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This company makes it next to impossible to make a payment. They also will not send you a monthly statement, or any type of reminders for your loan. The website says they accept checks but I just got a call saying they don't. I need to come in, pay cash or send them a money order. I live about 45 mins to the closest branch to pay. I just told them to come get the product cause this is BS and all y'all are doing is making it so that people fail on the loan. I do not recommend anyone getting a loan from this company.

Got a call today from Regional Finance in Miami Oklahoma because we were late on a payment. The female calling was rude and belittling and talked to me like I was a dog. I just wonder if the owner of the company encourages the managers to be especially rude and arrogant to customers that are late. I have two family members that have been placed on Hospice this month and a husband that had a stroke and attack, have been traveling and trouble with finances. We have other loans and the companies have not pressed, been rude or belittling. There is no call for a manager to be so rude to ANYONE really. People know when they are late with a payment. We are old enough to be her parent. I really hope she gets reigned in...if not fired...just uncalled for. Won't be a customer again!

Unsolicited loan check in my U.S. mail - I do not want unsolicited loan checks in my mail that could be stolen and cashed by a criminal.

I was a long time customer of Regional Finance for the past 5 years. At first, I had the best experience with the manager Mrs. ** whom was there in the beginning when I first signed up with Regional Finance. Since then they have changed managers and made her assistant the manager of this branch in N. Augusta, SC. I advised the new management that I had lost my job and had been unemployed for 9.5 months. I was told that he would work with me and my husband in getting the payments caught up. Well he did, he kept refinancing the loan with a higher payment and longer terms. What started out as owing approximately $2000 he changed out loans and made the balance owed to regional at $8k with a much higher premium than I had before. With this in mind, he knew I was unemployed and could not afford to make this payment.

They would harass the HELL out of you, they called my phone 7 times within a hour's timeframe, then lied and said they did not call, but HELLO, we have new TECHNOLOGY that records and logs your calls both incoming and outgoing. This manager over this branch is the worst. He identifies himself as being a christian and always willing to help, but when you tell him you are in a dilemma it's "come in the office so we can discuss". Why? If I am calling you over the telephone to discuss, why would I come into the office.

I pray that I will be able to pay this company off and they would revamp their managerial strategies and get some people that are customer service oriented and willing to work with others. These people are not representing the company as it should, it shows greed and mischief. You will forever owe them unless you file bankruptcy and it seems like this is my only option because they are really difficult to deal with and my hopes are the Regional Finance Corporate Management would read their reviews and consider reconstruction of their company worldwide.

These people are good with loaning money. I have had several loans by them. The bad news is, they run a "HARD" inquiry to your credit which sends your score way down and doesn't get removed for 2 whole years! Yup! It even says over and over and over in the fine print and adverting that they "DO NOT" do this! UMM... Yes they do! It's really not worth it if you're trying to establish credit cause they are bringing you down big time! This was for renewing my loans too. What a HORRIBLE COMPANY! Glas I paid them off 100%. WILL NEVER BORROW FROM THEM AGAIN EVER!

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Last year around this same time my father-in-law who has been deceased for 3 years... This company sent him a check for a loan and I am the one who handles financial cares. Well I opened it and said this is a real check for $1,300 and I called them and said "is it real" and answered yes. Okay I did the right thing and I called to tell them that the name on the checks is deceased and they asked would I return it. I said yes and I returned it. Of course I applied and denied. They sent another one in his name... returned that check.

Now believe it or not this company knowing he's deceased sent another check out in his name... when they know he's not living. Deceased and I are related but this is the third time they've sent out a check. I think it's a sign from deceased relative. I don't know. I'm so tired of this company sending out the check know he's deceased. Obviously they are not listening.

As I write this review, I will say that I am not angry. I notice most people write reviews when they're angry, upset, and or disappointed. I will say my experience was not great and because of this experience it made me cautious in the long run. We all know thing happen sometimes that we cannot not control. I lost my job and stop paying. So I went to court. In front of the Judge a lady name Jamie stated "we are willing to help you". So with that being said I requested to pay $50 a monthly simply due to the income reduce.

