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Last updated: Oct. 7, 2017

58 Dodge Nitro Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

I bought my 2011 Dodge Nitro May of 2012. It had 22 miles on it when I purchased it. It now has 104353, I do not regret buying this car at all, This car has been a very reliable vehicle. It runs well in the snow, I feel safer driving this vehicle in the snow than I do my 2014 4 wheel drive Toyota Tacoma. I have had no problems with the Nitro whatsoever. I just replaced the front brakes for the second time and the back for the 1st. I have kept up with the oil changes and had the transmission serviced at 85000 miles. Also had the differential oil changed once at 85000 as well.

I Love this car. Maintenance is the key to keeping your car from breaking down. I would rate 98% of the time buying a lemon of a vehicle has something to do with how it was taking care of before you purchased it. I have seen all different styles and makes of new cars on the side of the road broken down. Nothing we buy is perfect. However I do thank all of you for your reviews.

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Original review: April 6, 2017

My 08 Dodge nitro 4x4 I'm having the same issue as the other nitro owners. My door locks will unlock but won't lock unless you lock them manually. Transmission won't shift properly on freeway hard to accelerate. Sounds like it wants to bog out. Strains to stay at 70.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 14, 2016

I bought a 2007 Dodge Nitro two years ago. I've had good and bad experience with it. But recently more bad than good. First off, the turn signals don't work how they should. When you turn on the left the right one will come on and vice versa. Now I found out that the actual ports where the bulbs plug in are burnt and I can only get them replaced by the dealership. I was told it's an electrical issue by my mechanic and that I should check and see if there are any recalls for it. I haven't found any so far. My power locks don't work on one side of my car and there is a miss that for some reason no one at the dealership can figure out. There is also a noise coming from the front end that I've had checked and was told they can't find anything. This vehicle has been more troublesome than I ever intended it to be. Seriously can't wait to get a different vehicle very soon.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2016

Back in February (around tax time) we decided that we needed a good, dependable, roomy vehicle. We were tired of spending $1,000 to $1,500 on vehicles that break completely down within six months to a year. We began our search around town. We live in a small town in Hopkins Co. KY... Didn't see anything we liked. So we traveled 30 min north to Henderson Ky. to a dealership called Dempewolf Chevrolet. My co-signer (which dealer secretly put it completely in her name) had top notch credit, so obviously the dealer was so anxious to get us into a vehicle. We were looking at cars originally.

Then we saw this cute little suv... A 2008 Dodge Nitro RT. Had never heard of one. So we decided let's take it for a spin. We get in and it's fully loaded. I'm talking gps, 2 tvs (one in back and the radio is a tv/DVD player/jukebox/navigation), sun roof. Infinity speaker system. You name it it had it. It drove great. Had good puck up, very roomy. We were very impressed. Though the vehicle had 106,000 miles on it, we didn't think that was bad for an eight yr old vehicle.

So we signed papers for the truck. Now I say we, but they ended up not putting me on the loan. Without us even knowing. So when the title comes in, my name isn't on it. We then have to go 30 miles back to go to the loan office and add my name to title... but title only. So my credit is not building on a vehicle we still owed $8,500 on. (We put 3,000 down.)

We immediately got the oil changed and it was actually at the same place the previous owner used. So we had a list showing where they had the oil changed regularly and stuff. So we were excited. Oil filter was clear and all was good there. Thinking wow we have a great vehicle. We were happy customers. Then the little things!!! Radio would go silent for a few hrs here and there. Held a cd hostage for a few days, not big. Then we notice what looks to be water spots around the sun roof and top of windshield. Don't know where it leaks in. Doors would not lock when pushing button on the door. Windows would get stuck on down, but eventually go back up. Headlight just all the sudden went out. Only 3 tire pressure lights work. But little things.

Then after the 5th car payment, it all sudden barely go... like no power when foot was on accelerator. Took me 20 min to go 10 ft in reverse to the front of my driveway. Put it in drive and it wouldn't go at all. My boyfriend, son and daughter in law had to push me back in my driveway. I read in owner's manual about this lymph mode. Which is supposed to happen if there is a transmission issue, so that the transmission doesn't tear up. So we begin asking around and googling what could be wrong. Well this vehicle does not have a transmission dip stick. Instead it is capped off. The lid says "dealer use only". So as a consumer you can not check your own fluid.

