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Quirk Ford
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Quirk Ford

Quincy, MA

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33 Quirk Ford Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Jan. 23, 2002

My car has been recalled 4 times. I have a 2000 Ford Focus. I had an incident Friday night, January 18, 2002 where my key would not go into the ignition. I called Ford Emergency Road Service to come and tow my car to Quirk Ford. While waiting for the truck, I called the Service Department at Quirk.

I was told by Walter that there had been a bulletin floating around about ignition problems with other Focuses. Why it isn't considered a recall yet, I don't know.

Well, the tow truck showed up and the driver insisted on getting the key in, which he was successful at. He obviously did not want to tow the car leaving me with the dilemma of getting home from the dealership after hours after driving the car myself.

As I was signing paperwok that the car had actually been towed (I assume the driver gets paid more for an actual tow), the door to my car closed and locked with the key in the ignition and the car running! Well, 45 minutes later the driver was able to break in through the driver side door, causing scratches and pulling apart some of the rubber insulation.

I drove the car home and left it for Monday morning, when, wouldn't you know it, the key wouldn't go in. I called 24 hour service and to Quirk Ford the car went. I asked them to fix the ignition, take care of the rear wheel bearings and seal installation (another recall of sorts), and give me an estimate on fixing the chipped paint and rubber that happened when the tow truck driver broke in to my car.

Now, I had to take a day off of work, unpaid, to spend literally hours on the phone with customer service and file a claim with Emergency Road Service to get the damage taken care of so that I don't have to pay for it.

I asked Jay at Quirk to please make sure the estimate for the window get taken care of as Emergency Road Service Claims Center needed two estimates. He assured me it would get done. Well, it did not!

I left with my car today, in a hurry to make it to work. When I arrived at work, I realized that the estimate was not there. I called Jay. He informed me (after finally returning my phone call) that the guys in body repair didn't notice anything wrong. I am no mechanic and I can certainly see where the damage is. I feel as though I have been lied to. In fact, when I called the first time, I spoke to Walter who told me I had to go to a body shop for an estimate. So, then Jay told me he forgot to call me and ask me anything about where the damage is. Well, obviously.

This is not the first time I have received such horrible service from Quirk. I feel completely taken advantage of. Now I have to go to another body shop, taking hours out of my day and losing pay, to go and get an estiamate.

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Original review: Dec. 30, 2001

We were planning to buy a new 2002 Ford or Chevy truck either a Ford Ranger or Chevy S10. We thought we would go to Quirk since he owned both business and check out the prices and test drive the trucks. We first were shown around the parking lot then Chris went to get a truck for us to test drive. It took over 45 minutes for him to FIND the truck for us to test drive. After we took the drive we went back and they were looking at our car to give us an estimate. They only had 2 trucks with the specifications we wanted one RED and one GOLD. We actually wanted a dark vehicle either black or blue. They told us they did not have any 2002 trucks coming in. We were asked if we wanted the GOLD truck we test drove and we said we wanted to get all the figures and then we wanted to go and test drive a Chevy. Because we would not sign on the dotted line, they REFUSED to give us an estimate or even talk about what the truck would cost us. We waisted two hours of our time with these people and they dismissed us. Needless to say, we did not go to Quirk Chevy to see their trucks. We did, however, go to other dealers on the South Shore and got facts and figures immediately. We can't believe how rude these people were. If your planning to spend over $20,000 you should be able to choose the color vehicle you prefer and at the very least get extimates and prices. I hope people read your column so that they can choose to go to a more reputable dealer.

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Original review: Feb. 12, 2001

After reading some of the real horror stories other consumers have endured, I feel a somewhat foolish writing about my experience because it seems so trivial in comparison. That being said.... I purchased a 2000 Ford F-150 4x4 XLT in December of 1999. All sales brochures, dealer spec sheets, and internet web pages, including those web pages "Powered by Ford Motor Company", ALL state the XLT comes standard with carpeted floor mats. The only place I didn't see them as standard was in the vehicle I purchased.

I was told that Ford eliminated them as standard equipment. These documents are tools used by the consumer to see what comes with the vehicle. My dealer tells me that since Ford changed the options packages, I should contact Ford. When I contacted Ford the first time, they told me they don't intervene on sales issues with dealers and I should try to resolve it with the dealership. After another go-around with Quirk, I sent another note off to Ford expalining to them how disappointed I was at not receiving the mats.

Here's their response:

Thank you for your message of 02/23/00 regarding your 2000 Ford F-150. We appreciate the time you have taken to write us regarding the floor mats for your vehicle. As previously communicated to you on 02/22/00, we feel that every consideration has been given to this matter and was appropriately addressed in our prior response. If any additional information regarding this matter should become available in the future, we would appreciate you letting us know. This will be our last written communication to you on this concern, however, if you would like to discuss this matter any further, please contact us directly at our Customer Assistance Center. Mr. McCarthy, we encourage and welcome you to communicate with us again via e-mail should you have a different issue or inquiry. At Ford Motor Company, we consider the satisfaction of our customers as one of our most important objectives. If you have any other inquiries or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address them. Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company.

They felt "that every consideration was given to this matter." Did I miss something? They sent me back to the dealer. If items can listed as standard equipment in the tools that a consumer uses to make informed decisions and we're told verbally that they're not included, what other "standard" accessories will be eliminated in the future? I can understand (almost) that sales brochures are printed ahead of time, however in this "age of the Internet," there is no excuse to have items listed as standard equipment when they were eliminated six months earlier. I am really disappointed I cannot get the mats. You would think that after spending $22,000+, I could get a set of $75 floor mats.

This is false advertising. If Dennis has the time, he should pursue it by filing against Quirk in Small Claims Court. Better yet, he should send a copy of his complaint to the Federal Trade Commission.

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Quirk Ford Company Information

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Quirk Auto Dealers
372 Quincy Ave
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