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ADT Solar specializes in grid-tied residential solar and EV charging. It offers products from Enphase Energy and Tesla. Service areas extend across ten states in the continental U.S. including California, Florida and Texas.

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    • 25-year guarantee
    • Free consultation
    • Handles permitting
    • Provides roofing support
    • Not available in all states
    • No in-house financing

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      How do I know I can trust these reviews about ADT Solar?
      • 4,479,812 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.
      • We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.
      • We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.
      • Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness.
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      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceContract & Terms

      Reviewed Jan. 24, 2023

      This company is not to be trusted. They are very pushy and barely lets you read the contract and doesn't tell you about the cancellation fees or the fact they will put lien on your house without your knowledge. I tried to cancel my contract and they were very rude and pushy and when I kept insisting to cancel, they stopped picking up my calls and ignored my emails. And now they sent me a bill to pay because the deadline was passed which was their fault. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY OR YOUR HOUSE WILL HAVE A LIEN AND YOU END UP PAYING $3,000 FOR NOTHING.

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Jan. 5, 2023

      I paid $25,000 for my solar panel installation in 2015. It has not provided completely what was promised but I accepted that. Now it has had serious issues for going on 4 months and I cannot get ADT Solar to honor my warranty which is for 25 years. After complaining for 2 months they finally sent out an inexperienced person who only yelled curse words at the top of his lungs while scraping off several years of protective coating from my shingles, and after several hours he could not fix anything.

      Several weeks later I called back only to find out the case was closed because no one sent in pictures??? The case was reopened and I got a call from someone in Orlando stating someone would be in touch with me soon. That was on November 29th. It is now January 5th and I have not heard from anyone. I tried calling and I just get background music. After 20 minutes nobody ever answered so I hung up. This is ridiculous. I have 27 panels and right now only 7 are reporting energy. So disappointed!

      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Dec. 20, 2022

      We purchased a solar power system (panels, inverters, batteries) from SunPro Solar in 2021. That company was bought by ADT Solar this year (2022.) When our batteries stopped communicating with the Envoy gateway, I contacted ADT Solar support on Nov 25. They said they would open a case. After a couple of days of no response, I tried resetting the Zigbee communication device, which partially fixed the problem, and it seemed to fix itself completely a couple of days after that. Same problem a couple of weeks later, so I tried resetting the Zigbee twice with no result.

      Contacted ADT Solar support and they told me the original case was still open, as they had not assigned it to a technician yet. When I asked, the gal said it normally takes two to four weeks to assign a case to a technician. In the meantime, we are fortunate to have working solar power but the batteries will not provide a backup if we lose grid power, and lacking batteries, I think the panels will not work if the grid goes out. If you have a solar system supported by ADT Solar, you are pretty much on your own.

      I also contacted the manufacturer, who looked at our system over the internet, and the tech confirmed that we need someone to come out and troubleshoot the communications device. It is now Dec 19, I have made multiple attempts to communicate with ADT Solar, and while some of the people have been helpful over the phone, we still have no indication of when they might send someone out to fix it.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

      Reviewed Dec. 14, 2022

      I started the process to get Solar panels at the beginning of the year. I had delays and problems from the start. When they finally got the panels on the roof, I was excited only to be disappointed again. They left huge holes in my walls where the breaker boxes are in the house next to a light switch my blind husband uses. The solar panels are still not hooked up. I keep getting irritating texts telling me they are trying to set up an appointment for inspection. However, when I try to respond to the text no one answers me. I have tried calling numerous times. I now have made two payments towards the solar panel and still not connected. Plus, I was told I would get money from them for cutting down my one tree, that still has not happened.

      The salesmen said he would put $1000.00 on my electric account in case I had to pay for both electric and solar, that has not happened either. I wish I would have never gone done the solar road! Beware of all the slick talk it seems to be a shame! I am worried I will be paying for solar panels on my roof and never actually using them.

      Customer Service

      Reviewed Dec. 14, 2022

      I received an email notification from Enphase, the monitoring company on November 27, 2022 that 10 panels out of 25 from my solar system are not producing energy. I called ADT on the 29th about the issue and I was given a case number that I will be contacted by the Tech Dept. For days no one called or showed up. So, I called ADT back on Dec. 11, 2022 and I was told that I am still on queue because of Hurricane Ian in Florida that happened 2 two months earlier. Still I have not heard from ADT as of this writing (14th Dec.) when the company knows 40 percent of my panels are not producing.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed Dec. 8, 2022

      Step one: In April, I decided to get 4 different quotes for solar. I met with several companies, and while Sunpro was not the cheapest, I felt they were the best fit for me. If you would like to know, Momentum Solar was the cheapest, but did not offer some of the perks I was inclined to take. I was told at this time it would take 3-4 months to get the Solar up and running due to supply issues. That was fine with me. Step two: On April 18th, they installed my efficiency package. On this date, they surprised me and said it will only be 1-3 weeks until the panels are installed. I was excited at this time.

