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Bank of America isn't customer friendly. I have a card/acct. with a limit of $19,400 credit limit that I currently owe $1,918.24 and am considering paying off. The account has always been in good standing, with the exception of an issue with a credited online payment that they indicate didn't occur. So 30 days... BS. I just found out that the account was closed without notification, but ALL statements (mailed or online) indicate the above credit limit. So, they closed my account without good reason and without notice. I advise considering other options before doing business with BOA!

B of A is the WORST bank on the planet from their fraudulent processes to their horrible customer services/staff! After having a Gold Reserve account for years linked to checking, B of A randomly "closed these accounts for all customers". This created a spiraling disaster. They promised to correct things and return the thousands of dollars to me "within 48 hours". Another LIE from this evil bank, no funds 5 days later, right before I'm to hop a plane out of country! They are heartless!!! They smile, smirk and sneer at you as they tell you there's nothing they can do. I can't wait to transfer every penny out of my accounts when I return from vacation! Stay away from these shady crooks!

July 12, 2016: Call to inform that we would make major purchase with their Visa card while on vacation, including to Canada. Card must not be placed on restriction during the trip. July 17: Visa Card frozen, one pre-booked tour was cancelled. No alternate credit card. Have to use cell phone to call B of A, on our expensive "roaming" time. 1st call: 10 min. hold. Gave up. 2nd call: Female rep said she must call us back on pre-registered cell phone to verify ID. Never called back. 3rd call: Male rep with accent impossible to decipher. Spoke to supervisor. He released all restriction. I WOULD NOT TRUST any front line rep. I would call supervisor to verify their work. I would get another bank's credit card.

Applied for a 18 month, zero interest cc and got approved for two balance transfers, for less than 5k total within 1 minute, but they didn't inform me it would take 3 weeks for them to do the balance transfers which ended up causing me to pay late fees on my old account. When BOA staff were questioned about all the time it took I was told "Oh, you must have applied online". Yeah, so what? If you apply online you're not going to get all the info you need. I'm taking their damn card and stashing it away, using their zero interest for the 18 months and not charging a DAMN thing on it.

Been with BOA since 94. Had a 21,000 credit limit, paid on time, paid balances off a few times. Paid Balance once again in Feb 2016. Called a few days later to make sure there were no interest charges that would come up. The customer service guy said "No there will not be any". He said unless I charge something I do not need to look at my statements for payments. WRONG. Just found out I owed $32 for interest. So I called and paid it. They waived the late fee as they understood the mistake. BUT the account was closed based on being 60 days late. In order to open it again, they wanted to pull a credit report. NO THANKS.

My credit rating is very high which means very good. Now I have a blemish. I told BOA that they needed to change this to not show 60 days late or that it was closed due to being 60 days late. And of course they cannot do this. Therefore because I listened to them shame on me. I encourage everyone who has BOA to change. There is so much more to the story but I have spent too much time on it already. I have never written a review before, but they screwed up and at the end of the day, I was the one that got screwed. My credit report will show a 60 late payment and account closed due to 60 day late payment.

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I checked my credit card online this afternoon and I saw a charge that I was not supposed to have from a gym membership. I called them, the first call I waited 40 minutes online trying to speak with a representative. Someone answered but it was not the correct person, then she put me on hold and tried to connect me with the right department, that took 45 minutes and unfortunately I was not assisted because they hung up the phone. I tried one more time to see if I was lucky enough to find a nice person that could assist me. I gentlemen answered the phone and asked me how he could help me. I explained him my situation. He decided to contact the gym but at the end was even worst. He did not help me with anything. I waste my time trying to get in touch with them and trying to resolve my problem.

I just had an horrible experience with Bank of America even though I have been doing business with them for 3 years and I am a awesome customer. I am deciding TO CLOSE ALL MY ACCOUNTS. At the end they do not care about the customer. They do not value the good customers they have. But its fine. What could I expect from them. The only thing that they do right is CHARGING AND COLLECTING MONEY. I am sure that there is a lot of great banks that will take care and appreciate a good customer.

