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MyCleanPC is a PC optimization software that provides a simple, three-step solution to diagnose and fix computer issues that may be causing slowness, crashes & freezes, pop-ups, and even blue screens. They offer a free diagnosis, which can be downloaded online in minutes and will scan for issues that may be causing slowness and other common computer problems. After the free scan, you will have the option to activate the full-version of the software, which includes free antivirus software and access to expert technicians.

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Last updated: Oct. 30, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 5, 2015

MyCleanPC is great for those who use their computers on a daily basis. This software allows you to keep your computer running well by cleaning it of any malware that can cause damage. This software helps your computer run faster and with less inconsistencies. When I had trouble installing the software I was able to call customer service with ease. They helped me resolve the issue in under ten minutes and did not redirect me to many different people. I use my computer for writing papers and downloading documents so my storage slows down my system greatly. My computer works much better now after using mycleanpc and I am not afraid I will lose any of my documents, photos or music.

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Original review: Aug. 21, 2015

My made the mistake of purchasing The PC optimizer and Early Detection. I did the scan as instructed. It found a lot of issues, so I fixed those. Re-scanned and it came up with even more issues. I clicked to fix those and went to bed. The next morning, my laptop was off and the only way I could get it to boot up was in "safe mode." So I uninstalled the crap and had to call 4 times to get it canceled. And they refused to give me a refund. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. response

Hi Cyndy, Thank you for reaching out. We would like to learn more about your experience and see how we can help out. I have sent you a private message with more information.

Original review: Aug. 11, 2015

Using their system was fair. It tells you what needs to be cleaned and takes a while to clean it out, but this is just about every time you use your computer. My biggest issue is their billing department. They cannot get anything straight. I've been billed twice in one month. I contacted them and they did see the problem stated they would reimburse me, never happened. The following month, once again. Same scenario, so this time I asked to cancel my subscription. I continued to be billed for it the following month and contacted them. They told me it shows canceled and couldn't help me any further. Mind you, this is all outsourced to the Philippines. I finally had to open up a fraud expense on my credit card with my bank. What a pain in the... response

Hi Robert, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'd like to learn more about your experience and make sure any outstanding issues are resolved. We have sent you a private message with more details.

Original review: Aug. 2, 2015

Paid for the software $19.99, one-year subscription on 8/1/15. Email sent confirming payment, and followed email instructions. Got to activation code on their website but was not supplied on email. I called them. Talked to Ella - she sent me the activation code. I entered code and ran it. After finished (3 hours later), my windows will not launch and I get blue screen. Have tried several times in safe mode, BIOS screens, etc. Called and talked to an Andrew, no help. Talked to Alvene, no help. My son talked to PC tech Jesse and was told they could do nothing. I called them today 8/2/15 and was told the same thing. I want something done - they should pay for everyone's PC systems. This should not be allowed when they have advertised on many radio stations and everywhere, AND THIS IS WHAT WE GET??? WHAT A TERRIBLE THING TO DO TO PEOPLE!!

Original review: July 30, 2015

My dad visited this site and came up with over 7000 errors on his PC. I had installed and maintained that PC, and I'm an experienced PC and server support technician (over 18 years experience in the business). So to test that site, I created a virtual machine, did a clean installation of Windows (I tested with both XP and Windows 7), and ran their free diagnosis tool. In both cases MyCleanPC came up with 7,000 errors. Baloney. Buyer beware.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 27, 2015

This company stated that the program they sold me does not work so they wanted to give me a refund. Sounds good except they wanted me to give them access to my computer and then open my bank account. I refused and they will not stop calling me. I blacklist their calls but they change numbers.

Original review: May 16, 2015

I took the bait of a free download. It said I had some thousand issues (I had had my computer "cleaned" and bought Kaspersky protection about two weeks before and had done every internet work since then.) So, I wanted to get rid of MyCleanPC. I searched my program files, but I can't find it. Now, every time I start my computer, it runs its "check," with varying "results," recently in the hundreds even though I have not done any cleaning etc. Also, there is no email contact listed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 30, 2015

I ordered their software, remote accessed my pc and didn't fix anything. Downloaded a bunch of crap that I cannot uninstall. Still can't use my computer, told me there was another issue and so I cancelled my subscription. A month later I'm getting another charge on my cc. This is a scam.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 20, 2015

MyCleanPC is now a DIRTY PC. This service not only did not clean/speed up my laptop, but it loaded a virus into my laptop. It made my laptop completely unusable. What a horrible waste of money and time.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2015

MyCleanPC is a piece of junk. The commercials claim that it speeds up your PC, but it doesn't do squat. The program scans invalid registry entries, browser history and temporary files and can de-fragment your HDD. Not only is that pitiful for a PAID optimization program, but also "fixing" them won't speed up your computer. First of all, registry entries. The program scans for empty registry keys in the Windows registry, and if you pay $20, you can delete them. The problem with deleting these keys is if the program incorrectly flags a critical key and deletes it, that can render you computer unbootable or cause fatal errors. You can also do it for FREE in CCleaner, although I wouldn't recommend cleaning out the Windows Registry at all.

