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Mr. Transmission Reviews

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Aug. 16, 2022

Paid to have my transmission rebuilt at a location in Marietta Georgia, the cost for the rebuild was over $2500. The location closed its doors a month after I picked up my truck. Got the extended 2 year or 24,000 mile warranty. Fast forward 18 months and 15,000 miles and my transmission goes out. I cannot go back to my purchase location because it is no longer in business, so I contacted Mr. Transmission. Was told that they are not going to honor the warranty and my only recourse is to sue the owner of the location I purchased at. I am under my 24 months and the 24,000 miles and they are willing to do absolutely NOTHING. If a large company like this is not willing to honor the warranties of its stores do not do business with them, purchase from a company that will honor its warranties. So now I’m out my $2500 and have to pay another $2500 to have the transmission done right.

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Reviewed Jan. 16, 2021

My car stuck due to a transmission problem, lady sitting in the office told me that they want the vehicle on-site to diagnose the issue. Without my knowledge, they took my car to their workshop from JIM ELLIS SHOWROOM. They stole my car and didn't even inform me. after one week, found the car missing from Jim Elis CCTV and find the towing company, and tracked it. I went there with my son. The entire team came to attack me and my son. without giving invoices and bills, they took my money. The bad Team in Atlanta.

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    Verified purchase

    Reviewed July 31, 2020

    I took my car to Mr. Transmission in Brantford because my car was shaking going up hills. They road tested it and gave me a quote for $2388.86. $1500 was paid by Lubrico Warranty and I paid $888.86. I told the manager that the problem was still there when I brought the car back a week later to get the work checked out as instructed. The manager just said "Oh, it must be something else causing the problem" He did not take that as a warranty issue. After taking my car to many other mechanics to diagnose the problem, they say that it was the transmission. I recently took it back to Mr. Transmission and they re-diagnosed the same problem and wanted to charge me $1892.86 to fix or replace something that should have fixed or replace the first time. DO NOT GO TO Mr. Transmission. They lie to paying customers.

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    Reviewed July 8, 2020

    In November I got a brand new clutch and a refurbished manual transmission for my Toyota Corolla. $2200. I went back a week later to have them check for a little grinding noise. They test drove the car and said it was all ok. The warranty is good for 30 days for refurbished. 3 months and Covid 3 months later (when I did not drive the car hardly), there was a noticeable grinding noise.

    I returned to Mr Transmission in Brantford,Ontario Canada and they said it was the internal bearings and that the cost would be $1800 and that they were only charging half price on the labor. I told them that their refurbished tranny was of deplorable quality and that they could not expect me to pay $4000 for tranny work in six months. I had the same grinding noise before the original replacement. It makes one suspicious. The quality of their refurbished parts is squat. They ripped me off. There was no apology or further discussion to chat about. My car is now somewhat worthless. DO NOT GET A REFURBISHED TRANSMISSION FROM MR TRANSMISSION.

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    Reviewed Dec. 10, 2019

    My letter to Mr Transmission Home Office. Your store in Marietta GA is refusing to repair my van's transmission that is under warranty. They said they replaced the parts once but then the same problem arose while I was out of town and and I took the car back to the shop in Statesboro GA. The people at the shop in Statesboro told me that the Marietta store said I had to pay for the repairs so I ended up driving back 200 miles with check engine light on so I could go to the Marietta store. When I got to the Marietta store I waited all day and then the owner comes back and tells me that I need new brakes and that I have to pay for the repair to the transmission. I just had new rotors, calipers, and pads put on before my trip just a week before. At that point I called the police and filed a report and the owner said they would fix the transmission part and gave me my van back.

    A week later now and the light came back on. I took the car to the Ford dealer and they said that the problem is the same thing that Mr Transmission told me they have fixed twice now. Over the last year I have spent near $10,000.00 with this store but I will never go back into that store again. I still want your company to honor the warranty. If I need to send you the diagnostics from Ford I can. If I can take the van to another Mr Transmission location I will.

