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Coldwell Banker Mortgage

Coldwell Banker Mortgage
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    Rated with 1 star
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 9, 2019

    The property next to me is a lot owned and maintained by Habitat for Humanity. The house next to that is is a foreclosure owned by Coldwell. Coldwell sent people to clean out the overrun yard at the foreclosed property. Where did the debris end up? In the empty lot. Huge mess that I called to complain. 3 weeks later nothing done. It is not anyone’s responsibility to clean up this mess but Coldwell Banker! You should be ashamed to allow a ch practices. If you don’t care about communities then maybe you don’t care about your customers. CLEAN UP YOUR MESS.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 30, 2019

    My realtor Ty ** is my current realtor. I'm very unhappy with her and Coldwell Banker. Ty ** overpriced my house from 196,000 and I had to tell her to change that after it's been on the market for 2 months to 169,000. It's now 3 months and she has not had even viewing except for 5 of them Who were through different realtors. My house is in fair condition. Needs some work but she too incompetent with communication and being a realtor. She will not communicate with me nor a potential buyer. She pursued a contract that I thought was for 6 months which I found out it was for 1 year along with her getting 6% and an extra $500 more that I did not know about. Her focus was on baseboards, a prerty candy bowl for her candy, and air freshness.

    She also does not follow up with you about viewings. You have to go to her days later to see how it went. The pictures of my house are horrible too. She does not spend money on correct marketing for my house at all. Brookline is booming and my house has nothing major wrong and should of been sold but she messed up. She also put that I need 24 hours notice to see my house along with putting no one can see my house till after July 26th. It's now October 30th and it still says that. She made it sound and look like I'm desperate and looks like there's something wrong with my house and there's not.

    Big gap from starting price to what it is now and it's not ok. She an all aroind awful realtor. The supervisor refuses to drop my contract and keeps defending Ty ** whom I get proof on the mess ups she has done. She also schedules open house during a Steelers home game and no one ever comes. When you tell her the problems you have she will argue and lie to you and lie to Coldwell saying I picked my price for my house when she's the one who did. She also does not pick up the phone and she hangs up on you. Terrible experience and still dealing with it.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
      Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

      Around mid of July 2017 we started to look for a place for my parents to purchase in Selden area. We found 11 Redwood court along with our agent Christine from Laffey real estate. We told sellers and the real estate agent Gail ** that my parents were closing on their home in Brentwood that they lived in for 45 years with perfect credit. In reference to my parents closing on their home our buyers kept on changing the closing date. Everything moved forward until our lawyer wanted to see the prospectus, that he legally had the right to see sent to him. It was supposed to be sent back to the seller's lawyer at completion. The seller and the real estate agent Gail ** refused to send these papers, for fear it would be lost by lawyers. Gail pushed my parents into setting up an escrow for 250.00 until papers were returned.

      Upon speaking to her on the phone with lawyer on other line and my spouse on the line this turned into her screaming. Gail was furious with our "stupid" as she put it lawyer and said that now we have to give 500.00 escrow for her aggravation or lose the coop. I felt my parents were put against the wall because they were closing and would eventually have no place to live. I proceeded to tell her "Fine" and that I would physically go to Westbury that is 45 minutes away from me to bring papers. I picked them up from their lawyer's office" (which is next door to Coldwell Bankers in Patchogue and sign a paper that stated at the return of this paperwork I would get 500.00 back. Their lawyer actually agreed with me that this was not necessary but at the demand of Gail the agent he did it.

      Eventually everything was completed and my parents' 500.00 returned. In the meantime numerous phone calls back and forth for 2 weeks continued with one day she was pleasant on phone the next demanding and almost harassing. I never once raised my voice to her in fear of retaliation that she would get other buyers that came after us to purchase place. Now we are at point again that she is using money in deposited escrow for coop 5,000, to manipulate my parents. The coop was lost unfortunately due to being denied for not enough funds even though my parents owned a home and paid double the about of expenses expected in this tiny 2 bedroom place.