After 18 years of banking with BoA, never missing a payment, never overdrafting an account, and having 3 accounts, 3 lines of credit, and a credit score in the 700s today we decided we would open our business account with BoA. During our visit we found out that one of our credit lines we recently opened to balance transfer away from American Express was decreased from 10,000.00 to 2900.00 with no real explanation (mind you we've never missed a payment or overdrafted or overextended our credit) and the balance transfer we set up didn't go through. We found this out by going in there for an unrelated visit to open a business account.

Bank of America obviously already is known for being a greedy, inconsiderate, and generally unpleasant company to work with and we've given them countless opportunities to prove their value, but today was the end of it. We've opened our business account with Wells Fargo and we've agreed to a credit line with no interest for 18 months to get all of our BoA credit lines closed out and moved away from this miserable place. BoA convinced us to open this line of credit and then a week later after sending us congratulatory letters, our credit card, and a copy of our credit report with our 718 credit score, they turned around and made the credit line worthless. Thank you for adding a credit inquiry to our credit report for nothing BoA... Thanks for that.

I have applied for a Bank Of America travel credit card online on 10th June 2016. I found it to be pretty slow. I called customer care to fast track my application process but I was indeed given an option to cancel my credit card application as it takes too long i.e, 30 days for them to review and later on 7-10 days to reach me by mail. When I asked customer care if they made any hard inquiry on credit report, they never confirmed it. Otherwise I would have cancelled my credit card application. I did not expect this, and would like to give a less than zero rating for processing new credit card. Very slow service.

I have been credit card customer for the last 5 years and always paid on time except for last month where I was late by 1 day. They charged a service fee of $25 and when I requested to waive it, the representative tone was like "Get lost." What a horrible way of dealing with the customers. Will never use this card and will never suggest this bank or credit card to anyone.

I wish I had read all the reviews here before getting a Bank of America card. I contacted them today because I have never received anything regarding my Amtrak reward points. I asked them what my member number was. My customer service representative Erika said they did not know. I asked them how on Earth are they crediting me any points if I don't even have a member number? So basically the reward points that were advertised with the card are a scam and do not exist. This is fraudulent advertising for both Bank of America and Amtrak.

I signed up with a promotional APR of 0% for 12 to 15 months and after the 1st month, I was charged interest and now they are saying, I only have 0% on balance transfers. This is ridiculous! The purpose of me applying was to take advantage of 0% to save money! Bank of America is not a good company to do business with!! Stay away from this company, they are only in the market to rip people off, stealing people's money!

I had a Visa secured credit card with BofA and I have never received any statements or activity on my account. Up to this date my account is now in collections when I had never used it and tried to file a fraud case. They never could assist me. It's either pay your account or nothing. What type of business is this? I had submitted a credit dispute to see what other actions can be done.

An account was opened in 2001 by Larry **. I later married his widow. I never agreed to be responsible for this account and NEVER made a purchase or asked to have my name put on it. BofA has slandered my credit and this account is the ONLY derogatory account I have out of 18. I spent $100 bucks with Lexington Law to fight this. They told me to hire a local attorney. I am in Sacramento Ca. I NEED an attorney and will spend the money need to file a lawsuit. Thanks.

I have been trying to resolve a issue with BOA Claims Depart, Customer Service, etc. for 3 months. No one there can help you. They say they will call you back and don't. I have made 6 calls to them, going through details each time and then they say they can help me and transfer me to someone else who can't help either. No one knows what they are doing and I can't resolve the issues. It's the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I have cancelled the card and will never use BOA again. I have excellent credit, but was traveling to Alaska and wanted this card for free bags. Alaska Airlines should find new bank cause this one is killing your business. It's a long story, after 3 months, but these guys are terrible, worthless and it's painful listening to all their excuses. No one is authorized there for anything, so don't even bother calling.

I transferred 1,700 dollar from debit to platinum credit card. As there are no BOA locations in columbus ohio. The balance wasn't showed up in my online account even after 12 hour. I called them and make a request several times. They just keep transferring my call to one another. They didn't say it's not possible. They just keep transferring and at the middle they disconnect phone. Worse experience..

Started at 5 minutes estimated wait, then as I waited it changed to 6 minutes, 7 minutes, and so on. How does the volume of demand and the estimated time increase when I'm already in the queue?

I opened an account with Bank of America in 2007, have always paid the min. payment. On 4/13/2016 I paid my entire bal. of 6,624.24. As soon as I did they reviewed my credit & decided to close my account. They penalized me for paying the balance.

