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I have 4 store cards with them--Overstock, Woman Within, Lane Bryant and Gordmans. For the most part I like being able to shop at these stores. After trying to work with them to get them to change my due dates on the cards I started picking up on stories I was being told. They tried to tell me that one of the cards determined my due date by my zip code. Another told me the store demanded my due date be set to that. And as I've kept pushing about them changing my due date on the card they keep telling more and more lies... Now that it's become very obvious I am being lied to I have told them I will probably start closing these accounts as they get paid off. I have gotten a line of credit increase and 2 out of the 4 accounts have allowed for my due dates to be changed but they say there is nothing they can do for the other two. Hmmm. They told me the same thing about all of them a month ago!

Hello everyone. I have never made a review on a company much less on a review board, but I really want to share my experience with this company. They are completely a scam and do very shady business. About 1 month ago, I went school shopping with my daughter and every store we went into, they offered the 15% discount if you open a card today. So, I opened about 5 accounts throughout the day from different stores, PINK, NEW YORK and COMPANY, TALBOTS, Dress Barn and then they sent me a Mastercard from Gander. So of course to get the discount for opening a card, I used the cards that day. I just received my first bill from each one last week with a minimum payment of $27 due by October 8.

Last week, I received letters from all of the cards stating that I needed to send in a copy of my driver's license, a copy of my social security card, and a copy of my current utility bill to verify my identity. I did. I called just now and they have closed all of my accounts because they said they could not verify my utility bill (which has all of the same information as my DL and SS and applications). They informed me that they have closed all of my accounts and that I will need to reapply. I said, "Absolutely not. Your company is a scam and I should have listened to the reviews I saw online." I will be paying off all of my accounts, BUT please, do not get involved with this company. They are not legit. Now I am terrified that I have sent a copy of my social security card and DL and now they could do anything with that. I think I am going to seek legal counsel.

This is about the Victoria's Secret Angel card. Been a cardholder for almost 2 years and never had billing problem, but then suddenly this summer bills just didn't get delivered. They claim mail is being returned to them as undeliverable and repeatedly ask to update my address. My address is correct so I don't know what to do and I don't know where or who they are sending my mail too. They asked why don't I sign up for paperless billing, I did and even then their notifications were not reliable which is why I switched back to paper. Victoria's Secret won't even help, have not received bills, free birthday gift offer, rewards, nothing. All Victoria's Secret tells you is you have to call Comenity.

I had opened a Comenity Total Rewards Visa, only to have them after two months close it. Keep in mind all payments were on time and paid in full. I received a letter saying excessive inquiries and this too is incorrect. I had applied to a card to transfer a balance at zero percent and that prompted this action. Stay away from them at all cost. This bank's business practices are very poor and even the reps say they see this a lot and don't agree with this action either.

THE WORST CREDIT CARD COMPANY I'VE EVER DEALT WITH. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWFUL. I wish I NEVER would have opened an account with these people! I have never used them before and was buying a lot of furniture for our new home with Wayfair and thought it would be ok since I was getting 0% interest. I am a responsible customer who cares about credit and making sure payments are made on time. But comenity does not want you to keep the 0% and hope customers "Mess up" so they can charge a huge interest fee and make their money. It took them forever to even send me my card but said I can start using immediately (convenient).

As soon as I received the card, I setup a payment 2 weeks early to draft to make sure there were no issues. But I must have mixed up a number on my bank account # (my error) because I received a letter NOT AN EMAIL (WHICH I STATED I WANTED MY CORRESPONDENCE THROUGH) and of course took 2 weeks to get to me.

As soon as I realized there was a problem I immediately made a payment on the 20th (my actual payment due date) BUT it took Comenity 2 days to post my payment which made it LATE OF COURSE by 2 days. So now they are charging me a huge interest and refuse to reconsider even though they see it is a complete innocent error and I was trying to pay ahead of schedule. I have written them 4x and they are like robots who say the same thing and do not actually look into the situation. I called and discussed with a representative for 45 minutes who actually sounded like she was going to try to help and get it reversed but then we were disconnected. I tried calling back for an hour and their PHONES WERE DOWN?! The entire company was unreachable. I am just going to pay this card off and NEVER use them again. Do not waste your time! Its a gimmick.

