    Purchased water softner system. I was not informed of the interest through House Hold Finance. Household Finance is the worst company and for Rain Soft to use them and not inform its customer is very fraudelent and wrong. I have called Rain Soft repeatedly to cancel this contract , I have asked them to come to remove and I wrote a letter to Rain Soft. No response. I can not afford this system. It really is a rip off. I have written Lisa Madigan's office per this issue. If I can sue I will. I cannot afford the 23 percent interest that they are charging me. Lillian Miller

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    Original review: Feb. 10, 2009

    I have been trying for over seven (7) years to get my car title. This vehicle was in a bankruptcy action and I have paid all monies due. The bankruptcy was discharged 1/12/2006 but during one of my many telephone calls Ms Dunkin stated my loan was sold after they accepted and cashed the final check on 9/8/2005. I am at my wits end. I have sent several certified letters to HAFC with no response on any of those letters. I would like my title and money for all of the delay. Can I do a small claims or class action suite?

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    Original review: Jan. 13, 2009

    On October 21, 2008 I applied for an equity loan to consolidate debt and help with finances with Household Finance Corporation. Tricia Zehl was the rep who took my application. I told her in the very beginning that I had recently purchased a home in July that was a shortsale to prevent it from going into foreclosure. The home was appraised at $230,000 and we paid $180,000 for it. I asked for an equity loan for $25,000, thinking we had instant equity with the appraisal, even though we had only been in the home 3 months. She said that wouldn't be a problem as long as the house appraised high enough to cover the requested loan amount. I was told after 2 days that we were approved, based on our credit rating and income to debt ratio and that as long as the appraisal came in high enough the final approval would be processed and we would close shortly thereafter. We paid $300 for the appraisal and it came in at the amount it needed to come in at, $230,000. HFC wanted another appraisal, questioning how it could come in so high, when we only paid $180,000 for the home, even though we had told them it was a distressed shortsale. Another appraisal was done, 2 weeks after we were initially approved and this time the appraisal came in at $225,000. Again, HFC questioned the appraisal saying they wanted the appraiser to get more comparisons of homes sold in the area. Keep in mind, both appraisals came from their own appraiser. Finally they accepted the appraisal and said we would be closing in a few days. Days and then weeks passed and each time I called they said final approval was pending. Then they said we needed to pay down the principal balance on the mortgage for final approval so we did that. Then they said they needed a settlement statement, and we got that to them immediately. Now we were into Thankgiving week, 1 month after our initial application was approved. Finally, the 1st week into December they said we couldn't be approved because we hadn't been in our home for 6 months and that we would have to wait until January and then we could close, even though they knew in the very beginning we had only been in the home 3 months when we applied. They gave us a personal loan for $10,000 to help us out since we had gotten into debt paying for home improvements in anticipation of being able to pay off the debt with the equity loan we thought was coming. They said that once we received the $25,000 equity loan in January we could pay off the personal loan without making a payment on it. Today January 12th, Almost 3 months after being initially being approved for an equity loan I was told HFC couldn't do the loan because we had not been in our home for a year. Overall this has been the worst experience I've ever had with a financial institution, and felt that I was lied to and lead on about an equity loan they were never going to do.

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    Original review: Jan. 4, 2009

    Do me a favor and run from this institute. First of all they publish promotion online to get customers to open account with them. You can open an account and everything over the phone or online and you do not need to send documents or require visiting branch and nothing whatsoever. Later they mess up with your account with wrong charges and service fees. Now at this point you cannot do anything over the phone or online but you require sending asked documents or visiting branch to resolve your issue. See the difference when you open an account and when you need help? Yes they will make you run around believe me. Stay away from this institute and I wonder why they listed under top 10 banks?

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    Original review: Jan. 2, 2009

    I purchased a Rio, Kia and it went bad. I did a voluntary repossession and gave it back to Household. Now they have a law firm coming after me for $16,000 for the entire sum and they want to do a wage garnishment and I have a family to support. I gave the car back to the bank.

    I had a car accident in Monmouth County NJ. The insurance company Allstate set a check of $4000 to the auto collision place and the owner took the check and wasted it on whatever and never made the repairs. The axle snapped and other things in the car I almost had an accident in the parkway with a child in the car. I took the car to another collision place in NJ, Prestige in Garwood, NJ.

