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The Kia Sedona is a minivan with five available trim levels. Read more Kia reviews to learn about other models.

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Reviewed Jan. 4, 2019

I would never recommend a Kia to anyone, I have purchased 3 brand new Kias, 2 Sorentos and one Sedona. The Sedona started smoking, the next day I called the dealership and took it in to have it serviced. My Sedona is a 2014 with only 55,000 miles on it, once the tech looked at the engine they requested service records which was provided and Kia corporate would not cover the engine stating that the oil changes could not have been done properly (really) because of the damage to the engine.

When dealing with Kia Corporate, they were very rude and would just talk in circles and would not work with you at all. The person that was to be my case supervisor was terrible and I stated that I wanted to talk to his superior and he stated that there was no one above him which I later found out that there was and I did finally speak to him which was just a waste of time. Also, I was told that no one is required to return your calls or answer any emails or etc. What type of company is this? Kia is just a total joke and they promote this wonderful warranty which is a bunch of crap and fraud. Steer away from Kia and don't fall for their warranty scam.

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Reviewed Oct. 5, 2018

We bought a new Sedona SX, $40+ grand. We bought all the extra warranties and everything they offered. Well, we have been bringing in now going on 4 times for the same problem, the passenger side door will not open/close properly. At first it was intermittent, so when we got there, it wouldn’t do it, so sent away. After maybe 5-7 times of that, they got to see first hand. So they try this, try that. To no avail, the most recent, they had my wife drop off in the morning and pick up n the afternoon after work. After a week of that, I demanded a courtesy car for her to use. Well after 15 more days, they demanded the car back, and gave my wife back her disassembled door still not working van back and said they have to fly in a specialist to fix, in three weeks.

I wanted them to give a car to use, as my wife drops off our children to school and they get out that side. With the door broken, they either have to crawl over the front seat or get out the other side, where cars are leaving, not a good situation! So Kia refuses to give a loaner car, and still waiting for specialist to fly in. I am currently in talks with a lawyer for lemon law, as a safety concern, as well as just fix or replace the door like you're supposed to! I have contacted their customer support, or lack of! I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau also. Attorney is last step, I will never buy a car from Kia again!!

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Reviewed Oct. 2, 2018

I have leased a 2017 Kia Sedona for my parents in Brown's Kia of Manassas. With that I purchased the maintenance plan through Kia and now the dealer. Meaning that the plan was good in any Kia dealership throughout the states. When I took it for their first oil change in NY I was told this plan was not valid there since it was not done through the manufacturer but instead through the dealer. I filed a complaint on May 23 2018 through Kia Consumer Affairs and 5 months later (October 2, 2018) I am yet to receive anything. Instead a manager there by the name of Tomas ** apologized and when I actually express my discontent and wanting to finish the lease early he said "we are doing you a favor since Kia of Manassas did not fulfill their compromise, and if that is how you feel you should return it." I will never get a Kia car even if they were giving it out for free. WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

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Reviewed Aug. 8, 2018

Kia Sedona is a wonderful ride and very comfortable on long trips. It seats four with ample room for people. It gets good gas mileage. The sliding door feature is also a wonderful thing. I chose this model because of all the cargo room. I do craft shows and have to haul product, displays, tables. Also works great on stock up trips to the store. I can haul in one trip what used to take two trips in my other car. But I wish it had heated seats as standard. Also would like the feature where you could get the back hatch door open by a button or sensor. Needs a handle over the door on passenger side to help people get in the car.

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2018

Third row seating was a big decision maker, needed that option. Good gas mileage for a minivan. Very spacious to take all my grandchildren when I want to. Good quality and runs great. Has some electrical issues, but has been pretty dependable since I bought it, considering its age. Has a DVD player, but DVD has been stuck in player almost ever since we put it in. Would be nice if the kids could watch a movie and I could listen to the radio at the same time. The door handle broke off and the seat electrical went out as well about a year after I bought it, I have to drive with a pillow behind me to reach the pedals and steering wheel.

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Reviewed Aug. 2, 2018

I liked the 2016 Kia Sedona because it's for all of the family. We are 5, my wife, my 14 years son, 9 years son, my 18 months baby and me. We have enough space. We can carry my baby's car and more stuff and it's nice to trip. I like that it has GPS and back camera too. I like everything, but the only thing I don't like it's the tires' sensor, when a tire is low just says that one tire is low but no specify which one. But I recommend for the people that need space and be comfortable.