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HSN has their payment departments fragmented and hard to follow if you get behind because you lost your job. Comenity Bank is in "charge" of HSN credit card - not account. In getting a new position and explaining and trying to get a decent settlement price instead of the outrageous amount of monies they wanted, I had to be belittled by a jackass agent who collected my information and with attitude gave and I accepted a settlement. One payment the day of the arrangement and one payment 10 days later. So today (10 days later), I'm using the exact phone number given to me to call and make this payment and get an agent who knows nothing about the settlement and asks me for the full amount. OMG. Then when I start to explain to her the issue, she transfers me without telling me.

So now in a different department, already upset I get another agent with an attitude. And guess what Comenity, you don't get to tell someone how to behave as long as they are not yelling or cussing your sorry snotty asses. You don't get to interrupt me and you don't get to say "that's what I say." I warned you about your ** attitude and turned a true customer service dialogue back at you. You spent more time telling me how you were going to answer my questions vs answering them. You wanted to argue or comment on every little thing and guess what MY TIME is way too valuable for you to hear yourself stroke yourself. I had no idea originally that Comenity backed HSN or I would never have agreed to even have an account. HSN in bed with snakes. PS Yes, I enjoyed taking this time to write this review.

Avoid any vendor that has their credit card through them. I opened a credit account with This bank refused to provide me with my account information however they emailed me a statement 2 DAYS after I opened the account. BUT without an account number I cannot access my statement to set up payments and without accessing my statement I cannot find out my account number. And of course if the payment is delayed they will attack my credit and try to damage it. This so called "Bank" is a big scammer. Any victims of their horrific business practices should start suing them. I know I am.

Simply B approved me for an account through Comenity bank. Worst mistake of my life!!! I only ordered two pair of shoes. My total price was only $30+. I pay all my bills online. I kept calling the automated voice feature and I keyed my information in as it prompt me to do so. Of course trying to find out how much is my balance it stated "no payment is due at this time" which was false!! I paid a total of $58 on the 6th of August because of late fees... Keep in mind this is supposed to be my payoff balance... But oh no!!! September is here. My balance is now $88.98!!!

As of today Wednesday, September 14, 2016, I have paid Comenity bank off and out!!! I have never been taken advantage of like Comenity bank has just simply robbed me!!! Never again will I ever apply for credit with these thieves!!! I'M trying to build my credit not destroy it. The nerve of this ** bank!!! Comenity bank owes a lot of customers $$$$ back big time!!! Late fees for what then your automated system is an automated liar!!! For future reference, do not apply with Comenity bank. Save your self money, time & drama!!!

I have called Comenity Bank, HSN and I keep getting sent back and forth and back and forth and I am already disgusted on how I can resolved this problem. Maybe I should just sue HSN-Comenity Bank for burning my hands like I said regarding this horrible Curtis Stone Cookware they are selling that burns your hands when you touch the lids and handles. No other cookware in this world does that except this!

I have asked for a credit and told Comenity I am returning it and they still kept charging me non-stop financing charges. I already complained to HSN and asked them to take this cookware back and they referred me to the owner and back to HSN and back to the owner from Hong Kong - Jon Silverman who apparently was not even Curtis Stone? I want my $214.45 + the payments I made which totaled to $192.38 including financing charges and late fees. Why should I not get them all back? Then let me pay for the other items I purchased separately and pay for them as if I purchased them without this stupid cookware! Plus pay financing charges for them not with this cookware! Which may be a total of $100.00 only!

I opened an account with them through Venus. I signed up for online payments. I made my payments, for some reason they said it was returned due to invalid information on my bank account. They could not pull up my information to let me verify if the information was either put in correctly or incorrectly that I had to put the information in again via online. I did so. Triple checked that it was correct. I received the next month's statement with another returned fee. Now I have $78 in fees for products I have originally returned anyways. They still cannot verify whether the information is correct or not. They are crooks. I had to talk to a supervisor to pay this $78 so I can close my account out and be done with them for good! They are unwilling to work with you, or help you resolve the issue. They said "this is not common". But from the reviews I have read, obviously that is false.

