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The Dodge Nitro is a compact SUV that was produced from the 2007-2012 model years. Read more Dodge reviews to learn about other models.

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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Dodge Nitro?
    • 4,477,293 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    StaffEase of Use

    Reviewed Dec. 11, 2019

    My Nitro is an 07. I bought it from a pawn shop in Southern Oregon. It is a great car. Gets 20 mpg on Highway. I had to Reggie the roof strip on the front. I have put 50k on and am up to 170000 so far. I am happy with my SUV. I am 6’5” and it has good legroom. AC and Heater work great. 4x4 is easy to use. The child lock on rear door is a minus as well as no key entry on tailgate was a surprise. Lots is storage in rear and hidden compartments. Good ride!


    Reviewed April 13, 2019

    We bought a brand new Dodge Nitro 2011, the first year in 2012 we had braking light issues constantly replacing rear brake lights, then had issues with the starter and water pump replaced along with a new battery. Several years into ownership the rear brakes finally would not work. We had replaced everything possible for the brake lights and finally took it to the dealership and the dealer told us we needed a new TIPM - had that replaced cost $1,200.00. After having that replaced needed a toggle switch for the turn signal, cost $250.00, then the regular radio would not work.

    After replacing the TIPM, now the car dies out while driving, horn goes off when driving. (disconnected horn) The satellite radio is now making popping sounds. I will never buy a Dodge product again. Dodge was well aware of these computer problems and did not notify the purchasers of the defective computers. I have proof of cost for the repairs and disgusted by the manufacturer to produce such junk. When I complained to the dealership about the issues he laughed and said I have $30,000.00 vehicles that won't start, what does that tell you.

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      Punctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Nov. 4, 2018

      We were on the look out for a SUV style 4x4, went to a private seller who had all service history and a low mileage Nitro, in fact very low, I took it on a test drive for about 25 minutes, driving town and motorway, on the way back it broke down and went into limp mode, the vendor unusually freaked out and said I would have to pay for the apparent damage, I just calmly told him no, got out of his car and walked away. A week later the car was still at the side of the road. DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE CARS! I feel like I have dodged (no pun intended???) a bullet.

      Contract & TermsSales & MarketingPriceStaffReliability

      Reviewed Oct. 18, 2018

      Bought the 2007 Nitro brand new. 1st year driving and stopped at red light. Car shut off. Engine problems. Warranty changed 4 of 6 cylinders, changed aircondition 3 times due to leak and malfunction. 2017 car engine broke again less than 50,000 miles of new engine, head gaskets changed and still check engine light on. Warranty wouldn't pay due to 5 yr powertrain warranty that was not written in warranty contract. Dodge said dealer should have told us and dealer said Dodge should have informed its customers. They only offer and sell the warranty, Dodge enforces it by approval. The pass the buck method. I will never recommend a Dodge. We had 3-4 family members buy Dodge and I firmly believe Chrysler knows it sold these junk cars and stop productions as they experience all the complaints and repairs.

      This company should not be selling their vehicles in the U.S. If they can't back their products or warranty as they stated. They should take them out the market. I know many politicians can and have seen these troubles on many websites but have anyone tried to address this incompetent behavior of scamming the customer with poorly built vehicles. No, the few that are still operational, is a wave of luck, but luck will run out. These vehicles are trash that should have not been sold. By far this is the worst vehicle I have ever purchased and the lifetime warranty is worthless, that's why they discontinued it themselves. They appear to know that their products are bad, expensive to fix and made cheaply.

      They put these vehicles like a plastic car kit, when the glue that holds them together wear off they fall apart from engine to exterior and interior. If you want to buy a reliable and safe car don't be support Chrysler, they don't support their customers especially when the dealerships just shake their head when you drive up. They also know. It's all about taking your money because American love beautiful vehicles and they focus on beauty not dependability. Take note from all these complaints. These are everyday people who work hard for their money to be abused by companies they support. Shame on Chrysler for producing a product that is so unreliable and don't want to warrant it themselves.


      Reviewed June 21, 2018

      The Dodge Nitro is a reliable car, has nearly 90,000 miles and has only required normal maintenance, is a familiar brand and I've owned two of the same models. It is the size car I needed and wanted and has four wheel drive. It was in my price range but also had the body style I was looking for. And it handles well in the snow. But there aren't a lot built in features or cruise control. Also this model is no longer made making me wonder if there are underlying problems.

      Sales & Marketing

      Reviewed May 2, 2018

      Dodge Nitro - Power and battery problems and "shorts" in the heater. Add to that unethical dealers and the model was designed to scam "electrical problems". Also starter problems and very panicky in winter.


      Reviewed Oct. 7, 2017

      I bought my 2011 Dodge Nitro May of 2012. It had 22 miles on it when I purchased it. It now has 104353, I do not regret buying this car at all, This car has been a very reliable vehicle. It runs well in the snow, I feel safer driving this vehicle in the snow than I do my 2014 4 wheel drive Toyota Tacoma. I have had no problems with the Nitro whatsoever. I just replaced the front brakes for the second time and the back for the 1st. I have kept up with the oil changes and had the transmission serviced at 85000 miles. Also had the differential oil changed once at 85000 as well.

      I Love this car. Maintenance is the key to keeping your car from breaking down. I would rate 98% of the time buying a lemon of a vehicle has something to do with how it was taking care of before you purchased it. I have seen all different styles and makes of new cars on the side of the road broken down. Nothing we buy is perfect. However I do thank all of you for your reviews.