    The owner was so nice that he took pictures of the interior of the car - it was demolished ok. So he was reported by Allstate to DOJ. The Monmouth county auto was in big trouble. He gave me a rental car for a month and when he gave me the car back it still was not good. It needed inspection. My father brought it for inspection to his mechanic and it would not pass inspection then he brought it back to Hillside Auto Mall in Hillside, NJ where they told them it had something but don’t know what and it would not pass inspection but they could not figure what was wrong. That would cost us more out of our pocket. Now, I give the car back to Household Voluntarily and looks what happens.

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    Original review: Jan. 1, 2009

    I had a loan with Household Finance in 1999. I couldn't make the payments. So we went to court and settled for a lesser amount and still couldn't make the payments in 2002. Recently I purchased a 2007 Harley-Davidson which was paid off. Monday, Dec. 29, 2007, without any further court dates or paper, Household seized the bike for loan payment. They already took, repo the van years ago, sold it and got money. Now 10 years later they do this with warning. They wanted anything of value, my truck, anything. I am afraid they might even come back for it. So far I went to an attorney. They say file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and get rid of everything and maybe I can get our bike back from them, if I may do for my wife and son so they aren't afraid a sheriff may come knocking at the door when I am not home.

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    Original review: Dec. 21, 2008

    i am behind on my truck payment i had been making my payments online then i no longer could be cauae they closed my acess to it i called and spoke to a lady that set up half of my truck payment which was 210.00 i was greatful i then get a letter stateing repossession i called that night only to get ahold of a guy that wouldnt talk to me till i gave him a contact number i told him that i didnt have one because you guys call every hour on the hour and even called my place of employment he said let me get my manager she came on the line and enformed me of the same i told her you can notify my by email or mail i then told her about my payment arrangement i made and she looked at it and told me she was cancelling it i said why she said it didnt benifit them i have been trying to get caught up i have even tried to sell my truck but dealerships wont touch it because i am upside down i dont see why they cant help me at one time they refinanced now they dont they are no longer into that i feel they are not wanting to help me even if i am willing to work something out they just call constently and harrass me this is why i use my friends phone when i call they once told me if i can sell it for 5900 they would write off the rest the truck is only worth 3400 why cant they finace me for 5900 and be done with it i just dont think it was right for them to cancel my payment she was very rude and mean i think her name was wanda but i dont want to loose my truck it is my only means of transportation

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    Original review: Nov. 23, 2008

    I financed a 1997 Geo Metro vehicle with Household Auto Finance. I made all the payments, with the exception of the last 3 or 4 payments, to Household. Household sold the loan to Asset Management who sold the loan to an agency called Collect America. An attorney with Collect America contacted me and we agreed on a settlement, which I paid.

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    Original review: Oct. 27, 2008

    Paid off 2 credit cards at the same time, they both have the same conformation #. Thay took one payment from the given checking account and took 1 payment from the checking account on file (which was not autorized) They were suppost to take both payments from checking account #1. I now have a checking account that is -$2,250.00 and climbing, I have well over $500.00 in insufficient fund fees and bounced checks. They said this could take weeks to straighten out and with a husband home with a broken neck and 2 children this is a (credit card) mistake that i cant handle rite now. The first time we called they threatened to call the police on us for yelling then hung up on us. The 2nd time we called they said i have to fax them all my bank information and then they'll be in touch, but its going to be hard to do considering im -$2,000 something dollars short in funds!

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    Original review: Oct. 19, 2008

    Have a mortgage with them and they will not work with me with behind payments and keep adding late fees. Would love for someone to look into this company. I need help before I lose my home.

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    Original review: Oct. 15, 2008

    My wife and I received a personal loan from household finance approximately 5 years ago. We made payments in the amount of 372.00 for 3 years. Although we were late a few times, we always made the payment. After 3 years we owed more on the loan than the original loan amount. When we asked for an explanation we were told that our payments had gone to interest and late penalties. We would have kept a closer eye on our account, but correspondence with HFC is very difficult. They refuse to give any information about the account including payoff information over the phone. Everything has to be submitted in writing and then it takes forever for them to respond.

    Since we owed so much on the loan, a representative convinced us that it would be in our best interest to refinance our mortgage with them and payoff the original loan. Although the interest was extremely high, close to 10%, we were told the interest would be reduced if we made payments on time for the 1st 6 months. When we inquired about this after 6 months they acted like they didn't know what we were talking about. We currently owe more on the loan than the original loan amount and are trying to refinance with a reputable bank or finance company. HFC is nothing more than a loan shark and I find it hard to believe that they are able to continue to operate. I hope that anyone considering a loan through HFC will find this website and after reading the numerous complaints will reconsider. We would never have considered going with HFC but my wife lost her job and has had medical issues. HFC knowingly preys on families already struggling and creates a financial situation that is next to impossible to get out of.