      Step three: After a couple of rescheduling issues on both sides, my panels finally got installed on 6/21/22. It went well, aside from the electricians not finishing their portion of the job due to an “emergency”. However, I received an email the following day requesting a signature for a product change. Supposedly, they were changing the panels I agreed to receive to another brand due to the discontinuation of the original panels. This wouldn’t have been an issue if discussed prior to the installation, but once I did research, I found out that the new panels were significantly cheaper and lower quality. So I called and requested either a price decrease or the original panels. A week later I had not heard back, so I texted the scheduling coordinator, who then said they were on the way to switch the panels. Luckily I was off work and home.

      Step four: Now it was a waiting game for CPS to come out and switch some stuff around that wasn’t up to code. This was the most frustrating because I had no news for weeks at a time, and was expected to pay for solar that was not functioning, on top of my electric bill. After several phone calls and messages, Sunpro finally agreed to reimburse me for the time period my solar was not hooked up.

      Step five: Once CPS finally approved the work order (10/5/22), they came out to my property unannounced several times, broke my fence and wifi cable, and tore up my yard. I won’t get into that, but just a piece of advice when starting a solar project: Insist on an inspection by your local energy provider, so you know what kind of damage has to be done to your property for this project that should be small.

      Step six: The Sunpro electricians came out to finish their job on 10/19/22. It was discouraging to hear the technician say he has to fix a lot of screw-ups the previous electricians made, who had gotten fired. After this, it needs to be inspected and one final step that I am not sure of yet. However, during their visit, they hit something in the wiring of my house, and now my only laundry room outlet does not work, as well as my ceiling fan/light in my bedroom. I called to get this fixed, and called again a week later when I did not hear back. I was told that they would arrive the following day, and they were “unable to give a time frame”. They did not arrive prior to 12:30, and I had an appointment that day. I thought I could leave for an hour and be fine, but they showed up 10 minutes after I left. Speaking with the technician through my doorbell camera, he did not even know why he was there. They are now supposed to arrive a week later.

      Step six continued: after several last minute calls to me while I’m at work, and unsuccessful attempts at scheduling a day to fix my wiring, the electricians were scheduled to come on Friday, 12/2, sometime between 12-6. They never showed up. No call to let me know why. I contacted my account manager. Someone else texted me the following Monday requesting to reschedule the appointment. It was then scheduled for Wednesday, 12/7. They were unable to give me a time slot, so I needed to be home all day. Once again, they did not show up, still not giving me a reason why. In addition to this, the team that was supposed to install my insulation also was a no call no show. So I left a message to inquire why. I have not received a reply as of yet.

      Reviewed Dec. 4, 2022

      Horrible experience with solar panels. Not enough panels to provide electricity so all we accomplished was to double our electricity bill for the months of April thru October. Company refuses to add panels to meet electricity needs. Stay away from this company.

      Customer ServiceContract & TermsPunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Nov. 24, 2022

      In the middle of a Breach of Contract dispute with ADT Solar. The fact that I have waited more than 11 months (four months after the contractual deadline for completion of this project) speaks to my patience. I understanding that things happen, and that constraints are a fact of life these days, but 12 months to complete a project is completely unacceptable under any circumstance. What makes it even worse is their lack of communication. Stay away from ADT Solar.

      Verified purchase
      Customer ServiceStaff

      Reviewed Nov. 17, 2022

      Project has failed inspections multiple times, no sense of urgency, now on month 11 and still no power from the solar project that was promised to be done in 60-90 days. HORRIBLE. Keep trading out customer service reps.

      Reviewed Nov. 11, 2022

      First and foremost I am writing this because they use Enphase solar, but refuse to allow the Sunlight backup which was the only reason I went with them as it doesn't require a battery to run essential functions if the grid goes down. My customer service advocate, Yesinia **, was friendly when she could answer questions, but just ignored emails when she couldn't. I am on my final inspection before we go live so I haven't had the issue that others have had with them messing up the installation but I can easily see that happen with how this company runs.

      Reviewed Nov. 2, 2022

      Our solar panels were installed in May of 2022. We were told the project would be inspected and turned on. 9 months later we still have no solar and we are paying every month for the equipment. We told them from the start we could not afford to pay the equivalent of light bills a months on our SS each month. Folks, please be careful!

      Installation & SetupPricePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed Oct. 26, 2022

      Three months later after purchasing ADT Solar (Sun Pro), the system is still not working. I’ve contacted them several times and no action to correct 16 installation defects or get the other 11 panels to work. They collect $50,000 from me and disappear. Do not buy from ADT Solar. Like me, you will be making an expensive mistake.

      Michael increased rating by 2 stars.
      After a positive interaction with ADT Solar, Michael increased their star rating on Oct. 11, 2022.

      Updated review: Oct. 11, 2022

      I talked with the company and they worked out the situation. I am content with the resolution that we came to. Although it was tricky to get to the right person, I believe that person who I finally connected to was understanding and helpful.

