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Duke Energy of the Carolinas

South Carolina

Duke Energy of the Carolinas
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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: July 31, 2019

    I am the homeowner (rental property). Previous tenant left with a past due bill of several months. Now they (Duke) is trying to make new tenant of me pay the bill that they did not collect. I have new people to move in but the house was destroyed, so I have to do repairs, the new renter (with a lease) one is 75 and on oxygen is willing to put the electric in his name or mine and or my wife for a temporary basis. It seems to me any company would love to be able to hold any one else responsible for uncollected debt. Then they found my son owes a past due bill from a totally different address and are trying to hold us responsible for that as well, this cannot be legal. I personally am a disabled American veteran.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 14, 2019

    I was calling concerning my account. The representative was rude because of the fact I told him I only needed to know if I had a pledge on the account. He was talking to me like I was a child. And yes I did cuss his ** out.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 11, 2019

    They change the due date on the bill without your knowledge, so they can get more money out of you. Their customer service department is fully aware and complicit of it. If you try to even inquire about it, they will try to get a reconnect fee tacked on to your bill. In Charlotte and many other places in North Carolina, they have an absolute monopoly, so this an easy scam for them.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: June 8, 2019

    Why does it take 6 plus hours to restore my power after a simple thundershower? Duke power sucks... Glad I don't have any medical devices I rely on or I would surely be dead. It is also a joke that no live customer service people are available on weekends.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: May 7, 2019

    My bill was ranging from $70-$90 monthly. We live in a mobile home, trying to save some money. My son is almost all day at school and my husband and myself working outside. We never leave lights on, and always following the "energy saving" tips, led lights, etc. On December Duke started "refunding" me the $250 deposit. I got a bill on Dec 2018 $79.15, then January 2019 was $93.67. They was just discounting that from my deposit, HOWEVER on February they sent me a bill for $156.83, WHAT? Almost the double, and I DON'T have any heating on them. I pay GAS separately. In March the bill was $146.03, and then on April they set it back to $97.81. There was NOTHING different done on those 2 months. They just needed to get Back MY DEPOSIT. There is NO WAY for you to arrange anything with them, they are so greedy in their charges. I'm so Dissatisfied and Disappointed with Duke Energy.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 28, 2019

    It's obvious that they are getting away with highway robbery by overcharging customers with their "smart meters", they should be called "cash cow meters". I'm a 39 year old bachelor living in a 1 bedroom apartment that less than a thousand square feet, I work 40 hours a week, I shut the power strip off every day, the only appliances on while I'm away is the fridge and microwave. My bill for March-April 2019 is $103, last year it was $40. Christmas 2017, I had Christmas lights/tree and lights on the deck, Nov.22-Dec.22 bill was $124.59 @ 687 kWh. Christmas 2018, NO CHRISTMAS LIGHTS at all, Nov.22-Dec.22 bill was $188.29 @ 1,840 kWh. How is it that I know for a fact I used considerably less energy and my bill keeps going higher. There seriously needs to be a class action lawsuit.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 27, 2019

    I have lived in eastern Asheboro for almost twelve years, from the time I had my home built. There are underground power lines in this neighborhood, in my time here I have had more power outages than I can possibly recall. It's so bad that if the wind blows I run to my panel box and start cutting off major utilities. The power here is suspect to flicker on and off regularly and has cost me thousands of dollars over time. It fired my HVAC blower motor flickering once that cost 500 dollars to have replaced One winter, I was in Tennessee and wife and young children were home getting cold.

    This year has been especially bad with the hurricanes and rains, I've emptied and replaced my food three times costing nearly 1,500 total, it fried my upstairs AC unit by flickering during hurricane Florence, costing me 4700 hundred dollars to have replaced, it burnt out my brand new golf carts internal charging board flickering on and off costing me 800 dollars to replace. Me and my wife obviously couldn't work or send oldest to school with no water or power when we went four days down which cost use our income.

