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I got an email from B of A that unusual activity was detected on my credit card acct. I had a transaction (to buy gas) declined around this time but I thought it was because I was reaching my credit limit. There were 3 transactions flagged on the email (1 was the declined transaction), but none of them had the city/state info for the business for me to identify whether they were valid or not. The email listed a phone # if I had any questions, and I called this # today to find out more about this.

After waiting for about 15 mins or so a person came on the line and started authenticating me. It started with what seemed like the usual questions but then she said that she saw that I had other accounts with B of A and I said I wasn't calling about these other accts, just the email re: my CC acct and asked if we could just proceed with what I called about, but she said she had to ask me about the other accts. I got frustrated and asked to speak with someone else. After another 5 mins or so, a supervisor came on the line and he said that he needed to authenticate me before proceeding, so I was expecting the usual questions again but he asked me for my driver's license, which the first person never asked for.

I said I never had anyone ask for my driver's license in an authentication process for a credit card and he said it was their policy. I told him that if it was their policy then the first person would have done that so this was inconsistent. I was getting more and more upset and haggled with him for several minutes but he refused to proceed unless I provided my driver's license. I asked to speak to his supervisor but refused. He offered to do the authentication by having me hang up and him calling me back but I refused to hang up because I had already spent around 40 minutes on the phone with them. He refused to do anything else so finally I hung up.

I then called their customer service #, and the automated speaker said that they had a list of 7 recent unusual credit card transactions and proceeded to state these to me. At least one was the same as one of the transactions on the email, but there were several additional ones and there was no city/state associated with any of these either. So again I had no way of identifying these transactions to assess their validity. After waiting again for about 20 minutes, someone came on the line. They said they were in the fraud dept. This person though actually was helpful and I was much calmer after talking with her. She said that I had already been automatically authenticated by their phone system. So this was 3 different authentication processes I went thru in about 1 hour. She gave me the city/state of each of the transactions and I verified them all as being valid.

She said that a hold had been placed on my credit card but that she had now taken it off. I asked why the transaction had been declined in the first place and she said she was unable to find this out. I thanked her for her help and l asked to speak to someone who could explain the declined transaction and to whom I could complain about the very frustrating and inconsistent authentication policies and the general unhelpfulness of the first 2 people a spoke with.

After about another 5 minute wait, her supervisor came on the line, who said that the reason for the decline was because the transaction was from a different state (Virginia) whereas I live in Maryland. I explained that Maryland and Virginia are right next to each other, that the gas station in question is only about 40 miles from my house and that people from each state have transactions in the other state routinely. He said that's the way their system works. I said that this is an incredibly stupid way for their system to work, that I've had their card for about 10 years and that nothing like this has ever happened before and that I evidently am going to have to go thru this laborious and very frustrating process every time I go to a neighboring state.

So, in addition to the long phone wait times: 1) terrible, inconsistent and very upsetting authentication policy; 2) idiotic fraud alert policy;3) fraud alerts that don't identify the transactions with enough detail for the customer to identify whether they were valid or not. After this experience, my impression of B of A is that it is a very disorganized and incompetent company with policies that are designed to make it as difficult as possible to help customers and to give their customers a very high level of frustration and that supervisors are completely unhelpful in resolving obviously unnecessary authentication issues for customers.

I went online to open a secured credit card based on an offer they showed me. When I read the info It showed, among other things, that the "credit" was based off of a deposit and amount of money earned. I applied for the card and waited to find out what the actual "credit" was. It turned out there was no credit, only deposit, and they took the money out of my account. Not understanding, I talked to a bank person who told me they only included income to make sure I could pay off card, so income was part of it. However, moments later, without knowing my income, he stated that if I had put down 4,900, the card would have had that balance. This proved that it had nothing to do with income and that the card was not giving credit, only the appearance of credit based solely, despite what they advertised, on income.

