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Brookdale Senior Living
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Brookdale Senior Living

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Brookdale Senior Living Reviews

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 26, 2018

We thought we had found the great place for our 96-year-old mother, but she didn't like the place and her emotions were tanking. The actual care is not that bad, but when we decided to take her out we ran into the fact they are very dishonest. We gave the required 30 day notice for leaving on the 3rd of September and she actually left on the 21st of the same month. However, at the beginning of October we were notified that she owed the full amount for that month as well - because the 30 day notice we gave ran 3 days past the first of the month. When we complained, they agreed to overlook it, but we were eventually charged a "late fee" of over $800 for the month - even though she didn't stay there one single day. We highly recommend that you stay away from this company because their number one goal is to take your money by whatever means they can! They are very dishonest!

Brookdale Senior Living response

John, we encourage you to call our corporate office at 877-400-5296. We would like the opportunity to learn more information and discuss these concerns with you. Thank you.

32 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 24, 2018

Turnover is very high. They NEVER take residents out (like I was told on move in). Turnover is extremely high. They never take ownership of any problem. Rather they attempt to blame it on the family. The response they put on this comments is corporate rhetoric. They appear to have a script which they simply cut and paste. Please DO NOT respond to this post with your condescending rhetoric. Do NOT insult my intelligence.

40 people found this review helpful
Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2018

Staff turnover is a problem. Nice people, but they cut their hours and overwork them. My mother can’t consistently get bathed and is charged for services not received. She’s been waiting for credit back for three months. They also ‘sold her’ on receiving VA benefits from my deceased father. They have a connection with a high-priced attorney who hasn’t delivered on the promise. Advice: don’t allow them to auto deduct the rent. You’ll never get paid back for over-charges and services not rendered.

Brookdale Senior Living response

Donna, we are sorry to hear you feel this way and take your comments seriously. Please reach out to our Resident and Family Connection team at 877-400-5296 to discuss any concerns you may have. Thank you.

18 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2018

My mother is 82 with moderate to severe dementia. She also has lymphedema from a prior cervical cancer surgery she had in her 60’s. It is a permanent condition that just needs maintenance to keep it in check. When I called Brookdale, they assured me they could take care of this and would be glad for me to show them my method. The staff RN even came out to our home to assess her and had me remove the compression wraps so she could see the condition of Mom’s lower leg. At no point was I told, “We don’t do this, you would need to bring in a professional for this, etc.” UNTIL I actually moved her in. Then the games began. “No, we don’t do THAT because it’s MEDICAL." What?!?!?! Yes, they refused to compression wrap her even though I have been doing it for years and I am not a certified professional, I was taught by one! It is NOT rocket science.

So, after losing my mind trying to find these unicorns that know and treat this condition, (I have to pay more $$ out of pocket now for this) Brookdale is telling me now they don’t want to do the simple velcro wraps that I use between having her in compression which allows her to take a shower, keep an eye on skin condition, etc. This takes no more than a 20 to 25 minutes at best and no more than 8 days max in a month, and they are whining about that now!

I spoke about my frustrations with the administrator and he insinuated I imagined the sales gal telling me they agreed to help care for her leg if I showed them. That infuriated me! I would have never even shown up if they said they would not help with this chronic condition of hers! I finally got him to agree to do the velcro wraps if I got someone to do the compression. Now they are trying to rescind that! They don’t want to do anything more than they absolutely have to and just babysit these mentally compromised adults.

Mom is able to walk on her own, shower herself, dress herself, feed herself, and 3 months later I am still getting calls from them that they don’t want to do this as it takes more time than THEY want to spend on her. I say bull excrement! I WAS a certified caregiver and bathed, dressed, transferred, fed elderly folks and it all took a heck of a lot longer than a half an hour! So, you are to pay thousands a month, (for a shared room mind you) and the care is minimal at best.

I feel like a sucker that was drawn in by all their courting and family like atmosphere, now to have them turn on me when I have the audacity to get upset and call them out on their lies. If you do bring your parent here, get EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING in writing regarding their care. Do NOT sign the waiver saying you will work with them first on any issues instead of your attorney, I tried that and was treated like I was inconveniencing HIM and my complaint was a falsehood in my imagination. Downright insulting!

It is very traumatic moving a parent with dementia and now she is finally adjusting and I feel like they are trying to drive her out of there by refusing the care they initially agreed to. This has been an absolute stressful nightmare. I DREAD going to see her now. I DREAD when I see they are calling me, the thought is... “Oh God, now what?? ?” This is just not right. After 5 long years being the sole caregiver for my Mom, burnt out beyond belief and they have turned this into an unnecessary, ongoing nightmare.

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Brookdale Senior Living response

Rainey, the care and safety of our residents is our top priority and we encourage you to call our corporate Resident and Family Connection team at 877-400-5296 to discuss any concerns you may have. Thank you.

