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Virgin Mobile has bunch of idiots working in their call centre. I spent three hours in the morning and also spoke with the supervisor name Michelle. She offered me 2 LG G4s 100% credit. Then I called Virgin Mobile back and spoke 4 different agents. 2 were able to find the bill credit and 2 were not. Everytime I called someone from Philippines answers the call and sorry to say that, they just don't care about customers. My god I can't believe the mess up.

I don't need my phone when I go into the country, where service is very limited. I use it often in-town. My gps and internet music work great all the time and I pay about $50. I use last years model phone and love the way it works. If it breaks, the replacement is available at the store for about $75. So I pay less than half what my co-workers pay and get the same thing they get.

Just recently found out that my account cancelled and closed 6 years ago has been reported delinquent for all those 6 years for stupid $47 dollars. Never received one letter or a call from them advising that I owed any money. When I request that they waived those $47 as recognition that they had never reached out to me they said that they had done the legally required which was sending me 1 letter (that I never received) and making 2 phone calls to my land line during business hours and not leaving a message.

The damage they caused to my credit score by not reaching out to me with a second letter. Or calling the actual cell phone number I had with them is far bigger than the $47 dollars I asked to be waived. So before you open an account with them just know that they have terrible. TERRIBLE customer services. They won't work with you, they won't communicate with you properly, but they will get every single penny they legally can. Because that is all they are about. The legal way to screw you up.

My son's phone died one month out of warranty, unfortunate, but certainly not my complaint. I went into the Virgin store to buy him a new phone. Instead of being allowed to buy a phone, I had to pay out his contract, upgrade and sign another two year contract. This being ridiculous to me I called the call center. The first man promptly sent me to a supervisor stating he had the power to do nothing. The supervisor, Gerard, came on stating a analogy that I am complaining to the gas station (Virgin) when the problem is with the dealership (Samsung). I stated "no, the problem is not with me purchasing a new phone, it is the requirement of paying out the old contract and renewing." He put me on hold for 20 mins and stated nothing he could do. So he put me through to customer retention (what a joke).

I was on hold for 1 1/2 hours-the girl at the store even phoned in and was stating, "we are going to lose her as a customer, is there not anything you can do". I am still on hold. I had to leave, and asked her to phone me. I continued on hold for 1 hour forty minutes when I got someone from customer retention!!! Imagine my joy when I found out they transferred me through to tech support. I am getting mad. I ask her to transfer me with urgency to customer relations, considering the amount of time I was on hold.

15 minutes later I get Lisa. I state my case, trying to be polite and diplomatic. That did not last when Lisa stated the exact same offer as the Virgin store. Why was I on hold? She stated her job was to uphold the policies of the company and not be customer relations or resolutions. I asked for the number of the governing body where I could complain. Lisa stated that they had no governing body. LOL, YES YOU DO LISA AND VIRGIN. And, I complained to them. She said "here are your two options." I said "there is a third, I do not pay anymore and break my contract and you can go to hell." So that is what I am doing. I will find another carrier and default unless the CRTC can help me. FIND ANOTHER CARRIER!!!

My wife and I have been using a Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go plan for 10 years. We each have a phone so we're being billed twice as much if we call each other, compared to companies with family plans. Anyway, I am writing mainly because they just changed their PIN policy; now the PIN cannot exceed 6 characters. I had to call them to get this information but was told it would cost me $3.00 to speak with someone, so I hung up and went to their website. Still could not log in. Finally I was able to give them a new PIN -- they actually emailed me but they wanted to this through email, which I didn't trust, so I asked them to call me. This didn't happen so reluctantly I sent a new PIN via email (I sent it in an attachment).

Tried to log in today, with the new PIN, and a message informed me that I was "locked out" and couldn't log in! This makes no sense! So I emailed them about this... we'll see what they have to say if anything. And I agree with the people who have mentioned how difficult it is to understand the customer service reps... jobs have been outsourced to India, Philippines, etc. I would not recommend Virgin Mobile to anyone!

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We had a phone with Virgin for a long time now, I believe we have been with them for close to 10 years. Recently I purchased a iPhone that came with a $50 account promotional credit, so that was good until the credit didn't show up in my account. When I bought the phone it came with a note saying that the credit would be issued 2 weeks after the payment of the 2nd month with the phone, that didn't happen so I contact them.

