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Reviewed Dec. 30, 2019

I bought Honda Pilot from Rohrman Auto Group back in mid Novemeber. Everything went fine on the day of buying the car but since I was from out of state I had to do the car registration on my own. I was told within 7-10 days I would receive all the paperwork in mail to take care of that however it has been more than 1.5 months and I have not received anything from the dealership. The temporary license plate they provided has also expired and they are not willing to renew it. I called the dealership for almost 2 weeks every day before they told me that they have damaged the title and have requested a new title from the state of Illinois.

They also said it usually takes 2 weeks for that to come. It has been 3 weeks since then and they still don't have the title. All my happiness for my new car has been completly ruined by the dealership. I would highly recommend to avoid this dealership since they are big cheats. No matter how many times you call the dealership you cannot get hold of anyone. It is extemely frustrating for me as I am out of state so I can't even go to the dealership. At this point I'm totaly out of ideas to help myself.

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Reviewed Nov. 25, 2019

Bought a new 2019 Honda Pilot Touring over the summer. The salesman told us there is one complimentary oil change for the first oil change. When we called five months later for a complimentary oil change, the other manager said because it was not in writing, the General Manager will not honor. When I asked where the salesman is, I was told he left for another Honda dealer. For a $40 oil change, they just lost a lifetime Honda owner. I will not go to Bob Rohrman Honda ever. There are other Honda dealers nearby.

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Reviewed Sept. 23, 2019

They are just trash. I don't even need to write a whole story. My mom grew up with Bob son up in Lafayette Indiana so she suggested Bob Rohrman to me when I was looking for a used car. Long story short the car they sold me for 2500 (Hyundai Elantra) broke after my very first long highway drive. It was completely totaled as the transmission blew up pretty much. It didn't even last me 6 months. When I called to tell them the situation (not to get anything fixed because I didn't have any warranty but just to let them know that they sold me a junk car) their response was "Well when you bought it you should have known that it wasn't a good car."

They were dead serious. Told me I bought a junk car, but bought the car from them? So they literally just admitted they sold me a POS. Service = trash. Customer service = trash. Everything BOB ROHRMAN = TRASHHHH. All the reviews speak for themselves, pretty sure 90% are ALL one star. They obviously don't even care. Just a bunch of scammers running around scamming people.

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Reviewed Aug. 1, 2019

The service department is horrendous; uncompassionate, unaccommodating, dysfunctional and rude. Our 2015 Rogue broke down on the 80/90 expressway, 1 and ½ hours from home. Since we have the Gold Preferred extended protection plan, we called them up and arranged for a tow to the nearest Nissan dealer. The nearest dealer happened to be Bob Rohrman so we called them up to let them know that we were coming their way and that we would need a loaner/rental arranged (also included in the plan). Previous service appointments with our local dealer (Gerald Nissan) always went smoothly in this regard. We thought the worst was over at that point; boy were we wrong.

We (me, my wife and 2 kids) arrive at the dealership (after sitting on the side of the expressway for 1 hour in 100+ degree heat) and were approached by two service reps. We tell the same situation to both; the transmission failed and, while we were slowly rolling to a stop, the AC also stopped working (limp mode perhaps?). We also explain that we are in need of a loaner/rental as we do not live in the area and were on our way to visit family in Ohio. We were told that, since they were a smaller dealership, they don’t have loaners and that it would just be easier and quicker if we arranged the rental ourselves. (Note: the dealership is the same size as Gerald Nissan and is surrounded by other major dealers.)

We were given the # for Enterprise across and told to call them. Okay. So we call, find out they only have one car available; a mint green Ford Fiesta. And, seeing that it is their last car, the rate is $60 a day. Having no other options, we reluctantly rent the Jordan almond and head on our way to our final destination. It’s worth noting that Enterprise questioned why the dealership was not arranging the rental, seeing that would have resulted in a lower rate billed directly to them and not to me. Interesting.

