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Audi A4 A 4.2 TDI Registration No. ** Dated 04/07/2012. Within 9 to 10 months of delivery started experiencing following problems: 1. From exhaust pipe emission of heavy smoking and some sparks. This problem was attended by Audi workshop at CST Kalina. While submitting car for above repairs also verbally report slight vibration & rubbing noises while driving. However, later part of the report was not record as the test drive inside workshop failed to reveal any problem with steering. Car was handed after dealing with exhausted Pipe smoke emission.

2. Eventually after some time while taking out car from our Garage the car's steering system completely ceased and started giving indication that car steering system has failed. The car was collected by Workshop for repairs. However, we were dis-satisfied with to see such high end car having such major problems within 10 months of service. After much deliberation we were given a brand Audi A4 car without any charges. This gesture of Audi is much appreciated.

3. New Audi A4 14th June, 2013 Registration No. **. Now we have started facing following problem again.A. Vibration of steering & rubbing sound while driving this was report to the CST Kalina workshop representative but the test drive inside workshop did not reveal any defect with steering. However, on my insistence to verify if the vibration was not coming or not drive the car 30-40 kms as same was not happening continuously. Repair representative agreed to my suggestion and car was left in the workshop. Later it was reported to me that they did find for short while steering vibrating & rubbing noises while driving for longer time.

Workshop representative informed me the shaft is defective and same has to be changed. I was informed it will take one week to get spare shaft. Eventually it took three weeks to get the shaft and replace same. During this time no car was given to me to help me out to my day to day work. Whereas while purchasing Audi car we promised while the car is taken for service we will be provided service, we will given a car free of any charges.

Now there is no vibration or rubbing noises. But the point remains why such high end car should have such problem with my 2nd car as well. This raises question is there "Deficiency in Quality Control" or some inherent manufacturing defect. As I have Extend Warranty the renewal of shaft was done under warranty but the point remain why I am experiencing such serious problem once again. Warranty will get over by June, 2017. What happens next if after warranty steering fails once again?

By this mail I put on notice Audi India and I would to reserve the right for car to be repaired free of any charges if above mentioned major failure of steering happen sometime in future. I feel quality control is very poor as following problems will indicate: A. Cars locks failing (not operating) and for overhauling I was charged although no parts were changed. Why when the car is still under warranty? Locks failed to operate again within a week after overhauling.B. Car door mirror switch breaking and charged in spite of car under warranty.

My last Car was Toyota Corolla which was with me for over seven years and never faced any of above mentioned problem whereas Audi with such good reputation giving so much problem. I doubt their "Quality Control" slackness and very poor manufacturing control. With this I am putting Audi India on notice for serious steering defect existing in their A4 Model.

Took my car at the appointed time (11 am) in for a full service (309) it was running perfectly well no faults whatsoever. They said the service would take about 1-2 hrs. I contacted Audi at 3 pm to say I was calling to collect my vehicle. They said "the lady that dealt with you is just on the phone, I'll ask her to ring you back". I waited 20 mins, rang again, told them how long I'd been waiting and want to speak to a manager. Again they said "I'll get the manager to ring you straight back". 45 mins later and fuming I rang again. This time they said "your car is just being washed now it will be about 15 mins".

Now my car has a fault, it's jerking and jumping as if it is being starved of fuel. I have just looked at the air filter and it's. The one I put in 18 months ago, in my service book it's (air filter) been ticked as replaced and crossed out and ticked as not replaced. So no new air filter, not even cleaned, fluids NOT topped up they said that's extra. So almost six hours for a service. I don't think a Boeing 747 would take that long. Bad service, certainly the longest, lied to several times. Get your service book stamped by any reputable garage. Audi is NOT all it's cracked up to be very, very expensive and work NOT carried out.

I would like to bring your attention this issue, hopefully I can gain support to have this issue resolved. Hopefully someone that actually cares about the Audi brand and their promise of excellent after sales services contacts me. My details are on the Audi system. I bought the car brand new from Audi in November 2011. On the 3rd day I had a serious clutch shudder and was informed Audi where I have always taken my car, that it was due to my driving style. I took the car in 40 times to the dealership (as per my tracker records 0) in total to have the clutch issue address, gearbox issue and oil consumption issue, and kept getting told there was no issue.

Eventually after almost having numerous accidents due to the inability to put off from robots and standing starts, I went to Audi and offered to pay to have them remove my gearbox and clutch to find the issue at my own expense and only then did they drop the gearbox and clutch, only then did they pick-up. I quote that my clutch was worn. This statement does not make sense as I have been experiencing this since day 3 after receiving my brand new car and I believe the statement made that it was my drive style was a lie. This process took almost 4 years. They informed me that my model does not actually have any sensors to pick up this issue, it is a manual. So I don't know how they could tell me that no issue was found.

