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The Kia Sedona is a minivan with five available trim levels. Read more Kia reviews to learn about other models.

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Reviewed March 5, 2012

I bought a new KIA Sedona 2006 van from Halleen KIA in Cleveland, Ohio. From the very start, there has been a problem with the transmission slipping when I go from reverse to drive. On long trips when you come to a stop and resume driving, there is a violent jerk as the vehicle shifts. The sliding door on the driver’s side won't open at all. Last week I had a wire from the theft protection device come off and the car wouldn't start so I had it towed to Halleen KIA in Cleveland. The service manager called and asked me who installed the theft protection device, it is not factory installed. They charged me $105 to reconnect the wire, and the service report said it was a red wire from the starter that needs to be fixed (a total lie). I contacted the owners of Halleen KIA about the theft protection device and the comment of their service manager by email.

I was told they would look into it. I have heard nothing further. I bought and paid for a new van, so if the theft protection device isn't factory installed I asked by whom and when was it installed. When I bought the van, it had 1200 miles on it, but I was told that was allowable for a new vehicle. I believe I was sold a previously sold van that was returned to the dealer and resold as new.

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Reviewed Feb. 12, 2012

My 2008 Kia Sedona started making clanking noise on startup at about 50k. It was brought to the dealer to be told it was because I was not using a Kia oil filter and the aftermarket cartridges don't have backflow valve to prevent oil from draining after sitting.

I bought a Kia oil filter brought it to my oil change place and they told me that their filter doesn't have one either. I then brought the van back to the dealer and they quickly changed their story to as long as it goes away when pressure builds it is ok.

Well now at 80k miles, it is louder and lasts longer than it ever has. I brought it to a repair shop and they told me of a huge problem and multiple TSB referring to this problem. To make the long story short, the tensioners are going bad too early and come to find out it is almost a $2,000 job to get it replaced.

I called Kia and they basically told me to go to hell, they weren't going to do anything about it because it is under warranty. Well this was my first Asian vehicle and will be my last for sure. Did anyone else get screwed by Kia for this?

I felt if they knew there was a problem they should have fixed it. I cannot be good to have the chain turning without oil on every startup. They didn't even offer to split the cost when this was brought up. The exact reply was "we aren't gonna do that, it's out of warranty and it's your problem".

I brought my van to a dealer and parked it until I saw someone looking at Sedona’s and then I started it. The look on their faces was worth it. The customers left immediately after I told them the vehicle only had 80k and Kia wouldn't help with the repair. Shortly thereafter, the police showed up and told me to leave.

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Reviewed Feb. 7, 2012

I called the official website of Kia asking if there was a recall on the Kia Sedona vans. The headlights go out every 3 to 4 months. I thought I was the only one, but I saw several hundred complaints about this same issue on many different websites. The customer service person stated that I had to pay to get it checked out. I told him surely I was not the only one with this complaint. I asked him sincerely if others had complained about the same thing as myself. He was very rude and stated he would not discuss others' problems with me. It was just a general question. He stated that Kia did not see it as a problem. I think it is. Please look into this issue. Thank you.

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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2012

I brought my 2008 Kia Sedona and it now has 61,000 miles. Now off warranty and since I got it in March 2011, I have been to Kia every other month with the check engine light on. First, it was gas cap, then something in the gas tank, then hoses and then last time I took, I told them I was unhappy. I contacted Kia headquarters and made a fuss and was going to sue if they didn’t fix it. They were milking it until my warranty was gone and had to pay out of pocket. So they fixed it and never came on for 4 months and my car got 900 miles over warranty. And guess what, light on again. I’m taking it to dealer and telling them I’m done with them.

I bought it in Delaware and lived in MD. Since I moved to WV, I have to take it to Clarksburg WV Kia and they are worthless. They don’t know what they’re doing and the service manger doesn’t give a crap about my problem. So I drove it back to Delaware now and taking it to them. Let’s see what’s wrong now! I will never by Kia again. I’m sticking to Chevy. I won’t recommend them to anyone

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Reviewed Jan. 29, 2012

We bought a 2008 Kia Sedona LX, and within last year we have had to fix/replace parts to the right side sliding door. It happened again just yesterday, the door will not lock/latch shut, and the power actuator went out again. Additionally, both headlights went out twice, and we continue having problems with random icons going off on the dashboard, for no apparent reason.

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Reviewed Dec. 9, 2011

I have a 2007 Kia Sedona 125,000 miles. It has been nothing but trouble since day one. The 2 back row seats where all put in wrong, the seat buckles would not work because they were all in the wrong place which took 2 1/2 hours to fix. The thing is using oil and transmission fluid more than gas. The front end is knocking, the air bag, tire pressure (even after having it checked) and engine light are all on. The rubber is coming off the doors, the doors stick and will not open sometimes without a lot of force and then sometimes still won't open. Shocks are bad making horrible sound when I go around a curve. When accelerating, it has some hesitation before opening up, sometimes I think it is going to completely stall. Do not buy a KIA of any kind. They are all cheap. I guess you get what you pay for. I know a lady who wrecked in a KIA, a minor accident and the whole car burned up. It's not even metal.

Dealer will not cover anything. Nothing but the run around. This van is a piece of cheap crap. Can't even call it metal because its made out of titanium. Cheap cheap cheap. Do not buy. If you have one get rid of it while you can.

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Reviewed Dec. 1, 2011

I have a 2006 Kia Sedona, I purchased less then a year ago. This van has brought us nothing but trouble. Both low lights blow at the same time every 90 days. We have to replace bulbs every 3 months and the bulbs are not cheap. We have 4 kids and this always seems to happen at a bad time. This should be a safety issue for Kia and these vehicles should be recalled and fixed. This is definitely a bad wiring issue. There is no way that they are blowing at the same time and it's not wiring. What if I was driving on the highway late at night with my kids and both lights decide to go out? I would be forced to use high-beams and that is dangerous for my family and for everyone else on the road. Come on Kia, fix your mistakes!

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Reviewed Nov. 20, 2011

I have a 2007 KIA Sedona. We started having these problems and in this order: esc light came on, air bag light on, check engine light on, cruise control quit working, then the rear brake lights went out. I could not find the source of the problem so I looked online and saw where there was a recall for the stop lamp switch on the lemon law website for this year vehicle, see below:

April 2009 -- Huyndai KIA is recalling 139,844 MY 2006-2007- Sedona, Sportage, Sorento and MY Rondo and Amanti vehicles. The stop lamp switch in the affected vehicles may malfunction. A malfunctioning stop lamp switch may cause the brake lights to not illuminate when the brake pedal is depressed or may cause the brake lights to remain illuminated when the brake pedal is released. A stop lamp switch malfunction may also affect the operation of the brake-transmission shift interlock feature so the transmission shifter would not be able to be shifted out of the park position. It may also cause the electronic stability control (ESC) malfunction light to illuminate, and it may not deactivate the cruise control when the brake pedal is depressed. Any of these malfunctions, alone or in combination, may lead to a crash. Dealers will replace the stop lamp switch free of charge. The recall is expected to begin during May and June of 2009.

I called the local dealership in our nearby town of Jonesboro Arkansas and they made an appointment for it to be repaired at no charge, however when I left my van there, they called me and said my VIN # showed that my van was not within the production time of the recalled vehicles. In the meantime, we can fix it for XXXX amount! I rejected and I have contacted the KIA Consumer help number and nothing, no help!

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Reviewed Oct. 31, 2011

Our 2005 Sedona was having transmission problems. We took it in to a dealership where test were performed and it was determined that the transmission was needed to be replaced. A call was put into the warranty department to see if it was covered under warranty. The call was put in on a Thursday morning. We called Thursday late afternoon and was told that they still had not gotten a reply back.

I have three kids and my husband works out-of-town. I stated that I needed to get a courtesy car. They stated that they did not have those cars but I could rent a car. I feel Kia should have paid for this rental. We finally heard back late Friday afternoon and was told that it was going to be covered under warranty but the part would not be in until Monday morning, forcing me to retain the rental car through the weekend. I feel that they should pay for the rental or reimburse us for it. The repairs were covered under warranty. It was not our fault that no one in the warranty department called back until a day later which happened to be the weekend.

I contacted the Service Department and Customer Department. Both were not helpful and pretty much told me sorry about my luck but we can't help you. Our vehicle will be paid for in one month and had planned on trading it in for another Kia. We will not be doing that now thanks to the wonderful service and attitude we received. I think it's poor business when a car tears up through no fault of your own and the dealership makes you pay for another car while they take their sweet time fixing it.

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Reviewed Sept. 26, 2011

I took my 2005 Kia Sedona in to Olathe Kia within the 100000 warranty period for an idle problem which occurred every morning at startup. They charged me to diagnose the problem, but failed to do so. Three more times I took the vehicle in with the same issue before they finally found three defective ignition coils.

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2011

My wife and I have been getting our KIA Sedona Minivan serviced and repaired over at our Turnersville, NJ Kia location and have been very pleased with the service that they have been rendering to us; Especially on the warranty side. Kevin, service advisor, has been terrific and was always pleasant and showed a high-level of professionalism at all times. The entire staff from the sales team, courteous drivers and service desk were always smiling and greeting the customers. The Doughty's are going to purchase another Kia Sedona at this dealership in early 2012. Again, thanks for taking such good care of us. We really love the valet service. It's a plus :-)

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Reviewed Jan. 28, 2011

At 80,000 miles, I have needed to replace a transmission for a 2006 Kia Sedona van. It seems that in today's market, this is inappropriate product reliability.

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Reviewed July 20, 2010

Customer no.**, Kia Sedona 2006 with VIN **, 96,515 miles extended warranty purchased. Initial problem: check engine light remaining on/basis service. I received car back after considerable communication problems (Kia service personnel failing to return multiple call to my daughter regarding the car when they promised to do so). Flushed transmission fluid when it was flushed some time ago (cost $134.95). After this work was completed, the service personnel noted that she needed a new transmission at a cost of ~$3,200 which hardly seems appropriate with a quality product after 96,515 miles. A certified transmission specialist was sought for second opinion and repaired the transmission at a cost of $800.

Within a few minutes of driving out of the lot, the check engine light came back on again which is one of the original problems that the car was brought in for. Loose sway bar links on front and all 4 subframe bushings may be a problem in the future needs repair at a cost of $529. The car received a tune up with new plugs, etc. at a cost of $199.95. Tires were mounted and balanced and two new tires were purchased. My daughter, Danna, paid $1736.33 by check on a bill which totaled $2028.11. She and my wife are listed as owners of the Kia Sedona. Danna feels that she wasn't treated very well and was taken advantage of by running up the costs of repairs. Her additional warranty noted as aftermarket will pay some of the costs related to this repair/service. The check engine light came back on within blocks of the dealer. It is not likely that she will return to the dealer for service. Poor communication, loss of the use of the car, inflated bill, second opinion sought due to the lack of confidence in the service, treated with a lack of respect. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

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Reviewed July 14, 2010

I own a 2006 Kia Sedona and hate the gremlins that live inside it. And I am not imaging these although the dealer can't correct or find these problems. Here are some of them: A/C does not blow cold continually and has been repaired several times. Horn problems that have been fixed several times (Does not work properly when lock vehicle and it is to "chirp" when it locks). Also, security horn has had to be replaced. Shifting / odd transmission type problem - the vehicle "bangs" when you come down a hill to a stop. Also, when slowing down to a stop light it actually has a surge or acceleration.

It's very scary and they say this is okay or they can not find a problem. Also, as you are driving it accelerates or decelerates oddly. The vehicle only has 62,000 miles and we have replaced brakes twice.

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Reviewed June 16, 2010

We purchased a brand new 2002 Kia Sedona LX in March of 2002. We were sold the "easy care" extra warranty package for an added $1000 and were told it covered "everything". I took the Kia at 60,000 miles to the dealer in Keene, NH where we bought it and they managed to find $5000 worth of work that needed to be done and only $1200 was covered by the "easy care" warranty because the "rest" was caused by corrosion. Well, they told me that the bearings needed to be replaced and they were covered by the warranty; but in trying to get the hubs open so they could get to the bearings, they broke the axle/hub and that was not covered because it was "frozen" closed by corrosion.