      Reviewed April 6, 2017

      My 08 Dodge nitro 4x4 I'm having the same issue as the other nitro owners. My door locks will unlock but won't lock unless you lock them manually. Transmission won't shift properly on freeway hard to accelerate. Sounds like it wants to bog out. Strains to stay at 70.

      Reviewed Oct. 14, 2016

      I bought a 2007 Dodge Nitro two years ago. I've had good and bad experience with it. But recently more bad than good. First off, the turn signals don't work how they should. When you turn on the left the right one will come on and vice versa. Now I found out that the actual ports where the bulbs plug in are burnt and I can only get them replaced by the dealership. I was told it's an electrical issue by my mechanic and that I should check and see if there are any recalls for it. I haven't found any so far. My power locks don't work on one side of my car and there is a miss that for some reason no one at the dealership can figure out. There is also a noise coming from the front end that I've had checked and was told they can't find anything. This vehicle has been more troublesome than I ever intended it to be. Seriously can't wait to get a different vehicle very soon.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Aug. 19, 2016

      Back in February (around tax time) we decided that we needed a good, dependable, roomy vehicle. We were tired of spending $1,000 to $1,500 on vehicles that break completely down within six months to a year. We began our search around town. We live in a small town in Hopkins Co. KY... Didn't see anything we liked. So we traveled 30 min north to Henderson Ky. to a dealership called Dempewolf Chevrolet. My co-signer (which dealer secretly put it completely in her name) had top notch credit, so obviously the dealer was so anxious to get us into a vehicle. We were looking at cars originally.

      Then we saw this cute little suv... A 2008 Dodge Nitro RT. Had never heard of one. So we decided let's take it for a spin. We get in and it's fully loaded. I'm talking gps, 2 tvs (one in back and the radio is a tv/DVD player/jukebox/navigation), sun roof. Infinity speaker system. You name it it had it. It drove great. Had good puck up, very roomy. We were very impressed. Though the vehicle had 106,000 miles on it, we didn't think that was bad for an eight yr old vehicle.

      So we signed papers for the truck. Now I say we, but they ended up not putting me on the loan. Without us even knowing. So when the title comes in, my name isn't on it. We then have to go 30 miles back to go to the loan office and add my name to title... but title only. So my credit is not building on a vehicle we still owed $8,500 on. (We put 3,000 down.)

      We immediately got the oil changed and it was actually at the same place the previous owner used. So we had a list showing where they had the oil changed regularly and stuff. So we were excited. Oil filter was clear and all was good there. Thinking wow we have a great vehicle. We were happy customers. Then the little things!!! Radio would go silent for a few hrs here and there. Held a cd hostage for a few days, not big. Then we notice what looks to be water spots around the sun roof and top of windshield. Don't know where it leaks in. Doors would not lock when pushing button on the door. Windows would get stuck on down, but eventually go back up. Headlight just all the sudden went out. Only 3 tire pressure lights work. But little things.

      Then after the 5th car payment, it all sudden barely go... like no power when foot was on accelerator. Took me 20 min to go 10 ft in reverse to the front of my driveway. Put it in drive and it wouldn't go at all. My boyfriend, son and daughter in law had to push me back in my driveway. I read in owner's manual about this lymph mode. Which is supposed to happen if there is a transmission issue, so that the transmission doesn't tear up. So we begin asking around and googling what could be wrong. Well this vehicle does not have a transmission dip stick. Instead it is capped off. The lid says "dealer use only". So as a consumer you can not check your own fluid.

      Well once I found this mysterious non-checking dip stick line I realize it feels loose. On further inspection, it's completely out of the transmission... so wtf. We get that put back in. Do the directed process to rest transmission, (getting it out of lymph mode) go to back out of driveway. Terrible winding sound. Still hardly any power but it would get up to 25 mph. But that was it. We turn around and park the truck. Have it towed to local Dodge dealership. Watermark Toyota of Madisonville, Ky. After 3 days of it being in there I get the call saying it's fixed. $418. They drained and flushed transmission, replaced the filter. Put a bolt back in where the nonexistent dip stick, dipstick line had lost one. That's why it had came out of tranny. Oh and new headlight and $45 towing bill added in on the total.

      My fiance picks the Nitro up, awesome right. Ha!! He goes like a 1/4 mile to the gas station all is well. No check engine light, no transmission light, no winding sound! He fills the truck with gas, which spills out all over him when doing so. He gets back in and goes to head home. The parkway is directly across the street from the gas station. On the on ramp he hears the winding sound start. It shuts down and is back in LYMPH MODE! He then has to go illegally make a u-turn on the parkway, only able to go 25. And drive up the side of the breakdown lane and back to the dealership. Where the lady tells us "well he still had a lot of codes popping up. But you probably need a new transmission." Which to have done there was estimated at $4,500.

      So apparently we paid $418 to have the transmission flushed and a new filter on a transmission that supposedly now needs replaced... If there are still codes (which is what's supposed to tell them what's wrong) why do they not know! If the tranny is shot then why did the check engine lights and transmission light go off when we first picked it back up? If transmission is shot wouldn't the transmission light and check engine light have stayed on???

      So we still owe like $6,900 on a vehicle that Dodge says PROBABLY needs a $4,500 new transmission. So what was supposed to be my lasting dependable vehicle, barely lasted 5 mo. $3,000 down and still owe almost seven thousand! LASTLY KY HAS NO LEMON LAW ON USED VEHICLES! DODGE NITRO IS NOT A GOOD VEHICLE! DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT BUY ONE. NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOU THINK IT MIGHT BE! Dodge needs to recall all Nitro and give some sort of reimbursement to the consumers!

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