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I contacted requesting them to suppress my information from their company's public search results for privacy reasons. Reputable companies providing similar services honor such requests, but I received a reply from Scarlett ** denying my request. Based on other reviews here, it appears that in fact is not a reputable company.

This company is HORRIBLE and refuses to take down personal content even after an incident against my safety took place due to this website. They need to be taken down and especially Scarlett **. She is a horrible person and I don't know how she sleeps at night. If they don't take down my info I plan on joining/starting a lawsuit against them.

1) Email your elected officials (at both the county and state level) pointing out that companies like are jeopardizing people's safety by aggregating real estate property transaction records with other personal information (photos, employment, names and details of your spouse and children, etc.) obtained from a multitude of other sources and then even making maps and directions to where you live. Thousands of people nationwide have requested removal only to often be rudely refused or ignored (even for requests involving minor children) because (and its highly controversial owner Brian Timpone) repeatedly prioritizes revenue above the safety of human beings.

There have been numerous complaints concerning their facilitation of harassment, stalking, identity theft, etc. Much of the danger could be curtailed by making personal real estate property records private by default and only releasing them to appropriate agencies with a valid legal need and/or introducing legislation requiring companies such as to honor opt-out removal requests.

2) Email every real estate agent advertising on, bringing to their attention the appallingly bad reputation the company has on review websites such as (as well as the law blog article at **) and let the realtors know their reputation may be severely tarnished by maintaining an association with Blockshopper.

This company found a horrible way of making money, by posting peoples personal info. If you google your name, this is the only Crap Company that reveals your address, etc. The CEO of this company should realize they are evil, and change some tactics. We need to work together to close, and sue them asap.

This website is creepy by publishing names and many personal details of home buyers and denying opt out. The information published may be public in nature, but doing so in commercial manner is not right. This is a sample of abuse of freedom of public information. Will join any class action against unethical practice of this company.

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I, too, have had run-ins with Block Shopper. With the including of names, this is a horrible infringement on our safety, and a great example of the digital intrusion into ALL of our lives. Will it take someone to get hurt (or worse) to realize that Block Shopper is just a bad idea?? Scarlett ** refused to remove me as well. Can't wait to see a petition to a lawmaker (Block Shopper is out of Chicago) about forcing Block Shopper to take names off.

Worst company out there!!! I asked to be opt out for my name just my NAME and they said no. I emailed Scarlet ** and has not replied back to the other emails I have sent out. Unwilling to save people lives of any matter. They dont care. I hope they sue the crap outta them. should not show names. Prices, addresses is ok, but no names. It is major security issue. I really feel there should be a law to restrict them from posting people name on their website. They are very rude, not cooperative at all. I requested them multiple times to remove our names from their website. We don't have problem with house address or prices listed on their website but it is very unacceptable to display owner's names on their website.

I have contacted this company (followed all of their guidelines listed on the FAQ page) and asked to be removed from their listings. They pull pubic information and make profit on listing it all in one place. I have asked them to remove me from their database, 3 times now. I have been denied, due to the fact they tell me they like to be consistent in their business model and removing me hurts this. So because they want to make money, they won't remove me. Not only are they rude, but they have no concern for public well-being and my numerous attempts to ask them to remove me for my safety and the safety of my family.

Blockshopper Management has no regard for privacy or security. Numerous repeated requests to opt out of having personal information listed on their site and they just ignore. The management and folks at Blockshopper need to have all their personal information exposed.

This company is violating California Law because they refuse to register to do business in California. Their new LLC is called Locality Labs LLC and they are registered in Delaware in case anyone needs that information for legal service. They have changed LLC 3 times to run from lawsuits. I'm on a government program that entitles me to privacy and Blockshopper refuses to obey the California law that protects me. They are not paying state tax in California since they are not registered to do business in California. They sell and make lots of cash in the 38 million population California. They are evil bullies. They think they can hide behind the internet and not obey laws. Brian Timpone CEO belongs behind bars.

I requested that Blockshopper remove my name and address from their listing and they refused. This is extremely scary that someone could run my credit card during a purchase, search my name and then be led by Google maps directly to my home without much effort. Shame on blockshopper and any real estate company that advertises on their site.

Scarlett, please post your personal information on StalkerShopper so we can all send you a lovely thanks for nothing gift and like all of you, I've also been met by the same unwillingness of BlockShopper to remove my family's personal and property information from their Internet posting. Scarlett ** (real name?) of BlockShopper cites that they have legal access to public records. While that's true, they're clearly abusing such access and are placing our personal information in the hands of criminal opportunists, stalkers, identity thieves and the like. I suspect that their service is a smorgasbord for cyber criminals, including those who don't even live in our country.

