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Reviewed May 27, 2019

Buyers/lessees beware of Plaza Honda and the bait and switch tactics that they employ in order to try and scam the unsuspecting consumer! I got a call from Plaza Honda after looking for info on the Honda CRV, I was very clear with the sales rep over the phone that I do not want to waste time on bait and switch tactics, and gave the information on the deal I was looking for.

The rep said that he would give me a better deal than I was asking for. So I made an appointment to come in and meet with Troy - one of the dealership's managers. When I came in, the desk agent sat me down with a random salesman who told me that they would never give me the deal that they promised me over the phone, and that they just give BS information over the phone to get the customer in the door. I then called back the individual that gave me the information over the phone who said that I should come back and find Troy. I spoke with Troy who said that they would never give that kind of pricing, and "he will find out who told me that I would get that deal".

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Reviewed Sept. 13, 2018

We brought my Hyundai in for service to address a rattle sound from the right rear of the car tire. They determined it was the muffler and tailpipe and that they needed to order the parts. My wife asked Tabitha ** for a courtesy car while the car was being worked on. Tabitha told her that all the cars was out and they had none to offer. She then asked for our car back until the parts came in, Tabitha told her that the car was taken apart already and not drivable. We dropped off the car on Tuesday, September 11th and the parts came in today the 13th.

Tabitha told my wife that the car will not be ready until after 4pm today, my wife and I both asked her if we can get it back sooner because we need it to pick up our kids. Tabitha told her ok, but never tried to escalated it at all. When you call, she or her manager is always away from their desk, they never return your calls or when you go in person, you get the attitude like you are annoying them. I live close to the dealership but would rather drive to NJ to have my car serviced because you get treated with respect!

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Shmary increased rating by 2 stars.
After a positive interaction with Plaza Auto Mall, Shmary increased their star rating on July 24, 2018.

Updated review: July 24, 2018

The manger and Christopher took care of this problem and were very nice in the end

Original Review: July 4, 2018

This is the worst place!!! Do NOT service your car here. Such terrible service. The way I was treated by Tamer ** was disgusting and despicable. His behavior is nonexcusable. He never called me to give me any updates about the service for my car. I tried calling him a few times, he never called me back. When I came to get my car (after it being there for a day and half and not even being worked on!) because I had to go out of town for the weekend, he did not apologize or even talk to me!!!

All he said was that I should wait for my car outside (which was not even serviced, although I brought it in a 2 weeks prior to this and they never fixed the problem then or this time!). I waited outside for over 50 minutes in 90 degrees weather because they could not find my car! This is not how you treat human beings. My whole day and weekend was messed up because I was not able to get out of the city on time, way too much traffic. I felt they were doing this to me deliberately because I am an Orthodox Jew.

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Reviewed March 18, 2018

Don't know where to begin with this bloodsucker. 1000 Us deductible promotion was going on when did buy my car, but they keep it for themself. Second was supposed to try to get Toyota 6 years zero interest promotion but Toyota did denied for some reason. They just keep shopping around for a financing without my permission. THE insurer's guy did try to overcharge me over 150 monthly. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.

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Reviewed Jan. 12, 2018

I have been a customer at Plaza Auto Mall for years and I would never go to another dealership. I live in Texas and have leased all my cars from Plaza Honda. I have gone to many dealerships in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston after my leases have ended and not one dealership in Texas could offer me the same price or a better deal.

Having my car shipped from Brooklyn New York to San Antonio has always been less expensive. For those who disagree, call a few dealerships in San Antonio and you will understand why I will never go anywhere else. I can't figure out how Gunn Honda, Gillman Honda or other dealerships get perfect reviews when they have never had the model or color I wanted. Texas car dealerships have never come close to Plaza Auto Mall's prices.

When I have walked into dealerships in San Antonio and other cities in Texas, I spent hours listening to a salesperson promise they could match what Plaza Honda gave me or do better. In the end, I always got up and left because the salesperson from that car dealership told me I would be paying a hundred dollars or more a month for the same lease and I wouldn’t get the same model or color of car Plaza Honda offered me. I have dropped most of my leases off at Gunn Honda and each time the car dealership sold the car for five to six thousand more than what was owed on the car. Each time I kick myself for not getting a loan and then selling my leased car myself. Maybe this time I will.