Therefore, the warranty didn't cover the broken axle or the bearings. Kia of Keene also told me I would need a new battery before winter. That was 2 harsh Vermont winters ago and I still have not replaced the battery. I sent a scathing 3-page letter to Kia Motors and they sent me a form letter saying they turned it over to the manager at Kia of Keene and if I had any further questions to contact him directly. Despite all the ** and feeling totally ripped off by the Kia dealer, I have grown sort of attached to the old Kia van and plan to drive it until it dies.

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Reviewed June 9, 2010

Our 02 Sedona has had many problems, but the latest is by far the worst. It will surge forward while you are breaking and it will die now and then. We've had it at the dealership 4 times in 1 week in May and 2 times this week. The service manager called this morning and said, "We've driven it over 87 miles and it has not died". They also claim that the surging is normal, never did it before they "fixed" it in May. I am at my wits end.

I've had to take several days off work, because they do not provide a loaner car and have also had to pay out of pocket for a rental. This time, they have agreed to pay 1/2 the rental.

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Reviewed May 11, 2010

I bought the 2002 Kia Sedona used from an Ind. I have owned it for approximately 6 months. I have already had to replace the head lamps because they keep blowing the bulbs. I really can't afford to take it to a Kia dealer to have it looked at so I just keep replacing them. On a couple of occasions I've almost wrecked when they have blown out during the night. I don't know if there is a recall on the headlight problem. I do know that there are several people that do complain about the same thing. If someone could contact me about the problem, it would be gratefully appreciated.

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Reviewed May 8, 2010

We purchased a used KIA Sedona with approx. 50,000 miles on it, and loved the vehicle until it reached approximately 90,000 miles. Then, it literally began falling apart. In the past 6 months, it has been to our local KIA dealership more than it has been in my driveway! We have replaced the cooling system, the brake lines, tires, braking mechanisms, seat belt sensors (or, more precisely the seat belt as you can't just replace the sensor) every few weeks, lights come on, and it must be brought back to be hooked up to the computer - at a cost, of course.

In the past 6 months, we've sunk almost $4000 dollars into this lemon, and as I write this, it is again at the dealership, awaiting $1150.00 just to get it running! And this amount doesn't include fixing the power steering that has suddenly died or the 8 other issues they found with the vehicle that need to be addressed. Plus, as mentioned by a previous poster, all the paint on our car is bubbling off, and the car is literally rusting from the inside out. Our local dealership gives us a clean bill of health each time we leave, then, 4 weeks later when we come back, they hook it up again and find another boatload of problems. The local dealership is no help.

I've begun complaining about the quality of the car and the many problems, and they just shake their heads and tell me it "must be your car because we don't get these complaints from anyone else. " Baloney! I've had it with this car, and have been warning friends to stay away from KIA. With luck, the car will be traded in today for a more reliable vehicle, as I simply refuse to spend any more of my hard earned money repairing this piece of garbage. In the past 6 months of paying for this car's repairs, we have had to juggle our budget to the point of some bills going into collections. We can't pay bills unless we can get to work, and to get to work, you need a running car. Thus, money has been poured into this lemon. Plus, we have fallen behind on the payments for this car while trying to keep it running!

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Reviewed April 5, 2010

For the last 40K miles, we've been taking our 2006 KIA Sedona back to the dealer to fix "noise" in the wheels. Now, it's not warranted (over 84K). They say it's our problem to fix, what? They couldn't fix it in 40K miles, so it's now my problem? Also, now the lights just go out whenever and we've replaced them about 8 times! A three year old car needs to have the lights replaced every 2-3 months? Horrible van, KIA was never able to make its problems right. We will never ever buy this brand ever again. We’re coming back, Dodge.

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Reviewed Feb. 26, 2010

I need your help to resolve a serious problem. I have nowhere else to turn. My daughter is the owner of a 2003 Kia Sedona. Within a three month period, three of the door handles have fallen off this vehicle! After each handle fell off, she reported it to the local Kia dealership. She learned that door handles were not covered and that she would have to pay $250 per door to have them repaired. The cost to repair this vehicle is now $750. Kia does not consider defective door handles a safety issue so there has never been a recall. I believe that this is most certainly a safety issue. If my family was involved in an accident, my four little grandchildren (Lauren, 8; Twins Catherine and Elizabeth, 7; and Christopher, 19 months) would be trapped inside this vehicle.

Since I began researching this problem on the internet, I learned that there are many people who have experienced this same problem with their Kia Sedona Van. Their complaints are the same-- door handles that have fallen off and Kia refusing to fix them. This is obviously a manufacturer's defect. I know many people who own antique vehicles. All their vehicles still have their original door handles. I have never heard of door handles falling off a vehicle, let alone three! I contacted both our local Kia dealership and the Kia Corporation.

The Kia Corporation of America's (800-xxx-xxxx) Consumer affairs assistant sounded like a robot. She told me that this was not a recall item. The time for reporting a manufacturing defeat was over and that nothing would be done! She did say that if we wanted them to look at the vehicle, we could bring it into the dealership, pay for diagnostics but they would still not pay to fix this problem. This is just throwing good money after bad! Why would I pay them to tell me again they are not going to fix this vehicle?

When I spoke to the Kia dealership in St. Augustine, they were sympathetic to our problem. However, they explained that they could not absorb the cost of this repair since Kia Corporation would not reimburse them. I can understand their dilemma. From the tone of our conversation, but without saying it, I believe they agree with me. While the Kia Sedona issue is certainly not at the danger level as the run away Toyota problem, the potential for a tragic ending is there none the less. Why is an auto maker allowed to produce dangerous, inferior products and then refuse to fix their problem or better yet, charge us to fix their mistakes? When will they be held accountable? Please help us and the other Kia Sedona owners resolve this issue.

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Reviewed Oct. 28, 2009

Our 2005 Kia Sedona van developed a coolant leak. We took it to a local repair shop. They replaced the rusted out rear heater lines at a cost of $359.89. A few days later, we discovered this has been a common problem on the Sedona vans for several years. There is a Kia TSB issued for this problem. The redesigned Kia replacement lines have a protective coating to prevent this problem. I contacted Kia via internet asking for reimbursement. They called and said their 100,000 mile rust out policy doesn't cover heater lines. Our van had 85,250 miles on it. I was told to contact the Kia dealer where we had the van serviced. They acknowledge the problem (they replaced many of these lines at a cost to customers over $500.00) but said our vehicle was not covered for this problem.

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Reviewed Sept. 8, 2009

We cannot believe that a company holds such little regard to customer loyalty. As owners of two Kia's and business owners who are looking at purchasing a new van for such, we cannot believe that being trapped in our vehicle on a weekend by faulty locks does not constitute any type of refund. We were told this by robot-like reps of our warranty three times. We knew about our warranty, which did us little good on a weekend. Prior to our useless conversation with Randy today, we spoke to Dale at Nampa Kia about purchasing a Sedona for our business. We have realized that our loyalty to Kia means nothing; therefore, we feel it is time to terminate our long-term relationship with Kia.

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2009

We purchased a 2005 KIA Sedona new. Whilst driving it home, I noticed it pulled to one side. We called when we got home and took it back for an inspection. They found nothing wrong and blamed it on the curvature of the road. Driving back home, the car was still pulling. So we called and took it back again. They switched the wheels around and balanced them. Driving home the car, it still pulled; so we took the car back again. They said they would order us a wheel, which would be in within the week. There's no call.

After a couple of weeks, we called them; and they had forgotten to order the wheel. Two weeks later, we got no call and they said that they would order it for a fee. We then were so fed up that we called 1800lemonlaw. This was a mistake, as they have given us the runaround for at least a year, switching us from attorney to attorney, court appearance after court appearance. In the end, they (Lemon Law) told us that we should take the offer of four thousand, 50% to them, and be happy. I am so mad that I purchased a lemon and had an attorney fight for me only to screw me over. So much for the consumer. We are now driving the KIA. Still, it is pulling. I had the wheels changed twice and two sets of brakes, and it's not even 50k yet. Do not buy a KIA, and do not call 1800lemonlaw.

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Reviewed July 24, 2009

In 3rd week of July 2009, I had taken my Kia Sedona LX to the Lee Johnson of Kirkland dealer for an engine light check, a car seat belt light, and for an oil change. Later in day, I was told by the dealer that oil change was completed. And for engine light on, it needed a canister close and a valve purge con part replaced as it was not functioning correctly. I went ahead with that repair to make sure the pressure for my emission was functioning.

I was later told that the red light for the seat belt was for the airbag module. They have not seen this issue before and not sure of any previous year’s record. This is what they typed in my invoice quote, "Scan tool unable to communicate with airbag control module. Module has internal failure and requires replacement." I declined this repair hoping to find some more answers and info, and do my research with other drivers and dealers to look into why. My van that has only 50k miles (9months over 5 year warranty period), could have a part that is important with a National Car Safety Rating of 5 star, could go bad in such a short period of time?

I looked and researched on the internet and did not find any other consumer experiencing the same issue. If anyone out there had seen the same issue with their van, please update this blog. I am reaching out to other dealers for help as well. Lee Johnson is a good dealership, but I do not get it why this part has gone defective in such a short run mileage? I believe it is the manufacturer lemon part. And they have some responsibility and vested value to investigate why their part went bad so quick. That part does not qualify for 5 star rating does it? I am reaching out to manufacturer, dealers, individual owners, in this nation to answer my call for help. Thanks.

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Reviewed July 17, 2009

I purchased a 2003 Kia Sedona and a 2003 Kia Spectra in July of 2003. I continue to be extremely happy with the purchases. I have followed the maintenance schedules, oil, timing belt, etc. and not a single problem. I now have 130,000 miles on my Kia Spectra and 60,000 on the Sedona. Keep in mind that I do all the service on my vehicles myself. I don't trust dealerships or anyone else to touch my vehicles because of the damage they often cause. I can see many people have had issues with the Kia brand, but I also see they rely on third parties to perform regular vehicle maintenance. I hate to see the Kia brand slung through the mud due to the incompetence of the repair shops people take their cars to.

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Reviewed July 7, 2009

I purchased a new Kia Sedona on November 2007. I got my oil changed at a little more than 3,000 miles by an outside agency. There was no problem with the vehicle. After about a month, I noticed that there was a little knocking sound in the engine. I called Kia and they stated it may have something to do with where I got the oil changed because they may not have used the right filter, etc. So when it was time for the next oil change, I took it back to the Kia dealership.

Once taken to the dealership, they stated that my engine was knocking because the third party entity did not use the right filter or sealant and this was causing my engine to knock. They also recommend an additional maintenance. I had everything done. I then took my car to get an oil change about 4 months later which was outside of the 3,000 mile range and they stated that my engine knocks since I did not get the oil changed at 3,000 miles.

I asked how can this be fixed and he stated that the knocking was not going to do anything to my engine and that as I get the oil changed on a more regular basis, the knocking would cease. Well, 4 months later, I was driving down the road and the van just stopped. After having them to tow the vehicle, which is still under their so-called warranty, they were not able to look at it until the following Tuesday since it stopped on a Friday afternoon.

After looking at the vehicle, they stated that since I did not get my oil changed every 3,000 miles, my engine went out. My van only has 46,000 miles on it. They refuse to honor the warranty and stated that it would be $8,500 for me to replace the engine. I do admit that I may not always get the oil changed at 3,000 miles but this is not the first vehicle I have owned when I did something similar. This has never happened to any other vehicle I have owned of which I have had almost 100,000 miles or more.

What kind of engine gets shot at 46,000 miles with no sign, no oil light (since it was full of oil), nothing? The truth is the engine must have been faulty to begin with and they are looking for almost any excuse not to honor the warranty. I have paid for services through Kia a couple of times and every time, I wind up spending about $100.00 just for their recommended maintenance.

