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The Chevy Monte Carlo is a luxury coupe that was discontinued in 2007. Read more Chevrolet reviews to learn about other models.

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Reviewed Aug. 21, 2015

2002 Monte Carlo - Well my car wouldn't start. It just started acting funny one day. I had it check and was told it was the engine control module. It would be 1,400. I got a new car, 4 year later I want to take it back to Felix to get it fixed for my teenage son. I spoke with a guy name Carlos who told me it will be 650 plus tax to get the ECM. I pray they don't do other things to the car so I'll have to fix more than what needed to be done. When I first brought the car a few years ago, Chevrolet is sending recall out. What about this **!!

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Reviewed Aug. 7, 2015

I had a problem with security light blinking and car would not start. Here is the FREE solution... that works. Turn ignition key to ON. Wait 10 minutes (security light will stop blinking and remain fixed). Turn ignition to OFF. Wait 20 seconds and turn key to ON. CAR WILL NOW START!

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Reviewed July 19, 2015

2005 Monte Carlo - I love this car! It's the cashmere gold color. Yep, I have had a few of the same known issues I've read here others have had. But, the ride and gas mileage is awesome! All power accessories work fine! Windows, locks power seat, mirrors, security system, stereo, etc! I have had to replace the instrument cluster, the gauges went a muck, like so many others have said too. And had to replace the dimmer switch awhile back too. The automatic headlights would work during the day, but had no headlights at night, when ya need headlights! Lol and of course regular maintenance like brakes, etc. That's normal though on ANY car!

Now, the one biggie!! About a month ago the tranny stopped shifting right! Hanging on in 1st for ever it seemed, then went straight into 3rd. No 2nd gear working at all! So, since I really do love this car, I had the tranny completely rebuilt! Yep, was rather costly! But, drives and shifts like a brand new car again!! Well worth it in my opinion!! Beautiful color car. Had windows tinted a couple months ago too! Very sharp car! All my friends compliment it all the time! At the time, this car needs absolutely nothing done to it at all! But I am one of those guys that gets bored driving any car too long! Lol I've had it now over 3 years. Got like 140,000 easy babied miles on it. Engines quiet and tight and sound too! Uses, leaks NO oil at at all!! If the cash price is right, reckon I'd let it go? I'd not give it away though! Bear in mind, I have recently spent 1605.00 in the rebuild of the tranny!

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Reviewed June 24, 2015

I have loved this car since I bought it in 2005. I had to address the recall and I did a tune up, changed synthetic oil, and bought some Goodyear Eagles tires. Never have had any issues. It had 28,000 mi in '05 and now has just shy of 60k. All in all the best, nicest, and reliable car I ever owned.

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Reviewed June 23, 2015

I have an issue with my security light coming on and that causes my car not to start. The first time this happened, I had my battery and alternator checked and both were good. The car ran fine for a few days, but now the light comes on again. HELP!

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Reviewed June 16, 2015

I bought a 2005 Monte Carlo LS in 2012 with 170,000 miles on it. Worked like a charm. Speed odometer wasn’t working so I got it fixed. Cheap and easy. The cars style is amazing. Inside and out. One of the best things about it is the gas mileage. 21/32 mpg is great compared to the new Camaros and Mustangs. This car is my car of a life time. It can mess up one day. I recommend fixing it soon cause that can tear up. But still today I'm glad I got this car.

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Reviewed May 13, 2015

I own a 2003 LS Monte Carlo. Where do I start? The good: It’s got a comfy ride, not too bad gas mileage, nice look. Took good care of it. Regular maintenance with the best materials available. Has only 86000 miles on it. The bad or the pain is, hopefully I remember all problems I had with this car, & still have: When it rains you will find a small lake inside your car. It leaks somehow through the windshield. The cluster instruments will go crazy sometime. The fuel gauge has stopped working many years ago. It only shows full or empty.

I had "as we all have" to replace the intake gaskets due to Coolant leaking and mixing with oil. I had to change Cadillac converter as car stalled & back pressure blow smoke up front. The AC has stopped working on this car on its 5th birthday. Steering wheel seems to be failing & whistles for some years now, adding oil every year to it. It will not start sometime due to its security BS supposedly has.

The ugly: I still have many of this problems re occurring and after spending $$Thousands$$ in repairs, especially the stalling thing again, I feel like this car will try to separate me from my hard earned cash as much as possible, or I can just sell it for peanuts, and take a solemn vow never to buy GM again, and advise all whom I care & love not to fall into an GM trap/nightmare again.