First of all they do not understand a lick of English. I started getting messages back. First they "Escalated" my issue and I would receive a answer 47-72 hours later. I didn't get anything, so I contacted them again, this time being told it would be 4 weeks after the 2nd payment, so that was promise number 1 broken. The date came around still no credit. I contact them again. This time I receive a message that the credit would be issued on a specific date, okay fine... The date rolls around, NO CREDIT.

I am now once again waiting 48-72 hours for their so called escalated issue. Actually the 72 hours ran out yesterday so I am about to jump their arse once again, but I have no hope, we are a week past the date they promised me last time. I no longer trust Virgin Mobile, and we are shopping for a new company to host our phones. Too bad I wasted $200 on a iPhone that I soon won't be able to use anymore. The thing is that Virgin is no longer the only game in town, not like it was back when we first signed up, plenty of choices.

I purchased the LG Stylo 2 and used the phone for about two weeks without any problems. As soon as I updated the phone with some stupid compatibility garbage, I started receiving SCAM calls. I called Virgin Mobile to complain and the customer service rep asked me if I received a lot of spam text messages. I said NO and lo and behold as soon as I got off the phone with her I started receiving spam text messages. She went on to tell me the only way to stop the SCAM calls was to change my phone number. I told her that made me very upset because changing my number would help since they were the ones providing the scammers with my number in the first place. I asked if restoring the phone to the factory settings would help my problem and she replied NO.

I would also like to add the phone coverage is less than stellar. Dropped calls and numerous callers stating they tried calling me however I didn't have a missed call in my call log nor did I have a voicemail from the numerous callers. Some said they received a rapid busy signal, others said they left a message. VERY DISAPPOINTED in overall service and now the ever so pleasant SCAM callers. Paying for a phone, affordable true, paid for by me also true not a gift, therefore I find it very disturbing that I am actually paying to be harassed.

I have been with Virgin Mobile for 20 years. Was good up until the last 2 years. Why give your customers to call centres who cannot speak English or understand the basics? After being on the phone nearly an hour and I was now ordering my third phone from them, got declined. "Why?" I said. "Because your address does not exist on our system..." ahhh. Then whom have I been paying by direct debit for the past 20years? Now I'm livid... "A manager will call you in the next few days..." Guess what? They did not call.

So a week later I called back... "oh our staff member put in your details the wrong way round." WHAT... I said I had constantly repeated everything at least twice because they could not understand me... then was told they now deal with Equifax whom said my address is not on their system... WHAT A LOT OF BUNKUM...

I live in a block of flats right in the middle. IDIOTS... I then was told to call Equifax and explain. I did this only to be told... "you can know your credit rating by joining us for £20 per month." What... I do not need my rating checked. It's good... but you have not my address on your system. I give up... they sure go hand in hand with each other. I cancelled my contract and would advise people... DO NOT ENTERTAIN VIRGIN MOBILE. COMPLETE RUBBISH. CUSTOMER SERVICES IS A COMPLETE JOKE...

OMG. Anyone ever try explaining an issue to customer service at Virgin Mobile Canada? Almost every time I've called I've had to request to speak with a manager. The agent that answers in most cases have no clue what to do about my situation. They cut you off while talking. They bring up issues they think you're talking about which has nothing to do with why I'm actually calling about... Today I called to express my concern about my data usage. I upgraded my plan which gave me 1g of data. Within 6 days I received a message telling me I've used my data. For the 3 years of having my other package I had 250mb which would last me almost a whole month. So I ask the lady how could I use 1g in 6 days but for 3 years only use around 250mb a month...

I DON'T USE VIDEO CALLING OR WATCH VIDEOS OR DOWNLOAD stuff I told her... "Oh sir why did you wait to ask this question... You must be watching Youtube Videos or Video calling." "OMG. Hello, I just told you I don't." "Well sir you used all your data, how did you expect me to help you today?" "I'd like to know how I used my 1g of data in 6 days... I DON'T do anything but email, web search and Google maps." Anyways after 48 minutes she finally said "I will send this to our support team..."