If I had not agreed to those recommended services, they probably would not have honored my warranty either. I have not owned my vehicle for two years and the engine is now gone. This is the worst service I have ever received. I will continue to advocate to consumers not to buy Kia. The warranty is a hoax. It is an advertising tactic. They depend on human error or lack of attention to detail to cover their faulty equipment. Do not buy Kia! The warranty is really a warning!

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Reviewed July 3, 2009

On October 5th 2002, we purchased a "new" Kia Sedona EX from then "Mazda-Kia" of Scottsdale. By the year 2004, we started experiencing multiple Air Conditioning problems. The vehicle was serviced 7 times for AC repairs by the end of 2005 and the problem would re-surface every summer. We filed a complaint with the BBB and submitted to arbitration. The dealer brought in a factory representative from Kia Motors who had the internal control unit replaced. Every component of the AC unit had already been replaced and the problem still persisted. No cold air would blow whenever the outside temperatures exceeded 95 degrees. Replacing the internal control unit appeared to fix the problem. So the arbitration was concluded.

However, the fix was temporary. Each summer, the AC has failed to dispense cold air. The compressor clutch assemblies keep burning out. We are not the only owners who have had this same problem. There are hundreds of current and former 2002 Kia Sedona owners who have had this same history. Since the warranty expired, we are now having to have a third compressor installed. And it will most likely only last six months and will need to be replaced again. The master mechanic we are using now says the condensers on the 2002 Kia Sedonas are too small, causing the compressor clutch to constantly be engaged and subsequently burn out.

In Arizona, average summer temperatures exceed 105 degrees daily and remain in the hundreds as late as 10 p.m. We are having to spend $500 to $1200 every year now to try to keep our Sedona EX properly cooled for our family of seven. We feel the original problem with the AC has never been resolved and we are seeking a suitable solution to this defective Air Conditioning problem prevalent among the 2002 Kia Sedonas.

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Reviewed June 18, 2009

I have a 2007 Kia Sedona van and it has been in the shop 12 times for the same thing. No one can figure out what is wrong with it. Now, it is in a totally different city because my dealership here will not work on it anymore. I would be driving down the road and my car will just want to take off. All my dash lights come on whenever they want. My door locks when you're sitting in the van or walking away. My DVD player only works when it wants to. But when they look at my van, they say they fixed it--but I always have the same problem.

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Reviewed May 27, 2009

2002 Kia Sedona, basic model, 20 mpg was traded up to a 2003 Sedona fully loaded, 9.32, nine point three two mpg. After numerous times to the dealer, I was told by the salesman, that was normal for that year. The 2002 Kia Rio, 5 sp, clutch at 30k, brakes at 32k, resonator at 38k which took six weeks to get here. The 2005 Cinco is pure junk.

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Reviewed May 13, 2009

My wife and I went to Chicago from St. Louis to see a baseball game. Once we started to get close to Chicago, the "08 Kia Sedona with less than 20,000 miles just quit. I was in the fast lane at the time and had to fight to get over to the shoulder without getting hit. We waited about 15 minutes, then restarted the van. It seemed to be fine so we continued. About 20 minutes later, it happened again. It was the same thing. We tried one more time, and made it close to the ball park. So we waited, then got to a parking lot at the ballpark and called Kia. They sent out a tow truck and told us we would have to wait until Monday for a dealer to be open.

So, after a $95 cab ride to the hotel, we were in scramble mode. We had to do something with the kids, our dog, and figure out what we were to do until Monday. First thing Monday, I called the dealer and told them the situation we were in and that the tow company was going to have the van first thing. We had to catch another cab to the dealer because they would not come pick us up. Our van finally arrived at the dealer at noon! At about 3:30, I asked the service writer if he knew anything. He said it might be the next day before it was ready.

I asked for help with a rental car because we had children and jobs that we had to get home to. He tried really hard for us but Kia wouldn't help and Avis wanted $600. The service writer finally said that we could make it home in the van but the check engine light would stay on. As he was checking for a rental car, I or anyone for that matter, could hear the tech's saying I had put the wrong gas in the van to save money. They were saying how cheap I was and an idiot. I got so mad that I told the service, "Just let us have our van." We had to get home. I finally arrived home at 10:30 pm. My van still has grease in it from the tech. I bought this van because of all the commercials about the great warranties. If you have to use them, they treat you like dirt.

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Reviewed May 5, 2009

When we were in the process of purchasing the new 2008 Sedona, we were told that running boards could be installed on any Sedona to aid me in my disability to access the van. Then we are told - after the purchase - that they are not available from the dealer, but could be found in after market sources, then some could be fabricated - then we were given numerous "leads" which were useless. Well, the only fabrication seems to be the sales pitch that assured us running boards could be gotten and installed! Now, I have a van that is hard for this disabled person to enter and I have been basically dismissed and given the total runaround. This is beyond maximum stress! I have asked and asked and asked for some resolution.

I have been corresponding now for over seven months with no resolution in sight. At this point, I want a refund of the full purchase price of this totally misrepresented vehicle or replace it for another new 2008 van that can have running boards installed. I feel I have been discriminated against because of disability, used, abused, and lied to.

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Reviewed March 20, 2009

I own a Kia Sedona 2005. My wife was driving my kids home from school, when she went to make a right hand turn the steering wheel froze and she was forced into oncoming traffic. Luckily there were no cars present. We took the van to her stepdad's house when we finally got the steering wheel free again and he checked it out and thought it was the rack and pinion going out. My wife decided to call the dealership where we purchased the van and discuss the problem with them. The guy she talked to said he guaranteed that the rack and pinion was fine but that the intermediate steering shaft was the problem because to date he said that they have fixed about 144 vans with the same problem. My wife called customer service and asked why a recall was not put on this part and the lady on the other line said that no one call to complain about the problem so nothing was done about it. This is a huge safety risk which almost cost my wife and kids their lives. Something must be done about this.

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Reviewed March 12, 2009

My Kia Sedona has been in for repair back and forth since June. They cannot seem to fix it; every time it goes in it comes back with a new problem. This has inconvenienced me greatly. I have two children and have had to depend on people to pick them up from school numerous times. I have had to also depend on people to get me back and forth to work. We have dealt with Kia corporate and they will not give me any contacts of higher ups. They just want to keep trying to fix the vehicle and it never gets fixed properly. We have asked for a new vehicle since this vehicle only has 38 thousand miles on it but when this problem started back in June, it has a lot less on it. I bought this vehicle a year ago because it was supposed to be the safest vehicle on the market. It has not proved to be safe when it keeps breaking down.

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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2009

I have a 2002 Kia Sedona minivan, and I got it right off the lot brand spanking new, and it was long after I got it that I had problems with the sliding doors. We had it in the shop about 5 times in a year's time, and all for the same reason: because the sliding doors wouldn't work properly. Then we had our rack/power steering pump go out, the alternator went out, and we had to wait 3 days for it to be fixed.

The next BIG problem I have had and am still having is the low beam light. They are lasting about 6 months or less and then they burn out. Usually, one side will go out and not long after I replace one side, the other side will burn out. These bulbs are not cheap; they cost about $21.00 apiece, and if you take that times 4 on each headlight, that adds up to $168.00 (it might be more).

The next problem was the sliding door latch on the passenger door. The lock will not let the door shut all the way, so I had it looked at and they say there was nothing wrong with it. So I took it home and it still did it, and I called and raised Cain with them and they looked at it again and they replaced the door latch, but it still won't shut and they said they had done all they can. Now my check engine light can't on, and the stupid thing lunges forward when I come to a complete stop, and it doesn't want to run at all when I press on the accelerator. It is one thing after another...the thing is not worth the problems, and I still owe $10,000 on it. I would rather ride a bike than to keep putting up with these problems on an ongoing basis...BIG WASTE OF MONEY. I will never buy another Kia vehicle again!!!

Oh, I forgot something: when I purchased the van in 2002, we took out an extended warranty on the van, and when we were having all these problems, the service guy at Anderson Ford told me that my van was not under any factor warranty anymore. I told him that I had an extended warranty and I told him the extended warranty company's name. He told me that they went out of business. I told him it wasn't right that they didn't tell me about this issue. Anderson Ford in St. Joseph, Mo. said that they would honor the warranty, but when I got work done on it, they told me my warranty won't cover the problem. Why have an extended warranty if I can't use it? These are my complaints, and as you can tell, I am not one bit satisfied with Kia and the dealers who sell them, especially St. Joseph, Mo.

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Reviewed Jan. 9, 2009

I purchased a 2004 Kia Sedona last May and was initially very pleased. There was however this small thumping sound that occurred around the left front axle or wheel well. We brought the van in for the first time in June and were told that they could not hear the sound. This was after it had set in the back parking lot for two days. In August of this year, the sound began to drive my wife insane and she again brought it in. This time they got their "Special mechanic" to listen for the sound, and he diagnosed it as some fluid leakage in the steering column and they fixed that part. The next day, the sound was still there. We brought it in again and were told they would fix it that day.

At the end of the day, they had not called my wife, so she called to ask them when it might be done. They told her it would have to be kept overnight. I don't think they cared enough to let us know she wasn't going to have a ride home from work. Luckily I was still in town. They then said that they had messed up and a piece had actually seized up in the chassis and the whole segment would have to be replaced. So, we waited another four days, but this time they rented her a smoke-filled rent-a-car. The sound persisted and finally in December of this year, they replaced the sway bar. I am not sure if it is on too tight or what, but now the vehicle makes a loud thump noise at the end of all left and right turns.

I finally brought it in yesterday for my 8:30 appointment and they had me drive it into the mechanic's bay. The repairman, George, then said, "Do you mind leaving it overnight because we want to give it special attention and make sure it is really fixed this time?" I told them of my frustration civilly and agreed. Today, I had not heard from them at 11:30am and was getting a bit anxious, so I called to ask about the status of my vehicle. George seemed irritated with me and said they were getting ready to look at it right now. Twenty-six hours after my "Special attention" was promised! I asked what had taken so long since it was already in the bay, and he said they got backed up, and he was extremely condescending. I got off the phone, irritated, but feeling totally at the mercy of the repairman. I mean, what choice did I have?

Two hours later at 1:30pm, I called again and believe it or not, he actually told me they were getting ready to test drive it for the first time!! "What about the last two hours?" I protested. "We're looking at it right now, what can I tell you?!" he said. I am still waiting... 2:30pm to find out if I will have a car this weekend. I cannot begin to explain my frustration with this dealership. Their service department is terrible and only outshines their customer service. The Sedona is their second leading seller!! If they can't fix their own van, what are they there to do??

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Reviewed Jan. 8, 2009

I went into the Tommy Parker dealership on October 13, 2008. I traded in my 2006 KIA Sedona and purchased a 2008 KIA Sedona. The dealership still has not paid off my 2006 Sedona. I have talked to the owner Tommy Parker six times and my husband has talked to him four times. The KIA finance company has been calling my house three times a day demanding payment. They have also called my work numerous times. Each time, I have explained the situation.

I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and with KIA Consumer Affairs. The dealership has since closed its doors temporarily. I have no way of contacting Tommy Parker and I have no idea about the location of the minivan that I traded in. My credit report shows that I am 3 months behind in payments, even though I no longer own the car.

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Reviewed Jan. 2, 2009

We purchased a 2007 Kia Sedona just 15 months ago and since the first day we have had it, we have experienced problems with the sliding electric doors. The doors would either refuse to close correctly, close and then re-open a few seconds later or refuse to open at all in certain weather conditions. In addition to the above, we had badly fitted dashboard panels, a DVD player which did not work if the car was cold and more recently, the aircon stopped working. And yesterday, the car broke down whilst we were out with our 3 young children.