Well once I found this mysterious non-checking dip stick line I realize it feels loose. On further inspection, it's completely out of the transmission... so wtf. We get that put back in. Do the directed process to rest transmission, (getting it out of lymph mode) go to back out of driveway. Terrible winding sound. Still hardly any power but it would get up to 25 mph. But that was it. We turn around and park the truck. Have it towed to local Dodge dealership. Watermark Toyota of Madisonville, Ky. After 3 days of it being in there I get the call saying it's fixed. $418. They drained and flushed transmission, replaced the filter. Put a bolt back in where the nonexistent dip stick, dipstick line had lost one. That's why it had came out of tranny. Oh and new headlight and $45 towing bill added in on the total.

My fiance picks the Nitro up, awesome right. Ha!! He goes like a 1/4 mile to the gas station all is well. No check engine light, no transmission light, no winding sound! He fills the truck with gas, which spills out all over him when doing so. He gets back in and goes to head home. The parkway is directly across the street from the gas station. On the on ramp he hears the winding sound start. It shuts down and is back in LYMPH MODE! He then has to go illegally make a u-turn on the parkway, only able to go 25. And drive up the side of the breakdown lane and back to the dealership. Where the lady tells us "well he still had a lot of codes popping up. But you probably need a new transmission." Which to have done there was estimated at $4,500.

So apparently we paid $418 to have the transmission flushed and a new filter on a transmission that supposedly now needs replaced... If there are still codes (which is what's supposed to tell them what's wrong) why do they not know! If the tranny is shot then why did the check engine lights and transmission light go off when we first picked it back up? If transmission is shot wouldn't the transmission light and check engine light have stayed on???

So we still owe like $6,900 on a vehicle that Dodge says PROBABLY needs a $4,500 new transmission. So what was supposed to be my lasting dependable vehicle, barely lasted 5 mo. $3,000 down and still owe almost seven thousand! LASTLY KY HAS NO LEMON LAW ON USED VEHICLES! DODGE NITRO IS NOT A GOOD VEHICLE! DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT BUY ONE. NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOU THINK IT MIGHT BE! Dodge needs to recall all Nitro and give some sort of reimbursement to the consumers!

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Original review: Aug. 11, 2016

I bought a 2007 fully loaded Nitro in 2012. Two weeks later I took it on a road trip. I got 28-30 mpg. I'm from Colorado and used to mountain driving... so my trip to Seattle was a cake walk. The Nitro has about a 20-18 gallon tank. Yes it did spill over, but now I never put more than 17-18 gals from empty and so on and so on. It has not spilled over since. The plastic parts on the inside are a joke, but all my handles are intact and work, nice and easy does it. Everyone calls intermediate SUVs, trucks. But, they are only full-size cars on a truck frame and you have to treat them so. You can't slam the doors as you would an F150 and expect the plastic parts to hold up. The windows in the rear did snap! I checked the parts and they are cheap plastic also.

When my doors/back gate, would not unlock, I just went back to the personal settings and reset them. The leaking on my Nitro comes from the sunroof (I had a Camaro with the same problem) so when it rains I found if I park it flat or put a plastic cover over the sunroof it will not leak. (My Nitro had so much water it sound like an ocean wave going from the front to back seat.) I LOVE MY NITRO!!! I have not had any of the other problems... so I guess I'm one of the lucky ones. I went from 52,000 to 136,000 and I am very hard on car... The best to the rest of you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 11, 2016

I purchased a 2011 Dodge Nitro in September of 2015 and since then I've noticed these issues. The driver side window button works when it wants to. There is a hole or opening in the roof that allows water to leak into my car when it rains. It got so bad one day that it made the sound from the radio stop working. Also, the cd player does not work and has never worked since I've had the car. I put one cd in the player and it got stuck. I was able to retrieve it with a few tools and tried to get it to work again with no luck.

The car also stalls before it takes off when I press the gas which has always been scary for me. It always takes the air about 6 seconds to actually blow out when I turn the air on. The tire traction has given me a scare at times as well. I thought it might have just been the tires but I've had all four replaced and still no change. I really liked the vehicle when I first laid eyes on it but after dealing with it and seeing all of the negative reviews I've started saving for another one.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 4, 2016

I bought this 2007 Nitro in May 2009, right off the bat, started having issues. The first was the doors not opening from the inside. Not covered under warranty due to its considered "trim". Guess getting out is not a necessity! Then there have been the myriad of recalls (too many to list), and it has always leaked in the hatch and front driver side floorboard. It has quit in the road for no apparent reason, the heat/ air conditioning is nonexistent, windows and door locks are useless.

