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    How do I know I can trust these reviews about Asiana?
    • 4,464,082 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
    • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
    • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
    • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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    Verified purchase
    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Dec. 12, 2016

    The customer of Asiana Airline puts my ticket to no way, which I could not get to the airport and I went into a car accident on my friend's car. I booked my tickets on CheapOair website, and they charged me like 300. There are 100 for no show, which it was fine, I admired. Then 200 dollars for the cancellation fee, which I think it was ridiculous. I do not even take the fly and I had to pay an extra 200 dollars for that? I bought the tickets like 1180 dollars and now it came with the total of 1,474.68 dollars. I called the Asiana Airline and they told me that I had to contact CheapOair agent, but the CheapOair said the charge came from Asiana Airline. They do not take that $200. Asiana airline does not give me any response and just keep telling me to call CheapOair Agent which it is so hilarious. If I do not get a refund of that 300. I would keep harassing Asiana Airline, and I could not go back, which I have waited for 4 years to go back home.

    Reviewed Feb. 9, 2016

    I haven't really been keeping track of my mileage on my Skypass recently and come to find out, on my last flight, the total miles booked were just over 16,000. When I went to check my Skypass account, I found out that they only credited my account 4,000. This should be a criminal offense! They've just stolen my miles and they said that there is nothing I can do about it. I'm trashing my Skypass card today.

    Customer ServiceCoverageStaff

    Reviewed Jan. 29, 2016

    This is the most unprofessional and worst overall airline I have ever flown in over 30 years of being on this earth. My family and I have traveled the US and globe on multiple different carriers. Asiana takes the cake at being the worst for the following issue: They lost my luggage on my way to SE Asian country. The luggage ended up in China and was there for 3 weeks. Mind you I was back in the US after 12 days, so another 9 days my luggage stayed lost. The customer service reps did not want to compensate me for my lost luggage or cover my extra laundry bills because I had only one small duffel bag of clothes that was continually washed in order to keep clothes on my back.

    Their customer service was entirely lackluster and lost themselves in what to do about the issue. The LAX manager used emotional bullying tactics in an attempt not to cover my laundry bills and share "how much he cared". I don't buy anything their customer service or this airlines says and will be sharing this horror story with as many of my friend, business contacts and colleagues as possible. I am still in process of them sending me my reimbursement and this event started over 6 weeks ago. Totally unsatisfactory.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed Sept. 9, 2015

    I missed my flight from Incheon to HONG KONG despite arriving there almost 2 hours in advance due to kiosk not being able to find me on the passenger list. Because I wasn't going to check in any bags, I figured I can use the kiosk. But as kiosk was malfunctioning with no staff around to help, I had to wait in excruciatingly long line and ended up missing my flight and all my connecting flights to the U.S. via American Air.

    As I was in dire need to catch the flight from HK to the US, and there weren't any other Asiana flights from Incheon to HK that day, I had to spend $500 on a different airline to get to HK on time. Considering it was the Asiana's kiosk issue, I was hoping Asiana would at least partially reimburse $500. From a staff to local manager to general manager, they assumed ZERO responsibility: claimed there were several staff members to help and said kiosk would not have been mistaken.

    What exacerbated my anger was that they said I had no proof of my being at the airport at a certain time so I found the airport bus driver who remembered me to testify that I was dropped off at a certain time, but Asiana staff completely dismissed that evidence. The whole experience was wretched as I got no sympathy, no apology, just callous heartless unsympathetic jerks who joined forces to defend relentlessly to avoid all responsibility. Asiana's customer service is non-existent --- from Miss-Korea-wannabe-flight attendants' self-absorbed demeanor TO managements' defensive tactics. With all the pending lawsuits, one would think they try to compensate for plummeting publicity -- go figure. I hope this is not reflective of Korean corporate culture.

    Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

    Reviewed July 18, 2015

    Asiana did not check its aircraft's conditions and status until the last minute, after all the passengers were aboard. Turned out that there was a problem with the plane, which they failed to identify and fix for the next 3 hours. THREE HOURS. The aircraft took off 3 whole hours after it was supposed to, and in the meantime all the passengers were close to suffering from a heat exhaustion, because they wouldn't turn the A/C on until we were up in the air. There were no real refreshments (other than small cups of drinks) during the three hour period either. Why couldn't they have checked the plane beforehand so that 1) we could've left on time, 2) we could've taken another aircraft, 3) or at least if neither of those options were possible, we could have waited in the terminal where we could at least walk around and get food.

