Are wheels covered under warranty?

Wheel coverage is a little tricky

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    Wheels are one of the most visible parts on a car. However, they’re one of the few items that warranties usually don’t cover. In fact, getting a warranty for your wheels can be difficult unless you purchase a special policy. And, even then, it may not cover everything.

    Keep reading to understand how warranty coverage for wheels works, whether you need to buy a separate policy for your wheels and how much it will cost to repair or replace those wheels if you’re paying out of pocket.

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    Wheels are not covered by most car warranties.

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    However, you can purchase a separate tire and wheel policy that will cover them against certain hazards.

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    Replacing your wheels can cost hundreds of dollars (if not thousands), but the cost varies significantly from vehicle to vehicle.

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    Wheel warranty coverage

    If you have an existing auto warranty, you may assume that wheels are covered because they’re one of the most important parts of your car. Unfortunately, wheels are rarely covered by traditional warranties unless there is some kind of defect with the wheel. (In fact, if you want your wheels to be covered by a warranty, you’ll probably have to pay for a separate special policy.)

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    What types of warranties cover wheels?

    Even though powertrain warranties usually cover all of the parts that make your car ‘go,’ that doesn’t include your wheels.

    If you’re dead set on having wheel protection, you can purchase a separate tire and wheel protection policy. This will be a separate policy that kicks in if you hit something while you’re driving and it damages your tire or wheel. But, like any warranty, it doesn’t include damage caused by a car accident. (You’ll have to use your car insurance for that.)

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    How much does it cost to fix your wheels?

    If there’s something wrong with your wheels, you may need to repair or replace them, and if they’re not under warranty, you’ll have to pay to fix them out of pocket.

    The cost will vary dramatically depending on what kind of car you’re driving and how many wheels you need to replace. Sometimes, you only need to replace one wheel. In a worst-case scenario, you have to replace all four wheels.

    Wheel prices vary considerably. You can theoretically find replacements for under $100 each, but if you have a high-end performance car, you might spend $2,500 or more for a new carbon fiber wheel. And that’s not including the labor involved.

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    What does a tire and wheel plan cover?

    In general, a wheel and tire plan can pay for repairs and replacement if your tires or wheels are damaged because of a road hazard. Some plans may also pay for the cost of towing the car to a tire shop or even pay for a rental car.

    However, because tires are designed to wear out at specific intervals, you shouldn’t expect a tire and wheel plan to cover new tires needed due to routine wear-and-tear. Also, if you get into a car accident and damage your wheels, then you should go through the insurance company for your repairs.

    Are tires covered under warranty?

    When it comes to wear-and-tear items on your car, tires take the most abuse. They have to support the car through whatever conditions you may encounter — rain, sleet, snow, mud and more. And you may have little financial recourse if something goes wrong.

    While other car parts may be covered under some kind of warranty, tires are one of the few exceptions. They are often not covered by most warranties unless there is a detectable defect. If you need to replace one or more tires, you’ll probably have to pay out-of-pocket. This even applies if you get a nail in your tire while driving or if you hit a curb and you get a flat tire.

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    Are rims covered under warranty?

    While rims are one of the most popular ways to accessorize and personalize your car, be careful shelling out a lot of money on them. If they get damaged, most standard manufacturer warranties will not cover rims unless you purchase wheel and tire coverage.

    If you do not have special wheel and tire coverage, then rims usually won’t be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. However, if your rim gets damaged in a car accident, then your insurance company may pay some of the cost.

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