23 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2018

Updated on 04/08/2019: Update to my post about Brookdale Towson. My father continues to remain on Hospice for over 16 months here, and has no idea why. He broke a hip 2 Christmases ago and has been bedridden with no attempts to get him in a chair or range of motion. He is in a memory care lockdown unit, but his memory is intact and quite good for a man of 87. I am a registered nurse and evaluating orientation is part of my job. Somehow he keeps getting certified by the doctor to be on hospice and in memory care. On my last visit when I asked how my family can be in contact with him, I was told to talk to the POA, who doesn’t talk to us (see below). I also asked about the reason for Hospice. Same answer.

The charge RN demanded I speak to her in the hall. I said she could speak to me in my dad’s room (I wasn’t going to be lectured in the hallway like a child and told to talk to the POA again). She said if I didn’t leave she would call the police. I live over 200 miles away. I said, "Go ahead and call the police." My thought what a waste of police resources in the City of Baltimore. My two young adult children who were home on winter break said, "We better leave mom and grandpa is looking upset." So the police came as we were leaving.

So today, on the way home from a funeral in Virginia I thought I would drive 1.5 hours out of my way to see dad. My daughter was with me. It was Sunday afternoon. They refused to allow us see my father who is still in a lockdown unit. They said the police were involved last time, so I could only see him weekdays (they wanted the police involved so they would be able to refer to it later I guess). I said that wouldn’t work for me and I was here now. They said I was sent a letter about this, and I have received no such letter.

They said I would have to talk to the POA (they always fall back to this) and I said ok, call him, because we aren’t able to travel here that often. They said no, they had already talked to the manager and she said no. I asked if my 20 year old daughter could at least go see him and say hi. They said no. I said at least can you tell my dad we were here. Which I doubt they did. He would have loved to have seen his granddaughter. What a shame.

They keep this POA excuse up and I agree with another poster that are happy to collect the money and throw the problem on the family. And they make rules up as they go along. I know I have challenged Brookdale on their mismanagement of my parents' healthcare and they have a bone to pick with me, but they didn’t say they sent my daughter a letter and she was never told she couldn’t see her grandfather. Since when does an elderly man who is alert and oriented and able to visit with his grandchildren, have no say in even this aspect of his lonely life in lockdown. She even said the POA's two daughters are allowed to visit and she’s not. These people are the worst.

Original Review: Update on my parents at Brookdale Towson. My mother passed in late June from “pneumonia”, never having left her bed and no attempts to get her upright in a Gerry chair in 7 months. I imagine if she didn't feel like getting up, no attempts were made. They told me she developed low blood pressure and they wouldn't get her up and even that they didn't have a gerrychair. That's what happens when you lay in bed all day! She was not treated for it. Of course she would die from pneumonia or delirium. My family and I were not told she was dying or dead until I received a text that she was dead from the POA.

My dad is likewise in a bed at Brookdale for 10 months, where no attempts at range of motion or sitting him in a Gerry chair have ever been made. He is on a pureed diet and when I visited tells me immediately to throw it in the trash. He will he will eat with no problem food I bring from a nearby grocery store. They tell me pureed are doctors orders and refuse my request to have him reevaluted. He's gone from a 200 lb man to about 80 lbs while living at Brookdale. He mostly just has Ensure. I live 250 miles away. To maintain communication with my dad, including his grown grandchildren, one of my tech savvy kids set up an Amazon Echo show to talk to him as the POA did not provide him with a phone and the staff does not let help him and said they do not have a phone for him to use.

For 5 weeks we could check in and have short conversations and it reassured us about his condition and alleviated his long lonely days of lying and bed with only the company of CNN. He appeared delighted and when he saw me, immediately would say “hey Cathy” and we would talk a few minutes. He also enjoyed playing Elvis, Johnny Cash and listening to jokes. Then one day it went dark. I then received an e-mail stating they had removed the device from his room and I had to fill out an form I would never sue Brookdale and they would refer it to corporate and if approved I could leave video on but no audio. My brother, the recent POA (after he changed it from me), said I put the device in the room knowing it was illegal. The POA has failed to maintain contact with anyone in my family and is the only person my dad has contact with as he lives 2 miles from Brookdale.

I never ran across any information that Alexa’s were illegal and in fact read some PCH were piloting them for the exact reasons I mentioned. The policy of forbidding them is clearly a Brookdale made up policy. I called a number of state agencies which were useless, including the Ombudsman who won’t do anything unless the resident is actively complaining, and obviously they are not going to in their deconditioned and dependent state. I would like to find out about any advocacy groups or media or anyone that can help me shine a light on the ridiculous policy of Brookdale’s. Isolating seniors should not be their mission. Shameful. Everyone I talk to says can’t you do something about it, and I am trying to, but government agencies are not helpful and uninformed.

