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Rated with 5 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2015

I adopted a dog from an animal shelter in the southern US in the fall of 2014. He is a young, mixed breed dog who arrived at my home weighing 8 pounds. He was clearly underweight, as his ribs were prominent and his spinal vertebrae were extremely prominent. We feed a variety of kibble-based foods to our owned and foster dogs, but after two weeks of eating high-quality kibble this little dog was still too skinny.

We added Wysong's raw, freeze-dried Archetype to his kibble in steadily increasing amounts -- first a couple teaspoons, then equal to about ten percent of his daily food intake, and finally arriving at a half-and-half balance between Archetype and his mix of several high-quality kibbles. In three months he has gained three pounds of healthy weight. His ribs and vertebrae are no longer prominent, and the condition of his skin and coat have improved significantly. We are very happy with the apparent benefits of adding Wysong Archetype to his daily food intake.

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Rated with 2 stars
Original review: Oct. 28, 2014

Wysong Gourmet is the only canned food my senior cat will eat. Because of kidney issues, it is important she have wet food. I have had problems in the past with inconsistency in the product (one case of the cans were nothing but liquid) but Wysong accepted my return and replaced the cans that were not consistent with what I purchased in the past. I went online to order and noticed the Gourmet was shown as back ordered. I called the 800 line and was told the product was discontinued - no reason given. Very disappointed primarily in the falsehood of the website and secondarily that I will have to literally purchase every canned food available to find something my senior girl will eat.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 14, 2014

I was informed by my dog groomer about Wysong dry dog food several years ago. My dog has stomach issues. The Epigen and Synorgon was the best food that my dog could eat without not getting sick.

Since January 2014 when the Synorgon the ingredients was changed. Just recently Epigen dry dog food the ingredients was changed big times and my dog ended up with runny stools and throwing up. It cost me a trip to the emergency vet as well as trip to my vet. My dog was place on can I/D dog food and when I started to change her back to her dry dog food, poop was getting better. Per the vet that I take my dog to informed me not to feed my dog the Epigen as she ended up with Colitis and stomach problems, to just feed her the Synorgon dry dog food.

Well having problems again with her poop, and vet advice me to cook rice and add it into her dry dog food. I have 4 more bags of the Synorgon, and I have contacted Wysong and instructed them to take me off the auto deliver and remove my name from their site along with the treats. I found a site where I can cook for my Cocker Spaniel. I contact Wysong and asked if they change the ingredients back to the old ingredients, and was informed by Wysong that they are not going back to the old ingredients, and the new ingredients is best for the dog and give it time for your dog to adjust to the new ingredients. My audiologist put her dogs on the Wysong and she is having the same problems. I will not put my dog back on other brands due to recalls and my dog stomach and cannot have her sick.

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Rated with 2 stars
Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 8, 2014

Ever since I began using wysong kibble, my Rat terrier and my min pin/pug mix have been throwing up. I thought that they had a stomach bug or ate some garbage, but a friend gave me some of her dog's kibble, not only did their general malaise stop, but they slept through the night! The kibble was Fromm, but I don't know if they will publish the name here. My poor dogs, I feel bad that I continued to give them this food because they highly recommend this kibble.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 23, 2014

I bought some food at a local pet food store where I live. I noticed this 6 pack of food all wrapped up for $21.99. My other half had opened it but thankfully had not fed it to our 8 year old Lab - I noticed rust on the bottom of 1 of the cans and then checked the use by dates - they ranged from March of 2010 to October 2011. Called the store and they were going to replace it but did not seem surprised so I called the company and they blamed the store. I made the point of them doing the work to have a trademark but not making certain their products were safe. They blamed everyone except themselves - and when I asked what if we fed our dog and she got sick or even died - again they blamed the store!

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: June 17, 2013

Our female cat was showing symptoms of crystals in her urine, and after a visit to her veterinarian, it was confirmed. We were feeding her a dry blend, which she liked very much, but her doctor felt it better for her to be placed on a canned prescription formula, at least until her problem cleared up. When I went to pick up the canned food, she handed me a bag of Wysong Dry Uretic Feline Diet. She didn't charge me for it; she said it was given to them by the company.

Went home and gave her half a can of the prescription food, discarded the dry she had in her bowl, and replaced it with Wysong. That night, we awoke around 4am to her violently vomiting all over our bed, in the bathroom, on our sofa, etc. We have never experienced her being so sick. She threw up the dry blend everywhere. Haven't given it to her since, and she is now fine. I take into consideration the fact that she has not been 100%, but never has she reacted so poorly to anything; hadn't before, hasn't since.