When I went in today to cancel, I was told it would take upwards of a month to get my money back. What took them a day to take, takes them a month to return. Meanwhile, I no longer have enough to make the down payment on a car because they are holding onto my money. This advertisement is vague and deceitful. If I had known the card was only worth my deposit, I would not have given my money in the first place. Also, after being so vague and deceitful, before they took money out, they should have confirmed that I approved of the outcome, which was no credit, only deposit. So now I will begin steps to remove myself from their business and advise others to do the same. Deceit is deceit, and B of A can clearly not be trusted.

We have had this card for over 20 years. We only have one credit card and we only have that because in America you are no one without a credit history. Recent security issues are making using the card a miserable experience. I appreciate that the company is trying to protect us but their customer service is so hard to deal with. It is almost not worth having the card anymore. We were declined for a purchase due to its size (we use the card for small purchases normally, the purchase was well in excess of our normal). I tried to call the only number available to me at that point to find out what was wrong. I could not get past the automated service that kept repeating that my large payment had been received, the balance on my card, and the available balance.

After much embarrassment I left the retailer without making the purchase. I spent 4.5 hours at the retailer to trying to make the purchase. When the card was declined, the salesperson cancelled everything. If I still want to make the purchase this morning, I will have to spend an extended period of time at the retailer again. I called the card services number again when I got home. I reached a man by the name of Kristin. He had me waiting for about 30 minutes during which time the only thing he could say was "I am working on the card" or "I am trying to get another security question". I asked repeatedly what he was doing. Yes he spoke broken English. I finally gave up and ended the call.

Surprise, surprise when I checked the card this morning it was still locked. I had to call again. I entered my card number twice via my phone keypad and then had to repeat it to the customer service person two more times. Very inefficient in the era of computers. Karen was able to unlock the card and I asked for permission to please use my card to make my purchase. My husband had already said yes, I did not know I had to call my credit card company too. I called a third time to lodge this complaint.

There should be a way to get through to a person when you are standing in front of a retailer trying to make a purchase. Public humiliation sucks. When I did get through to a person that person should have known his job and been able to articulate the process to me. I honestly felt like I had reached a scammer. When my card was still locked this morning, I felt like I was being punished further for not staying on hold indefinitely listening to Kristin breathe.

As an aside, for a company that is so desperately trying to stop credit card fraud someone needs to tell them that when I was sitting listening to Kristin breathe I could hear every word at least one other customer service person was saying. On at least one occasion, she repeated a customer's credit card number. My time is valuable to me. I spent over an hour on the phone with three different people and a computer begging to be able to use my own money. I believe this company has no respect for their customers.

I've been trying to do all I can to repair my credit score and FINALLY I thought seems that I have been banking with them since 1997 I'd be approved for a secured card. I never imagined that anyone could denied secured card when you transfer money monthly to pay certain thing with it. I was upset at the disbelief. I had almost filled out a real line of credit when I thought no you shouldn't. So I put me and my roommates/best friend/caregiver lol name on the card. What would you think? I'm serious you can use it unless you very have money on it which I was going to set up a couple of Bill like Rent and other big ones so I do have to order checks until we're moved and settle down. To my point is that your own financial institutions would try to help improve your credit.

Offered me a promotion with zero interest 'til 2018 February. Purchases were allowed 'til mid September without interest. That's what the guy from BAC told me and I used it accordingly. However BAC gangster now are charging interest. I really think the right hand does not know what the left hand does at BAC and the upper management do that on purpose to screw the people out of their money. What can you expect from banks? I grew up in Switzerland and knew already then that banks are the biggest gangsters.

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I was with BofA for a little over 3 years and have nothing but bad to say about them. Every single number listed on their site is just all automated and never gives you the options you need and never routes you to an actual person to talk to. The only way to get an actual person is to initiate a chat and that can be a long wait in itself. You can't even reach someone at a branch.