Longer story short, after going in to set up a payment plan I was told I couldn't pay less than $100 a month. This company was aware of me not having a job. After some weeks go by, I stated to them I have a job starting soon and that I would be able to pay again. A lady name Jamie stated "Well your account will be charged off". I just couldn't believe I haven't had the loan open for a full six months yet alone five. This company is the worst I have ever dealt with. Normally when I read reviews I just say to myself these are angry people. No! It happened to me so please be careful and go to someone other company, Springleaf is better

I have had a couple loans from Regional Finance over the last 3 years. I received a check in the mail at a time when I had no idea how to make our monthly budget work and was behind on everything. I read all the fine print and while the interest rate was not ideal, neither was my credit! I have had nothing but good experiences with all the girls in the office. I am a VERY forgetful person and they call me almost every month on the 6th like clockwork and get so excited when I actually THANK them for calling me to remind me to pay!

Interest rates are definitely higher since they specialize in loans for people with less than ideal credit, but using the last couple years when things have been tight has actually helped me get my credit score moving in the right direction! I read the fine print. I understand my payment schedule and I never get a loan with a payment that I'm not comfortable making. Regional Finance is definitely a blessing to me.

I fell behind on my loan. Was told "No problem. We can help you out." Told them when I could make payment was very rudely "You need to come in the office so we can explain our privacy details." Ask them to explain what they meant and was told "You just better come to the office." They then proceeded to call from blocked numbers. Their rates are 142 percent and the state allows it. They say they are a finance company. I cannot wait till I pay them off and will never ever do business with them and will not recommend them to anyone!!!

Will never do business with them again. Got behind one payment & got summoned to court. Wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. Stay away from this company...

I went through hell just to try to get a loan to pay for my summer classes for school until my refund came in. I had to go through all kind of red tape. Finally the lady said "You are approved. We just need to verify your work." The guy Marco told me that he called my employer and I got the fax number. I get a call from Agnes ** the manager with a nasty attitude telling me she is denying my application because she cannot verify my employment. I asked her what does she mean. Marco just told me she talked to my employer. She went on to stay with a nasty attitude that she doesn't care. I swear I wanted to jump through that phone and slap the hell out of that lady. I was so pissed. I am like "I don't have to lie, about a job. I gave y'all everything you ask for." I don't know what her problem was.

My wife received a check in the mail from Regional Finance Corp #570, but at the time she knew nothing of what the check was for or if it was even real. The amount of the check was around 1300.00. My wife did call the phone number that was with the check and she asked if the check was real. She was told by the person on the phone that it was a real check and that she can cash it. My wife asked if this was for a class action suit from Barnes & Noble that she was part of. My wife was told that it was part of that suit and that the check was hers to cash and keep. She was never told that it was a payday loan.

She was able to cash the check she received in the mail, that she did not ask for, at a major bank. The check was legitimate, she did not ask for the money, and it came in the mail. Since then, Regional Finance Corp. is now suing my wife for 1700.00, for a check that came unsolicited in the mail, and upon calling for information, she was given false information in order to get her to cash the check.

After my divorce, I was unable to maintain the luxury car my ex-husband purchased for me. I went to a dealership in town and traded my vehicle in for something that was within my budget. I was financed by Regional Finance. At the time, they were Auto Credit Source. I never heard of them, but I knew that without my ex-husband as my co-signer, my credit was non-existing, and I had to start somewhere. Some things didn't add up from the beginning, but I was so overwhelmed with my four children, 3 jobs to stay afloat, and countless personal battles, that the last thing on my mind was how I went from paying $340 a month for a Mercedes Benz, to paying $550 a month for a Kia. It bothered me, but I couldn't fit my children in the previous car and I couldn't afford the repairs the luxury car required at that time. So having a newer car that ran with no mechanical issues, and that all my children could fit in, seemed more like a priority.

I finally found some stability in my life and came to my senses. Fast forward 3 years, I'm now on active duty military orders. I called regional finance in Houston TX to inquire about the Soldiers and Sailors Act. This Act states that any service member on active duty orders can have their interest rate on any pre-existing loans reduced to 6%. I've called to ask them about this and they have ignored me and given me the runaround each time. I started inquiring with other companies about my refinancing options. This prompted me to look at my original contract.

I started calculating. Turns out these people will get from me $40,000 on a 72-month loan on a Kia that had an original price of $21,000. The contract from the dealership says one thing, but when I multiply what regional finance charges me each month times 72, it equals almost $40,000. The amount I agreed to paid at the dealerships was in the 20s, so how in the world do I end up owing almost 40k??? My next step is to consult with JAG and I am terrified because JAG is known for wanting to do nothing more than notarize papers. But I have $0 for an attorney.