At 8000 km they change a major gear part in my gearbox and I was not informed of this nor was I allow to request a fix, replacement or repair. Most recently, my cars ecu unit on the steering wheel was showing errors on my dashboard. Audi Burma stated that they could find no evidence of this, even after a I showed them a video of the issue. Nor did they inform me to be careful as this affects my abs, which put my life in danger. On the evening that I collected my car from Audi which they had for a week, I notice a loud knocking noise on my front suspension. I took the car to Audi as no longer trusted that Audi branch they found my steering arms were damaged, required replacement. I was informed by that they were so warm I could have had a serious accident had I continued to drive. So this car was release by the dealership and no any quality check done is beyond me so this is the third time Audi has put my life as risk.

I have proof that my car was at the dealership 40 times in four years yet there are only 8 job cards created, no explain has been offered for this nor after at least 30 requests to have the original job cards, nothing has been forth coming. During this period I had informed the dealership of excessive high oil usage starting in early 2014. They ran test (so they told me) but refused to show me the results and said there was no issue. I took my car to a different dealership, they ran the same tests and found that indeed my car was using an excess amount of oil and recommend that my engine be rebuilt as per Audi technical papers. This test was done 4 weeks prior to my maintenance plan running out. Now the dealership refuses to rebuild my car and has delayed the whole process till after my maintenance has expired. When I query this, they say "Sorry your car is out of maintenance plan" and I must pay for the repair.

Audi customer care in south Africa has been informed of all these issue and have all the recordings of the conversations, yet they will not do anything to assist me. I was promised a meeting with the regional after sales manager. He contacted the branch and then refused to meet with me. So clearly if a customer complains they simply ban you from the premises and then hope you will go away. I have this in an office letter from Audi customer services. I have never in my life ever heard of this happening to anyone. Currently I still have a broken gearbox which was first reported to Audi in 2013 and excessive oil usage problems. Therefore, I ask that someone with authority get involved as the customer service department refuses to supply me with management contact details and messages left for customer service manager go unreturned.

Car failed the oil consumption test in April 2016 full rebuild of engine followed. Never ran right since. Have been back 4 times with cylinder 3 misfire code. Dealer changed Coils, injectors. New spark plugs. Now I'm told it is carbon build up on the intake valves, and it needs to come apart again to clean the valves. They had it apart 3 times and no mention of carbon. Carbon build up is called "contamination" so the extended warranty policy I purchased from them (Fidelity) does not cover this. Fuel injector cleaner, like Sea Foam will prevent this if used periodically. This is not mentioned in any Maintenance schedule. Lost all faith in the Audi mechanics I had my local mechanic de-carbon the valves with NO results 78,000 miles on the car and I am at a loss. Lemon laws don't cover it. Next step is NY AG and small claims.

I took my car in to Audi for service because it was overheating so Audi changed my water pump and never told me there was a recall on it. I drove off their lot 3 different time but the last time I drove off my car turned off at the fork of the 118 and the 5 Frwy and cars were trying not to hit me from behind and when I called Audi scared out of my mind, they acted like no big thing. The next call about my car was that I need a new engine. I gave them a running car and they're giving me a car that doesn't run.

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Car has 20k miles. It has had key fob unrecognized, have to walk away, come back, it works. I've had engine shut off on highway due to overheating (thank God I was next to the shoulder lane). My check brake light indicator comes, lights up on the dash, brake lights however work fine. Dealer so far has added antifreeze (it wasn't low to begin with - just above min) can't find problem with light, would have to tear car down. Then I was rear ended at stop light, 8k in repair done by Audi, car now vibrates. Took it to sunny side Audi bodyshop, they sent me to Sunnyside Audi dealer in middleburg OH, (place of purchase/service) and they try to sell me tires and balance after saying nothing wrong with car alignment. Can't guarantee me that it will fix the problem. I did NOT have a vibration problem before being rear ended.

I called Audi America, they sent me back to dealer to "try to work something out". My tires have PLENTY of tread left as I used winter tires for at least 8k miles of the 20k. Just a horrible experience with the car, with the service, with the repair work of Audi manufacturing, sunny side Audi service, sunny side Audi collision center. I've owned Honda, Toyota, Ford and Acura, not had any problems. Acura replaced a 600.00 part under warranty. It failed 2 years later after extended warranty expired and they fixed it again, free of charge under good faith. Audi should learn from this. I'm going back to Acura. I'm not unreasonable. I offered to pay for tires if indeed it takes care of problem. If it doesn't they should. As I said it 100% did not shake/vibrate before accident. The other electrical issues I just deal with until lease end.

My Audi ownership experience was pretty frustrating and ultimately a big disappointment. I bought a 2012 A6 from the Audi Exchange in Highland Park, IL. The vehicle supposedly had undergone a "thorough 300+ point dealer inspection process"; one so exhaustive that "no other manufacturer can lay claim to a more thorough Certified pre-owned inspection process." Wow, sounded impressive.