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Reviewed April 22, 2015

I recently purchased a 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo LS. Everything about the body screams SS. From the race spoiler on the deck lid to the functioning air dam in the front it's outstanding. Everywhere I go people tell me my car is very nice to even beautiful. It's a metallic silver with very dark tinted windows and the stock cast aluminum rims are in excellent shape for a 13 yr old car. Inside it's seen a bit of abuse, there are a few burn holes in the fabric and on the drivers side door but other than that it's in great shape and is very clean with no stains or rips or tears in the fabric. It has the 3400 v6 engine. I've had to have a bit of work done having had to replace a water pump and radiator hoses but other than that it's been just general maintenance such as oil changes and cleaning the K&N air filter that came with it.

It's about due for new plugs and wires but still runs great. It's very good on gas, as one of me and my wife's favorite pastimes is to hop in the car and go for a ride with no destination in particular in mind. Even doing this we average around 20 to $25 a week in gas, so it's been economical for us to own. When we bought it, it had 110,000 actual miles on it and from what I've seen in shopping around looking to purchase a second Monte Carlo, this is very very good mileage for this type of car. I've looked at several models from the same yr and newer, and almost all of them far surpassed my car in mileage.

Even still, I've found that they all drive nice and smooth, but I've had a hard time finding one that has as tight of steering and pedal control like mine does. (I'm a fan of a good tight wheel and touchy pedals) Overall, I'm very happy with my car and am looking to purchase a second Monte Carlo as soon as I find one that I'm comfortable with and is in the right price range. I highly advise you to own one as mine is very dependable and doesn't cost me a fortune. It's a shame that Chevy stopped producing them after 2007.

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Reviewed March 21, 2015

I purchased a 2002 SS with 76000 miles on it. Have only had a few issues: Motor mounts were bad, needed new struts... the previous owner put a crap aftermarket converter that caused the mass airflow sensor to go bad. Other than that, no issues. To the guy who complained about rear suspension being shot... they are called struts. They don't last forever & your paint being crap, well wash it & put a good coat of wax on it. That's being a cry baby.

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Reviewed March 14, 2015

The car has had electrical problems since day one. I can pull the key out in the car, still runs. Sometimes the car just stops--all the lights start flashing. I am now trying to get it inspected. It failed because of a 420 code--bad catalytic converter. I just have a catalytic converter replaced in 2013. I've also had to have the radiator replaced and the intake manifold replaced. This seems like too many repair on one car. And the only recall notice I've ever gotten has to do with the ignition switch. The electrical system in the car is horrible. It's causing everything to go bad or seem to go bad.

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Reviewed March 4, 2015

2001 monte carlo - Been one problem after another. It seems like all the sensors I have replaced have had the high beam issue as well as wheel hub assembly and I could go on and on. Breaks were replaced within one year of buying brand new. Every time something needs replaced, it cost me at least $1000. I had the same problem as others reading this forum, when the car just stopping in traffic and wouldn't restart--replaced MAP sensor (my husband did that) and saved me $900. They wanted 350 just for the part but he got on Amazon for 150. Also had the radiator problem. I guess what I am saying is I am having all the same issues as others here - no wonder they don't make them anymore!

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Reviewed Dec. 14, 2014

I just had to replace my intake gasket. My rear window defogger hasn't been working for quite a while. At the present time, my speedometer and RPM gauge goes crazy. Says I'm going 55 when I'm actually going 30 and the RPM says it's on 5 at times, but the motor isn't running fast. Also, I'm starting to have problems starting it. It turns over but it almost reminds me of possible carburetor problems. I have had this car since 2006 and has been a great car until just recently. 179,000 miles.

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Reviewed Dec. 13, 2014

I would be going down road and car would die, just stall and I've fixed everything. New ignition still problems. Called GM. No response to fixing it. Very dangerous for me.

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Reviewed Nov. 24, 2014

I bought my 03 Monte Carlo in 08 with 80*** miles in mint condition. From 2012 til now I have had an overheating problem along with ABS light on AFTER module was changed. As far as the overheating goes I've changed the MOTOR, catalytic converter, water pump, fuel pump, spark plugs, hoses, radiator to name a few. It is STILL overheating and has to be parked. Now I'm told it's the radiator AGAIN because it is leaking. (The radiator that was put in was salvaged so I just bought a new one this time). I've had these problems going on 3 years now. If ANYONE has any advise whether it be negative or positive PLEASE let me know. I am at my wits end and cannot afford to buy a different car. My Monte is still in mint condition and I absolutely love it but with it overheating and the ABS I just don't know what to do anymore.