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Reviewed July 25, 2018

It has everything you need for a vehicle. It's a 7 seater, keyless start, lots of room. Great gas mileage, it's a gas saver, good for traveling to the beach and back home. I like the rear view camera, heated seats, good a.c. power windows. The beautiful sunroof is great and a plus to have when you going out of town.

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Reviewed July 24, 2018

My Kia Sedona is overheating right now and no longer the scrapping yard is too far to take it too. And we really need the money working. Everything on it's basically broken. The van has water damage and nothing can be fixed. The whole van is garbage. The seat broke then one of the headlights broke. After that, the account broke and then the turn signal went out. This van was bought at an auction and has hail damage too.

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Reviewed May 29, 2018

KIA Sedona has been a great all around vehicle, for hauling seven people, trunk camping, to serving as a temporary "truck" for hauling building supplies to stuff for the dump.

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Reviewed May 28, 2018

I love the Kia Sedona. It's a very good quality and never have any issues. I would recommend anyone to get one. I used to have a Toyota Sienna and this is definitely better than that.

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Reviewed May 23, 2018

The Kia Sedona is roomy, very comfortable ride, quiet, good gas mileage, excellent dash layout, and lots of cargo room. Wide sliding doors for backseat passengers. CON: Radio turns on by its self!

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Reviewed March 27, 2018

Recently purchased a 2017 Kia Sedona new from a dealership. I initially financed through Kia Motors Finance knowing I was going to refinance with USAA for a better interest rate. When I and USAA called Kia to get a payoff amount I was quoted one amount and USAA sent Kia a check for that amount. About three weeks later I got a statement that I still owed several hundred dollars. When I asked what happened to the original amount I was told that I was told the wrong amount and had to pay. If Kia can’t figure out a final payoff and tell you the 10 day payoff how do I know they are not ripping me off. I will never buy Kia/Hyundai again and will steer others away as well.

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Reviewed Jan. 16, 2018

My Kia Sedona 2012 broke 8 days ago, took it to the Kia service and contacted Kia customer service for them to pay for the repair. This is the 3rd time in a row that the same part (throttle body assembly) becomes faulty, under the same circumstances, rainy days. My case was painfully slow escalated to Farah ** who failed to keep me informed about when was going to get repaired. Kia service sucks! I will never buy Kia cars again and suggest you the same.

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Reviewed Sept. 2, 2017

On June 3, 2017 my 2015 Kia Sedona started making knocking noises. I immediately called Kia and they said I was not covered under warranty. I found that very crazy because I was only at 77,000 miles. So I called a few more times and still got the same response. I had just started paying on an extended warranty the month before so I figured I could use them. I had my van towed to a local mechanic who came with very high recommendations. He worked with me, called Kia (they even told him I was not covered) so we went with the extended warranty. On August 2nd the extended warranty company called me and said that I was covered under Kia after they put in my VIN number. I did this with Kia over two months ago and they said I was not covered. So, I called Kia again and spoke to someone in the main office. They finally said, "Yes, you are covered."

I had my van towed to the closest dealership and now a month later they said they cannot fix it under warranty. The independent contractor that came out said the oil was sludgy and they would not cover it. I gave them all of my oil change records, but they still said no. The car has been sitting for three months now. I still owe on it through the finance company and Kia is telling me the only way I can have it towed from them back to the other mechanic is if I pay them $164 for work they done on it. What??? That is crazy too!!

They want $8,500 to fix it, but the mechanic is way cheaper. I am so frustrated by all of this! It will take me time to save up enough to pay for a new engine and keep up with my car payments. Once I get out of this mess I will never use Kia again and will make sure I let everyone know all the stuff they have put me through. I lost a very good job because I did not have my car. Kia has messed things up for me because they will not honor their 100,000 mile power-train warranty!

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Reviewed April 10, 2017

Bought a 2012 KIA Sedona with 29K miles on it from LANDMARK DODGE, which I've then had a little over a year... When all of a sudden huge white plumes started to pour out from the exhaust at 56K miles. The culprit... Excessive SLUDGE! Despite regular maintenance and oil changes since owning it, being under the Kia 5 year/60 mile warranty and having purchased the extended warranty because we planned to keep it for a long term investment (for our family of 6)... KIA corporation, Landmark Dodge and the extended warranty all continue to play this game of hot potato. I continue to jump through hoop after hoop with not a single one standing by the POS product they sold us in exchange for our hard-earned money. Despite known sludge issues in other engines, and a pattern of dishonesty about their other products, this vehicle apparently doesn't have the same problems?

