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Rated with 1 star
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Original review: March 27, 2017

I received a iMac and it was in decent condition. I turned it on and the screen was flickering and dimming really bad. I contacted them. They gave me a RMA number to return it so I wrapped everything up nicely and sent it by UPS. A few days later I get a email saying the item was damaged and they sent pictures on the computer. There's a sticker that says March 22nd, 2017. When the computer arrived March 23rd I got a UPS confirmation, now I can't get a refund or a new computer. I think this is what they do. They send defective computers to people knowing people will send it back only to tell them that the computer was damaged and they get to keep the money. Please do not buy from them. I honestly don't know what to do now.

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Rated with 1 star
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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2016

I used GainSaver website and requested an RMA to return defective Apple mac-mini. I was denied and told to get it fixed on my own. I lost my $450 to these crumbs. I will try to get a refund through my bank based upon fraud.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 31, 2016

I recently sent an iMac 2007 (silver aluminum case) with an extended keyboard (also silver metal case) and a mighty mouse. I filled out the description and GainSaver offered about $225 for the mac and requested I send it to their California office, which I did. I sent it in original box. After 5 days Gainsaver sent a notice that they would offer $0 for the machine since it had defective firewire ports (I never used these ports and before I sent the machine I ran a hardware diagnostic test on it and everything was in order). They stated that I had three days to respond.

Also in their reoffer communication they stated that they could only send the mac and could not warrant sending back any accessories sent (keyboard, mouse) which contradicts their initial instruction of sending all to them. I did as instructed and DECLINED such a devious offer. They also request that you pay them $75 dollar shipping to send you back the machine which is outrageous, but as instructed I did. 3 weeks passed and no response even though their customer service request policy states that they will get back to you in 1 business day. I did post several CSR referencing the Sell your computer request order and stating that I expected my computer and all accessories sent back.

I then came across ConsumerAffairs site (this site) and read another case where Gainsaver defrauded another customer. This customer stated how to contact the one man show operator of the business STEVE. I called the phone number for sales and talked to STEVE. I told him the issue and he tried to point me to their online CSR system. I told him their CSR business process is broken, that it is outrageous that in 3 weeks I had no communications referencing the CSRs I had submitted. I told him I would be reporting them to ICE and the FBI since they are committing internet fraud.

Next day a CSR shows up stating they would send back the computer. They charged my credit card and 1 week later I get a frankenmac back. It is not the same computer I sent. The computer has a loud fan noise which is not apple design probably and they probably swiped out components. Also they send me one of the older extended keyboards (those clear acrylic ones used for earlier iMacs) and not the one I sent.

I submitted another CSR stating my case that they again are committing fraud by sending me a different computer from what I originally sent for appraisal. I again stated I am going to submit a case to ice, FBI and the BBB where they operate. This fraudulent enterprise needs to be stopped. I will keep you posted on outcome. Again STAY AWAY FROM GAINSAVER!!! One very angry and disappointed customer.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 21, 2016

I had good luck with GainSaver several years ago when ordering and thought I could trust them again. I ordered a mid 2012 MacBook Pro recently and was sent a late 2011 MacBook Pro which I returned. They accepted the return and gave me many options that didn't match what I needed. I tried again to order several Macs from GainSaver and was sent the wrong models in a partial order. I refused this order once it arrived since it was not what I ordered. GainSaver will not credit the returned machine back to me even though UPS tracking # ** clearly shows that it was received and signed for by their staff. Their sales staff of one, Steve, is very rude and tells me that he can't help me. Furthermore, he uses a tone that makes me out to be a villain and repeatedly tells me that, "We are done, you aren't getting any more credit."

If I call back I get transferred to a service message that tells me to put in another service request online. This system doesn't so any good. You are required by GainSaver to put a service request in via their website which is often ignored. A detailed accounting from their service department shows a credit of ($1334.50 minus $344.13 = $990.37). The $344.13 is from a machine that I did not receive and has shown to be returned by UPS tracking. My money and trust have been held hostage by this outfit. When I called yesterday to press the point with Steve I heard him and others in the office laughing in the background at my complaints. They don't take anyone seriously.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 28, 2016

I purchased a MacBook Pro (Late 2012 model). It was a refurbished model, but a friend recommended the company and purchases come with a 180 day warranty. The computer worked well enough for about six weeks, and once it was out of the box was only used in one location. After about six weeks, the computer would suddenly no longer read the hard drive (as if it didn't exist), which meant startup was impossible. I run a home business, and each day without a functioning computer was devastating. Since time was of the essence, I brought it to the Apple store for a diagnostic to see what my options were. The technician informed me it was most likely a faulty cable connecting the hard drive. Through a fluke, the hard drive was momentarily read again, whereupon we discovered all of my data had been irreparably corrupted.

Furthermore, we learned the logic board was from a different computer altogether (meaning Apple would never be able to service the computer, per company policy). The keyboard backlight never functioned properly, and the RAM which had been installed by GainSaver was double the amount the computer was able to handle. Since the computer was still under their 180 day warranty, I contacted the company about returning the computer for a refund, less shipping and insurance. Calling their service number led me to a message informing me they handle their customer service through email only.