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Reviewed Nov. 8, 2017

Bring a lawyer with you when you deal with these guys or do yourself a favor and just go to another dealership. If you hate yourself enough to decide to go to this dealership stay away from Damon ** and Claudio ** (especially Damon **) - I haven’t met anyone as unethical as these guys ever in my life. I would have given a 1-star rating just based on my experience with them before we signed the paperwork.

Made us wait for hours for an appointment which I had confirmed over phone a gazillion times, tried changing numbers on us several times AFTER we had an agreement (including charging an extra destination fee which was already included in the sales price which we had agreed on and bank fees which we had agreed dealership will be paying), tried to intimidate us into accepting the higher numbers (including yelling at us!) and double charged us for sales tax and DMV fees promising a refund of the overpaid amount. BUT what happened AFTER the contract was signed was a thousand times worse.

Almost a month and a half later Damon ** called us informing us that Kia rejected the lease contract and we need to re-sign paperwork. Kia’s problem with the lease was really that we had paid too much downpayment resulting in negative depreciation (which they could not accept). Incompetence from the dealership aside (how can they not catch the negative depreciation while preparing the paperwork!), Damon tried to increase the previously agreed (and signed!) upon sales price of the vehicle touting that was the only way to resolve this issue. Things went downhill from there pretty quickly.

The dealership resorted to outright lying (can’t print out a copy of the contract as they have moved to an all electronic system in spite of legally obligated to provide a copy and then being able to print out a copy a few days later, new lease with a higher sales price is actually a more favorable lease to me. Refunds are only processed once a week on Fridays but after an attorney general complaint were able to issue the refund on Monday and many many more), threatening to repossess the car and/or report it stolen in spite of me paying such a big down payment that Kia rejected it indicating that I need to reduce my downpayment, refusing to issue a refund of overpaid amounts and being flippant about everything to confuse us so we would agree to a less favorable contract (including barely readable one line replies, not answering questions asked on why sales price need to be higher or extra fees need to be added and so on).

I filed a complaint with Kia hoping the manufacturer will help resolve this but Kia’s helpline was practically useless - no real action and/or follow up on the issue till date and all requests to get into contact with the regional sales manager were ignored while the dealership was harassing us. Damon refused to get his General Manager into the conversation (obviously!). I had to file a complaint with the BBB and the NY Attorney General’s office to have these guys get back to their senses.

The Attorney General complaint is what I think really made the difference here. I was less than 24 hours away from filing a lawsuit for fraud (after more than a month of going back and forth!) against the dealership - that’s how far they took it (and I had all laws broken and lies spoken on record to use against them in court). Please do yourself a favor and avoid this dealership. They will do anything and everything they can to scam you and not just before buying the car but also after. And this is not a one off case.

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Reviewed Nov. 7, 2017

I took in the car for a multi-point inspection. I had a 9 o'clock appointment, I arrived there at 9 AM. I waited 15 minutes before an advisor came over to me. The service advisor told me it will take about 2 to 3 hours. I called quite a number of times to find out the status and nobody answered. I finally went down at 3:30 and that's when they started inspecting the car. I find this place totally irresponsible and not respecting their customers. I don't advise anybody to use this place, I certainly will never use them again.

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Reviewed Aug. 22, 2017

This is my second visit to Plaza Honda for a factory recall. I arrived, at 0715 in the morning. My car was "ready" at 0815. When I saw the cashier, she informed me that someone would bring my car in a few minutes. I waited almost an hour for the ** and incompetents to find my car. I was so frustrated that I threatened to call the police and report the car stolen. To top it all off, the repair ticket stated that the part in question was sealed to prevent corrosion (battery sensor terminal). When I checked, nothing whatsoever had been done to the cables. So they are probably charging Honda for work not performed. Don't go to this rip off place of incompetents and liars.

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2017

Honda Plaza Auto Mall 2700 Nostrand Ave - I wanna know why I dropped my vehicle off at 7:40 am after having an appt. from last week for a recall of airbags on a 2008 Honda CRV. It is now 4:30 called Honda 50 times because they told me to go home they would call me and at 430pm right now haven't received a call yet. I got the run around, hung up on, attitude, nobody knows, hold on. So I ask for a manager and he took my number and said "Hold on." So he came back and said, "I'll call you back." He couldn't locate the person for the car. That was 410 pm. All now still waiting 9hrs for a replacement of airbags from a recall. It's 4:36 and no call back about my car. If I knew it took this long I would not have left the car period. My husband needs the car to come off work by 5 pm. Now what I'm home telling story and I have the receipt to the car. So now what? You think they gonna wanna wait for us to get there. They are going home and they have their ride.