Several days pass with no word from them. My wife calls to follow up. Only then does she learn that they have diagnosed the issue and are ready to start repairs. The next day, I receive a call that the car is ready. Great. I jump in the Jordan almond and head out on my 1 and ½ hour journey from the Western suburbs of Chicago to the dealership in NW IN. I return the rental. They drive me over to the dealership. I pay my deductible and head to my car. I open the door and notice that all of the drinks that were left behind (remember we were on a road trip that was unexpectedly interrupted) are still sitting in the cup holders. This includes an iced coffee, now melted and putrid from sitting there for a week in 90+ degree weather (imagine the smell). They did not even attempt to clean or vacuum the car, much less throw away any obvious trash.

I walk back inside and give the trash to the rep and head back to the car. I turn it on, crank up the AC and start putting things in their place (garage door opener, IPASS, etc). That’s when I notice that the AC is not working. I call the rep over to show him. He then proceeds to essentially blow me off, knowing that I am not from the area and that there is no way that I am going to rent another car as I wait for them to diagnose something that should have been fixed to begin with. It is obvious that they did not test drive the car after the repairs. If they had, they would have noticed that the AC was not working. Looking at the write-up, they failed to note the issue with the AC, even though we told them twice; when we first called and when we arrived via the tow truck. Either way, it should have at least been questioned by the tech.

The car now sits with Gerald Nissan who is in the process of fixing it completely. I will more than likely have to pay another deductible for something that should have already been fixed, but at least I have a loaner this time around, as I should have all along. Tldr; If you have the choice, DO NOT GET YOUR CAR SERVICED HERE.

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Reviewed Jan. 18, 2019

Dec 2018 my son sold 2 vehicles to the dealership, essentially, one to pay off the other. They took one, advised him NOT to contact DMV for release of liability, and to STOP making payments on the other. He ended up having to make more payments because they did not follow thru on their agreement. Whenever he would call they claimed they did not know who he was or remember his vehicles. He totally lost out.

Attorneys in the area are familiar with Bob Rohrman Auto Group and said things like, "This are common practice, but they do it in a way that makes the loss not substantial enough for litigation and BRAG dealerships typically issue hand-written notes as agreements, only when you demand a contract, which are difficult to litigate." CONSUMER FRAUD, BREACH OF CONTRACT, and several other legitimate complaints. Their business is NOT cars. It is SCAMMING people. They play dumb but they know exactly what they are doing. Crooked as they come.

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Reviewed Dec. 21, 2018

If I could give "0" stars, I would. We will never again consider any Bob Rohrman dealership for service or purchase. My Lexus RX330 was towed to B.R. Toyota on 11/19, for diagnosis and service on 11/24. I called on Dec 5th to inquire, as we'd received no communication. I called again on the 6th, since my call was not returned. The tech could never accurately diagnose the issue with the car, and told us, “he’s really scratching his head about it!”

I drove by two weeks later, and my car was sitting out on the lot, not in a bay being looked at. When they decided to start playing their guessing game, the tech removed the coils to replace the spark plugs, and replaced them WITHOUT checking them first. When the new spark plugs did not remedy the problem, they wanted to charge us labor to remove the aforementioned coils and check them. They replaced a timing belt that did not need it, and wanted to continue charging us for labor, while they fiddled around and blindly stabbed at what *might* be the issue. In total, the service manager, Jenny, quoted us over $3k in parts and labor, with no guarantee that the problem would be fixed! On 12/19, we had the car towed away from Bob Rohrman Toyota, after paying $1002.04, and still have a vehicle that is useless. We will never use them for service again, nor buy a vehicle from them. We’ll be sure to warn everyone we can.

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Reviewed Dec. 11, 2018

We purchased a 2018 Kia Sedona SX from Bob Rohrman Schaumburg Kia on December 8, 2018 and the Sedona we bought did not have remote start. The salesperson and another associate told us they would have it installed for us at no cost. When I went today to find out when it would be installed the salesperson said he had to talk to his supervisor about it. He did not contact me all day and I saw him at 10 am this morning.

