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Rick Case Honda

Davie, FL

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17 Rick Case Honda Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: April 17, 2018

I call to ask for a piece of information and nobody knows. So then I’m being passed around the people in that place only to get an “you’ll get a callback.” It wasn’t anything hard either. I’m talking about a piece of info that’s in one of their pamphlets! Other than the fact that they try to jip you out of money when you cancel a service.

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Original review: Nov. 9, 2017

So I take my 10-month old car in for an oil change and automatically this sales guy Akeem ** calls my cellphone before I could get to sit down. He wants to speak to me about cutting my interest rate on my loan. I happened to see the office we were walking into "Exchange Program". I was like, “Sir, I do not want anything you are selling". This is exactly why I have been going to my own personal mechanic and never took my car into Rick Case Honda from the beginning. Next thing you know this guy is offering a deal to move to Honda Finance and cut my interest in half and put me in a "New Car". Sounds good right? Well I was already in a 2017 and he wanted to trade me out into a 2018. After all the consideration and bad deal from this sales guy my payment went up when he said it wouldn't by much, he lied, then he traded my car 2017 car for a 2017 car with 1000 miles already on it.

I went from only owing $22,300 to $31, 000 with the interest now only half. WTF!!!!! Now after thinking about it for 24 hours, I wanted my car back, (the original one I brought in for the oil change). Yeah, yeah, I fell for their damn tricks, but I knew I could get my car back. So here it is the next day and I go right back to Mario the finance guy who clearly isn't about the sales life, because I mentioned my decision and he said, "ok no problem, will call Akeem ** to go get your car". Simple, right? Well after I told Mr. ** my decision and how I felt mislead and blah blah and in my state (will update y'all later on that) but tears started to come down. Homeboy was still trying to pitch me a deal. I wasn't having it and then asked for the GM. After he sit for another 30 minutes only to ** me and say that the GM isn't there and that I would have to come back the next day.

I explained my condition and why I couldn't be there for so long and it didn't matter to him one bit. Now he didn't realize that I had already talked to someone and made a call who told me I could get my car back and that the GM was indeed in the office. By then I was trying to resolve this issue before baby fada Omar Oh Diggy ** got there to support me. Rick Case Honda in Davie did not want to see Omar Oh Diggy ** upset, you here? My other half then got there having to bring our son since he was just picked up from school. It was getting late. We are on a schedule to have our little one do homework, eat, bathe, read, and then bed. So we all were annoyed to say the least. We walked to the next bldg to speak to a manager but again Mr. ** had us sitting for what seemed like another 20 minutes. Welp!

Then Omar sprung into action and went over into the GM's office but before speaking to him another guy Husein, said he could help. He took my name and in 5 minutes, a manager came to speak to us. Finally, he said why couldn't we get you in a 2018? I said, "Y'all should have offered that in the first place". I just want my car back. He okay'd it and said, "well the key is with the technician so come back in the morning and I will just have to eat the cost of the work done already". I got there at 5:18 pm and didn't leave there till 7:48 pm with my 5-year-old and my other half. Here it is the next day and they want me to pay for the oil change I originally went in to get. After the manager stated he would eat the cost yesterday evening. Then Mr. ** had the nerve to say after all was done, that, "oh you know even if it was 7 wks Honda would have taken back the car". Like "really sir get out of my face."

I wanted nothing to do with him at that point since he was a liar. He was never rude however I do not speak **. After he 1. Lied and said the GM was not there 2. Saying he didn't know what to do with an issue like mine since this has never happened before. 3. Stating that I had to eat the cost of my car being pre-owned certified since I wanted it back (knowing good and well they shouldn't be prepping my car after 72 hours). All in all I got my car back but then I wanted a printout of what that cost was that they ate since I still had to pay for my oil change. Mr. Akeem ** came back to me 3 times without that printout. That is when I lost it and got pretty loud and said I want it in writing what costed $400 for you all to fix on my 10-month old car that you claim that you aren't charging me for.

