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Mr. Transmission
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Mr. Transmission

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Original review: Nov. 5, 2011

When I dropped off my truck, I was told that it would take a few days. It was diagnosed for a transmission cylonoid malfunction. I had to prepay for the labor that was $600+, and a week later, I was called and to it would be $2500+ at that time. I said, I would take it else where and then they told me they could try and work on the price, the next day. I said no to the new price which was 1400+. Perry stated saying your going to waste the labor cost taking it somewhere else and I said yeah. Then about an hour later, I got a call from the so called owner Allen, telling me that some parts where so badly damaged, he couldn't just put it back together.

I felt pressured and needed my truck so I went ahead and let them repair it. A month later I had my truck back. Not even a week later the light was on again for the same problem, they said they forgot to do a reset of the computer. Two days later the light was on again. I had to leave my truck and six weeks later and more money out of my pocket for repairs and damages to my vehicle with missing parts inside and out. It was returned to me with no reimbursement or compensation for the damages. The next day, after its return, the light is on again.... and here I am, no more extra money to give them and no money to fight with a lawyer. So I am stuck driving my truck!

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Original review: April 21, 2011

I repaired belts in June 2010 to correct a squealing noise. I came back to repair that a few days later and he did not find a resolution to that squealing noise. I came back quite a few times after that, with the same complaint. He never provided a receipt for each time he took my car for the day to attempt to repair it. After coming back for that same issue multiple times, he finally came up with a new excuse for the squealing. He declared that I now need a new radiator, so that was replaced in August 2010. Shortly after that, in October 2010, I started having issues with rough running and the check engine light came on. He did a series of repairs and declared now that coil #4 was not working and I needed that repaired. They replaced the cylinder number four coil, along with the plugs and wires. They also replaced the upper intake gasket set, timing belt, fuel induction service and a new coolant along with a crank bolt that was broken. This bill came to $1440.12.

January 2011, he then decided that I need a new carrier bearing and rear brake pads. He installed and I took it home. Immediately, the car was driving very badly. It felt as if the bottom of the car was going to drop out. I took it back to him and Rich stated that the drive shaft was bent, which he stated was removed to replace the carrier bearing. So he once again repaired that. He did not provide a receipt after making that repair either. After the $1400.00 repair, I was promised by Richard that my car would not need any engine work for awhile after everything that had been replaced. He lied because I had to bring my car back about every other week since then as the check engine light would constantly come back on and the car would drive rough. Each time, they assured me that there was no issue, they would shut the computer light off and I could continue to drive my car.

Their last incorrect diagnosis was their statement that the computer is going bad on the vehicle. I wanted to get a second opinion because we know that it is an expensive fix and we lost any faith in them at this point. I took my car to the KIA dealership in New Port Richey to get it diagnosed. As soon as the tech opened my hood and looked around, he immediately called my husband to come down and take photos of the engine so they would not be held liable for the damage they witnessed in the engine compartment. My husband went down to take the pictures and found the timing chain cover off, multiple clips and brackets left undone and/or broken.

KIA proceeded with the diagnosis, which turned out to be the crank shaft sensor and crank bolt. This bill came to $1100 which Milex claimed they replaced the crank bolt back in October 2010. This was not a sure fix and the check engine light came back on. When KIA looked into the issue further, they found that cylinder number four coil would need to be replaced along with the plugs and wires. This bill came to $700.00, which Milex claimed they repaired back in October as well. It has been almost 2 weeks since the latest repair and the check engine light has remained off and the car is running the way it should. We also asked KIA to quote how much it would be to get all the missing and/or broken clips and covers replaced, which Milex failed to correctly attach. That came to about $500.

We would need to get these covers and clips repaired and replaced to prevent any further damage to the vehicle. My husband asked Rich for someone above him in Milex or in his corporate office to give him a call as he is extremely unhappy with the situation of still having a car with problems. As of this date, no one has contacted us. Rich had also said if it was a problem with them misdiagnosing the car in the first place, that he would take care of it. Rich also said it is okay to have broken clips in the engine, it just happens. My husband called the shop and spoke with the owner Fernando. He does not believe in accountability either and refused to reimburse the bill for the clips and covers if we got it done by KIA, which I feel is the least they could reimburse us for as it seems all the work performed by Milex was done incorrectly and only further damaged my vehicle instead of repairing it.