Not buying any more of that crap. For 6 months, countless phone calls made by me, my vehicle sits at their dealership, waiting for an $8200 engine transplant... Had I known a little over a year into owning this "good value" I'd have to pay that, I'd have bought a new car! I'm tired of playing the game. They have lost me as a customer... I will never buy from Kia or Landmark Dodge ever again!!! In fact, not only have they lost a customer, but have a gained an activist to share their TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND WARN POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS OF THEIR INFERIOR PRODUCTS!!! Bring back the lawsuit!!! This is not settled!!!

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Reviewed Jan. 12, 2017

So I had a great fully loaded Kia Sedona leather the works back in 2003. It ran great for a few years. KIA would send me an email if anything needed to be replaced or recalled. When my family traveled to Japan for a tour of duty with the Navy we were forced to put it into long term storage. When we came back after 4 years it has some oil stains in the front. No biggie. It was a holiday weekend (4th of July in Compton, CA). We get my whole family and baby loaded up with all of our suitcases for a long drive to DC over the next month supposedly. Lo and behold the engine stutters to 10-15 miles per hour on the freeway and will not accelerate. We get it towed in 100+ degree temp, while my family jumps in a taxi, me being the last person to not fit. I carry some luggage that doesn't fit in the taxi to a local rent a car facility. Where because it was a holiday (4th of July weekend) there was not a single car available in LA to rent.

My family ends up at Disneyland because they are the only places that has space available for the weekend. My car on the following Monday has so much rust in the tank and other misc problems that I did not trust it to make the drive to Washington, DC. We ended up trading it in with only 23,000 miles for next to nothing for the 2012 Kia Sedona fully loaded in 2011. My wife wanted to buy the Toyota van, and I am kicking myself for not listening to her. The 2012 Kia Sedona is a gigantic pile of **. The mirrors worked for the first 2 years then they go up, down or just down work. The driver side sliding door doesn't unlock, unless you do it manually. Sometimes it even refuses to open with the remote or automatic button on the roof console. The dealership claims that these are not covered by warranty. Tires had to be replaced at 25k and 50k miles, not the cheap kind.

Just recently a pin fell off after starting the car in the winter and broke a rod and two pistons in the engine that for 4 days the dealership couldn't figure out why it wouldn't start. Eventually a smart mechanic did find it, and was able to get it covered under warranty. But now it seems like everything on it is going down hill so quickly after it has been paid off that I just want to drive it off a cliff to put it out of its misery. Totally unhappy with this Kia Sedona.:( Buy a different make and model van. This one is not worth it even if it is a little cheaper than other vehicles with same amenities.

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Reviewed July 28, 2016

Bought a KIA Sedona a month ago. Have only driven it back and forth to the dealer and on a couple of errands when my other vehicle was not available. I can't stand to look at it. Might love driving it and such a warranty it would be great but such deceit and lies from the dealer and coupled with incompetence I'm perplexed. First the bait and switch was played on me. Then when I went back to cancel the deal within 72 hours as is the state requirement, they placated me by owning up to the deception and said they'd order the missing parts and those would be there in days, middle of the next week for sure.

Now a month later still not here. Didn't mail me the title but called me to come pick it up 60 miles away. Didn't recognize from the name of the city and the different area code that I was not in the area. OK mail it. 4 days later not here. Called, they hadn't sent it. Now I just want to pick up the title and trade this thing as this Company nor this Dealership just cannot be trusted. Certainly not to do the maintenance or warranty repair. Will be traveling there to pick up the title and driving directly to Toyota so see how I can minimize my losses with a Sienna.

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Reviewed July 18, 2016

Bought a 2015 Kia Sedona. First year, shoulda known better. Great looking vehicle, lots of good features, drives good, mpg so-so. We've put 45k miles on it. Dealer is Kia of Auburn (AL). First thing, car was delivered with 320 miles on the odometer. I complained, was told they had to drive it to me from a dealer in GA, about 130 miles away. No explanation for the extra 190 miles. I suspect it was used as a demo. About 2-3 months into ownership the check engine light came on, and after using the UVO technology to schedule an appt with the dealer the answer: "No problem found. Keep driving." This event has happened about 10 times in the past 15 months. We stopped taking to the dealer after the 4th or 5th "don't worry, be happy" answer.

