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    Nissan Frontier

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    The Nissan Frontier is a mid-size truck. Models that have been made since 2010 have a focus on safety features. Read more Nissan reviews to learn about other models.

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    320 Nissan Frontier Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 7, 2018

    I'm writing this simply due to the fact of so many mixed reviews here wanted to leave mine. I have a 2015 Nissan Frontier SV 4x4 Crew Cab SB, I'm gonna try to keep this short as possible and simple. I bought the vehicle with 32** on the odometer and for a crazy good price of $10,500 from North PA. I am now at 41**. Did the oil change at 37k and absolutely nothing wrong. Usually ALL Nissans like to drink a quart in between their changes from my experience, not this VQ. At 4k now and slight amber color and the level is exactly when I changed it at 37.

    I've had it for about 7 months now. I use the truck for everything, offroading, highway driving city driving, it's been to Vermont 3 times in heavy snow (12+in and falling while driving up from Albany each time) with not one hiccup, lots of back road driving, camping, went to North MA from Phila PA recently with a 2500 lb boat being towed and again, not a single issue.

    Religiously tow my jetski and it's like I'm not towing anything. Never had complaints with traction, abs etc. Has had everything in the bed from hay, mulch, quads, spilled beer, crabs, fish and all it takes is a hose and it looks like new again. I like to keep the truck clean and I always keep the frame clean wash after every trip and every 3 days in snow, and it still looks amazing. Big plus was LOTS of storage inside the cab, I have purchased a cap for it so I can enclose the rear and use that as well and I am happy. The interior is simple heated cloth front seats, GREAT sound system. I usually pull everything I own apart and change it, the first car that I will be leaving as it, backup cam etc.

    Pros. Lots of storage as stated. CHEAP!!! I don't care what anyone says for the price point you cannot beat it. Comfortable if you're a smaller person (I'm 5'9. It's perfect for me.) Awesome towing capabilities. Good traction control. Utilitrack rails on the bed give you lots of options such as a bed divider, bed extender, hooks etc. I also own a Tundra, it's all over the road compared to this thing. Compact and feels good in the hand, you can actually feel the vehicle. Turning is responsive and great turn radius. Sound system is A1. Big tires nice ground clearance.

    Cons/Issues I have noticed/come across. This thing is a freaking whale, everything up front is flat and if it's windy at 70+MPH it will be throwing you all over the road. Brakes get sticky quick, this isn't all the time or under standard driving conditions, towing a jet ski up and down windy roads and hills and I really started to notice a nice shake in my wheel. Squeaks, it drives me crazy. I am always throwing stuff at where I think noises are coming from when driving LOL, always trying to diagnose where it's coming from. AC is weak if it's hot enough and the truck has been sitting, if it's above 100 it's not gonna be blowing the true 60 with my experience. My door panel clips keep popping off and I can't figure out why only my driver door.

    Lots of wind noise but again it's a whale. Utilitrack parts are expensive!!! No pocket behind the passenger seat. Rear seats do not fold down but do fold up, but that doesn't help with what I was looking for. Has an intermittent squeak from the pulley tensioner, only when it's cold and damp it will start the worst annoying squeak and it's quite common and happens at low miles. Anything aftermarket is expensive unlike Tacomas. Will update if any issues occur, if you're looking for a poor man's Tacoma, this is it.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 21, 2018

    This Nissan is a very durable, reliable vehicle. Had it since 2012. Never needed any work done on it or any repair. Overall great experience, great performance. I like the size of the trunk, the fact that you can lift it. It's convenient that it's a pick up truck, you can use it to transport virtually anything- from groceries to furniture to mattress. Great for moving. Not enough room in the back though. Basically good only for the two people sitting in the front. Anyone in the back would be squeezed. And if you adjust front seats - so will be people sitting in the front. Two back seats are mostly for show. Barely large enough to comfortably accommodate a child.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 4, 2018

    I bought new 2006 Frontier. First problem with it was a faulty gas gauge. Santa Monica Nissan dealership never fixed it even though I took it back 5 times. It would read empty with a full tank. Dealership went out of business. Now 2018 my transmission is gone because of defective radiator that’s causing fluid to leak into transmission. Yes they had a recall...but I'm late even though I only have 78K miles...the 96 months came first. I will never buy a Nissan, I will tell everyone I know to never buy Nissan.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 23, 2018