      Original Review: Oct. 6, 2022

      There were serious communication problems from the beginning. Several no shows of the inspector and the inspector found a major issue, they continued to try to schedule installation without addressing the issue. Asked about the issue multiple times, and would get a message back saying they could answer my question, but wouldn't actually answer it.

      To this day, I don't know if they were going to charge more to resolve these concerns. Telling them there were concerns about trusting them, it was as if that wasn't heard at all. They simply ignore concerns and continue pretending to move forward. On the day I said I was cancelling, I got a cancellation notice along with a call wanting to schedule the same day. They try to use the contract to pin you in the corner, but I'm going to pay the 3K fee before I spend 50K letting these people mess things up even more than they have. It shouldn't be this confusing. I couldn't actually tell you who is in charge of installation as I got 3-4 different people texting to set it up "tomorrow" with an electrical box that their inspection said wasn't up to go to do the project. Not a good service.

      Installation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed Sept. 27, 2022

      I signed a contract with ADT Solar on June 15th 2022. It took 4 weeks for permits to city and get approval from HOA. After approval it only took 5 days and they installed panels and wiring electrical boxes, running all wires thru attic completing all in 10 hours. I have called the scheduler about SRP's inspection and Pro Team time line but I still don't have a date on Sept. 27th 2022.

      I can understand electric company dragging their feet so they can still charge me for the 100-104 degree summer days here in AZ and the Pro Team is backlogged. Pro Team is checking house for energy loss and replacing light bulbs with LED bulbs. I will come back when or if anything happens. I understood when the salesman said the Federal and State credits are against the tax you owe because I researched that. To increase my tax owed I began moving money from Traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs so that money is taxable in the year I move it. In that way I will be able to use most all of the energy credit.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupStaff

      Reviewed Sept. 19, 2022

      I initially installed solar five years ago under Sunpro, my service was great. Now under ADT Management, the service is very disorganized, calls are not returned for days or weeks. They say they have Project managers, but have done nothing to manage my project or keep me the customer informed of what they are doing or when they intend to complete my FLOP. Deinstall/Reinstall.

      Installation & SetupReliability

      Reviewed Sept. 18, 2022

      My solar panels were installed in December 2021 and the guy who sold them to me was not honest about everything. I didn’t know the company who financed the solar panels would also put a lien on my house until they were paid for…. They were financed for 25 years. The salesman told me I would get a tax refund/credit for 6% of the amount paid ($9,200) and that was not true either. Six of my 19 solar panels stopped working on 14 August 2022 and I have not been able to get them fixed.

      On my Enphase App, it reads “This microinverter is reporting a production issue. Contact your maintenance for help.” I have contacted the company several times and they told me they are aware of the problem but are being very vague with details about what they are doing to get them repaired and WHEN they will be repaired. In the meantime, I am paying my electric bill and also paying for solar panels that are defective and ADT/SUNPRO Solar is not doing anything to assist me with this issue.

      Customer ServicePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed Sept. 16, 2022

      Honestly, I would not give this any stars. We signed for the system in April. Was told complete installation would be 45 to 60 days. We are now working on 5 months. This has been a nightmare every step of the way. As of today, the system still has not been inspected by the State (was scheduled over a month ago for yesterday) but no one showed up. Our Service Manager, Christopher ** is of no help at all. He never ever responds unless we call the sales rep and get mad. The most recent example of his lack of support is, we reached out to him several days (4) to verify when the inspection was to be done. He responded he would get back to us. Still nothing and no inspector arrived as scheduled (yesterday). Today, Chris finally got back to us after we really got angry, he was defensive and rude but still had no answers on what is going on with our system.

      We can give you example after example of the incompetence of this company. We were required to schedule time off from work to be here for installation. Two days turned into 4, which turned into 6, plus a half day which ended up being 11 hours. The reasons we were given for all the delays were numerous from the teams were not informed of what was needed or what was done prior, or they are lacking the equipment and/or supplies necessary to complete the project.

      The hardest and one of many annoying things is they received their money from the finance company, even though the system is not usable. We are responsible for the payment even though we are not able to get the system inspected and final steps (we were told another 2 weeks after the inspection). With no answers from our Service Manager Chris, we will be paying a couple of months charges for a system still not ready to use.

      Overall, I would warn you of how unprofessional, unresponsive, lack of professionalism they have displayed in the several months dealing with them. Now they have their money we are not a priority and can't get anyone to respond to our inquiries until you get to the point of anger. If you are thinking about this type of system, I again would strongly suggest someone else. We are researching how to proceed legally - get their equipment removed, and our home roof and bricks (where they installed something, we would have never approved) repaired. I wish you the best - but I would not recommend wasting your time, effort and money with ADT / Sun Solar.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed Sept. 14, 2022

      Terrible Services and Big delays. On May 2022 we started this process of getting solar panel in our home and now (mid September 2022) we still don't have the system working. First they started with the history that City of Kissimmee was still reviewing the plans, I went to the city to check what was happening and they showed me that there was no permit request under my address 3 month ago, when I confronted the customer representative that they assigned to me (Leslie Cruson) she came back with the same history, that she needed to ask and that she could only tell me what was shown in the system. Magically, they installed the whole system (on July 28th), but without the proper approval from the city, them she called again on August 10th to tell me that the permit was about to be approved and that she called the following day to give an update (I'm still waiting for that call).