I've committed to losing Kia at least 1,000,000 in sales here in the UK by relaying our story to everyone I know and asking them to promise to never buy a Kia. If the average car sells for 10,000 it would take only 100 people to reach this goal! Please join the Facebook group which I have set up to show your support!

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Reviewed Dec. 29, 2008

I bought a 2003 Kia Sedona 5 years ago. Today on the day of my last payment - the left rear wheel fell off the vehicle while I was driving it. Fortunately it was acting funny and I was trying to figure out what the problem was and was pulling off the road when it broke away from the axle. I checked the website and found that Kia Sedona 2003- 2005 have been recalled for this issue -- I never received a notice. My husband called Kia - their customer service representative was very rude to him and told him that my vehicle was not covered.

Last winter the transmission went out and they would not cover it because I didn't change the tranny fluid 2 times. I have replaced the starter and the power steering motor as well. My van only has 78000 miles on it. This van has cost me 1800 for a new transmission (70,000 miles), 250.00 for a new starter (71,000) and the cost of a new power steering motor and I am looking at anywhere from 600.00 to 2000.00 to fix a wheel that per the recall list should be covered - but they conveniently left my VIN number off of the recall list.

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Reviewed Dec. 12, 2008

Tuesday Dec 9, 2008. Rust appeared on the hood of our 2004 Sedona EX about 2 years ago. It started as small pimples/spots below the grill both on the inside and the outside. We mentioned this to our dealer and were told that this was caused by stone chips and is not covered under warranty. Their opinion was that the rust is only on the surface and had not broken through or perforated the surface. The rust got progressively worse and recently we finally got the dealership to bring in their Area Service Manager to inspect. On the morning of the inspection, I met another customer who was also there to have his 2004 Sedona inspected...for rust on the hood in the exact same spot. After inspection the dealership agreed to call us upon completion of their findings. A day later, we received a call and were told that repairing the hood would not be advisable. I told them that I have heard of other Sedona owners insisting that the hood be replaced.

They agree that the hood needs to be replaced. The cost for repair is $1102.64 and their offer is that we each pay 1/3!!! Dealership 1/3, KIA Canada 1/3, customer 1/3. I also only have a limited time to accept this offer?? I've owned cars for over 30 years and have had rust problems with some of them but have never heard of this. They insist that this is an isolated problem, even after I sent them pictures of 5 other 2004 Sedona vehicles with identical rust marks and a promise to send more in the coming weeks. After doing some limited research, I found rust problems on earlier models but we were assured that these problems had been resolved in newer models. Any suggestions are welcome.

Also please be aware that if you do have a Sedona around this age, make sure you insist that they check the REAR COOLANT LINES. These are also starting to rust out and I already know of one person who recently replaced his engine when the line broke. KIA is aware of this and will repair under warranty but only if you INSIST that they check this. They will not check this as part of their regular inspection.

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Reviewed Dec. 8, 2008

I have a 2003 Kia Sedona and have nothing but trouble with it, especially the brakes. The brakes constantly need replaced. There are several issues with the anti-lock brakes. If you have you foot on the brake to stop and you hit a pothole, the anti-lock brakes kick in and release the brakes so if you were stopping quickly, you more than likely will hit the person in front of you if there happens to be a pothole. Just two days ago, I was driving down an icy hill and had no traction so the anti-lock brakes kicked in which I would expect. The entire way down the hill the anti-lock brakes were pumping but I was able to steer the car straight until the car decided to quit. It actually turned off. If was like it was tired of pumping the brakes. I had no steering, no brakes, nothing. Of course the car went into a slide and I was unable to stop it as I slid into the guide rail. Once the car came to a stop, I put it in park and started it back up. It ran fine afterwards. This could have had a much worse outcome than it did. I will never, ever buy another Kia nor recommend it to anyone. I have already steered three people away from the Kias.

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Reviewed Nov. 6, 2008

I took my Kia Sedona to the dealership and they called and said I have oil sludge and the engine needs to be replaced and I cannot drive it until then. My husband has changed the oil himself and they stated that he must have used "bad oil" and because he didn't have a "dealer receipt" the engine would not be covered by my 100,000 mile warranty. The vehicle is a 2005 Kia Sedona with 50,000 miles on it. There was never any oil light indication or check engine light that came on.

They now have told me to come and pick up the van because I can drive it. They will change the oil and I can purchase an additive to it to break up the sludge. I believe that the oil sludge should fall under warranty and am hesitant to remove my vehicle from the dealership when they originally told me that it was undriveable.

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Reviewed Oct. 16, 2008

On 6-21-08, I brought in my Kia Sedona which is less than one year old to their service department for an engine noise. They claimed it needed an oil change and did one. The next day, it went back in for the same thing. They had it for a week+ then told me they called Kia manufacturing and there is no resolution for the engine problem. I then proceed to call the BBB to make a complaint. They took it back after about 3 months in Sept after ordering some parts. They had the vehicle for 2 weeks plus again. Got it back and, now the last month, every other day it has broken down. It has been back and forth there and is still there now as I type this letter to you. They cannot find the problem and keep trying to do different things and nothing is working. I have had 5+ rentals and the BBB has not called me back in 2 weeks. Can you help?

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2008

Deafness without the interpreter. They lied to me, said that "Your credit was not good, go to my Kia Finance. Your score was 592"? 2007 Sedona LX price tag is $24,000 and they charged me 15% with $577.20 for 72 months. After one year, I figured it out. Realized how they cheat on me plus 28 thousand mile fuse box went out and idler pulley were noisy too. Also try to trade with other dealers and they refuse to accept it. Said it is upside down $$. Your customer is bad deal. Where you get it from? I said KIA SW NW of Dallas and they said, "If I were in your shoes, I rather take it back to Kia as repo" or other way plus general manager did not respond to my question. I guess corrupt!!!

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Reviewed Aug. 26, 2008

I own a 2005 Kia Sedona minivan that I purchased new in April, 2005. The consistent problem that I have had since the very beginning, starting at 6,000 miles is the brakes. I have had brake repairs 9 times so far. I am in need of a 10th brake repair or replacement now after only 7,000 on this last repair. The ONLY brake repair that Kia has paid for was the very first one. I know from reading numerous websites and reports online, that there is a design defect in the 2005 braking system, that causes the brakes to work too hard on the front, and the design is not heavy enough for the weight of the van. However, apparently nobody at Kia seems to be aware or care to admit that this defect exists. They continually tell me one excuse after another, that its the way I drive, that it's the mountains we live in (I drive freeways to work every day), or that its normal for vans to wear out brakes after 5-8,000 miles.

All of this is of course false. I cannot get them to pay for these brake jobs, or admit that there is a problem, or offer to buy me out of this vehicle that now at 70,000 needs a 10th brake job. Do the math, that is a brake job every 7,000 miles. I owned a conversion van that only needed brakes every 40,000 miles, and it weighed twice as much as this van. Someone needs to convince Kia to do a recall on this vehicle! It is unfair to make us consumers pay upwards of 200-500 every 4 months for brakes that were defectively designed to begin with, and leave us with unsafe vehicles if we don't spend this money to get them repaired! This is neglect of the customer at its worst.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2008

Purchase a 2005 KIA Sedona from Parsons KIA. In Feb. 2008 the engine threw a road and had to be replace. Oil changes receipts were turned in to KIA and they charge me $2000 for parts. Did not cover 1 month car rental.Car was under warranty. one day after the car was release on 3/26/08 I had to return the car due to a massive oil leak. Repairs were not done correctly. KIA loaned me a car. Once the car was released for the second time after 1 more week in the shop, the Air Bag light was on.July 2008 the car was taken in by my wife of Hispanic descend and she pointed out to them that the airbag light was on . They changed the light bulb and told her she had to bring the car back for a complete diagnostic , since the air bag light was still on. Late part of July she took the car back and after 2 hours of checking the car they told her that a part had to be order and they would call back. August 10 received a call from Pete Young (Kia rep)that the part were in. August 15 the car was left at KIA at 7:am. On August 15 at 1225 pm I called the KIA service department and the service manager advised me that the parts were not in and that it would take a week before the car would be repair.

Kia would not honor the fee for a car rental and they could not release the car because of a SAFETY reasons. She explained to me that if the car was driven and was involve in an accident my family life would be in jeopardy. This is after 3 different visits. Talked to the manager and the response was that they would investigate. Dave Johns( KIA Gen. Mngr) Called me on August 20th and told me that they had acted correctly,that I could call KIA Customer service and reported, that they were already aware of all the previous mention incident. Not honoring the warranty, Releasing an unsafe car and disperse treatment based on gender and nationality

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Reviewed Aug. 15, 2008

In June of 2007 I took my 2002 Kia Sedona in to have 2 parts replaced - in July 2008 the same 2 parts needed to be replaced again. 12 and a half months and 9,000 miles and I am told it is not under warranty - Kia is very strict about the time frame is what I was told. when I said it was strange that both parts that were replaced at the same time went bad at the same time 12 &1/2 months and 9,000 miles later I was told the parts are made by human hands and those things happen. this is BULL. when I purchased this car (new) I did so mostly because of the great warranty. I only have a couple of payments left on it, I was planing on trading it in on a new Kia but you can bet that will not happen now. I will be trading it in, but it sure will never be on a Kia or any car from Chesrown. From now on when anyone ask me how I like my Kia I will tell them about this and tell them to think long and hard before buying one.

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Reviewed June 8, 2008

In December of 2006 we purchased a 2006 Kia Sedona van from a Phoenix area KIA dealer. Within less than 4 months we began having problems with the ABS dash light, the parking brake dash light, and the check engine dash light coming on for no reason. They would come and go or just stay on. The cruise control would then cut off, the engine would act like it was not going to keep running. We had the van in and out of the dealer. They would say they had the problem fixed only to have it happen again after each repair. After the fourth time we informed KIA dealer in Avondale that we felt we had a lemon. They suggested we contact KIA's customer service. The customer service had the factory reps come and try to fix the problem. Nothing worked. Three times in the Arizona summer heat the van refused to start while we were miles from home. We had to have the KIA roadside service tow the van to a repair facility.

They Would say the problem was fixed or would say they could find nothing wrong. One time after driving 136 miles to pickup the van after it had to be towed, we stopped 15 miles from home for gas. The van wouldn't start and had to be towed again. The third time was on the way for a Better Business bureau inspection. The inspector had to come to us! We mentioned to the service manager in July of 2007 that we wanted another van or our money back. He suggested we talk to the customer satisfaction again. We finally got an attorney in August of 2007 and began action under the Lemon Law. KIA Motors in Irvine handled the negotiations for KIA. After lengthy negotiations we agreed to settle out of court for less than the van cost and less than the expenses occurred in going to and from the dealer to drop off or pick up the vehicle. Sometimes they would furnish a car for us to drive and sometimes we had to throw a fit to get transportation the 100 miles back to our home. Kia seemed to take their time with the negotiations. I signed the settlement in December of 2007.

We heard nothing and our attorney threatened to file suit the beginning of April 2008. KIA customer service called me after that and made an appointment for 4/28/08 to drop the van at Avondale KIA, 100 miles from our house. We were told to take the van to the dealer where we purchased it. When we arrived at Avondale KIA in Avondale, AZ no one knew anything about the appointment. Turns out the person who set up the transaction made the appointment with a dealership in Tucson, AZ,another 125 miles from the dealer we bought the van from. In all fairness Avondale did handle the problem in a very professional way. Their sales manager had all the paperwork faxed there and we were able to carry out the transaction without having to drive further. On 5/1/08 our attorney received the settlement check and sent it to us.

We had to buy another vehicle for me to drive as KIA took so long to settle the problem. We paid cash for the KIA and couldn't afford to pay cash for a second new vehicle, as we are retired and on a fixed income. We have been making payments since 12/08. We are out the interest for the payments, plus having to make payments on a new vehicle while the faulty one sat in our garage. We also had to keep insurance on the KIA to protect us agianst damage to it while it sat on our property for 8 months. We did not drive it as every mile would cost us less in recovery money. We also had to pay for the trips to and from the dealer to deliver and pick up the vehicle. We had to drive 100 miles one way to Avondale KIA and once 136 miles to Yuma, AZ to pick up the van. We both lost sleep worrying over the settlement, as well as suffering stomach and bowel problems from worry and anxiety.