Now I have to wonder, just because a vet gives you something, does that make it trustworthy? One would hope, but just as salons want you to purchase their products, etc., did they give me something they knew nothing about? After going online, I've noticed not-so-savory comments regarding Wysong products. I'll be far more careful in the future regarding anything we feed our pets.

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Rated with 1 star
Original review: March 23, 2012

Received Dented & Rusty Dog Food Cans! - I ordered directly from Wysong from an email they sent me offering free shipping. I ordered over $200 of dog food on Feb. 26, 2012. I received part of order (24 13.2 oz. of rabbit food) which did not have enough packing material in it. As a result, 20 of the cans were dented! All the cans looked old. They have rust on them! I called Wysong to report this immediately and they told me to send them photos of cans, which I did right away. I expressed to them that the problem was in their packing department. They sent me replacement cans (16 of them) and again they were not packed properly and were worse than the first boxes they sent. Again, the cans were old looking and rusty!

I called again and was told they will not do anything more for me. I asked for a supervisor and was told he was not available and they would forward my info. This was on Friday the 16th. The next day, Saturday, I received the remaining 4 cans. These were properly packed and were, thus, not dented. However, they were also old/rusty!

On March 20, 012, I received email from Logan stating: "We tried twice to get your cans to you and believe that is all any reasonable company should have to do. I cannot know what happened exactly, but two attempts are all we can possibly do. But everyone here, including the shipping department, firmly believes at least 24 cans got to you in absolutely feed-able fashion. This debacle is teaching us to never offer free shipping again. Do you see how it is economically simply ruinous for us to do so? We cannot possibly continue to incur shipping and product replacement costs. We have been more than fair with you and highly respect and honor your canine and your work, but truly must be firm in our position. I buy and see dented soup cans, etc. in the grocery all the time."

Wow! With this, I called Wysong, asking to speak with Logan or some other supervisor. I was told that no one at Wysong would talk with me and they gave me an answer and they are standing firm on it! I was shocked and asked them again to speak with someone who could help me, to which they told me the only thing I could do is email them. But that no one would speak to me and then they hung up the phone on me! I was devastated. I called back several times and each time they hung up on me! I am a retired school teacher on disability and the dog food is for my service dog! I did email them right away and still have not heard from them. I emailed 3 representatives! Also, I still do not have the rest of the order ($99.58 of dry dog food)! So for my $200-plus, I have a bunch of dented rusty cans!

Can you help me, please? I went online to try and find someone in the Wysong company who could help me. I could find nothing. But what I did find was a recall they had in 2009 that they did not let the people know anything about and a dog died here in Hawaii from their food. Some of the symptoms listed described symptoms my dog had during that time that I was feeding her their recall product! I have many vet bills from 4 different doctors during that time to prove it! Oh, my god, this company is horrible!

Please help me! Wysong will not talk with me and they will not respond to my emails. I am out $200 (which is one quarter of my monthly income). Please help me. Thank you so very much for your time and compassion.

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Original review: April 23, 2010

My two cats ate Wysong exclusively. They both developed fatty livers and one of them died. Regrettably, we took extraordinary measures to save her. The other cat barely made it. We switched food just in time. Now we only feed him home made fresh food.

I think it is shameful that they acquired our trust and loyalty only to abuse it. We were never told about a recall. If there had been, my sweetheart Barton would not have died in November 2009.

I would have discontinued Wysong. All I can say is, "Thank you Wysong for keeping us in the dark!" We ordered directly from Wysong for years.

38 people found this review helpful
Original review: March 17, 2010

We have fed Wysong dog food (Puppy Maintenance) to our dogs for the past 11 years. Nearing the end of last October 2009 we started to notice a white dry substance on the dry Maintenance Wysong dog food. I am an RN of over 23 years and immediately became concerned that this was a cause for concern because the dog food had never had anything like this on it before. My dogs are two Boston terriers, one boxer (who was rescued and now at 70 lbs. and was previously kept on chain and no food and was 30 lbs. and had worn her front teeth down to nubbins trying to chew through metal chain at the time I rescued her 4 years ago; she is now happy healthy and well nourished spayed Boxer) and we also have my son's 2-year old German short hair while he is in college in AZ. She is a bundle of energy, spayed and an extremely well bred and well trained dog; the dogs would smell the food and walk away. Plus my nursing education told me that it looked like the white mold we are trained to look for in clinical settings.

