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    Chrysler Sebring

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    Chrysler Sebring refers to a line of mid-size luxury vehicles, including convertibles, sedans and coupes, that were made from 1995-2010. Read more Chrysler reviews to learn about other models.

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    62 Chrysler Sebring Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 6, 2014

    2010 Sebring Hard Top Convertible 6,000 miles A LEMON!! - My wife and I would take her father's Sebring on vacations and have put most of the miles on this car. I have been a car nut for years and the first time I drove it, I knew there was a problem with the transmission. It didn't want to downshift and traveling at 60 mph I would step on the gas and NOTHING!!! Wouldn't get out of its own way. The car went back to the dealer and told her parents it was fine. Well how about the water pooling on the floor in the rear? They said they fixed it and I could have taken a swim in the backseat yesterday. All this and horrible gas mileage, front end shaking and only 6,000 miles? The car is a pig and an embarrassment to the manufacturer. I would like to buy American but not this garbage they are producing.

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    Original review: March 19, 2014

    I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring. The antifreeze start leaking when I turn them on. After a day or two I refill it. One Sunday I drive it. It cut off. Have it tow. The mechanic said that the water pump were bad. The water and oil mixed. Now I have to have a motor replace because pump inside of motor that not right because Chrysler put pump inside the motor.

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    Original review: Feb. 4, 2014

    I made the unfortunate mistake of buying a 2007 Sebring. I bought mine in March 2007... it had 12 miles. The second day I had the vehicle, the motor in the driver side power window started making cracking noises. Had to take it back to the dealer for repairs. 7 years later I wish I had just given the car back. A year after purchase there was a recall for an engine problem - okay fine. JUST 2 YEARS after the purchase the alternator went completely out - just after the warranty expired mind you. Later that year the engine shield went fell off. 3 years after purchase all the rear lights had to be replaced, brake, tail lights etc. Then I had the infamous "stuck in park" problem that year. Turns out that was another recall. Then the lower radiator hose busted out of the blue. Its a part that has to be specially ordered.

    Numerous serpentine belt replacements. Then the engine started misfiring. Expensive tuneup to fix. The TPMS went out 2-3 years after purchase; all of the tire stems wore out... almost at the same time. They are 100 bucks to replace each, otherwise the tire pressure light stays on no matter how much air is in the tires. There is a fan in the ac system that makes loud popping noises for a solid minute when you turn air/heat on or off. The passenger and driver windows work when they want, sometimes they go down on their own. Just this week, I had to replace the power steering pump and hoses... List goes on and on. Worst vehicle I have ever owned. My Chevy Cavalier and Pontiac Sunfire were so much more dependable... Never buying a Chrysler again.

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    Original review: Nov. 7, 2013

    I bought a used 2000 Chrysler Sebring LXI in 2010 from a mechanic. It's been a great car and was in wonderful condition but the past year, the paint on the roof is deteriorating to the point that it looks like someone set something on top and scraped the whole roof. Rust is starting to form. As I can't afford at the moment to have it repainted, I don't know what to do. I read where another customer is having the same problem. The clearcoat seems to be coming off of it on the front and sides of the car and I'm afraid the same thing will happen to the rest of the car just like the roof. I understand it's an old car but the paint was in perfect shape when I bought it.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Nov. 3, 2013

    I am not sure if you guys can help or not but I wanted to give this a try. I purchased a brand new 2010 Chrysler Sebring Touring edition back in October 31, 2010. I have been the only owner of this car. I have had nothing but trouble with this car before it was a year old. At first it started with simple things and now 3 years later is all to pieces. This car had zero miles when I purchased it and it has never been wrecked. Last September 12, 2012 the racking pinion went out. I received a call from Naber Dodge stating it would cost me over $1,200.00 dollars for the repair. I then called Chrysler Customer Service. At this point they covered half of the repair but then I had to pay almost $400.00 for the repair and then the cost of a rental car.

    My car does have a higher amount of mileage due to the fact I have babies that require a lot of medical attention that is four hours away from home. The car had 52,000 miles when the first racking pinion went out. It also was covered under a one year warranty. This September 15, 2013 three days after the year warranty went out the racking pinion went out again. This is uncalled for. As I ask the dealership why does this keeps happening their response was we aren't sure. I then called Chrysler Customer Service again. At this point they did cover the cost of the repair but $100.00 that I had to pay plus again I had to cover the cost of the rental car.

    I finally got a call a week later from Naber Dodge stating my car was ready. I went on that Thursday to pick it up. The car still had the same noise that I was hearing before I took it in to get the repair done and then another noise as well. It was a winding scrubbing noise. They simply stated that there could be air in the lines to drive it for 30 miles and it should quit. I drove it for 100 miles and the noise was no better. I then was told to bring it back. I did that again and had to leave it. Once again paying for another rental car. I then received a call from Naber Dodge on that Monday stating that I needed a whole new steering column. That cost was over $1,500.00 dollars. At this point I lost it.

    I also questioned why did they replace the racking pinion if that wasn't the issue. They stated I needed both. So then I called Chrysler Customer Service again. They agreed to pay for the repair but once again I had to pay for the rental car. So then I leave the car again. I finally received a call that next week stating my car was ready but the noise is still there stating from Naber Dodge that he has called in an engineer to look at my car because he had done all he could do and the noise is coming from the racking pinion again. He also stated he has a 2013 Chrysler 200 in the shop right now with the same noise and can't fix it until they know how to fix mine. So the dealership reassured me it was safe to drive as I didn't want to get the car back until it was fixed.

    I took the car back on October 31, 2013. As you can see this has been going on and off for over a month. The car was driving ok that day. As I took my kids trick and treating (my mother was with me), the car started acting crazy making an awful noise. I drove it home very carefully and was praying the whole time. I called Naber Dodge first thing Friday morning 11/01/2013. They towed my vehicle in. I received a call around noon stating that my front left axle and wheel bearing was bad. I asked how in the world did this happen in just the matter of hours. Kevin stated once again he doesn't know. Kevin is the service department manager. He stated this repair was over $600.00 dollars.