    Also, there were 4 small children sitting around me, and were screaming and yelling for the most part. When I complained about this in an attempt to get a seat change, I was given a pair of earbuds. Is this a joke? Asiana Airlines needs to really step up its game, and that was one of the worst airplane experience of my entire life of flying at least twice per year for the last 11 years. For the record, there were no compensations of any kind made by the airline to their customers, and the only reason I don't give the airline a 0/10 review is because their on-the-ground-workers were swift in helping people get to their next connecting flight.

    Updated on 10/15/2015: It took me a good half an hour to even find a place where I can write my complaint to for this irresponsible and terrible airline. Their response was focused on evading responsibility and making excuses. No real compensation or apology of genuine nature shown anywhere. Here's the response I got: "Thank you for contacting Asiana Airlines. We truly apologize for your discomfort and unpleasant experience you may have had with our airlines. Please understand that we do deeply regret this incident and it is disappointing to hear of your case. We also thank you for your continued patience while we further investigated your case. We have contacted the appropriate departments for further review regarding your experience.

    "Our records indicate, on July 12, 2015 flight OZ 236 was heavily delayed due to aircraft maintenance issues. Please understand that there was a delay due to an engine problem affecting the aircraft. We apologize for any inconveniences and ask for your patience and understanding. On the day of your flight, we had gone through a maintenance check and after a thorough review we were authorized as safe to fly. However, there was an unexpected engine problem and this can be only noticed after starting engine. Therefore, our flight has returned again, and after hearing news of this, our staff replaced a part of the engine, then we were finally authorized to fly. Please understand, because we take the passengers safety as the first priority, we have no choice but to delay the flight. We ask for your understanding and thank you for your patience and cooperation.

    "Please understand that our cabin crews were not provided all the details due to the final decision not being fully revealed to the staff, but instructed to keep passengers calm and attempt to accommodate them in any way possible. We apologize for any discomfort or inconvenience you may have felt during this time of duress. We cannot imagine how conflicted you may have felt when you heard the news that our flight was being delayed while sitting on board. Please be advised that our cabin crews tried their best to accommodate passengers on board while serving beverage. However, since the final decision was not yet made, our cabin crews could not serve meals. Please understand that this was an unexpected circumstance and we exerted all of our efforts to provide the best customer service.

    "Also, several passengers advised cabin staff that the temperature was too high on that day. However, since the part of engine was being replaced at that time, the engine was turned off as well as the temperature control system. Therefore, our cabin staff have reported regarding this to our captain and maintenance staff, so they connected the outside of air conditioning system to the flight for better in-flight environment. Nevertheless, we truly apologize for your discomfort and unpleasant experience while you were waiting on board without any detailed explanation. Please take into consideration that your feedback will be included in our customer service report or internal review with our senior team.

    "Moreover, when you advised our cabin crews regarding noise of children sitting around you, our cabin crews tried to change your seat, however, the flight was almost fully occupied, so our cabin crews could not offer you another seat. Therefore, our cabin crews provided you earplugs as a countermeasure. We realize that this service was not going to completely satisfy for your inconvenience, but please understand that we deeply regret your unsatisfactory experience, and we sincerely apologize we were unable to provide efficient service.

    "We do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, however, we ask for your understanding that Airport Traffic Control decisions, maintenance, and/or other volatile and unexpected issues are all occurrences that the airline has no control over. We understand that on some occasions decisions may disrupt or inconvenience our passengers travel plans. Please take into consideration that we do not compromise the safety and security of our passengers, therefore Asiana and all other carriers avoid guaranteeing flight timetables. Also, stated in EC Regulation No 261/2004, under Article 5, an operating air carrier shall not be obliged to pay compensation in accordance with Article 7, if it can prove that cancelation is caused by extraordinary circumstances which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

    "We apologize if you felt our services could have been more efficient to your needs, however, we cannot negotiate for compensation. We deeply regret that you felt any inconvenience and apologize for the difficulties that you may have faced during your travel. We thank you for your time and effort to alert us again with your inquiry. We would like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your experience with us, giving us an opportunity to improve our airport services. We hope to continue to provide the highest level of service and hope that you will give us another opportunity to serve your travel needs. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation."