Same thing happened to me as another person here... I had also placed an order on the website and it said there was an error processing it. I also found out that they charged my credit card. When I called them, I got the same response: "I guarantee that there was no order processed"- just because I was not sent an email with an order number (even though they had taken my $700). I was transferred eventually to the supervisor who told me the same thing. The supervisor refused to give me her name and hung up on me. The bank eventually charged me $35 to cancel the order- so I spent $35 on horrible customer service and still do not have a phone.

My experience with Virgin was a manifold nightmare from the lower intestine of hell itself! Please allow me to chronicle the ordeal here for posterity with the hopes that some poor traveler might avoid the same awful fate. First of all the service itself was practically unusable. They claim that our town is in their area of coverage, but the vast majority of our town falls outside of the realm of Virgin territory (Ahem). So this was a problem from the start.

But the real drama started when we attempted to disconnect our service with them. Let me first warn you that if you call the customer service line, you will be virtually incapable of finding a single option to speak with a real human for any reason whatsoever. And as for an option to disconnect your service? It doesn't exist. There is no option to do so. I know. I tried every single one of them. Every option. Frequently asked questions? No. Change your plan? Nope! Just call them up for grins and see if you can either find an option to speak to an Operator or an option to disconnect your service. I dare ya!

So after exhausting literally every option, I figured out how to get a real person. If you are stuck in a similar situation you can do this too. Pretend you are setting up a new phone with them. You have to go through the whole automated process of entering some personal data like birthday, and your zip code. Then it asks you to enter a code for this so called new phone you're lying about having. Do nothing when it prompts you to do this. Just let it act like it is finding your phone with this code you're not entering. After about 3 times of attempting to get the code, it will FINALLY say that it is having a problem and will transfer you to an operator. Well I did this... I got a real person and told them I wanted to cancel my service. I gave them everything. The phone number and the pin. Guess what happened... They hung up on me. This was after a 20 minute wait period.

So I call back and go through the whole process again. When I finally get the person I am beyond ugly. I've already read about how Virgin tries to screw people and often makes it extremely difficult to cancel, and I'm just not having it! So they finally claim they cancel the service, but it still doesn't show up on my phone as if they did cancel it. I had to call back a third time!!! I spent about an hour and half of my evening just trying to cancel my service.

You don't need the headache, the blood pressure spike or the veins that will most certainly be popping out of the side of your neck after you've tried to deal with this company. This is one of the few companies I've come across that I feel should actually be sued or prosecuted in some way for attempting to entrap customers and force them to stay with them.

It is OBVIOUS that they're doing this, and someone should really investigate the legality of it. It is certainly unethical at the very least, and I can't imagine that an elderly person would EVER figure out what to do if they were in a similar scenario. Like if I hadn't figured out this trick around the system I would have never been able to cancel my service. Perhaps if I used the online system I would have? But I have my doubts and I was in a situation that I needed the service disconnected tonight! Not in a few days when they might decide to get around to it! Virgin does NOT live up their name. They will screw you six ways to Sunday!

I was with Virgin for over 3 year. I bought a new phone online (not from Virgin) and activated it and everything was fine for the next 3 months. I had to switch carriers as Virgin does not have any family plans. They locked my phone and refuse to unlock a 300$ Samsung because "this phone was not with them for a full year" and when I asked to speak to a supervisor she hung up on me! So now I am stuck with a brand new cell phone I cannot use anyplace else. I have never, ever encountered such rudeness and crap customer service anyplace! Use someone else - they are just trash.

I placed an order on the website yesterday and the order didn't go through... The website said there is some error in processing the order so I just thought it didn't work. And then today I found that my credit card was charged... So I called Virgin Mobile to find out if the order was processed... Since I didn't have order number it was trickier to find the order. They asked me bunch of information like address, name, post code, etc... and then kept asking me to wait. After a while, the guy said "I guarantee you there was no order processed..." or something... so I said "then how are you going to explain the charge on my credit card?" And to make the story short, he said "call someone else..." OMG. I can't believe this horrible horrible horrible customer service experience. I will leave Virgin Mobile... I had no problem for last 2 years... and I don't see why I should stay... Shame on you!!!