    I have mentally broke down over this car. I had just paid Enterprise $291.00 dollars on Thursday 10/31/2013 for a rental. So after going around and around with Naber Dodge and Chrysler Customer Service, they wanted to cover a rental and for me to pay for the repair. I said no. I also had to travel four hours yesterday 11/02/2013 as my daughter had a competition. I am not made of money and can not afford this and a person doesn't expect for a new car like this to have all these troubles. They wanted me to drive the car and return it Monday to get it fixed. As the day went on the final agreement was everything would be covered but I have to pay $187.00 dollars for the repair. Put in this jam I had to agree. How could they even expect me to drive it when they towed it in on Friday.

    I have spoken to several mechanics and this stuff should not be happening to a car that just hit three years old. I could understand if this was a used vehicle or an older car. Please give me some advice on what I can do. I can't afford this type of stuff to be happening. I feel like there is something wrong with the frame of this car. They are wanting to fix the axle and wheel bearing and let me drive it until the engineer contacts them regarding the racking pinion. If something should happen to myself or my babies while in this car, there would be tons of lawsuits even that could never replace a life.

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    Rated with 1 star
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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 18, 2013

    Back window seal failed. Major leak in top. Contacted Chrysler and they said there is no recall on the issue. I googled the problem online and found numerous complaints about the same issue. The seal around the back window was visibly rippled. Chrysler would not do anything to fix the problem. I ended up taking the car to a local repair shop here in East Tennessee and the mechanic was honest and told me what needed to be done. He removed the window and fixed the seal. No leaking now. :) Just wanted to put this out there to other 2008 Chrysler Sebring convertible owners.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: March 27, 2013

    Chrysler 200 - We purchased this car and was not happy from day one. We were overcharged. Looking at the new 2013 model (we had 2011), they are at $18,000; we paid over $25,000. We will never recommend this Chrysler Jeep Freehold to anyone. My son had an accident; the car was totalled and air bags never went off.

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    Rated with 2 stars
    Original review: Dec. 27, 2012

    In 2011, I began to have problems with my 2006 Sebring Convertible seatbelt sticking and not pulling out. If I manipulated it for a while, it would work okay. This happened occasionally, but in September 2011, it froze up and would not come out. I was leaving on a road trip the next day, so I went to my mechanic and he fixed it for $85. For the rest of the year, it stuck a couple of times but I could make it work.

    In January 2012, it stuck permanently. I took it into Hinckley's. After checking it, they said the entire assembly would need replacing. I had them replace it and it cost me $470. No problem, it worked fine for about five months. Then it stuck a couple times but I got it to work again. I sent a certified letter to Hinckley's explaining what had happened and stating that I wanted a record of this problem beginning slowly as the first seatbelt did long before the guarantee was expired. I got a call from Bob asking me to bring it in. I did and he looked at it. He said they couldn't see anything wrong and would probably have to see it when the problem was occurring. Makes sense. I said I would bring it in next time without manipulating it. Actually, it happened twice when I was on a road trip to Post Falls, Idaho in September 2012.

    On Christmas Eve, it bound up and I could not get it to pull out. I left it alone and did not drive until I took it to Hinckley's this morning. I didn't see Bob but another man helped me. He yanked on it and it didn't pull out. He let it go in a slight ways, yanked again and it came out. That didn't surprise me. That's how I get it out when it sticks. Yank on it, move it around, etc. It was unfortunate that it worked so quickly with him. He said the seat belt was folded over and that's what made it stick. He also denied that he yanked once before he was successful. He printed out a copy of the original bill (which I already had) and showed me the date of 1/17/11 and said the guarantee (or warranty, whatever) was good for one year. After that, there was no responsibility. I am a fairly vibrant 75-year old and I don't appreciate being talked to like I don't understand a guarantee. I also have documented that this began long before the guarantee was due to expire. And, in spite of my age, I can figure out that the problem with the first one was a bit more than the belt being folded over. That would hardly require a whole new assembly.

    I wish I were better at names. Bob (no last name) seemed interested in helping me solve the problem. This last fellow (no name) seemed interested in saving money for Hinckley's. I have documentation for all of this and will gladly send you copies if you are interested in working with me. There are obviously no photos but there are several documents. I have been very happy with the car. Except for the seat belt, it has been trouble-free. I was also very happy with the salesman when I bought it. I have intended to get another Sebring Convertible for my next car. My next car will definitely be a convertible, but I am not quite so sure now that it will be a Chrysler. I want to know I'm dealing with a company that stands behind its products. Please help restore my faith in Chrysler to do that.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Oct. 8, 2012

    My husband and I purchased a 2001 Chrysler Sebring limited convertible with 89,988 miles on it, as is and no warranty on July 3, 2012. It was being sold at a special price for the holiday for $4995.00 but was originally listed at $6995.00 from Brubaker Chrysler Jeep, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We were told that this car was completely in perfect running order and had in fact been owned by a Chrysler dealer. Sept. 9, my husband Matthew was driving to work at 4:30 am on Rt 724, going 45 mph. The engine blew - obviously not expected! Towed to mechanic, and we are told it is completely not able to be repaired. Mechanic said the oil was so old and there was so little oil in it, less than 1 1/2 quart in a 5-quart engine, that the engine blew and that we should call the dealer.

    Called the dealer, Sept 10. I am told that they don't always change the oil in the used cars prior to sale by Jeremy (new car manager) although they did change the oil in this car. But as it's unfortunate, they will give me a fair trade in value of $3000.00 and that they will get me a replacement car of equal quality, mileage, and gas economy, while keeping my monthly payment where I need it about $160.00. Sept. 13, I was at the dealer and showed two vehicles by the used car manager Dave - a 2006 Mazda 3 with 67000 miles being sold for $9995.00 and a 2003 Saab Vector with 89000 being sold for $8995.00. Since they show me these two cars in particular, I assume they will drop the selling price and wig my trade in will be able to get my monthly payment where I need it.