    It has been a twelve year constant pain in the side, it's a major reason behind why I'm planning on selling this home and moving under REMC coverage elsewhere. There comes a point when a company should become inclined to acknowledge their actions or lack thereof, the results of these actions and take care of the consumers that keep them in business. Their equipment is old, worn out and outdated, they know this but do nothing to update it, they don't repair or replace any of it unless it fails. Like many others customers they service, I have never missed or been late making my huge monthly payment to this company, but they do nothing to help us consumers and the reasons are simple, it cost a lot of money that they are unwilling to spend satisfying the little guys.

    They have the best of the best in the extremely affluent sections of their coverage areas, when a disaster happens they send the repair crews to the wealthiest amongst us first. These aren't just accusations made by a jealous poor man, I'm not poor by any means and work in close proximity with the electric service providers across the middle Eastern part of the country.

    When the second of two deadly hurricanes hit us (Florence and Matthew) REMC had initiated the emergency protocols, they had dozens and dozens of trucks from all across the country staged beforehand along with every support element necessary to successfully battle a natural disaster, while maintaining coverage as well as humanly possible and restoring coverage quickly when it was knocked out. They did their consumers a tremendous job throughout both storms while enduring the hardships of each head on.

    Duke had dozens trucks in place for hurricane Florence also, but failed to have the appropriate support element's in place or a staging site efficient enough to proficiently carry out operations necessary to ensure consumers with the best coverage possible or shortest down times possible. They were forced to scramble and then repair equipment, fuel trucks, replenish supplies, and prepare for duty so while in the harsh elements, even sleeping and eating whatever was available inside the repair trucks. It was totally unprofessional and ineffective at providing acceptable service to consumers, or acceptable work conditions for the repair crews.

    The second hurricane to come through (Matthew I believe) found REMC ready and prepared to handle it head on again. Duke however decided to ignore the weather forecaster's predictions, they made an internal decision to ignore the national weather advisory also, they decided that it was going to be a very minor event and it would blow over, I believe they assumed the weather service was over inflating its impact because hurricane Florence had so grossly exceeded predictions. Whatever convinced them hurricane Matthew wasn't a serious event and didn't represent a legitimate threat to Central North Carolina is irrelevant, because it was a major storm and did substantial damage to North Carolina, along with Florida up to New York and everything in-between. They didn't initiate any emergency protocols at all.

    When the hurricane hit one company was on top of it wide open and maintained outstanding service, the other was caught with its pants down and only had its normal repair crews on duty, two trucks that were themselves short repair men to form two complete crews to operate them. Power was interrupted all across the east coast and those of us with Duke energy spent days without power because they had to call for help from FEMA, almost every electric crew in the country was either on the east coast already or headed there, finding the support was difficult and it took time to free them up and arrive, it was a terribly miserable time for almost all Duke consumers, along with the crews they needed who had to scramble to get done at one location and race here with no rest to fight our hurricane.

    It was totally Duke Energy's fault, it was created entirely because of greed, they rolled the dice to try and save money at the expense of the consumers and service crew workers' well being, they failed. The others who were covered by a membership Corp had very short outages and were taken care of quickly, Duke's consumers had literally days to wait and not even an apology for mismanaging a natural disaster and causing thousands of consumers excessive, unnecessary hardship was coming.

    But after a few weeks we did all receive a letter in the mail explaining basically that even though they had cut every corner and pinched every penny possible, it was still costly and our rates were going up as a direct reflection of the huge amount it cost them to repair their equipment after the storms. Do you think they used this extra money to upgrade this obsolete equipment? No, not even a little, so I sit here in the dark going on hour 8 at 1:46 am because it sprinkled this afternoon and we had a twenty mph wind gust. My 279 dollar power bill is in my mail box as I type this, my home is occupied 24/7 so that's just another average bill.

    But the fact that terrible coverage has cost me right at 7,000 dollars in repairs this year alone has given me a lot of reasons to think about my arrangements.... I can sell and relocate (what a pain), I can buy a Generac whole house system and propane powered appliances (at this rate it'll pay for itself in under two years) or just keep taking it and continue getting crappy service while paying top dollar for it along with paying good money to fix my belongings their negligence Continuously damages. You will never win against any crooked corporate with a Monopoly on its consumers, so options are always limited, but I don't have to continue giving them my money, although leaving them isn't as easy as a phone call either, unfortunately.