He then wrote what I demanded and here is what they ate (like they did me a favor) 1. Fuel system flush (again on a 10th old car) 2. Rotate tires $20 3. Changed cabin filter. 4. certified the car. Oh Honda corporate office will be called ASAP. That is straight **. Sorry FB fam but do not go to the Honda dealership in Davie EVER!!! They are scammers. My sale of my car initially went pretty well and I was happy with that salesperson. But anything else stay far away. They just lost a customer and I will not refer my family or friends their way. I am still unsatisfied with all of this and all they can offer me is free gas!!! I WANT A certified letter to take the hard inquiry off my credit. Refinance my car for a better deal.

Now here it is 2 days later I get a call from an Andrew ** stating that he received my file and had no idea of my complaint or earlier transaction with the Exchange Program. Now he is stating that the only way to refinance is to wait till I have made 13 on-time payments. Ummm, excuse me so you mean to tell me that Akeem ** and the finance guy Mario just knowingly screwed me knowing that I would not have been approved anyway initially. SERIOUSLY, so if I didn't get my car back you all would have just had me all the way messed up with a deal you all could not deliver on. Since Mr. ** states to give him a call after I have made 13 mths of payment when I was at 10 mths. This just keeps getting better. Sincerely, A pissed off customer.

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Original review: Nov. 29, 2016

RICK CASE HONDA, I75 & GRIFFIN. So far the worst dealership experience: We arrived to the dealer with a detailed price-model study based on KBB, Edmunds,, Rick Case website and some other Honda dealers. To sum up, the salesperson called Socco (or very similar), a lady around 50-60 years old was there to make real this POSITIVE experience. After 2:30 hours of been there doing nothing and waiting for the a collapsed system to recover She tried to sell us an used Honda CR-V 2016, with 12 000 miles for $22 900.

The same car a different salesperson told us like 45 minutes before, "ok that car is valued around $17 000 to $180000." Imagine a used car, starting at $22900 plus taxes, dealer fee, title etc. This is not our first experience buying a car. We know perfectly %, length of loan, fair price, etc. We left your place, and in less than 4 hours we bought our Honda CR-V at Autonation Hollywood. We wouldn't recommend your place to anyone. You laughed on our faces. Please, this is not a way to handle a business.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 24, 2016

Experience started out great. Was given my monthly payments... took car home and brought in both trade-ins. When given papers to sign it was $50 more a month. Was told that was for the warranty. I didn't want it. Final price was $15 over my given price. They said "oh, only $15"... then you take a $15 per month hit over 6 years. I told them I was returning car at 10 A.M. When I showed up no one I spoke to was there. Then I found same car, 2 years newer and half the mileage for the same price at CarMax and Carvana... don't like being deceived even for $15.

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Original review: July 14, 2016

Service Departments at Rick Case Hyundai and Rick Case Honda. I am extremely disappointed in Rick Case. I made an appointment for Saturday, June 11, 2016 at 11:30 a.m. for an oil change and tire rotation on my 2013 Hyundai Sonata. I arrived at Rick Case at 11:30 a.m.; however, they didnt start working on my car until almost 12:30 p.m. The service adviser then came out and told me that there were rodent droppings in my air filter and cabin filter and recommended that I replace both of them. Naturally, I was disgusted and agreed. However, he failed to tell me that it would cost almost $150.00 extra! The service on my car was not completed until almost 1:30 p.m. and then I waited on line for ten minutes to pay the bill.

When I got out to my car, all three settings on the seat were changed. Seriously, is it really necessary to change all three settings on the seat to simply drive a car such a short distance into a garage from a parking lot? Also, my air conditioning was set to the lowest temperature possible. When I got into my car and went to adjust my seat, I noticed that the service person had carelessly knocked the cover off the controls on the side of the seat and never fixed it. I had to ask the valet to come over and fix it for me.

Lastly, the interior of my car was not vacuumed at all, which I thought was standard with oil changes. I purchased my car from Rick Case Hyundai and have been there for service many times. I was never disappointed like I was this past Saturday. When I completed the survey, I put a brief synopsis of what happened. I then received an e-mail on June 15, 2016 from Timothy **, Customer Service Manager, who advised, "Our management team will be contacting you."