So, imagine my surprise when, not long after I purchased my car, I learned that it had been in a serious accident and the repairs had not done to spec. I contacted the Audi Exchange about it. At first they denied any knowledge of the accident. But when I brought the car in to be examined, they did admit to knowing about the damage. However, they just hemmed and hawed and said they didn't think the work looked *too* bad. Bottomline: they said 'you bought a used car' and that was it.

I contacted Audi of America figuring they would intervene. But, to my surprise, all they did was send me a canned 'thanks for sharing your concerns' response and I never heard from them again. So much for the "pledge to do everything we can to keep the dream alive by offering you an ownership experience that rivals even those of the most exclusive clubs in the world." I keep getting marketing mail from Audi encouraging me to come by and check out new models. Uh, no thanks. I would rather walk than buy another Audi.

I would like to know how to lodge a formal complaint about my Audi S3 and the dissatisfaction I have received from Audi roadside assistance and Audi Service Centre in Parramatta. When I first walked into the Audi Parramatta dealership when purchasing my S3, the level of service and communication was outstanding! I was so pleased with how I was informed every step of the way and the progress on when my car was being built. It all went downhill from there as soon as I left the dealership.

About 8 months of owning the car the centre console panel started to flack up and peel exposing the aluminium underlay of the part of the car. Shortly after that my car overheated and the warning light came on for me to turn off my engine and put coolant in the car. I was stranded with my 1 year old and my 3 year old. I called the Audi roadside assistance and was told that someone would be there within an hour. 4 hours later no one turned up so I was forced to drive the car myself with my 3 year old and 1 year to the Parramatta service centre for them to add coolant to the car.

Then I was emailed a survey about the roadside and because I gave them a 0 mark they called me the next day asking why I had marked them so low. I explained that I was left stranded for hours on end with my 2 kids under the age of 3 and had to drive my overheated car to the service centre myself. I was told by the person on the phone that the job was not logged and that is why no one came or called.

Then when I booked in my car for the service I was told I had to wait close to 2 weeks for the new part to arrive. I waited weeks and no one from the Parramatta service centre got in touch with me so I had to call them to follow up with them to confirm my appointment and confirm the part had arrived. I dropped it off and had arranged a loan car. I inquired about the terms and conditions of the loan car agreement. I was told by MASON that I would have to pay $2500 excess regardless if I got into an accident and it was not my fault. So I couldn't even utilise the loan car which is why I asked for the loan car so I could use it for work. I missed an entire days work because of this information that was wrong! I was mislead and deceived into signing this legally binding agreement.

Then to top it off after missing an entire day of work to have a part in my car changed, I was called at 3:30 PM to tell me the part had been damaged, mind you the car was dropped off at 8:00 AM that morning. There is no way it was damaged when leaving the factory in Germany, clearly it was damaged when the staff opened it. I know this because the Assistant Manager Chris told me that the part comes wrapped in bubble wrap and layers of other material to protect and it gets delivered in a box. I was then told I have to wait another week and a half for another part to come in.

2 weeks later I am yet to hear anything from Audi Parramatta service centre. The website clearly states that first class service to Audi consumers when clearly that is not the case. What is the point of having an Audi if the staff cannot even communicate with its consumers, when they can't even advise its consumers of correct information on an agreement, when my car over heats and parts are damaged and when roadside leaves its consumers stranded? It is a joke that I have spent all this money on this car and to be so dissatisfied. No one at the service centre offered any sort of compensation or help with anything. Not even a sorry.

Today after waiting 2 weeks for the new part to arrive I dropped my car off again to Audi Service Centre to have the part changed. I wasn't even called to pick it up even though I left my mobile number with Jeffery, instead my husband was called and when I got to Audi to pick my car up I had to wait 20 minutes as Jeffery was too busy to see me. He told me that he had delayed his lunch and that he had been waiting for me, what kind of employee at a service centre even says that to its customer?

On top of that my car not only got damaged whilst they changed the part, the part they fitted doesn't even fit correctly and the installer has now damaged two parts of the console of my car. The worst experience Audi has delivered, worst service and lack of due diligence is unbelievable. I now have to wait even longer to have new parts brought in and I am told Chris or Jeffery will be in touch but it will be a while. The worst Service Centre ever!!!

Audi 2007 Cabriolet-Takata air bag recalls - Advised of Takata air bag recall by CARFAX (not Audi) on 3/10/2016. I immediately called and emailed dealership who advised they were not aware of recall arrangements but would get back to me when parts might be available. I subsequently did received notice of driver side airbag recall from Audi on 4/5/2016 with the letter indicating no replacement parts were available and I would be advised when they would be. I now have received another notice for the passenger side airbag with same note that no parts are available and I will be advised when that would occur. After 5 months, does anyone think (from a product manufacturing standpoint) that this is acceptable? Note to Audi USA--lack of definitive communication and action will always drive away your customers!