I live abroad and use Bank of America as my US-based bank. I am having some issues with my debit card and the problem could be solved if I just could talk to a real human for a couple seconds. Alas, no luck! I simply can't wait on hold for 30-40 minutes, especially because I'm not confident that holding longer will ever result in a connected call! The worst part: I call during business hours, and the message tells me: "We're sorry, our offices are closed. Our business hours are 7 am-10 pm, please call back during those times." Considering I am calling at 8 am on a Tuesday, I am pretty sure I AM CALLING DURING THOSE TIMES. Ugggh! Just awful.

The bank calls leaves me a message and says my account will be on hold until I call and review some transactions with them. I have been calling for three days and nobody picks the call up. So how am I supposed to call and clear it up if they wont answer the call?

Before studying abroad for a semester, I decided to sign up for a Bank of America student debit card because I knew Bank of America was an international bank and they told me that there would be no fee for using the card internationally. I clarified three times, making sure to ask if a few would incur, for instance, if I withdrew from a Bank of America partner bank or if I used my debit card in a store or at a non-partner bank atm. They clarified that unless I withdrew from a non-partner atm, there would be no fees. I put the majority of my money for abroad in that account because my personal bank charged a 1% interest rate per transaction or withdrawal overseas. A month into my semester I found $140 worth of fees on my bank statement for international transactions.

Since it is incredibly expensive for me to call them abroad with my phone plan, as they usually put you on hold for about an hour, it would have been more expensive to call and ask than let it go so I looked online and found it says there is a 3% fee of each transaction, which is more expensive than the local bank I normally use. I don't know how they twisted the truth, perhaps they will tell me when I get home and complain that they were talking about "some other type of international fee", but I am outraged. I can't switch my money back to my other account from here without incurring a fee either, so I will apparently continue to have to use fees, which will most likely mean I can spend two weeks less here. Needless to say when I get back I am cancelling my bank account with a very angry complaint letter about the dishonesty of this company.

Can Bank of America credit card fees get any more infuriating? The answer is “yes” and here are 2 relatively new credit card fees that Bank of America has dreamed up. The first has to do with being charged a foreign transaction fee on purchases made in the United States. Here’s the experience encountered on 2 separate occasions. In both cases purchases were made using a BofA credit card to 2 international companies. Both purchases were made in the US but, because these 2 international companies use a foreign bank as a clearing house, BofA charged a foreign transaction fee. This places the cardholder in a position of having to know where a company does their corporate banking.

How is the cardholder going to know where a company does its banking? Or how is the cardholder even able to ferret out such information? The answer to both questions is the cardholder simply cannot. But even more infuriating is that BoA often blames the international company for the fee. This is simply not true. BofA assigns the foreign transaction fee not the international company. While it is possible to get these fees removed, doing so requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the cardholder.

The second Bank of America credit card fee is even more infuriating. I’ll use myself as a typical case. My credit card payment is due on or before the 15th of every month. But my next billing cycle begins on the 19th of each month. This leaves 4 “uncovered” dates. If I happen to make a purchase during those 4 “uncovered” dates, BofA automatically charges interest on that purchase, even though I have never been late with a payment and always pay the balance in full. BofA offers no explanation for this fee and this lack of explanation can be interrupted as “we can so we did”. The only positive to both of these practices is that BofA is becoming more cognizant of the power of consumer complaints going viral on social media. But BofA becoming enlightened has been a very slow process.

I have been with Bank of America credit card for years. Now, this is about the 10th time they have done this to me; whenever I pay the balance off, they lower my credit limit. They did this to me years ago, when I needed to buy plane tickets, which was an emergency, and they lowered my credit balance. No letter. Just lowered it, and the month before I needed the tickets, I paid the balance off in full. Well, they did it again. I just paid off my balance. My credit limit was $4600 February of 2016.

Today, March 9, 2016, I went to check my statement online, and they just lowered my score to $1000. When I called, I got some idiot telling me they sent me a letter, which I never received, explaining that I have missed payments. That is so funny. All my credit cards, mortgage, car payment are taken out of my checking account automatically every month. So that is lie number one. Lie number 2 is that they sent me a letter March 4th; well if they put messages on your account and alerts on your account, when you sign in, why is that letter not there for me to read. Does it always have to be a surprise with BOA?