Lately the battery has been dying overnight. 1st time the answer after a trip to the dealer was that we needed to lock the vehicle in our garage so the car would not "seek" the remote key all night long. Kinda made sense; until the battery was dead after an overnight with the van locked in the garage. The 2nd trip for this prob to the dealer: Answer: "Battery checks out ok, so next time leave it dead and have it towed to us!!!" OK now I'm pissed. I'm not having my 62 yr old wife deal with a dead battery whenever that happens. We bought 5 Honda Odysseys in a row, thought the Kia might be something different. Boy were we RIGHT. It's different. It doesn't work, and the dealer doesn't know squat about it. Bad company, bad dealer, bad customer service and we are headed to Honda next time. BUYER BEWARE.

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Reviewed Nov. 28, 2015

I owned two Kia Sedonas, an 06 and then an 11. The first I had no problems with, loved it! The second one became my nightmare. Last fall the selector switch would not change zones. Couldn't use defroster etc.. So, I took it to the Kia dealer. They wouldn't work on it because they said they "saw a coin on the dash, and that if they took it apart and found another coin had fallen in, I would be responsible for the labor". They did no further investigation. In December there was a knocking noise, I had it towed to the dealership. They wouldn't provide a loaner vehicle because I didn't buy the vehicle from them. They reserved their loaners for "their" customers. (I had bought my vehicles 6 hours away because that's where we lived at the time.) After three days they told me the noise was a tensioner pulley that was loose.

In January I was driving (with all 5 kids), I lost power, there was a loud noise and it died. We waited for 4 hours waiting to be rescued. Again I had it towed to the dealership. The mechanic immediately told my husband and I QUOTE "there's probably sludge in the engine, and if so, the warranty won't cover it." The vehicle had 38,000 miles, well under the 5 year/60,000 manufacturer warranty. The next day they removed the valve cover, and said they had to take pictures and send them to the district manager. Then they requested oil change receipts. We provided 6 receipts, that was all I could come up with, but that was more than what was necessary changing at the recommended 7,500--we typically change around 3,500.

After we provided receipts, they said they found sludge in the engine and surprise, warranty wouldn't cover it. $7,000 for a new motor thank you very much! I was shocked! We went through Kia Consumer Affairs. They were so hateful. they treated us like criminals. We filed a claim through BBB and entered into arbitration. Meanwhile I'm calling the dealership I bought from. I called every week. they lied their ** off. They promised to help me, "oh yes ma'am, we will get to the bottom of this, don't worry, we'll help you." There's no way that motor could have enough sludge to blow an engine, even if you NEVER changed the oil! Finally I gave in, they outlasted me. In June, I traded for a Chevy Traverse. I couldn't continue to make payments on a vehicle I couldn't use. We have 5 kids, that was the family vehicle, the only thing big enough to carry us all.

Please, if you made it this far into my story, Google Kia Consumer Affairs. There are literally hundreds of stories just like mine, don't just take my word for it. There's a reason they offer that too good to be true warranty, because they don't honor it! Save yourself the trouble! I will never do business again with Kia or Hyundai. I had been a customer since '06, and most definitely would have continued to be had this not happened! My money/loyalty meant NOTHING to them. Goodluck!

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Reviewed Aug. 3, 2015

I am having door problems on my 2007 Kia Sedona. I have made a complaint against the dealer, but it has been almost 2 months and I have heard nothing from Kia or Thelan Motors in Bay City. They could fix my problem for 1200.00, but I took it to another mechanic and the part cost 25.00. I wish that they would just tell me what can be done.

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Reviewed April 10, 2015

Purchased a new KIA Sedona EX in 2008. Best vehicle I have ever owned. I currently have 76,000 miles on it and I am happy to say that not one thing has broken on this vehicle since I owned it. I even still have the original brakes. This vehicle far surpasses the quality of my Ford Van and the Ford Explorer that I owned and has more power and speed because it has 50 horsepower more than my Ford Van had.