      15 Days ago I called her and she was very upset with my complaints (which I think were justified) she told me I would be called the following day to schedule the inspection (I'm waiting for that one either). I have several people that I wanted to refer you to for solar panels but I don't want them to get the same service as me, I decided to contract with you because I thought that ADT was more diligent in the process. I was offered that I was not gonna have a regular utility bill when the first credit payment is due, but I'm worried that's not going to be the case. So here we are mid September with some solar panels in my roof that can not use and a credit that I have to start paying next month.

      Reviewed Aug. 30, 2022

      Terrible. ADT merged with SunPro. Sun Pro has been a nightmare and was hoping with the merge it would be better. With ADT we finally got our roof fixed after 6 months of trying to get Sunpro solar out to fix the roof leak that they installed poorly and caused multiple roof leaks. That was done by a great company...Keith Barker Roofing. KBR came back out to inspect their solar re-install after repair and they failed on so many levels. Johnathan B a supposed manager has not been apologetic nor quick to reply.

      They used silicon caulk which is not for roofers and was pulling off on day 2, they left old bracket and a unsealed hole in our roof so new damage from recent rain and didn't seal the moved electrical box they hid under the panels so KBR was not able to get to it. They were supposed to remove the on electrical line and run it through the attic space where here for 1/2 day and upon inspection, it's still there. ADT/SunPro can't do anything right. They stood on one of the panels with the "panel flop" and have a photo with their boot marks on it and a panel is now not working correctly and I told them 3 weeks ago. They still have not even mentioned getting this fixed. This company is non responsive and does crap work. They had also no showed the first time to meet with KBR for repairs. We had these panels installed 4 years ago, they screwed up the paperwork, very delayed install and failed inspection 3x. Worst company ever. They just don't care about their customers or the quality.

      Reviewed Aug. 26, 2022

      We purchased solar panels back in 12/2020 from Sun Pro Solar before they were ADT Solar. The sales person assured my husband that our power bill with panels would be $10 - $20 a month. We are now in 08/2022 and we've only had a few bills in that range. During peak usage summer and winter months I now have a $156 loan payment for these panels in addition to $150 -$170 electric bills. It's costing me more than before we had solar panels!!! We've also had a recent issue with many of the micro-inverters being off due to a tripped breaker that's stuck in off and have been waiting a week for a call from someone to come out and fix this so bill will just keep going up. I regret purchasing this system more than I can express. We're located in GA and anyone that asks about our panels, I tell them about our awful experience and strongly encourage them not to go this route.

      Reviewed Aug. 19, 2022

      ADT Solar has been the worst experience in 18 years of living in Las Vegas, NV. In March of 2022, we had over 50 solar panels installed on our roof and were extremely excited about going solar. Fast forward six months and our panels are still not up and running. We have failed two inspections and there appears to be no resolution in sight. The lack of communication and incompetence from the technicians all the way up to the project manager makes me think that this was all a scam, and I will be seeing a story on the news about how this company ripped off a bunch of Las Vegas residence.

      I have spent hours trying to reach out to the supervisors and even the CEO and have never gotten so much as an email or phone call reassuring me that they were working to find a solution. I am currently paying a power bill on top of a loan for solar panels that don't even work. If you have unlimited time to sit on the phone, write emails and throw away your hard-earned money then ADT Solar is the right company. Please do your research and don't make the same mistake I did. This is now my reality and there does not seem to be an end in sight.

      Installation & Setup

      Reviewed Aug. 5, 2022

      Matt and helper can't say enough. It is a large job, full service and new panel install as well as 125' of trenching. Had to be installed in phases and all work is by the book and inspected. Good investment.

      Reviewed Aug. 2, 2022

      I thought going Solar would be a great idea, it could of been with another company! Customer service is terribly, the $1000 dollar check doesn’t go to you, try and get an answer, you will be waiting!!!

      Ben increased rating by 4 stars.
      Sales & MarketingStaff
      After a positive interaction with ADT Solar, Ben increased their star rating on April 11, 2023.

      Updated review: April 11, 2023

      ADT Solar resolved all of my issues and made good on their commitments.

      Original Review: July 15, 2022

      Read this if you are thinking about hiring ADT Solar! I am a retired disabled senior citizen living on social security. I thought it was a good idea to go solar to save on my electricity bill and have it lowered. I wish I had found this website before and had read all of the negative comments before I decided to purchase the solar panels from ADT SOLAR. This whole experience has been one big nightmare! I should have known better than to listen to the sales pitch from the salesperson from SunPro Solar. I must admit that he was very good and believable and I fell for his lies.

