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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 21, 2018

I used 24/7 Techies to help find some emails I had list whilst rebuilding my system. I was charged a 0ne off fee of £69.95 back in December 2017/January 2018. Although they managed to recover some of the emails, I have been left with a bug in my boot sector which means that when I boot my system it takes exactly 30 minutes to boot instead of the normal 30-40 (SSD) seconds. If I touch any of the keys on the keyboard or the mouse, the reboot starts again from scratch. Also, F8 or F9 will not boot into safe mode. I have asked Microsoft about this problem and they are at a loss to provide a solution and tell me "It could be a hardware problem." This is on a completely new system which works perfectly except for the bootup problem.

24/7 Techies response

Dear Alan,

I'm sorry to inform you that the given information isn't enough for us to recall this incident. Could you please provide the email address which you used at the time of the registration, where we can track down further and help you out to solve the matter earliest possible.

Thank you!!



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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 22, 2018

Price is not as stated. IT'S a recurring fee. Didn't stated the exchange rate fee through Hongkong. Their webpage is very convincing! Listing the BBB, McAfee secure, Microsoft Gold Partner, Everyone should read Microsoft's webpage on scams. I didn't know that scam websites can use any of the following tactics to convince you that there is a problem with your PC that needs fixing: A fake blue screen error. A fake Windows activation dialog box. Various fake system errors. Supposed malware infection or malicious activity. Mine was a blue screen with 'invalid attach attempt'.

24/7 Techies response

Dear Shirley,

The recurring payment fee is mentioned at the time of the payment, where you can cancel at any given time, and the mentioned pricing structure doesn't have any hidden charges. As you've mentioned, BBB / Microsoft Pinpoint Listings at our site are legit where anyone can access to verify.

We never use scare tactics to convince customers, but directly inform the real issue and we legitimately provide the solution by giving an Outstanding Experience.

Thank you!!


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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 1, 2018

I had a tech named a.k.a Randall in Sri Lanka work on one folder that he did not copy correctly and subsequently discovered I was missing many files and folders on that file. I had a back up on a thumb drive and discovered this drone overwrote the files he put together that caused me to lose the files and whole folders in the backup drive as he saved his craziness. He had no business going into my backup thumb drive, never mind overwriting with his mistakes. As a result, I lost the only backup I had for the complete files he was supposed to be working on. He never looked at the files in the thumb drive to see what was there before saving his mistake to the file and I had MY backup completely obliterated which was the only complete files I had saved. I lost hundreds of hours of files and folders because of him obliterating them with his save saving his mistake.

These people screwed me, and Randall deleted my files or lost them somehow. Further, one of them (the last jackass I dealt with) said they are not deleted so I said, “great, find them.” He could not find them. The most inexcusable thing is Randall went into my backup drive and obliterated my files without a clue of what he had done. Saving his mistake was insane. Subsequently, I received a message from another drone saying nothing was changed to my backup file and the supervisor said so. They insisted my backup was intact, in effect, calling me a liar and refused to listen, as was their MO throughout this process. I had been saving changes to that backup drive for months and now it was shredded. How freaking dare they?

These people have blinders on, have their heads in a vice that only allows them to think in the way they were programmed without the ability to listen to the customer and integrate that knowledge with any intuition for a solution, in effecting, screwing the customer. They will argue with you without any sense of intelligence or insight. They are programmed in a way not conducive to reason other than their own view. Even arguing with them they do not listen and talk over you. Totally unacceptable.

Stay away. They can and will destroy your files, or you can learn by yourself. You have no reason to trust me and I don’t care. Heed my words or throw the dice. I absolutely HATE what they did to me and have nothing good to say about them. They don’t listen and they don’t care what they screwed up for you and will blamed it on you and/or ignore the facts. My current question is there anyone trustworthy out there that can assist consumers with computer problems without this kind of corruption? It’s not these jackasses, certainly not when the chips are down.

24/7 Techies response

Dear Everett,

Due to the Character count limitation at ConsumerAffairs, I've shared my response in private. However I can confirm this has nothing to with any of the repairs we performed. Once again, Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience, which eventually gave us a chance to describe the incident in full.

Thank you!



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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2018

I'm writing this because I saw a review where someone stated they never would have agreed to pay the prices 24/7 Techies was charging. I wouldn't have either. In September of 2016 they began charging me $169.95 EVERY 6 MONTHS! They said I originally called them asking about spam e-mail and that I then agreed, on PAYPAL, to recurring charges. I would not have done that because the amount is ridiculously high, I rarely use my e-mail (which I probably mentioned to them), when I use my e-mail I do not open anything from any sender I do not know AND I have other protection installed on my computer, so spam e-mail is not a constant or continuing problem.