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    Original review: Oct. 9, 2008

    My husband I took out a Home mortgage with HSF several years ago for about $75000. We dealt with David and Joy the first time and we were told we were getting a 20-yr mortgage and a 10-yr 2nd mortgage. We opt to have deductions from our checking account every two weeks which would make us making a extra payment yearly. We were told by David and Joy that after a year paying this payment every two weeks, we were told that if we have good paying credit with HSF, they could lower our interest rate.

    When we go back to HSF, David and Joy no longer work there. $75000 loan with HSF pay back was $375000. We didn't find out until we went back after a year that we have a 30-yr mortgage and the 2nd mortgage was revolving credit. Ashley helped us next and when we had a issue Ashley didn't work there anymore. Went back and Ming helped us this time and when we called about a question, Ming no longer works there. In the last couple of months, HSF has been calling me try to lower our payments and I had to tell the man that he was pressuring me and HSF has messed over me so much that I needed time to think about it and he wasn't giving me time. After that conversation, I don't get calls anymore because he was calling my house, work, cell phone, and my husband's work and cell phone.

    What I don't understand is how can a company like HSF still do business if they are screwing over people like they are!!!! HSF seems to reward people that lie to their customers to get them to get a bigger loan. What is wrong with this picture. Someone needs to put a stop to this company and any company that are doing everyday people that are just trying to get by. God help us because HSF is screwing us left and right. Oh by the way I am paying $1100 a month on a $89000 loan and have been paying for about 2 to 3 years and still owe about 86000. The math doesn't come out right. Everyone that ever been screwed by HSF should get together and SUE the color off of them and make them pay through the nose like they are doing to us.

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    Original review: Sept. 28, 2008

    Got personal loan for 15,000. When we tried to pay off loan, we had paid down to 12,000. Tried to pay off, they kept increasing the payoff, all the way to 25,000. We also have our home moratage through the same company. I made a payment in July 2008 that has yet to be posted to our mortage, and this is Oct. 2008 I am seeeking legal advice at present.

    ultimate result of the personal loan, caused us to file bankruptcy

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    Original review: Sept. 9, 2008

    Orchard Bank sets forth on their website a payment schedule, (i.e. pay anytime on Saturday and payment will post to your account on Monday) HOWEVER, unless Monday is a holiday, then it will not post. So, when you sign on Saturday to make your payment, you are forced to make a Rush Payment at the cost of $14.95 charged to your credit card, or assess a $35.00 late fee because since Monday is a holiday your payment won't post until Tuesday, therefore it is late.

    They continue to schedule payments due on holidays or on weekend days when the payment will not post rather than changing the due date on the statement. The customer is now forced to assess a late fee or pay a rush fee. I've had to pay rush fee's twice because the payment due date fell on a holiday. A person is forced to pay the bill earlier than the due date or assess a late charge or a rush fee, although the statement clearly states the due date, i.e. September 1st. This also happens with Household Bank, which owns Orchard Bank.

    The consequences are: assess a late fee of $35.00 or pay them $14.95 to rush your payment there before the due date. If they do this to 10% of their customers who due dates are the same as mine, how much money are they pocketing. They should adjust the statement due date around the holiday or accept the payment to post on the due date or the next business day after the holiday and not assess a fee. In the alternative it the payment due date would fall the day after the holiday, and not assess a charge. This is extortion in its simplest form.

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    Original review: July 24, 2008

    Here we have what appears to be fruad. This company is charging me interest on a cash advance that i never authorized or recieved. I never applied for a cash advance on any credit card. i was told by one of their reps. that a cash advance was taken out in sept of 2003. when i asked the rep to verify the advance, he told me; QUOTE Our records don't go back that far UNQUOTE... DUH!! so how does he know the date... I've been paying interest on this amount at the tune of about 30% for all this while.