      First lie was that I would receive a check from the federal government in the amount of $12,064.00 for my tax credit. I checked with my tax accountant and she advised that they would not be sending me a check but that I would only receive a tax credit if I owed taxes. Living on a fixed income you don't have any tax credits because I don't owe any money to the IRS. My system was installed on May 10, 2022. However it wasn't up and running until July 5, 2022. Since then I have been checking how many kWh my solar panels have been producing and each day since that date my system has been underproducing solar power. The salesperson advised me that my system would produce enough energy and that I would only be required to pay for my loan and the minimum customer service amount to Duke Energy. With my situation of underproducing his comments turned out to be another lie!!!

      I purchased this system to lower my bills and with this current situation I will be paying double for my electric bills. I will have to pay for my loan for the solar panels and for everything the panels are not producing to Duke Energy. So far no one from ADT SOLAR has offered any help to rectify the under production on my solar energy!!! I feel like I have been taken advantage of by a ADT Solar/SunPRO sales guy for a solar power system that does not work and now I'm paying double for my electricity! In addition they have not bothered to correct the system by placing more panels on my roof! I'm sorry that I ever decided to go Solar and especially with ADT Solar!!!

      Customer Service

      Reviewed June 16, 2022

      Solar panels installed December 2021. It's now June 2022 and we are still not up and running...have had 4 FAILED inspections.. Communication with anyone from ADT is terrible and no one has a clue what's going on... Stay away from this company.. Find a more reputable Solar company.

      Reviewed June 13, 2022

      DO NOT use ADT Solar/Sunpro. We were promised our electric bill would be around $9-$40 and it has consistently been $300+ since going active. Now we are stuck with a solar payment AND a high electricity payment (both equal more than what we were originally paying before solar). In addition we had leaks in our brand new roof from the panels. STAY AWAY!!!

      Installation & SetupContract & TermsStaffProcess

      Reviewed June 13, 2022

      This has been the worst experience I've had with any company. I've given this company $95K and I have no received anything in return! They should not be in the solar business, or anywhere close to customers. They lack technical competence to do this job and will deceive, avoid, and delay! Move on, please! We signed a contract with ADT (SunPro) Solar four months ago and the collective team still cannot figure out the electrical wiring diagram that is safe and to code for our home configuration. The panels were installed months ago and the system failed inspection by the county because the engineering diagram did not match the wiring by the electricians.

      Initially the wiring was incorrect which my husband, who is not an electrician, noticed and brought to their attention, but ADT did not update the engineering diagrams and sent the inspector anyway. After the failed inspection, and upon "escalation," it took five weeks to make a revision on the engineering diagram and it is still wrong! It doesn't properly account for our whole house generator and as depicted does not match the wiring that they changed in the house weeks ago. Despite this fact, they're planning on sending out the county inspector again next week which won't go well, but we're inclined to let it go through for additional documentation of this painful process. The bottom line here is you're probably better off doing the research yourself and contracting out more reputable electricians and installers on your own than going with this company.

      You'll pay a premium if you do, and in the end, it will not be hands off at all. These are good people that mean well but they're overwhelmed with the demand and their crews lack experience, especially if your home configuration is more complicated than a single meter and breaker box. You'll have to pay for your system up front once they put the panels on the roof or in the ground, and there is no guarantee on how long it will take, if ever, to get the system actually producing power.

      They will tell you that they'll make the loan payments if the system does not become operational but we haven't experienced that yet. They'll also tell you a lot of other things, like you can call their CEO, they are the best in the business, their account manager will monitor and communicate with you throughout the process, and much more. Just ignore them and move on. There are many better options. Join a Facebook forum to read the good stories and get multiple quotes on the companies that perform. AVOID ADT!

      Reviewed May 23, 2022

      My stepson owns the house that his mom and I live in in July of 202. He decided to get solar for this house. Now it's May of 2022 and we are still waiting for solar to be turned on. The worst support.

      Installation & SetupContract & TermsCoveragePricePunctuality & Speed

      Reviewed May 19, 2022

      If I could give a negative score I would. If you want to spend a whole lot of money and get raked over the coals are in the right place. I thought things were good. We bought our system June 2018, Salesman was pleasant, went in as scheduled. Fast forward to 2019 tax season, that tax credit didn't happen so our payment went up to $375.00 Per month, mind you that is on top of our current electric bill. Fast forward again, to 2021, time to refinance the house with all time lows for interest rates, imagine our anger when the mortgage company advised that there was a lien on our house for our solar panels, which were relayed to us as "unsecured". I am here to tell you, I wouldn't have a lien on my house if I needed a kidney.