This was supposed to be my good car, of which it is NOT! The company ought to be held accountable for this sad excuse of an automobile. Just carried it to the Columbia Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership, and the latest repairs are over $3500. They suggested that I trade for something on their lot. Of course they made an outstanding trade offer of $500 for it! Just paid it off last May and ended up paying over $17,000 for a big piece of junk! I couldn't sell it with a good conscience to an individual knowing what I know.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 27, 2016

I purchased a 2009 Nitro less than 3 months ago and have, at this moment, had it in the service center for almost 3 weeks. It was making some rattling noises from the rear right side of the car. I also felt like it was misfiring when on the highway and inclining. Techs said they didn't feel the same issue but did find that my back end needed to be replaced. Why would this need to be done?? I was told, and verified on car fax, that the vehicle had never been in an accident. I paid just over $10,000 for it. Should I ask for some money back now that is considered 'rebuilt'? Is that even possible??

I have also found that the cd player will not release the one and only cd I put into it and the plastic cover on the lever to adjust the back incline on the front passenger seat, is broken. I have a monkey wrench on it in order to maneuver the back adjustment (Looks hideous!). I was told the radio and lever cover are not covered under warranty. WTH kind of crap is that?? Please tell me how and if I can avoid any further issues. Reading these other comments has me freaking out on what is to come!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 11, 2016

I purchased my 2007 dodge nitro SXT 4x4 new. Great at first but a lot of irritating, expensive, stupid little fixes... Headlights, floor heat vents, 'stuffing' under dash falling out and interfering with gas/brake pedal, strange dash warning lights, seat belts, airbags, tire pressure, thunderbolts, etc, just to name a few (making this vehicle very untrustworthy). Biggest complaint is the wipers! Every time the window is wet the wipers quit!!! Yep, rain, windshield washer spray, snow, etc... they quit. And the heater.. it just quit, in the middle of winter, on a road trip, no warning. Extended warranty big $$$$$ and just excuses. Either Dodge has a terrible product or really terrible mechanics because what they fix just keeps breaking and once warranty is up it's just, 'oops sorry, normal wear and tear.' As a senior on a disability pension, this is ridiculous! I do not trust this vehicle on the highway therefore stay in town. I am working on another wiper motor...

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 24, 2016

I bought this to my parents at 38000 miles last years and since I have it only problems appears!! First the electronic wires got on fire for no reason. Cost me over $1400 repair cost after only one month I bought it. Many sound problem appears. The same problem as mentioned below as the air bag sensor. Tire sensor always appears in the dash. And now during Christmas holidays to a trip to Windsor I had to chance the A/C Engine. Cost over $500. Just the engine and image cost during holiday between Christmas and New Year's eve preparation... Because it blow off and now winter season still in and the Heater just stop working... So now I am so frustrated. Also I forget to mentioned that water get inside the car but by where we never know but all the floor when is raining getting so wet and smell like ** after... And yes we smell a weird odor from the heater but no leak!! Anyway DODGE for me is NEVER AGAIN.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Feb. 14, 2016

I bought my Dodge Nitro in October of 2014 from Montrose Auto Group of Mentor, Ohio. This is the second car I bought from them (note that both cars are financed). The first was a 2012 Chrysler 200 and it was sold as is. I was pleased with the car and the dealership (note the dealership was Montrose of Brook Park, Ohio). The nitro is gorgeous and came with a warranty and I had to buy an after-market warranty for almost $2,500.00. From the first time I put the key in the ignition the car started and stalled immediately.

8 tries later the car started finally and stayed running. It also has black tape covering the tire pressure warning light, it had an exhaust leak, the headlight and interior lights dim in park and while driving, paint on the bumper is peeling, all body parts are loose as if it was completely taken apart, rear bumper damage not found when I looked at the online pictures (meaning someone backed into something on the lot probably), one of the 2 tv/DVD players in the headrest wasn't working. On the test drive the Nitro seemed to bog out or misfire, it backfired 3 times, and had power fluctuations when using power windows and almost stalls in reverse. When I take my foot off the gas it quickly loses power slowing the Nitro very quickly. Window price was $14,200 and listed in good condition. For all of you that don't know if a car doesn't start on first try or second or third it is automatically in poor condition.

I took it to my mechanic and to get the codes read. My mechanic said "you got yourself a lemon here". Codes read that the ECM (engine control module) needs reset or replaced. I returned to the dealership and told the salesman of all the issues and he said "if you chose this car we will fix all issues for you". I brought a 2000 Eclipse GT to trade in. The eclipse was modified and rebuilt for racing since many of my friends and family are involved in racing. That car starts on the first try every time and is very very fast and it's a 2000. The finance person asked me if I wanted the Nitro for the window price. I said "yes if you fix all issues to my satisfaction and you get me approved for financing." He smiled ear to ear. I noted that in my memory specifically as dishonest. They told me "take the Nitro home, show it to the family and fall in love". I will tell you this Nitro is gorgeous, it's all chromed out, changes 3 colors, has very dark window tint, and 2 TVs, runs sometimes.