So I won't lie, I made a mistake. When I was activating my phone, I included a free one-time add-on called "SMS in/out block" which ended up blocking any messages I sent or received. I spent about 30 minutes on Google and turns out quite a few people experienced the same problem. They said that they called Virgin Mobile Customer Service and had the add-on removed within a few hours. I'm not usually one to call Customer Service for anything, ever, but I didn't see much of a choice as there was no way to remove the add-on. Literally scavenged the website and my phone for hours and couldn't find anything. So I called up Virgin Mobile (and wasted another 5 minutes trying to figure out which combination brought me to Customer Service) and was greeted by a Customer Service representative. I'm hoping this will be an easy fix and I can finally text.

This is where I made the mistake of thinking VM had decent customer service, and didn't check reviews first. I tell him I just want to remove a one-time add-on called "SMS in/out block" which I added by mistake. He tells me that he'll call an "account specialist" and to wait 3-4 minutes. Music plays. He comes back and says word for word, "Hello Joseph, thank you for waiting so patiently in the line." Take note, this becomes a recurring theme throughout this dreadful call.

He asks me to open the Virgin Mobile website. This is where things start becoming suspicious. I don't pay much mind though as I just want to remove this stupid add-on and maybe this guy knows his stuff. This guy begins trying to tell me to click things on the website that don't exist. He tells me to click on something. I tell him it's not there. He then pauses for like 30 seconds. I don't know where these offices are located but I hear what seems to be a woman laughing. He tells me to please wait again so he can talk to an "account specialist." Music plays for maybe 8 minutes. I'm greeted again with "Hello Joseph, thank you for waiting so patiently in line." What ** line is he even talking about? We're on the phone.

Anyway, he again tries to walk me through the "steps" to remove this add-on. He is confusing me at this point. I try to stay patient. Keep in mind this call lasted an HOUR. I'm having difficulty understanding him. Maybe it was his accent or perhaps he was doing it purposely because he just doesn't know but doesn't want me to hang up and then write a review on how Virgin Mobile Customer Service reps don't know ANYTHING.

He then proceeds to tell me that since I was the one who put the add-on on the phone, then I should be able to remove it from the phone. Now that doesn't make much ** sense, because testimonies on the internet say otherwise and that it was removed within a few hours after calling VM Customer Service. Sure, you can say it's the ** internet but do they really have a reason to lie about this **? And then guess what happens next...wait for it, "Let me contact an account specialist." Music plays for like 10 min. Holy **. Instead of wasting my ** time, can you just tell me that you sincerely don't know!? This guy was also super unprofessional in every aspect, ** stuttering and saying "uhhhh" everywhere. Anyway, the call concluded with him saying that he contacted the "worldwide specialist experts" or some elitist-sounding ** like that. I'm told that these supposed "experts" will look at the issue and resolve it within 24 hours.

It's been well over 24 hours. Still can't send or receive texts. That's not even why I'm mad. It was an honest mistake by me. I'm mad because I was LIED to and had an entire ** HOUR of my life wasted. I don't feel like mentioning this guy's name. It probably won't get him fired. Judging by the reviews, this ** guy is the perfect candidate for the job. This is what happens when you get 7/11 cashiers to work for Customer Service at a phone company. GOOD JOB VM!!!

Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever had when dealing with a mobile phone company, and I have dealt with them all. I'm 40 years old and got my first cell phone at 18 so my experience is pretty vast. And this is the first time I have been disgusted enough to write a review. My fiance is in jail and I asked the company first to suspend then cut off his services which they never did. I just found out I've been paying for two lines for eleven months then they wanted to charge me for overage on my data. This is when I snapped!! How about the extra gig per month I have been paying for, for eleven months on a phone that hasn't been touched! We don't merge the data plans. I was on a couple's plan you insensitive jerks.

I feel so cheated. It has been hard enough to take care of the bills, dog, kids on my own, but to be cheated out of over $700 by my cell phone carrier and not even given a break on data overage after it all just sent me in to a rage. And so I decided I wanted a supervisor to which they said no then transferred me to the disconnect dept who just disconnected me while using my cell to talk to them without even making any attempt at all to fix anything. I was in blinding tears at the end of it all crying and sick to my stomach. Thanks Virgin Mobile for the most horrible treatment and customer service I have ever received anywhere by anyone for anything in my whole life.