      Now, let's fast forward again to 2022 when our monitoring suddenly stopped, called Enphase (monitoring company). They said we needed to upgrade the cell modem, okay, let's do that..."Thank you ma'am, That will be another $476.00..."You have got to be kidding me. After interest this system will run us 65k, no, I am not giving another red cent. Enphase refuses to cover the modem regardless of the verbiage in my contract "The purchase of any Enphase microinverter will include the installation of the Envoy energy management system with lifetime free online monitoring access provided by Enphase". Now this is on Sunpro letterhead, they chose this monitoring, not me. Nowhere in the contract does it say that there are components that may become obsolete in 3.5 years requiring additional expense to the customer.

      When I reached out to now ADT Solar with the issue, they push me back to Enphase completely washing their hands of the issue stating the monitoring is free but whatever else is involved is not their issue and was told at one point "ma'am you are clearly not comprehending what I am saying". Oh I comprehend just fine, ADT combined with Enphase equals...cha ching for them and forget the customer. This is the worst experience I have had. Those of you that just got your panels, wait for it, it's coming, you just won't know it until you are mmm 18 months into your new panels or until you try to refinance your home. Come to find out, "Oh look there, it's a lien on your home." Think twice and have an attorney review your contract before signing up with this company.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

      Reviewed May 6, 2022

      I was told that solar panels would reduce or eliminate my electric bill but I don't see how that will happen if they are never turned on because you refuse to schedule an inspection. I can't afford to pay for this system and pay the electric bill as well. I wasn't told that after the system was installed I would be making payments before it was working. The installation went well and the workmen who came out were excellent and professional. But the ball has been dropped on the inspection and it's been over a month with the only response is that "they are working on it".

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & TermsPriceOnline & AppStaff

      Reviewed April 26, 2022

      Approximately two years ago, we installed solar panels sold to my disabled veteran husband by predatory practices. Once I started questioning the issue, the salesman said we would lose financing, so I was coerced to sign the financial loan through PACE. So, we first signed the financial agreement, and then 3 days later, ONLY my husband signed the sales contract. Interestingly, the salesperson brought us the sales contract 3 days after the PACE loan agreement. As such, we couldn't cancel PACE without penalty, and I couldn't cancel the contract because I NEVER saw it!

      Regardless, we were hoping for what was promised. Even though their installation and customer service are subpar at best, and even though they deceived us with a PACE loan, we are hoping that for the cost of these panels, we would be 100% energy efficient as we were told. Per their Sunpro Solar 25 Year Power Production Guarantee, we will produce 25,087 kWh per year. Per their app "Enlighten," in 2020, we produced:22,900 kwh, and in 2021: 23,300; obviously less of what they "guaranteed." I called, and a rep stated they would review it, but they need 12 months of electric bills, which I will send. However, even with the yearly degradation % not explained, we are still producing less.

      This company engages in unscrupulous practices to lure customers, does not provide all the pertinent details so we can choose to either buy them or not, and then they have customer reps like the one I spoke to, named Sherrie, who was incompetent to answer questions. This company is dishonest, with untrained employees (they opened holes on our roof in 2 spots because they didn't calculate the installation correctly the first time), and utterly unprofessional. Needless to say, the salesman only wanted to talk to my 100% disabled vet husband with a TBI because he knew my spouse would not adequately understand or ask questions. Additionally, even though they required me to sign the PACE loan, they somehow thought I didn't need to sign the sales contract. They prey on disabled homeowners or the elderly.

      Installation & SetupCoverageSales & MarketingPriceStaff

      Reviewed April 9, 2022

      It is unfortunate to want to do solar and in the end be advocate to not get solar in Florida residential, your neighbors are horrified, and you're stuck with a 20 year loan. Real ROI is like 23 years. Don't be fooled. FYI Solar in general is bad at residential level and new Florida net metering makes it useless. Get a Generator and Gas tank for backup power. Below is apparently common, educate yourself before signing anything.

      Company with beautiful brochures showed misleading advertising graphs (KW cost, national inflation), incorrect pricing parts, $3000 to cancel on 4th day if you do sign and figure out nothing matched salesman statements. SunPro came out to install, told twice, "This looks wrong" by installer before they even started. 8+ trips to get system working over 6 months, then roof leaks. They use their own employees however they are untrained. No idea what's going on. Brand new roof had leaking roof, inside with buckets and drywall falling, tracking tar and dirt in house, 3 more trips trying to caulk holes, replaced roof separate company, still left with $14K loan and partial solar. Apparently this is normal*, several company employees said they had 3 more problem appointments to fix just that day, not alone. Employees completely agreed it was a scam. :/

      They charged a premium for the most horrible service you could receive. No one at company knew what the other was doing, every person coming out had some new person with them training, technician shows up and would ask what they were there for. Took 2 months for them to even notice the solar was completely offline during roof repair. Loan for 8 panels (2.9KW) was 14K, saves me $42 in electric bill and pay $52 on my loan. Something they won't say, your insurance will cost more and they don't cover it under hurricane deductible.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & TermsSales & MarketingStaffProcess

      Reviewed March 29, 2022


      Install techs and energy pro tech (Sean) were customer-centric. It was great to hear them talk about the company and the confidence they had in their product.
      The techs were respectful of the property and neighbors.
      I felt valued talking with the techs about questions I had about the product.