I've chosen to educate my elected representatives about BlockShopper so that they can enact laws that can protect the public from such unscrupulous businesses. They include county, state, and federal representatives. I encourage all of you to do the same in all fifty states! Search online for your representatives' contact info and also take note that their personal information is unlisted on BlockShopper. BlockShopper seriously needs a huge LAWSUIT. Any lawyers out there willing to help us? By all the complaints it shows you have plenty of clients.

Refused to remove my personal information from their website. I understand that it is public record, but the way they lay it out is a major security issue. They should used some good judgement. How about just name initials? Or maybe get the people to sign up first- at least this way sensitive information wouldn't be so openly available. Anyway, one day I might meet one of the responsible for this site and that will be fun. should not show names. Prices, addresses is ok, but no names. Sometimes they give information about real estate customers. But... the CEO Brian Timpone 's information about himself is wrong. His real address is**. Phone number should be **. How do you like that Timpone- boy? His wife is Patricia Ann Timpone (Patricia Ann **). His parents Leonard Timpone and Helen Timpone (**). Helen passed away at 2008. Sister - Kara. Brother- Brett. By the way, Scarlett is one of Brian Timpone's kids name.

I also had an experience talking to a fake 'Scarlet' when asking to remove my listing. If Google keeps it up, I think the general public should make efforts to get it removed. This website is just asking to get sued if G-d forbid someone gets stalked or worse using it for public address records. I would say not to mention the havoc it would wreak on their conscience, but clearly they don't have one.

I am a victim of gang violence. I am also disabled with Progressive MS and have trouble walking and seeing. I am defenseless against an attacker. Block Shopper was sent by certified mail a demand to remove my name and home address on their site. That were also informed that I'm disabled. They also have had a dozen e-mails sent to them. I received a mail back from Adam ** telling me no they won't remove me from their site. I am a participant in California's safe at home program. All participants are protected under California law 6208: 1. Any company doing business in California can not disclose the location of a person on the program on the internet in any form.

Block Shopper was advised that my life is in danger and they refused to abide by California law. I can sue them in court. The minimum fine they would have to pay is $4000, up to 3 times that amount can be awarded by the court plus court costs and attorney fees. This company is ran by bullies that try to cause harm to anyone that challenges them. I hope I can survive long enough to see them lose in court. I will be filing next week.

This company should be shut down. It is not safe to keep all names and address available. It is simply unacceptable to have company like that around.

I requested Blockshopper to remove all my info from their website and they refused to do it. I don't want my husband's info or mine to be exposed online. I am working on removing our names from most websites, but this one is a real NIGHTMARE.

These guys take public record and aggregate it to one searchable websites, much like Spokeo and other such sites. However, Blockshopper does not allow people to opt out of being listed in the database like other services do. This is a major privacy concern of course. I contacted their director Scarlett ** (purportedly a fake name) and she refused to remove or change my record. This company needs to be sued.

The company provides false information about my house. It also discloses all my information against my wish. I suffered monetary and criminal damages for their disclosing where I live. I emailed Scarlet ** who was very aggressive, inattentive, offending, and not willing to stop their harassment and damages to my life caused through their website.

Blockshopper DOES also help people...

My elderly father sold his property to a Person/Company around 5 years ago. My father who is severely disabled, is a Veteran and has scrimped and saved all his life for 1 dream, finally was able to get the ranch of his dreams. He used the down payment to pay it half off, then the monthly payments rolled over to make his payments on the ranch. Then they started drilling the Bakken Shale where his ranch was located and there is a wealth of oil in the area!

The Person/Company stopped making their payments on the land purchased from my father. Scared, embarrassed, ashamed and knowing he had to let his lifelong dream go, my Dad was pressured into accepting a much lower figure for his original parcel of land. $200,000 lower, by the SKUNK that had stopped making the payments!!! Being 73 years old and scared of losing everything, my Dad accepted...after the bank told him too, the skunk's real estate agent/lawyer/property manager, etc. told him to---you get the picture. He put that measly little amount all on his ranch but could not make the rest of the payments for the $76,000 still owed. My Dad told me after it was too late for me to help that he needed help and why. He was so hurt and devastated, he almost passed away from depression and illness. He now lives in a care home 1 block from the VA hospital. Homeless. He had to move his 2 old horses he has owned from birth to now (24 years) to my house-200 miles away, find homes for his 2 blind dogs, cannot have any personal freedom due to his RA and is sadly existing. I see him every weekend, but it is not the same, his health prevents him from coming to even visit me.

Blockshopper was a site I stumbled on today by accident. And what did I find??? The SKUNK OWNS a: real estate business, loan company, foreclosure company, and more real estate than you can imagine!!! So, I got off the phone with the SEC, FBI Mortgages Division and the State Auditor and started calling lawyers that deal with Defrauding the Elderly. Oh I called my Dad, and for the first time in 2 years he sounded happy.