I have paid $35 phone service every month on the dot for several months. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Virgin Mobile has the audacity to cancel my service! FOR NO REASON AT ALL! At this point I'm a little annoyed because I call and text on a daily basis and without service I can't do that. I've called customer service and a representative finally picks up. He tells me to "check the coverage". You bloody bastard, if I'm calling you don't you think I'd have already checked that?! He then resets my service and makes up a ** excuse to end the call because at that point I'm basically yelling at him.

An hour and a half into the call he tells me that "I'll reconnect your service to the network towers". He then tells me to wait 2-3 days. I HAVE WAITED ALMOST A WHOLE WEEK FOR THE DAY MY SERVICE WORKS AGAIN. Customer service was terrible. Their excuses are **. Virgin Mobile, hire new employees because right now I'm furious and disgusted. Utterly ashamed at what this company has become.

Shame on you Virgin mobile. I have been a customer for many years. This month I bought a phone from them and two days into owning it the pixels started to go out. Began with a dot then a line now two lines. They have a warranty but want me to pay 25 dollars to send a refurbished phone??? I'm within my 30 day return and should not have to pay for your broken product. Also you want to replace a new 200 phone with a used refurb phone. I will be going with a different provider after this. I also had horrible service with my iPhone and turning off Internet that is supposed to be unlimited. Along with issues of making payments and still having no service to the point they could not figure it out and had to give up and disconnect a 500 dollar phone. I can not transfer this phone to another so it sucks even more.

After reading other experiences, I have to laugh. Word for word, gone through it also. I pay monthly. 35.00. Of course, I to run out of internet, and since your phone won't work well without it, I buy top up cards, for extra internet. Couldn't figure out why it cost more, again. Looked at receipt, 51 cents extra, for 911 service. Isn't that included in monthly bill??! Tried asking Virgin, got hung up twice, and I swear to god, been with them for 6 years, every time I have problems or questions, 20 minutes later, phone is all screwed up. I swear!! They CAN get into your system. Anybody know anything about this?? Thank you.

I was just calling to ask about their plans and what they have and the phone call turned south when the customer service provider had talk down to me. I was explaining myself of my call and she only repeated what I see online and as I was explaining what my purpose of the call she said I have to become a member first to be approved and all that stuff. I was just shopping around and was explaining it to her and she replied to me in a very rude manner. The tone and the attitude of her voice made it impossible for me to talk to her further and I had ended the phone call. I did not call to be talk down to especially when I am clearly explaining myself and nice manner. I have been talking to many customer service providers lately and have never met such a rude representative. Just because of this I will never ever become a virgin mobile member. They are useless and rude.

When my wife switched over to Virgin Mobile from Verizon, she unknowingly went on a prepaid plan. The point is that her phone number was ported from Verizon with no problem. Several years later, she took advantage of going on my plan due to a promotion from my carrier. In transferring over to my account, VIRGIN would not allow her number to be ported and attempted to use that opportunity to hold her captive to Virgin by refusing to port her number. Keep in mind Virgin, the number was not yours to keep, it was ported to you and you decided to keep it in a feeble attempt to retain a customer. I and my wife will make every attempt to protect anyone from falling into this situation with Virgin as cell numbers are becoming primary numbers at an escalating rate. Goodbye Virgin, and thank you.

Virgin Mobile has a promotion on its website for purchase of a iPhone 5s. The promotion included provision of a $50 account credit after 2 monthly payments within 50 days. Having done so, and specifically talking with VM customer reps twice to ensure I was following procedure, they are now denying the credit, stating the monthly payments had to have been made via credit card and not out of account balance. Again, two customer reps told me previously it could be made from account balance (although the iPhone purchase itself had to be via credit card, which I did). Seems like bait-and-switch.

Here is the specific wording from the VM website: "How do I get my credit online? 1. Buy a new iPhone 5s at 2. Activate your phone by signing up for a monthly plan and pay your full monthly charge by October 16, 2016. 3. Make your second month's payment within 50 days of activating your new phone. 4. Receive a $50 credit on your account within two weeks of second month's payment." Nowhere does it say that the monthly charges have to be made by credit card. Virgin Mobile is cheating customers by denying them the credit after the fact.