Browser history, you can do that for FREE. Just load up your browser, open your history, and clear it. Simple as that. Temporary files? Deleting temporary files could theoretically speed up your computer a little bit, but CCleaner does it FOR FREE and actually does a better job. If you've never cleaned out your system before, CCleaner may be able to find 2 GBs or more of junk. De-fragmenting tool? Do that for free with IObit Disk Defrag, Windows Disk Defragmenter, or Defraggler. Not to mention that these tools will do it much better than MyCleanPC. The website contains testimonials which are obviously staged. Total **. If a company has to resort to FAKE testimonials in order to trick people into buying their products, that's a red flag right there. You won't find any of THESE reviews on their website!

Point is, MyCleanPC is TRASH. Don't buy it, and it won't speed up your system. Many FREE alternatives like CCleaner exist out there which do a better job than the paid version of it. Did I mention that their tech support sucks? The people in the fake testimonials rave about how the tech support is so good, but it's your typical Indian tech support center. They don't know what they are doing.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 29, 2015

They bait you with their so called low price scan and fix of about $19 but they tell you that you have a computer that is badly infected. They talk and talk and talk and try to flim flam you will a lot of technical talk that doesn't mean anything (I should know I've worked with computers since the late 1980s and I know flim flam when I hear it). They always suggest that you go to their technicians that will charge you $100 to fix your PC. So they bait you with the low cost ad you see on TV and switch it up to their high cost services.

A lot of times our computers may seem like they are ruined when it's just some silly adware program (etc) and you need to find out where it is to delete it. Sometimes it’s easier to find a fix it program but there are scams like MyCleanPC. I ended up getting just reinstalling windows after saving all my data, then I got a known brand AntiVirus Software and it was fixed like new. Bottom line is stay clear of that MyCleanPC because the only thing they clean is your wallet.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 23, 2015

Every Virus software on the market is also blacklisting these guys. It is a bait and hook to start with. You install the software, it gives you some crazy number of issues, and then, you buy it. And then, they want you to call them to get it activated, and next thing you know, they are bait, and hooking you. MORE MONEY!

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 27, 2014

I try to install MyCleanPC, on my Win 7 but it sits there like nothing happens. Sit there like nothing is there.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 20, 2014

After seeing the commercial 1,000 times, I decided to give them a try. I paid the $19.99 and ran a scan. It said I had 4,000 errors. I then said fix it and it basically did what I could have. It deleted temporary files, cookies, and history. I then got a call telling me that I had registry errors and they would have to have a tech go in and correct this problem for $200. I declined after much persuasion from the saleswoman on the phone to have it fixed. It's a big scam. The thing that they don't tell you is it has a reoccurring charge every month until you call them, of course. There is not just a way to cancel by just pushing a button. I haven't called yet, but I am sure it's going to be a pleasurable experience to cancel.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2014

So, after hearing the commercials a million times a day, I finally caved and downloaded MyCleanPC (mostly because it said it was FREE). After downloading (which takes up memory), waited for it to completely scan my laptop, it told me that I had to pay for it to clean it. Last I checked, free meant FREE.

Original review: Nov. 17, 2014

I didn't mind the fact that they said it was $20 for a diagnosis because I had a feeling there would be more charges to come... There were. $99 to fix the issues that the $20 diagnosis found. I knew the computer has problems, didn't need the $20 diagnosis for that. But after the "repair" the computer operated well for one day. Then worse than before. Called again, they worked on it again. Still worse. Couldn't open attachments, not a problem before. One good thing was I called to cancel and they didn't charge me again after that. I was a little surprised.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2014

It seemed that they opened up the floodgates of junk in to my computer. They said that I had over 5000 problems to clean up. I agreed to a $99 clean up fee, and they kept billing over 4 months for 19.99 until I caught it on my visa statement, a total of $80. Told them to stop charging my account in August, they did not stop. They said there was no record of the stop notice. No refund was not granted to me.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 11, 2014

I have owned a computer business for 20 years and have had to undo the damage caused by these thugs repeatedly. I feel for all of you who have been taken by these people and left with a mess. What a lot of people don't know about them is, once they have the software on your computer, they can access it at any time. Other than small computer stores, I only know one national online company that repairs computers, that is 100% American owned, 100% American Veteran Technicians and has 100% money back guarantee.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2014

I, just like everyone else has seen the commercial for 19.99. After speaking with a salesperson I was informed that I would have to pay 99.99 with a Live Tech subscription of 19.95 per month. After chatting remotely with the tech I was then informed that Microsoft was to blame and I needed to contact them. By the way they conveniently deleted my security system from my computer and installed their own. I then contacted Microsoft immediately and they remotely showed me a new scan of my computer which revealed over 4000 problems. That security system they deleted... I had to pay 249.00 to get it back. When I contacted MyCleanPC, I was simply told sorry but they were just unable to give me my money back. These people need to be stopped!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2014