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Original review: May 10, 2010

I had a Mr. Transmission repair nightmare in Chamblee Atlanta. Beware! The transmission sensor was not reattached and the bolt was left off the transmission clamp. They found it laying under the windshield wiper. They never checked other possibilities for leaks as they said they would and that could have caused or attributed to the initial problem of the rear main seal leak. The job had to be redone by another transmission shop after the new seal began leaking on day one. Then it was profusely leaking by day three.

The General Manager, **, and company owner refused to acknowledge the culpability and denied a refund, citing warranty claims that redo work had to be done by Mr. T. This is a total scam from beginning to end... pitiful work!

I was charged $438.70 for the work done at Mr. Transmission that was redone by another transmission company, who added a PVC valve and replaced the rear main seal correctly for $495. Using the excuse that the warranty wasn't followed because the work was done in Florida, they denounced culpability and denied a refund. This is a total scam.

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Original review: April 13, 2010

I took my 2003 Oldsmobile Alero to shop mention up above because I thought I had transmission problems. I told Jim when I bought it in to first check the catalytic converter. I told him that I had a car that did the same thing. Well, I got called back saying that the transmission needed to be rebuilt. So on 03/20/2009, I told him to go ahead and do it. The car was in the shop for about a week. I was called to pick it up. About an hour later, I was called back and was told they had to get another part.

When I finally went to get my car, I asked what was the part that I had to wait on. Jim told me that it was a catalytic converter. He said that they were not going to charge me for it. It wasn't even on the work order. I got my car back. I drove it for awhile about three months. The transmission started to act up. It started to jerk when taking off hard. I called back and Randy told me to bring the car in. I asked him were Jim was and he told me that he didn't work there anymore. Randy took the car for a drive. I told him what to do and the car jerked for him. He took it to the shop and when he came back he told me it was low on fluid because there was a axle seal leaking.

I thought when you rebuild something you replace all seals and gaskets. He said it was on the axle and that was not the part that rebuild. He told me to take the car and if it started again to jerk bring it in. Well, a few days later, it started again. I told him that my transmission didn't leak when it was brought in why now. He told me to bring the car in and they would fix the transmission and replace the seal no charge. Before I could bring the car in, my wife went into the hospital. I only had the one car and couldn't afford to rent one. So Randy said when it was possible for me to bring it in. Bring it in. I finally got a chance after my wife past away. I told Randy I needed the car back as soon as possible. He told me to bring it in.

After a couple of days, I called but could not get Randy. I tried and tried but no way I could get a hold of him. Finally I called again and a Mr. S. talked to me. After a week in a half, they called me. Mr. S. told me that he would have to check and see how much it was going to cost. I told him that Randy said it would be no charge. I went to get the car and there was no charge. I ask if they replaced the seal and he said yes. Well a month later, I had to change my oil and seen the seal was still leaking and it still is jerking. I wrote Morgan Industries Inc. because Mr. Transmission is one of their franchise. I got the address off of a website that Morgan Industries Inc. is suing. Anyway they said that the warranty was over and there is nothing they can do for me. So I am stuck with a car with a transmission that might go out anytime because it wasn't done right and leaking. Which cost me $2570.65

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Original review: March 4, 2010

On 1/11/2010, I took my car (2002 Saturn) to be checked. Two days later, I was told that the transmission needed repair ($3,339). I paid by credit card, and on 1/22/2010, got a call from them saying that my radiator needed replacing ($537). I paid by credit card again. Four weeks later, I was told that car had major electric problem (not told what problem--only that they would not charge me). The car was taken to their Buford shop to fix the electric problem. Today, 3/3/2010, I still do not know when they will finish the repair. They only told me that a part from New York is on its way. My wife is getting very upset with me because I am using her car, she is missing appointments and I do not even know what to tell her.

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Original review: Dec. 20, 2009

I had to bring my 2002 Honda Odyssey into the shop as the transmission was having problems. I found the staff very knowledgeable and polite. Not only did they fix the car to my standards, but they fixed the problems with my other car as well and offered me a discount to do it. Not only will I go back there for normal tune ups, but will also refer them because it was so easy to do business with them. Plus their prices are extremely reasonable as well.

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Original review: Nov. 19, 2009

I went there for a transmission problem on 11/14/2009. They said that they would look at it and give me an estimate of the cost. Also that it could be repaired and returned on Monday 11/16/2009. They called on Monday and said that the repair would cost $2,200.00. I informed them that I cannot afford that price and please return my car. I also rented a car to get back and forth to work. It is now Wednesday and I still do not have my car back. They claim to still be putting it babk together.