I went with Virgin Mobile because I needed to get something cheaper. Right off the bat; I started having issues with signal strength and dropped calls. I contacted them about it and was given so many excuses such as tower problem, etc. and was told they were working on it and I would get credit for the time I was out of service. Right!!! I never saw a penny of credit. I emailed them as many as 5 times a day and was always given a "standard" reply which I saw many times. Calling their customer service was even a bigger joke. They would transfer me to an "adjuster" which never picked up once.

I finally got fed up and filed a complaint with the BBB. I thought now I might get some results. Then I started getting calls from a Chris ** with Sprint's Complaint Dept who tried to tell me that he would be my advocate with the billing office and see if he could get me a refund since I chose by this time to get rid of Virgin Mobile. Well, he gets back to me that since I used 1,006 minutes I could not have a refund. He didn't take in consideration all the times the calls were dropped and I had to redial nor the fact that they did not provide me with consistent service.

He told the BBB the same thing and I rebutted their answer. Then Chris ** said to me that if I would consider coming back to Virgin Mobile; he would get me a better phone and plan for a whale of a deal. I guess he thought I was stupid. I told him I already got another provider; he told the BBB that I refused to communicate with him and that they were not going to satisfy my claim of a refund. I would tell people stay away from this company. They want the money, but not the customer satisfaction to go along with it.

I added a $10 dollar plan for 2 GB of data on 7/17/16. This is in addition to the monthly plan I have which is $35 a month for 2.5 GB, payment due 8th of each month. I got a message today that said I have used 85% of my data and speeds would be reduced when it hit 100%, until 8/8/16. I called and said "there is NO WAY I used up this much data". As per usual, English is not his first language as is always the case with Virgin, and I could hardly understand him. Kept putting me on hold probably to consult a manual. I was on the phone for one hour. He could not tell me the data usage for the data pack. I said my account should have shown the total allowance should be 4.5 GB and the system is not showing this. Not resolved. Done with this company!

I've been a Virgin Mobile user since signing up for the beyond talk unlimited. Since then they have whittled away most everything that made me a customer to begin with. They introduced a data cap which took away my ability to stream video which was the main selling point for me. Then when I had to buy a new phone I was told I could no longer use my old plan. I had to pay more money per month while receiving only a third of the " high speed" data of my old plan. While every other service providers is expanding data allowances and perks, Virgin Mobile just keeps whittling away any reason to use them.

Even before I reach the data cap streaming video is a crapshoot and most of the time the lag is ridiculous. Then after it's throttled even loading web pages takes forever. It's already the slowest network by far so the fact that they are actively and intentionally making it slower is just beyond ridiculous. Do yourself a favor. Go with a different service. ANY other service!

I have read the reviews from others and thought that it couldn't be possible. Well here I am writing one of my own experiences. Virgin Mobile used to be a reputable company and one of the leaders in prepaid cellular service when it first arrived to the U.S. Now, the service is lacking on a nationwide scale. I have experienced meager service backed with downward spins of faulty phone service throughout calls, spotty internet connections even when my services aren't throttled. (When data is throttled, the services are close to 1G speeds... and that is "Close to...")

The 4G speeds are non-existent, and my mobile hotspot turns off by itself after being connected for 10 minutes. After being a customer with Virgin Mobile ever since they came out, I must say that their ludicrous approach to providing adequate customer service and cellular service on a wide-scale level has faltered completely - quite nefarious in my opinion. I will be searching for other alternatives in the upcoming months.

Purchased a phone that advertised gorilla glass in Feb... It never worked correctly. I called over and over trying to just get my text in a timely manner... They gave me every excuse in the book... Only to drop my phone and the gorilla glass shattered preventing me from using the camera. I called and even though the phone is under warranty and hasn't worked correctly and it's documented new that I dropped the phone I'm ass out. Nothing they can do... Well I can leave great job losing a ten year customer and as soon as we can... both of my daughters are changing also!!!

I noticed that I being charged taxes on top up cards that I purchase every month online using my debit card, and it varies from $3.00 to $2.73 on each card. For the last few months this charge was never there. I'm concern. I don't pay that much in store. Am I being cheated?

I called Virgin Mobile at 8:00 and would be closing at 9:00. I was waiting on the phone for a care specialist until past 9:20. No one answered my call. And this was right before the long weekend so no one would be there. My phone got stolen and I had to cancel it so no one could go on my phone. I am so annoyed!!!