The next day I returned with to the dealership to finalize the deal. I was met by the owner as he introduced himself. He personally went through the Nitro and saw all the issues. He even crawled underneath to find the exhaust leak and said "this car should never have come out of his service department with these issues" and said it has to go back into service. I also agreed. I was then led to an office where a gentleman was sitting with a pile of paperwork that he needed me to sign. I told him I'm not signing anything until the Nitro gets fixed or I'll either pick another car or go elsewhere. He then slid a delivery report to me which is a promise to fix the car. He said "here list all issues you want us to repair and it will be done" so I listed all issues personally in my handwriting. I signed it and also my co-signer signed it. Then he proceeded to have me sign all the contracts and paperwork.

When I got to the contract I said "I'm not signing this until the car is fixed and I decide to buy it". He then pulled out the delivery report and said "look we are promising to fix it and you even wrote all issues you want fixed on here". I said "oh ok" and started reading the contract and he said "come on it's getting late just sign the paper so we can go home". I again said "I want to make sure you're gonna fix the Nitro and I'll just take my Eclipse home until it's ready". He then told me the eclipse belongs to the bank now. I was shocked and said "no it's in my name give me the keys". He said "part of getting you approved for financing is using your car as a down payment so it's no longer yours and if you take it, you can be arrested for auto theft". I was more than upset because I smelled deception but had all the paperwork proving there was issues with the car and signed delivery report that it would be fixed.

I then asked for a rental at their cost or a loaner car to get to work and was told that is not their policy or their problem and as time ticked away I felt trapped and turned to the owner who gave his word and stood by all signed paperwork that the Nitro would be repaired and he would take good care of me. Keep in mind I gave the keys to my Eclipse to them so they could check it out for appraisal. They kept them and wouldn't give them to me when I asked. I signed all paperwork and the contract but stopped at the arbitration agreement and said this "I'm not signing because when my car isn't fixed I won't be able to afford to sue you". He again waved the delivery report around and stated all details I've explained earlier and was real annoyed I was putting up resistance. I then signed the arbitration agreement.

I met again with the owner who was in the main part of the building and he said congratulations for buying a car 10 years newer than my last car. Earlier when talking to the salesman he said "don't worry I'll hook you up with a rental" but he was not there at the time of signing, only the owner and the finance people. Shocking right? The owner said "ok so we have to take the Nitro in to be repaired so give me the keys back". I asked where does it need to go. He told me it's over an hour away in Kent, Ohio... I just laughed and said "oh no I signed the contract and you won't let me use my Eclipse or give me a loaner or rental so I'll take it to Kent, Ohio". From my house it's exactly 50 minutes away. I said I just need to go to work and get my work truck then I'll drop the Nitro off.

Remember the winter of 2014/2015 was terrible in Northeast Ohio. It took about a week to get set up so my boss would let me take my work truck home and everyday I was either late or had to call off because the Nitro wouldn't start and had issues. He even came outside at work to see the Nitro wouldn't start. The next day he brought me in the office to talk about why I bought a car that won't start. I told him it's going to be repaired when I get my work truck and can take it to Kent to be repaired. He then gave me the keys to my work truck and told me to get it fixed and showed me all the times I called off or came in late and said "this is not acceptable here". I told him "I am sorry just give me a chance I'll do better in the future". The next time I got in the Nitro to take it to Kent for repairs it had trouble starting and the wheels were locked. It sat at work about a week before then so I had no idea the ABS system locked my wheels.

I called the service department and told them of this new issue and asked if I could bring the Nitro in after winter when I could figure out why it's not moving. It was buried under more than 2 feet of snow at the time. I said either I bring it after winter or have it drug up the ramp of the flatbed which may destroy my brand new tires. The service writer agreed and said "no problem I'll note that in your file that your gonna bring it in after winter". After the melt I called to bring it in and the service department said "sure bring it in so we can fix it for you". Now to get the wheels unlocked I had 3 of my technicians outside with me giving me ideas of how to break it loose. I tried pumping the brakes, turning the wheel hard left and right while pumping the brakes and even tried the parking brake just in case. Nothing worked so I just slammed the gas pedal in drive and finally the brakes released after a couple minutes.