I made my June payment on the 4th. It was not due until the 17th. I paid more than the min. due. On the 20th I was in Avenue and asked the store manager if I made a payment then would it go towards my July payment since the due date had passed. She said yes. She was wrong! I was called and told I failed to make my July payment. I told them I was told it was fine and they saw where two payments were entered in June. The woman understood the error. Told me I paid 4 days too early. She thanked me for trying to pay early. Informed me of the actual date I needed to wait for (24th). She reversed the late fee and I thought all was well. But instead they called me and told me I needed to pay 47 dollars as a min. payment instead of the usual 27. If they saw the error, apologized for misinforming me, and reversed the late fee, why was my min payment nearly double? Answer: "Just pay it. It's no big deal." It was to me.

Then a supervisor tells me they fixed it. Just pay my 27 by the 17th. I lost my card and reported it. I make my payment online where it says 0 min. due. I paid 27 anyway because I owed it and I assumed it said that due to the fix the supervisor did. I was wrong... They closed my account because my account was delinquent when I reported my lost card. No one told me! I was at first told it was too late and I would have to reapply. I got the notification that morning! Oh well. We did catch it in time. We can reopen it. Now I get my August statement for Sept pay. I am past due 20 dollars because I only paid 27. Now I made a mistake in June by believing a store employee. I made the mistake of thinking they understood the error reversed the late fee thus forgiving the first mistake. I made the mistake of believing the supervisor that the oversized min. payment had been repealed.

I made the mistake of believing them when they said they would send me out new cards. I made the mistake of believing the online account payment system that said "No min. due". Well I only half believed that because I knew I did owe the next month's min. payment so I paid it. Now they will set my account right if I just pay 7 dollars more than usual and they will extend me my "final courtesy" of reversing these late fees. Do I believe them? No and neither should you! I will pay the 7 dollars and probably more because I am done with these fools. It was never about 7 dollars or the original 20 extra, it was about making things right, acknowledging some culpability, and ultimately basic common sense customer service. EPIC FAIL. This phone call was their "final courtesy" as I will never shop at Avenue or use Comenity Bank credit again. Oh and I am spreading the word.

This company is horrible. I never received a notice that they took over Citi bank and was left with "your account ended with that bank." So if that's the case why are they calling me every 30 minutes wanting me to pay but I had the hardest time trying to get my account number from them. It wasn't until I said something about taking them to court is when they really wanted to listen and now my account was almost forwarded to Weltman, Weinberg, & Reis Co.

I tried seeking help but the only thing they wanted was money to set up payments even after they said my account was forwarded as a audit and there was nothing to do and kept saying we are recording the call like is that supposed to scare me. After Im done making these payments Im never signing up for a store credit card again. They made it a nightmare for me. Comenity Bank changed their name to Comenity Capital Bank and they had a 64 million lawsuit that they lost. I wish someone would do a class action lawsuit.

They updated my account and coded it incorrectly, and brought my 2009 bankruptcy back up to 2014. Because of this error, I can't refinance my house. This is costing me thousands of dollars. I have been trying to get them to send me a letter via fax and mail and they can't seem to handle that. I find it hard to believe they don't have a fax machine. I work for a large bank myself and know this goes against what banks are supposed to stand for. Do not ever have a Comenity Bank credit card. Stay away from this company.

Do not sign up for a card from this bank. I signed up for the card through Ideal Image. The Ideal Image website that goes through Comenity Bank, does not give correct information, it deceives and lies to you. When opening their statements, nowhere on the statements does it say a date when your package ends. Statements are supposed to have the ending dates on them, theirs do not. All theirs said was, Package Expiring soon, it never had a date. When informing Comenity Bank of this issue, all they did was take off the View Statement option and put a different link up, and then sent me a copy of all prior statements, after the fact that the package ended without me knowing. So now I have been charge, as if I never had the package in the first place and when you are trying to resolve the issue, they charge you late fees when they told you they wouldn't. Do not sign up for this card.

Today I received 3 phone calls from Comenity bank, and 1 text message. 12 DAYS TOO LATE... I made my payments to my credit card ON TIME at the beginning of the month. I was not notified until 12 days after my bank had refused payment (I made a mistake on the acct #) that my payment had been declined. My payment was due on the 17th, they were notified of this on the 14th. I then had numerous charges on my account all because of this mistake. I swear they just waited to notify me so they could add more charges. I was on the phone for 2 hrs, and 4 different supervisors, trying to get them to reverse some of these charges. My payment that was returned was only for $2 dollars. It is ludicrous how fast $2 dollars turned into $45.