    Verified purchase
    Customer Service

    Reviewed Jan. 26, 2015

    I would never recommend Asiana Airlines. They have the worst customer service you cannot imagine. We had so much problem with them & call Korean incheon airport & no reply as expected, or understand. Then I call Los Angeles CA & did not call back till I try again for a message was not even on my cell phone & the person who contact me finally answer & lie that he did not leave a message is because he would have call back between 15-30 min again. Sure but when I call back it was already 45 min later from my cell (time). Charge my son 100.00 usd for extra luggage weight from 50 standard for us over by 3 pounds, then 2nd luggage 50 standard for us over by 4 pounds.

    A student going international for schooling, this company will not help you what so ever!!! We can also have a carry on with purse or a carry on with backpack for it is for school. Books are already heavy for 5 big books plus the rest of medicine that has to be check in. Student are there for 4 months in South Korea Unversity then 4 months in Bejing? Well guess what, Asiana Airlines think money is the answer & in plain English yes that's all they think of instead of trying to see what was going on. Then they claim TSA stop him for the over weight? Then the student pays it asap, for my son was so delay that he would miss his flight.

    Believe me, do not use Asiana Airlines. They will take you for what you have--many expenses already with tuition & etc. IT IS THE WORST AIRLINE YOU CAN IMAGINE. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD FROM COLLEGE THIS AIRLINE. I am Asian myself and it is what I am letting you know the truth & if you need more information please contact me at anytime. College parents be aware for your own personal expense.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Nov. 10, 2014

    I used this airline about 10 times in the past years and was quite happy with them. Especially their flight attendants are very friendly and provide excellent service. I fly to SE Asia from LAX about twice a year. After my last trip with them I decided never ever to use them again: It started when I checked in and was told that my seat assignment had been changed from an aisle to a window seat. I had made the seat reservation several months prior to the flight and had the same aisle seat on both, the outbound as well as the inbound flight. My assumption is that there was a party of 3 which wanted to sit together and Asiana made it possible by removing me from my assigned seat.

    The check in agent told me that I could either choose between a middle seat or a seat next to the toilet but no explanation why I wasn't getting the seat which I had reserved and which showed up on my printout. What was even worse than losing my aisle seat was that the airline served me spoiled food which made me sick. I had ordered a "Special Meal" and two meals were served between ICN and LAX (a 13 hour flight). The first meal was ok but after the second meal which was served about 2 hours prior to landing in LAX I got sick within an hour. I had to throw up and had diarrhea which lasted for almost 24 hours. Obviously this food (some kind of a curry dish) had been sitting too long, I guess it was contaminated with salmonella.

    I contacted "Customer Relations" in regards to both issues and received nothing else than evasive answers. No explanation in regards to my seat, no answer to the question if anybody else had eaten the same special meal. I won't give this company any more business, they simply don't care about their (repeated) customers and don't even care about the safety of their food.

    Customer ServiceStaff

    Reviewed Oct. 27, 2014

    Between October 8 and October 27 2014, representatives from Asiana Airlines were called every other day with a simple request. I had a hysterectomy on September 17 and have a letter from my surgeon/gynecologist declaring fitness for travel and requesting for seating with leg space (as I cannot be in the exit row). First they indicated I would have to wait until the week before the flight. Then they indicated I had to wait a day before the flight, which is tomorrow. Today they have indicated I will not be assured of special seating until check-in. This is unethical behavior with no consideration for the customer.

    Customer ServicePrice

    Reviewed June 1, 2014

    My mom flies Asiana quite often from Russia to the US and other destinations. She is a Diamond member and doesn't use any other airline for her needs. Unfortunately, Asiana failed in customer service twice in the past two years causing my mom pretty serious financial expenses. Since my mom's trips usually last about a month, she has to plan them in advance. She has to book tickets at least 6 months in advance, and sometimes even a year if she wants to use her Asiana miles. For some reason, there are very limited tickets that you can buy for miles, and they get bought out right away (Another policy Asiana should work on).