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Reviewed Feb. 23, 2015

I bought a 2011 Kia Sedona from Covina Kia and since I have this van the side door not opening. I have made several complaints about it and it's becoming a big problem and the mech. fix it. but when I got the van home doors did not work. All I am asking is that they fix the problem or give us a refund of all the payments we have made and take their car back.

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Reviewed Jan. 11, 2015

I purchased a brand new 2015 Sedona in November 2014 with 22 miles on it. Well it is now January 11, 2015 and it has spent more time at the dealership than I have driving it. The problem is the van is randomly shutting off while I am driving. The first time it happened only 1 1/2 weeks after purchase, and when I called the dealership immediately I was told it was because I topped the gas tank off and I did not need to bring it to them. Really? Well I accepted this and continued driving it and only a few days later, it happened again. This time I had it towed to them because I was too scared to drive it such a long distance. They told me a fuel pump code came up but they cleared that and told me it was the remote starter they put in messing with the security system. Not sure what else happened but it also blew out the cluster on my dashboard so parts needed to be ordered.

After two weeks of the van sitting at their shop, I picked it up and was told it was "running" fine for them. To these people, fine was turning it on and wasting my gas while the van was in park when I specifically asked for them to drive it. I didn't care what it did in park! They said Kia was involved and a rep even came to their business because he had not heard of this. Well I was driving home and it felt hesitant when I would accelerate. I called the dealership to let them know and I was told it was probably from sitting so long. The next night it died on the highway going 70mph with all my children in the van with me! It gets towed back to the dealership and they replace the fuel pump per the code that came up again!

After it was there for another week because I wanted someone to drive it, I get it back. After not even a week, it dies on me on my way to work in a snowstorm with nowhere to pull over. Needless to say, I have been in contact with Commonwealth Motors in Lawrence, MA and Kia themselves and neither have been helpful or compassionate in this whole situation! Lesson learned I will never buy a Kia again or from that dealership! I have been given stupid excuses and comments countless times and I am done with it. They are not about customer satisfaction or safety!!!!

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Reviewed Oct. 10, 2014

I purchased a new 2012 Kia Sedona for my son from Kia of St. Cloud, MN and was initially pleased with it. Now with 72000 miles on the car, I feel I made a mistake. In August my son was driving the car with my grandson when they noticed smoke coming out of the AC vents and a fire started under the dashboard in the front passenger compartment. My grandson put out the fire with his shoe and after turning off the AC the smoke stopped. After numerous trips to the dealer, it was determined to be a blower motor malfunction and a blown fuse and resistor. This fire should not have occurred and should have been prevented by a fuse or CB shutting off the circuit. I believe this was a very serious safety issue and if my grandson hadn't been along, the results could have been tragic.

Kia of St. Cloud blew it off saying the items were out of warranty. The main Kia Customer service also disclaimed any liability and refused to recompensate me for the repairs. Another complaint is a faulty ignition switch which had to be replaced when it became very difficult to engage. This also could be safety item if the car was needed for an emergency and the switch was inoperable. This was out of warranty and an out of pocket expense.

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Reviewed July 22, 2014

My son and I both purchased a car from KIA. He purchased a 2005 Sedona and I purchased a 2009 Galant. The purchase was made in February 2014. My son has only been able to drive that car for 1 month since he purchased that car. At first the car lost speed and would go no further than 25 miles per hour and this was in March. He took the car back and they said it was the brakes. Then he got it back and kept it 1 week and it had to be towed back to Kia. They kept it for a month and a half, with no rental car while they held it on their lot. They said the Cadilated Converters went out. After returning the car back to him with the brakes still dragging, the car suddenly just cut off after three days of driving it right in the middle of traffic and had to be towed again.

It is yet sitting on their lot and this is July. He has not missed a payment and they are asking him to go to the bank to help pay for it to be fixed and I think this is not fair. The bank told him they would add money on his bill if they loaned him money to fix the car. The lady from customer service also told him he should have taken it to be checked before he purchased it by a mechanic that he trusted before buying the car because really once they paid Kia they owe him nothing and they have lawyers to pursue getting their money. Is there anything he can do to break this contract?

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Reviewed Jan. 3, 2014

Reading the forum I have to laugh, there was a time when that would have been impossible. I purchased my 2004 Kia Sedona EX new. It took approximately 2 months before the dealer went bankrupt. Within 3 months, I experienced an electrical short that required the car stay in another dealer's shop for over a month (they casually suggested it may have been fixed faster if I had purchased the vehicle from them). They disconnected my trailer lights and remote starter that were installed by the original dealer. Guess what? They didn't fix the short - I went to an automotive repair shop and had them fix the problem (I paid for a new driver's seat) + labor.