      Install was clean and app is very user friendly.


      Salesman not knowing product and relaying false information.
      Salesman not knowing the actual timeline of the process relaying false information.
      Sales manager not knowing the actual timeline of the process relaying false information.
      Errors within the control of the company that caused 2 months of delays.
      Account manager that doesn’t respond within 24 hours regarding consistent issues.

      Account manager that isn’t proactive regarding issues that arise. (“Hey, just saw the email, this is what we’re doing to fix it”) Not wait for the customer to reach out.

      Final thoughts:

      Have salesman that are educated on all products and can answer all questions correctly and confidently. Now we have been put in an incredibly difficult position due to the lack of communication and deceitful tactics of Sunpro. We are going from $130 a month, not to $194 like we were told by our salesman and shown on our contract. No, now we will be paying $500+ a month due to no longer being eligible for the plan we were on with NVEnergy and having to pay the solar loan until the utility credit is applied in 4-6 months.

      Have customer centric minded support staff. In my instance, the sales/account team are hindering the growth of the company. I would not refer sunpro to anyone due to the simple fact I would not want anyone to go through what I did. I truly feel like I spent 50K on an investment and it is an inconvenience for sunpro to email me. I scrubbed my social media and had to edit my reviews that I had written. I feel embarrassed when asked about my experience because I told so many of my friends and relatives about going with sunpro in the beginning. While the product itself is great thus far, the customer support is incredibly unsatisfactory. This was a project my wife and I were so excited for and then piece by piece it got less and less exciting. Communication is key with every business, it is severely lacking at sunpro.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupPunctuality & SpeedStaffReliability

      Reviewed March 25, 2022

      I apologize this is lengthy but consumer beware. I gave 1 star because you can't give zero. First I want to say that the crews that came to our house were nice & friendly but that's where it ends. These people do not communicate with the customer or each other. They also brag about the owner's personal phone number being on the welcome card and you can contact him personally anytime, this is a lie, there is a number on the card which I have called & txt several times, no one answers and never got a response.

      This company is terrible, signed paperwork in May of 2021, now it's March 2022 and we are paying for a system that is still incomplete. We were told installation would begin 30 to 45 days after signing and that it would be a 1 day install because our setup was "simple". A little over 90 days later the installation started but only after I made few calls, and was given the excuse of scheduling mistakes and heavy workload. Then the 1 day installation was the panels only. By the way the reason they put the panels up on day 1 is so they can tell the loan company that the job is complete so they start getting paid, also once the loan company starts payments you're stuck.

      I contacted the loan company Mosaic that Sunpro setup by the way, and explained that the job was barely started & far from complete. Mosaic said because the last payment had not been made they would hold it until I notified them that the job was completed, this also did not happen. Back to the install, it was a little over a month after the panels were installed before the trenching crew made it out to do their part of the install again after I made a few calls. Finally everything is installed just waiting for it to be commissioned, get tired of waiting and make another call. They emailed the start up instructions to me to have me turn everything on which is against their policy.

      I followed the instructions and a few weeks later was having problems so I called again, they sent an electrician and a tech support out. They both agreed that I should not have been the one to turn the system on and because there was no wifi connection the components could not communicate and burned up a $15k to $20k battery that they had to replace. Because we are in a rural area we were on a Hotspot but the system will not operate on a hot spot. To sunpro's credit they have offered to set us up with Starlink and pay for 2 years service, problem is starlink is not supposed to be available in our area until the end of 2022. So we are still waiting and getting no communication. Really just want them to come remove the equipment & have nothing to do with them.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & Setup

      Reviewed Feb. 23, 2022

      I do not recommend SunPro Solar to anyone looking for solar. They are a terrible company with horrible customer service. DO NOT get sold on their "Tax Incentive/Rebate" because it is deceptive marketing. You do not get the tax incentive within 18 months and your bill after that 18 month WILL go up because you won't get the money to pay toward the loan like they say. They are a bunch of crooks! No one knows which way is up when it comes to getting things installed.

      They came out after a few months of waiting, unannounced to install panels, got the wrong permits, didn't tell us that they got the wrong permits, installed the wrong electrical devices and then hoped we wouldn't notice, took an additional few months to get new permits, cut through vertical studs, tore apart the interior and exterior of our home, cut into the drywall behind the electrical panel exposing out kitchen cabinet and countertops, patched the outside with yellow putty (we have a grey house), failed inspection and washed their hands of us.

      They have left us with unusable panels, holes in the inside and outside of our home, with a monthly payment to our utility company AND for the solar payment because they got paid for merely putting the panels on our roof. Did I mention they failed the county inspection for negligent installation and then sitting almost 3 months later, and still no one has touched the house and won't return our calls or emails to their "legal" department. I cannot express enough how much someone thinking about going solar should stay away from this company! It has been nothing short of an absolute nightmare! They got paid and left us with their mess! LG solar panels are not LG, they are Hammer.