    For 5 hours, I sit there and am repeatedly told that they can get it no lower than $208.00! I explain that if I could afford that, I would have bought a car at that payment 2 months ago. They say they understand but nothing they can do. I speak to Bill Durkota, the president of the dealership. He says he doesn't know why I was showed these two vehicles as he cannot make a bad business deal and lose that kind of money. He suggests that I borrow money from my parents or grandparents! He added that otherwise I will have to wait until a cheaper car comes on the lot. I explain that if he does not fix this situation fast, I will involve the Chrysler corp. He says, "Go ahead. You're just wasting your time and money."

    I call Chrysler, and they say they completely understand and will do everything possible to help, that they certainly don't want their customers being treated this way, and are very sorry for the stress and inconvenience. For 2 1/2 weeks, Bill Durkota and my case manager Anthony at Chrysler play phone tag. Nothing is accomplished. I receive a new case manager, Christine, two days ago; and she tries to contact Bill. I explain to her that I don't understand why it is taking this long and that Bill should at this point be willing to come down in the price of one of the two cars that I was showed that are still sitting on his lot!

    Out of curiosity yesterday, I search common complaints and defects of my model and year car. I am bombarded with the same problem my car had! I have over 30 pages of consumer comments and complaints, and I keep finding more. All state that Chrysler is aware of the problem and will not do a recall because there aren't enough cars this has happened to to warrant repair or recall. The same problem is repeated over and over with the 2.7-liter engine being inadequate to handle the oil flow which then causes sludge and eventual engine failure! Replacement is needed, but that the only engine that can be used is another 2.7-liter, meaning that the problem will happen again later down the road. Also, I found that not only is this the problem with the Sebrings, it also occurs in the Intrepids and the Stratus. Why has Chrysler ignored this fact? Why isn't there a recall?

    Today, I spoke to Christine (my case manager at Chrysler) and tell her of my findings and that I think my engine should be replaced free of charge or that Chrysler corp should pay the difference on one of the two cars I was showed at Brubaker so that my husband can get back on the road. She says they can't and won't do either. I ask to speak to a higher-up manager, and she says there is no one or she would gladly forward my case to them. I ask to speak to an owner or CEO, and she says she can't give out internal information to the public! That's she is sorry but cannot gel me any further. I said that I was going to contact the media and then my lawyer to investigate further. She said that she can't tell me not to do it if I feel it's necessary. I ask her if she drives a Chrysler vehicle, and she said she is not comfortable answering that question.

    I feel that this is negligent on Chrysler's part and that something needs to be done. People are driving these cars with their families in them, putting them at risk for an accident and/or financial detriment every time they turn the key. I now have a car that is worthless and needs $4000.00+ worth of work and a $5,511.70 loan, and I still have no vehicle! My husband is using my vehicle to get back and forth to work. I am an at-home mom with a 2-year-old son. A few days ago, my son fell into a dining room chair and split his eyebrow open. I couldn't get him to the doctor.

    This car should have been 'inspected' better by the dealer mechanics. Someone should have seen how old the oil was and maybe taken the time to research further. This is dealer auto fraud not only from the dealer themselves but branching back all the way to the manufacturer.

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    Original review: Aug. 8, 2012

    The vehicle, 2002 Sebring LXi, showed no warning lights indicating a drop in coolant, overheat situation or check engine. The car just died in the middle of a busy intersection, my 21-year-old daughter narrowly escaped being rear-ended by a tractor trailer. She had the car towed to my mechanic who, after attempting to manually diagnose, proved inconclusive (other than it was obvious that coolant had contaminated oil, "frothy like a milkshake" in his words), hooked up the vehicle to OBD and no error codes were thrown. Rather than immediately assuming a blown head gasket, he accessed the water pump to find it had disintegrated. The bearings had blown and impeller was shot. The oil pan was filled with metal chunks.

    The car has a retail value of over $5,000. I still owe $3,000 and my only fix is to replace the engine to the tune of approximately $4,000. I discovered from numerous complaints found on the internet that replacing the engine will not cure the problems inherent with its poor design. The $4K expenditure might again prove futile should failure of subject components occur in the future. I need some sort of recourse to recoup the cost of the vehicle and the cost expended in the attempt to repair and diagnose (approximately $1,800 to date). How should I proceed with Chrysler given the car was designed/built pre-bankruptcy? Is Fiat liable as they purchased Chrysler's assets? I am not alone in this problem, many other owners have experienced the same. Help!

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    Rated with 2 stars
    Original review: April 16, 2012

    2000 Chrysler Sebring JXI seat belt restraint system - With the car sitting unused for a period of time (10 days or more), the battery was dead and would not start the car. The car was taken to two different dealerships to find out what was draining the battery, only to be told there was no problem with the car. I troubleshot the car myself and found that the circuit supplying the seat belt control module was drawing .5 AMPS from the battery while the car was shutdown. This makes sense because this circuit is live when ignition is shut off. It appears the seat belt control module is defective. Further investigation revealed the seat belt alarm and warning light were not functioning when belts were not being used. It is somewhat disconcerting to know we have been driving with a malfunctioning restraint system after your dealerships told us there was no problem with the car. It is unknown what other functions of the system are inoperative also.

    I am concerned that many other cars with this same restraint system are on the highways with their owners unaware the system may not work when needed. I am aware this system is out of warranty and beyond the federal and Kansas restraint law provisions, however, I am reporting this problem to the NTSA. It should also be noted that the seat belts continued to be able to be withdrawn and attached several trips before they lock and could not be withdrawn.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Original review: Nov. 30, 2011

    I spent $2,500 for a GPS built in to my Chrysler Sebring 2008. It's the worst GPS I ever had. So I thought maybe it needs to be upgraded with a new CD. Well, the upgrade CD costs $163.00. I hope this CD works otherwise, I am going to rip this peace of junk out and get a $100 Tom Tom which works much better!