I feel they should not have the authority to check your credit every 6 months, and if that is the case, 6 months ago I had higher balances on my credit cards, and auto loan. So, if my score is over 700, I pay all my credit cards and bills automatically, so I won't forget to pay a bill, why did they lower my credit limit in March of 2016, and not 6 months ago?

BOA practices need to be addressed by the government; the lie, they pull your credit whenever you pay them off or make a big chunk of a payment, and then because they get upset that you don't have a high credit card bill, they lower your amount to purchase. It seems to me that they are not making enough off of your charge card, so why keep you as a customer. Beware all of BOA. They are deceptive in their practices, and I am reporting them to the National Banking Commission, as I have had it with them.

When I started using my BOA credit card they promised no annual fee. A few years ago they started charging 80 a year to with no good reason. I pay on time every month and have good credit. Someone told me they're in trouble with their unfair practices. So now they are gouging the "good" customers to make up the money they're losing.

I have had 1 credit card account with BOA for several years and recently opened another one. During the years I had my first credit card with them they only raised my credit limit 1 time. BOA placed several hard inquiries on my credit report even after I told them they did not have my permission to place a hard inquiry on my credit report. Now since they closed both credit cards my credit will be ruined as it will now be listed as 2 separate closed accounts both with balances. I have never once paid any of these accounts late. They claim it is because my revolving balance is too high and that is not believable because my balances are actually lower than they were. I have used BOA for many years, always trusting them with my family's hard earned money. I am now realizing this is a huge mistake as BOA does not value me as a customer. Very disappointed with BOA.

Bank of America stopped my automatic credit card payments after 12 months. In my experience, automatic payments never stop until you put a stop to them yourself. I had some late payments as a result of not realizing that the automatic payments had stopped. When I complained, the Bank agreed correct my credit report. It was my understanding that the automatic payments would start again, but this didn't happen, so several payments were late again, ruining my credit.

The Bank will not see my point of view on any of it, and insists that I have to be punished. They have no blame in the matter. It's just that I am financially irresponsible. I still cannot understand why the Bank of America would have "automatic payments" that end automatically. This must be a money maker for them. I cannot see any benefit to the consumer. I will be moving all of my accounts. Not that it will matter to them since they can hit us all up for BILLIONS in bailout money any time they fail to manage their finances. Disgusting.

I have had my B of A credit card for 15 years. When it was issued, they gave me an enormous credit line. Much more than I ever needed. I've used the card extensively over the years. The balance has gotten high at times, but eventually has been paid off, at least two to three times. Mind you, I have never gotten anywhere near the limit on this card. A month ago I was on a business trip with this card because two of my others with much smaller limits were nearing the limit, so I brought this one, just in case I needed it.

Lo and behold, I needed to purchase an airline ticket while away. My B of A card was declined. When I called, all they could tell me was that my limit had been reduced by $15,000, but would not give me any reason. "We sent a letter." was all they would tell me. This essentially left me high and dry, with no warning. Mind you, my B of A card has been paid a day or two late at times, it has NEVER been delinquent and the minimum, if not more, has always been paid. My credit score, when I checked it during this ordeal was in the 700's.

Went to a B of A branch, where I was rudely told "We can't help you, read the letter." I have the money to pay these cards off, but due to cash flow issues at the moment, have chosen not to. I am infuriated that after so many years of being a good customer. The kind that actually MAKES THEM MONEY. They would treat me this way. I have now paid this card off, and will no longer do business with Bank of America.

I have had a credit card with BoA for 20 years and always paid on time. Last summer I received a phone call that claimed to be from B of A asking for personal identifying information (starting out with my address). I refused to provide any information but did call the phone number of my Bof A credit card. They assured me it was a scam and not to provide any info. The person called back several times but I refused to provide any info. I also received a letter but calling Bof A, they assured me it was a scam. Then BofA cancelled my credit card but has refused to provide any explanation as to why. I tried to use my accumulated rewards to pay my balance due but BofA claims they have the right to seize my rewards since the credit card was cancelled.