At 4:30 I stopped at the store to find out what was happening and the other associate told me they couldn’t install the remote start at no cost. They lied to my wife and I to get the sale and I do not know what our recourse is? But this is something potential customers should be aware of especially since we are repeat customers that had a problem with the first purchase we had at this same dealership. That time they forgot to make the payoff on our trade-in and it almost hurt our excellent credit rating if we hadn’t checked into it ourselves.

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Reviewed Nov. 12, 2018

Took my car in for a recent $30 oil change. Order taker came back and said it needed $1200 in work. I said he was crazy with a few swear words included. Once went for an oil change and the order taker said it was leaking oil from something regarding the transmission. Huh? Never leaked a drop on my garage floor. Said not to worry, every dime covered by my extended insurance. Had to take it back four times to fix the leak that started AFTER they fixed it. Didn't cost me anything but am sure it was an insurance scam. They bill the insurance and kept billing the insurance and billing the insurance. The gravy money is in service, not the actual car sale and they really exploit it. Could go into the Honda I bought that was defective but won't on the Nissan site. They are 100% crooks.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2018

I had to have the rear differential replaced on my 2014 MKC. I have had many cars in my life and have never had a problem with the rear differential. The service manager told me it was because I did not have the fluid changed! Huh? In all the years I have owned cars I have never had to have the differential fluid changed - why this car. My car was leaking fluid, so I needed to replace the part. The part is not inexpensive and I had to pay for the part upfront before they would order it. I get that, what if I went to another mechanic after finding out this needed to be done and they had part ordered for me that I didn't use.

I never received a call that the part arrived. I had to call them. I had made arrangements for the car to be serviced while I was away on a business trip - five days. They never called to say the car was ready - I had to call them from my trip and ask - they stated it would be ready the next day and I could pick it up when I returned home but they would call me. No, didn't call me, and when they opened the morning after I returned home, they stated the car was not ready - what do you mean it isn't ready - this job should have taken a day. And the answer was lame and the service manager was making it up as he went along.

For what should have taken a day, it took five days to replace this part. When the bill came I was billed for the part again (after paying for it before it was ordered). The cashier said "Oh they must have had to order another one". Huh?! What?! Why?! Something is not right with this story. My suspicion is that the part they ordered was defective, or the technician broke it. Things happen, but someone, anyone should have called me to explain.

The bill was straightened out, because I would not pay for the part again, but no one, and I mean no one, the service manager, the sales manager, nor the cashier was very concerned with a very angry customer. This must happen often at this shop - I noticed that the dealership was empty of customers, the service garage only had one other car in it other than mine - maybe the public is catching on - don't do business with the people, you will get the runaround, and they are not honest nor customer oriented. The next time I want to purchase a car I will not consider them or a Lincoln - I work too hard for my money and I want to spend it with those who can take care of their customers.

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Reviewed Sept. 6, 2018

If you want to be ripped off, go to Arlington Heights Nissan. I want to warn all those in the market for a new car that the GM, Rich **, and Finance Manager, Mike **, will add on insurances and oil changes and warranties that are unnecessary to increase the bottom line. My sister-in-law is a senior citizen and English is not her first language. They took advantage of her and increased her monthly payments using deceptive practices. After visiting their showroom they refused to take off all the add ons. My next call will be to Nissan corporate and to Bob Rohrman's office to file a complaint.

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Reviewed June 14, 2018

On 6/7/2018 I met with the service manager of Bob Rohrman regarding getting a Rear Assist Camera replaced under my extended warranty from CarMax. I was told that we don't have to wait on hold to talk to the warranty company MaxCare. We asked to talk to the Service Manager, Mark about the attitude of his Service Advisor, Jason **. We then spoke with Richard, the Dealership Manager. They tell me a claim has been made with the warranty company, and they will call me when the part comes in. I haven't received a call back yet, and I don't believe they have even ordered the replacement camera. I call the dealership and all I receive are hang ups, and "We can't place you on hold because we don't know how long these people will be tied up". This is a poor way of doing business.