I purchased my 2012 Audi TT used with approximately 7,000 miles on it. I drive the car regularly without any issue and am currently at 38,000 miles. One day the car stopped operating properly and was towed to the Sewickley Audi Dealership, a certified Audi Dealership. After various diagnosis, the service department contacted me to inform me that the car will need an entirely new engine! I was shocked. Although the car was a 2012, the mileage was relatively low for needing an entire new engine. A car should not age because an owner did not drive it year round (which is likely what the original owner did).

Audi USA and the dealership offered to covered 75% of the cost of the new engine and the repair because the warranty had expired 1.5 months ago. I was very disappointed in this. I still cannot believe that a car with 38,000 miles could possibly need a new engine. With no other option, I paid for 25% of the repair at $2,500. I will never buy another Audi.

Since my last review about my Audi Q5- I wrote to Audi Canada. A very positive result- they are going to refund money spent on fixing my sunshade. I wanted to give credit where credit is due! Thanks, Audi Canada.

Original Review

My sunscreen on my Audi 2014 Q5 has broken for the third time in 2.5 years. Because I am just past warranty, all Audi Edmonton Southgate, and Audi Canada will say is it is past warranty. After much discussion, Audi's goodwill policy will pay for labor but I must pay for parts. They will not recognize it broke 3 times and don't recognize this as an issue or that the mechanic maybe did not fix it right in the first place. I have the following reply from Audi Customer Care, "The sun shade breaks because of the dust and its panoramic size!!" Is this a valid excuse? Can you imagine the rest of my car and potential to break because of dust? I have asked about a recall issue, but no one is willing to address the issue of a defective substandard product.

Paid £28,000 for an Audi A4 that was used as the launch vehicle on the viewing nights when the car was shown to the public, so, 3 months old stuffed with techie gear yet the dab radio does not pick up a signal unless it is in the service bay??!!! My last A4, the previous model, and not quite 3 years old was fine, my brother's A3, his wife's A3, his son's A5 all bought from the same dealer at Silverlink in Newcastle upon Tyne and my daughter's seat all have no problem but my £28,000 now 6 month old Audi A4 can only access analogue radio??

The garage was supposed to call me back tonight just after 6:00 but guess what, the lad who answered didn't seem capable of taking my phone number down after twice telling him what it was. What is the point of paying premium prices for a so called premium car when all you get is back street garage services? Can't see my family buying from these again. (Five cars in all.) Think I'll have to contact some in Ingolstadt.

I have leased Audi's Flagship Sedan A8 in June 2013. The array of different problems ranging from complete replacement of steering system to the faulty MMI screen unit appeared shortly after. Though I was not enthused by these shortcomings, I liked the driving dynamics of the vehicle and enjoyed beautiful warm interior design. The pinnacle of this technological marvel came around 12000 miles. I have noticed a humming noise coming from the tires.

I took the car to the local Audi dealership. Upon inspection of the vehicle, the service manager informed me of the following: "Audi created the unique size of the tire (265/40/R20) and there are only Pirelli tires available in this size in all-season configuration. All these tires are making humming noise, even a new ones. Therefore he cannot help me." He also stated that many of his customers complain about this problem and he personally dislike Pirelli products. I was left with no choice, but to continue driving and listening to this "humming symphony."

By 20000 miles the noise became so loud, that it was hard to listen to the radio or talk on the phone without raising my voice. I placed a phone call to Pirelli headquarters who promptly refused to replace their product under the warranty. Taking into consideration that I've been a loyal Audi customer for 14 years, I decided to write a letter to the executive committee of Audi of North America. I have informed them that they installed a low quality product on their Flagship Sedan and they created the size of the tire which is not available from any other tire manufacturer but Pirelli.

Therefore they are equally responsible for this error in judgement. I have received a reply from so called "Regional Expert" shortly after. The letter was written in a monotonous standard script, which is most likely mailed to all their "valued" customers. The bottom line of the letter stated that I am a valued member of the Audi family, but I can take my problem somewhere else. Any other correspondence I wrote to Audi of North America in this regard and their main office in Germany was left unanswered. So, I went ahead and replaced noisy Pirelli tires with the same noisy Pirelli tires for the cost of $1300.00 and continue driving and listening to this humming noise, but to a lesser degree, while counting the days until I return this leased vehicle and forget about this nightmare.

I want you all to know, if you decide to acquire one of their vehicles and you come up with a problem, which cannot be resolved on the dealership level, do not expect any help from the company no matter how many years you had been a valued member of Audi Family and no matter how much money you had previously spent on their products.