Well, it is almost a month later, and I never received a telephone call or an e-mail from the management team. I guess I should not be surprised that I did not receive a follow-up call, especially after the incident I had in the Rick Case Honda lot on June 26, 2015 when I was bringing my car to the car wash. A Rick Case Honda employee was driving a van out of the service area. He had a stop sign and pulled right out in front of me, and I had to hit my brakes to avoid hitting him.

While stopped, I put both of my hands palm face up in the air as if to say, "What are you doing?" He screamed and cursed at me as he made a left turn in front of me. When I called Rick Case Honda and advised one of the managers what had happened, he said he would look at the video camera to see who it was; however, it has been over a year, and I never received a response. Does that mean that Rick Case condones its employees behavior of disregarding stop signs and cursing out their customers? I work for a Fortune 50 company, and I am certain that my employer would never tolerate this behavior.

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Original review: May 3, 2016

I plead with any consumer using this company to please make sure that you review your billing. I went there last year for service on my vehicle. The quote started at 1900.00 and was taken down to $556.00. I was told I needed a tensioner belt which was replaced the month before and ac coil and joint plus several other parts. I told them to just fix the immediate concern and I would return to get the other things done. Well I was so excited when they fixed my air conditioner because I am in South Florida and the temperatures can rise to 90 degrees.

Well about a month ago my air conditioner broke and I called the company to find out about warranty to be treated rudely by the Service Manager. He claims that I bought used parts to their company and the amount I was billed was for labor. All lies, what do I look like carrying parts in with a problem that I have no clue is wrong with the car. The company billed me for one lousy relay switch at 29.95 and the remainder as labor. I am just asking you to not get mislead by this company as they make you feel like they are helping you out because they hike the price up and then cut it into thirds. I was ignorant for not looking at the final bill and seeing where they were deceptive on writing up their bills. I am not sure if this company pays their staff on incentives based on the amount of labor and that is the reasoning behind it but for the service manager to take the attitude and accuse me, is unacceptable.

I will be writing on every social network, to the BBB and anyone that will listen. I just took my car to a private mechanic today and the same work that Rick Case Honda in Davie stated they did not even a year ago will have to be done again. What hurts the most is I am a single mom with a son in college and I don't have 556.00 lying around. I have been nauseous for three weeks because I have to wait till next Friday to collect that much money for the repair. This company should be ashamed of themselves and I believe that God will take care of this situation.

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Original review: April 3, 2016

Keep away from this dealer. No honest, decent or professional service provider. After I signed buying three cars and called for one issue a week later they don't return the phone calls or just told me "I call you back". I went personally to the dealer and the sales rep even told me to go outside to fight with me just because I told him liar. His name is Victor **. The managers and everybody were witness and they don't care about it. I wrote a letter to the General Manager and they called me to say that what I'm planning to do.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 18, 2016

Took my Honda in for several recalls, car was working fine. received call saying my transmission went while they had the car??? I took my Honda in for several recalls, car was working fine. I received call saying my transmission went while they had the car??? 6,000 to fix or trade it in for a 1,000 credit and that Honda America would pay $1,600.00 toward $6,000.00. After about a couple of weeks, no one would return our calls. They held my car for 5 months and when we should up to dealer, girl who was tending to us was no longer working there. Spoke to General Manager and Service Manager and was told they knew nothing of this matter and they did not have my car.

After me continuing telling them they have my car, they agreed to look for it. Then they lost my car on top of having it 5 months. Yes 5 months. Now I get a call they found it and they want to return the car to me broken or pay them now $2,900.00 to repair car. Said a new lower price for them having my car so long, but now American Honda's offer of $1,600.00 is off the table. It's a scam to make me trade in car. I only took my car in for recalls, car had no issue at all, it has been a total of 8 months to get recalls done and them try to return my car broken. They serviced my car and just want to force me to trade it in, after they give you a high repair bill, for a car with no issues. When I gave them my car there was nothing wrong with it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2015

A month ago I took my 2010 Hyundai Accent for a tune up and to replace the brake switch that was on recall at the time. 30 days later approx, I realized that all the brake lights were not working, so I decided to go back to the same dealer and the same service rep Jonathan **. I dropped my car and I informed him what happened. After 2 hours he told me that all the light were out, that the problem was not the switch, that the brake bar light will cost me $130.00 and the 2 other ones will cost me $2.00 each + $40.00 for the labor. I told him not to do the job, that I was going to do it myself and that I was going to contact Hyundai USA about the matter.

