Nissan recalls over 9,000 Sentras due to crash risk

It’s the second recall of the 2024 Sentra

Nissan is recalling as many as 9,645 of its 2024 Sentra compact cars, citing how an unexpected loss of power can increase the risk of crashes. 

A transmission fluid leak and loss of drive power can occur if “the front left-side driveshaft isn’t fully seated in the continuously variable transmission assembly, or if there is a loose or missing retaining chip,” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.

This is Nissan’s second recall for its 2024 Sentras. In February, Nissan recalled 43 of its 2023-2024 Nissan Sentra cars, citing a moisture issue that can cause airbags to deploy improperly. 

The 2024 Nissan Sentra hasn’t received a rating yet from the NHTSA. There are currently no complaints and investigations regarding the vehicle, according to the NHTSA.

What to do

Nissan Sentra owners can go to dealerships to inspect the front-left driveshaft. If necessary, dealers will replace the driveshaft and CVT assembly free of charge. 

Owners can call Nissan at 1-800-867-7669. Nissan's number for this recall is PMA37.

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