They are horrendous with protecting you from fraud as well. I had a debit card and credit card and had to replace each at least half a dozen times due to fraudulent charges and activity that occurred systematically on both of them. They also love to just charge you fees at random. Like for example I did a payment to my credit card on the due date and that same day I was charged a late fee. I had to initiate a chat to get the fee lifted. They just love to make money and do not care about their customers. The pure fact that they send your new card through the regular mail is another sign that they do not care.

I am used to endless hold when calling credit card companies about billing questions. But I had a fraud situation and BoA was essentially unreachable. I am cancelling the card.

I closed the credit line on 6/2, I had the account fully paid off. 6/10 Bank of America reopened my account to charge me $12. On 7/20 they took the charge off and assured me the account would be closed in 24 hours. Just got a statement in the mail the other day. 8/10 Bank of America charged me $1.50 interest on a zeroed out closed account!!! Does anyone know a lawyer I can contact about this? I don't want this company anywhere near my financial life!

I wait until I receive my ebill notification from Bank of America credit card to pay my bill. They post a little bell next to your credit card on your online banking, letting you know that a new payment is due. As soon as I see that, I automatically pay my bill. (Same day) What is happening is they are actually posting an ebill on the same day that the statement is processing. If you then click on it and make your payment, it is actually being posted as an additional payment for the previous statement period, and not on the new statement period you are currently in, per the ebill you just got. The problem with this is, that you assume when you make your payment for the current bill that was just posted that that will be your payment that is due for that Period. Then when you log back into your online banking, you will still see that a payment is still owing.

I have called them several times on this and they refused to understand that they are posting the ebill a day early and prompting customers to make the payment that day when in actuality they shouldn't make the payments till a day later. This basically forces people to make two payments that month in order for them to show that their account is current. You have to know that the payment that was just made does NOT show up on the old statement but does show up as a "current" payment transaction. Even though they posted in old period I have to note that the payment that was just made does not show up on the old statement but does show up as a transaction for the new statement. Even though they posted in old statement period.

This is not right. We are basically getting forced to make another payment to ensure that you have a payment that post in the new statement period. Please note, that this is not a past due situation. I pay my credit card the day that I get the ebill. They are simply sending out the ebills too early indicating that you owe a payment. When you go to make that payment if you happen to make it on the same day the bill comes out it applies it to the old statement. Even though it is a new ebill. This then forces you to make an additional payment for that period otherwise your account shows late.

Please note, that this is not a past due situation. I pay my credit card bills the day that I get it. None of the payments are made late. They are simply sending out the ebill too early indicating that you owe a payment. When you go to make that payment if you happen to make it on the same day it applies it to the old statement. Even though it is a new ebill. This then forces you to make an additional payment for that otherwise your account Will be late. It is a simple online glitch, and they refuse to fix it!!!

Bank of America credit card is charging interest, computed daily, on the credit card balance that is open during the grace period to pay what is due. No way will I continue with this credit card.

I have come up with a viable past time while you are on interminable hold waiting to speak to someone on the phone in the fraud division. Google what the executives at BOA are making in compensation. Then maybe it will become clear why there are underpaid, overworked people trying to handle customer complaints -- of which they are too many to mention. I bet the only thing that is a hassle to these executives is getting to get the heliport on Fridays to book a seat to the Hampton's. My mother gifted me some BOA stock when she passed away. She was using this stock to supplement her social security income. I watched that stock go into the dumper where it has basically stayed all these years. I have kept it as a memory of her but at a penny a share, she wouldn't even have been able to get a decent lunch out of that.

Stay far far away. I've been a long time customer (> 10 years), and they are screwing with me regarding a vacation impacted payment (3 days late). They have upped the flat charge. They have upped the percentage penalty, and they treated me like a piece of crap on the phone. When I tried to cancel, they don't tell you you have 300+ bucks in points equiv positive, they try to cancel on you without letting you redeem. Take your business far from here. Far far away!! Don't give them the chance to screw you too!!!