30 minutes later I asked him where was my car and he told me that they were putting all the pieces back together. 45 minutes later he showed up again and told me that they are going to try a new switch just because was still under the recall warranty and maybe that way will work again. An hour later I got my car with the new switch and of course was working this time!!! PS. This guys was basically trying to steal from me $174.00, the lights were fine all the time and the problem was that switch that they replaced following a recall procedure on my first visit.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 12, 2015

Rick Case Honda offered an insultingly low amount for my trade in. They were surprised when I showed them that their sale price for the same car that I was trading in was double what they were offering me as the trade in value. There is no honest negotiation at this place.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2015

This review of Rick Case Honda in Davie, Florida, is long. It is thoughtful and honest. I hope to assist other car buyers to make an educated choice before purchasing a car from any Rick Case dealership. Although I am writing about the Honda dealership specifically, the practices that leadership use at this company apply to any one of their many car makes. Additionally, I know full well that automakers reward their dealerships with financial perks when buyers give stellar customer service responses on the buyer questionnaire. I could never see responding positively to quality questions with regard to Rick Case customer service. After seeing a full-page newspaper ad for the many South Florida Rick Case auto dealerships, I questioned how they could promise a 20 year/200,000 mile extended power train warranty as stated in the ad, so I decided to phone them.

I also wanted to ensure that if I bought a car from Rick Case that I could enjoy the benefits of their offer at any national Honda dealership. I was also attracted to the part of the ad that said that 0% APR was available. I spoke to a man who told me that I had not read the small print under "20 years/200,000 miles," and I hadn't. He said that the small print indicated that it was limited, and he told me that this offer applied only to the Rick Case Kia or Hyundai dealerships. He did however add that Rick Case DID offer Honda buyers an attractive 10 year/100,000 mile extended power train warranty, which is far better than any other Honda dealership in the United States. Therefore, I was not completely unhappy that the way I had read the ad had been corrected to 50% of my original expectation.

I neglected to ask about financing, but I will go ahead and explain that I later found out that "0% APR Available" applied only to finance companies from automakers that offered this nationally. I knew from that the June, 2015 national rate was 1.9% APR (of course for qualified loan applicants), so I naturally assumed that Rick Case had an independent finance company that gave 0% to their qualified loan applicants. I do have pristine credit, so I felt sure that I could qualify for 0%, not yet knowing that I was mistaken about reading the ad and that Honda was not included in "available." At the point that I discovered the way that the advertising misleads the reader, I seriously wondered why anyone who did not do his research would choose to buy as a walk-in customer when told that he was not eligible for what was (however legal, surely misleading) advertised.

Had I been that person I probably would have felt duped and angry enough to leave, having driven many miles out of my way to get there. But I did want to get that good power train warranty if possible, so on June 25, 2015, I phoned Rick Case Honda and spoke to **. I believe that she is a coordinator who has a directive to draw callers into the showroom. She was polite, but when I told her that I was hoping to email their Internet manager my specs for the CRV I planned to buy, she seemed displeased. She did agree to send me an email so that I could send a reply including a written list of my specs. She also agreed to give me the Internet manager's name (**). She said that Mr. ** would call me the next day. She did send her generic sales email to which I replied with my list. The next day, hours passed with no call from Mr. ** or even Ms. **.

I then called the dealership and finally got him on the phone. He was distracted and was speaking to someone else when he picked up. He eventually chose to speak to me, and when he did I mentioned having had my phone conversation the prior evening with ** (she had told me that her name was ** and that ** was easier for others). He yelled, "Who? There's no ** here!" I explained that this was his colleague's nickname and he said, "Oh, you mean '**'." I thought, "He doesn't even know his coworker's name." but considered that merely odd. I told him that I hoped that Ms. ** had forwarded my email to him or at least alerted him of my communications. He had no idea of what I was speaking. Although I was a bit irritated that I would need to start from scratch, I told him that I was contacting dealers in our area with the CRV in my preferred exterior color on their lots.