I am sorry you all are upset and realize that my experience will not make a bit of difference to you and your feelings. I do, however, have to say that anyone in the world can call the county treasurer, open up a phone book, Google a name, phone number or state and have more info on you than you do! I worked with public records after college and everything is out there--for public viewing--in the file cabinets!!! Even you financials!!! And for $5.00....anyone can buy your relatives list, phone numbers, work and marital history, etc. on over 200,000 sites. (I just checked after reading your comments....yikes!!! )

I am a real, 43 year old woman in Hamilton, MT and my Dad really did lose his property here and in Fallon, MT. Along with the oil they are now removing from what was his property. He had to give up the mineral rights too. This Person/Company made 2 years of interest payments after the down payment and then...stopped.

Why in God’s name do they think it's anyone's business who sold for what and where people live? This is putting people's lives in danger. Why aren't they putting themselves on this list if it's ok for everyone else to be on it? I have a right to privacy. I can't get a job because my employers are under the impression I'm well off or something.

I could care less about them putting up my address and what I paid. But do they really need to list our names along with our home address, for every stalker to search through? needs to be shut down! Shame on any company that advertises on their website! Scarlett ** is a fake name. Even she doesn't want you to know where she lives, yet her employer is a-okay with posting YOUR info, including your home address, your name, birth date, etc. They are so unwilling to work with you, it's not even funny.

Like all of you, I've also been met by the same unwillingness of BlockShopper to remove my family's personal and property information from their internet posting. Scarlett ** (real name?) of BlockShopper cites that they have legal access to public records. While that's true, they're clearly abusing such access and are placing our personal information in the hands of criminal opportunists, stalkers, identity thieves and the like. I suspect that their service is a smorgasbord for cyber criminals, including those who don't even live in our country. I've chosen to educate my elected representatives about BlockShopper so that they can enact laws that can protect the public from such unscrupulous businesses. They include county, state and federal representatives. I encourage all of you to do the same in all fifty states!!

I asked to remove my name, address and personal information from their site but they refused stating this is public access info. However, in the internet age where your audience/exposure is no longer limited, there needs to be laws restricting publishing personal information that is clearly a violation of privacy. I really hope they get sued!! Most companies now will even say, “Your name or your address will not be published without your consent.” Blockshopper has taken advantage of an antiquated system and is using it for monetary gain and from what I've read lately, to tarnish individuals by publishing other personal information as well, strictly for embarrassment or smear campaigns. They are scumbags and I truly hope they are forced to make changes.

I own a company, so now I have to be leery of firing anyone because they will now do a 30-second search, find my address and hunt me down. This site is dangerous.

I will only echo what every other angry home buyer has experienced with this disgraceful pseudo-paparazzi site. My wife and I sure as hell did not expect our house purchase information to be published without consent. The existence of this site is an assault and slap in the face to every hardworking and law-abiding homeowner. It is a violation of our privacy done in a public square. It is a ludicrous and illegal site. Just because it is public record doesn't mean that anyone can post information on the internet.

Laws are meant to protect peoples rights, not be exploited. This site goes against the spirit of the law and is fundamentally illegal, because it uses local law and applies it to the internet which does not have boundaries. As an example, the speed limit on the highway does not extend to residential roads. There is a boundary there where the law does not apply anymore. Since we may not have a specific law for the internet that applies here, this company is run purely illegal. Why? Because its premise is that it's "public information". Well, let's see now, define the word "public". I fully expect the owner of this site to be sued into ruin. I'm sure it will be very public.

My full name is now indexed from Blockshopper's site, used as a "keyword" search in all major search engines and information about where I live, with a Google map (street view). I do not agree with this information being posted without my consent and I want both my name and my wife's name removed. I sent Blockshopper an email politely requesting they remove both my name and my wife's name. As many people have already posted, Blockshopper is not willing to work with you. I received the following response: "BlockShopper publishes public records. Property ownership and sales information is listed publicly in multiple places on the Internet and in other publications. We get our data from the county - it is the public record. It's our goal to be accurate and consistent, so we don't simply edit the public record on any request."

Are they really allowed to pull county data and list private buyer's names to keyword searches on all major Internet search engines globally and then use Google's maps to pin-point location? There are thousands of people who are requesting their information be removed from and should not require any special legal reasons for them to remove. If a tax paying citizen is asking, the private company should remove upon request. All they would need to do is remove the name, but they do not. Something needs to be done here given the number of people complaining. At the very least, Google should prevent them from using their map for each address if the person does not give consent. There are no other companies posting this level of information and refusing to work with anyone. This needs to be stopped today. Company Profile

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