Please I read other reviews, I will never come back to this disgusting, lazy, nasty attitude place again only because I came for recall of airbags. Their work sucks, sucks and sucks. From phone operators to top management everywhere they direct your call, goes to voicemail. Wow really and they have your car and I bet if I go there the car is in the lot on the lift so they can get paid more money seeing it's a recall for airbags. Wow what good service. It's now 4:43 and no call or nothing the consumer don't mean ** to this company period. That's why we stop coming here. We would rather pay the money somewhere else rather to deal with this **. It make wanna snap. They lie to you like you are stupid and you know better. Today is August 1st 2017 at 4:45 pm advisor is **. Car went in at 740am and nothing yet.

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Reviewed May 13, 2017

I want to make it clear that I've been here before. Service was never great, but I liked the price so I endured the experience. Well over the past 3 visits their service has gotten progressively worse and the last one had me wanting to strangle the manager there. This is going to be a long one, but please read and maybe you'll also get some laughs.

I made an appointment for 7:30am and was the 3rd person there. Met with the adviser Mark (this idiot) and he let me know that it would take an hour and half at the MAX. I was surprised how fast that was and Mark joked about how it because I came in so early. So I wait. An hour goes by. An hour and a half goes by. Maybe it's taking a bit longer than I expected and it's just like always and an oil change take 3 hours here. So another hour goes by.

Ok, its been 3 hours now so I decide it's fair for me to go ask for an update (OH and if you don't know asking these guys for an update it like asking them for a ** kidney. You see them try to avoid you when you walk up to ask for an update). But back to Mark. I walk up to his desk and he's eating a sandwich. Must be on a break and having breakfast or something right? Nope dude is just eating a sandwich and working. So I ask for an update and I swear to you this dude proceeds to search for my car in their system ONE BUTTON CLICK AT A TIME WHILE HOLDING HIS DAMN SANDWICH IN HIS HAND!!! I'm just standing there watching this fool refuse to put the damn sandwich down. If you're on break I get it, but if you suppose to be working PUT THE ** SANDWICH DOWN AND WORK!!!

Ok... having successfully accomplished the Olympian challenge of entering my car into the system whilst holding a sandwich, Mark lets me know "they are working on it right now and it'll be 30-40 minutes." I'm not happy but if they are working on it then fine I'll wait. So another 40 minutes go by and I ask for an update. "Oh they are putting the finishing touches on it. Give it like 15 minutes." Alright 15 minutes and then I am out of here... Or so I think. 15 minutes go by and I ask for my car. "Umm... so it looks like I can't find your car or its technician, would it be cool if you like left for work and came back for it?"

"WAIT WHAT??? Mark (do you need another sandwich) you told me they were working on the car an hour ago, finishing it up 15 minutes ago and now you tell me you haven't even started AND YOU CAN'T FIND MY CAR!!! Find my car right now and give it to me. I am leaving." So Mark goes in the back and comes back and tells me "So they actually are working on your car right now and if you can give it like 20 minutes they'll be done."

I've already spent four hours here, so doing something I shouldn't have done I trusted Mark (now sandwich free, a victory for me in this experience). I decide to wait, and I kid you not I see them try to sneak my car past me and get it up on the lift. Going back to Mark as calmly as possible I ask him "Look I know I'm not a sandwich, but if you could focus on me for two seconds. You just lied to me and I saw them JUST put my car up on the lift." Mark with all the brain power he can muster replies "Oh really?"

Using every ounce of strength not to smack Mark so hard so he woke up for dinner to eat another sandwich. I ask to speak to the manager. The manager has to be better right? Right? Nope. Looks like the stupidity is a requirement for employment here. And the manager, whose name I don't know but is some tiny gray haired tough guy, thinks he can solve the problem because he's assertive. Well I tell my story to the manager hoping he has enough brain cells to process the words coming out of mouth. I think he understands and says "give me 20-25 minutes and I'll have your car done".

"I don't think you understand mentally impaired dumb **. GIVE ME MY CAR!!!" "Oh you asked for your car? Ok." So I had to wait another 15 minutes until I got my car back. And the entire time this manager is talking to me like it was my fault for asking for my car back. "I could have gotten it done for you, but you wanted your car back." He gives me the excuse "well the system showed your car was being worked on so Mark was right in what he was said." NO!