I have been a Visa and a Mastercard holder with Bank of America for over 10 years. When I have called Customer Service over the past 10 years I have almost always had the call answered promptly. Today I called (on a Sunday!) and attempted to reach Customer Service on 3 separate occasions. Wait times were over an hour and it seems that Bank of America has changed their automated prompts to make it more challenging to get a rep on the phone. I will feel compelled to look for another credit card company if Bank of America can't get their act back together and return to good customer service practices.

Trying to order textbooks, and they decline my purchase (I have a zero balance on this credit card, so money wasn't the issue, and they approved the other two purchases). By the way, it took them well over three hours to even alert me to the suspected fraud. So I try to contact them to find out what the **, and the guy tells me, "Oh, sorry, you'll have to call". So, I call, and guess what, the wait time is over an hour. I am trying to make a purchase. Seriously, what if I was standing in the grocery store? Or trying to pick up my kids from daycare and make the payment there? Or get an emergency flight out of some ** hell hole, or pay for a life saving medicine? By the time I got through to their "customer service" I'd be dead.

I called these people but before I can get through anyone's I have to push so much numbers and was on hold for 45 minutes and some smart ** Nick ** got on the phone being a very smart ** and before I can say anything I was transfer for another 20 min wait time. That's already total of 1 hr and 5 min and guess what. When someone finally answered saying wrong department and got transferred again for another 30 min. That's total of 1 hr and 35 min. Where the hell is all the people that they hire ** at the back office. And their dispute department is horrible. I was asking question more like a interrogation than a customers so I hanged up.

And most of the when I called the people that they hired had such a deep accent that I can't even understand what they said and the ones who's speaks well acting like an arrogant **. I ** hate Bank of America. And when I called to closed the account the ** behind the line was rude and saying that I should not based on one bad experienced to closed the account. And I told her "one experienced was enough and now I am closing an account with you and your attitude." I definitely wanted to closed permanently and I told her thank god because I don't plan to reopen an account with this dumb ** bank.

The thing is if this bank is so busy then hired more people. We have emergency and needed to speak to someone fast. I don't need these people answer my call when they are good and ready. Please there's is a lot of credit card out there that have great service but not Bank of America. Horrible people, horrible card and hideous service all the ways. No one should have to wait like I did to speaks to someone and had a nervous breakdown. These people try to tell me that my card is premium. Then if my card is premium and got tested the way I was treated I can't imagine what other card holder going through. When try to called them the only time I got good service was activated my card. Them is bank suck and their service is sucker. Bank of America you know what. You can take the credit card, shove it up to y'all where the sun don't shine.

I went through a horrible divorce and my assets were frozen. I had a balance with Bank of America (BOA) and had always paid the entire balance off monthly. Once my bank account was frozen, I contacted BOA to let them know that my payment would need to be extended. After a couple months I called BOA and informed them that I would pay the account in full and requested the payoff balance. I was given the outstanding balance and paid it in full with late charges/fees and confirmed that the entire account was paid including fees and interest through the payoff date. The following month I received a credit card statement stating that I owed another $300. I refused to pay it as I had already paid my balance in full and the amount owed at the time of the payoff was inclusive of all fees/charges and interest.

I have had the account in good standing and have not paid the balance. I have spoken to BOA management and they still will not remove the charges. I think it is so sad that BOA will push hard for this $300 that they said is additional that I owe. At the time of the payoff, the balance was $11,000. I am just a small consumer. I am disgruntled and cannot believe the poor customer service and empathy that BOA has. I was thinking that this bank was going to be wonderful to assist me, but when the chips were down for me, yeah, they let me ride out a couple of months without paying anything. But after a couple of months, they were paid in full with all their fees and interest and they still want more. I'm done with Bank of America!