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    Original review: June 3, 2008

    Husband walked out on me with mortage behind. Contacted Household to work out payment. Made payments monthly only to have them apply to fees. Was put on forbearance program, paying 1.5 times monthly house payment. Paid $1000 for 6 months & forfeld my obligation of forbearance agreement which was to bring loan to current & take fees away. Was over 10 days late next month after completing forbearance term & they put all fees back on loan. Before this I asked them to take back house, they refused. The loan was forclosed on & now they say I owe $45,000 in fees on a house worth only $85,000. I paid mortage for 3 years also. Ex-Husband left state & I do not know how to locate. They are harrassing me.

    I have worked to pay everything off on my credit report from this marriage & have repaired my credit, except for this debt. I am raising my two granddaughters by myself. I am getting calls reguarly.

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    Original review: Jan. 27, 2008

    This company sold my account to a collector agency. I requested a debt validation, and I get the answer that they going to stop asking for the BALANCE but the problem is I cannot get my car title.

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    Original review: Jan. 11, 2008

    I got a personal loan from Benefical and since then, Household Bank acquired the loan. I got the loan in 2000 and in 5/01 I was terminated from my job. I purchased Wesco Insurance (pays for the loan while unemployed) and they paid on the loan from 11/02 to 3/03. I mailed in $150.00 payment and it was returned. I called and spoke with Jamekia Barbar and asked her could Benefical modify the payment due to unemployment from $173.52 to $150.00 a month? I was told no, that I had to send in the full amount. At this time I could not afford to pay the whole amount due to financial hardship. So Benefical/Household Bank hired Attorney David Duggins who took the case. Attorney David Duggins took me to court five times and out of the two times the attorney did not show up, so I filed an answer to the compliant. Their attorney did not show up and I asked for the case to be dismissed and the judge dismissed the case.

    Months later the attorney filed for a summary judgment and I filed for a dismissal of summary judgment and again no show of an attorney. He had a local attorney to come and show up but the attorney had no idea of what was going on with the case. The attorney filed for a summary judgment again and I went to file a motion and I was told that I could not file a motion because it was to late to file. I was asked to come to court with all my documents showing my income and I was told by the attorney that viewed my documents that with my income that I could not afford to pay them. The attorney asked me to pay them $50.00 a month so I have been paying that. The summary judgment was for $4,445.00 and now I am getting letters from an collection agency that has Attorney David Duggins letterhead and asking for $10,000.00. On the letter it states that I owed $10,000.00 and that they are not an attorney but a collection ageny. Why would a collection agency use the Attorney's letterhead that was on the case? What they have done is called vexatious litagation. They deliberately sued me when they were receiving payment. The case was dismissed and the attorney still got to file a summary judgment. I am searching for a good attorney to take my case.

    My economic status is that this have affected my credit along with costing me money to get someone to help me to file the motion. The summary judgment went from $4,000.00 something to a collection agency that I am sure that is affliated with the attorney to $10,000.

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    Original review: Jan. 8, 2008

    I received a loan check in the mail for a $5000 loan I applied for. I went in the office and signed the paperwork, and then received an additional $2950. During the signing process I inquired as to what my payment amount would be, and I received that information; but the sales person failed to inform me that when I started paying my payments back, that all my money would go to interest only and not the principle. I have been paying this account for 9 months at $243.00, so I went in to talk to the person who opened the account for me. He is no longer employed there.

    I talked to Ashley Hayhurst and told her what happened, and she said that he should have explained to me how the payments would be disbursed. I told her that if he had explained it to me at that time I wouldn't have acquired the loan because I would never pay the loan off at that rate. I feel I was falsely led to believe that as I make my payments, my balance would go down; and it has gone up past my original loan amount. This is a scam to get people in debt who may need help in consolidating existing loans.

    The economic damage that this has caused is that I will never pay this loan off unless I make triple the payment which would put me in a financial hardship. It has put a mental strain on me to figure out how I can pay this loan without jeopardizing my credit. I was mislead with this loan.

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    Original review: Oct. 10, 2006

    Paint is peeling from hood and roof of 1999 Honda Accord (green color).

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    Original review: Sept. 10, 2006

    I am a client of Household Finance Corp. (HFC). During the closing of the unsecured loan process I opted to take the unemployment insurance coverage. Due to no fault of my own I was involuntary unemployed. As soon as this happened I contacted HFC in order to get this insurance to start making my payments. I was required to fax in a form to their insurance carrier. About 3 weeks later I was informed that I had applied too soon and that there was a thirty day waiting period. I was then again required to fax in an identical form with the identical information.

