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      Original review: Sept. 29, 2012

      Milo's Kitchen chicken jerky made my dogs ill: We have two dogs, one 5-yr-old Lab mix, one 8-yr-old Maltese/poodle mix. Both dogs are healthy. We noticed both had explosive diarrhea, increased thirst, increased urination, loss of appetite, dehydration, decreased energy. We thought it was the canine stew I cooked for them. I threw everything out, switched entirely to different meats/veggies from a different store. They didn't get better. I happened to read an article on Chicken Jerky coming out of China, checked the label (Milo's Kitchen Chicken Jerky), and was very surprised that this company imported their jerky from China. I stopped giving it to them - all the symptoms went away. I tried to give it to them again - all the symptoms came back. I stopped it again - all the symptoms went away. The FDA must do something about this - issue a formal warning to pet owners to buy at own risk or stop allowing the import of pet foods/treats from China because our pets are becoming quite ill and some are dying.

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      Rated with 1 star
      Original review: June 23, 2012

      Milo Chicken Jerky - I'm sickened to my core about this product! I just had to put my beautiful Shayna down from kidney failure, and am so irate to find out that it could have been my fault feeding her something that I thought was natural and from a company I thought was trustworthy. How dare you put something on the market that can harm your pets. Everyone of you should be ashamed of yourselves and taken to court for killing a part of my family. I will never ever buy a product from Del Monte again! I want you to pay for this crime!

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      Rated with 3 stars
      Original review: Sept. 21, 2011

      We've been buying Reward Dinner Rounds for the dogs for about a year because they like it. We usually purchase 2 bags at a time because they only sell them in 4 pound bags at Ernst's Market where we get them. We recently purchased 3 bags, and upon opening the 1st bag, the dogs wouldn't eat them. They did end up eating some but got sick.

      My husband, upon getting the bag close to his face to look at the expiration date, noticed that they looked lighter and smelled funny. They had a moldy, yeasty smell. The expiration date is 4/3/2012. Upon opening the 2nd bag, it was the same and the 3rd bag was worse than the first 2. What do I do with my moldy dog food, which by the way, was kept in a cool dry place according to instructions on the bag?

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      Original review: April 14, 2011

      Kibbles and Bits by Del Monte Foods (Lot #: **). This is the second bag of Kibbles and Bits by Del Monte Foods that I have bought in the last month that has white moths flying out into my house! It doesn't expire until 02/15/2012. My dog refuses to eat it and we have to throw the food away! I am very disappointed in your dog food and will never buy it again. I will also be letting my friends and family know about these awful moths flying out of the food. I cannot believe that a trusted name like yours would sell consumers ** like this for their pets to eat!

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      Original review: Sept. 4, 2010

      I have been feeding my three cats 9 Lives for years and then the company changed the label to blue and the content to very watery. My cats hated it. Two refused to eat it altogether (thankfully) and the fatter cats reluctantly ate it. They started spitting it up, but I (stupidly kept feeding it. I stopped feeding it when they started vomiting). Then they got diarrhea. Both are/were under a vet's care. One went into kidney failure and had to be put to sleep. We are trying to save the other one now. I truly believe the 9 lives new formula is responsible. Do not feed your cats this food. My two cats that refused the food are fine. Ruling out a virus. All are indoor cats, never outside. One cat dead the other fighting for her life and $800.00 out of pocket for vet care.

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      Original review: July 1, 2010

      I had bought 8 cans of 9Lives cat food at local Kroger, when I gave a can to my cat she refused to eat it (thankfully). I tried to feed her the next day and again refused. I thought she was getting sick. Then I grabbed another can and found it hadn't been sealed properly and when I popped it open there was just wet dark gray matter inside. I opened another can to see what it looked like, it looked okay (touch dark) but again the cat would go nowhere near it. I took the bad can back to Kroger to show them and explained her not eating the other cans after sniffing and was met with total indifference, I don't know if this is a common occurrence but the stores and 9Lives need to take this seriously, people love their pets and I hate to think of any getting sick or dying because they didn't bother correcting the problem.