Then I told him that I would be contacting all dealers with my specs list so that each could have an equal opportunity to present a price proposal. He said that Rick Case does not "usually" do business that way. That sounded to me like a small window that he wanted to earn my business, so I asked him if I could forward my email to Ms. ** so that he could get up to speed. He did give me his email address (**), but asked me when I wanted to make an appointment to come to the showroom. I told him that I would visit the showroom of the dealership that offered the most attractive proposal and when I had had a chance to compare prices. However I would not be visiting any dealership before comparing proposals and making a commitment to buy from the winning bidder. He then proceeded to recite a litany of reasons why Rick Case never did negotiations when the customer was not in the showroom.

He said that they offered perks like their 10 year/100,000 mile power train warranty (which is a legitimately significant offer), that they offer free car washes (which might be valuable to some, but I live over 20 miles from the dealership), that they "are a high volume dealer," that they sell 60 cars a week and other dealers struggle to sell three or four per week (both statements seemed to indicate that he thought that I would be so impressed with such a Goliath of a dealership that negotiating a price would suddenly be unimportant and that I would rush right down and buy with zero questions asked). He spoke for a few minutes, and each time he repeated points, I attempted to break in to help him save his breath.

He never allowed me that chance, but eventually stopped talking. At this point I repeated that I would like to send him my specs and that I hoped that he would read my message and let me know if he might make an exception to his scripted list of reasons why they do not typically agree to negotiate via email or phone. I said that I would like to offer Rick Case an opportunity to earn my business, but I would appreciate the favor of a reply to my email even if he chose to decline to participate. He indicated that he would read my specs and let me know, and we hung up. I was quite unhappy with his arrogant attitude, but I calmly wrote and emailed the following:

"Thank you for educating me about the culture of Rick Case Honda. I respect that. Hopefully, you will agree to participate in our request for a proposal for a new Honda CR-V LX (Mountain Air Metallic). If you do not, that is fine. Just let us know. I am going to buy a new CR-V LX in the next few days, and I am contacting a limited number of dealerships to get price proposals. Attached are the vehicle specs we are requesting. I like to treat people the way I like to be treated, so this will be a level playing field. I will not favor any dealer. I am not just soliciting proposals so I can ask the closest dealership to match the best one.

I'll report the best price to all participants, but not to one that says, "Get the best bet and we'll beat it." I will not buy a vehicle from any dealer who does not participate from the start. I'd like you guys to participate, but if you don't plan to, please don't tell me that you will. I don't want to waste your time. Or mine. We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible today so that we can decide from whom I will be purchasing a car."

I never again heard from Mr. ** or Ms. **. It would have been better if he were blunt and wrote back, "No thanks." But he did nothing. I am not sure whether to interpret that as arrogance or ineptitude. Actually, I am positive that this was arrogance. After sending this message, I discovered that my credit union had a contract with a price negotiator, and that if I used his services, that would help me qualify for an APR that was lower than the one available from Honda Financing. I thought, "I wish I had known earlier," but since every other area dealer had been eager to participate, and Rick Case had not, I would like to find out if I could get a price via the negotiator since the 10 year/100,000 mile warranty is not possible to get from any other dealer in the United States. I called the negotiator and was pleased to discover that he had an ongoing relationship with the fleet manager (a person with whom I had not spoken).

He said that he often could find an attractive proposal from Rick Case. Although I was dubious, I did ask him to try, and I emailed my specs and earlier message to Mr. ** so that he could understand what had yet been communicated. Our negotiator succeeded in reaching the fleet manager, who did give him a price for the vehicle that I wanted. Unfortunately, the price was not very competitive, and our negotiator felt obligated to apologize. He asked if he could have some additional time so that he could make sure that the quote applied to the standard (my request) rather than a more expensive trim package. He confirmed that the manager was definitely working the following day. I agreed to wait until the next morning to clarify things and hopefully get a better quote.