Mark never once out of the 3 times I asked for an update went and checked on the car himself after it had been nearly 4 hours. At that point even the sandwich would have thought to itself "something has gone a rye" (See what I did there). The attitude and lack of intelligence at this place is astounding. PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE. The only way I think things will really change is when they take a hit in business. If you read this whole thing I thank you and I hope it informed you of my experience (and maybe made you laugh a little).

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Reviewed May 11, 2017

I want to start by saying that prior to my experience today (I never encountered the Customer Service Manager before) I had a pleasant experience with Honda Plaza (Kevin has always been great) however that has changed. I dropped my vehicle off at 9:45 A.M, they did not call me until 5:00 P.M. to inform me of the diagnostic results. I arrived at 6:00 P.M. to pay for a part. My vehicle was pulled to the front at that time. I then noted fresh scratches (I already had some scratches). The Customer Service manager stated I had signed a document stating that they were not liable. I asked for a refund for the starter I had previously paid for because I can no longer trust Honda Plaza. I am disappointed. All I wanted was for the issue to be addressed and acknowledgment of the scratches placed on my vehicle. I never had any concern with them before.

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Reviewed April 23, 2017

I purchased a Nissan Maxima 2016. It had a complete problems. I went back to the dealership 2 week later. Told them what was wrong with the car. They don't wanna fix the car and I don't feel safe driving the car at this moment? And I have warranty on the car?

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Reviewed Feb. 3, 2017

I took my car to check and if needed to replace the battery. They left me sitting for 3 hours. I was told the car is not even on the lot. When I ask for a status update the service advisor was nasty. I had to ask for the supervisor. My car was finished in less than 20 minutes, it wasn't on the lot. The car I have it takes more than 20 minutes to check the battery. I was charged over 500 hundred dollars. This is the last I will be going to them.

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Reviewed Jan. 12, 2017

I am writing this review because I'm in a state of shock and a lost for words. It all started Monday when I brought my car into the dealership service center because it was running funny and I didn't want it to shut off on me. In 2014 I bought a Honda Civic with a five year warranty, in April 2016 the car shut off on me and I had it towed to the dealership. They told me that the car needed transmission fluid and the transmission pan was cracked. The transmission pan wasn't under the warranty so they said I had to pay for it. Then November 1, 2017 the car shut off on me again and I had it towed back to the dealership, they said the car needed transmission fluid and sent me on my way.

Now I'm driving it last week and it's feeling funny like it's going to shut off again so I call the dealership service center to make an appointment to have the car looked at but before I bring it in I have it looked at just to be on the safe side. The man who looked at it removed the pan and we both saw lots of oil on the pan as well as oil dripping from the pipe in the car. I took it to the dealership service center Monday January 9 and mentioned everything to them in the exact words I said above. A man name Joseph said he was going to have it looked at and get back to me about the matter. I never heard from him throughout the day and when I called they would ask for my number to give to him to return my call.

Tuesday January 10 the same exact thing "leave me your number and someone will contact you." Wednesday January 11 I call all morning to speak to Joseph and request for a loaner car to get around. When I finally speak to Joseph at 4 o'clock in the evening he tells me a specialist has to come in and drop the transmission to find the problem, I requested for a loaner car and he said when his boss finish with his meeting he will ask him about giving me a loaner. He calls me and tells me his manager said I can't get a loaner because my car is not a serious issue. I'm wondering why isn't a transmission problem a serious issue in a two year old car that they sold me!!!

Please if you take out the time to read my review if you want to be treated fair, look elsewhere. Don't waste your time just to be given the runaround and no results that will benefit you. I am a young ** female and if I didn't know any better I would say I detect some form of discrimination because why isn't my car problem serious enough to get a loaner when it's obvious a factory defect with the transmission... I'm just saying!

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Reviewed Jan. 3, 2017

Calling to speak with someone at Plaza Honda is the most frustrating experience I've had to date when seeking an address of an important issue pertaining to the financing of my vehicle. If I had read the reviews of the company prior to making my purchase I would never have risked spending my hard earned money on a purchase. I financed a 2017 Accord Sport on November 19th, 2016. I put down $2000.00 cash. My first payment was due today, which was supposed to be prearranged by the dealership (according to Kevin ** at the time of financing). After checking my bank account, it was clear that my payment had not been taken out. Concerned, I called the dealership. After no less than 7 calls to speak with someone from finance the operator/receptionist (Ann) began placing me on hold. After 15 calls and a lot of waiting and back-and-forth with Ann, I finally called Sales.