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      Original review: June 24, 2010

      I had noticed lately that my cat had been vomiting up her canned meals, which she had almost never done before. This was the first time I'd bought her 9 Lives (I had a coupon). I noticed in the vomit small white chunks. I also noticed small white chunks in the food bowl. I cleaned up the mess and examined the chunks. Sure enough, the chunks were chicken bone, some still with the marrow intact (I'm an archaeologist who specializes in animal remains, so I knew instantly). I had bought the 9 Lives Super Supper cans as a multi-pack so to experiment, I opened a fresh can. I took out a spoonful, mashed it up and sure enough, there was a chunk of chicken bone 1/4" wide! I also saw another sitting right there in the food still in the can.

      I called my vet and told her what happened. Luckily, if my cat no longer vomits after discontinuing the food and if she exhibits no strange behaviors, she should be fine. However, chicken bone is not normally digested by cats! There is still a potential for a bowel obstruction. My cat may be lucky for now, but what if I never noticed and kept feeding her this food?

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      Original review: June 19, 2010

      Our three cats have been eating nine lives for years. I fed them on 6/15/2010 tuna with cheese bits; they wouldn't eat it. They all smelled each other's plates and left. The same thing happened the next day. The bar code is 0 795711 0. On the bottom of the can is - best by 01 21 2013 021 FM ITCBJ 00:14. I have other cans but I don't have the receipt so I can't return them where I purchased them;Oi would like to be reimbursed for them, about $10. Thank you.

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      Original review: May 26, 2010

      I have opened several cans of the 9lives tender slices with beef in gravy and it was mostly filled with water. I felt cheated out of my money. If you buy something, it should be done right.

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      Original review: Aug. 26, 2009

      On 8/25/09, I purchased a 3.5 lbs bag of Meow Mix from a local Fred's Discount store. I brought it home, opened up and poured out 2 pans of food for my cats. About an hour later, I noticed that the cats weren't eating the food. All except one cat, Jill, who is nursing five 6-day old kittens. She ate quite a bit of it. When my son noticed the food in the pan, he called to my attention that it was molded. At which time, I got the bag and examined it closely. There were no wet spots or torn spots in the bag. The bag is airtight with plastic coating on the inside. I immediately removed the food from the pan and emailed Del Monte pet products to complain. I could not get a hold of anyone until today. I called the store where I purchased it and the manager pulled 2 more bags off the shelf. She opened them and found them to be molded also.

      My concern is for my animals and the nursing kittens. I contacted Del Monte Claims about this and they said they had to follow procedures, in which I had to take the cat and kittens to the vet and have it documented that the reason that the cat was sick was due to cat food, then submit the claim and they would evaluate the claim and let me know something. We rescue animals to save their lives. My cat is sick and the vet won't see her because I don't have the money to take her, in which I am looking now for another vet. This vet has cared for my animals for at least 3 years now and should care enough to see them. I was on my way home from that same vet with a sick dog when I purchased the food.

      Normally I would not get Meow Mix as I buy 9lives (which is also a Del Monte product), but didn't want to take the time to go to Walmart for a large bag. Fred's didn't have the 9lives so I purchased the Meow Mix. How can so many people, who are getting rich from people like us who care for animals, not care about anything but the money? Their procedures should be to care for a sick pet that is directly related to ingesting their food. We save animals' lives by rescuing and taking care of them. If they're sick, they go to the vet. Unfortunately, I had already taken a dog to the vet with an allergy problem that day and 2 days before, so I didn't have the funds to do so. We dedicate our lives to these animals and don't make a dime off them. People need to take some responsibility for something that is directly their fault.

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      Original review: Oct. 16, 2008

      On September 26th, I was at a Walmart picking up Purina Cat Chow. As a second thought I saw some Special Kitty and picked up 3 cans for my cats to try. When I got home, my two bobcats ran out to meet me as usual. I opened a can of Special Kitty and my little black bobcat was eating when I went into my kitchen to get another bowl. Coming back to my patio, baby was choking. I thought he may have had something stuck in his throat. He threw up a brown liquid, then ran into the house into the cat litter box and this brown liquid was coming out of his rectum. Whilst I was taking care of him, his brother, my other bobcat (they were inseparable) ate the Special Kitty as well as the feral cats I feed and kittens.