At 12:30 PM the next day, our diligent negotiator phoned to say that he had made numerous attempts to reach the fleet manager and had left voicemail messages each time he did call. (He never got through directly that day.) I really wanted to give up, but I said that we could leave one final message (predicting that the manager would not answer) and that this would be Rick Case's last opportunity to rework the price offer. I said that if we had not received any response by 2:00 PM we would definitely be buying elsewhere.

We both agreed that this was realistic and more than fair. We never heard from the fleet manager. He did not even offer the favor of a reply to request additional time (or anything). I am glad that this company is so happy to feel important as a "high volume dealership." Clearly many people are not comparison shoppers and like free car washes. Although I did have to abandon my hope of getting the longer power train warranty, we love our CRV purchased elsewhere.

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Original review: June 22, 2014

We received a flyer, purchase a vehicle (Vehicle Exchange Program). I found a car that I liked and printed the ad. When I arrived to the dealer the salesman was very nice, but when he went to speak to the manager, he came back saying that the ad for that specific vehicle was wrong - that the vehicle was $8000 dollars more expensive and the vehicle exchange program was a lie. I will never go back to these people. Bait and switch programs at this dealership. Unethical. The manager did not even come out of his office to speak to us. Worst experience at a dealership!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 2, 2012

Confiscated Son's Dirt Bike - My son races motocross and has a Honda CRF150R that needed some carb work. We took the bike to Rick Case Powerhouse in Davie, FL. My son's bike was modified for racing and a lot of aftermarket parts were added to the bike, about $3,000 worth. I explained to ** all the specs and that the original frame was powder coated, therefore the VIN # was covered. I told him I have title to prove proof of ownership and he said everything would be okay and they could do the work. Well, after three weeks of asking why it is taking so long for this minor repair, I was called by the Davie Police Department saying they confiscated the bike because the VIN # was not visible after taking a $600 for the service. They never did any of the work nor offered to give me my money back.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 15, 2012

I bought a 2011 Honda CRV from Rick Case Honda in Weston, Florida in April 2011. The tag did not arrive in the mail as promised. I went to inquire with their tag clerk, Linda whom insisted it had been mailed. So, presuming it was lost in the mail, we ordered a new one. After that, sometime later, a tag arrives in my mailbox. I put it on the car and never looked back. Then in November 2011 when my wife was rear-ended, the police officer told her the tag on the car had been replaced. Although the tag on the car at the time of accident was originally assigned to this car, it was no longer a valid plate as it had been replaced. Mind you, I never received the second tag in the mail or a phone call if it was ever at the dealership. At one point after the November 2011 accident, I was able to confirm with Linda that the tag on the car was the very first tag issued for the car.

That's when it became apparent to me that somebody must have been doing a CYA routine (apparently) by mailing out the old tag after-the-fact, in order not to be caught with the tag still at the dealership, after insisting to me earlier that it was indeed mailed out. Nobody ever admitted to doing this. I don't know if it was Linda but she unfortunately comes across as somewhat defensive and more interested in defending the mistakes on their end rather than taking responsibility and doing whatever necessary on their end to make the situation right. So I had to order another (3rd) tag through another finance manager, who gave me another temporary tag now that the November 2011 accident allowed us to discover Rick Case Honda's second mistake of never sending or calling to advise that the 2nd replacement tag was in. Rather, they allowed us to drive round on an invalid tag until my wife got hit by somebody. Not that I was expecting that call because I thought the tag that came in the mail earlier in the year was the replacement tag.

So after giving it a few weeks, I go back in there to pick up the 3rd replacement tag. It is not there, despite their records showing it is there waiting for me at the pickup desk. To date, they have been unable to explain why their records show a tag is awaiting pickup but does not physically exist at the location. They also have my cell phone number. Now, Linda says I will now have to pay $48 due to how long it's been since I bought the car. I was outraged because none of this is my fault. Then I asked her to run this by a manager, as I could not believe they were going to stick me with this charge. A couple days later, she did call me back to tell me the manager (not the general manager, it was a lower level manager) is also saying that I would have to pay the $48 due to the length of time that had passed. I again tried to appeal to Linda that I had no idea we were driving around for almost all of 2011 with the wrong tag until my wife was involved in an accident but they are more concerned about not putting out the $48 fee required by the State due to the length of time elapsed.