We were charged for the mileage we put on the van. They made no allowance for the mileage that resulted from having to run back and forth to the dealer to drop the van off or pick it up after failed repairs. We also had two incidents where we had to use my husband's truck. Once to have a friend drive 120 miles round trip when the van stalled. We were picking a friend up after out patient surgery that time. Then we used the truck to drive 242 miles round trip to pick the van up after repairs and return home. KIA refused to take the mileage into account and charged us $2,324.41 for the total mileage. We would have settled for a new KIA van but by the time the offer was made we felt we couldn't trust KIA. We sure weren't going to give them another chance to fix it as we couldn't trust the van. We had the worry of one of us driving it someplace and it failing. Cell service is spotty in our area of Arizona. With the summer temperatures reaching 114 degrees there was a danger of being stranded with no cell service and no way to get help. We had no faith in the van or KIA by this time. We feel KIA made a simple problem more difficult by their lack of concern and unprofessional handling of a simple case.

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Reviewed May 29, 2008

I have a 2005 KIA SEDONA with 80,000 miles. We have serviced this van like the schedule wants us to. We are now having transmission problems. We took the van in to Carolina KIA in High Point, NC, and were told that we did not follow the schedule and KIA will not pay to replace the transmission. And also after we voiced out opinion, the Service Manager told us not to ever come back to this dealership. Everyone in the place was rude! We also paid over $1400 for an extended warranty. It states everywhere that KIA has a 100,000 mile / 10 year warranty, including Powertrain. We are so disappointed with the KIA everything - the van and the customer service we have received when visiting the dealership. We will never buy another KIA and we will also pass the word to everyone we know.

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Reviewed April 21, 2008

I leased a 2008 KIA Sedona and traded in my 2004 Subaru Outback with the agreement that they will pay the rest of the loan for the Subaru. After several phone calls they have not paid the rest of the loan yet and my bank is charging me for a late fee and also they will ruin my credit.

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2008

Took our lemon (No lemon laws in KS) Kia Sedona back in trade for a new '07 Kia Rondo. $6,300 trade in (salesman Cooper called it a buyback but Mgr. said after the dispute, "We don't buy back, it was a trade in."). Bringing the Rondo to $11,472(?). That was correct. But, they agreed to pay our Sedona loan off at Intrust Bank. So, when I get the first bill from Hyundai financing (a day after the due date!) it says $21,424(?). What they did was take our Sedona in trade but added the buyback into the Hyundai financing terms. Thus giving us nothing to show for the Sedona towards the Rondo. Actually as it all adds up, we are paying Steven Kia $9,600.00 to TAKE BACK our Sedona. And we end up paying more than FULL price for the Rondo.

The finance assistant said, "We have to get our money back somehow." No, the Sedona was a straight buyback and they added it, not subtracted it to the Hyundai financing. My wife and I went in and I had her convinced that what they did was wrong. By the time we got out, I was ejected from the office and she was calling me foolish and herself stupid and shaking hands with the enemy. I doubted we had a chance because she signed off on the original paperwork and that is what the asst. mgr. defaulted to "You signed the agreement to have the loan added in." I don't think this was done in good faith and they know how to get their money back and take our old Sedona for free.

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Reviewed Jan. 21, 2008

I am currently experiencing problems with the transmission on my 2002 Kia Sedona. During street and highway driving my transmission roughly changes gears and the RPM goes up to approximately 6,000 rpms. In addition, the engine appears to jerk during gear shifts. I purchased my car 2006 (under two years ago) and it the mileage is currently less than 100,000 miles. Kia warranty states that they cover their vehicles for up to 10-year/100,000-miles. When I contacted Kia Motors of America they refused to cover my vehicle under the warranty.

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Reviewed Dec. 3, 2007

In 2003 I purchased a brand new Kia Sedona from Manfredi. I am a elderly handicapped woman (completely paralyzed on the left side) and I need my vehicle to maintain my independence. I currently only have 15000 miles on the car, however I have never been able to enjoy my car. I have to get my car boosted almost every time I use it, and most electrical functions do not work correctly. I have never had my vehicle serviced anywhere but Manfredi and every time I service it another problem begins. Now my car is leaking some fluid. These cut offs are dangerous to me and others. Please help me. I am old and cannot speak well, but it seems like they are laughing at me and destroying my car. It is very difficult for me to do my day to day chores without these problems. I paid top dollar for this car and should be able to enjoy it and get my moneys worth, instead I have been harassed and ripped off. Please help me.

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Reviewed Oct. 3, 2007

We purchased a new 2006 Kia Sedona minivan from Cottonwood Kia. Immediately, we began having mechanical difficulty. Within a month the transmission had to be replaced. Shortly thereafter, the fuel pump was replaced. Twice the intake air system failed. The tire pressure system failed - while driving home from having a tire rotation. The horn has failed, had to be replaced, and at present the wrong horn is installed in the vehicle. We are back to transmission problems with the shift lock failing which prevents shifting.

This seems to be an excessive amount of mechanical issues for a NEW vehicle in the course of little more than a year. As we have dealt with these issues, Christy **, service manager, stated that we purchased one of the Sedona vans from a shipment that is plagued with problems. She called the vans lemons. It was her desire to replace the vehicle with another from the lot. Similar comments were made by the mechanic in the garage. The sales person also did everything he could to trade out this lemon for another vehicle on the lot. All three of these individuals were not successful because the manger, Steve, did not want to lose any money on a trade and Kia would pay the dealership for time and materials to continue to replace parts. Steve made it very clear that a satisfied customer was not his priority, but the financial bottom line of the dealership and his commissions.

As we continued to return the vehicle with problems, Steve would not speak to us and even began leaving the dealership when we arrived. We have had discussions with a lady named Paula who stated that she would fix this, but she has done nothing to our knowledge once we leave the dealership. Complaints have been filed with Kia Corporation and the dealership without resolution. Within a few months of our purchase the dealership was sold to Garcia Automotive Group and these individuals, except for Paula, were replaced and customer service has declined further. T

o add further injury, part of the sales agreement was that the dealership would provide discounted ($750 value) routine service like oil changes. Upon Garcia's purchase, the discount card was dishonored. The staff of Cottonwood Kia (those who remained during the transition) did not inform customers of the change in the discount program until after a purchase was made. They stated that they hoped that customers would not notice that the discount did not appear on the invoice.

Learning of the purchase by Garcia was disheartening because of previous dealings with Garcia. Further, this purchase created a monopoly on Kia sales and service in Albuquerque metro area since Garcia owns both dealerships. Because of this, we cannot simply go to a competitor for better service. When we purchased our vehicle, we also purchased the extended warranty. The following quote was taken from Kia's current website: Kia has a lot of confidence in the quality and endurance of all its new vehicles.

So much confidence, in fact, we offer the industry-leading Kia 10-year/100,000-mile warranty program. Kias 10-year/100,000-mile warranty program covers repairs made to precise Kia standards and requirements. You can rest easy knowing your vehicle is in the skilled hands of Kia trained service technicians at your authorized Kia Dealer. The guiding principles are easily stated: provide high-quality, high-value vehicles at prices well below the competition and back them up with The Kia 10-year/100,000-mile warranty program and a customer-first policy. First where is the quality when the vehicle must have a new transmission before its first oil change? Second, where is the trained service technicians when parts are ordered incorrectly (wrong parts installed) and they have problems diagnosing the failed parts.

This vehicle has spent about 1/4 if its life in the Cottonwood Kia repair shop. Its longest stint was three continuous weeks. It was in the shop over a month within the first six weeks. Twice during these shop visits, Cottonwood Kia provided a loaner minivan. Each of these vehicles had mechanical issues as well. The other times we were provided a rental vehicle through the exclusive agreement with Enterprise rental. An issue is that GE Auto Warranty, who pays for the rentals, is that they insist on renting the cheapest and smallest vehicle. According to the sales staff when we purchased the Sedona and the extended warranty, we are supposed to get a comparable vehicle. Yet when the need arises they insist on putting five individuals, two of which are in car seats, in a compact car. Only once has a comparable vehicle been provided.

They have called Enterprise to find out what the cheapest vehicle is and stated that is the max they will pay. Rather than observe the contract they stated a maximum value of $30 while the warranty contract states $35 per day is allowed. Sometimes, it has been necessary to take our two smallest children to the waiting area and wait on them to diagnose the problem or install a part. This area is always dirty and the toys provided are broken. Several of them pose great safety risk (small parts that come loose).

At present the Kia Sedona is in the shop again - transmission. I requested a rental vehicle and was denied on the grounds that it would not be paid for over a weekend. I went to Enterprise to see if I could arrange something, but was turned away by lack of customer service by Enterprise. I complained at Cottonwood Kia and they stated the Enterprise is know for bad service.

As I am reviewing my files and history I have looked at the New Mexico Attorney Generals website. I found the following quote: A used vehicle is defined as a vehicle that has been sold and taken possession of by one or more retail buyers and has been driven over 200 miles total, or a vehicle that has ever been registered with the Motor Vehicle Department. This appears to imply misrepresentation on the part of Cottonwood Kia. They sold a vehicle with substantially more than 200 miles (514) as NEW rather than USED. As I look at the Attorney Generals website the vehicle qualified as a lemon under the used vehicle lemon law and a replacement vehicle was requested and denied to us. Garcia Automotive Group has been contacted without response.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2007

Our 2005 Kia Sedona was running fine except the brakes were making some noise. We took it in to Tempe Kia for the 60,000 mile check up. Total check up cost including timing belt change and brake job exceeded $1400, almost 10% of the original cost of the vehicle.

We drove it less than 300 miles and the car virtually froze-up. Left front wheel would turn, but right wheel slid along. And this would reverse. My wife was driving at the time. She parked the car. My son babied the car into Tempe Kia- starting and stopping based on temperature gauge, engine was running hot. It took about 2 hours to cover approximately 3 miles.

Tempe Kia's response to her call was bring it in. They diagnosed the crank pulley bolt backed out and said it was a KIA design fault they had seen before. They said the defect had caused other problems and although covered by warranty, they would need to keep the car a week. 7 days later they called to say the car was done. I picked it up the next day 8/15/07. I drove the van to work, home, and to the airport. It was parked at the airport 4 1/2 days. While driving home from airport check engine light was illuminated.

The next morning, which was Monday, we arranged alternative transportation to go to work. We called Tempe Kia and they said bring it in. Today 8/21/07 the van is back at Tempe KIA. We went less than 60 miles this time. While turning vehicle in for another assessment. I informed service consultant that the illuminated light had prompted me to check the engine oil and they had returned the car with insufficient oil. The only note he made on his comment sheet in accepting the e vehicle was tires appeared worn.

The tires have been completely replaced, but the problems of 8/8/07 had put strange wear due what was a kind of dragging the vehicle did from one side to the other while attempting to bring it in.

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Reviewed July 23, 2007

SEDONA 04 Transmission went out (without any warning)on 7-2-07 mileage 96269.We were not told we had to have the transmission flushed(as we have bought many new cars this is something that we never did) Does Kia not make their transmissions to last longer than what it did. We paid a lot of money for this car and it should have lasted a lot longer I think. When we called Kia on 7/6 to ask is our transmission was covered under warranty and they said that there was not a problem and it would be.

After they got the car into the shop for the repair, we were told that because we didn't change the fluid every 30,000 miles or so they wont cover it. I feel they should have told us before and we would have changed the fluid.we feel the transmission should have lasted longer then 96269 miles. we are not pulling anything just normal driving.we feel that after so many miles the kia is not with standing normal use. Why would a transmission go out at 96269 miles, they are not made tough. Maybe we have a bad one or was our van used as a test vehicle to see how many miles we could get out of the transmission. We own 2 kia's a 04 sedona and 04 sorento. NOT HAPPY WITH KIA Hope you can help.