I told Nigel what the issue was and what was at stake - he placed me on hold for more than twenty minutes and never came back on the call. I called Sales again, and again got Nigel, and after an 8 minute hold was referred to a manager. Turns out that Kevin ** had never submitted paperwork to begin my monthly recurring payments. Had I not called the bank myself I would have missed my initial payment; which would have created credit issues. This is irresponsible. This is more than irresponsible, it's gross negligence and a violation of trust. Plaza Honda eagerly took my money and made promises they did not intend to keep (I actually went online this morning and Santander Bank assisted me to set up recurring auto payment for myself). Cars literally sell themselves. It doesn't take much skill to accomplish high sales volume. But in the Customer care department, this Honda dealership is a discredit to the claim that customers are valued.

I won't discourage consumers from purchasing a vehicle from this Brooklyn dealership. But if you're in the market for a vehicle, used or new, financed or leased, and you value your hard earned money, think twice, maybe thrice, and then some before you invest with a dealership that does not value you or your business beyond closing the deal. It's now 3:35 PM and I have yet to hear from Plaza Honda.

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Reviewed Dec. 2, 2016

Went in to car dealer to purchase a car, left deposit of $200. Anyway changed my mind because payment was gonna be too high. This was in July 2016 or August 2016. It is now December 2016 and I have not received my refund. I called about 10 times... A lot of lies, and back and forth. The salesman that helped me was no help. Says was gonna call me back. Never did. Was told refund checks are issued on Fridays and check was mailed. This was probably 1 month ago. Still have not received refund. These people suck and they are not professional. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE.

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Reviewed Aug. 14, 2016

I purchased a car that I looked at. To my surprise, it was not cleaned, had a small crack in the window, and smelled heavily like smoke. In other words, the car was not even inspected after being traded in and sold to me. The engine began knocking. Every time I took the car back to them they claimed to couldn't hear it until the engine blew! They claimed I was under warranty with some company only to find out and be assigned a new company when the engine blew! The warranty company didn't "cover engine" so I was out of a $15,000. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THESE GUYS. THEY DO SHADY BUSINESS WITH THEIR CARS.

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Reviewed July 18, 2016

I purchased a used car during the Memorial holiday weekend. A Saturday to be exact. First issue was the license plates. The back plate was put on without issue but the proper bolts for the front plate to be put on were missing. Service said they didn't have the bolts/screws. WHAT??? YOU ARE SERVICE. HOW DO YOU NOT HAVE THESE THINGS??? My dad went out, spent his own money at a hardware store and put the plate on for me. Second issue: an hour after driving off the lot, I heard a noise coming from my brake. Took the car right back to the lot for service to fix the issue. Something that should have been done well before the car was on the lot for sale. I didn't get the car back until Wednesday and this was after my father had to go up there, an experienced mechanic himself, and raise all types of hell to make sure the car was serviced and ready for pick up.

Third issue: during the sale, my dad had the salesperson, Rick, put in an order for a small plastic piece that was missing from the driver side view mirror. A minor cosmetic issue. The part should have been in within the week. A whole month goes by, no part because they never ordered it. Do you know that when I called Rick, his boss, Oscar ** told him to tell me that I can go to the Nissan dealership in Coney Island, pay for the part and bring the receipt to be reimbursed. WHO THE ** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TALKING TO? I said absolutely not, and told him I would be there in person bright and early that Saturday morning and I did just that. The part was ordered on the spot and was told it would be in within the week.

I spent two weeks calling and getting the runaround about finding out if the part was in. I finally got through to the retail desk who told me that Oscar should have called me to tell me the part was in but of course that did not happen. For this to be my first time purchasing a car, it was an absolute horrible experience and they will never get business from me again. They do not understand what customer service means. And I will make it my business to tell anyone looking to purchase a vehicle, new or used to not go to Plaza Auto.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed June 29, 2016

Went into Plaza Auto Mall on 6/13/2016. My salesman was Marvin **, the worst sales person I have ever met in my life. I made a down payment on a Hyundai and was told to come back the following day to close the deal and pick up the car. I was call the next day and told that he could not deliver the car because their sister store Bay Ridge Hyundai would not release the car because I did not buy it from them. I asked for a refund. Plaza Hyundai refuse to refund me. I make daily calls to them. They hang up the phone or send the call directly to voice mail. Is this a way to do business. Why can't I a refund without going to small claims court. Buyers beware.