I have been and on again off again Virgin Mobile customer for the last 5 years. I wasn't planning on "topping up" this month, because for the last 3 months my text messages haven't been going through on time and I haven't been receiving them on time. However, I recently moved and needed to turn my phone back on 17 days into the month. Before I did that I went onto the site and changed my phone number to my current area code. I did everything online because if you have them change your number is a $3 charge, but I can do it for free by myself. So I changed my number, then applied the top up amount and waited the 15 mins to make a phone call but to my surprise the message I received stated I was not authorized to make calls, then I tried to send a text message AND it wouldn't go through.

So on Friday I spend an hour on the phone with the 1st rep "trying to reactivate" my phone. I hit ##72786# the phone would shut down and then restart and that's it. When in actuality the hands-free activation should come up. She had me disconnect the wifi and do it 6 times with that number and then tried 3 other codes and nothing happened before she connected me to another department (this is day 1 I could barely understand her). The gentleman she transferred me to was very nice. He asked me for my current address and advised me that there was an outage in my area and it wouldn't be fixed until the 19th. I asked him should I just trash this phone and go buy a new one at the Wal-Mart in another area. He asked me the address there and stated, "No, there would be a problem with that one too. I can't do anything on my end until Sunday, so call back then and we will credit your account until the day you are able to use it".

So I hung up with him and reconnected my wifi. I waited all weekend and called back Sunday night. I was told the outage had been fixed and to try the ##72786# (once again it shut off and restarted but no hands free activation). Then she transferred me to the next department again. I gave them the address and she had me turn the phone off, take out the battery to send "Hard Signals" to the phone. Then reinsert the battery and turn it back on. But still nothing happened. This lady didn't play any games she was verbally short and rude and stated, "Well there's nothing I can do. I'm going to have to escalate this to the engineers. It will take them at least 72 hours to fix your service." And hung up. So I thought about it overnight and said, "This is too much of a headache" and began the process of asking for a refund of the money I paid on the 17th. And I was told I've used 252mbs of data since I started my plan which make no sense at all.

I HAVE NO SERVICE (no texts, calls, or data). I only have DATA when I'm hooked up to the wifi. So I tried to call them back and the min I asked for a refund I was disconnected 3 times. Then today (Tuesday the 21st) I tried again. Disconnected the 1st time on accident then I called back and hour later, spoke to some lady (I couldn't spell the name is my life depended on it). I verified all my information and asked, "How do I get reimbursed for my money?" She asked if she could put me on hold for 30 secs. 3 mins later I got the busy signal in my ear on my house phone. Then I called right back and the same lady picked up I asked did you get disconnected a few mins ago and "Click" hung up on again.

I waited about 2 hours, called back and spoke with a really nice guy (Daniel). He listen to me, spill out the whole story and stated he was sorry for the way I was treated and even though he could not refund the money he would credit me the 40 for the next month and send me out a replacement of my MICROSOFT LUMIA because it's still under the manufacturer's warranty. But when he transferred me to the department to get the new phone I was transferred to tech support and the crap started all over again. This time I got on the phone with a supervisor and he stated he could not credit my account and the days I was without a phone I would just have to eat it because he is going to send me out a new phone which is about 3 scales lower than the phone I currently have. And that is what he is going to do for me.

Every time I spoke with someone I would state exactly what I was told and always asked if they were documenting this in my account, however no one I SPOKE WITH WAS ABLE TO TRUTHFULLY REPEAT TO ME WHAT I SAID TO THE LAST PERSON. So when someone at Virgin Mobile states they are going to do something they don't!! I even double checked my phone to make sure that the data wasn't on. And it wasn't so once again I have no idea how I've used 252MBS? But they are always right even though I don't have any service right now and they keep saying all the connections are fine then why can't I make or receive phone calls or text messages. They talk to you like you are an idiot.

My wife lost the tablet we bought from Virgin when we opened our account. I phone to cancel the added plan and was told "we're sorry for your loss" but you still have to pay for the internet access for the next year. I will definitely be dropping our approximately $200/month plan once June 29, 2017 rolls around. Pennywise and pound foolish, Virgin!

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