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Reviewed July 19, 2007

I own a 2005 Kia Sedona. AT 10k miles the brakes were thumping and I brought it to a Kia dealership and they told me my rotors were warped and they replaced them under warranty. At 35k miles I started experiencing the same thing, brought it back to the dealership, they were warped again, they replaced them under warranty. At that point I also had the dealership put on new brake pads. Now at 62K miles, guess what - brakes are thumpy again. When I called the dealership, I was told they would not be considered under warranty because the car had over 60k miles. After a lengthy conversation with the service department associate, the outcome was they say that it could be just the result of normal wear and tear after 25k miles and also that I had the other 2 times replace for free, so I haven't had to pay for anything yet.....

Then I called Kia Motors directly and the consumer relations department representative basically told me that yes, out of 60k miles it is not a covered item and that he agreed that 25k miles is not unusual to have to replace rotors. I asked him why did they replace them under warranty last time then????? He also told me that the part is warrantied for one year - guess what, it was one year and one month, so I lose!!! I don't have a problem paying to replace rotors when the wear and tear is within a normal expectation of time, but I have owned a Mercury, a Volkswagen, and several Mazdas and have NEVER had to replace/resurface the rotors before 40-50k miles.

My girlfriend owns a 2004 Sedona and she has also had her rotors replaced twice and is need of replacement again. The thing that kills me is the first two times it happened, I was talking to the man in the service department and he told me it was somewhat common because the van is so heavy. Now all the sudden, it is normal wear and tear. I will never buy another KIA because they don't stand behind their product. Buyer beware.

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Reviewed July 7, 2007

My 2006 Kia Sedona van with 25,000 miles malfunctioned and would not stop. I was merging on to I 540 at the 412 exit in Springdale, Arkansas. I did not have the speed control turned on. The van accelerated and then would not stop accelerating. I tapped the brake, put on the brakes hard, downshifted, and it would not stop. This went on for a mile in heavy traffic. We passed within two inches of a semi. It was horrible. Finally, I was able to get it into a grassy lot where I ran over a sign and down into a ditch and stopped it. I have four witnesses, including two police officers who saw that the brakes were smoking very much but there were no skid marks on the pavement. This was because the motor was still turning the wheels (duh). So obviously, there was something wrong with it. But the local Kia dealer says there is nothing wrong with it. Kia Motors America Customer Service says that the dealers are our eyes and ears and we have to go with what they say.

I o

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Reviewed May 2, 2007

I have a 2004 Kia Sedona with 51,000 miles and the transmission went. Supposedly, it has a 100,000 mile warranty but I was told that it was not covered because I only did normal maintenance on the vehicle and not the so called severe maintenance. I was told that it wasn't covered because I live in a severe maintenance area. When I bought the vehicle I was never told that I was in a severe area and that I would have to do anything different than normal maintenance. I only have this van in FL from Oct to May and then I drive it north to NH. We have always done all of the oil changes when it was suppose to be done and had the transmission fluids checked at about 40,000 miles and everything was fine. I truly believe that they put loopholes in their warranty package so that they do not have to be responsible for anything to go wrong.

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Reviewed April 22, 2007

Bought a brand new 2005 sedona in Oct 2006. The original dealership, Victory Kia, quit selling Kia's in Nov 2006. They told me to go to Patrick Kia for service. Patrick Kia is about 25 miles further away. Anyway, the vehicle began ticking very loudly but intermittently. Patrick Kia said they cannot do anything about it. Victory Kia says they are out of the picture.

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Reviewed March 12, 2007

I purchased a 2003 Kia Sedona minivan in October of 2002. Every time I brought the van in for service there was a problem. I have replaced multile axels, 2 alternators , a new battery every year, a power steering pump, belt and pulley. Numerous tows and a host of other problems. The first few times things were covered under warranty. 15 miles after my warranty expired all the hoses that run under the car were rotted and cracked and needed to be replaced. They were never checked at time of service. I am a mother of 4 who operates a day care as a way of living.

One time when I brought my car in they told me it was not safe to drive. Now not only do I have to pay for repairs but I have to pay for car rentals because I swear they have a deal with the rental company. I would make an appointment to have the car fixed even an oil change and it would turn into a 1-2 day project. Sometimes the rental was worse than the repair. I have contacted Kia who the people are rude and uncaring.

I guess its true you get what you pay for. People ask me all the time how I like my car and I tell them I hate it dont ever do it. Service stiks and parts are expensive. I spent $18,000 and almost $10,000 in repairs this is no bargain, but be careful about their great warranty. 15 miles after expiring the car is falling apart and there is nothing to be done.

I feel taken !

Am stuck I cannot afford a new van so I keep pouring money into this one. I no longer use the dealer I now have my own certified mechanic who documents every thing that he fixes. I do not need a rental when he does the job and he is close to my home. He gives us a ride when we need it. I don't know what else to say other that no one should ever buy a kia.

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Reviewed March 11, 2007

I bought a brand new KIA Sedona 08/31/05. At 5,150 miles the check engine light came on. Apparently there was a multi cylinder misfire and the spark plugs were misfiring. The thermostat was sticking open and the plugs were excessively fuel fouled.

They replaced the thermostat and the spark plugs. At that time, I mentioned that when I put on my brakes at times I could hear a low moan sound. They never checked it out. At 12,796 miles the check engine light came on again - - same problem as before. I also mentioned the low moan of the brakes - - nothing done and nothing documented. At 14,738 miles at the time of the oil changed I also mentioned the moan - - nothing documented and nothing done. At 16,875 miles I took the van in because there was a clunking noise from the rear and I also complained about the low moan when I applied the brakes.

They had to replace the tie rod. They also told me they checked the brakes and that everything - - including the low moan was fixed - -the broken tie rod was causing the problem. At 20,246 miles I took my van in for an oil change and paid for the special 20,000 mile check-up which was to include a brake inspection. I told them again about the moan when I put on the brakes and that it was getting worse. Nothing was done. At 24,062 I took the van in because when I put on the brakes the van was not stopping very well and jerking all over the place.

They told me my front brakes were bad. I went ballistic and asked them why they went so soon -- I have never had to replace my brakes on any car or truck I owned with so little miles. I don't ride my brakes, I deliberately take routes to and from work that have me in little stop and start traffic.

They told me I rode my brakes and that the van weighed more than my cars and trucks and that is why the brakes went out so soon. I was also told by a new guy at the service desk that at the 20,246 mile check they did not check my brakes (a service I paid for) and that no one test drove my vehicle as I requested the previous time and that no one had been documenting my complaints of the low moan. (Interestingly when I went took my car in the next time, this guy was nowhere to be seen).

When I went in to pick up my van and had to pay $249.95 for the new brakes I let the service manager have an earfull and told him that I felt I had a faulty brake system and that I expected them to own up to it. He told me it was my driving habits that ruined the brakes and that everything was fixed. Well, low and behold, shortly after I left the shop, once again I heard that same low moan. I took my van in at 27,061 miles -- now the rotors had grooves in them and the brakes pads were crumbled up. I again went ballistic and told them something was ruining my brakes and that, unless they took care of it, this was going to continue.

They said that only the brake pads were bad and they corrected the problem. I have talked with brake servicemen from other companies and a friend has talked to engineers with one of the big three, and the consensus is that I have a faulty brake system and more than likely the calipers are sticking. Of course, when I mention this to the dealership, they will deny it. So now I have to worry every time I drive this hunk of junk that my calipers are going to go out and then I will have an even bigger bill.

I have had to pay out, what for me is a large sum of money, for brake repairs that I feel should not have been needed in a car with so little mileage. I bought this van because I am single and I needed something that I could haul things around in and also so that I could start taking driving vacations to see family and friends.

My old car had 250,000 miles on it and I was afraid to go anywhere any distance with it. I bought the van to alleviate those fears and start living again. I am now afraid to drive any distance with it for fear either the spark plugs will become fouled with fuel, the tie-rod will break and/or the brake system will go out. I am also afraid I will be left with a huge repair bill that I cannot afford. I can't trade it in, they won't give me the money I need to buy a new one and who am I going to sell it to? One look at the repair history and no one will want it, and if they did, they surely wouldn't pay the price I asked. Once the warranty expires on this van, what am I going to do? I can see that this is just the start of many more problems.

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Reviewed March 9, 2007

THIS IS LENGTHY BUT PLEASE STICK WITH ME HERE! My 2004 Kia Sedona has 24,000 miles on it and is still in the 3 year 36,000 mile bumper-to-bumper part of the warranty (the car has an additional warranty of 10 years, 100,000 miles).

In early December, the check engine light came on and the car immediately lost power. My daughter limped it back home from about a mile away. AAA towed it the next day to Albert Kia in Rehoboth. MA. We had purchased the car there in 2004 but it was a Herb Chambers’ dealership at that time. Please note: The car was due for another oil change as we had already traveled more than 3,000 miles since the last one.

This will be an important factor later on. In any case, about 3 days later, the service manager from Albert Kia called and said the car had a blown engine and that it would be replaced under warranty. However, we needed to bring in all the oil change records because we had never had the car serviced there and they had no record that the car was properly maintained.

We went to our mechanic and he ran all the oil change and service records for the car. Within 2 days, these were brought to Albert Kia and we were told that the engine would be ordered and the car ready in about a week. Once the week passed, we called the dealership to see how things were going. Mr. Albert informed my daughter that the entire service department was let go and he was closing his business. I called Kia USA and informed them as to what had happened. Later that day, the rep from Kia USA told me that they were going to tow my car to Balise Kia in Warwick, RI. By days’ end, the car was at Balise.

Two days later, Scott, the service manager at Balise, called to tell me that he and the district manager had looked at the car and it was determined that it had 5 liters too much oil in it (that’s the equivalent of an additional oil change). Basically, he’s telling me that we drove the car over 3,000 miles with 10 quarts of oil in it. Ask any mechanic – that’s impossible. Scott said that there was a partial quart of oil under the front seat. I had no knowledge of the oil but my daughter informed that this was an old quart of oil that she had when she drove her old clunker. She kept it…just in case…under the front seat. I also mentioned to Scott that a blown head gasket would make it look like there was too much oil because in those instances the oil mixes with the water. Scott said the oil looked too thick for that to be the case.

Note: In a later call, I asked Mr. Albert if he could locate his former service manager as the diagnosis he made was never entered into the computer system – so there was no proof of his original diagnosis. Mr. Albert said he would try and about 5 hours later he called me back to report he had had no success in reaching the service manager.

I told Scott that the service manager at Albert Kia had already diagnosed the car and reported a blown engine – never once mentioning anything about too much oil or any other abuse to the car. We were told the engine would be ordered and the job performed under warranty. Scott said the district manager had made the determination and that there was nothing he could do for me. I called Kia USA again and spoke with the rep. She said that she would bump the case up to a higher authority. I asked her if I could speak with the DM directly before she did that. She basically said that the DM’s don’t typically speak directly with the customers. That, she said, was the purpose of her job. I demanded to speak to the DM before the case was bumped up. She called the DM (with me on the line) and it went to voice mail. She left my name and number (I could hear the entire conversation). So, I waited 5 days for this DM to call back before calling Kia USA again. The rep now said my case was bumped upstairs. I explained that I clearly had wanted to speak with the DM before this happened but it happened anyway. I was told that I would be contacted within 72 hours for my side of the story. Within the 72 hours, Jeff from Kia USA called and informed me that he had my case. After a brief review of the entire story, Jeff asked me to fax over the service records to him.

He said once he had those, he’d see what he could do. I had the service records re-printed once again from the mechanic and faxed them over to Jeff the next morning. That was on January 9th, 2007. I called January 16th to make sure the papers were there and to see what progress had been made. When I called the number and extension Jeff had given me, it went to voice mail for a gentleman named Andrew. I pressed “0� for the operator, as I thought I had been connected to the wrong extension. It was the right extension. Turns out that Jeff is no longer with the company. The operator said to leave the message with Andrew. She said that if Andrew was the new case worker he’d call. If not, he’d call anyway to let me know who’s working on the case now.