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    Reviewed Oct. 23, 2019

    I had them rebuild a manual transmission and new seals installed in a transfer case. Afterwards, the transmission failed and was bone dry inside. On June 3, 2019 (Repair Order **) I had Mr. Transmission rebuild a manual transmission and have new seals installed in a transfer case of a 1991 Dodge Ram W350. They called a day or two later and said it was ready to go. They gave NO instructions or recommendations. They said "it was ready to go." Later after installing the two components in the truck and driving approximately 25 miles the transmission failed and I had to have it towed. Once I got it back, I then began to try and figure out what had happened. There were no signs of leaks nor was anything visually wrong.

    We checked the fluid level and determined it was too low in the transmission. So then removed the drain plug, and much to my surprise absolutely nothing came out. I then checked the transfer case and it was completely full of fluid just like it should be. It was very clear as to what had happened (or hadn't happened in this case). They never filled it with fluid at Mr. Transmission. I called to speak with them on 10/15/19 two days after the failure. First spoke with Chase and explained to him what had happened. Chase asked me "did I try putting fluid in it and trying it again?" I replied "no, I didn't want to because it was clearly damaged." He then said he would have Jerry (manager) call me back.

    After Jerry called and left a voicemail, I returned his call. I then explained exactly what happened and brought him up to speed on the whole ordeal. His reply was "we don't put any fluid in bench builds". I said "How did the transfer case get filled with fluid?" He told me "I do not know". I asked him "so your telling me that it magically appeared inside there?" He reiterated that they did not put in there. I then asked him how we were going to resolve this problem. Jerry's reply was "they weren't doing anything", and called me a smart **.

    I then told him I would get my attorney involved and get it resolved. He uttered something and hung up the phone. Obviously, Mr. Transmission forgot to add the transmission fluid, but somehow remembered to fill the transfer case. When you tell someone "it's ready to go" it should in fact be ready to go! All of this could have been avoided if there were instructions given at the time of delivery to fill both the transmission and the transfer case with fluid. Or even had the customer initial on the repair order that was to be completed by the customer.

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    Reviewed Dec. 3, 2018

    Excuse my mouth for a sec but I'm about to show my ** on Mike May of the now CLOSED Mr. Transmission. See people like him is the reason I don't use **-owned businesses. This man has had vehicle of my mine for almost 2 yrs supposing to replace a transmission. This fast-talking, bald-headed, pretentious misrepresentation of a professional mechanic cashed all checks from the car company and my husband before the ink could even dry!! If it wasn't one thing it was another excuse. "Oh Mrs. ** next week, something broke, I had to get another part, oh umm Imma give you some money until I get it fixed." You prevaricator of trickery!! You can't even keep your word on anything. I spoke to you on Friday and you guaranteed me $500 by day's end and what did I? NOT A DAMN THING!!

    I told you on the phone if I had to get involved I'm not as nice as my husband and my Pull-Up-Game is SUPER STRONG. And you was GHOST. And I called you and you said, "We got done early," so y'all left but you did send me no MONEY. No CashApp, PayPal, Walmart to Walmart or Western Union. But you shot me a blatant lie. Said that you not coming back up there because you don't live in Columbus??!! HELL. ME EITHER!! Then you told me, "Mrs. Jasmine Imma call you first thing Sat morning so we can get things situated." Y'all think I heard from this **-NINJA!!!

    Now Mike my husband done gave me permission to drag your ** and you ain't even gonna see it coming. For anyone who has some similar issues with this man his new location is **. His number is **. And the worst part is my damn vehicle ain't even there and I'm still paying a note and insurance on it. Be professional at all times and if you can't do what you say you can own up to it. BE A MAN!!! Enjoy your day!!!