    2013 Nissan Pathfinder - We have had continued issues with the rear seat heaters since we purchased the vehicle Dec 2012. It is noted in each service we've had done. We get told something different each time. Once it was the rear seat moving forward and back (it's three row seating so the middle row heated seats) that pinched the wires. Another was a part of a wire was showing and grounded which popped the fuse and yesterday (May 22, 2018) it is now the heater element... but they won't fix it because now it is out of warranty, FML.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 13, 2018

    Bought Brand new Nissan 2007 Frontier Nismo in 2007. Within one week harness wires burned up in driveway. Nissan fixed since still under warranty. Found out at 40K miles about radiator recall which would blow up transmission at 80K if not replaced. Nissan said they no longer have to contact customer about recalls and they put expiration date so if you don't find out they do refuse to fix. Top part of cab where indentations on each side rusted when truck had 20K miles. We took to Nissan. They took cheap camera photos and said they refused to fix and not their problem. They put clay inside indentations and painted over it at factory which is a defective issue for Nissan trucks when it was made!!

    Paid two times for Fender Mender to fix and it rusts every other year. Getting it fixed again but said it would costs 1500 dollars to fix it correctly. Will never buy a Nissan again because we called home office and they had a nonchalant attitude as if they did not care!! Also had gas tank gauge issue where you fill up tank and gauge goes to empty. It only goes up once you travel about 35 miles. Then you cannot trust gauge because you have 1/4 less tank of gas than you think. Had to fix that. Truck in May 2018 has 60K miles on it. We only put synthetic oil in it since it was new. Feel like truck paint should have never rusted on top of cab!! Nissan does not care about customers!!!

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 9, 2018

    I bought the Nissan Frontier in May 2006. It has 217,000 miles on it. I took care of the needed maintenance on it and the truck has been good to me and my family. Only stranded me 2x. Radiator once and heater hose the other. Everything is original. Great truck! It has had only the usual wear tear items go out, by far whole lot less than any of my past vehicles.

    6 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 12, 2018

    Drivetrain noise - I bought a brand new 2018 Frontier SV 4x4 4.0l and noticed a noise when decelerating from 20-15 mph. Brought it in to get looked at and was told it was "normal"???? Called Nissan corporate and was pretty much told "we don't care".

    11 people found this review helpful
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: March 19, 2018

    I just bought a new 2017 Nissan Frontier. It had 377 miles on it when I bought it and now just turned 900 miles. It rattles like an amish buggy. I've been under it trying to find the rattle. It is coming from the back wall of the cab I think. I took the cheap plastic trays and the non-functional fasteners that are supposed to hold them in place out. A little of the rattle went away. Fastened all 3 rear seat belts and a bit more went away. The remaining rattle is still very substantial. I tried a little bit of "gorilla tape" on the plastic shell behind the back seat to try to keep it from rattling against the back of the cab and it was only partially successful. I have 2013 Jeep Patriot, not exactly a Cadillac, and driving over the same road doesn't rattle at all. And it's got 50000 miles on it.

    I've never been so dissatisfied with a new vehicle. I may go out and trade for another Patriot. It is a 150 mile round trip to take it back to the closest dealer, which is where I bought it, and I won't bring it back out there until it's due for 1st oil change. I'll review the hell out of it until then. Also, I'd like to talk to the person who thought it was a good idea to put a plastic ring around the ignition key. I've had to pick this stupid ring of plastic off the floor at least 10 times and put it back on. No telling if I'm putting it on right or not. Not the least bit intuitive. I'm about ready to glue it on. WHY, the ascetic stupidity? It might be a good vehicle if not for this half-assed, frustrating attempt at trying to make it look better. Just piss-poor quality.

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    9 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 19, 2018

    2007 King Cab, not 4x4. Bought used at 40,0000 mi. Had to replace gas gauge within 6 months, $500 (drop one star). Then found out even though they have a timing chain the tensioner is not made of metal and fails so you still need to take the motor apart at about 110,000 miles $1500 (drop another star). Neither item is covered by Nissan. Both items are the result of very poor design decisions. Other than that I have enjoyed the vehicle, decent ride, handles well, able to pull my small boat. Not feeling as good about the honesty of the Nissan company but reasonably happy with the pickup.