I accidentally opened a spam e-mail once and they may have been the company I called to ask what effects it could have on my computer, but again, I wouldn't have agreed to the recurring charge, if anything, I would have agreed to a one time repair/clean-up. They're telling me I had to agree to the recurring charges, but if I gave them remote access for a one time charge, they could have easily changed the PAYPAL without me knowing. They did send e-mails about renewal every 6 months, but since they knew I didn't check my e-mails often, they also knew they had a good chance of getting away with the recurring charges.

When I called them to complain about the recurring charges they just kept saying that I had to give them permission on PAYPAL or they wouldn't have been able to keep charging me and they refused to refund all but the most recent charge. I'm going to report them to the Federal Trade Commission and I'm going to make sure I check all my financial statements much closer than I have in the past!

24/7 Techies response

Dear Theresa,

While apologizing for the inconvenience caused, I'd like to inform that recurring payment option was selected during the initial payment. This could have been cancelled by you anytime using your PayPal account or you could have informed us prior to cancel this Auto Renewal.

Through PayPal, we are not allowed to refund previous transactions, but the most recent one. I believe you've received the recent recurring payment refunded.

Thank you!!



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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

They are nothing but thieves! There is clearly a language barrier, I am yet to speak with someone who speaks English. I had an issue and ordered the unlimited service package during the month of July, when I went back to use it again a few weeks later, and they said that I had only purchased a one time package when I knowingly purchased a unlimited. With no assistance, the best they offered was to just purchase another unlimited package... Nothing but crooks.

24/7 Techies response

Dear Griffon,

I believe we've communicated before via BBB. As promised, we did proceed with a full refund. I understand how frustrating this incident was for you, again I apologize on behalf of our Team for taking you through a complicated incident.
If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know. We are here to help!

Thank You!!



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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2017

I have paid over and over for protection and have done thru Nick (tech) and Sam (tech) and Alex (accounting). With the latest payment I was told by Nick, who I had called to pass the information on to, that I gave the information to the wrong agent, Alex. I had been transferred to Alex during my contact with Nick. After a heated exchange Nick wiped out all of my saved information on my Lenovo desktop. This is the note that Nick had given me the evening before when I made my initial additional partial payment: "Tech name:- Nick **. Toll free no:- **. Ext. no:- **. Customer Id:- **."

You don't have to give the remote access of your computer without asking same customer id, if you will allow to get inside of your computer. Without asking same customer id in that case you will have to invest more money. I had also made duplicate payments to a Sam and there was contention between the 2 to me that they each in some way was false. I am now out at least the initial $.

24/7 Techies response

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for pointing out your experience, So we can action your request promptly, However, I believe you were in contact with another company who may represent themselves as 247Techies or you may have confused us with someone else.

We do not have any agents under the name of "Nick" ,"Sam" & "Alex". Could you please provide some more context and clarification around this, just to make sure that we're on the same page. I'll be sure to priorities this accordingly.



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Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: June 30, 2017

Support thru a challenging Transition - I had a complex situation. This group kept me going despite confusion. Only doing what was possible. They watched my back since last fall, quiet, efficient. Only once at end (with my personal office particulars warranting additional remote tech, usually unadvised) was their nervousness about 'trust' of third party remote but they then explained my network within network and looked over this also. Best value!

Original review: May 31, 2017

24/7 Techies did contact me and I believed they were some form of Cloud/Google partner for I was CenturyLink Business at that time. For me, this was after a long 10 months of having "fled" my cash property purchase in Leawood, Kansas in hopes that moving to Arizona might give me some hope for work but getting scammed on the apartment rental. Thus, another cash purchase. And, this was after 16 months staying in an underwired condo building, but in my situation it was also after an act of "state terrorism" + intellectual property of an ebook with USPTO application in the works. You get the picture, in the Arts and of the chosen few that our government must feel need this surveillance that will never end as we were used as bait.

Don't trust this group. They DO log in and DO endorse those secondary admins who have to be paid with iTunes, this just happened yesterday and already the company denied today, doesn't want to log in to see who it was, and they will claim that vendor isn't with their company. They monitor what any admin we hire (as business owners) does, even complimented him on his work and showed me what he was removing from my computer (I have been watching this for 2.5 years so I'm not in IT but it's not totally unfamiliar, the removal of unauthorized IP addresses). But, I believe because the TeamViewer license was discounted and paid to that vendor (24/7 Techies had told me earlier I didn't need TeamViewer and to not let anyone else log in, but then later saw these notes from this other support and said he was a good guy and that I needed it?).

I think that they see the situation (basically Yahoo stings are repeatedly "nabbing" certain individuals and when our Yahoo/Apple ID does work, I think it's excellent security). And, although perhaps not Apple or Yahoo, but our wonderful military/govt/federal systems who rationalized this as 'counterintelligence'... Kind of in that category as human informants who are never informed.