Bank of America isn't customer friendly. I have a card/acct. with a limit of $19,400 credit limit that I currently owe $1,918.24 and am considering paying off. The account has always been in good standing, with the exception of an issue with a credited online payment that they indicate didn't occur. So 30 days... BS. I just found out that the account was closed without notification, but ALL statements (mailed or online) indicate the above credit limit. So, they closed my account without good reason and without notice. I advise considering other options before doing business with BOA!

B of A is the WORST bank on the planet from their fraudulent processes to their horrible customer services/staff! After having a Gold Reserve account for years linked to checking, B of A randomly "closed these accounts for all customers". This created a spiraling disaster. They promised to correct things and return the thousands of dollars to me "within 48 hours". Another LIE from this evil bank, no funds 5 days later, right before I'm to hop a plane out of country! They are heartless!!! They smile, smirk and sneer at you as they tell you there's nothing they can do. I can't wait to transfer every penny out of my accounts when I return from vacation! Stay away from these shady crooks!

July 12, 2016: Call to inform that we would make major purchase with their Visa card while on vacation, including to Canada. Card must not be placed on restriction during the trip. July 17: Visa Card frozen, one pre-booked tour was cancelled. No alternate credit card. Have to use cell phone to call B of A, on our expensive "roaming" time. 1st call: 10 min. hold. Gave up. 2nd call: Female rep said she must call us back on pre-registered cell phone to verify ID. Never called back. 3rd call: Male rep with accent impossible to decipher. Spoke to supervisor. He released all restriction. I WOULD NOT TRUST any front line rep. I would call supervisor to verify their work. I would get another bank's credit card.

Applied for a 18 month, zero interest cc and got approved for two balance transfers, for less than 5k total within 1 minute, but they didn't inform me it would take 3 weeks for them to do the balance transfers which ended up causing me to pay late fees on my old account. When BOA staff were questioned about all the time it took I was told "Oh, you must have applied online". Yeah, so what? If you apply online you're not going to get all the info you need. I'm taking their damn card and stashing it away, using their zero interest for the 18 months and not charging a DAMN thing on it.

Been with BOA since 94. Had a 21,000 credit limit, paid on time, paid balances off a few times. Paid Balance once again in Feb 2016. Called a few days later to make sure there were no interest charges that would come up. The customer service guy said "No there will not be any". He said unless I charge something I do not need to look at my statements for payments. WRONG. Just found out I owed $32 for interest. So I called and paid it. They waived the late fee as they understood the mistake. BUT the account was closed based on being 60 days late. In order to open it again, they wanted to pull a credit report. NO THANKS.

My credit rating is very high which means very good. Now I have a blemish. I told BOA that they needed to change this to not show 60 days late or that it was closed due to being 60 days late. And of course they cannot do this. Therefore because I listened to them shame on me. I encourage everyone who has BOA to change. There is so much more to the story but I have spent too much time on it already. I have never written a review before, but they screwed up and at the end of the day, I was the one that got screwed. My credit report will show a 60 late payment and account closed due to 60 day late payment.

I checked my credit card online this afternoon and I saw a charge that I was not supposed to have from a gym membership. I called them, the first call I waited 40 minutes online trying to speak with a representative. Someone answered but it was not the correct person, then she put me on hold and tried to connect me with the right department, that took 45 minutes and unfortunately I was not assisted because they hung up the phone. I tried one more time to see if I was lucky enough to find a nice person that could assist me. I gentlemen answered the phone and asked me how he could help me. I explained him my situation. He decided to contact the gym but at the end was even worst. He did not help me with anything. I waste my time trying to get in touch with them and trying to resolve my problem.

I just had an horrible experience with Bank of America even though I have been doing business with them for 3 years and I am a awesome customer. I am deciding TO CLOSE ALL MY ACCOUNTS. At the end they do not care about the customer. They do not value the good customers they have. But its fine. What could I expect from them. The only thing that they do right is CHARGING AND COLLECTING MONEY. I am sure that there is a lot of great banks that will take care and appreciate a good customer.