Watch this company, they are incompetent. Also they could see that both cards were paid the same day, and my record is flawless. They told me I had not made any payment at all this month and I was going to have to go to the bank and get proof. After speaking with another supervisor I was told this was false information, my payment magically appeared. This company definitely needs to get their act together. I am still not satisfied with everything they did to resolve this issue. Buyer beware.

Today I was contacted by Ben ** at Comenity Bank. I have a card through Comenity bank from Victoria's Secret. I was keeping up with the payments, and then my other bills kept increasing and I was no longer able to make this a priority. Having a roof over my head and food on the table became my priority. I was getting charged late payments and payments on top of that. I couldn't keep up. I spoke with someone else from Comenity whom was very understanding and told me he knows life can be tough. He offered to close my card so it wouldn't keep charging me and told me "good luck" and to take care of it when I had the chance.

After that, I still get calls every single day about the card. None ever leave voicemails, but today, Ben ** left one. He was very threatening and rude in his voicemail. I called back and explained that I've already spoken with someone about the issue and that I have no way to pay for it at this time. I told him "I'm financial unable to." He said I AM able to, it's just that I don't WANT to. I said "no, I would if I could, but I do not have extra money after my regular bills." He said, "ma'am I'm not going to argue with you. You are able to, but you don't want to make it a priority."

I stated again that I am not able to. He asked "who makes the money then", and I said "my husband. But even after he pays all of the bills, we do not have extra money. We barely make ends meet right now." He said, "well I can see here that you were born in '93, so you are able to. You just don't want to. You can get an extra job. You can even get a second job. You just don't want to." I'm just lazy.

At this point, I'm in tears, with my baby on my lap. I tried my best to speak through my crying voice and say, "excuse me, I stay home with my baby while my husband works, I do not have the extra funds, let alone funds to put my son in daycare to get an extra job. Daycare alone is $400 per week. I wouldn't even have a paycheck left." I hung up, bawling. I couldn't get anything else out of my mouth without sounding like a crying mess. So, specialist Ben **, I may be 23 and look lazy to you because I am financially unable to get a job, but I raise our child and that is the most rewarding "job" someone can have. I hope to never be as miserable and disrespectful as you are.

I set up the payment account with them that allowed electronic communication with my bank ie; payment due notices and auto draft. After a year plus, and the payments being withdrawn on my bank account the day it is due I checked my statements online and discovered a $37.00 charge each month for the payment being late. It was either a weekend, or on some, after 8PM when they received it. This was whether it was on the due date or not.

I found out today after paying my accounts and placing an order that all 5 of my accounts were closed with any type of notice. When I called the number for my Buckle account it rang and rang. I then called and selected the option for a new customer, it finally rang to a person who could not tell me the exact reason of why my account was closed, but she did tell me that all my accounts were closed as of June 15th. I used my cards after June 15th, so therefore that's a lie. I spoke to a supervisor who then told me that even if you are in good standing they hold the right to close your account. Say WHAAAT?

I will now have a horrible credit report, I will now need to file bankruptcy. Thanks Comenity Bank for screwing me and my credit. I will never again trust an in store credit account. If it's not Visa or MasterCard from a bank that I bank with I do not need it. I have had a long standing with this bank as well. I am so angry. I read about this on the FICO forum but did not think too much about it. Shame on them!

Comenity Bank has taken over so many credit cards and their billing and payment practices are unsavory. They hold payments, and apparently have the right to do so. Often holding just long enough to make it late, charge fees and then not crediting as the minimum payment thereby making your next payment late again... an endless vicious cycle. Most recently they have been returning my payments back to my on-line bill pay and have done so two months in a row... they take no responsibility for this. My bill which was $27.00 and paid in full, is now due in the amount of $128.00. Nothing but fees because they RETURNED MY PAYMENTS TO MY BANK! Since there is no negative star rating, I had to give them one. Comenity Bank sucks and their business practices for posting, receiving and returning payments should be investigated. They should be fined for improper business practices!