    13 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 16, 2018

    On second Frontier. I had a 2007 Frontier that had 228k miles on it. When I traded it in I did a lot of the work I could myself. Like being knowledge on my truck repairs (I won’t touch internal motor stuff). I traded my 2007 in on 2015 this week passed. I am very happy with both truck. My 15 only had 38k on it. You can feel the difference going from a worn out vehicle to newer truck. The handling just shows how well they are built. I plan on stay long with Nissan in the future as long as I able to drive and can afford to upgrade.

    15 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 6, 2017

    Nissan vehicles are the best, durable, well-made. Their maintenance service is excellent. They would go the extra mile for you in handling your maintenance and any other need you may have. Their value and prices are excellent, too.

    5 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 15, 2017

    I have a Nissan Frontier 4,000 miles on vehicle. Cannot put gas in tank without blowing back on you. Nissan has denied claim, saying, it appears to be sugar in tank, I told manager I keep truck in garage, he then stated it must have came from bottom of dealer's tank. I told tanks have filters on them as well as nozzle you put the gas in. Told me there is obstruction in tank, appears to be plastic. The gas line has several plastic fittings in gas, that could have come from factory. People that made fitting in their injection molding. He refuses to warranty problem.

    41 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

    Extremely disappointed with Nissan. I regret purchasing my truck (2016 Nissan Frontier Pro-4x) from this corporation. I consider myself to be a relatively educated and capable individual when it comes to self reliance and prudent decision making. I was not prepared for the isolation and fundamental disrespect I have had to endure by purchasing a vehicle retailed for over $40,000 from this manufacturer. This is the first and probably the last new car I will ever purchase, certainly from Nissan. If I could return it for a full refund, I would.

    I have had to stand on my head to get them to honor the most basic problems with the vehicle that were evident ON DELIVERY. Repeated attempts to get the dealer to service relatively minor issues with the vehicle have been dropped, forgotten, or generally relegated to the "unprofitable" for the service department trash bin. I feel as though I have bought a $40,000 ticket to my own personal horror show.

    At issue, a blown out zipper on the leather seat cover for the passenger side rear seat. Upon inspection at delivery, I showed the salesman the minor flaw. I was told the part was on order and I would receive a call when the part was in. After several weeks, I would call up and they would request an inspection of the problem as they had no record of the issue. 3 appointments later, I am now 18 months into my new vehicle, and it is just now being fixed. I have put a 32,000 mile on the vehicle already and am about to go out of warranty. NO RECORD of the issue by Nissan. ABSOLUTELY MADDENING. What on God's green earth would make me feel they have any honor or dignity in a real repair???

    Now, under threat of losing the warranty, I have had to force the issue, and surrender the vehicle for a day's service without a replacement. Next, a blown fuse. NOT A SINGLE READABLE FUSE DIAGRAM in the owner's manual or under the hood. They want to charge me $128 to diagnose a blown fuse. I can't do it myself without a diagram.

    What jerk sells a 4x4 vehicle, advertised as the top-of-the-line for off road use without a fuse diagram??? Neither under the hood or in the owner's manual??? A 10 cent fuse could leave me stranded in possibly a life threatening environment. Disgusting. Shame on Nissan. I did not buy a new vehicle to become fodder for a service department pay check. This is no partner in maintenance. This is a mega-corporation interested in taking advantage of more and more technically advanced, electronically dependent vehicles. STAY AWAY or at least BE AWARE - YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!!!

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    43 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 13, 2017

    2007 Frontier overheated cracked. Radiator fluid mixed with transmission fluid at 115,000 miles. Had to replace radiator and transmission in February 2015, cost $3400. Apparently there was a BRIEF (ridiculous) warranty, but consumer was never notified and had already expired.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 29, 2017

    Purchased a used 2005 Nissan Frontier from a GMC/Buick dealer in July 2011. Truck had just under 75K miles. Also purchased a 3 year/36 month service contract on all major components. Now in June 2017 the truck has just over 94K miles on it and it is a "brick" in my driveway. From my internet investigation there was at one time a recall or service bulletin regarding the radiator being cracked and leaking fluid into the transmission, thus ruining both the radiator and the transmission. At no time during or after my purchase of this used Nissan Frontier truck have I ever received any time of notices from Nissan regarding this recall/service bulletin or any other recall/bulletin for this 2005 Nissan Frontier truck.