    Twice already she booked her tickets 6 months in advance, booked all her domestic flights, hotels, tours, etc, and several months later, just few months before the trip, Asiana canceled her flights. In my mom's case it's a huge problem because flights from Incheon to her city in Russia are only 3 times a week. So once her Asiana flight was canceled she was stuck for three more days, unable to return home as planned. She had to pay for an extra day in the hotel in US, extra transfer to the airport, and two extra days in Seoul hotel and transfers to and from it - it cost her about $800. I contacted Asiana and they told me there is nothing they can do - BOTH TIMES. It is extremely unacceptable, and I encourage everyone to be very careful when booking flights with Asiana.

    Online & AppStaff

    Reviewed July 16, 2012

    I have a not so good story to tell you about Asiana's terrible and embarrassing situation they caused me. I was departing from Sacheon Jinju airport to Seoul Gimpo. As I went through the normal procedures, I boarded the plane just to find out that the plane is bound for Jeju Island in Korea. After removing myself from the plane, I went back to the counter and was told Asiana doesn't go to Seoul anymore and has not for 3 years all the while their website still has prompts showing From Jinju to either Jeju or Gimpo in Seoul. I clicked Seoul and proceeded through and because of problems on the website and a very confusing prompt that told me they did go to Seoul, my itinerary printed out with Jeju being the place I was headed. I never checked that closely.

    Then as I was surrounded by onlooking Koreans, I was asked by security for my passport again and asked by an Asiana spokesman "Where do you work? Where is your job?" in broken English. I told him it was none of his business and not related to this situation. I was embarrassed, made to look like a criminal because of their behavior and the website confusion started all of the chaos. I can say surely that Asiana was not professional through that situation. Thank you.

    Customer Service

    Reviewed Nov. 28, 2011

    Asiana Airlines is horrible! Bad customer service all around! Everything after the check-in counter is downhill! The planes are super old, the seats are incredibly small and uncomfortable for a major airline who should be trying to compete for more loyal customers. The stewardesses always seem so fake and insincere, which makes long flights a drag to deal with. They all seem as if they have a chip on their shoulders. They scam you on any kind of refund by not telling you the amount that they would reimburse for a ticket! I bought a round trip ticket for $1,500, flew one way, refunded the other ticket and got $150 as refund for a one way ticket. This is a straight highway robbery. I will never use this airline again, and I am Korean. Goodness. I am now flying Korean Air all day, everyday. I will gladly pay for better service and better planes.

    Reviewed May 31, 2011

    Feb. 2011 traveling with my wife and daughter we missed our scheduled flight from LAX to Shanghai China.

    I contacted Asiana Air, requesting help in booking another flight but was unable secure seats for the next morning so I booked one-way seats with another airline. I did not purchase round trip tickets because my assumption was that I could use my existing, Asiana, return tickets. I was given no indication that there would be a problem using my return tickets, or I would have made decisions accordingly.

    It is now May 2011 and I contacted Asiana Air to see what it would cost to change my return date from July 6 to June 24. The ticket agent informed me that our return tickets were considered invalid due to the fact that I did not use them in the proper sequence. The agent said that our seats were still available but I would need to repurchase them at the current price.

    I contacted the travel agent that I originally purchased the ticket through and he was able to make an arrangement that allowed me to keep our seats but I needed to pay an additional $1650 to reactivate the tickets.

    I was not asking to be refunded for the flight that we missed. I am asking to use the tickets that I already paid for. I do not see where the airline has encumbered additional expenses. I am asking them to honor their original commitment and provide seats at the original price.

    They are telling me that my tickets are worth more now than when I originally purchased them and therefore I should pay the new value of the tickets. If this is the case they should refund me the full original purchase price plus the profit I have earned from my investment.

    I missed my flight from the USA to China but I played for those empty seats. It is also possible that the airline resold the seats and doubled their profits on them. I now want to use my return tickets from China to the USA or be fully refunded my cost for the tickets.

    This is my third attempt to resolve this issue with Asiana and they have not responded to my written request.

    My damages are about $550 per ticket x 3 tickets plus numerous hours of frustration.

    Reviewed March 24, 2010

    I purchased a $10 calling card from this company two weeks ago. It had over 3.5 hours on it. I made about a dozen calls to Korea during that time, most of which lasted less than 10 minutes. I noticed that the card's minutes had depleted at a rate far quicker than I had actually used. Suddenly, the card only had 5 minutes on it. However, when I made my final call, it disconnected me after only 2.5 minutes. Confused, I called customer service. They went on to state there were hidden charges of $.89 per call, and $.33/week maintenance fees. Outraged, I found the actual phone card to see if there was indeed such fine print. There was no mention of any service/maintenance fees. The bottom line is that this company is operating a fraudulent scam.