Updated on 06/30/2018: After dealing with these people at Woodfield Ford, I wouldn't even send my worst enemy to these guys. After an ordeal of non-returned phone calls over a 3 week period. I called the Parts Department of Woodfield Ford and found out there was no order placed for my rear assist camera. The Manager of the dealership, Richard, never even returned my phone calls, so I cancelled my business with these guys. I took my vehicle to CarMax and these amazing people got my vehicle repaired in 3 days. After CarMax returned my repaired vehicle to me, Bob Rohrman - Woodfield Ford called to tell me the camera came in. They couldn't even cancel my service request, and had better not have charged against my vehicle warranty.

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Reviewed April 11, 2018

My daughter purchased a car from Mason in Lafayette and the experience has been terrible. She bought a 2014 and was assured that nothing was wrong with the car. He even told her he had the service department look it over since she was young and just starting out. She just thought this was a kind gesture and he was trying to help her. She purchased the car then he fell off the face of the earth. There was no responses from any messages then come to find out the crankshaft is broken. So she calls him upset and he tells her it's not his problem and to not come back. I expected a lot more from this dealership. I would hope that Mr. Rohrman would make this right in one way or another. We have used Rohrman Auto Group for years and we have recommended others use it because the service was great. Although, I will not use them or recommend them to anyone else unless this problem is addressed.

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Reviewed Jan. 29, 2018

I strongly feel that I have been greatly taken advantage of. A single mom in dire need for a car since my car had been damaged in an accident. It was rather old, but still in better condition and clean compared to what I was sold. However, because of its age the insurance company totaled it. Long story short, after only having my 1997 Toyota for only a week, that I purchased from Bob Rohrman's, I discovered an oil leak. So taking it back to the dealer to address this issue, that didn't happen overnight, I'm told it would cost me $600.00 to replace an oil pan, of which 172.00 was for the pan and gasket that I can purchase for $46.00 at the most. They would not honor repairing it for free, so of course I left.

Upon further investigation, I have found the car only needs a gasket. Something they could have done and the dealer might have been out of $100.00. It's the most simple fix. If I had a place to do, I would do it myself. The Blue Book, fair value on my car if I were to sell it, which I can not do... is only around $400.00 at best... So, that means they already got 1600.00 from me for a piece of junk. Never again will I not go with my gut feeling and let circumstances influence my decisions. Bob Rohrman's sales isn't what they claim to be. They are not looking out for the customer, why would I ever think differently?

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Reviewed July 18, 2017

I was given an online quote by Gurnee Hyundai and I was called by one of the sales representatives. We spoke and discussed additional incentives that were applicable to the car I wanted to purchase. Next day I drove 25 miles to the dealership only to be advised by the sales manager that the information I got was inaccurate as the discount was not applicable to the car I was purchasing. He was very blunt in telling me to "accept his offer or leave and remain friend". His response showed lack of empathy and he did not make me feel valued as a customer especially because I did my homework before travelling to the dealership. Please provide accurate and complete information next time as you could have had my business and I would have been a happy customer.

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Reviewed Nov. 16, 2016

I bought a new 2015 Prius and soon discovered that the GPS software was over two years old (2013). I asked for the software that should have been on the car to be installed and I was told that they refused to do that unless I paid $150. I called Toyota corporate and they could not understand the response, however they advised to get the GPS updated and send them the bill for reimbursement. I scheduled the repair. My wife drove 50 miles from our house to get the update only to be told they couldn't figure out how to do it. She came back later and they installed the update. Shortly thereafter the WiFi stopped working. They replaced the radio, which didn't fix the problem. Seems that the part that went bad was separate.

Another trip got the module replaced and the WiFi worked, but I discovered that when they replaced the radio they put one in with the 2013 GPS software. I called and they said, "Bring it back in for a new radio with updated GPS." Again my wife travelled 50 miles, one way, to get the repair. The new radio also had the old GPS software. We had them change the oil at the same time and they forgot to reset the maintenance screen. They then said to bring it back and they would install yet another new radio. When she brought them the car she also mentioned that the maintenance screen needed to be reset. They installed the new radio and forgot to reset the maintenance screen for the second time. When she called to complain the service manager said he could tell her how to reset the screen. This wasn't going to work, she can hardly send email.