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    Reviewed Sept. 20, 2018

    I had my BMW 650i brought in for a transmission diagnostic due to the car not being able to shift out of second gear. Joe who I primarily spoke with was a nice guy and was prompt with responses. They took the tranny apart and I was told the torque converter was bad and the megatronic valve sensor was bad and it would cost $7100 to rebuilt the tranny. A used tranny costs about 1200-1500 so I opted to just have it replaced with a used one. There was some delay in getting the replacement shipped so I told them I would just take the car back and return it when I got everything sorted out. They said this was fine and they would have it ready to pick up.

    I gave them a complete car. What I got back was a car with no transmission in it, several large parts including the tranny, and a bag of small parts. 35% of my car is currently sitting on my storage room. I also got a major oil leak which was not present when the car was given to them. I also got a lot of additional service lights regarding my ABS and suspension system. And a $750 bill for them to tear the car apart and send me back the scraps. I’m also missing several screws to the parts they took out. Lesson learned. I would not recommend anyone take their vehicle to this place. The customer service was good but the service clearly is not.

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    Reviewed Aug. 20, 2018

    PLEASE DON'T COME HERE! MANCHESTER EXPY, COL, GA. I was to get my transmission rebuilt. I was told that it would be done and my car set aside until I had paid it off ($3600). It took me like 3 months to get it paid off, THEN they started rebuilding my transmission. I was told EVERY DAY for a month: "Your car will be ready tomorrow." by the shop manager, Mike (bald, fast-talking ** guy that rarely has any real information). When my car was not ready for the umpteenth time and he did not know when it would be, I was offered a rental car and told where it would be held, we agreed that I would call him at 12:30p to go get it Saturday after I finished with my child's activity, and given his cell number in case I needed to reach him.

    I was not able to call until 12:38p Saturday and his cell was going straight to voicemail (and did so for the rest of the weekend). So, I called the car rental company and was told that I would have to put my credit card down for the deposit, but when I arrived I was told I'd have to pay for the rental and be reimbursed by the shop directly (his reputation is no good there anymore either). Monday morning I go to the shop to confront him (as had many others apparently) for wasting my time even more and he tries to say that he had tried to call me 2x at 12:34p (of course those calls were NEVER received on my phone's call log) and I did not answer, then he left his phone in another car all weekend.

    He went on to say that the shop closes at 12:00p on Saturday so he was doing me a favor and could not wait around any longer (this he only now mentions). So, then I wait until the end of the week and still no news of my car and I call and it is not done still, but will be tomorrow (SMH). I wait til tomorrow and call again and it is not ready, but I am now being offered money for a rental in lieu of an actual rental (offered at $40/day). Of course, when I arrive I am showed my car in the air, mechanic nowhere to be found, Mike talking in my face but can't really explain what is going on, then he hands me less than $40/day for my trouble and lack of vehicle with no end in sight.

    In true Mike fashion, he offered free oil changes (yeah right), more "rental fees" (at whatever rate he could afford I'm sure), and a free car detailing (which was downgraded to a wipe-down by a lazy mechanic by the end of it all) while I waited still for my car to get fixed. After repeating this cycle a few times he finally tells me that I was unable to get my car back because when they put it back together it would run for a while then shut off and they could not figure out why so they had to take it to another shop to have them figure it out. So, once they had the better shop diagnose the problem, them "fixed" it and returned my car... FINALLY! Once I started driving I noticed it still shook at about 40 mph but would shift out of 1st again so I ran with it. Mr. Transmission could use a TRANSMISSION CLASS if you ask me, but you can decide for yourself!

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    Reviewed Aug. 16, 2018

    I was recommended to Mr. Transmission by a Canadian Tire employee. This was the Mister Transmission on Kennedy Road, Brampton office. There I met with Mohammed and he asked to have the car for a day to find the problem. He was very friendly and explained the problem and the steps needed to correct them. The work was done at the time promised and everything was more than satisfactory. I found the experience not as painful as it might have been given the amount to be done. I would recommend Mohammed and his team to everyone and have already done so to family and friends. Thank you.

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