    Again, I had no response from HFC. It became painfully apparent that this insurance company was not going to pay my monthly HFC bill. Then... the collection calls started coming. These people were calling an average of a couple of times a day, every day. I told them, look I paid for unemployment insurance, I don't know why you are calling. Sir, you need to call your branch and get it fixed through them. I call the branch, guess what? They want me to call the insurance company. I call the insurance company. No live person available-ever.

    I was unemployed for approximately a month and a half. As soon as I was employed again, I immediately started my payments back up. But, this didn't stop HFC's non-English speaking collectors from calling and wanting me to make electronic payment.

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    Original review: Aug. 31, 2006

    I applied for a personal loan online. I was then called back by Dennis Matthews that they would be able to give me a loan. I had already let them know that my credit was not in good shape. With that in mind, she did let me know that because of my credit score that I would have to pay $750.00 of insurance to the company which would be given back at the time that I finished paying off the loan. The next day I went to Western Union and wired them approximatedly $808.99. This was on 07-21-2006. I was then told that my $5,000.00 would be wired to my account within the next 24 business hours. I had also signed the loan papers and faxed them back to Dennis Matthews. Afer 48 hours I still had no funds in my account.

    I contacted the office and was told that they would look into it. I had to call them back, they told me that I needed wiring instructions from my back due to the fact that it is different then putting it into the checking account. After giving them the wiring instructions I was told that it would take ANOTHER 48 hours. After this point I waited 48 hours and still no deposit within my account. I then called the company back, (this is now going on 5 days, including a weekend) Finally someone called me back and said that Dennis Matthews had misquoted me the amount of insurance that I was supposed to give. I was told I needed to give them around $600.00 more or I could request a refund. I then told the young lady that I would just like a refund. I asked how long it would take to get my money back. On 7-30-2006, I was told that it would take 7-10 business days for me to get my check in the mail of $808.99.

    I faxed in a request along with the receipt from Western Union verifying the amount and where I was told to send it to their company. After 10 days I still have no check. I then called the company, only to get a voice mail machine. I left a message for someone to call me back, but no one has returned by calls. Since then, I have faxed my request to them around 50 times and have called and left messages for someone to return my phone calls about 50 times. NO ONE has returned my phone calls and I STILL do not have my money back. I will probably need to consult a legal advisor, which I can't afford.

    Not getting the loan that I was promised, paperwork signed and insurance money sent to them, I have almost lost my car, and have had to borrow from family memebers. I was trying to pay off debt which now I can't and it is now causing my credit score to go even lower than it already it. I have been unable to eat or sleep and I have become physically sick and almost unable to go to work, due to the stress of the situation. I REALLY NEED my $808.99 least I would be able to pay part of my rent. I have no idea what to do at this time....but I really need my money back.

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    Original review: Aug. 31, 2006

    I have had a line of credit with Household Finance for two years. My available credit is $6750.00. I paid all but $13.00 of the balance. My air- conditioning unit had to be replaced at a cost of nearly $6000.00. I gave the service man a convience check for half of the cost for the new unit and I'm supposed to pay the second half when the unit is installed. Now, David, a loan specialist tells me that my account was automatically closed when the balance was paid in full; which it was not. He indicated that I would need to apply for a home equity loan, but he was too busy with other customers to assist me. Now, I have written this check for nearly $3000.00 and no funds and no air-conditioning. I did not close the HFC account. I certainly do not want to apply for an equity loan with this company.

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    Original review: May 31, 2006

    I, like others have reported, have been a victim of HFC. In 2000 I went in to INQUIRE about a small home equity loan at which time I had at least $15K. Now 6 years later, I have almost none if it wasn't for the Market Boom. As I said, I went in to inquire about a home equity loan of about $5K, which I was talked into a higher amount of about $17K and in addition, I ended up with a refinance of my approximately $89K 1st mortgage with a reputable bank @7% and was cohersed into $150K 1st refi mortgage with HFC @12%. My mortgage never goes down only up if I'm ever late on my monthly payment.

    What I missed to understand was that they sold me NOT a true mortgage which they call a real estate loan but a kind of revolving account. This is not a real estate loan at all although that is what they call it. (I have to pay taxes. They don't escrow property taxes!) Yes the loan will go down only if you pay them bi-weekly or so they say. I think it may go down a few dollars maybe by making payment weekly or daily is more like it. Yes, i agreed but but but that's after saying I'm not here to refinance my first loan a million times! I can still hear myself saying I will not sell you my first mortagage but here I sit with an astronomical mortagage. But guess what, they worded it in such a way that it ended up sounding good.