I am very upset at the treatment we have received over these two situations. I feel they were unethical in selling me a new car with old software that did not have the new roads which were recently installed east of Ft. Wayne. I am upset that they seem to have no concern for the inconvenience of going from our home to Ft. Wayne, a trip of 50 miles, one way. I feel that they were very discourteous in not mentioning to my wife when she called about the last repair that they had an employee on staff who could take her across the street to the local mall, resulting in her having my daughter follow behind her in her car to provide them transportation to the mall while the car was repaired. I don't like being ignored while the help is making small talk with customers after THEY have been served.

Apparently I am not all that important. In any case there is not a chance in the world that I will ever patronize this establishment again. I will, for what it is worth, tell my friends and relatives my tale of woe, which may divert business to the other Toyota dealer in town. There did not seem to be any concern on the part of the service manager regarding this situation. There was no follow up on the repairs to ensure that they were correctly performed. I got the impression that since the oil change was a free one that they probably put the car wash kid in charge of it and he didn't know how to reset the maintenance screen. For what they charge for labor they need to use a better class of mechanic. One that knows more than how to read a computer screen.

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Reviewed Oct. 30, 2016

Went there to buy a SUV. I have my own money and I did all my research on what type of car I wanted. This would of been my 5th car purchase. Salesman was very helpful and polite. When it came to financing and final part of purchasing the manager wanted me to wait from making a decision when my husband got there. I know more about cars than my husband. They treated me like I was stupid. They kept telling me "wait till your husband gets here" that he will make me understand the financing better. What they were really trying to do is screw me with a higher APR and less warranties. I kept saying "I can make this decision on my own, I don't need my husband." But he would just smile at me and say "why don't you just sit down and relax."

I had a down payment and since this was my 5th car purchase I knew what I was doing. My husband showed up and they swooped in on him telling him. "Well we tried to tell her this was her best deal but she wouldn't listen." That was enough... I asked for my car keys and that I changed my mind. When I reported their conduct to the main office. They ran my credit 36 times. 36 hard inquiries which made it hard for me to go to another dealer. This is what Bob Rohrman company means to me. They suck. Would never buy anything from them. This is a warning for all woman that choose to buy from them.

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Reviewed Sept. 18, 2016

John **, used car sales, let me drive four hours to look at a car that he told me was like new. When I got there, it had extensive cigarette burn holes and marks all through the interior. Left mirror broken completely. This car was a 2013 prius c with only 14k. Bob Rohrman was asking $1200 over KBB price. I was prepared to pay that amount if the car was as nice as John lead me on to think it was. I talked to him at least 5 times before driving down from Lansing mi. Thanks a lot John for wasting 4 hours of my Saturday.

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Reviewed Feb. 5, 2016

Go visit Bob Rohrman Lexus if you want to remove any desire to buy a Lexus!! According to what Jeff Bracken (Group Vice President and General Manager - Lexus Division) who said at the 2015 car management briefing seminars "Lexus is losing market share". That tells me that Lexus has a little competition. I started looking for a Lexus over a month ago. I went to Schaumburg Lexus to buy a RX for the wife and after about 10 minutes talking to the sales rep... he walked away. Then a friend refer me to Arlington Lexus and was very excited about all he said to me about them! Went there and talked to the staff about buying a 2016 RX, we then left (it was late).

About 1 week later we test drove a NX and RX and loved both vehicles (well done Lexus)! Went inside the dealership after the test drives and the rep walked away from us and left us standing there, we went home. After about 1 week I get a call from a female associate asking me if there was an issue and I explained it. She said you need to meet with Marcin (the GM), On Monday I call to confirm my appointment and they knew nothing about it. I ended up meeting with somebody else of less stature. Here is the bottom line... on their homepage there is a picture of Marcin saying "Come see me for your best deal". I honestly can't see how they can give me the best deal when I left there and beat the price with 1 inquiry!