    Now I have a 12 year old truck with 94K miles on it that is worth about $9000 if in good condition, but to do that I would have to replace the radiator and transmission for a mere $5000 cost. Since it is a design/material defect that is acknowledged by Nissan, Nissan should be picking up this repair cost. But NOOOO they are not.

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    32 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 14, 2017

    Purchased a 2008 Nissan Frontier new from the dealership. All service, maintenance done on time at dealership. Has 79000 miles. Worked fine until last week. Service engine light came on. Took vehicle straight to dealership. Vehicle has broken catalytic converter parts in engine. New engine $7800. Plus new catalytic converters $2200. Total $10000?!? Was told they see this commonly with the Frontiers?! DO NOT BUY NISSAN! Waiting for sales dept. to give me trade in value quote, which will be another kick in the face.

    47 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 14, 2017

    I have owned 80 vehicles in my lifetime, several trucks included. I've had 2 F 150 SuperCrews, 2004 and 2010 prior to purchasing my used 07 Nissan Frontier King Cab with 63,000 miles in Feb 16. I have learned to thoroughly research vehicles BEFORE purchasing. I ignored several comments about the rear axles on F 150s... And both were a problem in the 2 I owned. My experience with Ford dealers and Ford Customer Service soured me from being a dyed in the wool Ford truck guy.

    I read negative comments about the radiator leaking into the trans BEFORE I purchased my Frontier. The first thing I did was pull the dipstick and look for telltale signs. Since it was ok, I put the truck on my hoist and did the simple rerouting of the cooler lines to bypass the radiator. The Frontier forums online had hundreds of posts about this and much reassurance that this would NOT cause harm to the transmission cooling as the fluid still runs through the external cooler...And it would seem that is the case as over a year later and all is well. I recently changed the fluid in front and rear axles, transfer case and automatic transmission. I change my engine oils every 4000 miles and use regular non synthetic oil, generally Castrol.

    This is the quietest truck I've owned since I took the AT rated 6 ply tires off and replaced them with Cooper HT 4 ply. Every time someone rides with me they comment how quiet and rattle free this truck is! I've added a power tailgate lock that I wired to the passenger side door power lock and a tonneau cover for more secure loads. Cost of tailgate lock... $100 bucks and an hour of so of time. The trifold cover for the bed was about $275. Adds a nice look and better wind dynamics on the road.

    If I had one complaint, it would be that the King Cab really doesn't offer room for more than 2 people. The rear jump seats are a joke. But, it works for me just fine. I find the 4L V6 fast AND economical. A recent trucking article I read rates it faster than a Tacoma from zero to 60... And thousands of dollars less! The turning radius is a bit wide. I have pulled a double axle car trailer with 75 Mercedes 280C across town and up a long steep grade with NO trouble at all. Having the pick up is great for the hauling needs I have. All in all, I'm in love with this little truck as much as when I purchased it! I get an average of the high 19s/20 in combination driving with 16 to 17 around town. I keep thinking I might want a Navara (new version of the Frontier) when it hits the US market but I love my 07 so much that I'm not sure I want to risk leaving what I have!

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    51 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 20, 2017

    My very first truck I went to Nissan because I always loved the body of the Frontier. I guess I should have did my homework. I have to replace my tires at 17,000.00 miles. WHY? They were rotated in a timely manner so along with a $450.00 dollar payment I have to purchase a set of tires somehow. My gas mileage is a joke. The men who sold me the truck gave me no money off at all that's why my payments are so high and now I hear that everyone is having serious issues at 70,000.00 miles. I am so disappointed. This is my second Nissan and I’m very sad.