This company is dishonest. If they will charge a single mother of four children, serving in the military and working up to 3 jobs to stay afloat, almost double the original price of a vehicle. I think it's safe to say that they will do all kinds of underhanded dirty back door deals to bamboozle people out of their last dime. I hope people will research this company and run in the opposite direction. And I can vouch for every single person that's given a negative review on account of their employees and the lack of customer service. These people will talk to you like you are a sub human species. It's humiliating to say the least. Save yourself the trouble and do not do any business with these thieves!!! You're better off riding the bus!

First let me say that I have gotten over 10 loans from this company and I have always paid them off within the first 30 days of the loan. My last loan was for 1300.00 which was due on 02/28 which is on a Sunday. I received a call from Joanna the worst customer service ever. I informed them that I would be paying off the balance. I ask if they would take a check over the phone. She stated that they do not take payments over the phone and I stated to her this is why I do not like their company because they are not customer friendly by phone or online. She stated to debut with me and became very argumentative (given to expressing divergent or opposite views). I informed her that I did not want to disagree with her I just wanted to pay the balance off. I disconnected the call because she would like allow me to say anything without over talking me.

Don't ever borrow a loan from Regional Finance. The staff is the most unprofessional and worst attitude ever. They are lucky they have a job for borrowers like us. My husband's payment was due on the 7th of every month and they would call on that day to remind us to take the payment as if we were children. If you mail your payment, they are bound to lose it and make you go in person. One of the times I called inquiring of the receipt of my payment and she was rude and even hung up on me before I finished asking.

My wife and I took out 2 small loans with these bloodsuckers. Mind you, we've had car notes and other loans throughout the years, we've always paid on time. I fall 1 month behind and their showing up at my door? Also, had the worst attitude I've ever witnessed. Even after I went up to the office and explained my circumstances and make a payment. They're still threatening me with a lawsuit over $90. Stay away from these loan sharks and shop elsewhere. Their loans are predatory and they could care less about you, your community or your circumstances.

My daughter was told she was approved for loan and not to pay anything on the loans she was going to consolidate, even though two were due that day. The next morning we clued to verify the loan, we're told to come in to sign the paperwork. When we got there they told my daughter she was 20 dollars over her debt ratio so they could not help her. I offered to pay off one of her loans to lower that debt 90 a month but now they are too busy to even give her the time of day. So, now my daughter will show late payments with two companies., Regional Finance for having inexperienced employees and rude customers service.

I took out a personal loan of $1000. The contract said if I pay the loan off early I would not have to pay interest. I made a $800 payment towards my principal. The Rep told me if I come in and pay off the balance of $349 that includes the processing fee I would be ok. Instead of paying off the balance I made another principal payment of $112 after speaking with Rep confirming my balance due which should bring my balance to $237. I received in the mail an invoice that my new balance is $534.51.

How is the world could my balance increase by an additional $300. I call to try to get an explanation. The Representative Ruben very unprofessional, nasty attitude, hung up call on me. I called back asked to speak with someone other than him. Was placed on hold for a good 10 minutes. I hung up frustrated with none of my concerns addressed. I would advise anyone applying with Regional for any type of loan to GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. REGIONAL IS NOT A NICE COMPANY TO DO BUSINESS WITH.

When I first spoke to the office on White Horse Rd the office manager spoke to me like a piece of crap and now they're calling our elderly family members demanding money and telling them our business. We refuse to pay them for this reason.

Watch out for the optional insurance coverages that some branches add on without explaining them. This is technically illegal and they are supposed to give you a quote with and without these coverages. They are very expensive. Also, they leave far too many details on voicemail. In NC for example, all a collector is allowed to say on voicemail is name and number. If the word account or anything about a payment or a broken promise is left in your voicemail save it and contact their district manager and file a complaint. Call an attorney if you are able and you may be able to get out of dealing with them altogether.

I had called and spoke with an employee and made an arrangement to put the payment in the drop box and I was advised the office would be open on Saturday. They called me back and was quite rude stating she was trying to work with me and I needed to put the payment in the drop box. I felt that was not professional at all as she did not know of the previous conversation. Either she needs to talk with her staff or listen to customers as they call in. I will be paying out my loan and not refinancing. I would not recommend anyone to them and I will not use them again.