The brakes on my Audi S5 failed completely at the weekend, with 3 children in my car travelling at 70 mph... and luck more than anything that I didn't have a major crash. No warning light, nothing to suggest there was a problem - one moment I had full braking capability, the next nothing. Went to Audi Uk, and because I can't prove 'beyond doubt' that it is a car fault... they aren't interested. I have bought 3 Audi's new in the last 10 years - £150k spent to date and won't ever buy another one. Awful customer service! It could happen to you.

Bought my 2015 Audi A3 last year. 15 months and has broken down 4x. Twice the engine starting smoking and smelled like fire. I can't get them to care that I feel like my car is unsafe. Miserable experience. Wish I never tried Audi and stayed with Lexus.

I've purchased a brand new 2013 Audi S5 Cabriolet and took delivery from dealership in middle of 2012 with 4 years/50k warranty. 22 months into the ownership (at 9,500 driven miles) car started to pull to the side and required a wheel alignment at a cost of over $550. I was told that although the mileage was low, this wheel alignment is considered normal wear and tear. Although I strongly disagreed, I ended-up paying for it. Last week while driving, my front left tire completely deflated. After removing the tire in order to replace it with a spare I noticed that the inner part of rubber is showing steal metal belts. Next day I took the car to dealership and was told that:

a) Car needs another wheel alignment (it currently has 19,300 miles on it). b) All 4 tires are under 3/32 (as measured by Audi Service Consultant) and need replacement even though they are rated for 50k. Since the car is still under warranty and since this is very odd that another alignments is needed and that I also now need to replace 50k rated tires on a car with 19,300 miles on it I called Audi Corporate office and opened a Case # ** with request for FULL reimbursement of expenses.

Unfortunately Audi decided to decline my request, citing wear and tear. I'm beyond of being disappointed and strongly disagree that this is normal wear and tear. After consulting with my legal counselor who has advised me that I have over 90% chance of successfully getting Audi to reimburse me for wheel alignment and tires and therefore, in addition to filing this complaint with I will also be taking Audi to Small Claims court and will publish verdict with details of the case on as many blog sites as I can find. After all I'm certain that I'm not the only customer with similar problem and will make other consumers aware of possible issues/pitfalls they may be facing if they buy an Audi! Lack of responsibility by Audi after selling a luxury and expensive automobile in unacceptable and will not go unchallenged.

I have an '09 Audi S5 (115K miles) and am absolutely pissed at my owning experience. I, like all other defective FSI engines built during this time, have been experiencing major issues ALL related to carbon build-up. The car has been in the shop 5 times in the last two years because of carbon buildup related issues and has cost me thousands of dollars. Audi refuses to give me a good answer on why my car does not fall under the extended emissions warranty (that they have issued for other VINs with the same problem) and cover all costs related to carbon cleaning for up to 10 years/120K.

Audi has no interest in keeping their most core customer base of S owners happy and does not care about keeping their loyalty. The bifurcation of the dealerships, Audi America, and Audi AG has made this even more of a headache. The dealership says they can't do anything until Audi tells them they can, even though they state it is the same problem in my car that is inherent in the cars they have issued an extended warranty. Audi Direct can't tell me anything technical on why my car does not fall under the extended warranty umbrella other than looking at a list of VINs and saying they can't do anything. NO ONE can give me a good explanation.

It seems Audi has no interest in actually doing what is RIGHT, no matter the evidence presented to them and owners have no recourse. It's obvious Audi does not give a damn about their customer base once a car is sold. Sadly it seems most class action lawsuits with these problems also exclude S5's. This is mainly because there just weren't enough sold for them to care to issue warranties or adjustments while there were many more A's & Q's sold with the same problem that they HAD to do something about or risk legal action from a large group of owners. I just want an engineer to tell me how my engine issues are different than the other FSI engines with the same problems. HOW?! What will it take for Audi to DO WHAT IS RIGHT and make us S5 owners whole? ?

From day one of my purchase I had issues with my A8. Now 4 years later have had heating fail 2x's, suspension fail, windshield leak, electric fail numerous time, bolts come loose in both doors, breaks squeak and be told that is normal. My Audi has had maintenance to it (outside of normal service) every 2 months. Called Audi American to explain my issues. They were able to pull the 16 work orders so they saw my issues were valid. After weeks of dealing with them, I was told that I should go back to where I purchased to see if there are any incentives that could be used to get me into a new car. That is Audi loyalty. Buy a car that is a straight lemon and they will allow you to buy a new car with "incentives" at the dealership. I will never buy another and highly recommend people to avoid.

My daughter's 5 year old Q5 with complete and proper maintenance and just 63,000 miles had the engine blow. The dealership in Minneapolis says "don't bother to fix it." Does anyone know if these engines have had a long history of problems? Seems highly irregular that a well cared for car blows up at 63,000 miles.