    35 people found this review helpful
    Original review: March 16, 2017

    2006 Frontier transmission failure contaminated with antifreeze leak. Nissan has known design flaw for years. They are of no assistance. 107000 miles, garaged, maintained well. Second and last Nissan. The company has no reputation with me. Don't buy a Nissan ever. What a dirty, little secret and screw job. Buy a Toyota or Big 3 truck.

    32 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Feb. 19, 2017

    I bought a new Nissan Frontier in 2013. Not quite 5000 miles on the truck, had brake noise, which they worked on 3 times, still have the noise. They said must be a pebble between rotor and brake pad, lol. Still have the noise 3 yrs later, then satellite radio went out. The wind noise from back door, they worked on it 4 times, never did fix it. I even opened a case with nissan affairs. They were going to have it checked my last oil change. When I went to get oil changed, they said nissan consumer affairs never contacted them. So I tried to contact consumer affairs when I got home, and they won't answer my messages. It's been a nightmare the whole time I have owned the truck. They have lied to me many times, so needless to say, wind noise is still there, and so is brake noise.

    38 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Jan. 18, 2017

    I am just another victim of the coolant leaking into the transmission. I took great care of my truck, and expected to get more life out of it. At 122,000, had to replace the guard for timing chain, 1200.00, now at 155,000, I am told that my coolant has leaked into the transmission, so it will cost at least 4000.00 to fix. Just got a notice in the mail regarding a class action suit against Nissan regarding transmission issue, I hope they get what's coming. I would never own another Nissan.

    35 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Jan. 7, 2017

    My husband purchased a 2006 Frontier for me. Loved the truck. It ran good for years. About two years ago, it stopped heating up while idling. Now I guess I am having the problems that everyone else is having. It has starting hesitating and there are small jerks as I drive. I never received a recall letter about this truck. This truck has been well maintained inside and out. I cannot believe all the bad things I have read about Nissan. We thought we were buying something that would last. We bought it new and it has been 11 years but we have taken good care of this truck. I can't believe Nissan knows about all of the problems and won't do anything.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 22, 2016

    Brand new 2016 Nissan Frontier. This is the 4th brand new vehicle I've owned and my first Nissan. Extremely disappointed with all the problems that I've never before experienced in a vehicle that I've only owned for two months: 1) Moon roof is stuck open, 2) 4WD doesn't work when temp drops below 20 deg F, 3) ABS doesn't work when temp drops below 20 deg F, 4) VDC doesn't work when temp drops below 20 deg F, 5) Engine light is on, apparently because of a failed emissions component, 6) Rattle in the moon roof frame when going over rough road, 7) head lights are too dim.

    39 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

    2005 Nissan Frontier Nismo 4x4. Bought this truck with 35000 miles. At 98000 miles had the issue with radiator failing causing coolant to contaminate the transmission fluid. The Nissan dealer quoted $5700 to repair it. Called Nissan consumer affairs and was told the extended warranty they offered for this issue was over in 2015 and they would not do anything about it. There is no reason a truck with under 100000 miles should have a transmission that fails. I will never buy another Nissan. I will stick with Toyota.

    32 people found this review helpful
    Verified Buyer
    Original review: Oct. 28, 2016

    I purchased a 2015 Nissan Frontier and expected great things from a midsize truck. With a 16-21 mpg rating I thought it was OK. Little did I know that that was just a smoke screen by Nissan. My reasoning is the old nissan 3.3 gets 19 MPG but the NEW IMPROVED 4.0 averages 15 OR LESS. I know that auto MFG. are supposed to be improving gas mileage to reach the goal set by the Government. Why isn't NISSAN complying? Is Nissan working on a fix for this problem and when will there be a RECALL to fix this problem and what can the GOVERNMENT do to make NISSAN comply with the new fuel economy Regulations?

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    Original review: Oct. 15, 2016

    I wanted to share my poor experience with my 2012 King Cab Nissan Frontier 4x4. Recently the rear axle start to make a low whining sound when traveling at highway speeds. I took it to a local shop where they told me the rear differential fluid was completely empty! The truck has 70,000 miles on it. I specifically follow Nissan's recommended maintenance plan and had the rear diff fluid checked at 60,000 with no problems. Apparently the rear axle on the Frontier has poor ventilation and the axle overheats, warping the seals in the differential.