    Reviewed Dec. 27, 2008

    Please urgently help me get delivery in Vietnam of my missing suitcase. My wife and I flew business class from Seattle SEA on 24 Dec via Seoul ICN to Ho Chi Minh City SGN, arrival 25 Dec 08 in South Vietnam. No one from Asiana staff at Tan Son Nhut Airport SGN was on duty upon our arrival on 25 Dec 08. The missing luggage report was taken by local Vietnamese Airport ground handling staff working for the airport authority. I also filled out form upon arrival for local SGN missing luggage office to be agent, clear customs and delivery instructions when suitcase is located. None of the Asiana phone numbers listed at for SGN offices are correct. I have called to Seoul ICN telephone 82 32 744 2203 several times and also called to Asiana in Seattle for help. So far, no response from Asiana in Vietnam to locate and deliver my missing suitcase, now two days after our arrival. I can not reach any staff at Asiana yesterday or today in Ho Chi Minh City or Asiana office at Tan Son Nhut Airport, none of the Asiana offices at SGN are answering the phones 08-3844-6714 airport or city 08-3822-2622 for the last two days, Friday and Saturday. Is Asiana closed in Vietnam??? I was informed by Seoul ICN yesterday that my missing bag was flown to SGN on 26 Dec. However, when I called Tan Son Nhut Airport SGN airport ground handling staff at 3848-5383 ext 4569, they have told me several times that I must come to the Tan Son Nhut Airport SGN to clear suitcase myself through customs. I have been told twice today by SGN airport handling staff that Asiana Airlines policy to NOT deliver delayed suitcase to customers in Vietnam. All Asiana passengers must return to SGN Airport to claim missing bags. It is expensive for me to rent car and return to SGN Airport to claim my missing suitcase. Further, Asiana should wake up its employees and handle this problem for me in Vietnam. So far, Asiana offices in Vietnam are all closed. When do they work?? My wife and I flew on business class all the way from Seattle to Vietnam. So far, I find everything with Asiana to be extremely difficult and Asiana to be extremely cheap, low class standard of airline operation, not international standard. Impossible to reach any office in South Vietnam for Asiana Airlines, no office in Saigon with telephone to be answered. Normal business people will refuse to keep dealing with Asiana Airlines because it seems to be a budget carrier. I can't believe this airline gets permission to do business in Seattle. Please find someone working for Asiana Airlines to respond by locating my missing bag at SGN Airport and have it delivered to my residence outside of Saigon.

    Reviewed Oct. 4, 2008

    The flight I was trying to book was departing from Seattle to Hanoi on Jan 07, 2009 and returning from Saigon to Seattle from Jan 21, 2009. I spoke with an Asiana agent Hannah on Sept 30, 2008 to help me book my flights. Hannah informed us that the flights will be $1068.00 each and that the promotion was only for that day. I gave her my partner's credit card number and she informed us that we would then have to fax the copies of his credit card and ID with his signature and statement agreeing to pay for my ticket as well. I specifically asked her if this will delay booking our flight or will she be able to confirm it that evening. I said that if this will delay it then we will pay for our flights separately. She said that she will be able to confirm it.

    I faxed her the requested information at 11:30pm the same day. The next morning I received a call from Hannah and tried to return her call but the agent I spoke with told me to call back after 9am even though Hannah had called me earlier that morning. I complied with her request and called Hannah back and was informed that she was able to confirm my flights but because she did not get my fax until that morning she was unable to secure the price she had confirmed the previous day and the new price was around $1500 each.

    At my dismay, she apologized and told me there is nothing she can do and that she knows it was her fault and that I can write a complaint letter. I proceeded to ask to speak with her manager who she informed could do nothing for me either. After insisting to speak with the manager, she transferred me over. I assumed he had spoken with Hannah as I did not have to explain the whole situation to him other than expressing my frustration regarding the situation. The manager told me once again that it was a promotion and that he spoke with marketing and that another promotion will come and that they will call me. I was not satisfied with this and asked when will he get back to me to resolve this and he said that day.