We purchase our dog food by the case and so I recorded the lot number on the case and called our vet where we purchase it from and told him about it and my husband took the case back. This was lot # 090617. Our vet in Atlantic, Iowa looked at this white covering the dry kibble and thought that it might be from storage (i.e. older food but as he was not sure he gladly replaced our case free of charge). I called my husband and asked him to stop by the store and pick up a bag of dog food. As much as I hate to buy any dog food (at that time) from a grocery store, I asked him to buy the best he could find just in case there should be a problem in the new case of Wysong he was bringing back home from the vet's. And he did as I asked.

As it is a good 45-minute drive to Atlantic from our home and back and having to stop at the grocery store, it was very late by the time he arrived home and so I just cooked the dogs supper that night from my freezer, hamburger 90 percent lean, carrots and added other healthy ingredients they enjoy, and we all went to bed. The next morning, I opened the new case of Wysong (lot # 090624) and the first bag that I opened and took of the kibble out and again nothing but white coating covering the kibble that I can not scrape off with my finger nail and could not scrape off with the blade of a knife.

I took out the second bag in the case and in this bag the kibble was covered in the white coating. As I sorted through the kibble, I began to see pieces of kibble that had green pitted areas on it. This sent me running to the phone and I called my vet immediately. He informed me that he had fed his own dogs and his boarder dogs the food and all was well with his dogs so far and that maybe we had just gotten a run of older food, but now that I was seeing what also sounded to him like mold, as this food is vacuum-sealed, he did not know what to think.

I asked him if he or his distributor had been contacted by Wysong of any problem with their product, and he said no, he had heard nothing from Wysong and none of his staff had heard from Wysong. And he has one staff member whose sole job is to manage the dog and pet and other animal food products, supplements and so on that he carries. His distributor had heard nothing from Wysong about a problem and he had just delivered new Wysong product to them. He asked that my husband bring the case back and that I place the green pitted kibble in a plastic baggie and send that along also and we did. My husband returned the case again (lot # 090720) and the requested pitted green kibble in a plastic baggie and Dr. L. placed the baggie in his freezer.

I was by now feeding our dogs the store bought dog food, enticing them to eat it by mixing in some store brand canned food of the highest quality we could find as my dogs had no food to eat due to this extreme concern on our part and not getting any information from anyone. I had gone to the Wysong website and could not find anything anywhere about a problem. I had called other vet's that carry Wysong products and could not find anyone that had heard from Wysong that there was a problem, but had found on the net where consumers were returning Wysong pet food due to complaints of "White Covering on Kibble" but did not find any lot numbers as of yet.

This is now Oct. 22, 2009. My husband returned with a new case that Dr. L opened at his clinic with my husband and they both opened the first bag in the case (lot # 090706) and the kibble looked normal for the first time! Dr. L examined it closely as did my husband, not the entire bag, but the first 1/8 of the bag, and both felt it was normal color, texture, dry, Wysong Maintance dog food. So, with a big sigh of relief my husband brought home this case of food.

We fed our dogs our dogs their breakfast portion one at a time. KC our male Boston terrier was the last in line to get his breakfast. I filled his dish, set it down on the floor on his feeding mat, and then I proceeded to pour the rest of the food into our dog food container, which I had cleaned out with a one to ten part beach to water solution to sterilize (per CDC guidelines) and had rinsed and allowed to air dry for 5 days. As I poured the remaining food into the container, some of it kind of stuck to the bottom of the bag and I put my hand in and felt this wet mess. I pulled my hand out and the mess out and it was green slimy wet dog food. I just panicked. I tuned around and KC was finishing his last bite. I grabbed him up and cleaned out his mouth and he had several pieces of this green stuff in his mouth. I wiped his mouth out and tried to make him vomit, but he would not. All I could get out was a bit of greenish mucous.

I called Wysong immediately and spoke to a woman named Kelly. I asked her if there was a problem with any of the Wysong dog food products, and after a long, a very long, pause she asked me why was I asking and I became really short with her. I told her that I was afraid my dog just ingested a toxic mold that can grow on dog food or any food called mycotoxin and that if I am right I have between 12 and 24 hours before I see the symptoms of toxic shock in my dog--bloating, diarrhea, neurological damage, seizures--and I needed her to tell me now.