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Reviewed Nov. 7, 2014

Very disappointed with the mechanic of this poor car. Owning 7 months before this one, of course all prior to computers, the 02 is constantly a headache. Despite the issues, I'm fond of my car, after all GM is at the root of the problems. Let's see, (bought car with 62000miles in 09, just hit 100000). Replaced intake because coolant entered, replaced catalytic converter, wheel sensor (still needs another) ignition, fuel pump, several idle air sensors, fuel regulator, 3 fuel filters, coolant elbows (now aluminum), idler pully, 2 serpentine belts, plugs and wires (tune up), wiring harness to idle air sensor, changed out coolant, thermostat, and probably forgetting something. Now it will not stay running after fixing idler puppy problem. I think I will reconsider buying GM cars in future. So frustrating!

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Reviewed Oct. 16, 2014

2007 Monte Carlo SS - Took my car to dealer for 4 times about the transmission slipping & when it does go into gear you get somebody jolt! I'm talking about whether you're at a stoplight & accelerating again or going uphill or just slowing down & accelerating again. The dealer always tells me the computer has no code for it!!! GM better find the code, before someone gets hurt!!! Does anyone else out there have the same problem?

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Reviewed Oct. 8, 2014

Not only the cluster is bad but a couple of years ago, I had to put a new radiator in my Monte Carlo. The dash board is popping up. The interior above next to sun roof is dropping and I have only used the sun roof a few times. I keep my car in a garage at all times. I only have a little over 60,000 miles. I have had 4 new Monte Carlos. The first one 1972 (never a problem), 2nd one 1995 (never a problem), the third one 1998 (never a problem). 2005 I decided to get another Monte Carlo since all the others were great transportation. 2005 has been nothing but a lemon..... I called and talked to GM. The lady I talked to sent me to nearest GM dealer to have the cluster panel checked out. Maybe a week later someone from GM called me and asked me what I expected them to do... I replied, "at least put me a new cluster panel". Never heard another word from GM. I got this off my chest....and I live in Spring Hill Tn where there is a GM factory. Not sure what they make but it really does not matter.. When I pass by the GM visitor road, I sometimes just want to stop and let the visitors know my experience with GM.....Shame on you GM.

UPDATED ON 03/04/2016: I complained about my cluster panel a couple years ago... My speedometer does not work and now my temp gauge does not work. I was told to take to dealer in Franklin and they would pay for diagnosis. Bad panel. GM contacted me and asked me what did I expect them to do about it. I think they should replace even if it is out of warranty. They said they would get back with me but never did... Since then, I have seen so many complaints about the GM cluster panels on several of their vehicles. I have had 4 brand new Monte Carlo's and never had a bit of trouble with the first 3. This fourth one is a lemon. (2005) Today I went to run a errand and temp gauge went to red zone. I have already put a new radiator in car. I could give you a list of a mile long... Next vehicle will be a FORD.

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Reviewed Sept. 22, 2014

I have a 2001 3.4L Monte Carlo. I bought it new. As soon as I reached 6 years old weird things began to happen. ABS traction lights will not go out even after changing sensors. Overheating, ignition, electrical (which no one was able to find), and many other problems that you might have occasionally on a car but not constant as these are. It seems that every year I have to spend over $1500 to fix the same problems. GM what is the deal!!!! Will you continue to manufacture this crap or will you step up to the plate and do the right thing. RECALL. You know your electrical is screwed up and you know your DEXCOOL ruins an engine. And how about your ignition problems. Then why do you continue to manufacture vehicles? I would be embarrassed, if I were you, by the many dissatisfied customers I have read about online.

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Reviewed Sept. 21, 2014

2004 Monte Carlo SS (second owner) - Love the car. Really a nice ride. According to the Carfax no major problem ever reported. I did have a problem with the coolant elbows. I replaced them with the metal ones two years ago - cost me $10.00 and about an hour to do the job. Have not had a problem since. I put close to 400 miles a week on this car. Currently has 110K on it. I have had the car for close to three years now and have spent only $10.00 in repair work which I did myself. Guess I'm just lucky.

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Reviewed Sept. 12, 2014

2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS - Bought the car from someone who was GM dishonest. I say that BC just like GM they knew there were problems but no one can afford to put 5,000 in a car that's only worth 4,000. So a GM recall is out of question besides wouldn't that be bailout money paying for them to be repaired. Anyways the car has water in cab on both sides, trans slips when hot and lags when not. No gas gauge. Radio is on toggle BC if left overnight on batt dies. Suspension is shot all the way around, paint sucks, interior is cheap too. Don't buy, period. I told myself next time I buy a car I would get one that I wouldn't mind babying and now regret it 100 percent.