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    Original review: Nov. 8, 2011

    I bought my parents a Chrysler Sebring last August. They are in their 80's and I thought this to be a good reliable car. In December the truth came out. It was not that the car was not reliable but extremely inconvenient. The battery went dead in 4 inches of snow and needed to be replaced. I am not helpless so I went out to change it. Little did I know that you had to remove the tire to get to the battery. So, I had to call someone to come jump me so that I could drive the car to one of my only battery suppliers. Once I got there I found that Kmart does not replace the batteries just sells them. So once again I had my car jumped and went to Mikes auto shop. See, we are in a small town and not buttoned down with frillies. When I got there It was a big ordeal, not only was it and extra $60 but by the time I had got there, my parents were late for their doctor's appointment and I was irate. Needless to say the design of the car was a complete disaster.

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    Original review: April 14, 2011

    I just purchased a 2010 Chrysler Sebring Convertible from Auddie Brown Mitsubishi in Florence, SC. I had this car only for three days when it rained and found the back window leaked. Because it is still under factory warranty, Auddie Brown said I had to take it to Efird Chrysler dealership to have it fixed. I actually want Auddie Brown to take this car back as I'm already having to have it fixed and haven't even had it a week; however they tell me too bad, they already got their money. They actually said that to me. I'm extremely upset, frustrated, having huge anxiety after the awful experience of being pressured into buying this car, and now I am going to have to deal with another dealership, which is twenty miles one way from my house.

    I called to make an appointment to bring the car in and immediately the lady who answers in the service dept is not very nice at all. I can only bring the car in on a Friday, and it will have to be left the entire day, which of course I stated that I would need a loaner while it was being fixed. She immediately got nasty to me stating they do not loan out vehicles and told me to go back to where I bought it and have them loan me one, which is what I ended up having to do.

    So I dropped the car off early and received a call back late afternoon that they had someone from outside come in and take a look at it, and had to submit it to corporate to get approval to fix it. That I could come pick it up at any time, but would have to bring it back again once they received approval. I became even more frustrated with this because I specifically asked the guy who took my key that morning (Mike) if it would be fixed that day, and he said yes, it would. So now I've got to go all the way back to Florence (went back to work in Hartsville), and will have to bring it back again. I went to Auddie Brown to pick up the salesperson that loaned me the car, and we then went over to Efird so I could pick up my car. She walked in with me to make sure everything was okay, and made a comment about a patch of white stuff on my top (it is black, this stuff was white) that looked like some kind of glue, and she even stated I needed to say something to them about it. But, I was extremely tired, upset, and simply ready to go home, which is what I did.

    The next day I got up and got in the car and found the same white stuff that was on the roof on the steering wheel, which made me even more upset. Seems I'm getting upset a lot huh? I tried to get this stuff off; however the steering wheel is black and has tiny bumps to have a better grip, and this white stuff is down in the steering wheel and not coming off. I opened the trunk and the metal piece underneath the back window is bent up extremely bad and guess what, it has this white glue stuff all over it! It's difficult to describe the severity of the damage; however it's the deck piece of flange metal just underneath the trunk lid edge that holds the rubber to keep the trunk from leaking. This piece was bent up and back approximately a foot and a half across to where there was a huge opening into the trunk. I called Efird and explained what I had found, letting them know they were going to have to fix it; however I was told they did not do it and even if it did happen there they would not be responsible for any cars dropped off.

    So that's about it. I had to try and bend the metal back down to keep the trunk from leaking, and it looks awful. And, I now have to take it back to these people to have not only the window fixed, but now there's something wrong with the power steering pump. I've called Auddie Brown and told them how unhappy I was with this purchase, having to drive back and forth twenty miles one way to have it fixed, having it damaged, taking time off from work which I really cannot miss, and the list goes on. I am completely at a loss and feel Efird needs to pay for the damage done.

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    Original review: Dec. 28, 2010

    I have not bothered to call Chrysler as it seems that does not work based on many stories I have read. I have a 2007 Chrysler Sebring which I purchased used in 2008 with 16,000 miles. A few months after I purchased ,it It was dead in the driveway, unable to shift out of park. The dealer insisted I had spilled something on the shifter. I had not and after looking at it, the mechanic said he had never seen anything like that before. The shifter just broke. I have since seen a recall notice for this.

    My battery died after about 8 months! What genius decided to make it necessary to remove the fender and wheel to get to a battery! My passenger window only works sometimes and the rear passenger window will not work from the drivers seat. And the tire light, that thing flashes no matter what. My biggest problem, however, is that in the two years I have owned this vehicle, it has surged forward several times after being at a complete stop. The most recent was this morning when the vehicle popped over a parking spot barrier and nearly hit a building. This has been the worst vehicle I have ever owned and I will never buy another Chrysler.

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    Original review: Sept. 11, 2010

    I have 2004 Chrysler Sebring I bought on 7/7/09 from someone in Columbus. I had the car less than two months and had to take it to Performance Chrysler Jeep Dodge at 1130 Automall Dr. in Columbus. They had the car 2 or 3 days and had to replace the PCM and charged me $191.12. Well the car started doing the same thing it did back then about four weeks ago. I had to pay to have it put on a machine here in Dayton yesterday only to find out it is the same thing that Performance Chrysler Jeep charge me $919.12 to fix a year ago. Now they are telling it may not be covered. ***.

    This was done just a year ago and should not have even started up again. And I don't feel it should cost me to have this fixed right the way it should have been done the first time. Now I may be out of a car I paid $3000 for then but another $919.12 in to just seven weeks later. And I even had to have a water pump replaced three months after having the PCM replaced and it cost me $645 for that water pump. And I'm on a fixed income and only get $672 from SSI a month. And I need a car to get to doctor appointments and the store. And I have no family here and Dayton so I have no way to get around put my car. They gave me a reference number and are calling me back on Tuesday. The number is xxxxxxxx. I just want my car fixed right like I paid to have it done last year.