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Original review: Sept. 16, 2009


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Original review: July 7, 2009

I have been having car trouble, now going on 8 months on my 2001 Isuzu Rodeo. I got my transmission serviced/rebuilt with Mr. Transmission in Marietta, GA on South Cobb Parkway and had to pay for a rebuilt transmission for $3,700.00. I had so much trouble with the transmission that Mr. Transmission kept my SUV for over 3 weeks and they had to rebuild the transmission twice. I received an 18-month/18,000 mile warranty. I moved to the DC area around October 2008.

About three months ago, I started having transmission problems again. Since I was not in GA, I found a Mr. Transmission in Woodbridge, Virginia. This was the only one that was close to me in Indian Head, Maryland. I took my SUV to the Woodbridge Transmission place and was told that I needed a tune up, so I paid $200.09 for a tune up and I still kept having transmission problems. I took the SUV back to the Woodbridge Transmission place on June 29th and was told my warranty was still good under the 18,000 mile warranty by 500 miles.

Mr. Transmission of Woodbridge called the Mr. Transmission in Marietta, GA and told them my warranty was good. However, the Marietta store stated the 18,000 mile warranty is not nationwide and it's only good for the store that did the work in the beginning. The 12-month/12,000 mile warranty was for nationwide only. Mr. Transmission of Woodbridge asked to speak to the manager and explain to them that it would not be cost beneficial for me to drive my SUV back to GA which would be over the 500 miles left on the 18,000 warranty. The Transmission Marietta place stated that they would only pay the parts and I would have to pay the labor to check out the transmission parts. So, I had d to leave my SUV there until July 6th.

I had to get a rental car that cost me $228.71 for eight days. On July 6th, I went back to Mr. Transmission in Woodbridge, VA to pick up my SUV. A guy in Mr. Transmission of Woodbridge stated he needed to give me back my old parts. I stated I don't need them. He stated I need to give you these old parts back and explain something to you. He stated I might lose my job telling you this. He takes me to the back of the shop and my old parts are in a bag, he shows me all my parts and says "I have been working on Transmission for over 40 years and I can testify in court that these parts were never changed, these are old parts. There is no way 11 months of parts and 18,000 miles would have these parts looking like this." He stated that the parts were never replaced. He said this one part is one case of fraud and looking at all the other parts, he stated there is over 15 cases of frauds for old parts still left in my SUV. I got so upset I call the Mr. Transmission place in Marietta, GA to explain what I was told. He got upset and said "Well, we may have to go to court" because the Mr. Transmission Guy in Woodbridge is questioning his integrity.

I am upset because I have not had this rebuilt transmission in my SUV yet for a year. July 15th will make 12 months, even though I have put 18,000 miles on it, that's because I had to relocate to a new state. I feel that I have been taken advantage of and since I was told by a professional Mr. Transmission that my old parts were never replaced when my transmission was rebuilt, I am asking that Mr. Transmission of Marietta reimburse me $937.17 for the labor I had to pay for this inconvenience, as well as $228.71 for the rental car I had to rent due to my car being in the shop.

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Original review: Dec. 6, 2008

After the transmission went out in my car I began shopping around estimates. After receiving a couple for over $3000 I ended towing my car to Mr Transmission on Peachtree Industrial Dr for an estimate.I received a call from Alan Polson (owner) after they inspected my car and was informed they could easily fix my vehicle for $998. I repeatedly asked Mr Polson if he was sure he could fix the car for the amount quoted and he assured me I was in good hands. He proceeded to explain to me standard procedure for his shop was to go ahead and get payment over the phone. (Ive never had to deal with a body shop before) I gave Alan my credit card number and made payment in full for $998.

Five days later however I received a call from John at Mr Transmission informing me my estimate had gone up to $5800. How can this be? I made it very clear to John I wanted absolutly no work done on my vehicle and wanted it back as they had received it. He stated Alan would call me back. The next day I received a phone call from Alan. He immediatly started trying to convince me to allow them to fix my vehicle. I reinterated this was not what we had agreed to and made it very clear I wanted my car back in the condition he had received it. The more I refused to allow the repairs Alan seemed to bacome very angry and informed me my transmission was already out of the vehicle and they had thrown away the gaskets. He stated I would need to pay him an additional $400 to replace them. I was shocked. He already had $998 of my money for doing nothing. He had assured me he would fix my car for that amount. I dont know what my rights are. I never signed anything giving him permission. My estimate had gone up over $4000. My car is still there and in worse shape than before he received it and im out of over $1000 for nothing but heartache.
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