      Both of my bobcats had slow miserable deaths, and the kittens I haven't seen again. Some of the ferals are missing. My other two cats in my back bedroom did not have the Special Kitty and they are fine. I called Del Monte from Walmart and Walmart refused to take the same cans off of their shelves saying it had not been recalled. My black bobcat took two and a half days to die, my other one, four days. This, as I'm studying for important exams, has put a big dent in my life.

      I buried the two together and could not stop crying. A treat I bought them, killed them. I changed all the kitty litter boxes and sterilized them and dishes with boiling hot water. I could not study for 10 day. I kept myself sedated. It has been a terrible ordeal. Del Monte claims no responsibility for this. FDA said their Special Kitty in pouches was recalled. I really miss the cats badly. I didn't fix the two male bobcats as they, the males, are carrying the bobtail trait which is disappearing now.

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      6 people found this review helpful
      Original review: July 28, 2008

      We, the public, are usually caught ignorant and unaware about what choices we have when our pet need's us the most. Recently I switched my cat's food from Purina One to a private labeled canned cat food made by Del Monte/9 Lives. This food was not one that was listed as a public recall. About two weeks after my cat's easting this food my Oldest of 17 yrs. became very ill , He began to loose serious weight and had

      a very hard time digesting anything he ate or drank . He began to seem very sluggish and began to vomit and have loose stool's , this went on for a week.

      At the start of the next week his breath became very foul and he began looking and acting very ill , later that night we found his vomit and stool's contained alot of blood . I proceeded to take him to the vet the very next day , he was in kidney failure and probably wouldn't have made it because of his age . Therefore my angel had to be put to rest . I thought nothing of this being he was a old cat , but couldnt help it wonder why he had gotten so ill so fast . Two day's later my 5 yr. old cat started to vomit and have loose stool's with blood as well .

      It was then it dawned on me that this could be a result in the change of food .

      I imediately contacted the vet and he had confirmed that it was definatly a possiblity to watch my other cat closely and start her on a brat diet , he told me she is young and she will probably be ok , bring her in if there is no improvement in a few day's . Mean while I contacted this company who apologized and offered me nothing more but a year supply of food . They were unwilling to test the un used portion of food

      or to do anything else. Now why would I want a year supply of food that probably contributed to my cats death .

      At times we are so emotional and distraught that we perhaps take the advice of professionals who might not be sensitive to our and our pet's needs. When we lose a loved one or they become ill , our emotional vulnerability allows us to be taken advantage of very often. Had I not been so distraught , I would not have been so nice . Few would argue that our pets are considered part of our family and, when they die or become ill, we experience feelings of grief and loss as we would for any other family member. Since the human/companion animal bond has been recognized to be a strong emotional one, there should be the same kind of protections in place to prevent a distraught pet owner from being deceived and exploited.

      We pet owners cannot change the past but we can change how care is provided in the future. We should demand that our companion animals be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. We, the public, are usually caught ignorant and unaware about what choices we have when our pet need's us the most .

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      Original review: July 25, 2008

      I recently started feeding my cat's a private label cat food made by delmonte the maker of 9-lives , when just this past monday I had to put my 17 yr old cat to sleep - because of vomitting blood and diahreahh with blood , weight loss and kidney failure . Nothing was thought of it till 2 days later when my 5 year old cat started with the same symptoms ..... Hopefully she can beat it . all the company offered was 1 yr supply of food ! Rediculious !

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      Original review: Feb. 18, 2008

      I purchased this product called Scooby Snacks at Walmart in Yuma, AZ. I gave my one year old Maltese a treat; it made her throw up, and she was sick for the rest of the day. I think this product should be taken off the shelves, and I should be refunded for this purchase. I will not buy Del Monte dog products again.