I dropped off a check for $50 and they mailed the check back with a sticky note saying my payment is $94. I know I'm behind about 2 months but I dropped a $100 two weeks earlier.

Made arrangements to make payments with Beaufort SC office. Forgot to call by Saturday, therefore a vehicle pulled up in my yard Monday morning from the Hampton, SC office. I thought it was my wife's ex-husband who has already destroyed numerous items of ours. I went out with a bat, reached in passenger side of vehicle while the driver got in driver's side and that's when I realized camper was being repossessed. I took keys out of ignition, tossed in front of vehicle, walked to rear to make sure camper was unhooked and told worker she was trespassing and I will be pressing charges. She stated that I didn't have to come out with a bat and I said, I never in any way shape or form threatened her with this bat. I turned around and walked into the house while my wife made sure she left.

The next day Regional Finance worker hired a tow truck driver to snatched camper. I blocked driver down the road where police allowed them to leave with camper and I advised driver he will also be charged with trespassing. Needless to say a week went by and a sheriff patrolman pulled up to arrest me for supposedly swinging a bat at her while cursing at her the entire time. I also was wrongly accused of getting in on the drivers side preventing her from leaving. Apparently Regional Finance does not hire employees with a background of honesty and integrity. Once all is said and done I will sue the person for a false police report, will sue Regional Finance, and sue the sheriff's department.

My payments are purposely being held for two weeks before the check is cashed. Racking up interest. I don't receive monthly invoices reflecting my payments. They don't listen to what I say. Dismissive tone from person on the phone. I've sent the final payment, but believe they will hold it to prevent the payoff.

I have had an account with them for a little bit now. I admit and I am little slow on payments but always pay! I have been out of a job for a month and explained this to assistant manager. She told me I should renew acct. I told her I would probably do this the next day. I decided not to renew a $1500 with no job because it is in my best interest. How would I make the payments?

Anyway the assistant manager got mad and left a questionable message... She said "thought we had an understanding, in order to avoid next step, and this might go to the supervision, and other things." I used to work as a collector and all you're supposed to do is leave your name and number. Isn't this the slippery slope for the fair trade and debt collection act??? Anyway I filed another complaint with another company. Have talked to the supervisor and she apologized. Seemed genuine since the assistant manager dragged her name in it, lol. Very rude people! No way would I ever renew account in the Troy, Al office! There are collection laws...

I was a returning customer. I had paid off my first loan with no late fees - I always paid on time. And when I came back for a new loan your manager at the Nacogdoches location did not treat me like a good returning customer. He said he would help me but he did not. Even talking with the district manager I did not get any satisfaction. All I wanted was a small loan to get me by, and they couldn't help me so I will never recommend these people to anybody and I will do my best not get involved with this company again.

I have had several loans with these people. I pay on time and have never had a problem. They are some of the nicest folk I have dealt with. These finance companies are in business to make money. I see so many negative reviews about them. I can not believe all the fault is on Regional Finance. I have used them for about 3 years now. Have never been turned down for a loan, called about a late payment, and have been treated with the utmost respect. As a matter of fact I enjoy going in to make my payment.

Don't go to this company. I went to the store in Houston TX to pay off a loan. Well come to find out I also pay a big portion of the interest of the loan? There's no point of me paying it off early at all. What you are doing here is taking people's money. Never again will I do business with them. I'm reporting them to the BBB.

I financed a car through the RF in Sumter SC. This finance company is a joke. They obviously think that harassing people and belittling them is an effective way of rendering payment. I recently had some things out of my control happen and got behind. I went to the branch manager, **, to help me resolve them. He made me literally cry for two days. I have never felt so small in front of anyone ever. I am very very close to just leaving the car in the parking lot with the keys in it so I don't ever have to see him again. This man clearly does not need to be working with the public. With that being said.. I must say that ** and the lady that works there now are both very respectful and helpful. My other complaint is that I asked for a printout of my payment history since Jan twice and was denied it. Their computer system is ancient and they are still unable to process a debit card in 2015. At this point I don't know what to do...

After many phone calls and many, many, MANY collection phone calls because my information wasn't correct - I finally gave up on this company and I'm done dealing with them. I've never had so much trouble with a company taking my money! They need to update their EXTREMELY old computer system and add notes of when they speak with people. I contacted BBB about the situation and I'm waiting to hear back from the company.

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