      It has been weeks with my lawyer Steven ** calling asking for the return of the deposit that was due to us according to contract. Gail the agent at this Coldwell Bankers company has breached the contract and my trust to this real estate company in Patchogue. In the meantime out of desperation to get this money to my aging parents who are beyond stressed about this. I called in their behalf too on 9/20/17 for one last time to the owner of this agency to please have a talk with Gail and her lawyer that this is not legal to breach this contract. She continued to now this 2nd time to use money to manipulate the outcome of this sale and emotional getting us back for something we truly did not do. Under the Suffolk County District court since nobody got back to me I will file a complaint under breach of contract and am hoping that others who think they want to go to this place of business stay away. It's not worth the headache.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: June 5, 2017

      We hired Eric ** from Coldwell Banker to sell our home. At first everything seemed ok then Eric calls to say he has 2 showings on these dates. Well the first showing date comes. We get the home ready to show only to sit and wait. No phone call. Nothing. So we call Eric and his excuse, "Oh I was sick." Oh so you couldn't call us, poor excuse and first strike. Then 2nd showing same thing. No one shows. No phone call. Then we get a phone call from a potential buyer who told us they were inquiring about our home and that the real estate company told them they were not sure if it was a 2nd home, not sure if anyone lives in it, etc., etc. Well that was the 3rd strike.

      So we called Coldwell and talked to Pam who took over the home sale. She come to our house. Didn't look upstairs, downstairs nothing and was giving a dirty look, well that was enough for me. I told her right then and there, "We no longer need your service. We will find a professional real estate company who knows what they're doing." Some time goes by and we notice that Coldwell Banker is posting pictures of our home from 10 years ago online of our home that the previous owners had. So in my opinion Coldwell Banker in Farmington, Maine is trying to ambush the sale of my home. I think it's pretty sad that a company has to pull these stunts. It pretty much tells you how unprofessional they really are especially Eric and Pam. Word to the wise if you want to sell your home in Western Maine STAY AWAY FROM COLDWELL BANKER IN FARMINGTON, MAINE!!!

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      Rated with 1 star
      Original review: Oct. 29, 2015

      We suffered extensive water damage on our cabin. Mitigation was required and furnished by ServPro in March. State Farm wrote a check to pay for it, which had to be endorsed by us and CB. This was in March. We contracted with ServPro for the rebuild. State Farm has sent us checks for that as well. They did most of the work without receiving any money because CB wouldn't release the funds. This has been going on since March. Every time I speak with a "customer service" representative I'm told something different. One agent says I'm missing certain documents. I send them in. The next agent says I'm missing something else. I have sent two copies of everything they requested. I requested final inspections and was told twice that everything was cleared and that the inspection would be ordered. Both times, the orders were cancelled, but I was not informed.

      The next person I spoke with told me I was missing one document required for the inspection, but that everything else was in order. After sending it in a third time, the inspection was finally completed. They still have a check written by State Farm, in April, for the mitigation. For the first time, I was told today that there are two forms needed before that sum can be released. I'm beyond frustrated and have lost my patience with the service representatives. No one seems to be able to give the definitive answer. There's no way to know who to believe, especially when they say their own representatives were wrong. I have been trying to find a contact at CB to relay this experience to and try to get resolution. The service representatives will not give me that information and I can't find it online. If anyone knows how I can do that I would appreciate the information.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: May 7, 2015

      Apparently Coldwell Banker Mortgages are serviced by PHH Mortgage. Nice to find that out surprisingly after a phone call about my payment not being received. This is about the second or third time my payment is not being received by them until the 21st of the month when it is sent out by the bank on the 1st. All of my other payments sent out are being received within a few days. Additionally, this is randomly happening and has started to happen within the last year, which raises reason for suspicion. I had to double pay for one month using the online system which charges another fee in addition to the late charge I am being assessed. Something is going on and I urge if anyone else is having this problem to also write a review on this gimmick they trying to pull. I really wish I could sue them but I am sure they know that an average Joe wouldn't go that far due to legal fees. Shame on you Coldwell Banker and PHH, whatever you are!

      12 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 2 stars
      Original review: Jan. 27, 2015

      I have had more than one bad experience using CB, but I am going to share with you the most recent one. I decided to put my house on the market due to financial difficulties. The agent I chose to represent me was Jeff ** from Coldwell banker of Denver. We ran all the comps in the area and came up with a listing amount that would put enough money in my pocket to give me a good start with my new life. I told Jeff that I needed about $130,000 and the listing amount would get me close to that amount.

      Within 1 week we had an interested buyer. At this point I told Jeff that I had received an insurance settlement of $12,000 to replace the roof and asked him if the roof would have to be replaced before my house sold. His response was that he had never had a situation where that would arise. The money I received from the insurance company was used to update the interior of the house and I told Jeff that I did not want to spend any more money on the house. So I signed the contract.