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    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: Sept. 10, 2010

    I purchased my Chrysler Sebring in April of 2006. It was a 2005 with 14,000 miles on it. After roughly 4 months, the check engine came on. I took it to a Chrysler garage. It was under warranty. They supposedly fixed the problem. My first issue was my warranty had my vehicle listed as a Midnight Blue Town and Country Van. I owned a white Sebring convertible. I had to call Chrysler and argue about what I owned! It was finally resolved since I had a garage as a witness to what vehicle I was driving. Two weeks after I left the garage, the check engine light came on again. I took it back. They fixed it again. This happened two more times. The next time the light came on 6 months after the last repair. This time the warranty was up and I would have to pay. I did.

    Well, a few days later the light came back on. I was mad. I called Chrysler, but they said there was nothing they could do. For the last 4 years I have driven with the light coming on and then going off. I have had to juggle my inspections around the light being off. In July of 2010 the light went off. What I found out when it failed inspection is that the light was burned out. I took it to a Chrysler garage. They stated they have never heard of that happening. Of course after it was fixed, they said a code was showing. I had it fixed.

    A day later the check engine light came on again. I called Chrysler to complain and ask that the car be check over and fixed at their expense. I was assigned a Warranty Case Manager. She called and said that given the mileage and age there was nothing they could do except have a field technician work with the garage to figure out the problem. I would have to pay for that. I told her that I wanted that cost to be covered since I have paid numerous times and the light will not go out. She said that could not be done. I took it back to the garage and the test showed a different problem. I refused the repair. They did not know if this would solve the issue. I called Chrysler back and asked to speak with someone higher than a Case Manager. The individual refused to transfer me.

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    Original review: Sept. 2, 2010

    My husband and I bought a car from a guy in Modesto Ca. 2004 Chrysler Sebring convertible. Ad stated it was a reliable car, newer motor put in had a total of 66,000 miles on it. Needless to say, we were sold a lemon. I have since put $700 into this car getting the valve covers, gasket, o rings, back brakes and routers done. Well today, the Engine blew out on me and is going to cost $2000-3000 because I need a new motor. When I went to the DMV to register the car in my name, I also noticed he put that he sold the car for $800 when I have a cashiers check receipt for $4300. He told me if I take him to court, he'll take my car and throw me in jail because I committed fraud when in fact I did not.

    I believe this was all a part of his scam. Come to find out this guy lied, the car was never his mother's. He just never put it in his name and he goes around selling car after car after car. I found another ad for another car just 2 days after I got my car from him. I also found numerous ads for the car I have that stated different facts about this car one saying 60k miles and another that said 115 k miles. The mechanic I took it, too also said the motor was never replaced and the receipt I got was a fraud. This guy knew what he was doing when he did this to me.

    I used all of my inheritance that my father left me on a car, this car and now Im broke, can't fix my car have to junk it. I have a job interview in the morning that I can't go to now because I don't even have enough for a bus pass. When I asked the guy to just pay for the repairs, he declined and said I'd have to take him to court and when I said I would take him to court he was trying to blackmail me with the abck of the pink slip when I didn't even know he had put $800 until the last moment when I registered it! This isn't fair and something has to be done. I don't have his address only his name and he has since disconnected his phone number. I'm begging and I do mean begging I will work for free if someone can just help me get justice with this con artist!

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    Original review: Aug. 21, 2010

    I am a 2007 Chrysler Sebring owner. I purchased my 2007 car from Crystal Chrysler in Cathedral City, CA, in January 2008, as a new car. Since my purchase date, at 9,000 miles, I took my car to Crystal Chrysler for a brake squeal. The service dept checked my brakes, and said there is nothing wrong. I took it back another time, they said the same thing and added brake fluid. I took my car back 2 weeks ago because when I put my foot on the brakes, the front end shook and the steering wheel pulsated uncontrollably. Crystal Chrysler did a free brake inspection on my car and told me that to make the pulsating stop, they need to replace the front rotors.

    I called customer service for Chrysler because my car is apparently out of warranty at 15,000 miles and 2 years old. Customer service gave me a claim number and I spoke to a claim rep. named Courtney. She told me she is denying the claim of the brake squeal. I didn't take it there for a brake squeal this time. I took it there for a pulsation in the front end of my car that I feel is very dangerous. I could have lost control of my car while my front end is pulsating when trying to slow down and stop.

    Vibrating/Pulsating -There's a pulsating sensation when you depress the break pedal. It feels as though you are pushing your foot up and down on the brake pedal, but actually you are holding it down for one push. A brake pedal pulsation or shudder is one of the most common symptoms that indicates rotor trouble. The cause may be too much run-out in a rotor and/or variation in the thickness of the rotor. Run-out occurs when the rotor wobbles as it rotates. This may be due to run-out in the hub, run-out in the way the rotor was originally machined, rust or dirt between the rotor and hub, or uneven torquing of the lug nuts that causes distortion in the rotor and hub (which is why lug nuts should always be tightened to specifications with a torque wrench, not an impact gun).

    At the time I took my care in for the brake pulsation, I also had the service manager look at my tires that were visibly cracked. Apparently the tires that came with the vehicle I purchased in 2008, came with tires that were made in 2006. By the time I purchased my car, the tires were already 2 years old. At 15,000 miles I had to replace all four tires due to separating tread and deep cracks. $484.00 that I should not have had to spend if my tires were new when I purchased the new car. I purchased a new car so I wouldn't have to buy all these things until at least the car is paid off. The dealership wouldn't help me pay for the tires. Bridgestone wouldn't warranty or help pay for the new tires. I have had this car 2 years and 15,000 miles, and now I buy tires and am now looking at purchasing new rotors? Nobody warranty the tires that came with the car? I purchased the same exact tires. They came with a 6 year, 60,000 mile warranty and your company wont warranty tires at 15,000 miles when they came from a vehicle I purchased from a Chrysler dealer.