I do believe it targets those with Intellectual Property and who have funds to pay, and while I can feel I'm doing my work as an Apple/call center "soldier" and realize what is going on, I can no longer be this distrustful of those providing tech support for those of us who were used in this identity "crisis" game when there is no transparency. We have no idea who their lawyers are, but when the list of techs with the original company in October is ever changing, what does it matter if we "trusted" them, they are no different than business as usual in America.

I witnessed yesterday the phone techs calling as 24/7 Techies person seeing everything that had been done, but not wanting this "other" Indian tech group to supersede their position as larger network admins so thus wanted the TeamViewer "transferred" to my name. (And, by the way, they were totally different names the whole time I did have the 24/7 app on computer which was to be good for a year but disappeared as soon as I had Comcast Business). (Let's just say for kicks it's some level of military server security but they still know I need to have a business within this, but because of the last 2.5+ years, it's created a real legal mess, not because I would ever have the money to question.)

But, middle-class Americans who pay taxes can only move and keep paying. And, while those with Govt/Military liaisons don't seem to pull out their own personal wallet and see what we will need to do as a country to have secured internet, which includes "business" sector from startup small who pay the same prices if not more than Corporate. And, maybe there might be some waste, fraud, inefficiency in Corporate and/or Military/Corporate liaisons. Until they go to these groups, find out where the money is going, why all their employees are not having to ante up to use their phones or work at home like those of us who now have no work, we won't get anywhere.

I believe they target us now, only us because they think there are enough private taxpayers with money to fund the roads, and because they must support all those in Tucson who don't want to get hacked and into the cloud. I may as well move, money under the table in a military town. And of course, the way in which they re-organize, claim they didn't call or remotely log in yesterday but logged in yesterday with tech a familiar voice that was totally aware of situation, then denied even having me as a customer five minutes ago... They should be closely watched unless you are more of a military/govt/FBI type of worker who probably has their own level of security.

I know global Apple has our backs, and perhaps even some retired FBI persons have the same level of "circus" going on their computers after paying dues for a few months. But, I have never done anything but work in design, historic preservation for the Dept of Transportation as a consultant, teacher, wife, mother, and wrote a children's book in 1991, and had bad timing on cash property purchase and application for ebook series. But, to have money from divorce settlement and to make cash purchases on first property I've ever owned to be used like this, literally terrorized and creating huge distrust not just in computers but in Indian and foreign tech support and their business liaisons with larger cloud networks and their respective and often differing politics of govt/federal/corporate/military groups whose respective security protocols govern them (and I'm sure are often in conflict) is unconscionable.

I paid over $5,000 from time period after I "got my apple ID back" for tech support which at least did get me out of the Leawood condo. But, I didn't think that Tucson/military/govt scammers would be worse and more shady, less transparent. They are all in bed together and others locally who had been commercial property owners/musicians/ in my position are considering dual citizenship, but they are Italian! This is a joke, not the info, but the country in which they could have citizenship. I don't think Scotch Presbyterians with names like McDowell/Ward/Lee have a chance.

Our values as small business owners are not in line with these groups that have been employed in these areas and seen this for decades, but looked the other way because it paid for their lifestyle, medical, pension. They didn't have the same rules as the private sector. And, they sit in fear at periphery of cities now, hoping global Apple doesn't tap their neighborhoods until "the very end", as it might be an inconvenience to their retirement or family travel plans.

So when 24/7 Techies calls, they may seem like good people at first, connected with Google, Cloud, giving one some communication, but if you are in my shoes they are not. They are only as good as the last lawyer. Your phone will know, and it will all ultimately be through a level of global Apple/Chinese security if we make it there, but in the short term, they just create the same mess and distrust we see on TV, and I'm a conservative who is proud we've balanced the books but I didn't get to vote for how it was done or how we are securing the internet. I'm just being a good small business owner and paying. Transparency matters and it is now dead in Indian Tech Support that I will trust.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 23, 2015

I purchased service in January 2015 99.99 24/7 Techies to replace a monthly service that had been hard to reach. I have been extremely involved with my health after this purchase and was under the belief that I was purchasing an extended plan. Having worked phone sales for 5 years, I would not have agreed to pay anyone 99.99 for one time service. Only until someone posing as your firm asking for bank card info to refund money and remotely cleaning up the PC 4-21-15. Seeing no refund, reaching a answering machine. I called 1-844-234-0654. I closed my debit card.

I was told in Feb. my service was ended and I had been scammed twice. Being on social security I was misled into purchasing a 99.99 a one month service now only remotely serviced in April by a scam to get bank info. There was indeed a sour taste in this consumer's mouth. Your office also hung up twice. Receipt can be given from my Bank of America account by phone no.

24/7 Techies response

Dear Ann,

It is with great concern and regret we received your complaint outlining the problem you had with us. However, while focusing on the Hotline number you've mentioned, I must say that We, at 247Techies use "1-866-461-6093" as our Toll Free hotline, which we used continously for the past 8 years. I believe you are confused our support with some other company. If you could provide more details, I can look into this further.

Thank you!!



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