Anyone who reads these post don't buy a 6th gen MC of any kind. If you do take it to GM no matter what issue is expect around min 500$ each time. This hook it to a machine was genius for them to come up with. Like an app there's always a catch BC nothing is for free but in this case they mean that constantly as if you're on constant lease. I don't appreciate the dirty tactics they pulled on original owners BC it's a trickle down effect and the 2nd and 3rd owners will have to be dishonest to even sell the car now. THANKS CHEVROLET FOR MAKING THE WORLD A WORSE PLACE.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2014

I agree with Todd from Wi. Every vehicle I've owned in the past has either had the 3.1 3.4 or 3.8. except the one I own now which is a jeep cherokee 4.0. My gf has an Aztek with the 3.4 and when we got it the intake gaskets were leaking but that happens to everyone of these motors eventually. Honestly if you don't take care of it the way you should then yeah you're gonna have problems. I've been working on cars for about ten years now since the age of 15 and its not a true 3.something motor unless the intake gaskets go out. They have made new ones that are metal instead of plastic so you won't have this problem. So change those and get that freakin dexcool out of the system and everything will be fine after that. If its not bring it to me and ill fix it for ya.

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Reviewed Aug. 19, 2014

Ok this car has been a total nightmare from day one of purchasing it in 2010 with only 40,000 miles on it. In the past year it has stopped working numerous times. We had to replace battery and the cables as it just completely stopped starting one day out of the blue. That was fine, worked like a charm for an hour till the serpentine belt broke when my husband was test driving it to make sure that worked and wrapped around the crank shaft. Took two hours to get it off and then replaced belt and lo and behold the damn car won't start. It does almost want to start but will not start. Any suggestions on what could be the problem. Was thinking timing? but no way to check that if the car won't start. Another one was the crank shaft sensor? That looks in order. Hate making payments on this thing sitting in the damn driveway not starting.

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Reviewed Aug. 16, 2014

2004 Monte Carlo - Initially upon purchase, the check engine light and turn signals kept were not working right. I had to take it to the dealership 3x before I took the Aims test. The sensors and the turn signal are still screwed up and when it rain water fills up in both the driver and the passenger door. I just found out that the engine has a leak and the heat is not working after two years of trying to get the car issues addressed. I am still paying the car note plus full coverage insurance. Now I am due for Aims test again and the sensors are screwed up more money I cant afford....for the same problems. It is good on gas.

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Reviewed July 9, 2014

Thank god I have a warranty. This Monte Carlo 05 has it problems dexcool, need to be change. I change it on time and still problems. Left red, hard stuff in motor. I had to change radiator then holes. Months later heater core went, cluster went twice, h-vac system went twice too. I change gasket twice motor on motor. I change transmission gasket 3 time, replace hole dip, stick housing, change blower motor to pulley, tie rod, window switches, shifter. Is that enough problems. GM should ashamed of yourselves. You should be paying for this work.

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Reviewed June 13, 2014

I bought this car used in 2010 with 39k miles on it. Overall it's been a good car. I have had problems with the instrument panel. The gauges are moved by stepper motors that fail regularly. 11 other gm/chevy vehicles use those stepper motors. There is a recall out on 7 of the models, but not mine. Dealer wanted over $300.00 to replace the instrument panel. I found the stepper motors online for about $3 a piece... shouldered them in myself and worked fine since. There is now a problem with key not going all the way to off due to a shifter interlock. Wiring is strained tight at a 90 degree angle when shifter is moved all the way in one direction to a solenoid which links in with the interlock with the ignition switch (and the plastic interlock mechanism is binding). No power is getting to that solenoid and I have to manually pull mechanism up to get the key to go to off position.

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Reviewed June 12, 2014

I have noticed that all the comments are negative and have low stars. I have a 01 Monte Carlo SS. It has 75,000 miles. There are some problems. Trim is not the best, my dad has an 04 Monte 100,000 and has the same problem. He also had a 97 Monte and loved it. We also had the same problem with our interior lights on the dash and radio. (Bad connection with wires in trunk) so far these are the only problem that have occurred. Besides your normal wear on a car. Brakes, oil, wheels and things like that. Cars never last forever.

To all you people that wrote bad reviews about Monte Carlos I'm sorry you had a bad experience. But this car is a wonderful car. They are reliable and great cars to own. I know my next car hands down will be an 07 SS. I wish Chevy would of continued the production. So if you are interested in a Monte Carlo by all means go for it but test drive it and see if this car is for you. (It's not the right car for everyone).