    My fiance took my car back to Chrysler again, asking the service manager if he could at least turn the rotors. He said, if I had bought my tires from them, he could have made some money from it and perhaps given me something in return. He also said since my car is out of warranty now and I purchased tires elsewhere, there is nothing he can do for me.

    I didn't know I was playing lets make a deal with my local Chrysler service manager. Needless to say, I am very disappointed in Chrysler for treating me like my safety and business doesn't matter. When I bought my new car in 2008, I guess I should have checked every tire before I left the lot. I assumed they were new like the car was. I should have been at the Chrysler dealer everyday until the brakes were fixed. Live and learn. I learned I will never buy another Chrysler product or any name that has anything to do with Chrysler.

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    Original review: Aug. 19, 2010

    I am the owner of a 2008 Chrysler Sebring and I am writing about the safety of my children's lives in this vehicle. On August 17, 2010, my daughter, a 19-year old college student was unable to take the vehicle out of park. As soon as I gave the make and model of the vehicle, the towing company said, "I bet your car is stuck in park." I asked him how did he know and he stated that they have received numerous towing request for the same problem with this vehicle. My daughter was in a safe environment at the time but what might have happened if she had not stopped where she did. There's a problem with your vehicle and I won't stop until it is recalled. The mechanic who fixed my car said the part needed for the fix was numerous and that's a sign that there's a problem. I hear that Chrysler is thinking about doing the recall. You need not to think anymore. The car must be recalled and I will call every action line until it is. Is it going to take someone to die before you recall this vehicle?

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    Original review: July 25, 2010

    The car keeps breaking down from November 24th until this day, 3 separate tows. It's a new 2008 Sebring coupe. It's non drivable and company refuses to repair it.

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    Original review: March 30, 2010

    I called the Chrysler 800 to complain about my 2007 Chrysler Sebring with only 46K miles. My back passenger door handle is broken and will not open so I it took to the dealer. They stated that they will have to cut the door panel to get to the problem and it would be at least $730 for repair. Well with this car not being that old, I asked the dealer if this is typical and he stated no. So I called Chrysler on 25th to get help with the repair. I was told by the operator that this is a problem and she would send to the next level. Well later that day, my radio stopped working and the dealer replaced just 11 months ago with a new one. The next had voicemail from a Nick that he cold not reach the dealer for information on the problem. I called the dealer and spoke to Bob, the manager. He stated no one called him from Chrysler.

    Well I then got a call back from Nick on the problem and he was very rude to me plus also stated I would have to pay the $730 and than Chrysler would consider if it is a default. When asked about the radio, he stated not his problem either. I called back to the dealer as I was told. They told Chrysler that I refused help. Bob then called his rep and she wanted to know why I didn't get my oil changed with the dealer. What does that have to do with my door? By the way, I do get my oil changed every 3k miles. My car has been taken care of as everyone can tell. She then told Bob that she could get the bill 1/2 paid. In this economy, that is still a lot of money for such a new car and for something that should never go wrong. Please help!

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    Original review: April 24, 2009 The drivers side window on my Chrysler Sebring Convertable does not move up and down properly. I took it to the Dealer to have the problem corrected under the Chrysler Extended Warranty Contract but they've declined to cover the cost of fixing the problem. The terms of the Chrysler Extended Warranty include coverage for the Comprehnsive Mechancial Coverage and Power group (includes power window moters, window flex track, etc). It does not cover glass which is fine since the glass itself isn't actually broken. Like I said, the window glass is fine but the window regulator and lift plate to move the window up and down are supposedly broken. I tried to resolve the matter with Chrysler customer service, their extended warranty division and the dealer. Chrysler customer service stated they understood my point but an internal decision has been made not to cover the repair costs. Chrysler stated they consider the lift plate part of the glass and therefore not coverd. This doesn't make sense to me at all. The glass itself isn't broken it's the mechanical parts that move the window up and down.
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    Original review: March 2, 2009 I bought my 2002 Chrysler Sebring Coupe used in 2002 with extended warranty. I noticed when I waxed it, that the wax was extremely difficlt to get off in certain areas. In 2003, with only approximately 18,000 miles on it, the paint on the roof began to disappear. It was not peeling, it was wearing away. I took it under warranty back to Chuck Van Horn where I purchased it, only to be told that there was a problem with the clear coat that year, and nothing would be done to fix it. In the years that followed, the spot on the roof did continue to worsen; however, it did not enlarge. This year, however, nearly 3/4 of the roof has experienced the same paint loss down to and including the trunk and both rear fenders. In my estimate, 1/3 of my car needs to be repainted. I have since been in contact with 2 other dealerships in the hope that someone would do the right thing. I have searched the internet and found owners of other 2001-2002 black Chrysler Sebring coupes that have experienced the same paint wear. I found evidence on the internet that Chrysler had issued a memo to dealerships that they would pay 100% to repaint vehicles 5 years old and newer and would pay 50% to repaint vehicles older than 5 years. I have yet to find a Chrysler dealership that would acknowledge this offer by Chrysler. As a consumer, I can accept that lemons happen. However, I cannot accept deceipt and complete disregard for them. In my experience, customer service is virtually nonexistent with Chrysler. The problem of inferior products, deceipt and lack of customer service may just be why they needed yet another bailout.
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    Original review: Sept. 9, 2008