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Reviewed June 20, 2016

On May 18th I purchased a 2010 Nissan Maxima at Plaza Auto Mall which was a cash purchase of $18k. On May 22 the tire sensors came on, I went to check the tire. On May 25 the check engine light came on. I brought the vehicle back to Plaza Auto Mall where I had a conversation with my salesperson Michael ** who directed me to his Manager Oscar **. Mr. ** then directed me to the service department were I spoke to Albert in service who evaluated the car and stated it was a cam shaft sensor and the Toyota service department is unable to perform service on a Nissan Maxima. Albert then advise me speak with my sales guy to get my car to a Nissan dealership. I was told to bring my car back on the next day May 26 so that someone can take the car to Nissan.

I returned to Plaza were Albert stated that the sale department would be handling any transfer to Nissan. Before I could leave the service center Albert stated that his boss said they got me an appointment at Nissan for Tuesday May 31st. I brought the car to Nissan on the 31st and returned to Plaza to have a conservation with Oscar **, who completely ignored me for 2 minutes while I stood at his desk. Mr. ** then referred me to Richard ** who stated he would get into contact with Nissan to find out what's wrong with car. In frustration I walked out, after calming down I got in touch with Oscar ** who told me that because I didn't purchase a warranty package I was not entailed to a rental car.

Mr. ** has treated me with disregard and belittling lack of respect for a paying customer. Mr. ** has gone as far as to try to double talk me to seem as if he has tried to help but has done nothing but pass me back and forth like a ping pong. On June 1st after being without a car for two days, the Nissan dealership contacted me to let me know that the car needs $3700 worth of work and the car is unsafe to drive. I no longer want to do business with Plaza Honda, there is a complete lack of professionalism. The managers are uninformed and lack respect for paying customers. Mr. ** was the only person who tried to assist me.

This unsatisfactory experience has forever scared me from doing business with Plaza. I've been told that money talks in this business. I guess my $18,313 cash purchase was not enough to get me great customer service and I will be taking my business elsewhere. Additionally Mr. ** took the tags off the car stating that he would return the tags to the DMV which would allow me to be able to cancel the insurance that I received from the brokerage firm that plaza conducts business.

As of today June 20, Mr. ** has yet to return the plates to the DMV. My insurance with countrywide is still in effect costing me a month worth of insurance for a car that I had for less than 2 weeks. Plaza Honda has shown that this company is mismanaged incompetent and lax. I respectfully request that the Toyota corporation look into this case of customer dispute. I would like my moneys refunded for my insurance and Mr. ** to be demoted for incompetence.

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Reviewed June 4, 2016

I don't even want to give them a star because they deserve zero... On may 31 I took my car in for 2 recalls and to check the reason why my car was cutting off. I had informed the representative that I really did not want to bring in the car because of prior experience. But I was giving them the benefit of the doubt... The car was returned to me after paying $662. When I drive the car off the lot it was ok... When I stopped and started the car again it would not start. But isn't this why I brought it in to begin with?

I called them again and told them I was still having the issue. They said that I didn't say that it was cutting off... but I had the paperwork to prove that I did. I brought the car in on 6/4/16 and explained it again. The car is cutting off... and that it was unacceptable that I had to pay the amount I paid and not have it fixed. They look at it and lo and behold they found a code... Now why wouldn't they find it before. So they said I had to pay $80 to get it fixed... Why should I have to pay $60 labor for a $14 part that should have been corrected when I paid $662.

I then came home and read the receipt from the previous visit and realized that they had just made me pay for the recall. They had never fixed it and charged me extra for it... These people are crooks and yes if you do go there you have to know your stuff or they will charge you and make you feel as though you know nothing. The recall delta with the yaw sensor... the breaks and that's what they had me fix saying it was out of warranty. Amazing.

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Reviewed April 18, 2016

My daughter owns a 2012 Hyundai Elantra which she purchased new from Plaza Auto Mall. On 3/1/2016, the check tire pressure light came on. I checked the tire pressure ensuring there was 34 lbs. in each tire. The owner's manual stated that the light should go out within a few miles of driving after ensuring the proper pressure was in each tire. The light never went out. I called Plaza Hyundai and scheduled an appointment.