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Reviewed May 1, 2014

2001 Monte Carlo SS, was my mother's car, regular required service intervals met, not abused, raced or driven reckless. I got the car with 120k miles on it, new brakes, tires, battery, oil/filter. My 1st problem started at 129k when the passenger window fell into door when I was driving (regulator failed). Cost to replace $500 at dealer (SHOULD BE A RECALL) as I almost wrecked when this happened.

My 2nd problem happened at 135k when the catalytic converter clogged and burnt up the O2 sensor. Cost to replace $600 including sensor. 3rd issue is the transmission started leaking fluid, not bad and I still haven't fixed it. Estimated cost to repair $300. 4th major problem occurred at 140k when the intake manifold cracked where the coolant inlet is, cost $900 to fix this problem. 5th, the ABS/traction control is disabled by BCM/PCM, says the sensors aren't working but here's the kicker.... the sensors are all brand new ($500 replacements). 6th, heads are leaking oil onto manifold, costly at dealer @ $1200.

I have also replaced the brakes twice since I got this car, due to the fact the ABS doesn't work. Tires have flat spots in them due to the ABS not working.... WINTER driving without ABS and traction control is a real bliss, GM let me tell ya. You ever piss yourself sliding into an intersection because your brakes are locked? CD player is garbage as it always says check disc or won't take the CD at all. Radio works modest at best, speakers are garbage and couldn't out sound a cellphone in a paper bag. Drinks gas like it's in a college frat. Heater core plugged with crude after a radiator flush from dealer $145, froze my ** off for 3 days you good for nothings. I fixed that myself.

GM, do you really want me to keep going? These cars are junk. This was a well taken care of vehicle and it's a money pit. I will buy a foreign car before buying another GM product. Do the right thing and refund some money. You get it from the government anyway!

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Reviewed April 21, 2014

I purchased this car brand new in 2004. I have always been a supporter of GM products but no longer. First, the instrument panel went out - all the gauges went completely wacko. Fixed that at a hefty price. Contacted Chevrolet and they said there was not enough complaints to warrant looking into (They must not monitor their customers' forums). Second, the ignition switch went out, another hefty price. Third, the head gaskets had to be replaced - VERY EXPENSIVE! Fourth, Transmission is slipping. I haven't fixed that yet. Fifth, the Head gaskets went out again a year later. Replaced heads, new hardware everything, repaired at another hefty price. Sixth, the driver side window came off the regulator - another Hefty price. Now the car is overheating AGAIN!

This car has only 87,000 miles on it and has regular maintenance. Doing research on different forums, it seems these all are common problems with this car in which Chevrolet has denied all liability for every issue. Chevrolet does not back its products so avoid this car at all costs unless you are rich. I personally will never buy another GM product because of this experience. How sad. I use to love my Chevys.

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Reviewed Feb. 25, 2014

I purchased my 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo SS in August 2013 and the engine blew up the same day, got that done. Then the transmission went in December, after that it was the brake master cylinder, then the front suspension, then I had engine problems. Dropped my oil pan, only to find out that my "trusted" GM dealer put in a junkyard engine, which was full of gunk, which caused my oil pressure switch to go out, causing my oil psi gauge to quit working. Then I discovered that they had 3 of my 6 spark plugs in with maybe a 1/4 turn holding them in.

I have since fixed problem after problem. In January the rear suspension went bad. Now in February the security light came on, and it won’t start. I have always been a Chevy man, and now am really considering a Dodge pickup because of my GM problems. Anyone know of any quick fixes for the security problem? Please help, this is my only transportation, and I'm stuck under a loan paying for a car that is junk. Thanks.

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Reviewed Feb. 17, 2014

We purchased the car (2005 monte carlo) for our daughter about a year ago. We wanted a car that was kinda sporty, okay on fuel that had a little more car to it compared to some of the smaller efficient cars available today. After 3 months of looking and test driving several cars, the Monte Carlo seemed to fit the bill for our purpose of purchasing. It all started approximately 8 days after purchase. First with overheating which ended up being intake gasket... costly repair. She enjoyed driving the vehicle for about 3 more months before the multi-switch failed... another costly repair.

Since then it has been one repair after another. Instrument cluster (speedo & rpm) no longer works. Replaced heater blower motor, resistor, and fan controls and they still only work sporadically. Having your defrost cut out on a bitter cold winter drive home makes for an interesting drive. Now the car sits stored in our shop awaiting a ignition switch, and a new speed sensor which will hopefully fix the fact that now the ABS and traction control lights are on now. On the upside... when the car works it has a quiet cab and is a comfortable/fun car to drive. The car handles well and is not too hard on fuel. As much as we like the car we definitely be hesitant to purchase another.

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