    Needless to say, I did not get a call back from the manager and am left feeling quite cheated over the entire incident. I've written to Customer Care and received an email requesting the details stating that they will look into it. It has been several days now and I still have not received a response. As a result of their incompetence and lack of customer service care, I am unable to proceed with my booking - not knowing if the manager will pull through with rectifying this situation or not. I have family who are arranging to meet up with me in Vietnam and don't know if and when we will arrive. Also the prices with all the other airlines have dramatically increased and so have my exchange rate as I am Canadian and the Canadian dollar has since been dropping.

    Reviewed July 17, 2008

    I booked a return flight from JFK to Chengdu, China with Asiana airlines and while the outbound flight was uneventful, a day prior to my departure I called the airline office in Shanghai (where I was at the the time for a meeting) and discovered that my flight had been pushed to a day earlier. No-one from Asiana had informed either me or my travel agent of this change. This meant that I would be missing two important meetings in both Shanghai and Chengdu. I got this news at roughly 10:30 in the morning. It also meant that my connecting flight from Shanghai to Chengdu now missed my returning flight by several hours which meant that I had to purchase another ticket and that I would have to spend two days and one night in Seoul on my stopover as opposed to the original few hours on the ticket I had purchased.

    My call was returned at 1:00 PM and I was first informed that I would only be provided with a hotel but that I would have to purchase another ticket myself. I then cancelled my ticket but asked to speak to the manager who I was only able to contact around 2pm and who said they would help me purchase a new ticket. A while later Asiana contacting me again asking for the details of my old Shanghai-Chengdu ticket as they wanted to try change it instead of purchasing a new one.

    After re-habilitating my ticket with the company, cancelling it again and requiring a freind to purchase my new connecting ticket was finally purchased although intitially the girl working in the office tried to get away with not refunding me the 30 percent charge I had incurred for cancelling this ticket. Upon arrival in Chengdu, the manager of the Chengdu branch who was dealing with several customers who had the same problem graciously upgraded us to first class, however I cannot say the same for Incheon, Seoul. After I explaining my losses in terms of lost meetings (which were part of my reason for going to China) a call from airport staff worker was sent to my hotel room to say that they would not give me an ugrade or even partial refund for the losses they had caused me to incur in terms of lost time.

    I have never not been contacted in the case of a changed flight, and while pushing this later may have been easier to deal with, pushing it a day earlier is unacceptable. Compensation should have been provided to me from the outset with apologies from the airline, but rather I had to waste hours fighting with Asiana representatives to ensure I was treated properly.

    Missed two important meetings I had scheduled on the 16th and 17th of July in China the importance of which is incalculable in monetary value. Endured huge amounts of stress during the day of the 15th spending from 10:30 AM until 7pm at night trying to assure a refund for the new connecting flight which cost me a fortune in phone calls.

    Reviewed Sept. 19, 2007

    Asiana Airlines as part of my ticket package for my return flight from London- Sydney were supposed to supply me with accommodation, meals and transfers on arrival at Incheon Airport on my return flight as the stopover was longer than 12 hours, however, upon arrival myself and 3 other passengers were denied this. We were treated extremely rudely with one of the staff laughing at us, Y.B.Kim continually rolled his eyes and at 1 point the staff ran away and hid from us.

    They refused to help us and even when we rang our travel agents who confirmed the reservations, nothing was corrected as a result we had to sleep on hard wooden benches in the arrivals hall of Incheon Airport.

    I was extremely distraught and frightened as I was a lone female traveller in a foreign country. The treatment of the staff and their lack of compassion and care was appalling.

    Reviewed July 3, 2002

    I wrote the ASIANA Airline Office and inform them about my intention to make use of my free round trip ticket as bonus for my yearly travel with them. (earned mileage), I mailed my letter May 29, 2003 but I got no response from them. I called their office and I was told I CAN'T avail my free ticket 'coz according to them I have not earned enough mileage. They just upped their mileage to 70,000 this July 1, 2002, which makes me short of more or less 2,000 miles.

    My point is I'm an old member can the change affect me? I just completed a trip last February which makes me eligible for a free ticket, had not for the change. Can it be applied to old members? or only to the new or incoming ones. They just sent a brochure to inform all the members about the change 3 months back.

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