My appointment was for 3/2/16 at 10:30 AM. I scheduled an appointment where I'd wait for the car. When the car was finally returned to me at 3:15 PM, I was informed that the "tech" found nothing wrong other than the tire pressure being low on all four tires. I was told that the light had been reset and there shouldn't be any further problem. They advised me that this service was covered under the warranty and there was no charge. Having ensured the tire pressure was correct myself on the previous day, my first reaction was to argue the "tech's" statement that the pressure was low, however having wasted four and three quarter hours already, I decided to save my breath and just leave.

Within 24 hours, the tire pressure light came back on. As I stated earlier, my daughter bought this car new. Although almost four years old, the car only had 23,666 miles on the original tires with plenty of tread remaining however due to the age of the tires, I decided to purchase four new tires. Any father reading this understands the logic. I purchased four brand new tires on 4/5/16 at Emil's All Tire Co. as well as a four wheel alignment and asked that they reset the tire pressure light for me. While installing the four new tires, they informed me that they couldn't reset the light because the batteries were dead in three of the four sensors and needed to be replaced. I told them I would schedule another appointment with Plaza Hyundai since I was previously told it was covered under the warranty. I scheduled another "waiting" appointment with Plaza for 11:00AM on 4/6/16.

When doing the initial service review with B. **, I advised her of what Emil's had told me about the batteries in the sensors and showed her the receipt for the four new tires. She annotated the information on the customer reception form. At 12:50 PM, she approached me in the waiting room and informed me that the "tech" found that I needed a tire rotation stating that the tread in the front was lower than the tread in the rear. Unable to believe what I was hearing, having purchased four brand new tires less than 24 hours earlier, I told her that her tech was a moron and that at this point, I just wanted the car back having lost all confidence and patience with Plaza Auto Mall.

Upon returning my car at 1:09 PM, I was informed that there was a $66.53 charge for labor and that the genius tech had recalibrated the sensors so there would be no more problem with the light. I showed her my original receipt from 3/2/16 showing that there was no charge and said I wanted to speak to a service manager. I was informed that all service managers were in a meeting and that she had no idea when the meeting would end. I looked off into a corner and observed a group of employees involved in a pizza party. I asked Ms. ** if that was the meeting the service managers were involved in? She refused to answer me. I paid the $66.53 and left having decided never to do business with Plaza Auto Mall again. By the way, less than 24 hours later, the light came on for the third time. I took the car back to Emil's, they replaced the batteries. Problem solved. If you deal with Plaza Auto Mall, you deserve whatever you get!

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Reviewed March 26, 2016

In leasing a car from this dealership, I paid a full year's payment in advance. However the dealership only sent the first month's payment to Toyota. I was only notified 44 days after my account became delinquent. And not by the dealer but by Toyota themselves who stated this has already affected my credit reports. I call the dealership and speaking with the salesman, who was very abrasive and dismissive. He informed that their accounting department was closed on weekends and he was unable to access any information on my account until Monday. He refused to call Toyota and provide them with an update! I called Toyota who referred me back to the dealership. Isn't Toyota the beneficiary, why do I have to ensure their internal process is efficient. Who will rectify the issue with my credit report? The salesman was proud to inform me this wasn't the first time this has happened.

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Reviewed March 26, 2016

Worst customer service ever! I go in for a scheduled appointment for a simple tire rotation on my new 2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport. I got to the location at 11:30 am and then waited until 12 (my appointment was at 12:15) until someone got to check me in. You have to get there early or else the line to wait until you get it, takes forever. Waited for about 3 hours after they checked me until I couldn't wait anymore. Spoke to a lady to see the status of my car and she said "they haven't started on your car yet." I get upset and I asked to speak with a manager.

Speaks to some guy named Collins ** and he was very rude. He said "we told you that it was supposed to be a drop off." I said "that is not true because the young man who checked me in asked me am I waiting or dropping off? And I told him I'm waiting." Collins then told me that "you see all this paperwork, we are back up." I said "what doesn't that have to do with me waiting for 3 hours already." He said "you can take your car and go." Now I'm more upset because he has no business talking to a female that way.

The young lady saw that I was upset, and understood where I was coming from. Three young men who was mechanics saw that I was upset and wanted to know the situation. They all said Collins was completely wrong especially seeing how upset I was after waiting for 3 hours. One mechanic said "I will take your car right now and service it." Once the mechanic took my car, another rude manager by the name of Matthew ** blamed me for not knowing it was a drop off. He was telling me that someone told me and I was telling no one did. "If I have known do you really think I will be this highly upset."