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      Original review: Sept. 18, 2007

      We had a 3yr old yorkshire terrier and one day he began to vomit a yellowy substance(bial), he showed signs of depression and diarea; which looked like tar(very dark and runny). Then the next day he was ok. Everytime we would begin to panic he would livin up again. Well one day we just said thats it and brought our dog to the vet. We figured a small virus. Nope!! Go to find out he has kidney failure and renal disease.

      After 5 day's in the hospital, several test's, and over 4 thousand dollars in vet bills; they tell us they have no idea what is wrong with our dog and we can take him home. The doctors told us to bring hime back after one week for a check up. During this time we began to wonder and did research and found out about the recall on Del Montes Jerky Treats for dogs. We did purchase these treats over the last year several times and rewarded our dog with these treats.

      There are cases coming out about the kidney failure that dogs are having because of this chemical that they had put in these treats. After the week passed and we took the dog to the vet for yet amother checkup. And we went to the vet because we could not afford to go back to the animal hospital. Our vet ran a few blood test's and found out that he was not making any progress. His BUN count had doubled and the damage was done to the kidneys and could not be repaired by any medication. We had to make a tough decision to terminate a 3yr old pet that we feel was posioned!!

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      Original review: June 28, 2007

      I received my little chiuaua Thumper 3 weeks before Christmas. He had all his shots and came from a reputable breeder. He was the sweetest little guy, I adored him. Last night I fed him his treat when I came from home from work. He seemed fine for about an hour and then suddenly started to vomit. He became sluggish and totally quiet. If you picked him up he cried. He then started to poop blood, I called the vet and they said with a dog that size there wasn't much they could do. He could pass it or he would die.

      They said it sounded like he was poisoned.

      I keep a very close eye on my dogs. He was inside all day and was fine until he had his treat. He suffered all through the night and through the next day. He was in such horrible pain, I felt so helpless. He died today. I am mortified.

      How can companies do this to these poor, defenseless animal, who only ever bring happiness and security to their owners. I think its disgusting that there aren't stiffer criteria for pet food safety. These companies only care about the almighty dollar! Meanwhile these wonderful creatures whom bless our lives are meant to suffer, it breaks my heart.

      I don't have pet insurance and absorbed bills in excess of $1,000.00. Thumper suffered acute pain in his stomach, bleeding, difficulty breathing, etc. I have lost the most wonderful companion I have ever known.

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      Original review: April 7, 2007

      6 yr old English Springer Spaniel deemed healthy in April died 12/29/06 due to kidney failure. Vet asked, Was this dog poisoned? There was no information about pet treats being tainted at that time. She ate 1/2 bag of Gravy Train beef steaks, not listed in current recall but I'm certain it is the culprit.

      Hazel died 12/29/06. We spent $1,100.00 trying to save her. She was a purebred dog worth about $500.

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      Original review: April 5, 2007

      I have given my two dogs the gravy train beef sticks and the meaty bones hard flavor treats. code tp7b19231548 dated aug. 19 2008 and code tp7b210517 dated aug. 07 2008. now i am worried that my dogs may die from these unsafe treats.

      My dogs have been drinking alot more water and my 9 month old puppy has vomited a few times and has been eating grass excessivley. I now have to take both of them in for testing to make sure they don't have any problems on the kidney disease from eating the tainted food.

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      Original review: Sept. 21, 2006

      My 12-year-old cat had a colitis attack. When I fed her the prescription food along with 9 Lives Prime Entree with Real Chicken, Lamb & Rice, she had developed a reaction because she is allergic to fish. She required $1,000 treatments to get well. I am contesting the proper labeling because I would never have purchased the product had I know it was fish based.

      Why does the FDA not require a fourth ingredient in cat food to not be on the label of the can whereas a 3%ingredient like the lamb and rice can be listed on the label. I feel duped. I feel that pet food companies should be made to list fish whenever there is a fish based product. I think it would help the consumer select the proper cat food and not have happen what occurred with me. Fish was listed in the ingredients in the fourth place, but not on the label. Please see if fish, as a major ingredient, can be put on the cat food can so the consumer can be aware of the main ingredients.

      Cat had vomiting, diahrrea, blood in urine, fever, 4 days on an IV, emergency room visit, and five days in the animal hospital for a total of $1,000.

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