That is very dangerous and I don't recommend it since it blew the muffler apart and I almost crashed into the car parked across from me in the parking lot. Finally relieved I was taking it in for repairs I pulled out of the parking lot only to shoot the flow master muffler tip at the car behind me. I took it to Kent, Ohio where Montrose of Kent is and their main service department. The service writer went through my Nitro, writing down all the issues and told me most of the issues are well known for Dodge and Dodge product are garbage. He said he used to own a Dodge but had nothing but problems so he switched to Ford. That was very upsetting to me since he was about to work on my Dodge Nitro. My car was in their service for 13 weeks and was driven back to the dealership over an hour away for me to pick up. All repairs were refused and the engine light was on and it was still sending out codes.

It's been in the repair shop 5 times and never repaired fully. Every time I get the car back there is a new issue that causes the car to either break down or it has to go in for detailing. Finally I said enough is enough. I lost my job because of calling off and being late for compounded issues with my health and the car not starting. All my bills are in default and I'm losing everything I own. I sat down with the vice president of Montrose not per my request. I asked to meet with the president to privately handle this matter out of court since I'm a Marine Corps Veteran and through research I discovered many employees including the president and vice president of Montrose are also veterans of the military. The VP had in front of him my entire file for this auto deal and I begun telling him all the issues I was having with my Nitro, his employees and the service department at Montrose of Kent.

He thumbed through my file and asked where my wheel was. That's the delivery report from earlier. I laughed and said "funny you should ask because the original was stolen out of my glove box by your service department in Kent". They asked me where my wheel was because they couldn't find theirs. It took me over a year of asking to get a copy of the report and when it was handed to me it was not the one I wrote and was not my handwriting. Then I informed him of the auto fraud. See their finance person reported no repairs were needed at point of sale to my finance company and it was in good condition with 52,200 miles. Complete fraud. My contract was breached even before I signed it. Only after the repeated attempts to get my Nitro repaired did I uncover the fraud.

Point is have a lawyer look over all paperwork and make copies before and after you sign anything. Know your right and the laws of used cars. Know who you are buying from. Montrose is rated the number one used car dealership in Northeast Ohio so I felt I could trust them. This matter was refused by the VP to be handled privately. I personally uncovered all deception and gathered all evidence to hand to my lawyers to take to court. I now suffer from depression, anxiety and stress over this matter. I've started a class action lawsuit so hopefully more people can get resolution if they were frauded by Montrose Auto Group in this same matter. From reading all these complaints I realized this may go deeper than Montrose and the issue with my Nitro may originate from Dodge itself. Dodge did not fraud me or my finance company in this matter but may need to answer for all these unsafe issues dealing with Dodge Nitros.

Putting a car on the road that shuts off while driving or at a stop light and having brakes fail or lock your wheels is very unsafe and dangerous. One day someone is going to get hurt. I thank God that consumers practice safe driving and haven't fallen victim to auto wrecks. I myself have been involved in 6 near misses due to the brakes failing. Everyone with Dodge Nitro issues should seek a lawyer and proceed with legal action. Maybe if enough lawsuits come Dodge's way they will open their eyes to the danger their company has caused and the money and mental anguish Dodge Nitro causes. Best of luck to everyone. I wish I could leave my email or number because I would love to talk to others with similar problems.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 8, 2016

I bought my 07 Dodge Nitro Feb. 2008 brand new and as of Feb. 2016 it is still going strong. I have 97,000 miles on it and I have only had to replace 1 tire rod end, brakes, rotors and tires. It is going to shop today because my heat isn't hot like it should be but NO Complaints at all about it.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 1, 2016

I wanted a Nitro for several years and could not be more disappointed, not only in the vehicle, but in the company. When you try to contact Dodge, they make it impossible to reach someone who knows anything and is authorized to do anything. I went to the MI Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division, who contacted Dodge, who responded to the AG by saying "Have him contact us" and "Issue resolved". So the AG responds to me, "We will consider this issue resolved".

Weasels. I have had most of the problems mentioned above. In addition, the 4WD growls and whines. I have had 4WD all my life including some very old-school stuff so I know then the dealer says "Oh, they all do that", that I'm being fed a line. Treating me like a fool just doesn't work for me. Never had a 4WD that would lock up the way this one does in turns.