Things went downhill rapidly from there, radio quit working, electrical shorts, doors sticking, air conditioning, power windows, wiper motors (front and back), rust spots in the paint (I now have an ugly brown 6" diameter ugly rust spot in the tailgate) that I have proudly maintained over the years as a warning to anyone looking at it, that may consider purchasing a Kia in the future. Kia dealers - no help. Kia Canada - not even a response to my many emails. I expect I have serious masochistic tendencies as I continue to use the Kia to take the dogs to the dog park. This has been absolutely the poorest vehicle I have ever had the misfortune to own. Expect NOTHING from Kia or their dealers.

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Reviewed Nov. 21, 2013

My 3 year old KIA SEDONA with 23,000 miles completely died in my driveway as I attempted to start it and had to be towed to the KIA dealer. The car is under warranty for 60,000/100,000 miles. The Kia dealer has stated the engine is dead and will need to be replaced. KIA has had the car for 14 days and will not fix the car or provide any resolution to the problem because they cannot determine why the engine ceased. KIA is trying to pass the cost of the engine onto me. KIA is trying to come up with any reason it can to void my warranty. They are making false claims such as sludge in engine etc etc.

We have provided KIA with receipts for our last few oil changes as requested with still no resolve. Each day we are told to wait another 48 hours.... In addition KIA will not provide a rental car while our car is being held. In addition there appears to be a good amount of complaints in regard to the same problems. As another complaint stated and I fully agree: "After reviewing other people's complaints I noticed that that seems to be a common denominator in all of the complaints that Kia refuses to stand behind their product and guarantee their warranty. What a horrible experience and a terrible company. I think it's about time for a class-action lawsuit. It certainly seems like there are a lot of other people affected like this."

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Reviewed Oct. 15, 2013

We own a 2006 Kia Sedona and purchased it new in 2006. We have had suspension problems for years, sway bar has been replaced as well. This week we were driving on the NYS Thruway and as we pulled up to the toll booth, the van's front wheel well collapsed and we could only get to the side of the road before it completely stopped. This could have easily happened at full speed on the thruway. The service shop said the lower control arms were completely rusted through causing complete breakage. We just had 4 tires put on and it was not mentioned to us there was any issue. THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS - everyone that owns a Sedona should have this checked into!!!!! There is NO RECALL!! We were quoted by a fair shop (not dealership) over $1000 for the repair! NEVER BUY A KIA!!

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Reviewed Jan. 19, 2013

The 2012 Kia Sedona has excessive wind noise from the windows when driving. It sounds as if the window is not all the way up and it gets worse the more/faster you drive. It is a distraction and a safety hazard as it can make it hard to hear an emergency vehicle approaching. According to Kia, this is normal and not an issue so it will not be fixed. The engine has knocking noises that sounds like bad lifters and you are told this is normal engine noise! Again, it will not be fixed. Electrical components do not work properly, again normal, it will not be fixed. (Amazing, it is always -40 on the temp mode). The transmission has "soft spots" so you temp lose pick-up and power. Normal, it will not be fixed. When filling the gas tank, the gas will splash out back at you; normal, it will not be fixed. So, I guess the Kia 2012 is normally a lemon!

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Reviewed Oct. 4, 2012

Until recently, I was happy to say I was a KIA owner. On August 7, 2012, however, my opinion took a turn in the opposite direction. That's when I took my 2011 KIA Sedona back to the KIA dealership because I started to hear a slight noise coming from under the hood. Later that same day, I received a call from the KIA service department. They could not hear the same noise I had described. I explained that the car may need to be driven to hear the same noise that I had heard earlier.

By the end of the day, the KIA service manager called me and said I needed a new engine due to lack of oil changes. He explained to me that I needed receipts to prove that proper care was taken in regards to this vehicle. Receipts have been given. This is now the 13th of September and I am still going back and forth between the KIA dealership and KIA warranty company. If anyone out there is looking to buy a car, don't buy a KIA! BTW, as of today, 10/03/2012, I'm still fighting with warranty company, Paul Cereme KIA.

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