I have a Crate and Barrel credit card that had a zero balance fraudulently used in store. I contact Comenity Bank who state that they will not correct the charges until there is proof that the card was fraudulently used. Crate and Barrel Loss Prevention contacts them the next day stating that charges were fraudulently charged (by a mistake of a sales person entering the wrong credit card number). Crate and Barrel contacts me informing me that a refund was made and they are ever so sorry. I log on and the charges (over $3,000!) are still there. I contact Comenity again who state that since the store is now involved and though they state yes I didn't make the charges, they still refuse to credit my card until they find the person who did make the charges and charge their account. Absolutely ridiculous! Close any and all accounts you may have with Comenity. They don't have the consumer's best interest in mind!

I applied for a J. Jill credit card for convenience and this is a nightmare. They moved me to paperless without my permission then the account gets locked up, I can't get my password - so I can't see what I owe. I returned a package and felt with the return my balance should be under $20, but the credit took a month to come through and I didn't want to pay the $100. I also couldn't figure out the balance and then had $50 of late fees over two months accrue. Please stay away from these crooks.

My experience is with the New York and company credit card. I used my credit union bill pay service and I have a years worth of payments 2015-2016 showing payments on the due date of the second of each month. NYC customer service said that although paid my bill on time to the credit union they did not receive it until the 3rd of the month (one day late), so I was charged $35.00 a month for 12 months equaling $420. I spoke with customer support and was told they could only refund me two late fees equaling $70 total.

I was contacted 5 times today by Comenity Bank, no messages left and when I called back they wanted personal information before they would say why they would be calling me. It is alarming to have that many missed calls between business meetings from 2 numbers that are from the same company and then no information on why they are calling. I looked up the numbers on the internet and found it to be Comenity Bank, seeing they are associated with a variety of consumer charge cards I realized it may have something to do with my Pottery Barn Card.

Since my bills have been delayed in the past I called Pottery Barn automated service and found my account, to my shock, past due. I had made a full payment on time as I always do so this was news to me. I called, was transferred and found to my dismay that they had credited my payment to another account; they had my account with a past balance, 2 late fees and finance charges. They found the error and corrected but as you can imagine they had already put my account into a collections department which they said they would "undo." How do you undo the bad credit dinging they've done.

This was the second time since reinstating my Pottery Barn Credit Card a year ago. Years ago I had a Pottery Barn Card but found they delayed in billing and other issues and canceled the card. I love the Pottery Product in the store and love the idea of the "rewards" (though mine also inadvertently went to "another account") but they should select a must better bank to do business for their credit card business!!! This is such a poor reflection on their company to even be associated with Comenity. Pottery Barn... you can do better by your customers than to provide this type of service.

I responded to an ad on Facebook on discounted rate for hair removal laser treatment with American Laser Skincare. During the "free" consultation, the rep was so adamant on having me sign up for the offer and even had me try their machine right then and there. It seemed to work for me so I consented. They wanted the money upfront which I did not have so they assisted with applying for a loan for me with Comenity Bank. I was immediately approved and it wasn't long before the business called American Laser Skincare shut down. The clinic was inside a huge, almost empty building with 2 white females (the manager and receptionist) and about 3-5 Asian "nurses". The vibes I got from the white females were negative, but, I have no reason to discount my intuitive emotions so I mistakenly dismissed it. I've only had 2 sessions and the third time I went, the office was closed. No warning, no reason, no notice whatsoever. The nightmare had just begun.

Afterwards, I received calls and mail from American Laser Skincare saying I owe them the balance of $200 or something. I've already paid them at least $300 for the 2 sessions. The calls and bills kept coming and I tried to resolve this by writing them a letter and talking to them on the phone but they refuse to leave me alone. I told Comenity Bank that I refuse to pay a single penny more for undelivered services as the business shut down so the contract between them and me is voided. They ignored my argument and kept adding interest on top of a balance of about $250 until a year later, I received a threatening call from a collections officer saying I owe them $600. She said they waived the $1000 for me but I still owe $600. FOR WHAT!!!

I was so tired of these low life blood suckers that I finally gave them my checking account number and gave them permission to withdraw $104 per month for 6 months to pay off the one-year interest rate they charged me. If they continue to harass me and charge me after I pay them the $600 for absolutely nothing, I will take legal action.