I bought a brand new Audi Q3 2015 last year. Audi was my dream car before, but after buying this car I am feeling guilty of buying this car. I had a service @ one of the dealership last year. They had done wheel alignment and rebalance last year. The service was bad and when I gave the car for routine maintenance at different dealership they wanted me to pay again for rebalancing and wheel alignment. I have contacted Audi to complaint on the bad service. They took a complaint but never called me back with resolution. One of the customer care representative told me that I have to reach out directly to dealer and they won't help me in this issue. I don't understand why I need to buy a luxurious car who don't even take care of their customer concerns properly. I will never buy this car and planning to sell this car in near future. Bottom line - it's not my dream car anymore.

Audi A4 2.0T - 69k miles and I'm in the hole almost $8k!! Bought the car certified pre-owned with 32k miles. Keeping up with all recommended maintenance and caring for the car inside and out, this vehicle has been nothing but a lemon. It's been on a tow truck 4 times in 3 years. In the shop 6 times outside of regular maintenance. Cylinders replaced. Pistons replaced. A/c gone twice! I can go on... I dreamed of having this car, and now I can't get it sold quick enough. Going all American! Shame on Audi for poor design putting Turbo on a 4 cylinder car and straining the ** out of the engine causing parts to weaken faster for replacement. Overpriced car doesn't even hold value. Never again! That just explains why there is so much inventory of Audis for sale everywhere. People can't get rid of them quick enough.

I took in the car as the windows smash and grab gets scratched out every time I open the windows (all of them). Then they lied to me and said it's the type of rubber Audi uses which scratches all their windows so they can't help me or change it. 2015/04/14 - My car is new and it's not even a month old and it is flashing oil change. Response was a sorry and they took it in to be fixed. 2015/11/26 - My car went in for a service and they smashed it and had to wait until January driving a smashed car. Brand new car now turned into a smashed one and I must just accept a sorry???

Response was: "It is regrettable that your car got damaged whilst in for service. We do sincerely apologize for the mishap despite us taking extreme caution with our customer's cars. Please understand that we do not plan these things but they do happen at all dealerships. We are transparent and accept responsibility for the incident. I have arranged for your car to come in around the 2nd week of January 2016 once everything returns to normal". And then they ask me not to rate them with Audi SA - "May I please ask that you do not participate in the survey with IPSOS should they decide to call you. May I ask that you rather participate in the survey once we have repaired the damage on your car? This rating is very important to us and I think the whole experience has been tainted by this unfortunate event."

Now I went over a month ago as here is a list of problems. Loud sound when I hit the brakes and go over humps, the car cuts power when I drive it, the car doesn't lock, the dashboard and speedometer switches off while I'm driving, when you put the car on reverse it does the opposite and when you put it on drive it reverses before it moves forward (at my son's school when I put it on drive it reversed into another car). The soft top needs to be tightened as well, no rain sensor as well, it's as if electrically it is messed up.

Over a month ago they asked me to bring it in and one of their technicians drove around Sandton to listen and also said he knows what the problem is so I need to book it in and it will take days to fix it. I asked if I will get a loan car and they said ok. When we went back to their office where they said the booking agents were in a meeting and I must just leave my number, they did phone me and booked it in for the 8th of June. When the car started not locking I phoned them again as I was very worried then Ismail asked me to bring it in this Monday, I asked for my loan car and was told I will never get one as the previous guys did not even book a loan car for me and if I want to wait then they can only fix and give me a loan car in July.

Clearly Audi doesn't care about the owner's safety. I decided I have to take it as I fear for my life, I dropped it off at Audi on Monday morning and even today I haven't got feedback as to what is wrong with the car??? I really thought the technician that drove with me said he knew where the problem is. I really want Audi to give me my money and take their car back. I seriously don't think it's fair that it's their technical fault and I must suffer!!! Now I phoned at 7h25 today to speak to Ismael or the dealer principal (was told Ismael is around but they can't get hold of him and the dealer principal will be in around 1 pm). I still don't know what is wrong with my car or HOW I'M GETTING HOME TODAY as I had to take Uber to come to work and drop off my son.

I have been financed 3 Audi A3's and previously have upgraded and re-financed but when my renewal came up on my 3rd I decided to pay it off & keep the car - I had no confidence in the staff & was not comfortable using them again. This is a shame as in the past they've always been great - I don't know what they've changed but now they are atrocious! Sales staff either have no knowledge or are not allowed to work out figures. My appointment to discuss refinance/upgrade options was booked by Audi with a sales rep. but every time we needed a figure he had to go to the manager for 10-15 mins and then come back to us to repeat what the manager had said!! I asked for a monthly figure on a particular car if I didn't pay a deposit & when I said I couldn't afford the figure his response was "It's only 20 a month more than you told me you could afford, can't you find that?!!"