Russell Stuart from KIA USA called back to say he was the new case worker. He had reviewed the case but was trying to find out where Jeff had placed the copies of the service records. I re-faxed those over to him to save the time and effort it would take to locate these for the third time. Russell Stuart called back later in the week to tell me the decision was final and that Kia would not cover any part of the repair. The repair would rest on me. The DM, he said, has refused to reverse his decision. The first thing we checked when the car failed was the oil. I can assure you that it did not have 10 quarts of oil in it when it was towed away by AAA that December morning.

My daughter drove the car over 3,000 miles since the last oil change. So if the oil change garage had actually made the mistake of not draining the oil when doing the last oil change (and leaving 10 quarts in there), the general opinion of several mechanics I’ve spoken to is that we would have had oil all over the place within the first few days (not 6 months later). All this a mute point however because the car left us topped off at 5 quarts – not 10. I questioned Russell about the previous diagnosis from Albert Kia of a blown engine and he said “maybe the service department was let go because they were incompetent�. To my understanding, the whole dealership folded up due to money problems. So now Russell and Kia are dismissing the original diagnosis as one of incompetence. Russell said, “Mr. Brosco, I’m not saying that you under-maintained your vehicle – I’m saying that you OVER-MAINTAINED your vehicle. I asked if I could take this to an unbiased mechanic, one who would have nothing to gain by the decision (like a AAA certified mechanic).

I was told that if anyone other than a Kia dealer looked into the engine, the warranty would be void. I was offered the opportunity to take this vehicle to another Kia dealer, but with the same DM, what would be the point. I went to Balise Kia to have the car towed by AAA from that dealership to a family mechanic. The first thing I did, upon seeing the car for the first time in over a month, was ask Scott, the Balise service manager, for a garage rag. I immediately went out to the parking lot and checked the oil. Much to my amazement, the oil was BARELY over the fill line. Where were these 5 extra quarts/liters? I went back inside and told Scott that the oil was barely over the fill line.

He told me that I needed to start the car before checking the oil. I immediately knew that I was speaking with someone who clearly knew nothing about cars. As the car was being placed on the flatbed of the tow truck, the Kia DM miraculously showed up and came out to the parking lot. This was the first time I had met him face-to-face or spoken directly to him. I asked where this extra 5 liters of oil was. He said that he never said that. I told him that Russell at Kia USA said that the extra oil was the problem with the car.

The DM checked the oil, noted that it was barely over the fill line and again said that he never said that the car had 5 liters of extra oil in it and that he’d call Russell to set the record straight. The DM removed the oil cap, looked at the underside and said here’s your problem. “See all this sludge on the back of this cap?� “This car has never had an oil change.� So now we go from over-maintained to under-maintained. I asked if the sludge on the back of the cap was the result of a blown head gasket and what we were looking at was the result of oil mixing with radiator fluid. The DM said he thought not. I said, “If that’s the case, where’s all the fluid in the radiator overflow container?� It was almost empty. The DM got mad and said to one of the mechanics, “Take the car into the shop. We’re going to remove the front valve cover.� The DM told me that if the underside of the valve cover had the same sludge on it as the oil filler cap did, he’s not covering anything. The car was taken into the shop and the valve cover was removed. Once removed, I was called into the service bay and shown the results.

The underside of the valve cover had a thick, almost pudding-like buildup on the underside – but it was only on the left half of the cover. The other half looked pretty normal. I questioned why the sludge was on just one half. The DM said it was possibly the result of the engine being mounted in the car one inch lower on the left and favoring that corner. Sounded like total bull to me. I then repeated that the sludge, to me, looked like the result of oil mixing with radiator fluid.

At this time, my son (an ASE Certified Master Technician) was also on the phone speaking with the DM at the same time and hearing the conversation that all 3 of us were having. My son made the point that if the car had never had an oil change in the 24,000 miles of ownership, it would not look like this. In fact the DM even said to the both of us that “If I knew nothing about this vehicle and saw this valve cover, I would have told you that the car had been driven 80,000 to 100,000 miles without ever having an oil change.� He also seemed to be hinting that we may have turned back the odometer. This angered me greatly. I asked the DM to view the oil filter, which he did.

I asked if that was the original oil filter. He said it was not. So, I said to the DM, ok let’s use your reasoning and say we under-maintained the car. Kia expects the oil to be changed every 5,000 miles. So let’s say that we drove the car 5,000 miles and had the oil changed, as validated by the fact that the car does not have the original oil filter in it. The new oil would have been good to 10,000 miles. The car currently has 24,000 miles on it. Are you saying that the sludge I’m witnessing on this valve cover gasket is the result of driving with old oil for a mere 14,000 miles? The DM said no. That he had NEVER witnessed that much sludge on a car with 24,000 miles on it – still hinting that we may have turned back the odometer. I asked him if the tires on the care were the originals. He said they were. Which proved the car’s mileage was, indeed, correct. So…with all that, the DM took digital photos of the valve cover and samples of the sludge to send to a lab for analysis. He said if the tests come back and there is something other than oil in this sludge, I will stand corrected and repair the car. Indeed a few days later, I was called and told the decision stood. The lab showed that nothing was mixed in the sludge. It was merely oil. A week later, the car was towed to my son’s garage.

It should be noted that Balise Kia went out of business, as well, a week after my car left their dealership. When my son looked at the car, a few days later, the first thing he did was run the car and let it warm up for about 20 minutes. Previous to this, the car had not been left to run for more than a minute since the “check engine� light first appeared. Upon warming up and taking the car into the service bay, my son removed the oil filler cap and surer than hell – the underside of the cap was the same color as the radiator fluid – a strong indication of a blown head gasket (my original diagnosis that was dismissed by the DM). In addition, the computer showed that the 2nd and 4th cylinders were skipping. In addition, these two cylinders are on the front of the motor – all the way on the left which is EXACTLY where we saw all the sludge build-up on the underside of the valve cover AND directly underneath the oil filler cap (explaining why there was this pudding-like sludge on the filler cap).

My son also found a Kia issued technical service bulletin stating that some 2004 Sedona models with the 3.5 liter engine had a defect that left a score mark at the #6 cylinder on the head, resulting in head gasket failure. My vehicle was built 4 weeks after Kia said they corrected the problem so Kia (who never even mentioned this service bulletin)will not lend any credence to this theory either. If my son takes apart the engine and finds the exact scoring at the #6 cylinder as described in the technical service bulletin, he will have voided the warranty. If a Kia dealer does the work, the same DM will be involved and he'll likely still refuse to cover the warranty work because we will have made a mockery of his original decision or he'll claim that the ar was made outside the service bulletin dates. In either case, I'm not going to be covered.

This is a vehicle that was well maintained at my son’s garage. He changes our oil for free so there’s no reason for us to skip oil changes on ANY of the cars we own (4 in total and the Kia is the only one giving us problems). It only has 24,000 miles on it and has been very reliable up to this point. The 3 year/36,000 mile warranty is still in effect, as well as the 10 year/100,000 mile and we’re just getting a run around. Let’s also not forget that the original dealership diagnosed the car and said it had a blown engine. It should also be noted that in all of this I have never been handed one piece of paperwork from either dealership. NOTHING. We haven’t been asked to sign anything.

There is NO PAPERWORK trail on any of this. Sure seems strange based on my experience with other manufacturers/dealers.

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Reviewed March 2, 2007

I own a 2006 Kia Sedona EX, which was purchased 7/06. Ran fine, until 3 weeks ago, it just wouldn't start. Had it towed to the dealership. It started fine there. After multiple attempts, the mechanics were able to duplicate the problem.

They said they fixed it by checking something in the fuse box, and sent it home. 20 days later, the same thing happened: wouldn't start. Lights work, and makes all normal noises as if to start, but does not start, only makes a clicking sound in the fuse box. Had it towed again (this is twice in one month that we have been stranded and needed a tow on a new vehicle), and once again, it started fine for the mechanic. They claim they are unable to duplicate the problem and wanted to send it home.

After doing some research online, there are many owners of this vehicle complaining about the same exact problem, of their 2006 Kia Sedona EX not starting intermittently. The Kia dealership claims they can do nothing to explore the cause of the not starting if they can not duplicate the problem (despite being able to duplicate it 20 days ago).

Thus far, there has been no physical damage, but both times it has not started, we have been in a safe location. It has only been an inconvenience up to now...and hopefully it only remains as such.

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Reviewed Feb. 14, 2007

I have had problems with my 2003 KIA Sedona. I have around 44,000 miles on my vehicle and I am presently on my 3rd transmission. The previous one only lasted 6 months. My vehicle stalls, won't change gears while on major highways and intersections. The repair shop continues to put remanufactured or refurbished engines in my vehicle. I would think that after you have one fail they would have the common sense not to put another one in.

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Reviewed Jan. 30, 2007

On November 9th of 2006 I dropped my 2003 Kia Sedona off at the dealers for service to investigate an unusual noise coming from the vehicle. Although I had scheduled an appointment over 2 weeks prior they were still not able to look at my vehicle until late the following day. Since this was a Friday and I live some distance from the dealership I had to rent another car from them to use over the weekend.

They called me that following Monday and told me that they were talking with Kia to try and diagnose the problem. Later that week I received a call from them and was told that I needed a complete transmission replacement and that they had to order one. After checking periodically with them over the next couple of weeks all I was told was, the transmission is on order and we'll give you a call when it's in. I eventually did receive a call from them asking that I bring in all my paperwork relating to servicing of the vehicle. I obtained this paperwork and dropped it off within 2 days of the request.

By now we are well into the third week of them having my vehicle. No one ever suggested that I could take the vehicle home or use it until the new transmission arrived. It just sat in the yard behind their shop. About a week later I received a call from them stating that, Corporate will not authorize the warranty repair because you missed a transmission service at 60,000 miles.

I explained to them that they themselves had serviced the transmission at 44,000 miles and that Schedule One in the Owner's manual didn't even call for a replacement of the transaxle fluid until 105,000 miles. My Sedona currently has less than 82,000 miles. They told I was using the incorrect table. You should be using Schedule Two. No one ever informed me that I should be using Schedule Two.

After speaking with a couple of transmission specialty shops I also find it highly unlikely that a transmission will need complete replacement just because the fluid was not replaced at the correct interval. I have had the fluid inspected by two other specialty shops and neither could find a severe deficiency with it and in fact even questioned exactly what it was that Aurora Motors was seeing. At this very moment I am having the transmission inspected more in detail to see if there indeed is any problem with it at all. Aurora Motors eventually called and asked if I would like an estimate to have the repair done at my own expense. I declined.

The day I picked up my vehicle marked the fifth week that Aurora Motors had it at their shop. I called several hours early to inform them that I would be coming for it and upon my arrival I found it parked around the side of the building completely snow and ice covered. No attempt had even been made to warm up the vehicle or remove the ice and snow from the windows.....a fitting end to the whole ordeal. This was the reward I got for being an 8 year customer and buying 2 vehicles from them!

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Reviewed Dec. 18, 2006

I bought a brand new 2006 Kia Sedona in October of this year. When driving it home from the dealer, I noticed it pulled to the left. We have brought it in several times and they tried balancing the tires, rotating them, doing something with the struts and even sent me home one time with the right front tire slightly deflated to try to compensate. I brought it back and they gave me a rental car. I let them know I would not take the vehicle back unless it was fixed. They admitted that they could not fix it. They sent it to a front end specialist who also could not fix it.

Our case was escalated to corporate where it is difficult to find someone on the phone to talk to. The car is back at the dealership. We would like a refund of our money. Right now, they have our money and our car. It pulls to the left so severely that you could crash from reaching for your coffee cup! One glance away from the road and you're heading towards the center divider. They also had to replace the fuel pump because it was humming. Also, my seat belt stopped fastening within a week of owning it and they repaired it instead of replacing it.