My mother passed away on February 10th, 2016 and as executor of her estate, it was up to me to pay off her debts. Every time that Bank of America sent a bill to pay off her credit card, I would write a check to pay the debt off and 2 weeks later, they would double dip into her account. Every time I call them about this problem, they say that they are there to help me, which I call ** on! They are only there to cheat people out of their money. I have had to call them 3 separate times on the same double dipping problem. I am to the point of taking them to court. 2 months ago, I paid off the balance of over $6,300, and they double dipped in the account again, which ended up with overdrafts in the account and every check that I used to pay the utilities had bounced. I ended up paying late fees and overdraft fees, because Bank of America ripped my mother off.

Do yourself a favor and don't ever use this bank for any reason. You will have more grief than you can handle. They are the worst banking institution in the United States. Stay away from them and use a honest a reputable bank, such as a credit union. I personally use a credit union, and have never had any problems. Bank of America is only good for one thing, and that's ripping off people, especially veterans and hard working people.

Dear Bank of America, you are the absolute worst bank ever. You only came into my life when I married my husband and we paid off his credit card with Bank of America. We overpaid $400 and you didn't let us know until we figured it out when we checked to see if it was paid off. So you said you would give us our $400 that you owed us. So we waited and waited and finally my husband called to find out where our money was and then you decided to mail us our check but at the same time you also put the $400 in our bank account and did not tell us. We did not know what happened until you contacted us to let us know that YOU overpaid us $400 so we said we would gladly pay that off. But then you continued to charge us interest and when we had the $400 paid back to you which was due to YOUR mistake, you had charged us interest for two months.

So my hubby called to get that taken off since we should not have to pay for your mistake and you said it would be done and then you didn't take care of it. Then you added more interest and more late fees and we called again and again to get them taken off. You repeatedly hung up on us or transferred us to like 5 people to finally be told it will be taken care of but you keep sending us bills and charging interest and late fees and it's now on our credit. This has been going on for months and an endless cycle of fees for your mistake that we call every month about and are told it's taken care of but we are still getting bills!!! We are being punished for paying off this credit card and being punished for YOUR mistake.

We will make sure everyone we know and my husband is active duty so he knows lots of people, I repeat, we will let everyone know what a horrible scamming institution you are and that you have horrible customer service. We are so glad we no longer have a credit card with you and we will never ever be your customer again. I will also put this review not only on Facebook but on Yelp and every other place online that I can so everyone will see what a horrible company you are!!

This bank is the worst ever! Don't ever use one of their credit cards. It is not worth your time. They have my account frozen even though it has never been in default. I can't even make a payment online! Unbelievable! Service reps only know what they have memorized and do not try to understand the situation. Please train these people! I'm done with BOA.

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Beverly HarzogCredit Cards Contributing Editor

Beverly Harzog is a nationally-recognized credit card expert, consumer advocate and author. She’s appeared on Fox News, CNN Newsource, NBC New York and more. Her advice has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Money Magazine,, The New York Times, Kiplinger, Real Simple,, Family Circle and much more.    More about Beverly→

Bank of America is one of the largest financial institutions in the country. It’s a global leader in wealth management, corporate and investment banking and more. Bank of America is very convenient because it offers 4,700 financial centers and 16,000 ATMs. The bank has 32 million online banking users and 19 million mobile users. It has been working with customers for more than 200 years.

  • Cash rewards: Bank of America offers several cash back credit cards with good rewards, including one for students.
  • Secured credit card: If used responsibly for 12 months, it’s possible to graduate to an unsecured credit card with Bank of America. The 20.49 percent APR is a little high, but it’s not an issue if the bill is paid off every month.
  • Credit card for paying down balances: The BankAmericard Better Balance Rewards credit card lets you earn $25 per quarter when you pay more than the minimum amount due, up to $100 per year.
  • Zero percent introductory offers: Several cards have these offers for purchases and balance transfers. Read the terms and conditions carefully so you know when the promotion ends.
  • Sign-up bonuses: Many of Bank of America's credit cards offer generous sign-up bonuses if you meet the spending requirements within the time requirement.
  • Well-designed, user-friendly website: The bank has made it easy to view the rates, fees and rewards for their cards. This makes it easier to understand and choose the card that’s best for you.
  • Reputation: Bank of America is a trusted name in the credit card industry.
  • Convenience: It has branches all over the world that are easy to access.
  • Best for Consumers who are looking for either travel or cash back credit cards. Also, those who carry a balance and want incentive to pay down their balances.

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