Now this AM, the lights are on and the battery is 90% dead, but the light switch is off. One of the biggest issues? This is the most dangerous vehicle on the road in terms of visibility. I don't know how the design ever got on the road, the A pillars are so wide it's easy to miss things at intersections. On this alone there should be a class action suit. It's my first Dodge. Way to make a first impression guys.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2015

2010 Dodge Nitro. This vehicle was advertised as loaded in great shape. Took for short test drive. Seemed ok... Signed paperwork and got back into vehicle to drive home. First off, glove box fell off... Seat in rear was down. So I wanted to let it up. Out had broken gear would not stay up... I asked for refund of 6 grand. I just handed over... I was told too late... I signed paperwork. Couple days later I noticed washer fluid pump was broke. Inside looked worn. Cheap leather on steering wheel was worn... charcoal emission canister needs replacing. Did brakes... Transmission slows quickly when I take got of accelerator... List goes on. A real nightmare. Never again.

Original review: Dec. 21, 2015

This is the worst car I have had in my entire life. It is unsafe!!! I bought this car brand new in 2007. The first brand new car I had ever purchased and from the second I bought it, problems. I felt compelled to write this review to add to the numerous other similar complaints. I have replaced the motor on all of my windows several times, my front sheets on the vinyl portion that was markets as leather is ripped to shreds. I also have the issue with the light flashing while in motion, usually in the freeway, gas spills out when pumping to full, the siding is lifting up by the door, my ac broke, compressor, glove compartment falls out when open, doors won't lock consistently, cd player doesn't always play... The list goes on... I feel that everyone who ever purchased this vehicle should be given back every dime they spent... It's disgusting, Dodge is a disgusting company for not seeking a recall on this cheaply made, dangerous vehicle.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 14, 2015

I bought my Nitro brand new 2008 9 miles only. I love this car. I call this car girlfriend. But girlfriend has been acting up. I can never say fill it up because if you don't watch it, it overflows. Back door will not open as if child guard is on, it's always locked. You have to manually unlock. AC works only when it wants to, and you smell antifreeze always but you can't see a leak. Last while you're driving airbag light will flash for passenger side of the vehicle even when there's no one or anything in the seat.

Original review: Dec. 2, 2015

We have owned our Dodge Nitro for four years. Someone seriously is going to get hurt! I have brought my 07 Nitro to the dealer many times for them to tell me they can't recreate the problem. Here we are in winter months, I'd hate to see something happen when I'm getting on a icy road and have no breaks, can't drive because I lost power. All of these complaints and nobody wants to fix the problem probably because it is a manufacture problem on Dodge's end. To hear them tell me "your truck doesn't have warranty anymore so we can't do anything." So what, Dodge only makes cars/ trucks that are good for 8 years?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2015

I looked at the board and saw all the people who have had bad experiences with the Dodge Nitro. I bought my 2007 Nitro new in February 2007 because I HAD to have a dependable car immediately. I am so glad I did! I now have over 273,000 miles on it and have had no unusual problems except the driver's inside door handle broke and had to be repaired at about 30K miles. WISH Chrysler was still making it.

Original review: Oct. 21, 2015

I thought it was just me - but reading the other reviews I am now relieved (not really) that I'm not alone. The A/C / heater blower motor works when it wants to and at times has a burning smell. The CD player ate a CD and won't give it back - nor will it play the CD. My driver's door handle broke. AutoZone tried to get me to order a new one but thankful the guys at work said there is a "door repair kit" with the small plastic piece I needed to repair. It contains 5 pieces for different models of vehicles and costs $5 or so.

My drivers window works when it wants to. I had the battery mysteriously die on me after I had my 4-ways on for 10 minutes. The engine has a whistling sound to it - no one can tell me why and there is no repair. Dodge won't do anything?? For the amount of money we spend then have to pay for repairs on top of that - it is FRUSTRATING! Please help all of us. Thank you. There needs to be a recall.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2015

I have a 2010 Dodge Nitro Shock edition. Since I bought it 8 months ago I have had multiple issues. Had miss fire on #5 cylinder which ended up being a bad casting of the cylinder head (passenger side), touch screen radio loses volume control at times, stalls for no reason (75 mph on interstate) and horns blows on its own without anyone near vehicle. All these issues are known problems across the board. I sent 2 emails to Chrysler and have not gotten a response. So much for customer satisfaction. Mileage is only 56,700. Per dealership, radio will have to be replaced ($1700 for radio alone). Totally Integrated Power Module needs to be replaced (approx $1200 parts and labor) and the horn circuit board needs to be replaced (approx $27.00 for part).