What a disgraceful thing to say to a customer, if he thinks an individual can find it, then surely an international company can work a deal so THEY find it! A few days later I called & asked if they could re-quote if I were able to pay a small deposit (if I sold mine privately and used the sale money to pay deposit), and was given EXACTLY THE SAME MONTHLY PAYMENT FIGURE as when I wasn't paying a deposit!! When I questioned this the salesman blamed me as he said I took the print out of his original quote so he no longer knew what that was!! Overall he showed no interest in looking after an existing customer & getting them to continue doing business with Audi, he had no idea what information he had previously given and left me feeling that I couldn't trust him or Audi as a company. I've always loved Audi's but I'm very sad to say that based on this experience I will not use them again.

I'm one very disappointed customer in Audi brand and this will haunt me for the rest of my life and I doubt the credibility and integrity of Audi. Customers mean nothing to Audi in my view. My car has been lying in the Audi Polokwane branch for the past 5 months, I gave the dealership authorization to fix the vehicle on the 8th of February and they have never contacted me to give me any update on the progress since then no loan vehicle in the 6 months. I'm still paying for the vehicle on a monthly basis and have to make alternative travel arrangements and also save money towards the hefty bill of approximately R67 000 initially R103 000. In all this Audi doesn't care how their loyal client to survive.

My service history shows you that I depended on the vehicle because I used to service it on average every 3 months (15 000km). It's my only vehicle. I'm struggling to carry on with my daily duties and AUDI JUST DOESN'T CARE. To them it seems it was just GOOD RIDDANCE to rubbish when they sold me the vehicle. This A6 is my second Audi but honestly after this treatment I doubt I can ever buy this brand again.

Now I doubt everything about the brand from Customer Service/Quality/Integrity/Reliability/the ability of mechanics (I meant why would an overhaul take 4 months, when its new parts) to Durability. A 2.5-year-old vehicle requiring an engine overhaul whilst my family has a 24 yr old Toyota Corolla still going strong, maybe I'm comparing apples with bananas, a good strong well-built quality affordable Japanese vehicle with an expensive poor quality German vehicle I don't know.

Below is a statement from the Audi South Africa website and honestly to me none of it, is true looking at my situation. e.g. Vehicle has no quality, I mean it essentially requires a new engine at 130 000 km, I get no support, I don't feel respected either. Our relationship is just based on me losing out in many ways. Also I don't think the cars are revolutionary but quick fix to last 2 yrs or less.

"Audi After Sales - Quality and Prestige - The day you purchase your Audi, you don't just buy a car. You become part of a legacy that is characterised by innovation and beauty, prestige and quality. You begin a relationship founded on mutual respect and admiration that progresses into the bonds we form with you through our valuable services and aftercare support." That is why we don't stop at designing revolutionary cars, we also go on to design outstanding support products specifically created to meet the exacting needs of the discerning Audi customer."

I'm a very dissatisfied customer and I strongly believe this vehicle had a factory problem though I may not be able to prove it. How can an injector which is part of the fuel system fail without warning? I believe it's taking forever to fix (4 months) because it was never assembled properly and I was used to get rid of it, it's an engine rebuild at my costs nogal.

As I mentioned above, it was just a case of GOOD RIDDANCE. I believe this problem on the vehicle is probably unheard of on this models but Audi just won't admit. Otherwise it could have been sorted in 2 weeks at most. It's a factory fault. This is poor customer service of the highest order. This whole experience has left me traumatized badly. It has also changed how I perceive Audi considering I was such a loyal customer having bought my 1st Audi in 2011 (A4 1.8T).

We all know the Takata airbag recall is huge. But some manufacturers are getting it right, and some are not. AUDI IS NOT. They have limited cars affected by the recall compared to other manufacturers, but my car (2012 Q5) is affected. I called Audi several times and they are not offering any option to pay for a rental car or loaner call. I called the dealer too, but they won't do anything unless Audi pays. Audi told me to call the dealer and then the dealer told me to call Audi. I was just bounced around and around with no answers.

My husband owns an Acura and the local dealer paid for his rental car for 2 months while he waited for the replacement part (which came this week). Audi is doing nothing, which I find unacceptable. They want the consumer to be stuck with the risk, which I also find unacceptable. All Audi car owners in this situation should put pressure on Audi to take the approach Acura/Honda is taking (and maybe other manufacturers, I am not sure who else). Based on the experience I've had, I would never buy another Audi.

I leased an A3 "clean diesel" from Audi Coral Springs in April of 2013 with the intention to buy if the car performed as well as the salesperson assured me it would. I was looking for a high performing car with significantly reduced emissions. I considered the Audi diesel, hybrids and electric cars. I chose a model that would no longer be available in the US (A3 clean diesel hatchback). There were only a handful available in the country and one of them was at Audi Coral Springs. Because I was set on this car and there were so few, I had no bargaining power and paid an enormous premium for the car. The leasing process itself was torture. The dealership had one printer and it wasn't working so the entire transaction took more than 4 hours.