So steaming at the situation, I contacted corporate and opened up a case number. The corporate rep speaks with the dealership, and it sounds like the dealership's explanation still never explains why I never got the second tag, or where the third tag is despite the dealerships record that it is there and available for pickup. But regardless, the corporate rep tells me that I will still have to pay the $48. The corporate rep however says he could reimburse me if I faxed him the receipt and my credit card statement showing proof of payment. I questioned why the receipt alone would not be enough. He tells me he needs proof of payment as he put it. I thought that's what receipts were for. I then asked for a confirming email or letter to confirm I would be reimbursed. He refused to provide either. I came away with a feeling even from the corporate rep that they are not too much more concerned about customer treatment or inconveniencing us any more than the dealership.

It is a shame that a big business like Rick Case Honda or corporate Honda treats its customers in this manner now that they have gotten their money from the purchase. This is not how it is supposed to be. They should own up to their mistakes and pay the $48 fee that is as a result of their own mishandling and shortcomings.

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Original review: Nov. 29, 2011

Just like just about any other dealer, you are only going to get lies to sell you a car. My wife purchased a car and we refinanced after finding a better rate. They told us they had the best rate. We cancelled gap insurance, $750. After we refinanced with our credit union, it was only $100. It has been 3 months since we cancelled the gap insurance and no money. We visited the dealer and spoke with the finance manager. He told us that he would have someone look into it and call us. No one has called. I called and left message several times. No one has called back. If this is not resolved soon, then I will be placing a complaint with the Florida DMV and maybe the State Attorney General’s office.

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Original review: Oct. 10, 2011

I needed to replace a defective battery which states on it has a 100-month warranty. Yet, Rick Case Honda told me I had to purchase a new battery. This battery was just replaced in December of 2009.

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Original review: June 3, 2011

In February 2010, I purchased a 2007 Acura TSX from Rick Case Honda. Since it was a pre-owned car I purchased the extended warranty. This past May the Acura warranty ran out, and I had to relay on the Coastguard warranty that I had purchased from Rick Case to fix an electrical issue. I called and spoke to a "service advisor," described the electrical problem and they made an appointment for me on a Saturday at 10 am. I drive 32 miles and bring the car in, only be told that they will not work on the car because they will not be able to get warranty authorization from Coastguard after 12 pm on Saturdays. Please come back on Monday.

I bring the car back on Monday and the first they say is that, "Oh! This is an Acura, our guys don't know how to work on these cars." So they keep the car till Tuesday evening to chase down the electrical short. Tuesday evening I get the car back everything looks ok other than they having left the inside dirtier than when I brought it in and with a bunch of blown fuses left in my center cup holder, and the fuse pulling tool was taken out from under the hood and left in the dashport. I drive off home, and the next day I notice that I get no signal on any radio stations. They had forgotten to reconnect the antenna to the radio, so I had to make another trip out to them.

I take the car back for a 3rd time. Now I have driven a 120-mile round trip more than I should have. They offer a free oil service but since I live 30-plus miles away I say that is ok, but it would be nice if you guys would top off my gas tank since you had me drive 120 mile due to your lack on attention to detail. The service manager replies to me that he is out of gas. They own a gas station right next to the service center and people are using it right in front of us, and were talking about $20 worth of gas to top it off. OK, so I say nothing and let it pass.

Next before I leave I check everything in car just in case something else was missed. Now I notice the cup holder door in the center console is broken. It was not like this when I drove it in. First I gave the car to them with the door closed, when they gave it back to me the door was open. I showed it to the service manager Jim. He agreed the door was broken, takes the car back in the shop, 20 minutes later he comes back and says his mechanic never touched the door, so I guess the door just happened to open itself. To top things off when they brought my car back the guy behind the wheel drove like he was in a car race speeding around a corner, cut in front of a moving car, and almost caused an accident. Consequences for taking my car to Rick Case Honda for service: one Saturday morning completely wasted, 120-plus miles driven due to their lack of detail, and one broken cup holder door.

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Rick Case Honda
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