I am sorry that I am been short with her, but I am an RN and I know what I am talking about I have seen it in humans and could she just be honest with me and tell me what is going on for the sake of my beloved pet? And she told me this, "Wysong had issued a voluntary recall on a few lot numbers of dry food.” I asked her what they were and why were they being recalled, and she gave me the lot numbers and I wrote them down: 090617, 090624, 090706, 090720, 090817, and 090623 Senior.

She said that they were recalling it due to high moisture content and reported health problems. I asked her what the health problems were. She said she did not know but not to worry and I said I just accidentally fed my dog food from one of your bags and it was from one of the recalled batches and the bottom 11/8 of the bag was wet slimy dog food. And she said that they would pay for the dog food and to bring it back to our vet. Well my husband was already on the way and I hung up and called our vet and told him what happened and that my husband was on the way to his clinic with the case again and the slimy stuff we had put into yet another baggie for our vet to store in his freezer.

She told me that Wysong had only known about the problem themselves for a week, and I asked her how could that be when we had been finding this stuff for more then a week ourselves and you just told me you had gotten complaints of reported health problems and I had found complaints on the web? That stuff takes more than a week and she had no answer to my question. She knew what I was asking her made total sense and what she was telling me made total nonsense. It was plain Wysong was trying to cover up something. At the time I did not know exactly what though.

Then I told her about my initial findings and suspicion of the white coating. My thought of it being "mold" as I had been trained to look for it in the clinical setting as a nurse, and she said, "Yes that is a mold that we have identified along with the green mold that you have also spoken to me about, and that for now it was going to only be a voluntary recall as the consumer as well as all distributors, clients that have Wysong drop shipped to their door, stores that sell Wysong (usually small Vitamin Cottage like store, No Name Nutrition, and so on),vet clinics, or anyone else interested or concerned could go to the Wysong web site and find the recall information there.” I told her I had been to the web site and could not find it and had searched for at least an hour, and she actually laughed and said, "That's because of where it is Ms. L, it's under dry dog food and it is up to the public to find it." And then she told me to take the food back to our vet and buy some that was not in the recall and get refunded for the box we were returning.

I could not believe this conversation I had with this woman. It was unbelievable to me as a pet owner, as a health care provider, as a consumer, as a customer of this product for at least 11 years to be treated in this fashion. Then the last part where she basically says, "We buried it so deep in our site, good luck finding it. And oh, by the way, it is not a mandatory recall. We don't care what happens to your pet, and we aren't going to contact anyone, not even our distributors, vets', clients, stores." I immediately called my vet and gave them the recalled lot numbers. They pulled all products from their shelves of the recalled Wysong pet food.

I also when through the phone conversation I had with this woman named Kelly with my vet so he could stay apprised of the situation at hand. He was very grateful to me for calling them as he is a very busy man and I am one of a few customers that buy Wysong by the case. His main worry was the clients that come in and buy it by the bag--how was he going to contact them? I was only later much later to find out how to find the lot number on the bag. A near impossible feat, but it is there only if you can work a rubrics cube and stand on your head and read upside down at the same time. And that is how you find it. It is located deep in the crimping of the bottom of the bag as you turn it upside down but facing you. Impossible to find unless you have the step by step directions on finding it.

At 9 pm that night, KC was a little bloated and had some gas. I just rubbed his tummy and he was able to pass the gas and became comfortable enough he could sleep and was ok all night long. He just seems overly tired, and as we were all exhausted from the running back and forth we all went to bed early. The next day my husband and I had to run an errand that took us about an hour early in the morning. All the dogs were still sleeping when we left and snuck out quietly as we wanted KC to get as much rest as he could. We were gone just shy of an hour. When we arrived back home KC was at the foot of our bed in a grand mal seizure. He had lost all control of bladder and bowel functions and we both scooped him up and ran for the nearest vet which was 11 miles away in Harlan, Iowa. We called ahead on my husband’s cell and told them what we were heading in with and they were ready for us and the female vet there knows me well and knows my medical education background.

We were there in 8 minutes. Once there, IV's were started, and KC's temp was 105 degrees rectally (normal for a dog is 101 degrees rectally). We began cooling him with tepid water to appropriate areas. He was given anti-seizure medications directly into his blood stream but she could not get the seizures to stop no matter how much she gave him. They would slow but they never stopped. He never regained consciousness. We stayed with him until closing (all day) and the vet told us to go home. She would stay with KC and we could call at any time.