This company is the worst EVER to deal with. Not only do they not care about the consumers who pay good money for a service. You will spend HOURS on the phone and in front of your computer while a tech tries to fix your computer. They get disconnected to your computer and you must assist them in reconnecting, this process takes 8-10 hours waiting on a tech to call you back. My computer now has been infected with the Krypto Virus after the last tech worked on it. I was told 100% of my data was destroyed unless I pay a $10,000 ransom. BUYER BEWARE, THIS COMPANY IS UNPROFESSIONAL AND WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY BUT WILL NOT RESOLVE ANYTHING FOR YOU.

Original review: Nov. 2, 2014

The worst company in existence. I can't believe a company can legally steal customers money and get away with it. Paid what they recommend and then they told me sorry they couldn't help me, no refund. Great for them. Thieves.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2014

A relative of mine used this website, against my advice, and it locked up most of his computer. NEVER! NEVER let anyone have remote access to your computer for any reason. If you are unfortunate enough to have your computer messed up from these people, I suggest you just do a complete factory restore and everything will be OK again. If anyone has to advertise on TV to fix a computer, please use Common sense in dealing with them. I'll be glad to help anyone through email or a phone call to save them from these con men.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 31, 2014

I paid the 19.99 to load PC Optimizer and Early Detection center. After loading the programs I have tried numerous times to start up the PC only to have it go to disk check. After disk check runs the log in screen opens and when I try to log in it goes back to disk check. When I call mycleanpc customer service, I was told they could fix it but I would have to pay $99 to use their tech support. Absolute scam!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2014

I purchased the $19.99 software only to discover that it does not fix the problem. In fact, after calling the toll free number to have it activated and fulfill the problems on my computer, a sales person informed me that a $99 fee for the technicians to fix the problems were required. Additionally, there would be a monthly surcharge of $19.99 to maintain the account. I declined the upsell and am out $20. MyCleanPC is neglecting to advertise accurately in promoting a $20 cost to fix a pc when in reality, the fix will cost substantially more.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2014

I went to MyCleanPC because they advertised that they were located in the United States and had technicians in the US. I paid my $19.99 and then called the number provided and talked to a "technician." I'm sure he was not a technician but a salesman. I then paid $99.00 for the program and for a technician to clean up my computer. I went to bed and got up to next morning to find files, websites and one user identity missing. I had to reconnect to Firefox, which was lost. I will now attempt to get my money back and got some other program that will not corrupt my computer.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2014

Did the online scan. Paid $20 to "fix" the problems it found. Then prompted to call a number to "activate" the software. After a tech looked into my computer, told me that she would have to transfer me to a tech person and for an additional charge of $99 they would be able to remove some malware and some temporary internet files. When I asked for a refund, as my software wasn't activated yet, they told me it would take 7-10 business days for that. So I had to contact my credit card company to dispute the charge. Stay away from this company!!

Original review: Aug. 17, 2014

This program was not described in the TV commercial as paid. Once I installed it, my computer instantly became much slower and I could not uninstall it. It continued to pop up every time I opened up my laptop and it was a pain to close the window. DO NOT INSTALL, NEVERTHELESS BUY.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 16, 2014

I have never used, nor will ever use This is a company that has been called other names and then when consumers complain, they simply operate under a new name. If your computer is running slowly the fix is simple - DELETE UNUSED PROGRAMS!! The only thing that will remove viruses is an ANTIVIRUS program!! If money is a concern, Google Free Antivirus Program and you will get many options. I suggest that you only download programs from reputable sites. Use a verified Antivirus Program, and also install an Anti-spyware program and a Firewall.

If you run into problems with your computer, the best thing to do is spend the money on taking it to Best Buy or another well known computer repair company. The worst thing that can happen is you will have to completely gut the computer and start from scratch. I know it's been said many times, but: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2014

I let them in my PC to fix the problems. Work good till I did not want to pay the monthly fees. Now my PC is not working. It's like if you do not pay, You will not play. They think they are the mob. Do not trust them.

Verified Buyer
Original review: July 6, 2014

I used to do an analysis of my computer. I allowed the tech to remote access to my computer. He said that my computer had 50,000 + issues that needed dealing with and if I took it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy it would cost upwards of $500.00 to repair but that he could repair the issues for me for an additional $250.00 over the $40.00 I had already paid. I declined, and now I have been locked out of my computer. THESE people are SCUM. Steer clear of them and that tech better pray I don't find him because I will do to him what he did to my computer. Am I angry? You bet I am and I'm not a person you want angry with you! Company Information

Company Name:
3340 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica
Postal Code:
United States
(866) 793-0454