When the diesel emission fraud became public, I contacted the dealership and Audi USA. I was told over and over that the emission fraud was "no big deal" and that Audi owed me nothing. Basically I was told that Audi is handling this and that no one in the company could deal with my complaint. Audi has decided kill its brand and ensure that its customers go elsewhere.

As for Audi Coral Springs... the personnel at the dealership were down right rude. I returned the car at the end of the lease only to be told that I had to sign a document that if anything happened to the car while in the hands of the dealer (the only place I could return it), I would be legally responsible for the damage. The document stated that I was required to maintain auto insurance on the vehicle until it was in the hands of the manufacturer which would take weeks to months. Ripped off a third time by Audi Coral Springs. I asked how I would know when to release the insurance and I was told not to worry about it. Needless to say, given Audi's horrible, horrible customer service and casual attitude about defrauding the public, I will never drive an Audi again. I now have a Lexus hybrid and the experiences could not have been more different. One star for this dealership is really one too many.

We were experiencing a strange resistance when steering the car. Turns out the dealer found that the steering column was corroding - only 30K miles on the car! When we asked why, they said they'd had 3 similar issues and said it was due to new liquid calcium road salt being used. If this happened to us, it is likely happening to all Audi's of a similar vintage! Even though out of warranty the dealer picked up the $450 cost of the part - we paid labor. There is something very fishy going on. I think they have a problem and are trying to keep it quiet, but if your steering column breaks you'll lose control. Beware!

I am driving an Audi in Hong Kong. I had some paperwork problems with my car and had to contact Audi to get the needed document. The staff is genuinely uninterested and referred me to a automobile association alleging that only the association can get the document for me. So I called the association who explained patiently that the certificate should be issued by Audi the manufacturer, which makes sense. So I called the dealer in Hong Kong again and that staff gave me the same answer, utterly uninterested, and offered no solution to me at all. I don't expect that the dealer can solve my problem quickly and once and for all but at least they can appear to be more helpful. For Audi which aspires to be a top brand in the world, they should be more careful in engaging local dealers. Some are totally unprofessional and may just ruin their reputation. In my case, I will NEVER buy another Audi (because I am terribly pissed off).

I have a Audi R8 car. I love the car but the service that Audi give is crap. I had a problem with the clutch so went to Audi. They told me it needed a new clutch at the cost of £3000 pounds so I told them to get on with it. The next day they phoned up to tell me it needed a new oil cooler and pipes that the mechanic broke when removing the gearbox at a cost of £2000 pounds. After one week they phoned again to tell me that they had broken the clutch master cylinder pedal and pipe and it would cost £1200. I think that Audi should come over to UK from Germany and train these people how to work on their cars. People are going to get fed up of being ripped off by the UK Audi dealers. A pissed off Audi owner.

I purchased a 2014 A6 from Bell Audi in NJ. The dealership service department is horrible. Not only do they not service the car correctly they try to rip you off by trying to sell you other parts. I called corporate to complain and they did nothing about it. I don't recommend you purchase a car from this dealership or an Audi for that matter. They break done easily and their parts are very expensive. If you're going to buy a german car buy a BMW. It's a much better car and their customer service is much better.

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Audi, a luxury brand, was founded in 1909 and became Audi AG in 1932 when it joined with Horch, DKW and Wanderer. The four rings of Audi’s logo represent these four individual companies. Audi of America has more than 285 dealers across the United States. Audi’s models include sedans, SUVs, crossovers, wagons, coupes and convertibles.

  • Audi connect®: The brand’s onboard navigation and roadside assistance platform, Audi connect®, includes many extra features. The system can remind users of necessary maintenance, reroute drivers around traffic jams and accidents and even help owners find their car if it is stolen.
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  • Apps: Audi has a variety of apps to help owners get the most out of their automobile. The myAudi IQ app includes a questions and answers guide, video tutorials and more. The MMI® Connect app lets users send destination information from their phone, tablet or computer to their Audi as well as find its location, which can help owners remember where they parked.
  • Certified pre-owned: Audi has an extensive certified pre-owned selection, and interested consumers can view local dealers’ inventory and even request a quote online. Certified pre-owned Audis undergo 300 plus point dealer inspection and are offered at competitive prices.
  • Warranties: Both new and certified pre-owned Audis come with a limited warranty. New vehicles have a 50,000-mile, four-year warranty, which includes four years of free roadside assistance. Certified pre-owned cars may still be covered under the original warranty, and if/when that expires, a two-year, 50,000-mile warranty kicks it.
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