    Yes, they paid my credit cards at the time but now I have those and more. I filed bankruptcy in hopes of being able to keep my home. Time will tell. But I'm afraid that decision in 2000 will haunt me till the day I die as I've made a deal with loan sharks!

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    Original review: May 25, 2006

    This company is stripping me and my family of our dream of owning our home. It is a none stop problem with them. I have been with Household from 1999, in 2004 I had to have major surgery. I called Household to let them know i would be late on my March 2006 house payment, but I would send half in April with Aprils full payment $641.02 plus $320.51. And then I would send the other half with Mays regular payment.The gentlemen in the Sioux City office told me that I had to send the payment in full for March right away to avoid any action. I explained to them I had NEVER missed a payment in the past, and due to my illness I needed just a little time to get the payment to them. It still had to be paid in full.

    Then I was told that it could be deferred. Ok I agreed. Then in a few days I received a letter that said I had to send this payment right away, or action would be taken. I called the man from the Sioux City office to ask him what that letter was for. He told me it was becasue I don't send them money. i asked him about the agreement we had talked about a few days prior... Suddenly this didn't take place and I had to send in NOW..

    This is just the start of the problems...I have been working with my local Financial educator to try to get things with household resolved and we get absolutly NO WHERE with them. What was one month behind has become several, I have had forclosure filed on me which we stopped by paying them the amount they said we owed.Then I sent the following months payment and they told me they could not accept the payment.

    This has caused so much stress on my husband and me, we don't have the money to hire an attorney to get to the bottom of this.

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    Original review: May 20, 2006

    I thought I was in a desperate situation. I received my monthly bills and they were much more than I could afford. I panicked. I called Household Finance. I explained my embarassing situation to them and they were very understanding. They told me everything would be ok, and my husband and I made an appointment to go their office. I have two young children and they were welcomed to come. We went to our appointment and a $30000 refinance turned into a refinance of my existing mortgage plus every outstanding debt I had (total car payoff) being consolidated into one loan.

    The amount was approximately 250,000 at 11% interest. Well my current mortgage is at 5.5 and my car loan is also low. They wanted me to refinance my mortgage for 30 years, plus my car loan, plus my outstanding debt, which I might add; I am ashamed to admit is 30,000 at 11%. For 30 years. The costs alone were 13,000. I said, no no no this is not what I want. I want to do a 2nd mortgage for 30,000. When I said that, Kim had to call her mgr in. He came in and insulted me because I had incurred a large amount on Sears card. This was accumulated over many years at a high interest rate; appliances, linens, clothes, oil changes. Call me a simple girl, but Sears met my needs.

    To get back into perspective, when I asked for a 2nd mortgage rather than a refinance of my 5.5 percent mortgage to 11 percent, kim was aghast. She called her MGr in and I felt like I was buying a bad used car. Surely their product that was good enough for people who buy JAGs was good enough for me. They played good cop bad cop for awhile, telling me that my math was awful. An 11 percent loan on 250000 with 13,000 in costs was much more economical than anything else. MORAL OF THE STORY. These people prey on people in desperate situations. I went to another company and received a 7 percent 2nd mortgage for 15 years for total cost of 150.00.

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    Original review: March 16, 2006

    They put us into a balloon loan that we did not fully unerstand and our original 145,000 loan is now 166,00 after paying on it for 4 years. The first 2 years we had some late payments but the last 2 have been payroll deduction and on time. Our lawyer and ourselves are trying to figure out where they get the 166,000 from after all of the money we have paid in.

    We had to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy and have made every payment on time through payroll deduction but they continue to list us as late on our credit report and our lawyer has told them to remove it because they can't do that, especially since we are under bankruptcy. We found someone to refinance us with a lot lower interest rate and several hundred cheaper per month but the HBSC representative showed up in court and objected and for now it has been continued while we try to figure out what their basis is for it.

    We financed 145,000 and owed less than that when we went into bankruptcy, we have paid them close to 25,000 to 30,000 per year for 2 years now under this Chapter 13 and they are still saying our payoff is 166,000. How??!!!! Where has all of our money gone?