When I finally received a reply with an RMA, I was told since it had been longer than 30 days, they would only issue me store credit. No exchanges. No refunds. No repairs. I pled my case with them and have yet to hear back from them regarding a full refund, or — as a compromise — settling for a partial refund and a continuation of the warranty if I had a certified technician make the necessary repairs. After reading about everyone's experiences on this site, I'm guessing I should not hold my breath. As it is, I had to drop more money on another computer (this time directly from Apple, as I should have done in the first place) while I figure out what to do about this $1000 paperweight and the loss of close to six weeks' worth of data.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2015

I purchased a computer from GainSaver. Paid in cash to get an extra 4% off. They cashed my check in a matter of minutes. Then I noticed while they were preparing my order the amount on the order changed. I contacted them. They said it was for the paid amount. A day or so later my after they already have my money they cancelled my order. Reason being the computer being prepared had an issue. Then they send a message that my money is on account and my option computer with the exact same configuration is now more expensive.

I opted for a refund on bad business tactics. I still haven't gotten my refund. They never even sent me a computer. They are responding back with "your refund has been sent." My refund isn't here. There is no one to talk to. Act Gainsaver. Just the person selling. After that? No human in site. It feels like my money is gone. I'm hoping not. It's disheartening. We agreed on a price. I paid that price. They should of stood by what I paid. Didn't happen.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 22, 2015

I purchased a MacBook Pro from them and the charger stopped working in two months. The laptop had problems so it was affecting the charger somehow so I took it to Apple and they fixed the laptop. I took extended warranty from GainSaver and they gave me $50 gift card. Yesterday I called them to use my gift card. The lady in sales department mentioned that the cost changes for shipping even though it's going to the same address. The cost of 85W Macbook pro chargers with shipping came out to be around $5 for two of them which the charger cost was about $24.99 but the cost of 60W charger for two of them came out to be around $13 even though the chargers were $19.99 each. It's amazing how the company wants to make money off of you. I guess I was even ok with paying extra but when I called them today and spoke to Steve he mentioned that I can only use it on new computer.

I mean I just bought a laptop and you are saying I can only use the $50 towards another laptop. It is a good scam of making money, I read their terms and conditions but when they sent the gift card it doesn't say anything about that. Along with that it doesn't say it when you are about to buy the product. The company doesn't have any manager or supervisor, only two people working - a guy named Steve and the girl but they don't even know about the term and conditions of the company they are working for. The girl says one thing and says that "I remembered that you called but I didn't quote you on anything" when she gave me the price amount.

The company send the product but service sucks. Don't get stuck with them. Their product has problems too so buy it from outside and pay outside rather than going through them because you will get software issues. Please be careful with this company and there are many companies out there. Don't waste time with them because their cases never get closed.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 13, 2015

GainSaver. Why this company has not been shut down yet is a mystery. DO NOT BUY OR SELL with this company under ANY circumstances! Why? In addition to the many, many other sad stories available on the internet, I own a small animation school called **. In June of 2015, I needed to purchase 8 2013 iMacs. I researched prices, and settled on GainSaver. But something seemed odd in the transaction. They offered a 5% discount for "cash", so I wrote a check, scanned it, and sent it to them. They said it could take up to 3 days for the check to clear, but it cleared RIGHT AWAY. This seemed odd to me, so I started researching the company. I realized that the prices were "too good to be true", and that the company was shady. I cancelled the order the next day.

This is where the fun begins, if you want to call it that. GainSaver said it was "fine" to cancel the order. They said it could take up to 30 days to process the refund. Seemed like a long time, but I was fine with it, although we are talking about almost $4,500, which for a small company like mine is quite a chunk of money. 30 days pass, no refund check. I begin calling and using their "online" system to inquire about the refund. They either don't respond, or say the refund is still being processed. I keep checking my mailbox , no check. Every one or two weeks I'm calling.

3 MONTHS PASS. I report them to the Better Business Bureau. THEN they respond with "check is in the mail". But no check arrives. At this point I'm pissed. I suggest someone will come to the office to collect the refund. Still no check. I give them 24 hours to put the refund into my PayPal account. No deal. Then, 3 days later, they have someone call me who says "we will put the money into your PayPal account". Great! I give them the info, but then the guy says "we have to charge you a 20% restocking fee. Send us an email agreeing to this, and when we get it, we will transfer your refund into your PayPal account". Obviously, this is total BS. No way am I agreeing to this. The dude hangs up on me.

I continue to send emails. Magically, the refund arrives in my PayPal account, 98 days after the original transaction. I think it's over. But wait. Today, 103 days after the original purchase, they sent a "dispute" to PayPal, withholding the money!!! At this point I'm hoping Paypal will do the right thing, since I've already transferred the money back into the company bank account, but be warned. These people are thieves. Plain and simple. They should be arrested, their site should be shut down. NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES buy or sell with them. Period.

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Rated with 1 star
profile pic of the author
Original review: Sept. 13, 2015

I purchased a MacBook and it has an admin password on it and I can't reach anyone to get it off. They aren't answering calls. No email either. I want to return it ASAP so they need to give me my money back for this useless piece of a computer.

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Rated with 1 star
Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 19, 2015

I bought a laptop with a three year warranty in November 2014. Suddenly in May of 2015 it would not boot. I called and the company said to return the computer for a replacement since I had an extended warranty. I sent the computer by UPS was advised. When I called the company, GainSaver, they responded with "just send the computer and we will replace it, no problem." UPS packaged the computer. Today GainSaver sent me an email stating that the computer was "damaged" in transit and the warranty was invalid.

The UPS company had a man named ** sign for the computer stating it arrived in good condition. I called UPS and they have no record of the package being damaged. When I called I was told they do not discuss problems on the phone that I had to respond in an email and someone would get back to me. I just lost over $1,000.00 to these scammers! I am now without a computer and no recourse. Do not buy anything from this company!

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