This is regarding the Comenity Bank Virgin America Visa. I've been embarrassed and/or inconvenienced by having my card declined when making a purchase. This has happened when trying to use the card in a parking meter and in retail stores. In October 2015, I was trying to buy something in a clothing store when the card was declined. I my time was limited because my car was parked at a meter; having to call Comenity and wade through the security questions, etc. caused the parking meter to go overtime, and I incurred a $64 parking fine. They said the vendor was on a blocked category - this was a clothing retail store in West Hollywood, CA!

On a couple of other occasions I tried to use the card to pay a parking meter and it was declined. On May 5, 2016, the card was again declined when I tried to pay for an auto repair. This was embarrassing. Fortunately I had another bank's card that I could use. I then called Comenity to find out what happened. After a lengthy call verifying my info, transferring me to the security dept and again answering the same security questions I was asked to verify a series of transactions. (When I got home I discovered that they earlier had left a message on my home phone's message box, for me to call Comenity. Other bank cards do this with a text message on my mobile phone for more timely notification).

The next day I checked my account on the Comenity website, and the account was still blocked -- said I had $0.00 available credit! So I had to call Comenity again, wasting time going through the security questions again etc. and again being transferred to the security department. They said that my account showed that my call had been transferred to them, but there were no notes that the card was unblocked. So once again I had to verify each of the same transactions I had already verified the previous day. I like to use this card especially for Virgin America purchases because of the extra mileage points, but it's become my card of last resort because I'm fearful that it will be declined. I'd never rely on this card for critical situations such as traveling in a foreign country. The nicest thing about this card is the unique pink and black color.

I applied for a Total Rewards Visa Credit Card through Comenity Bank. I applied for the card because I do go to the casinos and wanted to take advantage of the extra rewards that the card offered. After receiving the card, all the rewards that I was suppose to receive, I did not receive. I was given promotional codes for one free night stay any day of the week and when I called to use the promotion, I was advised that it was not true. I was told that I could only get a room from Sunday to Thursday. I was also told when I applied for the card that I would earn 10,000 reward point after spending $1,000 within the first 90 days and my tier status would change for the first year once I spent over $1,000. This did not take place and in fact I lodged a complaint to the casino and the bank.

I was told that the complaint would be escalated and someone would contact me with a resolution within 48 hrs. To no avail did anyone contact me to discuss my situation. If you are looking for a good credit card that is going to honor what they advertise, this is not the company. Don't waste your time. Since no one ever contacted me back, I closed my account a week later.

This company has run 3 hard inquires on my credit report and 3 new accts from the same bank on my credit report. I only had this acct for 3 weeks and didn't receive any merchandise but they reported I did on my acct and credit report?? How can you report I owe something if I haven't received it? Also I returned my merchandise so won't be ordering from this credit company again. How do they have right to access my credit report?? Also their merchandise is low quality at outrageous prices. Stay away from Comenity bank and their predatory lending!! Frauds. Beware.

I have 3 credit cards from Comenity. After hitting some really hard times (hospitalized for dvt/pulmonary emboli) I called Comenity to work out a plan as I was unsure of any income until I could return to work. They were extremely rude and told me I needed to pay... period. They call my house 28 times a day beginning at 8am and going thru until 9pm. I try to sleep a lot so I can get healthy again but the calls just keep coming. When I ask for the calls to stop, they tell me it's an auto dialer and they have no control over it. I would disconnect my phone but my doctors and labs use my home #. I'm so upset that they can get away with this harassment.

All my accounts placed on Hold 3 days prior to my Vacation - Thank you for your quick action regarding the issues. I have spoken with several department representatives from your bank, too many to name all of them. The bottom line is the entire team worked together to resolve this issue and it is now resolved. I look forward to a long lasting Financial Relationship with your bank.

Comenity Bank Crate & Barrel credit card. Same as Dough reported earlier on this bank - no auto pay options on this credit card account, no emails, no post that I saw in my mailbox, no SMS for late fees. I had a phone call after missing couple of payments, approved my late fees over the phone and paid the balance in whole the next day. I agree with Dough, the Comenity Bank was designed to collect late fees and affect your credit reports.

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