    I PURCHASED A 2007 CHRYSLER SEBRING IN NOV 2007 My car has been in the shop more times than I care to discuss.(10-15 times- Which I know is not normal. There is no way a vehicle could have as many issues as this car has had. It still has problems which need to be resolved. My car was in the shop again about 2 weeks ago. With a noise & the air bag light coming on. Today the noise is worse than ever. It sounds as though the frame of the car is about to fall apart or something & the air bag light still comes on from time to time. The noise has been there since day one when I bought the car but now not only can I hear it, everyone can. Its getting louder & louder. It comes & goes. I know in 2007 there were some changes with the engine possibly the transmission ????? powertrain ???? or something????? But the noise really is an issue I am afraid to go out of town in fear the car will break down.. Now the other problem , the transmission jerks when it changes gears. I dont think this is normal. This car has 32K miles Its been in the shop a lot & it still has major problems. I realize I am a lady but I am not stupid. This car needs to be replaced or remain in the shop until all repairs have been made. If this car needs a new transmission or if there is something wrong with the frame then I do think Chrysler should replace the car. Its a shame when you have been in the shop so many times that when you call on the phone the dealer recognize your voice immediately. Not mentioning the aggravation of not having a car while it is in the shop. (They provided me with a rental twice)I would think Chrysler would be concerned that the 2007 Chrysler Sebring seems to be a lemon. At least this one seems to be. I have checked the Alabama Lemon Law I believe I would be covered under this law. I am so disappointed with this car. I have always purchased Toyotas & I never have had any problems. But since I have had this car I have had nothing but problems. What could possibly be wrong? This car was a demo with 6000 miles. Did they not take care of the car ???? Was it damaged ????? It is so unfair I bought this car thinking it would be a dependable form of transportation however this has not been the case at all. There is a problem with this Chrysler. I CONTACTED CHRYSLER & THEY NEVER RESPONDED. Yesterday I returned the car to the chrysler dealership (Susan Schein in Pelham, Al) the car is in the shop once again this time they are saying it is the Torque Converter.I really don't know what to do . I did talk to the Sales Manager at Susan Schein he said he would be happy to work with me on a trade in. He said he would allow 11k for my car. Wow I have not had the car a year I paid 20K (cash) for the car. Do you have any idea how long I saved to pay cash for this car???? Do you have any idea how upset I have been since I purchased this car? I did not want to have a car payment. Now he is wanting me to trade my 2007 car in for a 2006 Nissan & have a $350.00 monthly car payment. Needless to say I was not interested. How could a car depreciate that much in less than a year????? I hope to get my issue resolved maybe Chrysler will contact me soon.

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    Original review: Aug. 27, 2008

    I purchase a 2007 Sebring Sedan Modern Blue on August 31, 07. I have been having problem with this car every since. The next month I heard a noise when I turn the steering wheel. I took it to the Jim Burke Chysler on Third Ave. North. The sevice guy put some power steering fluid in the car. He ask me to wait a few day to give the fluid to work itself in the car and the noise would stop. The noise was still there.

    On 12/19/07, I took it to Greater Birmingham Chrysler. I told them a about the noise, they told me I needed a steering bracket. It took almost a month before the order came in. I had to call them to check on the part. They aske me to bring it in the next morning. They put the steering racket on the car. On 01/23/07 I was back at the service department about the same thing. I was come home from work, I turn a corner the car wouldn't steer. So I call the sevice department and talk to one of the service man. He asked me to bring the car in. I told them I couldn"t drive the car. They got someone to tow the car to them the next morning. They do not give out rental cars.

    On 2/22/08 This time they said the steering belt was not tight.They fix the problem. I start hearing the another kind of noise. On 6/23/08, I took it back and I had the steering problem and when I crank the car, I would hear a rattling noise. I pick the car up the same day and they told me that the y didn't see anything wrong with the steeping, but they had to order a part for the engine. They said it would be back in a few day. It was about a week or two they had not call to let me know if the part had come in, I had to call them to check on the part.

    On 7/21/08, I took the car back to them with the same steering problem and they put the part on the engine. 0n 08/26/08, I talk to Matthew M. to let him know that I was still hearing the noise when, I put my feet on the accelerate. they aske me to bring in to be service. I road with the mechanic so he can hear the noise that i was hearing. I waited on the car. They libricated steeing Knuckle Bushings.

    When, I got home the same day the noise start again. Matthew M. told me to bring it back which will be 8/27/08. It has been a year and I am still going though the same thing. I have being paying car note and, I have not enjoyed the car. This car has been in and out of the shop for at least eight to ten times

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    Original review: July 18, 2008

    I own a 2006 Chrysler Sebring convertible I have had since late February 2007. I purchased this car when my previous Chrysler Sebring convertible was totaled in a car accident (I was not at fault). In the first Chrysler Sebring convertible as in my current Chrysler Sebring convertible, after having the car for about 6 months, the heel of my shoe went through the carpet on the part of the floor where a foot is supposed to rest idle while driving. As I am a teacher, I handle such cosmetic fixes in the summer, thus the first car was totaled before I could address this with Chrysler. However, as it is the summer, I took my new Chrysler in for a few repairs and asked them to address the hole in the carpet. I didn't imagine fixing it would be an issue as the car is still covered by the manufacturer's 36,000/3 year bumper-to-bumper warrantee: at the time of my visit to Chrysler and my subsequent call to Customer Care, my Service Consultant at Maroone Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge--Luis-- confirmed the mileage on my car was 35,845.

    At the time of my call to Chrysler's Customer Care department, my car was lodged at Maroone Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge in Coconut Creek, Florida in the mechanic's shop for repairs due to a water leak where the convertible's top meets the window. I showed my Service Consultant, Luis, a hole in the carpet of my convertible on the driver's side where the left foot rests: My heel had gone through the carpet. He called me shortly thereafter to let me know that the hole in the carpet was not covered under the warrantee--it was considered "normal wear and tear" on the car by Chrysler and would cost me $800 out-of-pocket to fix: the actual area could not be fixed due to the design of the carpet--the whole carpet out have to be replaced. I told him this was absurd and he gave me the number for Customer Care and said that only someone at corporate could approve the repairs.

    I called and spoke first with Sam. After giving him all of the above information, I went on to explain that I have had two cars before this one--a Nissan Sentra and a Honda Passport--and my heel never went through the floor of those cars and I had them much longer than my current or prior Chrysler convertible. I advised him that I believe the hole in the carpet is caused by a flaw in the design of the car and therefore Chrysler should pay to fix it. He could not approve the costs and escaladed the call to a supervisor, Katie, after giving me a case number: 17691061.