    I took it to the dealer and they said the entire rear axle assembly needs to be replaced because the spider gears inside the differential are destroyed. Really??? This is not an issue that should come up on trucks that are 4 years old/70,000. Surprise, surprise, the powertrain warranty is only 60,000 miles and they wanted $4000 to replace. They said that since I don't have a record of service they can't do anything for me! Well your manual says that doesn't matter. I spoke to my neighbors that work with Ford and they laughed and said this is ridiculous and they don't even check the differential fluid on newer trucks because it rarely if ever fails. The dealer said if I wanted to complain I need to speak with Nissan USA. Sure, push off the responsibility on someone else. I bought a Titan and a Frontier from this dealership and they crapped on me. I will never buy a Nissan again.

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    41 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 23, 2016

    I own a 2007 Nissan Frontier. Recently the truck started showing signs of problems when the vehicle would be switching gears. The vehicle also lost acceleration while merging into traffic. Just to make sure it wasn't something too serious I took the truck to the dealer only to learn the radiator component cracked and anti-freeze was leaking into the transmission. This was something I've never heard of. The dealer advised me to Google it. To my surprise Nissan has known about this issue since 2005.

    I called Nissan consumer affairs only to be told they would not do anything to resolve this issue. I paid $5,367.47 for repairs. I will file complaint after complaint for the next 30 years or until I die whichever comes first until Nissan reimburses me for this expense. This is a Nissan design flaw. The dealer reassured me that the new radiator is a new design, but will only provide a warranty on these new items for 12,000 miles or 12 months whichever comes first. The dealer also recommends that I bypassed the radiator component from the transmission, but I got the impression that they do not provide that service. Not a happy Nissan consumer, but I do love my truck! Just sad that Nissan is not taking responsibility for their design flaw.

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    26 people found this review helpful
    Original review: Aug. 24, 2016

    I bought my Frontier in 2006. At 70,000 miles transmission went out $5000.00. At 74,000 transmission burnt out again. Trans cooler leak from pinholes in radiator, 3 transmission still good knock on wood. 113,000 told to change timing belt guides $1300.00. A week later I have a blown engine $5600.00, 152,000 miles and 33,000 miles later blown engine so in 152,000 miles this truck has managed to go thru 3 transmissions and now need a 3rd engine. Nissan has stepped up to the plate once on the third transmission. I was told by the Dealership owner what a great vehicle I was purchasing. Nissan used to mean quality. Not now. I wished I bought Toyota. My GM truck was better than truck ever was never by Nissan again. They should be ashamed of how they handle customer complaints. They don't. That is their policy. I wish the Dealership owner had my experience. He might have a different view of the product he is selling.

    23 people found this review helpful
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 18, 2016

    Just bought 2011 Nissan Frontier SV 4x4 V6 with 42000 miles. Sunday about a mile from home I heard a kind of "clunk" under the hood and the alternator and brake lights came on. Was able to get home, raised hood, moved stuff out of the way, and found the serpentine belt off and the cooling fan against the radiator. Had truck hauled to Nissan dealer. They investigated, found cooling fan clutch had seized, snapping the fan shaft and hurling the fan into the radiator. Looking now at $2K+ repairs: new radiator, fan, clutch, belt, tensioner.

    Can't imagine what would cause the fan clutch to seize after only 42,000 miles. Can't find this as a known problem. Plan to contact Nissan to get help on the cost of these repairs. This is not covered in 60K drivetrain warranty. I bought the truck from Taylor Ford in Waynesville, NC. Repairs are being done at Anderson Nissan in Asheville, NC.

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    Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
    Original review: April 22, 2016

    I purchased a brand new 2015 Nissan Frontier in October of 2015. The pickup was advertised to get 21 mpg on the highway and 17 in town. This pickup started getting 9 mpg in town and one time the highest mpg I got was 17. Usually I average 14. This seems very unacceptable for a small pickup. I told the dealer and they gave me one tank of gas and I seem to have to live with this problem. Then my front brakes started pulling to the right periodically. I took it in. They found no problem. Now this issue is getting worse. About every 3rd or 4th time, the brakes pull right or left or both. I am very sorry I bought this pickup.

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