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Original review: Sept. 21, 2015

I bought a Dodge Nitro in 2008. It only had 35 miles on it. I happened to see this car and I love the way it look. But here comes the problems. The passenger seat plastic broke a year into having the car. They replaced but it has broken 2 more times since then. The passenger door handle broke from the inside. How are you supposed to get out? I had to pay to have that fix, but not that long after having that done My driver's side handle broke also. How am I supposed to get out of the car? I wrote a letter to Dodge and they help but not by much. Now I have this clicking noise every time I turn on the A/C or Heater. It lasts for about 30 seconds and goes away. I am so annoyed with it that I am afraid if I go to the dealership they will charge me to examine it and for parts it would probably be over thousand dollars to fix.

Next issue I have now, I tried to raise my passenger window. That piece broke and I can't raise the window. I have to reach across and raise it from the passenger side. Next issue this year, the alternator went out on my car. I smelt something burning. I lifted the hood of the car and instantly smoke billowed out. I went over to the dealership to show them a picture of what happened. They weren't sure what it is. I told them it was the alternator. I had the car towed there and it cost me over 600 to fix. ConsumerAffairs please help.

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Original review: Aug. 31, 2015

The Man that wrote about his 2007 Nitro amazed me with exactly the same problems I am having. Same issues down to the broken doors and windows and everything else with regular wear taken into consideration... Can anyone explain this to me. I just got towed off the freeway for what I suspect is the Alternator. Is there somewhere someone we can go to for these problems? I'm a working Grandma who does not have the funds to keep putting this truck back together.

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Original review: Aug. 30, 2015

I am so done with this car. I saved and saved wanted this car so bad. Put $10,000 down. The biggest waste of money I have ever spent. I purchased this 2007 Doge Nitro at the end of 2006. It has been problem after problem after problem. First problem driving down the highway at 65 the engine would just stop, so of course the steering would lock up. I took it to the dealer and they told me to write down every time it happened, how fast I was going, etc. Never did anything about it.

Then all my windows have gone off track two twice. The driver's side inside handle about to fall off. Regulators in three windows replaced. Constant brake issues. Window washer fluid doesn't spray out. Side rails falling apart. Roof of car paint coming off. Hood of car paint looks horrible. A/C compressor, clutch now the A/C knob. I always keep a car ten years. This one well it's been 8. I can't wait to get rid of it! I will feel guilty selling it to anyone. It needs to go to the junkyard.

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Original review: Aug. 30, 2015

I purchased a 2008 Dodge Nitro from a personal party last year, and the price was great for a used vehicle, and it looks nice and sporty, good gas mileage, and the ride is smooth, but over all I have been having small problems with big issues, such as the hydraulic brakes. Every time I hit a pothole and stab my brakes the hydraulics go out and I lose braking distance, it scary. Also just recently spent over 400 on the coolant system and here we are again with the same issue less than a year in. I wish these small issues would not exist because I would like the car even better.

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Original review: Aug. 18, 2015

I bought my Nitro 4x4 SLT brand new in February 2007. Since then, I've had the following issues: Car shutting off while driving, broken door handle - interior driver’s side, loose exterior handle - rear passenger, cracked leather on seats. Cargo door wouldn't unlock. Window regulators went out (both rear windows). When I go to unlock it remotely, alarm will randomly go off and a fan sound from the engine starts. The only way to kill it is to physically unlock it and start the car.

Both vanity mirrors have fallen off. Plastic pieces from driver’s seat have cracked and fallen off. Luggage rack (that I've never used) has cracked in multiple places. Both spray nozzles have cracked beneath the hood. Constantly have to replace rear lights because they go out and have melted part of the socket. Rubber cracked off the antenna. Clear coat has come off the roof and is beginning to come off hood. Adjusters on air vent have crumbled off. Front passenger airbag area is melted/deformed. Window control on driver side constantly pops up.

Screw cover caps on door have cracked off despite being inset. Plastic burning smell from the A/C. Occasional issues buckling driver seat belt, will come undone while driving. Windshield wipers don't turn off despite being in the off position. Turn signal will not stay on all the time. When disengaging turn signal, it will switch to the other direction and then back again. Gas constantly overflows while filling up. Alternator went out. A belt went out that only let me drive my car forward and backwards. Could not turn steering wheel.

This is frustrating when you pay over $30k for a car. I understand that I do have the responsibility to maintain the wear and tear, but this has been ongoing since I bought the car. I wish Dodge would offer a buyback program. We have always been a Jeep family but I will most likely look at another brand after my experience with this vehicle.