That building cost millions of dollars and needs to be paid for by selling cars, don't be fooled. I have stopped looking for a Lexus because of the attitude that all the dealers had was pretty much the same. There are many fine cars out there and I won't put up with these types of tactics. I'm not totally sold on not buying a Lexus from any dealer, I'm just not buying a car now because of the bad impression that these dealers left on me. I believe this is common practice at Arlington Lexus. I'm in the process of contacting Jeff Bracken and trying to give feedback about how his product is being represented by dealerships.

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Reviewed Jan. 6, 2016

I took my Infinity QX60 to Rohrman's Fort Wayne Infinity dealer for routine service. They checked off all the items on the checklist but failed to do several items. I know for sure they did not check tire pressure. I got a low tire pressure light the next morning, and upon checking all four tires they were all low and very different pressures. Obviously, the tires had not been checked the previous day. Also, a few days later, the warning lights came on indicating that I needed to change oil, oil filter and have engine serviced. I had just been done. So, either they did not do anything or at least failed to reset the warning system. Since there is no way to know what all they did or didn't do, I have no faith that they did anything. I will not ever take a vehicle back to them for service again. I think they just checked off the checklist and took my money. I have contacted the dealership and they never responded.

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Reviewed Nov. 10, 2015

Fort Wayne Toyota is in no way as good as Evans Toyota Fort Wayne. I do not work for Evans Toyota, neither am I paid to endorse them. I did business with fort wayne toyota in the past and will not again. They are anything but honest (especially in the toyota repair shop). We purchased a toyota from them over a year ago and now we are $6,000 in negative equity thanks to the $3,000 extended warranty and all the other garbage they sold us. Bottom line they are not "real" with you. I could go ahead and write a book about every negative experience I have had with them but I don't have the time. Do yourself a favor and don't go to fort wayne toyota.

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Verified purchase

Reviewed Sept. 24, 2015

Saw an ad on AutoTrader for $4555.00. I called the Fort Wayne North dealer to see if it was still available. Johan said, "Yes it is. I'll have it waiting for you". Got there, the car was ready, looked very nice. Drove it, decided it was the one. Went in to make the deal. Asked if there was any room to negotiate on price. I was asked to initial a paper, saying I would not haggle on price after this if he went to manager to get best price. Ten minutes later Johan and his manager come out and apologize to my wife and I. They say the advertised price was wrong, it is actually $6888.00. The manager said it was his fault he was in charge of the ad. Told us they needed to get $6,000.00 for it. Classic bait and switch! I hope others read this and don't fall for their B.S.. I left after feeling I was tricked.

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Reviewed Sept. 11, 2015

This by far was the worst experience I have ever had! I worked with Trey ** and David **. First they tried to pressure me - Trey said "I'm not trying to pressure you but I can". Their sales tactics show how inexperienced they are. The store was empty and it still took 2 1/2 hours to even get to the last phase. When I was waiting I could hear Trey, another manager fooling around at the front desk, David as well. The other manager was screaming. I heard him call a employee "stupid". How you treat your employees reflects how the customer is treated. This dealership is ran by immature college students. If you don't believe it, go there, you will see. I left, did not buy the car.

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Reviewed Aug. 28, 2015

Classic bait and switch. I even made sure to call the dealership before I made the long drive to look at a car I saw online. By their own admission the manager and the person I spoke with on the phone were aware that the price on the ad I saw was wrong but they let me and my husband drive there anyway and decided instead of calling me they would let us know about the mistake when we got to the dealership. We drove an hour to the dealership and they left me standing around for another half an hour or more while they checked with "whoever" to see what kind of deal they could make me if I purchased the car. They offered it to me at about $2,400 over the advertised price. I'm not quite sure if this is illegal but I am certain it is HIGHLY UNETHICAL.

I can't say anything about the cars they sell but beware that even calling the dealership ahead of time does not ensure you will see what was advertised online. I am not talking about one Rogue salesperson. The management was aware of all this and still let me make the drive in. Consequently, I left the dealership about six hours ago and the car is still listed at the deceptive price that brought me in! That was the last straw and what made me sit down to write this review. This dealership is not to be trusted.