    I do plan on moving under a providers umbrella that I know first hand at least gives Max effort to provide quality service. I feel bad for anyone like myself who unknowingly chooses to build in a poor electric service providers district and even worse if you were unlucky enough to build in one of that provides us worst coverage as I did. It's bad enough to have second or third rate coverage, it's even worse when you get the worst they have to offer.

    Here's an idea, on the off chance any Duke executive were to see this and care enough to make it this far! If you're unwilling to update or replace your worn out, rusty, garbage equipment you have hanging all over the state, with new improved equipment that we all know exists, and you're also unwilling to properly trim trees on a realistic scale to properly allow appropriate power line clearance. The least you could do is stop raising rates and offer some kinda coverage Ins. That could help guys like me when your ** service destroys my most valuable electronic utilities and possessions, it could provide some relief in the repairs. Not necessarily laptops or ceiling fans, that's whatever. But an HVAC system, an electric golf cart computer, 500 dollars worth of spoiled groceries over and over, fridge's, freezers, water pumps, solid waste pumps, televisions and other expensive items we pay a lot for.

    We have family members on oxygen pumps that require electricity, no power they gotta go to hospital or a power source at best. You are supposed to provide an extremely important service but your pathetic efforts coupled with dangerous assumptions regarding natural disasters isn't just dangerous. It's unacceptable! Once again someone there should be held accountable. A lot of these things are necessities when you have children and others depending on you, But either way, many of us work hard everyday to pay your bill and Save what we can to buy the things that get destroyed when you fail us, so instead of charging me extra for something I'm not at all satisfied with, try looking out for the consumer, we are people also.

    If you had insurance to help with damaged items related to power surges and outages you would make a substantial profit, many of us would pay the extra twenty or whatever. You undoubtedly can find the resources to get accurate estimates and come to find in correct, you would make a fortune, and please lots of people tired of fixing stuff we believe you broke by being a cheap, lazy, selfish company who really doesn't care about anyone period.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 22, 2019

    No notice, no letter... Duke shows up to change out the meter. No Notice by the technician, DID NOT ring the doorbell. Instead he proceeded to change out the meter, disconnecting my service... created a NIGHTMARE as I was working at the computer!! The contractor could NOT SPEAK ENGLISH --- Called customer service, NOTHING. Just excuses!! Another demonstration that the company does not care about their customers!! What if I had medical conditions that rely on electrical connections.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 12, 2019

    I called to set up service at our new home and everything was fine at first. And then I was transferred to somewhere in India to speak to someone whose entire job was to sell me DirecTV and AT&T among many other things. They wanted to send me emails for coupons and would not let me off the phone. They went on and on reading from a script until I finally asked to speak to someone else. He asked me why I needed to speak to someone else and put me on hold for several minutes.

    I was at least able to understand this new person and told him that ALL I wanted was to get electricity hooked up and I just wanted to make sure that was all scheduled to happen. Then he tried to have me sign up for emails for coupons, etc. It was torture!! If there was another company that I could have used I would have. Why does a company that makes that much money need to harass people after they’ve already signed up for their services?!?! Awful way to treat new customers.

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    Rated with 1 star
    Verified Reviewer
    Original review: April 5, 2019

    A Duke Power technician arrived at my home on two different occasions with a clipboard asking me if I wanted the smart meter. I told him "NO" on both occasions and discovered later that he unlocked my back fence (or climbed over the fence) and installed the smart meter right next to my bedroom! I have a thyroid condition and radiation exposure is a great concern to me. I've noticed changes in my health since the installation of the smart meter and my biggest annoyance is that I specifically told them that I did not want the smart meter installed and they did it anyway.

    They never had a conversation with me about the smart meter, and I never received any mail correspondence to inform me of the installation. I feel that Duke Energy doesn't respect its customers, and they actually trespassed when they crossed my gate without my permission when there was no emergency to warrant that type of behavior. I am a disabled veteran on a fixed income and was told by the company to pay a ridiculously high fee as well as a monthly fee to "OPT OUT" of something that I never agreed to have installed.

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