    Katie reviewed all of the information Sam put in his notes and then told me that Chrysler's warrantee does not cover damage to the carpet and they would not pay for the repairs. I reminded her that this was not a tear due to my having cut the carpet, or normal wear-and-tear from shoes rubbing the carpet, but a hole due to an issue in the floor where the carpet covers a spot that is supposed to sustain the heel of a shoe and that mine went through the floor! She kept repeating that Chrysler's warrantee does not cover damage to the carpet and they would not pay for the repairs to everything I said for the rest of the call, sounding very much like a programmed robot.

    I asked to speak with her supervisor and she refused to transfer the call after being asked several times to do so, claiming that it was her authority to approve or deny requests and that no one else would talk with me about this matter--she as the highest authority on the matter (I wonder if Lee Iacocca would agree with Katie's assertion that there is no one above her who could approve an $800 carpet fix?). Towards the end of the call, I reminded Katie that this my second Chrysler purchase, and asked her if she really wanted to lose a two-time buyer over an $800 fix that is clearly due to a design flaw, and she repeated that Chrysler's warrantee does not cover damage to the carpet and they would not pay for the repairs.

    Before I hung up the phone, I feel I should let you know that I told Katie that I was almost killed in a Chrysler my mother drove when I was a little girl and that my family hasn't bought Chrysler since. The ball joint on the car broke the day after the warrantee expired, and we were in a terrible accident as a result. When Chrysler refused to fix the car--since it was a day out of warrantee--Mom called local, regional, then Lee Iacocca himself who actually called her back!--and made a very rude comment before hanging up on her that basically said he wouldn't fix the car that almost killed of my family because he didn't legally have to. I told Katie about this and that my family has boycotted Chrysler ever since. I was giving them a second chance since it was 26 years later--I thought things would have changed. Guess not.

    Unlike my mother's situation, my car is still under the 36,000/3 year warrantee. After getting my car back from the dealership, my father and I looked closely at the hole in the carpet. Where the foot rests on the driver's side, there is a small space covered by carpet where there is no floorboard, which is where my heel went through the carpet. My father's hypothesis is that there is a groove there to give mechanics access to a screw, or something of the like. On either side of the hole in the carpet, there is floorboard. My heel has not damaged the carpet in any way in any other part of the carpet in this area--where there is floorboard.

    Only the small space where Chrysler didn't think to put a floorboard has a hole in the carpet. This is a place where feet rest, apply pressure to the floor to shift weight in a seat. It's obviously a design flaw on their part that they didn't put floor board where feet walk/apply pressure to the floor--and not normal wear and tear on the car--there is no hold or wear in the carpet anywhere else I put my foot! How can this be classified "normal wear and tear." This didn't happen in my Honda Passport or my Nissan Sentra--both of which I had several years longer than I have had my current or prior Chrysler--so I can't imagine that it's the way I sit in a car. I am not at fault here.

    Had Chrysler designed the car to where the area where the foot rests would have 100% floorboard, the heel of my shoe wouldn't have gone through. Thus, it is a design flaw and Chrysler should pay to have it fixed, especially since my car is still under factory warrantee. I will have to pay $800.00 + tax out of pocket to fix the carpet. I have not done this yet -- I hope Consumer Affairs can help me get Chryslet to pay for the repair.

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    Original review: Sept. 24, 2003

    rear floor gets puddles after it rains,the brakes keep going bad,the window tracks been replaced once and need it again,the door lock switches and window switches keep going bad, the rpm and milage gage turns off and on every now and then(dont know how many miles it has on it now), its leaks engine coolant that a couple of auto shops cant seem to find but yet uses about a gallon every 2 days,oil leak some where they cant find either,the heater and a/c controls dont work. unfortunatly when i bought this car it was 4 years old and only had a 30 day warranty and everything started messing up about 2 to 3 months later.

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    Original review: Jan. 1, 2000

    has to bail hers out:

    The car was brought in two times because water was not draining out of the undercarriage (drains were clogged). Every time it was brought in they had no appointments available for a week or so (which by then the car drained out) and they wound up keeping it for two days w/ no loaner car available.

    In August of 1999, after a heavy rain, my car (parked in the street) FILLED w/ water on the passenger side floor front and rear. They had no available appointments for 1 1/2 weeks (which by then 3 days later the car flooded AGAIN) and they still wouldn't take it earlier.

    When I rescheduled my appt. I wanted an Area rep there since this is an ongoing problem that has now escalated, I was told by the dealership, that reps do not come for individual cars and he refused to give me his name. And they keep telling me lots of people had problems w/ LEAKS, w/ the rain, and I keep telling them I had to BAIL my car out it is not a leak.

    The car has flooded two times and smells like mildew, I'm nervous when it rains if anything important is left in the car. The transformer for the radio is under the passenger seat where it flooded, for three days it didn't work at all, and it smelled like something burning, now only the left side speakers work on the system. I pay $520 a month for a car I have to bail out on a problem I tried to have addressed prior to this.

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    Original review: Jan. 1, 2000

    I am contacting you to inform you of the inherhent danger that my 1996 Chrysler Sebring presents. Today, I got in my car to find a sloshing water sound. As I stopped, I noticed the carpet moving in direct relation to undulating water present in the floor beneath the carpet. Suprisingly, there was no water on the seats or other interior.

    Water had somehow leaked into the chassis on the passenger side. A strong burning smell was present, and the stereo was not functioning. When I turned it on, it was louder than tolerable and uncontollable. I shut it off immediately.

    The blinker blinks uncontrollably. The car smells terribly of mildew and wetness and I am afraid to drive it because of the electrical burning smell; which is why I have had to have it towed at the AAA's expense to Zumwalt Magrini ( the dealer).

    I find it amazing that subsequent to this occurence I have looked up the recall status on this car and the complaints with it on ConsumerAffairs.Com and found this very problem.

    How come no one has contacted the consumer about such risks?

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