He also told the mechanic not to service to my car after they already had it on the bed to be service. What kind of manager does that when their workers are trying to fix the solution. I thanked the mechanics for trying their best to make the customer happy but after those two managers I will never return to that service center. My car is 6 months old, and I got it from them. I feel disgusted how they treated a loyal customer. I do want to thank Tabatha from customer care calming me down and realizing it was not my fault. She helped me find other dealership close by in which she wants me to try out. Thank you Tabatha from the bottom of my heart!

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Reviewed March 22, 2016

I took my car to Plaza Auto Mall's Honda Service department to add Bluetooth. This is the dealership where I purchased my 2012 Honda Accord. I was never informed that this was a service performed elsewhere by a subcontractor. When I picked up my car there was a dent near my gas tank cover and the passenger side rear view mirror was damaged. The paint was completely removed. It appears someone drive it too close to something. I was directed to tell Mr. Kawsar **, Honda Service Consultant, about the damages to my car. Upon listening and examining my car, he apologized and offered me a free oil change the next time I needed one.

A couple of months passed and I needed an oil change. To my surprise, Mr. Kawsar ** was no longer employed by the dealership and my free oil change never took place. I was warned by countless family members and friends to avoid this dealership like it was the plague. However, I had no choice. Plaza Auto Mall is the nearest Honda dealership closest to my home and they possessed the vehicle I was interested in. Hindsight, I regret making the purchase. Plaza Auto Mall is a recurring headache that just won't go away. Another thing, if it doesn't possess enough space to service many vehicles then why cram as many vehicles into their confined workshop resulting in scratched vehicles that were in perfect condition prior to them getting their hands on them?

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Reviewed March 21, 2016

The sale person was nice and offered a good deal, very satisfied with Mr. **, also Mr. ** who shows me how to used the navigator system and radio. He so informative. I'm already recommend my friends to go to Plaza Honda if they want to get a good deal. So I say NUFF respect to Mr. **.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed March 14, 2016

I have recently finance Honda Accord Hybrid Exl 2015. I was told I have warranty up to 36000 miles/3 yrs. Recently I was having vehicle issue so I drove it to Honda services located at plaza auto mall nostrand ave. So after two days they told me I'm not covered under the warranty because there are signs of flood. I have to get my insurance involved. I told them that cannot be a reason because I live in safe area of Brooklyn and there is no chance of flood these days. Anyways then I called insurance. They denied the claim because no signs of car accident or flood.

So I called the service advisor and told him since manufacturer not covering it and insurance denied the claim I'm gonna take the vehicle to the local shops but he said "we have already done the work and you owe have 11 grand"... I told him "I have never asked you to get work done until I hear from Honda manufacturer or insurance and I have never signed any paperwork with you to start the work"... He said "too bad now you have to pay" and then I asked them just put old parts back and I take my vehicle somewhere else. They acted rude and said "your car not gonna work". It was working in first place when I drove it you... So please people do not do business with them. They rip off people.

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Reviewed March 9, 2016

I would like to say this was my first time at Plaza Honda and I had a really good experience. I was greeted from the time I walked into the door, and everyone was friendly and very helpful. I was skeptical about getting a Honda car but now I'm very happy with everything and all the help from the sales person to the financial advisor to the person who help me set up my Apple play, Sharicka, Kevin, and Ramon. Thanks for all the help.

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Reviewed March 9, 2016

I leased a new Hyundai Sonata Sport on January 30, 2016. However as you know when purchasing a new vehicle you would have temporary registration for 45 days. I realized that the time was coming close so I contact Plaza Auto in regards to this matter and it took a few days just for them to get back to me with... However when they did they said the DMV rejected my application so I had to sign another paper for them to do it again, so I did a week later. I called again in regards to the same matter then I was told I have a balance of $88.50. I was modified because of the customer service. It wasn't the balance why I was upset, it's the quality of customer service this place have. Poor customer service and I feel this matter could have been resolved if the staff better customer service. I wouldn't return to this place if they was offering a car for $2.00.

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Reviewed March 9, 2016

I am the current customer for Plaza Auto Mall for many years. I want to recommend to everyone a manager Anna in Plaza Honda. She is always ready to help you. All her sales people are so friendly and treat you like a family. I always leasing car from them. Very Good place!!

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