The car had what they thought was sticker gue on the handles and bumper and I was asked to come back and have it buffed out. It wound up being wrinkled paint. They sanded it down and painted it an off color. Kia expects us to be patient while they experiment with our car. I've read other complaints online, where people have had the same problem with the alignment. I'm not at all happy, and I'm looking into lawyers.

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Reviewed Dec. 11, 2006

05 Kia Sedona Our van has just over 22K miles and we are now going in for the 4th repair for warped brakes. The brakes were replaced under warranty 2 times and the last time we had to pay for the repair. These rotors are the same that are used on the smaller (lighter) cars and they never thought about upgrading them when they built the heavies mini-van on the market.

Brakes are defective. We have been told by the dealer to simply budget for replacing the brakes and even though the manual says we can pull a trailer, NEVER do that. The brakes simply cannot handle the extra weight. We know other families in our area and we are all filing a lemon law suit. This is ridiculous. Feel free to contact me wiht similar problems or concerns.

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Reviewed Dec. 5, 2006

I purchased my brand new 2005 Kia Sedona Nov. 24, 2005 and during this first year I have had nothing but problems with the brake system and rotors. I have 26, 000 miles on it now and have had it in the shop at least 3 times for brakes and rotors turned. The van still shakes so bad it scars me when I have to brake but they told me this last time that I would have to pay for the rotors to be turned again because the warrenty on the brake system was expired. Something is definitely wrong with these Kia's for all the brake and rotors to be going out like they do in such a short time frame.

I have bought brand new and used cars and have NEVER had to replace or turn rotors. I want to look into the lemon law because this is just wrong. The mechanic said that it is just because of the weight of the vehicle that causes the rotors to go bad, well then they should equip the vehicle with the proper rotors to handle the weight, that's not the customers problem that's the Corporation's problem.

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Reviewed Nov. 29, 2006

If there are so many PROBLEMS with Kia's then how come the company doesn't do anything about it? I purchased my 2005 Kia Sedona, brand new. It was my very first new car, and I was so excited. That was until I drove it home. It pulled to the left the whole way home. So the next week I had an appointment to take it in. By the time I had my appointment I noticed the weather stripping on the passenger side was closing into the window. So they ordered me the stripping and performed an alignment. I thought well every car would have problems, right?

After two months of having my car I began noticing the front end shaking whenever I would apply the brakes. Over the next few weeks the shaking was so bad I was scared to drive my car. So I took the car in and a really nice man told me that these cars have a tendency to warp their rotors, because of the weight of the vehicle in relation to the size of the rotors. He said don't worry, I'll have the rotors replaced, even though they are a wearable part, and if you experience this again, just bring it in and we'll keep replacing them. So I went on my way, and two months later I started having the same issue again. So I took it into Kia, and the nice man who helped me was since fired (probably because he actually helped the customers). And the guy who took his place did nothing for me.

Even though the rotors come with their own warranty, and I was within the time frame for them to be covered, I was told they wouldn't help me. However, they would replace them one more time IF I would pay for my rear brakes to be adjusted. That was going to be $100. I called the mechanic who does my oil changes, which I hired because Kia would always overfill my oil and it would leak, not to mention a 30 minute oil change took them over four hours, and with two small children I couldn't sit there that long. And one time I loaded my kids up and drove the 40 minutes to the dealership for my oil change APPOINTMENT and after I got there they said I'm sorry we can't get to you today, you'll have to come back some other day.

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Reviewed Nov. 23, 2006

purchased 2005 Kia Sedona in march 2005, car has 18000 miles on it, recently replaced the oil and did a once over on the car. The right rear Shock absorber is leaking oil (bad shock), right rear brakes resonate when applying the brakes which has been happening for about a year now, i deglased the shoe and noise returned after short time, right front rotor warped and pads severely worn.

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Reviewed Nov. 19, 2006

We purchased our van new with an extended warranty. We bought the Sedona because of the advertised safety ratings, warranty, and great price. We have had it in the shop several times for air conditioning repairs. It also makes a humming noise that I have asked about several times but am always told that it is nothing. After reading a long list of consumer complaints, I am worried that it might be my transmission. What really set me off was when the seat belt buckle (the part that bolts to the seat and floor) snapped of on the middle, driver's side seat! It simply snapped of in my 7 year old son's hand. The wire cables look as though they just all broke straight across. Since I had 34000k miles on it at the time, my regular warranty would not cover it. It falls under my extended warranty but will still cost me $100.00.

I went in search of more information and was concerned to find that this exact same thing has happened to other Sedona owners. What has to happen before a recall is put on a potentially defective part? I shudder to think what might have happened if we had been involved in an accident and the buckle had chosen then to break off!

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Reviewed Oct. 26, 2006

We bought a 2004 Kia Sedona with a tow package in January of 2004. The hitch is a class 3 hitch and is rated to tow 350 pound tongue weight and total 3500 pounds. The van had less than 50 miles on it when we drove it off the lot. In January of 2005, I started noticing a popping noise when the van would shift in the lower gears. It started as intermittent but gradually increased to every time I accelerated. Since the van only had around 29,000 miles on it, we took it in to have it checked. First the motor mounts were replaced - did not fix the problem.

Then the struts - still did not fix the problem. They finally checked the transmission and replaced it. We drove it home and within 2 hours we notice transmission fluid running down our drive way and into the street. We called the dealership that had done the work and reported what happened. Since we live 40 miles away they did not want to tow the van back down there but take it to the nearest dealership. We refused and insisted they correct the problem. They discovered a clip was not placed properly and corrected the problem. Two weeks later, the popping noise returned. We took the van back again and they insisted since the transmission had just been replaced, it couldn't possibly be that. The service department told us that they only saw problems like this when the vans were used to tow. We had proof that our camper was well within the specifications and we purchased a tow package with the expectations of towing our camper.

We reported this to the corporate office and they agreed that if we bought the tow package, we should be able to tow without the worry of transmission problems. Once again the transmission had failed so in less than 4 weeks, our Sedona had required 3 transmission repairs - 2 transmissions. Now it is October 2006 and our van has 89,000 miles on it and the transmission has once again failed. They tried to argue with us that we did not do the maintenance but we provided the proof it was done on time. We are once again without a vehicle and are required to pay for a rental car while waiting for repairs. We were also told it would be up to the district manager to decide if we would have to pay for a transmission repair that should be under warranty.

I asked what the warranty would be on this transmission and was told that just because the transmission has been replaced does not extend the warranty past 100,000. I was also told they do not put new transmissions in when they do repairs, only refurbished ones. Maybe that's why they keep failing people. I was amazed when I started researching the complaints. Everyone I talk to knows someone or has experience with Kia transmission problems. This is ridiculous and something should be done.

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Reviewed Sept. 26, 2006

We bought a brand new 2004 Kia Sedona off the lot with the plastic still on. Every time I think I like the car something happens. We replace the rotors so often they never are out of warranty. The metal cable that holds the seat belt in the middle seat onto the floor literally snapped in half. It looked like someone sawed it in half, but the plastic around it was not broken. The Kia dealer actually told us that if it happens again they will not cover it. Someone from Kia kept calling us for details on how it broke. Very frustrating. We have had the car just stop working on us to.

We have replaced the starter and have had 2 batteries. The power windows are very slow going up and down. The passenger side sliding door - my 11 year old has a hard time opening and shutting it. Sometimes it gets stuck and my husband has to slam into it to get it to open. This weekend when I opened up the visor mirror, the plastic around it literally fell off and now the light does not work and it does not open all the way. Now the driver side mirror is cracking. The rust!!! It is amazing! My husband has a 1997 Ford Ranger that does not have the amount of rust my Kia does. The cup holder under the radio does not work - it sticks all the time. The transmission is going. The air conditioning went this summer. That cost $900 for a refurbished one. Then 3 weeks later we plunked down $300 more because some tube burned through.

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2006

I have a Kia Sedona with 54,000 miles on it. My transmission went out with no warning. Just lost forward power. I had not had the servicing done that flushes the transmission. So Kia voided my warranty and would not cover my transmission repairs which are over $2,000. When another mechanic went into the transmission, he found that the drum was not welded properly and the hub had a wider space on one side than the other. It caused the drum to rock and wear on one side. It finally broke the hub loose breaking the seal thus it failed. They still will not accept that it was a defective part not lack of servicing. Two mechanics have said flushing it was not even recommended by most transmission experts. I filed a consumer complaint with Kia but after I told them I had proof it was defective they will not even return my call now. Also at this point the mechanic is having problems getting the transmission going properly. Kia will not talk with them to give them any info regarding the problem. So I've spent over $2000 on the transmission and over $200 on rental cars over a two week period and have been with out a car for the last 3 days.

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Reviewed July 27, 2006

Bought a brand new 2005 Kia Sedona and the brake rotors warped at (wouldn't you know it) 12,000 miles. Obviously a factory defect, but Kia won't honor anything brake-related after 12k. Also, the white writing on my stereo and cruise control buttons is flaking off.

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Reviewed April 18, 2006

I bought my 2004 Kia Sedona brand new in April of 2004. We bought it because of the automotive industry ratings and the price, and not to mention the 10 year 100000 mile warranty!

In September of 2005 my A/C stopped cooling. It was getting cooler where I lived so I did not bother to take it in right away. So, in March of 2006 I took it to the dealership I purchased it and was told compressor had to be replaced, and offered me several options of brake work, filter replacement etc. I turned it down and they were not too happy about it.

I just wanted my free warranty work done. Later that evening got a phone call that my van had R12 in it. I had no idea what he was talking about. I said let me have my husband call you.

He began to tell him the warranty will not cover it because the van was tainted. Unless getting your oil change can taint it, we did not do it.

I called Kia and was told that they would call the dealership to verify it and it was my word against theirs.

That was no help either. It is now April with 95 to100 degree weather. I had to have it fixed, and pay for out of my pocket.

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Reviewed Feb. 24, 2006

My 2003 Kia Sedona caught on fire due to faulty front seat wiring. I am at the tail end of working with my insurance company, and would like to pursue this because of the extreme stress this has caused me. I feel as though the Kia company should also step in and make this claim right.

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Reviewed July 19, 2005

We bought a 2002 Kia Sedona 4 years ago and have had nothing but problems since. It started as little things; window motors had to be replaced, rear door locks had to be replaced, etc. But now it has gotten worse. The check engine light has been on for almost 6 months now, the a/c has had to be re-charged twice (still not working), the brakes went out on me the other day while backing out of my driveway, and the transmission slipped while driving on the freeway.

I am a mother of 3 young kids and I do not feel safe in this vehicle. We have been stranded twice now and had to have it towed 3 times. It has been in the "shop" at least 7 times, to which, every time, they call to say they found nothing wrong.

My husband has to commute over 30 miles to work, so he cannot be without his car. This has been a major inconvenience for us and we're sick of it. Right now, the van is in being "repaired", but, honestly, I don't want it back. I refuse to drive it. I was amazed at all of the similar complaints on this website. I truly think it's going to take more than just one voice for the Kia Headquarters to hear us. We need to take a stand against them and demand some kind of compensation.

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Reviewed July 19, 2003

My problem has to do with air bags on the Kia Sedona minivan. I was in a mall parking lot pulling out of a postal station and struck a concrete light pole driving around five mph. This lowspeed impact should have been a minor amount of damage. It turned out to be a major amount because both front air bags deployed. The van is still in the shop and the last estimate we had is $9,400.

This does not seem right for such a low speed impact. At the time that I hit the light pole I am thankful that I was looking up at an overhead clearance bar or the physical damage could have been alot worse than a airbag burn on my arm. I have found a news release from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety finding that the air bags deployed at low speeds and the bumpers failed. The damages in their tests on Sedonas were the highest they have seen on any vehicle. I am very afraid to ever drive this van again.

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