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    Original review: Jan. 28, 2006

    14 years ago I bought my great grandmother's house and had a mortgage through TD Bank. I was a single mother with 2 small children and over the years I had acquired debt which was getting unmanagable. Household Finance consolidated my debts, and in effect, took control of my house. After 13 years I lost my job and was unable to pay my mortgage to them. I was receiving $1000 a month unemployment and my payment to them was more than that. At 17% interest I had hoped they could temporarily reduce the interest so that I could afford the payments but they were impossible to deal with.

    They eventually foreclosed on my house - a house that had been in my family since it was built. They forced me into bankruptcy and if one person reads this and takes another route it will make me really happy.

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    Original review: Jan. 27, 2006

    This company did NOT send us a statement. They charge an annual fee of 50>00 so after that we got a $30.00 late fee and we never used the card!!!!! They are a ripoff. We owed 89.00 and never used the card and NEVER got a statement. We have lived there 26 years and always get the rest of the mail.

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    Original review: Jan. 23, 2006

    I contacted Household to apply for a second mortgage. They quoted me a rate on the phone, mailed me the Good Faith Estimate, but when I went in to sign, everything was different. The interest rate and payments were higher. I cancelled, but they filed the mortgage at the courthouse anyway.

    Without my knowing it, for over a year I had two mortgages filed on my house --the one I actually signed and the one I'd cancelled with Household. After I contacted them, it took months for them to file a "release."

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    Original review: Nov. 21, 2005

    I am a victim of a mortgage with HOUSEHOLD MORTGAGE SERVICES and Beneficial, and now HSBC, I have had problems with my payments since 1998, It was a $23,000.00 loan @ 11.75% /15 years loan fixed rate; I still owe $$23,000.00, and now, they have added $33,000.00 in other expenses. They state I am late on payments, over 18 months, I have made payments, but they do not seem to post the payments, and deduct from the balance owed.

    Our home that we have had since we were children, (1960's), is about to be foreclosed, and I need to have a solution to stop the foreclosure; Now they sent me a statement to have $18,000 by Nov. 30, 2005. I am a single mother, and care for my disabled brother. We are a simple family life, and our home is all we have.

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    Original review: Sept. 2, 2005

    I have fallen one month behind on a signature loan, because my mother was in the hospital for 1 month with leukemia and ovarian cancer and I was at the hospital a lot. The last 2 months i have made more than my minimum payment and have told them that I will make the arrearage up on the payment due 9/21.

    They have called me 6 times today. Twice earlier this week. 4 times when I made last month's payment. Twice telling me that they got last month's payment. Each time, the person does not have the information I gave the last one I talked to. I thought there were laws regarding harrassment.

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    Original review: July 27, 2005

    I made a bad financial decision, when I was contacted by this company. I was sold a loan to pay off three bills, rolling three payments into one. I was told I would save $200.00 per month, but actually, because the loan interest accumulates daily, I am paying $200 to $400.00 more per month. I went to the office in May, and asked for a printout history of my account, and told the guy I did not receive a statement. He said he could not print it out, and told me how my payment was applied.

    When I called back in June for a statement, I was told it was mailed. On July 1, HFC reported me 60 days late, which I was not. They tried to block my refinance efforts, and could not explain why I was reported late! I do not make partial payments, but my payments are not keeping up with the interest charged. I pay no less than $400 per month, but they wanted $598 in June, to cover interrest. My payments according to the contract were supposed to be $389.00. I was then told I was in foreclosure. How is this possible? This is July 27, and I still have not received a statement.

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    Original review: June 14, 2005

    HSBC Auto Finance has been making our life a living nightmare. They are calling because our auto payment is 10 days past due. Our phone rings 10 times a day. I believe they are in violation of the law as even when they leave a message for me, their calls still continuing coming, even on the same day. They obviously believe that my 17-year-old daughter is me and have reduced her to tears on a number of ocasions. They have called her names, threatened her, threatened me through her, and tell her they will continue calling until they speak with me.

    We have had this car loan for three years now. You would think they would consider our previous payment history and know that we honor our debts, but we're just in a catch-up mode right now from paying taxes. They are rude, arrogant, condescending, unprofessional, demeaning, threatening and the worst of the most unpleasant people with whom I have ever dealt. I called today to try to obtain my payoff information, and they refuse to give me that information until I speak with a customer service representative.

    I guess I'll have a friend of mine who is a car dealer call and get that information and pass it along to me. I will NEVER use this company again for any type of loan. We will begin recording all our phone calls from them immediately.

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