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Original review: Aug. 15, 2015

Just over 3 years ago, we bought our 2008 Dodge Nitro. Over the last year, we've been having problems with the headlights coming on by themselves. If we drive at night, the dash lights will dim or go out completely. We have to disconnect the battery cables so it doesn't drain the battery. It's really frustrating. I've never had this kind of problem with a vehicle before.

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Original review: Aug. 3, 2015

I have a 2007 Dodge Nitro. One week after purchasing it, while driving it my car shut off, had no steering since it locked up. I called place I bought it from and they would not do anything about it. Three years later still have same issue. I will be at a light or driving down the road and out of nowhere it will shut off. Very scary since I usually have my kids in the car. It does turn right back on but it's still the point that someone from the back can hit you while you are waiting to turn it back on.

I also had an issue with my back windows not going up. You can hear the motor running but will not go back up. I also brought it back to dealer for a recall that needed to be done. They said they didn't have the part for it after keeping my car all day. I called back in two days and they said they can't do the recall because supposedly it has been done already, but when I brought it in first time they said it hasn't been and that's why I'm having some issues. This car has been a headache since the week I bought it and will never buy a Dodge again.

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Original review: July 27, 2015

Not gonna go into too much detail, just going to list all the problems I have had with this pos. Bought it factory recertified. Hahaha. At 2 weeks after purchase, cracked head. Gas spills out when fueling. Airbag light is on - waiting for it to deploy on me. Car locks me out. Door lock switch doesn't work. Service engine light goes off and on. Water pump went out. A lighting bolt light comes on and then the car stalls and then it won't start for a while. It's been to the shop over and over again. Now that the warranty is up on it. I have a lemon that just keeps breaking. Help us consumer affairs!

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Original review: June 7, 2015

2007 Dodge Nitro - This MONEY PIT is a POS! IMHO one of the worst engineering offerings Dodge has ever given! From breaking parts made of plastic to designs that make some parts impossible to access, I'm ready to put this PITA on the curb with a sign that says TAKE ME... But I'm just not that cruel to someone else!

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Original review: May 29, 2015

So I purchased a 2007 Dodge Nitro about a couple months ago thinking they were pretty reliable vehicles. Never heard of anything going wrong with them or heard any bad stories about them so I thought okay. Well when I first purchased the car it was used and I was unaware of the cruise control does not work. No big deal take it to the mechanic to get it checked out but he came up with nothing. First red flag. Secondly on random occasions the radio would change. Second red flag. I'm no expert on cars but I know enough about them to know that this was an electrical issue.

Two months since I purchased at the dealership in which I got it from were unwilling to help me with anything. At this point I started speculating on whether or not I made the right decision by vehicle in first place. So at this point I started looking on the Internet to try and fix the issues myself to try and fix the cruise control. It wasn't long before I stumbled upon websites where I found nothing but bad complaints about the vehicle and similar problems that I was having. I started doing research and reading further long about how many people were experiencing the same issues. Not to mention another incident I had with the car where I turn the car off for roughly 3 or four minutes after the vehicle had been running driving fine, I was only going to check my mail.

As they went to start the car there was no power!!! Nothing. Not a crank, not a tick, not a burp, not A hiccup, NOTHING. Really suspicious after the vehicle is running and driving perfectly fine. Eventually we started it about couple hours later. It was a major inconvenience. So I continue researching the vehicle and come to find out people are having issues with the car turning off out of nowhere completely losing power while driving. I was immediately alarmed. What if that happened to me while I was driving, I began to worry because I knew there would be nothing I could do if it were to happen. There will be no signs before hand.

As crazy as it sounds a week later sure enough my car lost power while I was driving. I was going about 5 miles an hour think goodness in reverse and suddenly nothing breaks, got hard steering, will lock up and I'm stuck . I went to turn the car back on and there went started right back up. Super weird and crazy to think out of nowhere vehicles loses all power and then starts right back up afterwards. Can you say electrical issues?? And then come to find out everyone else the 2007 Dodge Nitro experienced the same thing?? Is it a coincidence or does it look to me there's something wrong with the 2007 Dodge Nitro which seems to me the Dodge company has not done anything about since they are still selling these vehicles on the market and letting other dealerships sell them as well?!?

Without any warnings, any recalls, or any signs that we would be experiencing something too, so could be a life or death situation. Imagine driving down the freeway 65 to 70 mph and all of a sudden losing power like some of the other 2007 Dodge Nitro purchasers experienced! THIS IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING THE DODGE MANUFACTURER SHOULD HAVE ADDRESSED TO THE CONSUMER AUDIENCE BY NOW! I'M frustrated beyond belief because there is nothing Dodge will do about this??!!

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