We called at 3 am and he was the same. Then at 7 am her partner Dr. Matt S., DVM, who I have known since he was a small boy and is a fine man and a fine vet, both of them are Michell and Matt, as he grew up in my same town of 500 people and this practice in Harlan is about 10,000 people, you care about each other and you know everyone. Matt called us at 7 am and said that despite all their efforts, and despite all our efforts, our little man KC was now seizuring so badly again they could not even slow them down. He told us that KC's nervous system was totally shot and he was brain dead and it was time to let our little man go. Did he have our permission to let our little man go and as my heart ached with so much pain, I gave him permission to allow our little guy to go to sleep to leave this pain behind.

KC died Oct. 23, 2009. He was 8.6 years old, a very young age for a Boston terrier. Before the ingestion of this toxic mold, he was a happy, healthy Boston terrier who had never hurt anyone, did anything wrong, who had given so much love and had only required food, water, shelter, kisses, treats and love. Wysong dropped the ball, and they have let thousands of pets and their owners down, thousands of dogs have suffered needlessly at the hands of this company all because they refused to do a mandatory recall of their product when they discovered moisture in their production facility. Wysong has since recalled 2 more lot numbers: 090811 Senior, 090629 Synorgon.

Our KC was cremated at Tully's Kennels in Omaha, NE and he now is in a handmade beautiful wood case, but KC should be here with us. I am in CO helping a friend right now, so my phone number listed above is the number you or whoever can reach me at until further notice from me. I would like to be contacted ASAP as this situation is going to happen again unless something is done to stop Wysong from doing it.

Also, on Oct. 29th, our son's German short hair (age 2) had a petit mal seizure, which lasted 45 seconds. She was post seizure (post ictal state) for an hour afterwards. She did not have the type of seizure that KC had, and we are no longer feeding Wysong nor will we ever feed Wysong again. But I did speak with my vet and vets at Iowa State Vet College and both agreed it could have been from residual detox of her body getting rid of possible ingestion of the mold as she weighs 45 lbs. compared to KC's weight of only 18 lbs. In other words, thank God she is 2 and 1/2 his weight and her body size and was able to handle the small amount she might have ingested and her organs processed it without her becoming toxic like KC did.

Vet bill at Harlan Vet Clinic, Harlan, Iowa--they are going to turn it over to collections if I don't have it paid by March 31st. It is almost $500. Cremation fee: $90.00 (paid).

Emotional grief--no amount of money can ever make up for that. KC was purchased from an excellent breeder in North Carolina that I found and researched his pedigree when he was 3 months old. He had no prior health problems, was very well trained, neutered at 4 months of age, on no medications except for Heartguard year round and all state required vaccinations. He had no prior surgeries except for his neuter surgery. He had excellent dental care two times per week, and yearly eye exam by Dr. B., Omaha, NE.

I take very good care of my dogs as I believe that if you can not be a responsible parent you should not have children and I believe that the same goes for pets, be it dogs, cats, birds, fish whatever. If you can't be responsible and take care of their health and be pro active and preventive, then you maybe should think twice about having a pet. So I don't know how to put a dollar amount. Caring for a pet is expensive. Yes, doing it right is expensive. But when something like this happens and now I don't have $500.00 to send them and they want their money. I simply don't have it.

I have had 6 open heart surgeries to replace defective heart valves and I have had to have a pacemaker which they have replaced 4 times and I am here in CO to have it taken out and replaced as my batteries in it are about to run out. So I am now myself facing a medical crisis and do not need the added stress of someone turning me into a collections agency because Wysong killed my dog. When I called back to report KC's death to Wysong, I talked to a woman named Vickie. She told me the "Kelly" was out on maternity leave. I found it weird that less than three days ago I had spoken with this "Kelly" and she had told me she was handling all of this recall. But she failed to mention she might not be around as she might be having a baby soon. Anyway, this Vickie told me, "It is your fault your dog died because you did not find the recall information soon enough on our web site." Please contact me ASAP.

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Original review: Oct. 14, 2009

I received an email today from a friend telling me about a Wysong recall of dry dog food. I went onto the Wysong web site to verify it & they have it buried on a page you wouldn't think to go to. The recall is for mold & I have included the page sites for you.

Here are two links to Wysong the first being their actual web page. However, in order to get to their little disclosure about this recall which is buried you must go to the menu on the left & scroll across DOGS & then click on 'dry dog food' & that brings up their display of their dry dog food products & you will see a fine little red line which indicates they have recalled some food & a 'click here' button. www.wysong.net/index.php
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