      Reviewed Sept. 20, 2021

      I was sold a solar system in April 2020 that was to offset the average annual cost of my electricity. I have 32 solar panels installed on the south roof top of my home. These 32 panels were suppose to generate enough solar KWH to offset the KWH provided by the electric utility company. Also, with the purchase of a Tesla backup battery, the utility company would purchase the overage generated solar energy and return to me the overage in cash or credit.

      As of Sept. 2021, I have not received a return of of cost or credit for over production of solar energy. In fact, the monthly payment for the solar system and the monthly electric charge by the electric utility company has nearly doubled my energy cost. These 32 solar panels, without the backup Tesla battery, were suppose to return to the electric grid enough solar generated energy to off-set the cost of fossil generated electricity.

      Sample utility bill:
      Energy 219.08
      2 outdoor lights 18.00
      Sales tax 14.85
      Distributed Generation (solar savings) -27.83
      Operation Roundup 0.12
      Current charges 224.00
      Solar System Cost: 50,550.00 (amortized)
      Monthly payment (17 mos.) 254.59

      Monthly payment (18+ years) 345.40

      The average solar energy savings have been approximately 30.00 per month. Where is the off-set? 224.00 + 254.59 = 478.59 - 18.00 (night lights) = 460.59. My energy cost has more than doubled. Not a good investment for retirement dollars.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & TermsSales & MarketingPricePunctuality & SpeedStaff

      Reviewed July 14, 2021

      First of all, we would not choose to install solar if we had it to do over again. If we had been informed, we would have avoided getting sucked into the sales pitch we were given about selling power back to the electric company. Sunpro sales failed to inform us of the paltry pay-back the utility would give us for the power we now generate on their behalf. Basically, the electric company charges thirty times more for power than they pay us for our meter "running backwards". Oh how the solar industry loves to use that term, but what it means at the end of the day is that we are paying on a large loan to generate power for them. Nor were we informed that the loan we took out for solar would be considered by most banks a 2nd mortgage on our property.

      We had endless problems with Sunpro and would NOT recommend this company to anyone. From the time we signed a contract it took TEN months to get hooked up to the grid! Along the way we had regular and innumerable problems with Sunpro dropping the ball on us, to the point of ridiculousness. We are thoroughly disgusted at this point, especially because the state inspector that finally showed up informed us that we had just that day appeared on the state docket — after being told by SunPro that they had submitted the inspection request weeks prior. We kept hearing things from the SunPro office that turned out to be false. There were multiple problems with the administrative offices of this company — while we feel that the ground crews did a good job when they were here for installation work.

      Here is the list of issues we've had with this company —

      1 - The salesman did not convey the complexity of our installation — either to us (ahead of signing) or to the SunPro staff so that they could assess the installation ahead of time. This resulted in confusion and delays, and a less than optimal execution vis a vis protecting our trees.

      2 - There were multiple miscommunications on SunPro's part that resulted in project delays. We often felt that it was only through our own diligence that information got conveyed between involved entities, to wit: SunPro's various teams, our electric company, and government offices.

      3 - Our installation was supposedly scheduled, and we were ready and waiting at home for the crew...which never showed up. In following up, we learned that our "account manager" had spaced it out. This resulted in another two weeks' delay.

      4 - On a regular basis we were told we would receive call-backs from SunPro staff to update us on status and in answer to our questions. Frequently we did not receive promised phone calls from the seven different "account managers" that were assigned to us (including at least one supervisor). We found it surprising and confusing that we kept hearing, "I'm your new account manager." This shuffling between staff members demonstrably contributed to delays and misinformation. We ultimately found out that we'd been lied to about inspection scheduling, resulting in six more weeks delay. While it is still unclear which SunPro entity was responsible for the misinformation we received, we definitely lost trust in the company's word.

      5 - The incompetence we've suffered at the hands of this company has also cost us in much wasted personal time, and stress. If it weren't for our time-consumptive monitoring of the situation and our constant follow-through, who knows how much longer the delays would have been???

      6 - The installation crew was not provided with either training or the type of equipment that could have prevented damage to tree roots on our property — trees that are very important in terms of both property value and environmental benefits in a desert climate.

      We cannot recommend Sunpro Solar. While we appreciated the two installation crews who did a good job, the administrative-level problems were continuous and daunting, up to the very end. Our impression is that this company jumped into the home solar market without having sufficient infrastructure in place to support its customers. As is so often the case, accountability to the consumer has been sacrificed on the altar of company profits.

      Customer ServiceInstallation & SetupContract & TermsStaff

      Reviewed June 3, 2021

      No phone communications from so called Case Managers: Tiffany, Lauren, Amy, Royce, Jennifer, all let a contact number but they never return call or follow up, once you sign the contract for the work, you are let on your own, I am already receiving bills from Loanpal finance company and Sunpro has not completed my installation???? Total incompetence and confusion, stress, beware before you get involved with SunPro and their slick talking salesperson and Case Manager

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