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Brookdale Senior Living response

Cathy, we are sorry to hear you feel this way. Brookdale is committed to providing quality care and services to our residents and work closely with them and their Responsible Parties/POA's to achieve this. We encourage you to continue to work with the POA to discuss your concerns. Thank you.

18 people found this review helpful
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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 17, 2018

All of the negative reviews are spot on. Brookdale cares only about profit and little about residents. My mother was in their memory care facility and got assaulted by another resident multiple times. They tried to kick my mom out. We couldn't move her right away because we didn't have other good options. We tried talking to the ED, the corporate office and nothing. They wouldn't make commonsensical changes to keep her safe. They are terrible!

Brookdale Senior Living response

A.K. The care and safety of our residents is our top priority. We are sorry to hear you feel this way and have shared these comments with our corporate management team for their review. Thank you.

22 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 1, 2018

I've had extensive experience with this facility. They offer Assisted Living, two levels of Dementia Care and skilled nursing (including short term rehab care) and NOW they say they are a CRCC (which I dispute). My aunt lived here from 2013 to 2015, in Assisted Living and it was a weekly nightmare of problems culminating in a massive building-wide BEDBUG INFESTATION towards the end...which the facility denied, even to staff and families (presumably to keep people from moving out or suing!). Finally when I reported this to state authorities...they were forced to fumigate the whole building at what I assume was a great cost. aunt had to live through 6 months of unsanitary conditions and toxic spraying for bedbugs (ineffective!) plus being uprooted from her room for weeks during fumigation (finally!)...only for her to fall ill and die before she could return to the cleaned facility. Sadly...there is no record of this but word of mouth. No way to look this up! Most of the staff has turned over since 2015 and the upper management has all fled for greener pastures. I may be the only person left, who is not compromised by memory or old age who has experienced this and has full knowledge of what they did! Since then, I have returned on a regular basis to visit some of my aunt's friends -- only one is still alive and she is 95 with dementia. She was moved to the dementia unit this year (Clare Bridge Crossings) this past spring (2018) from Assisted Living.

Frankly, I am shocked at how this facility has gone downhill just in 3 years time! Or just how bad, how inhumane the dementia care is. I regularly see violations of just basic human decency -- sanitation, cleanliness, access to things like health care or housekeeping or even a PHONE. Residents are virtual prisoners, locked-in (even with no history of wandering away). The food is so bad, I would not feed it to my dog.

While residents who are mentally OK in Assisted Living can and do complain...dementia patients, even early stage, have no ability to do so. And not all families can or will do anything. Some are secretly glad to be able to "granny dump". Some are just helpless to assist -- and terrified if they complain...the facility will "get even" with them or the resident. Some residents HAVE no family, or only relatives as old and helpless as they are!

I was threatened back in 2014, that if I kept complaining (about bad food, neglect, etc.)...they would evict my aunt, and then "I would have to care for her in my own home!" In trying, politely, to bring attention to the poor conditions of my 95 yr old friend in the Dementia's been broadly hinted they will ban me from visiting her there. BANNING VISITORS! Space here is not remotely enough to address every issue, but things I warn others contemplating Brookdale to watch out for:

1. The pricing is deceptive -- they lard on extras. One is "medication management". This can add $900 a month to the "rent". They won't let even AL residents with no dementia take so much as a vitamin on their own. 2. They restrict residents from activities such as leaving the buildings, trips, etc -- they are forbidden even to go to walks around the immediate area or shopping! and I mean regular residents with no mental problems. Many such folks have NO IDEA they have signed themselves into such a restrictive environment.

3. Brookdale lies (and lies and lies) about things like activities...bus trips...entertainment. They put things on the website or sign-up sheets, but half or more of the so-called activities never occur. When my aunt was there...the ONE MINI-BUS (for over 100 residents) was broken almost the whole time. Even access to transport to one's doctor visits is very restricted. 4. Staff is extremely rude and evasive, so even reporting problems is useless. I reported burned out light bulbs, and it took FIVE WEEKS for a maintenance man to appear to replace them. 5. Housekeeping (general cleaning) was OK in 2015 (except for a massive bedbug infestation!!! which they hid from staff and families!) but at least in the Clare Bridge Crossings unit is today sadly lacking. It is not clean, and laundry, bed changing, room odors are not addressed regularly. At times, it stinks so bad I felt like fainting.

6. They are badly understaffed and it is often hard to find staff. It is typical to find a living room lounge filled with residents staring at TV set -- sometimes not even a program, just to one of those "upcoming features" channels. The TV set in Clare Bridge Crossings is very small and hard to see for me -- and I have 20/20 vision. 7. I see residents all the time in dirty clothing, even soiled with feces...or the same clothing day after day. I've monitors the bed linens in my friend's suite, and noticed they were not changed once over a 6 week period -- and the sheets themselves were ragged and had holes in them. Some residents actually smell bad, a sign they are not being showered regularly.