After 18 years of banking with BoA, never missing a payment, never overdrafting an account, and having 3 accounts, 3 lines of credit, and a credit score in the 700s today we decided we would open our business account with BoA. During our visit we found out that one of our credit lines we recently opened to balance transfer away from American Express was decreased from 10,000.00 to 2900.00 with no real explanation (mind you we've never missed a payment or overdrafted or overextended our credit) and the balance transfer we set up didn't go through. We found this out by going in there for an unrelated visit to open a business account.

Bank of America obviously already is known for being a greedy, inconsiderate, and generally unpleasant company to work with and we've given them countless opportunities to prove their value, but today was the end of it. We've opened our business account with Wells Fargo and we've agreed to a credit line with no interest for 18 months to get all of our BoA credit lines closed out and moved away from this miserable place. BoA convinced us to open this line of credit and then a week later after sending us congratulatory letters, our credit card, and a copy of our credit report with our 718 credit score, they turned around and made the credit line worthless. Thank you for adding a credit inquiry to our credit report for nothing BoA... Thanks for that.

I have applied for a Bank Of America travel credit card online on 10th June 2016. I found it to be pretty slow. I called customer care to fast track my application process but I was indeed given an option to cancel my credit card application as it takes too long i.e, 30 days for them to review and later on 7-10 days to reach me by mail. When I asked customer care if they made any hard inquiry on credit report, they never confirmed it. Otherwise I would have cancelled my credit card application. I did not expect this, and would like to give a less than zero rating for processing new credit card. Very slow service.

I have been credit card customer for the last 5 years and always paid on time except for last month where I was late by 1 day. They charged a service fee of $25 and when I requested to waive it, the representative tone was like "Get lost." What a horrible way of dealing with the customers. Will never use this card and will never suggest this bank or credit card to anyone.

I wish I had read all the reviews here before getting a Bank of America card. I contacted them today because I have never received anything regarding my Amtrak reward points. I asked them what my member number was. My customer service representative Erika said they did not know. I asked them how on Earth are they crediting me any points if I don't even have a member number? So basically the reward points that were advertised with the card are a scam and do not exist. This is fraudulent advertising for both Bank of America and Amtrak.

I signed up with a promotional APR of 0% for 12 to 15 months and after the 1st month, I was charged interest and now they are saying, I only have 0% on balance transfers. This is ridiculous! The purpose of me applying was to take advantage of 0% to save money! Bank of America is not a good company to do business with!! Stay away from this company, they are only in the market to rip people off, stealing people's money!

I had a Visa secured credit card with BofA and I have never received any statements or activity on my account. Up to this date my account is now in collections when I had never used it and tried to file a fraud case. They never could assist me. It's either pay your account or nothing. What type of business is this? I had submitted a credit dispute to see what other actions can be done.

An account was opened in 2001 by Larry **. I later married his widow. I never agreed to be responsible for this account and NEVER made a purchase or asked to have my name put on it. BofA has slandered my credit and this account is the ONLY derogatory account I have out of 18. I spent $100 bucks with Lexington Law to fight this. They told me to hire a local attorney. I am in Sacramento Ca. I NEED an attorney and will spend the money need to file a lawsuit. Thanks.

I have been trying to resolve a issue with BOA Claims Depart, Customer Service, etc. for 3 months. No one there can help you. They say they will call you back and don't. I have made 6 calls to them, going through details each time and then they say they can help me and transfer me to someone else who can't help either. No one knows what they are doing and I can't resolve the issues. It's the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I have cancelled the card and will never use BOA again. I have excellent credit, but was traveling to Alaska and wanted this card for free bags. Alaska Airlines should find new bank cause this one is killing your business. It's a long story, after 3 months, but these guys are terrible, worthless and it's painful listening to all their excuses. No one is authorized there for anything, so don't even bother calling.

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