      Shortly after signing the contract the buyers were looking into insuring the house and the insurance company and "no insurance company" according to my agent Jeff ** would insure my house for any buyer. Jeff who claimed he had sold over 800 houses did not know that there is public record of insurance settlements and that this would happen. RIGHT! I have spoken to other agents who have told me this is understood and should be expected to happen. So at this point I had already signed the contract and there was no backing out. So the $130,000 that I needed for a good start at a new life was now cut to about $119,000.

      After the buyers did an inspection, we realized the furnace needed to be replaced. I told Jeff that I am not going to replace the furnace, I couldn't afford it. So he called the buyers and told them. He called me back and told me the "deal is dead" in a text that... I still have. He said they want to back out of the contract and that he was going to send me a termination of contract to sign. He did send it to me and I signed it but I noticed it did not have the signature of the buyer, I think he was tactfully calling my bluff because he knew how bad I needed money. He called me back and told me he would pay for the furnace out of his commission money, so that I would still walk with the $119,000. I agreed that that would be acceptable.

      I believe that the termination of contract document was a bluff to get me to purchase the furnace for the buyers, as well as the roof incident. While this case is not criminal and I do not have a leg to stand on to keep my house in a market that is appreciating. I want consumers to know that if you are working with Jeff ** or thinking of working with him. He will call you "my friend" and "my brother" and he may even tell you he loves you, "AWKWARD"! And he will tell you that he does not care about the money, when all the time he is working to give your buyer anything and everything he wants at your expense, even if you are almost in a bankrupt situation.

      For the record, this is not the first time I have dealt with Coldwell banker, all of their agents will call you friend and brother and try to make you think they are not concerned about the commission check. But I assure you that is ALL THEY ARE AFTER! Buyer and seller beware of Coldwell banker. I want you to know that I am an honest hard working person and I have integrity. 6 years of volunteer work at children's hospital. Numerous trips to 3rd world countries to do mercy work. 14 years owned a sign company. My intention here is not to destroy Jeff **, but I can assure you his intention is only to make sell and get the commission. I will post again to let you know whether or not I walked with the $119,000 which was my absolute bottom line to go through with the deal.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Verified Reviewer
      Original review: Dec. 18, 2014

      We just moved to Dallas area and I have naively took our realtor's advice to finance our mortgage through CB and it has turned into a costly nightmare. They provided a good faith estimate with fixed rate to match BoA and just a week before the closing date their broker Kim ** contacted me to let me know that they cannot honor their interest and have to change it to a much higher rate. The reason that they provided was change of my credit score due to late payment of a credit card. I checked with the credit bureau and the credit card and seems no problem. Also, they don’t suppose to check my credit score after the rate approval, which I felt unethical.

      I tried to speak to Kim and to her manager from Florida and they were very rude knowing that I did not have other option to finance my house on time. In addition during the process they are requesting enormous paper works unlike any other mortgage companies. I have spoken to many colleagues and neighbors and they report horrible experiences with CB underwriters as well. Finally, because of the limited time I have accepted their dictated rate and ending paying much high monthly payment waiting for next opportunity to refinance my mortgage. If you want a mortgage and don't want to be scammed, avoid Coldwell Banker at all costs.

      13 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Original review: Nov. 1, 2014

      We are using CB to buy a home, and naively took our realtor's advice to finance our mortgage through CB. It has turned into an unrelenting nightmare. We have repeatedly faxed the same documents to them, they requested that I send them a copy of the canceled check that I wrote TO THEM for the initial deposit to "show what account it came from." I said, "I wrote the check to you, look at it." But no, I must provide a copy of my canceled check to them along with a copy of my bank statement showing that they cashed the check. They are requesting reams of paperwork unlike any other mortgage process I have ever been through or heard of. This is because they plan to sell my jumbo prime mortgage the second they approve it so they are making us jump through hoops no legitimate bank would ever do. I have spoken to many friend and neighbors and they report horrible experiences with CB underwriters as well. If you want a mortgage and don't want to be tortured, avoid Coldwell Banker at all costs.

      12 people found this review helpful
      Rated with 1 star
      Original review: Aug. 5, 2014

      We sold our house and the law office sent the payoff check that day (overnighted UPS) - OVER TWO WEEKS AGO. The check was received by Mortgage Service Center but seems to have disappeared. It wasn't cashed, and our mortgage wasn't paid off. And then the monthly mortgage payment drew on the first of the month! I've called the customer service line (overseas) three days in a row and get NO ANSWERS, other than that they will "send an email" about it. I can't even believe this is happening, and I'm not immediately forwarded to management level in the New Jersey office. Outrageous.

      10 people found this review helpful
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