8. The food is horrible here -- inexcusably so. Despite resident's complaints in Assisted Living (again, residents with good mental faculties still)...nothing was ever changed nor improved. Food is low quality, tough meats and gloppy noodles and canned veggies. It is impossible, for example, to get a snack or even cup of coffee at resident's request. There are menus, but I have visited at meal times only to hear the aides tell residents "we are out of everything but one entree and hot dogs". (HOT DOGS!) Desserts are typically dry pound cake from a package. The worst: if you order a "fruit plate"...even in summer! get a mass of cottage cheese swimming in canned fruit cocktail. Gross. As a result, most residents eat poorly and many plates go back to the kitchen uneaten. I can't believe this is not monitored! I have also witnessed residents seated at meals and FORGOTTEN, getting no food.

And this was in Assisted Living. It is much worse in the dementia unit, as the residents have no ability to speak up or complain, or actively source food of their own. PLEASE do not put your family member or god forbid, yourself into this facility! Read the comments! Most are one-star reviews and say "we wish we could rate this negative 5 stars!"

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Brookdale Senior Living response

Lola, we are sorry to hear you feel this way and take your comments seriously. We encourage you to reach out to our corporate Resident and Family Connection team at 877-400-5296 to discuss any concerns you may have. Thank you.

21 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2018

If you do not want your loved one's condition to worsen or to die do not place them in this facility! I placed my father in law who has Alzheimer's in this facility for a two-week respite care so that my wife and I who have been taking care of him for the past 12 years could have a little break. However during the first 7 days of his stay there we found him several times sitting in his own BM, filthy clothes, once with no undergarment under his clothes. Finally on the 7th day we discovered that he had developed 2 bedsores on his buttocks due to sitting for hours in his own BM.

He had never had any bedsores or any skin problems previously. After several times of notifying management about our concerns we only received one phone call as follow-up and that was to falsely tell us that he had been cleaned when he had not been as evidenced that he was in the same clothing we admitted him with and all his other clothes were untouched in the closet that I put them in.

To demonstrate that my father in law's horrible and careless treatment was not an isolated incident, one day we observed a pile of feces in one of the hallways with only a yellow "caution" sign near it instead of cleaning it up immediately, we observed a patient who had fallen on the floor and no staff was around to help her up or prevent the fall as the entire staff was in a meeting leaving the residents alone to fend for themselves, also at one point when ringing the call button or phone to enter the place a dementia resident kept answering the call button for several minutes. When a staffer finally came to the door she admitted they were all in a meeting and a resident was answering the call button.

Finally, as we knew if we kept him in that place my father in law would deteriorate even more than he already had in those 7 days and we took him out of there. We immediately took him to a dr. who diagnosed that he had indeed developed state 2 pressure ulcers and referred us to a wound care clinic as the sores were that severe.

Instead of providing us with a relief or respite from caring for our loved one Brookdale Meridian staff have caused him harm and increased the stress and care in providing care for my father in law. DO NOT PLACE ANYONE YOU LOVE IN THIS PLACE IF YOU CARE ABOUT THEIR WELL BEING! My family wishes we had never placed my father in law in this facility due to the incompetent, negligent, and careless treatment he received. This all occurred from Sept. 17, 2018 to Sept. 25, 2018.

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Brookdale Senior Living response

Joseph, the care and safety of our residents is our top priority and we take your comments seriously. We would like the opportunity to speak with you and discuss any concerns you may have. We hope you will call us at 877-400-5296. Thank you.

16 people found this review helpful
Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 17, 2018

I had to quickly my mother due to mental illness... Brookdale said I had to give 60 days notice. Obviously they have never dealt with an 82 year old with mental illness. They have now sent debt collectors after my mom for 2 month's rent. Guess they want to drag an 82 year old in front of a judge. How sad...

Brookdale Senior Living response

Diane, we are committed to providing quality care and services to our residents. We encourage you to reach out to our corporate Resident and Family Connection team at 877-400-5296 to discuss any concerns you may have. Thank you.

13 people found this review helpful
Rated with 3 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2018

5 stars to the facility my mother was in, yet 3 stars for the company itself. Payment is expected on the first of the month, with a $250 late fee, and here comes the "yet", a 60-90 day wait to receive any money THEY owe YOU. And I seriously doubt that there will be a bonus. If I could, I'd give the particular facility I worked with higher than just 5 stars.

Brookdale Senior Living response

James, we are sorry to hear you feel this way and encourage you to reach out to our corporate Resident and Family Connection Team at 877-400-5296 so that we may learn more and discuss your concerns. Thank you.

9 people found this review helpful
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