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Reviewed Aug. 10, 2015

The salesman told me the Ford Escape was a 6 cylinder, plus if I found a lower price they would honor it. Both after I bought the car I found to be incorrect. They baited then switched. The car they sold to me was a 4, I trusted the salesman, plus they did not honor a price I found for 3999.00 less. I will not refer this company to anyone, nor will I ever buy a Ford again. They did not even honor a free oil change that was on the contract. I was also informed that can tow. This is incorrect, I cannot tow a camper as I was informed I could. All I was is SUCKER TO THE SALES MAN. I want the company to correct this or I intend to go inform the media. I have been sitting on this for months and now since I just found out that I cannot tow what I want (which I just found out) THIS Made me even angrier. I would not trust a Ford dealer again.

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Reviewed July 1, 2015

I put 1000.00 down on a used car at Ft Wayne Toyota/Lexus/Kia. The finance rep ** had messed up the paperwork, and calculated my payments without considering the down payment. After the mistake was discovered, he called and said he would be sending me my 1000.00 via the mail. I followed up the next week, and he said he saw the check, and was waiting for his manager to sign it. A week went by, I followed up again, and he needed proof from me that the check cleared (he apparently couldn't figure out how to do this on his end). I sent him a scan of the cancelled check. "All was good", he said. His boss would sign the check and it would go into the mail. A week later, no check, and no response to my emails. I am out my 1000.00, and no contact numbers available to escalate my complaint.

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Reviewed April 29, 2015

Went through the ENTIRE process of trading in my SUV for a newer and different car. I signed almost every single contract there is and even did the stupid announcement in the dealership that I had "purchased" this vehicle. I was told congratulations and shook hands... then to be told, "There's a "hiccup". Now I need $1000 down after I signed for 0 down!!! Unprofessional and absolutely ridiculous!!! They even had MY truck already stocked and in THEIR inventory!!! Unbelievable!!!

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Verified purchase

Reviewed March 7, 2015

I bought on March 5. Went back next day to get plates as none were put on truck. Next day after work noticed bed sloping severely to driver's side with small tears in back bed with metal frame protruding through it...Tears were rusted as this just not did happen. Also front driver's side body lower, 1 and 1/2 inches lower, than other side. Also horrible noises from frame and body in every bump. Rusted frame. Protruding through bed, and obvious severe problems with driver's side of truck. Put 18 miles on truck, half going back to dealership for a plate off my car trade-in. Need help. This truck should have never been on lot for sale!!

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Reviewed Dec. 27, 2014

If you receive an offer for a $25.00 American Express gift card to simply come in and take a test drive, be aware. You will NOT be leaving there with a gift card in your hand. They send me this nice letter, a letter sent to me, an existing past customer who bought a $35,000 truck there in 2011. A polite letter with an invitation to come in and get the free gift card. Hmmm. Odd way to treat your existing customers. I had a gut feeling that I wasn't going to get my $25.00. Had to find out for myself. Funny how they just lost me for life because of the way in which they "invited me" to come to their dealership for a test drive and receive a gift. Very odd indeed. For this, I have a gift for them, I'm going to tell everyone I know about this fun day at Santa Bob's stealership.

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Reviewed June 25, 2014

You state that "customer is the most important person at the dealership.” Then maybe you can explain why I had to call the police to get information from your company when the front bumper of one of the vehicles driven by your employee hit the driver’s side door of my wife's car. I am planning on buying an Optima next spring. But it will not be done at any of your dealership based on the poor treatment by your senior manager on duty. Too bad he could not be as honest as the kid who admitted it was his fault. I find it interesting that once management stepped in customer service went south. The Service manager was nice but was hamstrung by the so-called man in charge. Why were you withholding the name of your employee that was driving?

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Reviewed Dec. 21, 2013

Salesman was nice, his boss was an ** who talked down to me and said he knew this business and wouldn't find a better deal anywhere. Less than 2 hours later, I bought a new Prius, same identical one Rohrman had and saved $2700. I maybe 70 years old but not as stupid as the sales manager tried to make me feel. I will never go back for any reason whatsoever. They are out of business as far as I am concerned.

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